007 Submitter Pro v1.5.41 : RegNum: 8602-482ST543 RegKey: 440131931P
1 Animation Builder v1.0 : s/n: (1001) Key: (558074)
1 Click Unzip! v2.0.0 : s/n: UX8KDB
1 Cool Button Tool v2.01 : s/n: 0000000000
1 Cool Button Tool v4.0 : s/n: Mister Nightmare RegNum: 2002489974
1001 Killer Internet Marketing Tacticts v1.2 : Name: HuNTerFoRCe [C4A] s/n: NRKXGBCMBHRF
111 Quick Reinstaller v1.0 : Name: paulux [LAXiTY] s/n: 1110712
111 Quick Reinstaller v1.1 : Name: MAS84 [ORiON] s/n: 1431812
1-2-3 SuperPairs : s/n: 230869
1-4-All v2.10 : Name: Shawn Egan s/n: AC3ABAD4
1-4-All HTML editor v1.0 : Name: dumbo RegKey: 020210101001011
1999 Fractal Calender : s/n: 611119518123
1999 New Year Slots v1.1 : s/n: 781426
1-Click Quotes/Stock Watch v2.1 : Quotes: 43881944 StockWatch: 855658
1st Account v1.1 : First, change your system to May 24, 1999. Now Execute the Program and Enter Any Name. Click "File"/"Feature-Enabling" and enter: Password: VIOLIN
1st Choice Browse 2000 v5.03 : Name: REKiEM / PCY '99 Email: Reg: 262033278 s/n: 16258
1st Choice Browse 2000 v5.22 : Reg: 062778231 s/n: 46672
1st Choice Browse 98 v4.0 : Code: 62532254 s/n: 12345
1st Choice FTP Pro 2000 v7.03 : Name: REKiEM / PCY '99 Email: Reg: 062339244 s/n: 16258
1st Note v1.13 : Name: Tony Spagnolo Company: Darkage Inc. s/n: 6106-4206-2868-05053
1st Note v2.0 : Name: Tony Spagnolo Company: Darkage Inc. s/n: 6106-4206-2868-05053
1st There v1.1 : Name: John Holmes Key: 208-10-47-117-165-135-117-161-237-83-181-208-58-108-129
1stClass v1.0 Pre Release 1 : s/n: 1STCLASS2B259729
1stClass v1.01 : s/n: 1STCLASS2B259729
1-Step Audio Publisher v2.22 : Name: Bisoux s/n: jgj 0m2lib2 (That's 2 spaces in the serial)
1stSource v1.0 : Name: Linda E. Mitchell Code: 4208
2 Circuits v1.2 : s/n: 802730
2 Clear? : s/n: 181375
2 Hooked v1.1 : s/n: 294630
2 Power v1.1 : s/n: POWR4410
21 Run Game Suite v4.1 : s/n: 051097
21Dic v5.0 : s/n: 21D5TS-FXyH-000293
21st Century Lawyer v3.0 : Company: coto Password: clcs
24x7 Scheduler v1.0 : s/n: 20000-83-50000
24x7 Scheduler v1.5.0 : s/n: 23177-83-43147
25 Number Game v1.4 : s/n: 53910
2ServerService v1.01 : Password: intpacksho98
2Split! v1.0 : Name: JudgeD [PC'99/MFD] s/n: YWA-68T!TL100 or Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: ZRR-7I8SI8ST2
2X Cherry Slots v1.2 : s/n: 490517
3 Card Rummy Drop v1.1 : Name: Warp s/n: 667091
3 Peak Space Cards v2.5 : s/n: 475239
32 Card Bridge v1.6 : Name: gozzan s/n: 760380 or Name: HarvestR s/n: 45320938
360 Spinball v1.1 : s/n: 103198
360 Ultimate Spinball : s/n: 103198
3D Active MultiMedia Button ActiveX v3.3 : s/n: SD9565NG13366-CORE19773901
3D Audio v1.1a : Name: JaZzMaStR s/n: abe722baf5ac557
3D Ball of Defiance v2.0 : s/n: 387192
3D Ball of Defiance : s/n: 387192
3D BlackJack Trainer v1.10 : s/n: 275041
3D Bloobs v2.01 : s/n: 449218
3D Brickanoid v1.1 : s/n: 194206
3D Business Graphics Server Pro v3.0 : s/n: 02-88-7E-F8-D99338-78-3-2AEB
3D Calendar v2.50 : Name: Delphic s/n: F9C08FC7
3D Calendar v3.2 : License: CORE CMT s/n: 3F3B8659
3D Calender v2.40 : Name: Fully Licensed User s/n: 6517EC7F
3D Christmas Slots v1.1 : s/n: 392573
3D Exploration v1.03 : Name: [SOS group] Email: s/n: 0000066600F2
3d Field v1.21 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 1634975325
3d Field v1.22 : s/n: 1634975325
3d Field v1.30 : Name: manife s/n: 5440451412
3d Field v1.35 : Name: Decline [BREAKPOiNT] s/n: 1634975325
3d Field v1.41 : s/n: 1634975325
3d Field v1.44 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 1634975325
3d Field v1.45 : Name: (Any 6 characters) s/n: 1634975325
3d Field v1.46 : Name: (Any 6 characters) s/n: 1634975325
3d Field v1.47 : Name: (Any 6 characters) s/n: 1634975325
3d Field v1.48 : Name: (Any 6 characters) s/n: 1634975325
3d Field v1.49 : Name: (Any 6 characters) s/n: 1634975325
3D FTP v1.53 : s/n: 3D-A563E9-NL2Q72
3D GraphSaver v2.0 : Name: Azrael s/n: 877120
3D ImageCube v2.0 : Name: Goz Company: F4CG s/n: 064236403
3D Magic v1.10 : s/n: 7078-5537-4087
3D Mark 99 vBuild 100 : Name: dragon s/n: TTB6G-ANSMJ-8RD8Z
3D Mark 99 Pro : Name: LordFritz s/n: 9XVJ5-LRRU8-KMD97
3D Photo Studio v1.1 : Name: paulux [LAXiTY] s/n: E3B3376B
3D Planet Attack v1.0 : s/n: 740378
3D PopArt & 3D Words v1.0 : 3D-PopArt-s/n: SV-797-WMZH 3D-Words-s/n: YVR-5725-NJ087-ABN
3D Rad v1.5.3 : Name: Kathy Lee s/n: 1199570996
3D Special Effects v1.3 : Name: ACi'98 s/n: zx236-476t
3D Spinball v3.4 : s/n: 121183
3D Stereo Image Factory v1.50 : Name/Company: TEAM CREATiON s/n: 5710750
3D Studio Max v2.5 : s/n: 661-93842762 CDKey: V13M
3D Studio Max v3.0 : s/n: 110-12345678 CDKey: S4ED6W Code: a8498381
3D Studio Viz vR2 : s/n: 661-93842762 CDKey: 13M Then run VIZAUTH.EXE and enter: ID: 661-93842762 Code: 1039120d
3D UZ v3.0 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 724913
3D View v3.0 SP2 : Name: SimpsonINC s/n: 230346536370
3D Virtual Reality ActiveX v2.0.0.2 : Password: DELPHIC-1762-873312-FCN-IN-99
3DFX Video Renderer v1.1 : s/n: 2158569847561769
3DMark 99 : Name: MFD Corp. s/n: 6MGBS-NDEPT-PAHVD
3DMark 99 Max Pro : Name: BaMa/MANiFEST s/n: FCPA3-RRL8K-PXBXK
3DS Max VIZ Standalone 1.0 v1.0 : s/n: 623-00000000 Code: 9007febd
3Dt v1.1 : s/n: nic1
3Mouse v1.0 : 1-User: Name: KAC s/n: 418967084 10-Users: Name: KAC s/n: 416869932 Company-License: Name: KAC s/n: 415821356
3S v1.6 : s/n: 990311805
4Screens v1.27 : Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] Company: Whiskey kon Tekila s/n: 3370776
4 In A Row v1.1 : s/n: FIRT9801
4 WPlay v1.70 : s/n: KAGI-3232AAAA-BBBBBFDB0B203485
4ck 4 Card Keno : Name: Rita Vestal s/n: 2AD5-BS1D5
4D Compiler v6.0.5 : Fill out the Electronic Registration card with anything. On screen 4 of 5 enter: s/n: TOUGFLKJG License: (Anything)
4D ODBC Drivers v6.0.5 : Fill out the Electronic Registration card with anything. On screen 4 of 5 enter: s/n: TOUGFLKJG License: (Anything)
4D Runtime Classic v6.0.5 : Fill out the Electronic Registration card with anything. On screen 4 of 5 enter: s/n: TOUGFLKJG License: (Anything)
4DiskClean v1.3 : Name/Company: JUSS [TEX] s/n: 1111111
4Screens v1.24 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 3370776
4Screens v1.27 : Name: TRPS98 Company: TRPS s/n: 3370776
4Tek WebDB v1.0 : s/n: NS-100-000-001 Key: 7CF5-B8AD
4th Dimension Server v6.0.6 : s/n: 294638577157
4th Dimension SQL Server v6.0.6 : s/n: 108328666242
4Winds v1.0 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: 4W10-132538342
5D PDF Creator v1.5 : s/n: A-01010-W-15CC5CC
602 Pro Internet Server v3.32a : Name: BiGBLUE Company: BLiZZARD s/n: 602Pro Edu
602 Pro Messaging Server v3.32b : Server: MSP-MM135246-999-F34T 999-More-Users: AAI-MM135246-999-ZUP9
602 Pro Office Server v3.32a : Setup: UOS-MM135246-999-X4DP 999 Users: AAI-MM135246-999-ZUP9
602 Pro Personal Office Server v3.32b 1.754 : s/n: POS-01117531-001-G4A0
602 Pro Web Forum v5.1g : Unlimited-Users: WBF-MM123456-999-E5N1
68HC11 Simulator Toolbox v2.0 : Name: nico kamminga Company: HE Key: 1569ATIO8114kkme758569 s/n: 123
777 Slots v1.2 : s/n: 054823
8 Ball Slots v1.3 : s/n: 748119
88 Edit v1.05 : Name: Cali KAC s/n: 481567
9Lives v1.0 build 1004 : s/n: 030719
9x MetaMagic v1.1 : s/n: MM10-58191890
9x WebSpider v3.9.20 : Standard: GBU507130405066 Pro: HO65730330175132029




A Day in the Life v1.5 : Name: BerSerkA s/n: B-244ClaDiTL198950B
A Day in the Life v1.5.1 : Name: BerSerkA s/n: B-244ClaDiTL198950B
A Musical Generator v0.9.2.219 : s/n: Beta Tester
A Musical Generator v2.0.0.288 : s/n: 00000000
A Rob Fantastic MP3 Encoder v1.4 : Name: sn00pe[evc] s/n: 373610241
A Smaller Gif v1.06 : Name: Fatigued s/n: YYYVDC7YCUYY6C5A
A Smaller Gif v1.07 : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: YYY9W27Y!UYYY9MT
A Smaller Gif v1.10 : Name: MoWAX [Nobliege] s/n: 1493387472 or Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: YYY9W27Y!UYYY9MT
A Smaller Image v1.00 : Name: tKC/CiA '98 s/n: 563428402
A Smaller Note 99 v2.05 : Name/Company: TEX99 s/n: 11139124
A to Z Digital Address Book v1.02 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: *&~!:`qr
A1 Quick Tray v2.0 : s/n: QKD478
A1 Wallpaper Pro v1.0 : s/n: D9a72gKL39
A-10 Attack v1.1 : s/n: 1523995795
A1-Image screensaver v4.0 : s/n: B5K7ij49p2
A1Monitor v2.1.1 : s/n: G4458
A2Z Gradebook v3.2 : Name: UNICITY s/n: 1250
A2Z Gradebook v3.4 : Name: Crystal s/n: 3142
A2Z Hangman v3.10 : Name: Crystal s/n: 3553
A2Z Hangman v3.20 : Name: Crystal s/n: 3553
AAApeg Image Browser v1.04 : Name: MisterE [iNSiDE] s/n: 1201750686
Aardvark v3.0.0 : Name: SiLicon Surfer PC'97 s/n: 371A6F0C or Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 1B434C68
Abacus Law Office Calendar System : s/n: F4904
Abalone v1.0 : s/n: 2665-8850-3430-2395
Abatus Mirror Server v1.0.1 : Name: Dracs Company: Crystal s/n: 0501FC0702FE
ABC 95 v2.0 : s/n: FCCF2B585
ABC FlowCharter v3.0 : s/n: 0601001053909501 or s/n: 0601001008295501
ABC Puzzles v3.1 : s/n: 8841963901901400
ABC ToolKit v1.0 : s/n: 01103158901
ABC ToolKit v1.1 : s/n: 1001001103158901
Ability Database v98 : s/n: NS-400-014::04604013-29704-41279
AbirNet SessionWall v3 : s/n: D1FB563-477B-19568C-6E43A-0002434E Key: 1193
Abix v3.01 : Authorization: 370999-143921-5000 Company: PGC 1999 Name: CYPHER X Address1: 123 Happy Street Address2: (Blank) Address3: Nashua Address4: Oh Phone: 800-555-5555 Fax: 777-555-5555 Email: License: 370-463407-196466-5441
Ablaze Starters v2.3d : s/n: MAILEXSTONES0897
Ablaze Starters v2.4 : s/n: ROCKSDAG2798
Ablaze Web Auto-Promotion v2.22 : s/n: 256AATY55888 (Case Sensitive)
Abobe PageMill v3.0 : s/n: MLW300R7102296-238
AboutFace v1.3 : s/n: 1022446
Above And Beyond v98 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: CET953
Above And Beyond v98.16 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: dup977
Above And Beyond v98.17 : Name: zaarnik [BLiZZARD] s/n: CWE073
Above Black Book v1.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: b9v8b9l5k71
Above Black E-Book v1.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: b9v8b9l5k71
Above Disk+ v4.0a : s/n: 506824
Above the Rim v2.2 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: $7B33734B or Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: $CF6ADDFF
Abracadabra v1.11 : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: 752247
Abracadabra v1.2.4 : Name: ARNOLD MOORE s/n: 865134
Abracadabra v1.2.5 : Name: $keve s/n: 912110
Abracadabra v1.2.6 : Name: TEAM ORiON s/n: 1477500 or Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] s/n: 2531450
Absolute Protect v1.2 : Name: ZOBEL s/n: 76692358
Absolute Security v2.0 : Name: JUANDA s/n: AFQTGBZPNLERURU
Absolute Security v2.7 : Name: ls-Warp s/n: LYLAYLYYJLEBHUC
Absolute Security Standard v1.00 : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: BTAYNNNNYPEGTPK
Absolute Security Standard v1.1 : Name: escom/CORE s/n: BGUPFVLRUPAKTTG
Absolute Security Standard v2.0 : Name: i am sexy s/n: HYVHAAVNNCMUMJE
Absolute Security Standard v2.6 : Name: Delphic s/n: VQZUKKXMGWRKRFA
Absolute Security Standard v3.0 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: CKNMAGKDQCYUFND or Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: GYEARKGZPKNBGNW
Absolute Slots v1.2 : s/n: 397504
Absolute Spades v1.2 : s/n: 107383
AbsoluteFTP v1.0 beta 6 : Name: CORE/JES Company: CORE s/n: 00-00-000000 Exp: never Key: 1074 2875 9697 3324 3564
AbsoluteFTP v1.0 Final : Name: CORE/JES Company: CORE s/n: 00-00-000000 Exp: Never Key: 1074 2875 9697 3324 3564
AbsoluteFTP v1.0 RC 11 : Name: _RudeBoy_ Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 02-01-900000 Exp: Never Key: 1237 9814 1293 3185 9734
AbsoluteFTP v1.6b3 : Name: RePulsive Company: Pirates Gone Crazy s/n: 02-16-123456 Exp: Never Key: 01803292008690490481
Absolutely Online v2.0 build 17 : Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] s/n: 709214681399 or Name: n03l s/n: 43184232216539817224
Absolutely Online v2.2.026 : Name: Delphic s/n: 394454466686
Absolutely Online v2.3 : Name: DORIS MOREAU s/n: 49296916793913697524
Absolutely Online v2.5 : Name: coSmoS [True] s/n: 459853016396
Absolutely Online v2.7b37 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 73765525381185841824
Absolutely Smart Server3 v3.31.3 : s/n: 13005001 Key: yHExiBAiDFzUY
Absoluter Fast Taskbar v1.0 : Name: xasx/tnt s/n: nxpwvy
Absolutey Online v2.0 : Name: ls-Warp98 s/n: 79872185323923916697288
Abuser v0.8b : Name: me s/n: 14644
AcadLight v97 : Key: EUB7 s/n: 617-00000610
AccelDocs v1.1 : s/n: AD38519543-88
Accelerated CD v1.0 : Name: shuttle avalon s/n: 111-11942808 1
AcceleratedX v2.1 : s/n: 112955
AcceleratedX v5.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: DS0LID-0691386450-80
Accelerator : s/n: A300-11114-CP4U or s/n: A300-12935-CP4U or s/n: A300-31239-CP4U
Accent v2.0 Final Beta : s/n: 12345678900012
Accent : s/n: 042807358902273
Accent Composer v1.07 : Name: DarkBug[Weapon] s/n: CBA23A0BDF9600AB82
Accent Express : s/n: 064201130459806
Accent Professional v2.0 : s/n: 062202100002277 or s/n: 064201130459806
Access ADI : s/n: 040-4031420
Access Diver v2.92 : Name: James Company: Shopdown s/n: KqIqKjLkXgHcSvBZQK0TQQMEGIQNI908OI
Access PC v3.0 : s/n: 0120 0000 0253 0278 0120 0000 4589 1115
Access to Delphi Converter : s/n: 34895
Access To VB v4.0.2 : Name/Company: James Bond s/n: 924460000
Access To VB v4.01 : s/n: 924461112
Access Wordpoint v1.1 : s/n: 539432300000178
AccessNfs Gateway v4.01.00.09 : Name: shuttle Company: avalon s/n: JN933335004358
Account Pro v7.0n : Name: Gladys Frey s/n: 5ACCAC3FGD6DAB2
Account Pro v7.11 : Name: Dan K. Hanson s/n: 5A79AC2GEG4E7B9
Account Pro v7.12 : Name: Gladys Frey s/n: 5ACCAC3F9FAEE1B
Accountant Inc. Pro : s/n: 18225
Accounting for Delphi Sep 99 : Password: CANADA
Accounting Works (one write plus) : s/n: 20.11A1111
Accounts 95 v3.0 : Name: Antkiller s/n: 7034
Accounts 95 v3.1 : Name: PaulBar s/n: 7034
AccPac Simply Accounting v2.0a : s/n: 1021602-48016
ACcrak3 Password recovery for MSAccess : CCard: 12MDS34 s/n: 45070
AccuChef v5.05 : Name: ZiuHu/TEX99 s/n: 525557943
AccuChef v5.06 : Name: JudgeD s/n: dlmsppea1
AccuChef v5.08 : Name: (Anything) s/n: dlmsppea
AccuChef v5.09C : Name: Licensed User s/n: 814780504
AccuSet v5.0B : Name: AAAA-HID98 Company: HiD Present s/n: 00000
AccuSet Pro v5.0B : s/n: 16244437C9365B1E
Accutext v2.0 : s/n: 10900016
ACDExpress v3.12 : Name: Nordic 1998 Company: - Code: 4194816140
ACDExpress v3.13 : Name: DSi 4 LIFE Company: DSi TEAM Code: 5164407541
ACDSee v2.21 : Name: kOUGER! s/n: 501587
ACDSee v2.3 : Name: letis s/n: 213111
ACDSee v2.4 : Name: Han Solo s/n: 367661887821327
ACDSee v2.41 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 301421923521327
ACE Contacts Manager v4.03 : UserKey: U8JMHTG RegKey: 9B98C2DE1F4B7E443E
Ace Reader v2.3 : Name: davy - blizzard License: 1 s/n: 5sZY6Pu65I
Ace Replace : Name: wizard-x [pdn] s/n: 4699-1762-7163
AceExpert v2.50 : Name: Sn0wman s/n: 8STYH4-0386TJ-0Z996P-3JZ9D8
AceExpert v2.53 : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: YJH7PZ-62UJ8Z-EV1UA6-8EV82A
AceExpert v2.53a : Name: SiraX/[DNG98] s/n: 82Z5I7-2670X2-ZVE692-I1BERZ
AceExpert v3.00h : Name: Republic s/n: BPQU-YXEV-E85S-F2MR
AceExpert v3.01 : Name: Registered User s/n: XLYA-6DDB-1AMJ-2TXS
AceExpert v3.01a : Name: ProfViper s/n: IWPV-XJFW-IDK4-P5VS
AceExpert v3.02b : Name: Predator/[FAITH2000] s/n: YALC-51GC-CFGN-C2QX
AceExpert v3.02c : Name: Sickie [TbC] s/n: EN5Q-SYQ3-MTV8-EJZP
AceExpert v3.02d : Name: Name: -/--Predator/FAITH2000--/- s/n: BQSC-IZZS-DQP1-ASYL
AceExpert v3.02f : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: MTA4-WNPK-SMJL-YWPR
AceExpert v3.02g : Name: DEFAULT s/n: 7Q8X-1CXQ-B9SZ-ZZZZ or Name: IND1999 s/n: FNAJ-T5GZ-12CZ-ZZZZ
AceExpert v3.02g : Name: DEFAULT s/n: 7Q8X-1CXQ-B9SZ-ZZZZ or Name: IND1999 s/n: FNAJ-T5GZ-12CZ-ZZZZ or Name: __RayBieZ__ Code: AIJP-KD8V-IKUF-SEY4
AceExpert v3.0f : Name: Fluke s/n: NPGI-UDLH-JMWZ-ZZZZ
AceExpert v3.0g : Name: EinZtein of Blizzard Code: 1234567890 s/n: BQGP-7PQI-E1TH-NRPP
AceExpert with Icons v2.51 : Name: Shock'97 s/n: 812IYE-Y177J3-YT7Z6I-347TZ6
AceFTP v1.00b : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: 74FEV2-NB8R37-7US5C4-V7A5FT
AceFTP v1.03 : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: F48RST-V73PVM-AJ8AF4-77N5CT
AceFTP v1.05 : Name: Edge-` [Fallen 98] s/n: N444L5-35824J-CE7MYR-V4356T
AceFTP v1.22 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: SA858P-AA34NJ-FBSML2-24YEA4
AceFTP v1.23 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 64SE7B-342EYT-SRL5N5-F7AU3E
AceFTP v1.23a : Name: -/--Predator/FAITH2000--/- s/n: 4B372M-C76524-Y7LU6B-AR3EF2
AceFTP v1.23b : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 64SE7B-342EYT-SRL5N5-F7AU3E
AceNotes v1.0 : Name: SiraX [CORE] s/n: 83903256
AceNotes 2000 : Name: SavaGe [PC] s/n: 73518618
AceReader v3.1 : Name: warez License: 1 s/n: 4sVE6Wo87H
AceReader v3.2 : Name: Versus Licenses: 99 s/n: 1wVS1Ho07G
AceReader v4.0 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: 3rHnJeY74n Licenses: 1
AceReader v4.1 : Name: webmasta[DC] s/n: 3sHnKiX57n
Aces of the Deep : s/n: 8563441101743
ACM v1.3 : Name: ACM872433 s/n: 32886038
Acorn Email v2.0 : s/n: z12gAreg214x
Acotec Remote Access Manager v2.00.04 : s/n: aaaa-0038-RB20-0Lau-pdca-bbwf-ffaz
Acquire v2.0 : s/n: UCF2000034035812774356
Acquire v2.1 : s/n: Hex19571975
AcqURL v3.0 : s/n: 1000036039138312378289 or s/n: 1000034713220369500512764 or s/n: 1000032334312378151347 or s/n: 1000042334312430151347 or s/n: 123454321278726612579134
AcqURL v3.01 : s/n: Hex19571975
Acrobat v1.0 : s/n: ARW100R3100230-826
Acrobat v2.0 : s/n: WVW200R3100221-398 or s/n: WVW200R3110509-339 or s/n: WVW200R3110509-334
Acrobat v3.01 : s/n: PWW250R3107069-312
Acrobat v4.0 : s/n: AOW301R7136978-298
Acrobat Capture v1.0 : s/n: WCW100R3101909-171
Acrobat Distiller v1.0 : s/n: DEE100R3001172-010-496
Acrobat Distiller v2.0 : s/n: MDW210P7154748-899 or s/n: ANW200U3010001-986
Acrobat Distiller v2.1 : s/n: DEE100R3001172-010-496
Acrobat Distiller v2.1 PE : s/n: WAW210P7121267-246
Acrobat Distiller PE : s/n: WAW210P7121183-537
Acrobat Exchange v2.0 : s/n: MVW200R3100411-609 or s/n: MVW100R3100000-050-208
Acrobat Exchange v2.1 : s/n: WVM681R4000077-810
Acrobat Exchange v4.0 Beta 4 : s/n: AEW400R3900106-762-184
Acrobat French v3.0 : s/n: KWM301R7223308-275
Acrobat Reader v1.2 : s/n: ARM100R3100034-100-397
Acrobat Reader for Dos v1.0 : s/n: ARD100R3600000-830
Acrobat Reader for Windows v1.0 : s/n: ARW100R3100000-500-574
Acrobat WorkGroup v2.0 : s/n: DEW200U3100000-010-974 or s/n: DEW200U3100001-010-607 or s/n: DEW200U3100002-010-240
Acrypt v5.0 : Name: viny[TbC] s/n: 3991
ACS Desktop Plus v1.0 : Name: SiraX Company: CORE s/n: 720D-095D-7A42-654A
ACSSoft PhotoAlbum v2.1 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: 1051121291
ActiCalc v1.06 : Name: CoSH [PCY] Company: Prophecy s/n: 102042
ActiCalc v2.1 : Name: Azrael Company: PC99 s/n: 68041
ActiCalc v2.1 Beta : Name: exit/fallen Company: fallen s/n: 150212
Action WorkFlow Analyst : s/n: AA200013001W1001823
Actioneer for Microsoft Outlook v1.0.5 : s/n: VRoS-7BARTj8 PalmPilot: VRpS-7BAR-j8TO
Actionizer v1.3 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: C210C
Active Connection Master v2.5 : Name: phase s/n: IT-298-746-484
Active Delivery v1.20.04 : s/n: 400101-1331
Active Desktop Calendar v1.0 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 1-D2DC296-0
Active Fields v2.0 : Name: tKC Loves Jess Email: tkc@loves.jess s/n: 926365495
Active Folder v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 50394-C3F74-00001
Active Icons v1.5 : Name: Capoeira/TS s/n: hD736DA
Active Mail v1.2 : Name: Monika Halkort s/n: 4637
Active Media Eclipse Screen Saver Maker Developer License : Name: PoeTz Company: PoeTz Screen Saverz s/n: 59IA0-198ZV-UOY0F-OICKB-EJ5P -8989P97
Active Multimedia Button v3.0 : Name: Karen Caughey s/n: SD9565NG13366-440121419988
Active MultiMedia Button ActiveX v3.02 : s/n: SD9565NG13366-CORE19773901
Active Multimedia Button Control : Name: TRPS s/n: SD9565NG13366-202181519988
Active Net v3.5 : Name: REKiEM / PCY '99 s/n: @54hr@kr)L;xEn&L
Active S.Saver Builder v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 11101-0AFD5-002D0
Active Screen Saver Development Kit v2.0 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 686986666582
Active Submission Toolkit v2.001 : Name: phase s/n: IT-867-176-456-775
Active Threed v2.04 : s/n: 01A0000-7575363
Active Threed Plus v3.0 : s/n: 0130-0100000-2949145
Active Tree View v1.01 : s/n: 01A0000-7572623
Active View v1.6 : 1) Start Active View. 2) Go to file/then register. 3) Fill in Licensee with: Keith Mallder (case sensitive) 4) Security Code is 2467 5) Click OK
Active View v1.7 : Name: SUSAN JENSEN s/n: 2067
Active View v1.8 : Name: Monika Halkort s/n: 2633
ActiveBarcode v4.0 : 1User: 154236423769
ActiveFile v2.0 : s/n: 1510-2497-1058
ActiveListBar v1.01 b10 : Name: Aerosmith Company: Tol s/n: 01A0000-7575760
ActiveToolBars v1.01 : s/n: 01A0002-7140552
ActiveX Component Suite v3.0 : s/n: ACS300X-9809-2880615-0591
ActiveX Enterprise Suite v6.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: ACS6-9904-37592931-9759
ActiveX Indicators Suite v1.0 : AxPanel: Name: SiraX Company: CORE s/n: 00000-000006 AxIndicator: Name: SiraX Company: CORE s/n: 00000-000000
ActiveX Manager v1.3 : Name: n03l Faith98 s/n: 6577-aWxVPTz or Name: Goofer/REBELS s/n: 6577-eCxS7AIz or Name: DutchesS s/n: 6577-eBxQYz
Activities Plus v2.2 : s/n: ACTPLUS1.5REG150
Activity Recorder v1.22 : Name: (Anything) s/n: CHRIS168TINA
AD Wiper v1.01 : s/n: 9-205527 or s/n: 43-210143 or s/n: 875-216217 or s/n: 8653-221273 or s/n: 96422-226117
AdBuster Rising Newsreader v1.09 : Name: Eugene R Harden Company: High Voltage s/n: 5A89ACDFE88C4AC
AdBuster Rising Newsreader v1.10 : Name: beltram s/n:5A1BACGG83E18EG
AdCADD Auto Architech for AutoCAD 12 : s/n: DAAHE 20104
Add Impact : s/n: 3009034001
Add Remove 4 Good v1.5 : Name: Lord Leto s/n: 6582-yFY0RW or Name: n03l Faith98 s/n: 6582-8W90PZD
Add Remove 4 Good v2.0 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 6582-2APUZYJHD
Add Remove Cleaner v2.3 : Name: Kwai_Lo [tNO 98] s/n: K17204KE
Add Wiper v1.02 : s/n: 96422-226117
AddDepth v1.0 : s/n: AW-100-1-2716-52987
AddDepth v1.1 : s/n: AW-110-1-1701-30232
AddDepth v2.0 : s/n: AD-200-1-6501-54924 or s/n: AD-200-1-1764-42848
AddFlow ActiveX v1.01 : s/n: 6587 6352 6682 0A01
AddFlow ActiveX v2.1 : Name: Dr Weird s/n: 8765045174810522
Addict v2.32 : s/n: L10736095B
Adding Machine 1999 : Name: ACiD BuRN [ECL'99] s/n: 801-1671168
Addraman Address Manager and Phone Dialer v1.02 : Name: KiLLa [c0re'97] s/n: CCS-56FGM66-CH
Address and Phone Book v5.0 : Name: Miscreant s/n: APB-6452-4891644
Address Book v1.5 : s/n: JLJ4EVR
Address Book Pro v1.01 : Name: (Anything) s/n: BANANA
Address Database Pro v4.02 : s/n: AEKDB-789
Address Database Pro v4.3 : s/n: AEKDB-7895
Address Explorer v2.3 : Password: Free the world
Address Finder v9.6.1 : Name: evc_viper s/n: 98-093-29 or Name: Team Mission s/n: 31-407-67
Address Mate v2.12 : s/n: AM212101704
Address Organizer Deluxe v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 831195569-731
Address Quick v2.3 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 700708441
Address Register v1.0.1 : Name: [JaSuN] / CBE '98 s/n: 4270112-A58
Address Wijzer v3.10 : s/n: AD38170
AddressBook etc v2.0 : s/n: adrBk-5595-780215
AddressQuick v1.0 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 566655565
Addsoft v1.20C : s/n: AS1-8HWQTX-9716Z
Addsoft v2.0 : Name: JOG [DNG] s/n: 0087654321
Addsoft v2.01 : Name: Warp s/n: 037265607
Addsoft v2.05 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 4238936721
Addsoft v2.1.3 : Name: CRACKZ s/n: 4425809661
Addsoft v2.14 : Name: KLEFZ s/n: 4039525341
Addsoft v2.16 : Name: TRPS 1998 s/n: 202429278
Addsoft v2.18 : Name: NAGLFAR DDT98 s/n: 2124862011 or Name: Bisoux s/n: 812489697
Addsoft v2.21 : Name: KLEFZ s/n: 4039525341
Addsoft v2.22 : Name: REKIEM / PCY s/n: 826795377
Addsoft v2.25 : Name: TRPS IS NUMBER 1 s/n: 416315178
Addsoft v2.29 : Name: DRAXXTER [FAITH2000] s/n: 0087654321
Addsoft v2.30 : Name: Gordon s/n: 679697622
Addweb v1.23 : s/n: AW21-JH8WFHB-84EWFW8
Addweb v2.0 : s/n: AWGD-WDWD824-4962345
Addweb v2.10 : s/n: AW88-37D0W7A-72K8266
Addweb v2.11 : Gold: AWGE-FD734H2-724Q942 Standard: AW88-37D0W7A-72K8266
Addweb v2.44 : Name: Naglfar DDT98 Standard: 73824882 Gold: 156763891 Pro: 94602932 UpdateKey: 623426
Addweb v3.04 : Name: fallen s/n: 547026020022
Addweb Enterprise v3.14 : Name: Syndicate s/n: 483376763400407287
Addweb Gold v1.22 : s/n: AWGQ-LD8DHRC-003JEY6
Addweb Gold v1.23 : s/n: AWGE-DWE837A-FE97438
Addweb Gold v2.06 : s/n: AWGQ-LD8DHRC-003JEY6
Addweb Gold v2.31 : s/n: AWGD-WDWD824-4962345
Addweb Gold v2.38 : s/n: AWGJ-DFWEI9C-8242461
Addweb Gold v2.42 : Name: TRPS 98 s/n: 101606005
Addweb Gold v2.46 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 135721441 UpdateKey: 623426
Addweb Gold v2.50 : Name: Blackstar TRPS s/n: 135721441
Addweb Pro v2.05 : s/n: AWGQ-LD8DHRC-003JEY6
Addweb Pro v2.06 : s/n: AWPQ-XEDNI2C-EFID837
Addweb Pro v2.31 : s/n: AWPX-LLA062B-DJIW988
Addweb Pro v2.38 : s/n: AWPD-CYB7744-AAKIMLDM
Addweb Pro v2.39 : s/n: AWPL-992JJ39-EDIDJU9
Addweb Pro v2.40 : Name: mRFANATIc [DNG] s/n: AWPD-CYB7744-AAKIMLD
Addweb Pro v2.42 : Name: TRPS 98 s/n: 39445046
Addweb Pro v2.46 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 73560482 UpdateKey: 623426
Addweb Pro v2.47 : Name: Demon Release Crew s/n: 139413944
Addweb Pro v2.51 : Name: elociN [DNG] s/n: 47616212
Addweb Pro v2.52 : Name: n03l-Faith2000 Gold: 178368235 Pro: 116207276
Addweb Pro v2.53 : Name: Nicole s/n: 35345954
Addweb Pro v2.54 : Name: DeMoN Crew s/n: 139413830
Addweb Pro v3.13 : Name: QWERTY s/n: 2302310651272767 or Name: CZY s/n: 7756551447104314-377
Addweb Pro and Gold v2.11 : s/n: AW88-37D0W7A-72K8266 Gold: AWGQ-LD8DHRC-003JEY6
Addweb Standard v2.31 : s/n: AW88-37D0W7A-72K8266
Addweb Standard v2.38 : s/n: AW25-7JREG7C-3H1EG54
Addweb Standard v2.42 : Name: TRPS 98 s/n: 18666996
Addweb Standard v2.44 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 52782432 UpdateKey: 623426
Addweb Standard v2.46 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 52782432 UpdateKey: 623426
Addweb Standard and Gold v2.05 : Standard: AW88-37D0W7A-72K8266 Gold: AWGQ-LD8DHRC-003JEY6
Addweb Standard and Gold v2.53 : Name: DSi TEAM Gold: 216062938 Standard: 133123929
Addweb Standard and Gold v2.54 : Name: DeMoN Crew Standard: 118635780 Gold: 201574789
Adept BBS v1.07 : Name: Creeping Death s/n: 3599887846 RegNum: 806949176
Administrator Assistant v2.01 : s/n: ID-Vx-Ux-T6clUMZd
Adplan Promotional Business Software v3.0 : s/n: NS-100-000-001 Key: 4753-E27A
Adrem Server Manager v2.1 : s/n: TAY-750-401
Adrem Server Tools v2.0 : s/n: PFV-586-810
Adres Wijzer v3.10 : s/n: AD38170
Adresses French v3.0 : Name: HarvestR CiA 98 s/n: 12 Code: HDZKCB
Adreva 98 v4.23 : Name: BLiZZARD98 s/n: AD987151
AdrLTReg v4.4 : Name: vots s/n: 2957349843
AdScape32 v2.0 : s/n: 133766
AdsOff v1.0 : Name: TRPSRULEZ s/n: 82K8POM9
AdsOff v1.92 : Name: 0MisterE[iNSiDE] s/n: 12d45+o
AdsOff v1.97 : Name: CHENZY s/n: 11@22>U3 or Name: Gordon s/n: 11m22Bj3
AdsOff : Name: LoungeAct s/n: 92p8uGb0
Adult Poker 1999 v3.21 : Name: MrGReeN Company: WKT s/n: AP99-32-10401-7710401
AdultPromoter v2.0 : s/n: ADL9124640
Advance Dialer v1.1 : Name: PANK s/n: 97430800
Advanced Access Password Recovery v1.0 : Run the program with ">ACPR /register" and enter: Code: 8KCApk6PrrhVr7ZsrfG8bese
Advanced Aircraft Analysis and Design : Password: Cessna441
Advanced Development System v8.63 : s/n: 00000-00000E87
Advanced Dialer v1.2 : Name: BIGBLUE! s/n: 7D5E6F00 or Name: THE KEYBOARD CAPER s/n: 73B70D00 or Name: TKC/CIA '98 s/n: 2D732200
Advanced Dialer v2.1 : Name: THE SCYTHE s/n: 706F7500 or Name: Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 827F1A00
Advanced Dialer v2.21 : Name: p00p tERTz Company: SPYDER! s/n: C66F7100
Advanced Disk Catalog v1.20 Beta 2 : s/n: 1303196920041974ERqdY0pQRs2KIUvI
Advanced Disk Catalog v1.30 : s/n: 13031969200419743MbMDYnJHUASF2Ub
Advanced Disk Cleaner v1.1 : Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: 889-12345678
Advanced Fabrication v4.0 : s/n: 98861822
Advanced GIF Optimizer v1.0 Beta : s/n: &*uuTTrfb4 or s/n: TYg-78-21G
Advanced Gradient Controller : s/n: B4H8-R0060-1030 Code: 2L8-0A9-092
Advanced Hex Editor v2.1 : s/n: 112029
Advanced Internet Tool v2.111 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 4F53-44CD-E3DD-9927
Advanced Space Hunter v2.02 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 88415328847144776151
Advanced Space Hunter v2.5 build 74 : Name: SiLicon Surfer PC'97 s/n: 512063403900 or Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 754549977187 or Name: n03l s/n: 21534322578558413142
Advanced Speed Typing v1.0 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 5577c223
Advanced Speed Typing v1.1 : Name: TRPS s/n: aer374op
Advanced Speed Typing v1.5 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 5577c223
Advanced Text Editor v1.01 : s/n: atev1.01-wgs2otr2-wg558
Advanced Video Poker v1.00 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 123591978909696
Advanced Video Poker v1.11 : Name: Einhon [Breakpoint] s/n: 115380001439744
Advanced Wire EDM v7.1 : s/n: 98730105
Advanced Zip Password Recovery v0.92A : Run command line: azpr.exe /register s/n: 00013112193920061941TcQdBAYCRlQW95HO
Advanced Zip Password Recovery v2.0 : s/n: 00013112193920061941tcKxzxKUhzLjuAAD
Advanced Zip Password Recovery v2.1 : s/n: 00013112193920061941SUfjyXZ97rwMZ2J3
Advanced Zip Password Recovery v2.2 : s/n: 00023112193920061941tcKxzxKUhzLjuAAD
Advanced Zip Password Recovery v2.3 : Name: LOMAX s/n: tlc1fahzfUb9n8GaJcCBTsxkHcrNHb8R
Advent 98 v2.0 : Name: Karen E. Caughey Address: Beech Grove, Indiana, USA s/n: 067615671645
Adventure Maker v2.02.01 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 9511643
Advox Omnigate v4.1 : Go to System button / License tab and enter: Company: PREMiERE thisdomain: fromdomain: Key1: JEDCAHDKODJDONAI Key2: KCPALAIMCHNOCKGG
AdWiper v1.1 : s/n: PREDATOR666-302507
Aelita BootAdmin v2.x : s/n: ID1-V2x-U10000-S100-W1000-X1000-ME1qAOEh
Aelita ERDisk v3.0 : s/n: IDCORE/Vizion-V-ZHwkDk1r
Aelita EventAdmin v3.2 : s/n: IDCORE/Vizion-V-Klt4ZeHx
Aelita Journal v1.01 : s/n: ID-Vx-ULua7zXZ
Aelita MultiReg v1.x : s/n: ID1-V1x-U10000-S100-W1000-X1000-wHFf0are
Aelita TimeAdmin v2.x : s/n: ID1-V1.x-U10000-S100-W1000-X1000-acmWgf97
Aelita Virtuosity v3.03 : s/n: IDCORE/Vizion-V-62O9Wzjc
Aepryus Graph v1.0 : Email: s/n: 477034642
Aepryus Suite v1.0 : Name: CiA s/n: 822095973
Aestesis 98 v1.03 : Name: v s/n: popo0
Aestesis 98 v1.1.2 : Name: herzog antoine s/n: vabixexakibuyi
Affirmative Action DUN v2.11 : Name: GZI s/n: 7xxaHx
After Dark v3.0 : s/n: AD3-00670-6681 or s/n: ADW-33671-7328 or s/n: ADW-33671-7329
After Dark v3.2 : s/n: ADC-32659-7016
After Dark ScreenSaver - Disney Edition : s/n: DSW-93093-5071 or s/n: DSW-36523-5758
After Dark ScreenSaver - Loony Toons Edition : s/n: ZQA-35600-2587
After Dark ScreenSaver - Marvel Comics Edition : s/n: MVW-92958-1201
After Dark ScreenSaver - Star Trek Edition : s/n: BSN-90011-7479 or s/n: SPW-06753-8181
After Dark ScreenSaver - Star Trek: StarDate : s/n: ESW-83838-9710 or s/n: LSW-83838-9710
After Dark ScreenSaver - Star Trek: The Next Generation : s/n: BSW-35600-2587 or s/n: SPW-06753-8181
After Dark ScreenSaver - The Simpsons Edition : s/n: ZQW-33671-7329 or s/n: ZQW-35600-2587 or s/n: KAW-64331-1262
After Dark ScreenSaver - Totaly Twisted Edition : s/n: BII-00670-6681
After Dark ScreenSaver - X-Men Edition : s/n: AD3-00670-6681
After Effects v3.0 : s/n: EMW00000000001-345
After Effects v3.1 : s/n: EXX666R9123199-434
After Effects : s/n: 36-1529-303576267
After Effects Bundle Edition v3.1 : s/n: EWW360R3100034-100-504
AfterFX v4.0 : s/n: EWW400R3000406-412
Agency DataBase v1.12c : s/n: ADW00195
Agenda Wizard v1.9 : s/n: AGW-CORE1129
Agenda Wizard Pro v1.8 : s/n: AGW123456789
Agenda Wolf v4.01 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 1820608196
Agent v99b : s/n: N2CJAHZ8-9CVHRJ3M-26YPLZ8L-BGGD44DT-1EA6CC62
Agent v99d : s/n: m2cjahz8-9bvhrj3m-26xplz81-bfgd44ct-lea6bc82
Agent v99e : s/n: WH6W83Y5-HVWMSDK9-MXWJCYA2-9MHLRBSK
Agent v99g : s/n: 6CZCYPMK-VYB3974P-91V7SCTK
Agent v1.6 : s/nL HH2W7UP4-63W9NK4J-1ZR5831C-DVRCMYRG
Agent Internet News & Mail Reader v1.1 : s/n: 10101001
Agent USA v1.0 : Name: CRowmAN s/n: LNBLOHWT
AgentDA v2.1.3 : s/n: 179105018
AgentMail v1.2 : s/n: 11-24-98
AgentTool v2.0 : s/n: 0TB0024164ZXAYJ
AgFa FotoFlow : s/n: 410210021-086
Agile ColorWeb v1.01 : s/n: KDN%E7DXJ5<FJJJT=EK9B*?JBR8RBF<>FC
Agile HTML Editor v1.20 : s/n: %NGVDJK3%G?7Y8QY8Q2/C46REX$N>?LW8%Z>G6K
AGIS v1.43 : Name: Aurea Stoll Company: REUNiTED LicenseType: Standard s/n: NJSJWJFSCT2QDQBJ
agSI v1.1.4 : Name: Me! s/n: HHNOAJKC or Name: You! s/n: HVHUIFOQ
AHM Add-Ons for Delphi v3.0 : Name: CRowmAN s/n: AHM-89215-VEnhanced97
AI Picture Explorer v1.0 Beta : Go to About/Enter Code and enter: Name: MisterE[iNSiDE]TTW s/n: QbyTrDHKX
AI Picture Explorer v2.6.56 : Name: ORiON99[webmasta]SG2 s/n: OR9F104DLNNARU
AI Picture Utility v2.5 : Name: sexjog [DSI]Q s/n: 12345V
Aide Onlinometer v1.50 : Add this line to the ModemLog.ini file under the [Reg] section: Name=p74rRxs
AIM Keys v1.1 : s/n: 50970026
AIM Keys v1.25 : s/n: 50970160
AIM Tools v2.50 : Name: ArseniK[DS] s/n: 39383054
AIPICT v2.5 : Name: MoonCat [PCY]12S s/n: MoonCat [PCY]12V
AIPL SpinCycle v1.03 : Name: HaRdLoCk [BLiZZARD] s/n: 3679 or Name: HaRdLoCk [BLiZZARD] s/n: 539
AIPL WarmTone v2.03 : Name: HaRdLoCk [BLiZZARD] s/n: 136407 or Name: HaRdLoCk [BLiZZARD] s/n: 136065
AirCheck v2.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 32232794
Aircraft Instruments ActiveX v3.1 : s/n: agms1245j1f
AirNav v3.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] ID: 069AZR Code: 692939861
AirNav v3.1 : Name: Lingo T. L. Chen ID: 333RGS Code: 903220597
Airport & Scenery Designer : Name: hfzjsbne s/n: 48252
Airport ID v3.0 : s/n: Mudit Mathur74741389
AirTrek Software Desktop v3.4 : Name: CoSH [PCY] s/n: 35Nxx4Dmm
AJD Computing Mortage Manager v1.1 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 1494977371
Akai CDxtract v1.2 : Name: Flytox [DarkStar] s/n: 7213709
Akai logic v1.1 : s/n: 00-0000000-00
Akeyan Enigma v1.0a : When you quit the program a screen telling you to register will show up, press the key " $ " on your keyboard and enter: s/n: 3975$27
Akoff Guitar Assistant v1.01 : Email: dLLord/AiR s/n: E1ESR2R1NANN or Email: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 2TR2NRETR5SN
AKoff Music Composer v1.00b : Email: ALLEGiANCE s/n: 7778787071KA
AKoff Music Composer v1.01 : Email: FCRP Team s/n: P31DP6PP0P2P
AKoff Music Composer v1.02 : Email: s/n: P6G805PP0878
AKoff Music Composer v1.04 : s/n: 430711252
AKoff Music Composer v1.41 : Email: s/n: 6AD26C6AD2G3
AKoff Music Composer v1.45 : Email: s/n: G12D2P2C21K2 or Email: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: C60528CG253K or Email: s/n: 7GG4G42DGCK2
Aladdin Desktop Tools v1.0.x : s/n: ADTE-777-455225 or s/n: ADTH-619-131366 or s/n: ADTK-761-463014
Aladdin Flashback v1.1.1 : s/n: FBKA-771-000000
Alarm Clock v1.07 : Name: CORE/ITR s/n: 234333
Alarm Clock v1.08 : s/n: 234333
Alarm Clock v1.2 : Name: jaydee s/n: 2294916
Alarm Clock v2.0b : Name: ROWBIE-TRPS 98 s/n: 3600012 or Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 2137278
Alarm Master : s/n: atlas44
Alarm++ v4.7 : Name: KiLLa [core] s/n: VmI:XH3IMP -D6U653oVx=s;MxY]0>3ilA5P[eX3d" SLLEgX0DOBcV0
Alarm++ v4.90 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: ]l T{}oSQh,ILz[>z < XVX]HK)Q/j[P4.z)7e.bPbFzEIMl1
Alarm++ v5.00 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: >SL,37(To< kPVT, ==s1 >jGlyR(gd<[:l0n<FFX&:BS9
Alarm++ v5.01 : Name: Ryder Hook UCF s/n: TiYRvHDhGh(Hh1 al5 |XB=dWJTpuhaU<VXHI1H[XHWW&N1Y3QO|I1
Alarm++ v5.10 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 568C8AB9E69E4CBB9A44A21B67
Alarm++ v5.12 : Name: Delphic s/n: 4681838DE19974
Alarm++ v5.12 : s/n: e_'T1PTZ2}r""jkTb.4y5csw,HQAU7e)4"S}=+tTtr"]LT,,/Dry+c\wMVxl_5
Alarm++ v5.5 : Name: The Name Is Desync s/n: 568EE733DD66BA8511906CD487B1C247B567FB
AlarmClock v1.1 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 2041962
Alarming Events : s/n: 3478
Albatross CD-player for OS/2 : Name: Doh Enterprises s/n: 3013757502
Album Builder v1.3 : s/n: 2275-4678
Album Toolkit v1.3.6 : ID: ioe31234 First: sUfT4uCg Second: uNyBgei8
Album Toolkit v1.5 : ID: ioe31234 First: 123414hzomsl Second: 123412mHqptm
Album Tracker v1.6 : s/n: AT9M6254C49Z7A2
AlbumWIZ v3.03 : s/n: 72251313
Alchemica WebSite v1.3 : Name: ^heiko Company: [BLiZZARD] s/n: AWR-2929935152-05
Alchemica Webworks v1.1 Rev CI : Name: NiTR8^ Company: GCRACK s/n: AWR-2407779072-05
Alchemica Webworks v1.1b : Name: David J Tominsek Company: Global Piracy Foundation s/n: AWR-1092091904-05
Alchemica Webworks v1.2 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: AWR-1457275200-05
Alchemica Webworks v1.2b : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: AWR-674272472-05
Alcyone v1.0.5 : s/n: MYDOG
Alcyone v1.52 : s/n: MYDOG
Aldus FreeHand v3.0 : s/n: 03-4002-200194196
Aldus FreeHand v4.0 : s/n: 05-4002-202558479
Aldus FreeHand v4.1 : s/n: 10140-0228-0075-33280
Aldus FreeHand v5.0 : s/n: 10350-0276-0089-83911 or s/n: 10350-0874-0288-69455 or s/n: 10350-0313-0097-58368
Aldus FreeHand v7.0 : s/n: FWH700-70812-27097-26570
Aldus Gallery Effects v1.0 : s/n: 36-0015-000048418
Aldus Gallery Effects v1.5 : s/n: 36-1500-040049293
Aldus PageMaker v4.0 : s/n: 02-3008-000036469 or s/n: 02-4008-200010087 or s/n: 02-6023-000345263
Aldus PageMaker v5.0 : s/n: 02-50C8-100094310 or s/n: 03-4044-100461903
Aldus PageMaker v6.01 : s/n: 03-4001-201347950
Aldus Persuasion v2.1a : s/n: 09-2101-200613117
Aldus Persuasion v3.0b : s/n: 09-3003-202849134
Aldus PhotoStyler v2.0 : s/n: 15-0208-202162221 or s/n: 15-11A7-100552167 or s/n: 15-0206-202022990
Aldus PhotoStyler Special Edition v2.0 : s/n: 15-0201-201632890 or s/n: 15-0217-202691782
Aldus Type Twister v1.0 : s/n: 46-1000-000031664
Aldus/Adobe Pagemaker v6.0 : s/n: 03-3002-000062275
Aldus/Adobe Pagemaker NL v5.0 : s/n: 03-5025-303224614
Alert Bookmarks v6.00 : Name: DARKAGE s/n: 6301-KHEF-04952772DA or Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: 1555-FJJJ-46664486KN
Alert Bookmarks v7.0 : Name: jog/DSi s/n: 1104-FFEI-68655573JO
Alert Bookmarks v7.01 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 9379-NHLN-87198813TU or Name: Phrozen Crew 1999 s/n: 2530-GJHE-41422068PH
Alert Bookmarks v7.01 build 23 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 2209-GGEN-27311157MR
Alert Bookmarks Pro v6.01 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 1796-FLNK-23923097DA
Alert LinkRunner v3.0 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 1010-HGHG-04230564AR
Alert! v1.5 : s/n: 434E455400010100,00/00/0000,59E07E21
Alexei Solitaires Collection v1.0 : Name: cLUSTER/rOUGH! s/n: 6F57E6DE
Alexei Solitaries Collection v1.1 : Name: cLUSTER/dSI! s/n: 6E7766E6
Alexsys Team 98 v2.3 : Company: MANIFEST Inc. s/n: ATS-0101-01110-63432
Alexsys Team 98 v5.1 : Name: Versus s/n: ATS-0101-01114-04668
Algorithmix Sound Laundry v2.1 : Name: Pamela Bert s/n: ab69a319
Alhademic Lines v1.00 : Name: nutela/DSi s/n: 1159952629113237 or Name: Kmos/CiA in 1999 s/n: 1420864925078226 or Name: Shaligar s/n: 7286490159475665
Alias99 v1.0.0.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: AvY2BjJz+8MA
Alias99 v1.5 : Name: jog of dsi s/n: 2OceQ2PIrL8K
Alibaba v2.0 : Code: {$nD#N'-3i*9@ s/n: 00000485
Alien Invasion v1.1 : s/n: SHEF9283
Alien Skin Xenofex v1.0 : Name/Company: SieGe s/n: jkgddbeeklch
Align It v1.0 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 844682687
Align It v1.1 : Name: Dicker [Laxity] s/n: 349262638
Align It v1.2 : Name: paulux [LAXiTY] s/n: 929242690 or Name: Commander Keen s/n: 810242681
Aliroo PrivaSuite v3.1 : Name: Deborah Habicht s/n: 0020075343
Alive and Kicking v2.7 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: WW-182177100-AK
Alive and Kicking v2.8 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: WW-184856175-AK or Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: WW-1493137800-AK
Alive and Kicking : Name: Leey Bowl Date: 1/21/1998 s/n: 00AFFA2A4B21
ALL Alesis Quadrasynth Editors : Name: blastsoft s/n: 3560,702
All Calc v1.52 : Name: fungus of blizzard Pin: 1234567 s/n: 701218
All Calc v1.62 : Pin: 6969696 s/n: CF0DEF
All In One Mortgage Calculator v2.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 118299611
All In One Yahtzee v2.4 : Name: tKC/PC 98 s/n: 150201 or Name: Chaelim s/n: 672082
All Saints Screen Saver : Name: ZIUHU/TEX99 s/n: 90701000
All To Do v1.34 : s/n: 134isgreat
All Top Girl Strip Poker Games v2.01 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 504865478973
All View v1.10 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] Pin: 1212121 Key: 2B0B23
All View v1.6 : Name: SGM98 Pin: 5895631 s/n: 9778F
All You Need BizPack Pro v1.0 : s/n: 224Aka6M95
AllClear v4.5 : s/n: 3313525 Code: 45690 10923 54054 37187 24898 94406 10795 555
AllFix v4.16 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 329270000CE650D2A0FDD78B or Name:TeLLeRBoP s/n: D619A6A3F9015C5430B61F33
Alliance ScreenSaver : s/n: 09-980943
ALLnSync v1.8.5 : s/n: 504955484549
AllPoints Feedback v1.41 : s/n: 432708
All-Purpose Letters v1.01 : Name: SpriteX Company: SpriteX s/n: 628-3020-194
All-Purpose Resumes v1.01 : Name: SpriteX Company: SpriteX s/n: 220-0023-911
ALLright Utilities v1.0 : s/n: 1026439
Alluring Waterfalls v1.1 : s/n: Heritage
Alma Page Generator v1.0 : s/n: kristia 555 or s/n: `kristia 555
Alma Page Generator Pro v2.0 : Name: KAC s/n: 5d48-6aadc7ca
Almanac v3.5 : Name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: A9261579
Almanac v3.5c : Name: Crack da WareZ s/n: A1052039 or Name: THE RIDDLER [EOD] s/n: B9068287
Almanac v3.5e : Name: Norway/Revolt97 s/n: B7095272
AloeCam v2.2 : Name: Decline [BREAKPOiNT] s/n: 36K-ORJ-6LC-TSC
Aloha animated E-Mail : s/n: @L38837046-225
Aloha At Home Multimedia Email v2.0 : s/n: BDIAOL42780048-010
Alone in the Dark I CD : s/n: 11 0831 3461
Alot enterprises MoniCA v1.0 build 25 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: Y6KLMK7ZZETY
Alot MoniCA v1.0 : Name: Black Thorne [PC] s/n: T11VTYR0ZU50
Alot MoniCA v1.1 : Name: Delphic s/n: TZOHZYYSOZ7D
Alpha Communicator v3.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 123456789 Code: 3r5oiqt
Alpha Communicator v3.0j : Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] Company: Whiskey kon Tekila s/n: 999999999 Code: d2as605
Alpha Five v5.0 : s/n: SFR-051864
Alpha Five : s/n: Z50NR1U1-1019144 RegNum: 368443
Alpha Five home/business ed. v1.0 : s/n: Z50HBEV1-1019144
Alpha Four v3.0 : s/n: M3DS5000-3089735
Alpha Four v4 : s/n: A40UGSU1-5006601
Alpha Four Discovery Edition v3 : s/n: M30DSNS3-3155345
AlphaNumeric LED v1.2 : s/n: ntsk8164t6k
Alshare NetNote v2.7 : Name: JOHN s/n: WgQC
AlShare Visual Translate v1.1 : s/n: Vlicence
Alsoft Power Pack v1.0.7 : s/n: PO017018 PS001604(001)
AltaMax Online Shopper v1.45 : s/n: MJG-81
Altamira Composer Pro v1.1 : s/n: 644 043 060 0036
Altiris ImageBlaster v3.3 : Name: KiLLa CoRE s/n: 19-10-0-1-3-d494a930
Altiris LabExpert v3.4a : Name: ArseniK[CORE] s/n: 19-10-0-8-3-CE5C3410
Altiris LabExpert Suite v3.3 : Name: KiLLa CoRE s/n: 19-10-0-8-3-40ddf169 Licensee-always: KiLLa CoRE LabExpert-Console: 19-10-0-4-3-82298b87 LabExpert-Pro-Console: 19-10-0-5-3-d2e45ecb LabExpert-DOS16: 19-10-0-7-3-dcaff683 LabExpert-DOS32: 19-10-0-6-3-c4d90f6d SIDgen: 19-10-0-9-3-1568
Altiris RapiDeploy v3.4a : Name: ArseniK[CORE] s/n: 19-100-0-11-3-20CA88F2
Altiris RapiDeploy Suite v3.3 : Name: KiLLa CoRE s/n: 19-10-0-11-3-571de8e4
AlTos System Diagnostic v1.0SO : s/n: DIAG7K_9K00004
AlTos System ECU Setup v1.1SO : s/n: A_ECU00246
Always On Time v1.0.1.6 : Name: SavaGe s/n: 47110021
AM Workflow v3.1 : s/n: 001169
Amazin' Spispopd v1.4 : s/n: 8694B036
Amazing Blocks : Name: Azrael [PC] Email: s/n: 0A0A0A0A0A35
Amazing MIDI v1.50 : s/n: 0159154943
American Heritage Dictionary v3.0 : s/n: A9-L0010M3 or s/n: A9-D0010M3
American Heritage Dictionary : s/n: 36688919
AMF Daily Planner & Personal Information Manager v7.2 : s/n: !@#$%AMFPIM997VERUSR
AMF Intelligent Organ v2.0 : s/n: ~AOREG11
Amiga Forever Online Edition : Name: (Anything) s/n: 14578-04142-72384-85823
Amigo v2.2 Rev4 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: D3849-2930
Amigo Pro v3.0 Rev4 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: C85266-96143
Amigo Standard v3.0 Rev4 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: C8524-5518
Amigo! Pro v3.0Rev5 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: F57712-66887
Amigo-2000 v1.0 : Name: ^pain^ '97 s/n: 630622950-274
Amigo 2000 v1.0 : s/n: 10035779
AMS Aeronautical Mapping System v6.00.02.01 : s/n: 99998735003821
AMS Pro v2.2 : Start the registration program and choose "100 Year License". Now use the "Reference Number" to generate a key -1234567890. Example: 2C6B09ED-1234567890
Anadir Pro v4.0 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: PS-410276
Ana-log v3.0 : Password: pOio783T
Anawave CoolCat v4.0 beta 3 : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: 1998 Code: 1057-E6B6-EDCB
Anawave CoolCat v4.01 : Name: William Noonan s/n: CAT4001485 Code: 1C7A-20F-AE2E3
Anawave CoolCat v4.0B1 : Name: Petroc Gornay s/n: CAT4000026 Code: 2062-ECA-6785A
Anawave Gravity v1.1 : Name: Jestrz/Phrozen Crew '97 s/n: 6172848 Code: 44R8494-4564-242247
Anawave Gravity v1.1b : Name: [-ONYX-] s/n: 12345 Code: 44X5494-4534-229229
Anawave Gravity v1.1b2 : Name: iCEMAN [uCF] s/n: ICE666-PUNK-666UCF Code: 44AP222-9724-486243
Anawave Gravity : Name: Vikings s/n: ABCDEFUL Code: AAA8-9968-8B73
AnDan Software Message Generator v1.20 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: 0DD7D39C
Anders Power Tools v1.02 : Name: Dracs Company: Crystal s/n: 10611310710889 or Name: TUC PC99 Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 96106103114931
Andor v1.0 : s/n: ANDR2291
Andromeda 3D Series II : s/n: 5M30400120-0441
Andromeda Deluxe v3.0 : s/n: 8P21103658-4949
Andromeda Measurement Filter for Photoshop : s/n: 8P81150004-0184
Andromeda Series 3 Screen Filter : s/n: 8P31250102-0417
Andromeda Shadow Filter : s/n: 8P51050073-0351
Andromeda Varifocus v1.1 : s/n: 8P61050127-1204
Andromeda Velociraptor : s/n: 7P10210439-3367
Anet Help Tool v4.05 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: 5400954
Anet Help Tool v4.52 : RegNum: WBA048 Password: 942696578
Anet Help Tool v5.0.0.13 : Name: fAT cAT/FCN s/n: 573541454
Anet Image Gallery v2.0 : RegNum: SiraX/CORE Password: JJrBr6VTL4
Angel Egg Pinball : Email: s/n: 652512185659659334653090
Animagic Gif Animator v0.9 : Name: Marquis s/n: 55cde3b9
Animagic Gif Animator v0.92b : Name: Darklord s/n: 1F23A7BD
Animagic Gif Animator v0.95 : Name: rANDOM s/n: 35353C8B
Animagic Gif Animator v1.00b : Name: Byte Ripper Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 58A3AC33
Animagic Gif Animator v1.00b : Name: Free Registered Version Company: Free Registered Version s/n: 480FFB97
Animagic Gif Animator v1.00b : Name: PC97 Company: PC97 s/n: E95E3BAF
Animagic Gif Animator v1.00b : Name: razzia [pc97] Company: razzia [pc97] s/n: 9A9995A7
Animagic Gif Animator v1.02a : Name: DARKLORD Company: GRS s/n: F60248B
Animagic Gif Animator v1.02a : Name: MiRaMaX Company: Rebels s/n: 405BA82B
Animagic Gif Animator v1.05A : Name: delphic Company: dng s/n: 88DB6CDF
Animagic Gif Animator v1.05C : Name: dephic Company: dng s/n: 88DB6CDF
Animagic Gif Animator v1.05d : Name: DSi TEAM Company: DSi s/n: BBB4B38B
Animagic Gif Animator v1.06 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 Company: TRPS 1998 s/n: 9DB674BD
Animagic Gif Animator v1.06b : Name: draXXter Company: (None) Lite: 2B354439 Normal: 6B9DA0A7
Animagic Gif Animator v1.10 : Name: Aurora Company: Eternity s/n: F9CC245D
Animagic Gif Animator v1.10c : Name: CZY Company: s/n: 1C7D1AD5 or Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] Company: Whiskey kon Tekila s/n: 7167D033
Animagic Gif Animator v1.4 : Name: delphic Company: dng s/n: 88DB6CDF
Animated Bitmap ActiveX v1.0.43 : s/n: AS-686-99425-C
Animated Chinese Checkers v1.0 : s/n: 051097
Animated Chinese Checkers v1.1 : s/n: 203125
Animated Gif Editor v1.0 : Name: Klefz s/n: mfddfaaa
Animated Mah Jongg v1.1 : s/n: 118371
Animated Puzzles : Name: (Anything) s/n: 371160
Animated Screen v1.2c : Name: ALM_DETH s/n: 666666
Animated Screen v2.2 : Name: BAMA/WEAPON Commercial: ACB0EE00 Home: DEB5F500
Animated Screen v2.23 : Name: ESQUIRE s/n: 43888000
Animated Screen v3.10 : Name: Aurora s/n: 907ED600
Animated Slots v1.0 : s/n: 492376
Animation Cursor Control v1.02c : Name: 'Lucifuge Rofocale' s/n: '6666666666666666C370DC1E'
Animation Form Icon Control v1.00c : Name: 'Lucifuge Rofocale' s/n: '6666666666666666A370DC27'
Animation Icon Button Control v1.03 : Name: 'Lucifuge Rofocale' s/n: '6666666666666666A370DC27'
Animation Icon Checkbox v1.00c : Name: 'Lucifuge Rofocale' s/n: '6666666666666666A370D6A7'
Animation Icon Control v1.01c : Name: 'Lucifuge Rofocale' s/n: '6666666666666666A370DC0D'
Animation Icon Option Button v1.00c : Name: 'Lucifuge Rofocale' s/n: '6666666666666666A370DC27'
Animation Stand v2.0.2 : s/n: 201063 or s/n: 202012
Animation Works : s/n: 45482
Animation Works Interactive v2.0 : s/n: 3001162627
Animator Pro v1.0 : s/n: 01603-010203-2520
Animator Pro v3.05 : s/n: 655-10000088
Animator Pro : s/n: 4930-P4-PH-1
AniMenu v1.0 : s/n: 85327
AniMessage 98 v3.0 : Name: Louise Gleeson s/n: 654338
AniPaint Animator v8.0 : s/n: FSWR00LZ
Anne Hooper's Ultimate Sex Guide : s/n: 3746
Anno Domini v5.01 : Press F-12 and enter s/n: A-062345-FI
Annotator v1.0 : Name: Brent Barrow s/n: 810-00012-10000-00001
AnonMail : Name: The Key s/n: 12978
ANoteWrite v2.0 : UserKey: A13Q0A RegKey: 3B57FECC9FB5680D0D
AnsiPaint v2.1 : Name: DIRMIR s/n: 1216
AnsiPaint v2.3 : Name: DIRMIR s/n: 1216 or Name: THE RIDDLER [EOD] s/n: 13872
Answer Chase v1.1 : Name: Arcane [UCT] Email: s/n: 3BA-7EFD3
Answer Chase v1.3 : Name: Bill Gates Email: s/n: 4A8-2B5CC
Answering Machine : Name: DoH Enterprises s/n: 28585135
Antares v7.1.75 : Name: DESYNC DOMiNATiON s/n: 1395343740
Anti-BO v1.5 : Name: BFC 99 s/n: 6040000660185
Anti-BO v1.5b : Name: TY_TYLAND s/n: 05804963139247163
Anti-Cookie Suite 98 v2.0 : Name: Barry Walsh Company: N/A s/n: BA9-4891
Anti-Cookie Suite 98 v2.0.22 : Unlock Trial First by entering: Company: FALLEN 98 Email: s/n: E11D-E3C8 Then register with: Name: FALLEN Company: FALLEN 98 s/n: 4E99-2A4F
Anti-Cookie Suite 98 v2.0.29 : Unlock Trial First by entering: Company: Goofer Email: s/n: C922-42F0 Then register with: Name: Goofer Company: DeMoN s/n: D089-901B
AntiViral Toolkit Pro v3.0 Build 117 : Name: TeamXTC Company: TeamXTC s/n: 95648920
AntiVirus : s/n: HLCX1-X14CI-XC9LM-R7WLJ
Anubis v2.54 : s/n: 9611181
Any Speed v1.2 : Name: ^pain^ '97 s/n: AD5B1100
AnyFolder v1.05 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 1355937
AnyFolder Shell Extension : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 1403017
AnyTime v3.0 : s/n: YX0550011976
AnyView v1.00a : s/n: AVR-100-4201975
AOL v2.5 beta 4 : s/n: 10-5932-0206 Password: GOBLET-MEDIAN
Apeg Fem 2D v1.0 : s/n: 0000-c2c2
Apex True DBGrid Pro VC++ SDK v6.0 : s/n: B85639882793170
APHIDd v1.01 : Name: Kenneth Long s/n: 110DRI58
Apollo v4.5 : s/n: 09-80-00-A2-000000-00-4-6809
Apollo Source Code Kit v4.0 : s/n: 09800100
App Killer v1.0.1 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 5329177-6068210
App Launcher v5.0 : s/n: AL-aaxa000a-!a0a-2346
App Launcher v7.0 : s/n: AL-aaxa111a-!a1a-4443
App-Doc Linker : s/n: 817GrGn5jkfh78h
Apple Media Tool v1.2 : s/n: AMT00-00000-2155073
Apple Network Administrator Toolkit : s/n: 1000004123
ApplePie Pro SE v2.30 : Name: DV Company: BLIZZARD s/n: 83472
AppleShare File Server v4.x : s/n: B-341-UFD-170-QEC-309-IBZ-461-QYV-340 or s/n: B-341-UFD-170-QEC-309-ICJ-348-VZJ-340
Applet Button Factory v4.5 : Name: mk67z s/n: trs98z
Applet Designer Enterprise Edition v1.5 : s/n: 550-923K-614
Applet Effects Factory v2.0 : Name: 43te3r s/n: g6h3we
Applet FX : s/n: 108011569-2
Applet Headline Factory v3.0 : Name: h9ea7 s/n: to78r
Applet Marquee Wizard v3.5 : Name: p97z s/n: 23ws3
Applet Menu Wizard v1.0 : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: EE3F182264FCF483
Applet Navigation Factory v1.0 : Name: 78efg s/n: pk753
Applet Password Wizard v1.1 : Name: efg89w s/n: 312zxc
Applet Password Wizard v3.0 : Name: efg89w s/n: 312zxc
Applet SlidingMenu Wizard v1.0 : Email: s/n: 042830B421825D77
AppletFX Commercial edition for VAC v1.1 : s/n: 655541083-10
AppleWorks v5.0.3 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 0010014225
Application Control v2.xx : Name: THE RIDDLER s/n: 628872953
Application Maker v1.019 : s/n: BARK576936BARK
Application Remote Control v1.08 : Name: escom+ s/n: KAWINS
AppMaker v1.1 : s/n: Bark!-0001-0001-0001
Appolo v4.02 : s/n: 09-8B-70-BE-407DE1-04-4-3583
Approach v3.0 : s/n: 1F00028-01104360
AppsTraka v2.01 : Name: Predator[FAITH2000] s/n: 584BAD0237C7A54EDDF289C2FB140389
APS-EZR v4.08 : s/n: AP6406g59-0400
AquaCalc v1.0 : Name: Jestrz Company: FCN s/n: 1697071SAC99989
AquaDeluxe v2.0 : s/n: 39954522
AquaSupreme v1.0 : s/n: 19990001
AR8000 Toolkit v1.1.1 : s/n: AR1020RBYOFWQRMH0HCOY
Arbor Essbase v5.0.1 : s/n: 110058520000628000AB100FE70
ARCA Shopping List 99 : s/n: ARCA-4587531-78
Arcada Backup Exec Enterprise Edition v7.01A : s/n: 0736630000014869
Arcamax Emaio Magic v1.0c : Name: - s/n: 494840101
Archive Converter v3.11 : s/n: 131766????
Archive Converter v3.x : s/n: 1317660001 to 1317669999
Archiver Shell v5.0 : Name: The Keyboard Caper s/n: 93958496
Arclab Packager MK1 v2.1a : FirstName: d4rk0n3 LastName: CRACKED Company: LAXiTY s/n: 5431-9933-1319-89354
Arclab Pfadfinder v1.4 : Name: Bisoux Company: KAC s/n: 4420-5310-8954-19768
Arclab Pfadfinder v1.4a : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: 3544-3554-5807-73104
Arclab Pfadfinder v1.5 : Name: Smakkker Company: GWA s/n: 6524-1196-2758-42767 or Name: JudgeD Company: PC'99 s/n: 6513-7541-7434-42303
ArcLogistics Route v1.1 : Regular: 482002100302 MapMaker: 371009700268
Arcplan Insight Suite v2.2 : s/n: 2308
ArcServe v3.0b : s/n: 23014 or s/n: 23350
ArcServe v5.01 : s/n: 10AS 1163609
ArcServe v5.01g : s/n: 0392181
ArcServe Enterprise v6.0 : s/n: KWKTL-C14XX-XX9WC-R7X4H
ArcServe Enterprise v6.5 : s/n: CWETL-H14EK-XW9WC-R7KXM
ArcServe Storage Suite : s/n: 80266035 Code: IWKCG-L14CX-XM9XE-K7WLJ
ArcServe to Novell v6.0 : s/n: MXMTC-X14XX-XX9CX-M7XME or s/n: CYYTC-X14XX-XX9HX-M7XGG
ArcServe WinNT Single Server v6.0 build 355 : s/n: 28499571
ArcSolo v3.02 : s/n: EVSO 1231464 or s/n: 302SO 1246936
ArcTest v2.3a : Name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: 18624809
ArcView GIS v3.1 : s/n: 911111111111 or s/n: 999991999999 or s/n: 693241329832
Ardent DataStage Client and Server v3.1 : s/n: 987654321 Project-Count: 99999 Exp: 01/01/2999 Authorization: 88888888
AreaCodeFinder Pro 98 v1.0 : Name: TRPS 1998 s/n: 91827
Arete Digital Nature Tools Beta 1 for 3DS Max 2.x : s/n: 049198
Argh! I Forgot v1.0 : Name: Arcane Company: -=[CiA]=- s/n: 9927595
ArGoSoft MX Mailer v1.0 : Name: lgb [cORE'97] s/n: 297727598574
ARJ v2.41 : Name: XXX s/n: 12345
ARJ v2.50a : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 12345678-0x18A33E08 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 12345678-0x5AF807EE
ARJ Shell v1.3 : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: 045793716 or Name: n03l s/n: 042802826 or Name: Phrozen Crew '96 s/n: 289972970 or Name: dbCooper s/n: 229037262 or Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 891653628 or Name: Mr_GReeN [WKT!] s/n: 901057610
ARJ Shell : Name: Phrozen Crew '96 s/n: 289972970
Ark v1.03 : s/n: 0111111-111111112-71111
Arkeia v4.0 : CheckSum: A8BWR4Y1M8SR2Z s/n: 12234 Company: NT_USER License: ARK
Armor Advatage Supreme Accounting System v2.5 : Login: armor Password: advantag
Arpeggio For The Desktop v2.0 : s/n: SWN 00008127 Key: CIAHJVGR 33
Arrange v2.0 : s/n: CWC144NG
Arrange It v0.70 : Name: The Penguin s/n: R4C-Ms6-E3Xy
Arrange It v1.0.2 : s/n: ARM9300533
Arriba Express v1.5 : s/n: VU5900007140000-000
Arrivo Select v1.2 : s/n: 9809543255123456789987654321
Arrivo Select : s/n: 9F74-7800-7C59-4508-FA53
Arrow v1.22 : Name: Nell Lang s/n: TQEBSFPYFQ
Arrowbridge II v1.15 : BBS: PC97 Sysop: teraphy! Reg1: 1319877021zrv Reg2: 0809850739ohm
Art & Letters v4.5 : s/n: 464412
Art Apart Collectors Edition : s/n: 2311-0021-3285
Art Mixer v1.6 : s/n: 9208001
Artemis v4.02 : s/n: 0A-87-60-B6-8265D5-F4-4-657B
Artis-11C v1.2 : Name: Flu[X] s/n: 67-4938
Artis-11C v1.2d : Name: Tillety - PGC s/n: 67-4938
Artis-11C v2.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 67-4938
Artisoft iShare v3.0 10 : s/n: 09960004892 Key: 031A-0A10-A08D
Artisoft XtraMail v1.11 : s/n: 69876543210 Key: 666677A119A8
Art-Scan v4.0 : Art-Scan: great DragonScan: puff
Arty v1.01 : s/n: A5X2:S47T:5P2T:2CV7
ASAP WordPower v1.95 : s/n: 1287B3042346 Code: 463S213A
Ascend Access Control v1.0Ai10 : s/n: jh34-k4sd-l8jd-ncxa-yew1-21dj-n0n7
Ascii Spy v1.0 : Name: Decline/Laxity s/n: D430CLAID984822D
Ascii Spy v1.0.2 : Name: draXXter s/n: d-330CLAID-331976d or Name: draXXter [Serials '99] s/n: d458CLAID988724[
ASCII-Help v1.11 : Name: DONGLE s/n: GGMF1290125
AS-Internet Download Manager v2.91 : Name: Hawk2000 [4110] s/n: $85356BC4
AskSam Pro v3.0 : s/n: 300-64646-96012
ASNA Acceler8 DB r4.2 v4.668 : s/n: KQ73 U8KT
AS-NetWatch v1.2 : Name: Hawk2000 [4110] s/n: $4039C544
Asoft Analog shell v1.1.17 : FirstName: davy LastName: blizzard s/n: AS-AANSH14812-4EAYD3464
Asoft Analog shell v1.2.0 : FirstName: davy LastName: blizzard s/n: AS-AANSH14812-4EAYD3464
Asp Chart v1.5 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: CHRTC8BACB Key: 2A1917180F010F130276F56BE64AD75EAFA1A394958684E54FD722160F06090E77FF15060F067DFC77ED7AEE74E919131618130B07181C167EFD01
Asp CodeLock : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: ASCL40A007 Key: 8C85E85EC333483849B1D249D94ECF2264D93A40463C3F322A6E918989F2130768ED7F878A8A8FE5282A0E057B8B8DFE01070E051B080107087FF1
Asp DNS v2.1 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: DNSLE9FCD0 Key: 918C8D9C81F3151D0C0B7E808AEE78F9047D82F60D7BF171EB59A39FA79CEF60DA58DD50BBB5A69FD251D843C4B9D04FD64FB6ABA3B7B4A8D859CE
ASP Edit Pro v2.01 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 557453351944556612
Asp HTTP v2.5 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: HTTP8E9370 Key: EB65F27DE325226A91E5282237240D76FE1669AEC1BDBABFA5ED7792E72B5CEA79EE74958BE82968AFBAB9A58AF7749ED73A43C1A1B7ABD54AA9E8
Asp Image v1.5 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: IMAGC8D0E1 Key: ADA89588F8738082F462A59387FC05769F92E7699A82888887FA087A9C9AE05BC2BBB6AFE76E968FF364D84B3A304AC9CB45463521160B0304799C
ASP Lightning v1.0 : s/n: 1310-2499-1001-397502
Asp Mail v2.60 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: SMTP6A2121 Key: C0A49B80E51E216AAFC238281513176CDD276B8284E661C157ADA0E51D50A78A8D9094EE6992F20478F970F1788D878EF40973F666C95D948DF308
Asp MX v1.1 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: ASMX9FD24B Key: BDB0BB4DDB272A255BAAA0A485F17D969190E71F262D0D09137EE86993E35ECE54C8A3DF53CCCF3C32372A2C3B56DD65A5E359CF50DE4BA8A79AFD
Asp NNTP v1.4 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: NNTP3EAD08 Key: 63D640D158BFB7BCB1D73726191E3154DC54D12363D943D24545CD40C7CC2A140B160879EC6FE31A76F475F87B8E818383F8040B0C111669EB60E1
Asp Pager v1.2 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: PAGR6D786C Key: C951C9BC50B5BCC5C33122382E283C48CD2463A2989D8F8197FB7A86858B82938AFD6D908D88878882968C88EA161E6391E55EF46CE84CBBA9EE1C
Asp Pop3 v2.2 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: POP3C96D01 Key: 7AE353DB3EC0C0C2BC3144291306097894FA6A9DD258C55CACA3EF1E0B7EF365D15ABCBE3DB4BDC2C5A5A78CFD7481F26D96F77F8F82F4788283FD
Asp QMail v1.2 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: CHRTC8BACB Key: 2A1917180F010F130276F56BE64AD75EAFA1A394958684E54FD722160F06090E77FF15060F067DFC77ED7AEE74E919131618130B07181C167EFD01
Asp Sock v1.4 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: SOCK7B941F Key: 9883878E9FEF61AED73B382E2F231C63EB1C60A59FB0B9AA97EE7794E22B24060478E12F1D58BACF57CAB5BA4AB8BECA345ACAA9AE9CABD34FA9D4
ASP Edit Pro v2.01.3 : Name: SiR_Ta0 [KFK] s/n: 4187587394214
Aspen v1.0.0 : Name: gcrack s/n: 619
Aspen v1.5.1 : Name: SpriteX s/n: 719
ASPUser : s/n: 08254-36090-55469
Asserware Unit Converter Pro v1.0 : Name: JudgeD s/n: 5545631106306
Asset DocParts v1.0 : s/n: ADP010-200-0000
Asset Mind Pro v2.0 : s/n: cccc11212123 Key: cccc30000004
Asset Register v3.0 : s/n: wangawackichipie
AssistBar 99 v2.3 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 998147625
Assure Java v1.0 : Name: (Anything) Company: (Anything) s/n: 1234567890123456789012345
Asta v1.94 : Password: nevertoothin
Astarte CD-Copy v2.0 : s/n: CDC2-NFRV-PHFF-MKQN-JFAG
Asteroid Miner v1.1 : s/n: 3263827
Asteroid Miner : s/n: 3263827
Astound v1.5 : s/n: 3031620659
Astound v2.0 : s/n: 3006005109 or s/n: 3004400378
Astound v2.1 : s/n: 3044507372
Astound v4.0 : s/n: 3260952387
Astound v6.0.157 : s/n: 3232722387
Astound WebCast v1.01 : s/n: 9014893133
Astound WebCast Pro : s/n: 9003111047
Astro World : Name: Crack da WareZ s/n: @JTJ66BHNW
Astronauts Chronometer v1.2 : Name: MisterE[iNSiDE] s/n: 894-88D
Astronomica v1.5 : Name: MASSiVE '98 s/n: 7724-839204-1136-56704
Astronomica v1.51 : Name: EinZtein s/n: 6921-901111-1998-11110 or Name: draXXter[FAITH2000] s/n: 100-88-19-93
AstroWorld 2000 Suite : Name: Janez Slovenec English: 308-62601591423EAP Dutch: 671-64549129841DAP
AstroWorld 2000 v4.0.1.1 : Name: BerSerkA Registered: 481-61682692551EAR Pro: 553-89883483058EAP
AstroWorld 42 v2.0 : Name: VYLENT INC s/n: 273-0-31330
AstroWorld 42 Pro v2.0b : Name: The Intelligencer s/n: 619-15502542396ENR Pro: Name: The Intelligencer s/n: 114-94834934160ENP
AstroWorld 98 v3.01c : Name: The Intelligencer s/n: 398-33251791300EAR Pro: Name: The Intelligencer s/n: 891-64469469850EAP
AstroWorld 98 v3.02 : Name: BaMa/MANiFEST s/n: 558-21414204689EAP
AS-Util 98 v1.71 : Name: Hawk2000 [4110] s/n: $41759354
AS-Util 98 v1.71 : Name: Gecco s/n: $379F927F or Name: Attacker[UCT] s/n: $9546634D
AS-Util 98 v1.73 : Name: paulux [LAXiTY] s/n: $FDA6D363
Asymetrix 3D F/X for Windows : s/n: 2011-009713
Asymetrix MultiMedia Toolbook v3.0 : s/n: 0740-002379
At Home Diary v1.5 : s/n: 12926
Ataman TCP Remote Logon Services v1.6 : Name: Misha [UCF] s/n: i4b364652
Ataman TCP Remote Logon Services v2.4 : Name: Frontier 98 s/n: 109286
ATC/Approach Controller v1.32 : Name: M00diFy s/n: XGGR7TZ3
AtGuard v3.1 : s/n: NS-100-000-733 Key: FFCD-9766
Atlantis Render v2.11 : s/n: 040412-486921-226001
Atlas v1.16 : Name: fungus / blizzard s/n: 44580250
Atlas Ti v4.1 : s/n: D9D696H-93TP-FH7PX
ATM Deluxe v4.0 : s/n: AWW400R7110870-808
ATM Deluxe v4.0x : s/n: CIB00000000001-999-266 or s/n: CIB00000000002-999-899 or s/n: CIBXBKWM000001-999-17
AtNow v1.04 : Name: Attitude/CORE s/n: 13BEEC42
Atom Time 98 v2.0 : Name: Black Thorne [PC'98] License: A13E9E05 Date: 05/03/98
Atomic Harvester 98 : s/n: Vizion/CORE Key: $EEB09A62
Atrex v5.53a : Name: (Anything) s/n: 1 Copies: 4 Key: sm41
Atrex v6.0b8 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 9999 Copies: 100 RegKey: 121212 OptionsKey: 121212
Atrex v7.02 : Name: registered Copies: 100 s/n: 19771 RegKey: FF124B7A4B169E73 OptionsKey: BAE9FCC9B1200FE8
Attachment Opener v2.000 : Name/Company: (Anything) Reg: 823091-8553 Key: 5K5E-24083F02A3A5-FFFF
Attention! Notification System v2.2 : s/n: FFFFFFFCFFFFF0FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Atticus Vista v1.0 : s/n: 126100023
Attrib Forcer v1.0 : Name: FALLEN s/n: 362284-coH-107008
Au2Email v1.3 : Name: davy - bizzard s/n: C8C2ECF2405A40C4D8D2F4F4C2E4C8
Au2Email v1.5 : Name: Stardogg s/n: 1C827E216273226262236236
Au2Email v2.0 : Name: EinZtein [UCF] s/n: 17C24225D1EF27E22C24225DB01F41D4170181200
Au2HTML v2.2 : Name: Eric S. Blackford s/n: 1190
Au2HTML v3.5 : Name: Jordan_Jr s/n: C0121128104FC11EF7C0128
Au2Thumbs v1.5.12 : Name: davy-blizzard1999 s/n: BEB8E0E656BACDC8E8E8B8D9BE5D6C6C6C
Au2Thumbs v1.5.31 : Name: jman manj s/n: 7074A5F480BEC5FE84
Au2Thumbs v1.6.11 : Name: Jaydee 99 s/n: 70441D98F40EA0F12A
AUC Pro v1.0 : Name: swoop/laxity s/n: 5541282110012306
AUC Pro v1.2 : Name: Kathras^HLM s/n: 554103101111306 or Name: registered s/n: 5541070101010306
Auction Assistant v2.2.1 : s/n: 127320AA2830
Auction Ticker v2.0.4 : s/n: 3389ASAT2830
AuctionWatch Desktop v1.0 : Name: Girish A. Modgil s/n: SDR61924976
Audio Capture v1.5b : s/n: A4710D67B8A109C5
Audio Catalyst v1.x : s/n: 05574EAD619E2D8CA382DB3B47D43749
Audio Composer v3.2 : Name: Crystal s/n: e5cGwZ2S
Audio Compositor v1.3 : Name: jake cwc s/n: 2fJS29W2
Audio Compositor v3.0b : Name: xOANON [UCF97] s/n: MPpWMQVm
Audio Compositor v3.1b : Name: JYNX [GRS] s/n: HVtQ8zc8
Audio Compositor v3.1c : Name: FCRP Team s/n: 28gU9J6c
Audio Compositor v3.3 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: AyuTv8Uw
Audio Cover v2.02 : FirstName: Ryder LastName: H00k RegNum: MOPs9802020120202200 License: 12345678 Key: 13853
Audio Rack v3.0.1 : s/n: AR-9030
Audio Suite v2.03 : Name: Riz la+ Code for Alchemist - Audio Converter 2.02: 813216 Code for Fusion - Digital Mixing Desk 2.03: 788617 Code for Fission - Audio Wave Editor 2.03: 1044005
AudioCart v2.3 : Name: (Anything) Code: 1805
AudioCD MP3 Studio v1.5e : s/n: CSN77A1bliz199903df
Audiofile v4.0.1 : Click the "Unlock" button on the splash screen and enter: s/n: AF-400-BC200328-66910-02
Audiofile v4.03 : Name: Daniel Servrancilx Company: MANiFEST s/n: AF-400-BC200328-66910-02
AudioGrabber v1.31 : s/n: 1125FD4631
AudioGrabber v1.40 : s/n: 0364C8CD7A
AudioGrabber v1.50 : s/n: 145E1B7E2B
AudioKey v1.0 : s/n: 0174286784
AudioMulch v.07b6 : Name: TRPS 1998 s/n: 111-20797-865467-18883
AudioMulch v0.81b : Name: Deepz0ne s/n: RADIUM-16838-1282-19835
AudioShop v2.0.1 : s/n: 514.200.00016351
AudioTrack v1.0 : s/n: 60031ATTA4409
AudioVideo Keeper v2.0 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: Avk54-54
AudioVideo Keeper v2.1 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: AVK65-115
Audition v3.0 : Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 2928707991
Audition v3.2 : Name/Company: SWP '98 s/n: 2924005426
Audition v3.5 : Name: viny[TbC] Company: TbC s/n: 2927866797
AuditionIT v2.0 : Name: BubbleGun s/n: $055A530EB
Aurum Front Office v98.2 : Name: Jaydee s/n: 98333366 (Make sure not to select AurumActiveWorkbench)
Aurum SalesTrak v7.0 : FirstName: Pft LastName: Roxs ID: 0304 Key: 14009 Employee Code: 4501 LoginName: j9207 LoginPassword: sh98rox
AuthentiX v3.0 : s/n: 521252
AuthentiX v4.0f : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 521252
Authorware v5.0 : s/n: APW500-07539-97009-92400
AuthorWare Pro v2.0 : s/n: 8205-2072-3071
AuthorWare Pro v2.01 : s/n: 8217-4072-0086
Authorware Pro v3.0 : s/n: 20030-0979-1236-56383
Auto Analyst v3.11 : Name: Premiere s/n: TMML-TCMF-108452
Auto Components Library v2.0 : Password: SFDG2IA7Q
Auto FTP v1.2 : Name: bunter Code: 987606075-574
Auto FTP Pro v2.0 : Name: Crystal '99 s/n: 759911742-574
Auto Graphics HTML v3.3 : s/n: 18765412
Auto Meta Tags v1.01 : Name: ACiD BuRN [ECL'99] s/n: PD4XP3S2PWUV or s/n: PD4XP3S2PW8
Auto Mileage Tracker : s/n: 1492941
Auto Pager v1.0.0 : s/n: 4866228
Auto Pics to HTML v1.1 : Name: Colin Clews s/n: AP2H2711-FX1032
Auto Pix v99.0315 : s/n: MDk5MDRBdXRvUGl4NzU2NTk=
Auto Start v1.5 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 18571701
Auto Start Manager v1.4 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 65435157
Auto Start Manager v1.5 : Name: R. Zeluck s/n: 90456951
AutoBoot v1.5.4 : s/n: 299999910380596
Auto-Bot v1.0d4 : s/n: SB21-FK-19BE93C8-0A53C2D0
AutoCAD v12.0 : s/n: 110-10061620 or s/n: 110-10509227
AutoCAD v13.0 : s/n: 70FEE2FD
AutoCAD vR12 : s/n: 110-10638231
AutoCAD vR14 : s/n: 110-99423726 Key: WYUR Code: B4D83673 or s/n: 117-99703105 Key: W36H Code: C3DF32EA
AutoCAD 2000 : Final: s/n: 112-11111111 CD-Key: 5X8NUG EDU: s/n: 111-11111111 CD-Key: GX8NUG AuthCode: FED54A5A
AutoCAD Architectural Desktop vR2 : s/n: 112-11111111 CDKey: 5X8NUG
AutoCAD Data Extension : s/n: 130-10083217
AutoCAD Land Development Desktop : s/n: 117-99703105 CD-Key: W36H Auth: C3DF32EA
AutoCAD Lite v2.0 : s/n: 160-10124811 or s/n: 167-10001908
AutoCAD Lite : s/n: 167-10001908
AutoCAD LT 98 : s/n: 160-10598913 Key: SS2L
AutoCAD LT 98 Upgrade : s/n: 160-10584709 Key: CRMD
Autocad Map v3.0 : Install with this: s/n: 117-99703105 Key: W36H When program is run for the first time, enter: Code: C3DF32EA
AutoCAD Mechanical release v14.01 : s/n: 117-99703105 CD-Key: W36H Code: C3DF32EA
AutoCD v1.7.4 : Name: Misha Company: [UCF] s/n: 66VVOSJG
AutoCorrect Plus v1.5 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] s/n: FLS9-Y97E-MN7W
AutoCorrect Plus v1.6a : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 52F8-7M37-QT3F
Autodesk Actrix Technical : s/n: 647-00000001
Autodesk Animator Pro v1.0 : s/n: 01603-010203-2520
Autodesk Animator Pro v3.05 : s/n: 655-10000088
Autodesk Animator Pro : s/n: 4930-P4-PH-1
Autodesk Architectural Desktop For AutoCAD v14.01 : s/n: 117-99703105 CD-Key: W36H Code: C3DF32EA
Autodesk AutoCAD v13.0 : s/n: 70FEE2FD
Autodesk AutoCAD vR12 : s/n: 110-10061620
Autodesk AutoCAD ADE extension : s/n: 13010083217
Autodesk AutoCAD data extension : s/n: 130-10083217
Autodesk AutoCAD Lite : s/n: 167-10001908
Autodesk AutoSketch v6.0 : s/n: 110-20158545
Autodesk CAD Ooverlay 2000 : s/n: 110-98539662 CDKey: 2ZC3DJ Code: 08BB785
Autodesk Designer Learning Resources : s/n: 07301-010203-4520
Autodesk Designer New Fundamental Tools : s/n: 07300-010203-3310
Autodesk Designer Training Guide : s/n: 07300-010203-3010
Autodesk Mechanical Desktop v2.01 : s/n: 111-11111111 CD-Key: X8NU Code After Install: aeaf67b7
Autodesk QuickCAD Millenium Edition v4.12 : s/n: 110-15761543
Autodesk QuickCAD Millenium Edition v6.0 : s/n: 110-15835934
AutoDialer v1.2 : s/n: 149924556132
Auto-Do-It v1.1.2 : s/n: 6411672
AutoDUN v1.0 : Name: blastsoft s/n: 2195682619 000000
AutoFTP Pro v1.3 : Name: Int13 [RBS 97] s/n: 242237472-968
AutoFTP Pro v1.4 : Name: LOMAX [DSI] s/n: 731379623-574
AutoFTP Pro v1.5 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 605976723-574
AutoFTP Pro v2.0 : Name: Predator/[FAITH2000] s/n: 656014749-574 or Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 263043924-574
AutoHome v1.0.2 : s/n: KT0100-3780500C0000
AutoHook2K v1.0 : Name: Licensed User s/n: 513302127
AutoInsult v3.2 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: f4ff4b0b
Auto-IP Publisher v1.93p : s/n: 110391481A28
Auto-IP Publisher v2.08 : s/n: E12345672U91
Auto-IP Publisher v2.18 : s/n: C42125602X90 or s/n: C22183652V12 or s/n: C00139681@89 or s/n: C62140691Z49
AutoLog v1.1 : Name: William Noonan s/n: 60636-35254-56524
AutoMail v1.3 : Name: Skalagi [LAXiTY] s/n: 123456789 or Name: Registered User s/n: BM1-E1B6U-EA7ER-BC76
AutoManager v1.1 : s/n: 001454
AutoManager View : s/n: AV-PAC10.FW120702
AutoMap v1.0 : s/n: W 12391
AutoMap Pro v1.06 : s/n: 2028038 or s/n: 4553552
AutoMap Road Atlas v4.0 : s/n: 34584-068-0102477
AutoMasker v1.5.1.107 : s/n: AMS000-12378945 (says it's not regged, but it is)
AutoMasker v1.5.1.110 : Name: SPAB Company: NATOSOFT s/n: AMS000-00000
Automata for Art v3.3 : s/n: 133254650
Automate v4.05c : s/n: 53435780
Automate v4.1b : Standard: 12881573 Pro: 18543317 Upgrade: 9999384I
Automate v4.3e : s/n: 18485546
Automate Enterprise Server v4.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: KYK9T-VL86-KWI6MW
Automate Pro v3.6e : s/n: 12336467
Automate Pro v3.8c : s/n: 3528068400
Automate Pro v3.8d : s/n: 3136060800
Automate Pro v3.8e : s/n: 1306692000
Automate Pro v4.0 : s/n: 18535047 or s/n: 18535047
Automate Pro v4.01 : s/n: 18561577
Automate Pro v4.05b : s/n: 18546647
Automate Pro v4.07 : s/n: 18520242
Automate Pro v4.1b : s/n: 18535047
Automate Pro v4.2 : s/n: 18516787
Automate Pro v4.2b : s/n: 18539466
Automate Pro v4.2c : s/n: 18516787
Automate Standard v3.6e : s/n: 432362016
Automate Standard v3.8c : s/n: 749516477
Automate Standard v4.0 : s/n: 22106307 or s/n: 18534764
Automate Standard v4.01 : s/n: 15637895
Automate Standard and Pro v4.05c : Standard: 14827668 Pro: 18550102
Automate Standard and Pro v4.06 : Standard: 17209796 Pro: 18514442
Automate Standard and Pro v4.1 : Standard: 25750257 Pro: 18523780
Automated Internet Dialer v1.0 : Name: Andox s/n: A-371ClAiD680743A
AutoMenu for Kids v1.0 : s/n: 501G4-UHPMH-PCG53-S or s/n: 10114-UXUDH-UL15E-G
AutoMenus Pro v3.x.x : Anonymous 45011585
Automize v2.1 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 111
Automize v2.1.2 : Name: EViL '99 s/n: 111-25292
Automobile Instruments ActiveX v3.1 : s/n: cgms8358m5b
Automotive Technology v1.0 : Name: Alan R McKie s/n: 338624
AutoPage v1.0 : Name: Bisoux s/n: 11730688
AutoPage v1.10 : Name: Delphic s/n: 13225693
AutoPix v99.0808 : s/n: FXCF80RBdXRvUGl4NzU0808
AutoPlot v1.2 Build 35 : ID: 803036 Code: 2409146
AUTOption v1.3 : Name: bitfou PersonalCode: 11928737 BusinessCode: 13928618
AUTOption v2.1 : Name: PGC s/n: 9016242
AUTOption v3.0 : Name: Adi [HazarD] Personal: 13023540 Business: 12823445
AUTOption Graphic v1.4 : Name: bitfou PersonalCode: 10827986 BusinessCode: 14827869
AUTOption Programmer v3.0 : Name: TRPS 1999 s/n: 10314378
AutoRoute Express v4.0 : s/n: 32098-025-0191712
AutoRun Action Flash v2.1 : Name: PGC s/n: 9016242
AutoRun Action Flash v2.2 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 12424811
AutoRun Action Flash v2.2.0 : Name: n03l Faith2000 s/n: 18213405
AutoRun Action Menu v3.1 : Name: PGC s/n: 9016242
AutoRun Fast Menu v1.1 : Name: n03l Faith2000 s/n: 9814546
AutoScribe v2.5 : bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 5736 or bbs: You! s/n: 5808 or bbs: Me! s/n: 5789 or bbs: NoBoDy! s/n: 5927
AutoShutDown v2.0 : Name: SIRAX/CORE s/n: SH5313L
AutoShutDown v2.5 : Name: Warp s/n: AS3E-336-165-4203
AutoShutDown v2.81 : Name: SAVAGE [PC] s/n: AS3E-T5H-141-31FB
AutoShutDown v2.85a : Name: _ERAD_ / LAXITY s/n: AS3E2ERAD143M3351
AutoShutDown v3.01 : Name: CZY s/n: AS3E-ZLN-097-1497
AutoShutdown v3.10 : Name: CZY s/n: AS3E-ZLN-097-1497 or Name: BERSERKA s/n: AS3E-BSA-186-500A
AutoSketch v2.0 : s/n: 123-12345678 or s/n: 190-00001903 or s/n: 190-00007909
AutoSketch v2.10+ : s/n: 190-00028490
AutoSketch v2.x : s/n: 190-00028490 or s/n: 190-00001903
AutoSketch v4.0 : s/n: 20-107832
AutoSpell v5.29 : s/n: 88JO9YOB9JOYB9-MEX98
AutoSpell v5.41 : s/n: A48XRW9R8W0RX01005000
AutoSpell Control Panel v5.2.9b : s/n: W48T9944T44XQXhase
Auto Start Manager v1.0 : Name: Attitude s/n: 93563259
Auto Start Manager v1.6 : Name: Predator NLS [KAC] s/n: 70371617
AutoView v1.0 : Make a shortcut to the program with "/R" at the end of the command, then enter: Company: BLiZZARD Name: zaarnik Personal: 13428576 Business: 12228465
AutoVision v2.0 : s/n: 5B35AE2B
AutoVue v1.0.1 : Name: Vizion/CORE s/n: cmtm2618vcx24gb4xwkavm
AutoVue Pro v1.22C3 : s/n: 311-076-0001605-01
AutoVue Pro v12.2 : s/n: 111-300-0000020-71
AutoWinNet v1.3 : s/n: AWN348CASLT101
AutoWinNet v1.4 : s/n: AWN348INWUA102
AutoWipe v2.21 : Name: Cabeca s/n: 67768576
AutoWorks : s/n: G037825
AutoWorkShop v1.4.3 : Name: Bisoux s/n: -9280ASC-28051925
AV Bros. Colorist v1.0 : Name: NuTeLa Company: s/n: BxZAlJZYAYAZ
Avail Document Management Suite v3.2 : s/n: AIE32-XHUN-91136811
AvantPager v4.00 : Name: Chris Grogan Company: self Phone: 814-362-4876 s/n: 32425167483049638388
AvantPager v4.00.06 : Name: Azrael Company: PC99 Phone: 555696969 s/n: 32425167483049638388
AvantPager v4.00.09 : Name: LOMAX Company: DSi Phone: 666-666-666 s/n: 93066018276765170560
Avast v7.70.729 : s/n: AS770-A504047-MY6WT6
Ave Maria Poker v2.01 : FirstName: paulux LastName: LAXiTY s/n: AMP-12-98728-3382789
AVG v5.1 b1220 : s/n: 50U-XBUDBUNDY-0-DDN
AVI Kit v2.3 : Name: Rebecca Lipski s/n: 52213 55555 21912
AviMate v2.13a : s/n: av2-01450246
aVirt Gateway Server v3.0 : Name: Daniellee Charlebois Server-Name: Weapon s/n: AGT300-154098-042536A8F9F497
aVirt Gateway Server v3.22 : Name: REUNiTED Server-Name: REUNiTED s/n: AGT305-214098-34D340851AD3C0
aVirt Gateway Suite v3.5 : Name: LiGHt DRUiD Server-Name: iTi s/n: AGS3UN-238099-3A72266BCD1E32
aVirt Mail Server v3.5 : s/n: AML3Z2-456097-1230677
AVM-ISDN-IBTX v3.0 : s/n: 2001507A
AWARD (Bios) v4.50pg : Password: AWARD_SW
AweVBank 98 v2.08 : s/n: xu98NnOFuW0D-&Z%jMAHaPtb% 7YVH1ohaCYwh-&7cnwbFTjfEz lGSxCzINNftj-xZihb3ZIl0du X82QexsdivKo-2TDK&UvO3kHH
AweVBank 98 RV v2.0.0.0 : s/n: xu98NnOFuW0D-&Z%jMAHaPtb%7YVH1ohaCYwh-&7cnwbFTjfEzlGSxCzINNftj-xZihb3ZIl0duX82QexsdivKo-2TDK&UvO3kHH
AX Icons v4.0 : Name: ThE StaRDoGG - ChaMPioN [PC] s/n: R84G8L-HY8F-BQP7
AXE v2.1 : s/n: 112029 or s/n: 1040899
Axialis AX-Icons v4.0 : Name: Register s/n: R83WXU-1Q78-LNBB
AxIndicator ActiveX v1.0 : Name: SiraX Company: CORE s/n: 29999-00007
Axion Glow-n-Sparkle v2.0 : Name: DASavant [AnThraX] s/n: ADLFBSWUKK
Axis Game Cheater v2.0 : s/n: 5020000000176
Axis Game Cheater : s/n: 001-17D-67933 or s/n: 133-624-39992 or s/n: 101-671-09990
Axium Adventures v1.0b : Name: DSG TeAM s/n: 7325$31
AxMan v2.12 : Name: ThndrKiss Company: SerialNumberHeaven s/n: 232-165-188
AxMan v2.1b4 : Name: KiLLa Company: [c0re'97] s/n: 235-561-365
AxMan v3.00.5 : Name: Niggah Company: Harlem s/n: 247-720-789
AxMan v3.00b1 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 Company: TRPS s/n: 450-301-330
AxMan v3.00b2 : Name: Warp Company: Warp s/n: 231-399-957
AxMan v3.00b3 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 Company: TRPS s/n: 450-301-330
AxMan v3.01 : Name: Predator Company: Faith2000 s/n: 121-115-700
AxMan v3.01r : Name: Mr.Grey Company: Whiskey kon Tekila s/n: 670-128-530
Axon2000 Plus v1.2 : Name: TheBrabo s/n: 49906005600
AXS OnLine Reader v1.0.x : s/n: Y7CJGE or s/n: YBXT27 or s/n: Y49G74
Axyz v1.3.0465 : Password: Pepita
AY Pad v1.2 : s/n: 06128018
A-Z Puzzle Maker v1.0 : s/n: 261942
A-Z Trivia v2.1.1.1 : s/n: 901494
AZZ CardFile v2.1 Beta 1 : Name: Warp s/n: 403-3F8-6T2-197-5372
AZZ CardFile v2.1.1 : Name: PHROZEN CREW s/n: TB9-235-936-28I-8R2W
Address Organizer v3.00 : Name: warez s/n: 987677122-827
Address Organizer v3.5s : Name: TeamPGC s/n: 984149505-827
Amigo-2000 v1.1 : Name: rebels s/n: 987653886-274
AutoFTP v1.2 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 974214101-968
AutoFTP Pro v2.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 263043924-574



Baan Front Office v2000 : Name: PFT s/n: 98333366
Baan Front Office v98.4 : Name: Jaydee s/n: 98333366
Babylon II v2.8 : Name: (Anything) s/n: bejcakos
Back Ground Screen v3.12 : Name: justarius of dsi s/n: 3753-6570-7977
BackBurner v2.6 or v3.1 : s/n: 22-9033-8680 or s/n: 22-9043-5686 or s/n: 22-9063-2682 or s/n: 22-9073-9678 or s/n: 22-9093-6674
Backer v4.10 : Name: Jumanji [WkT!99] s/n: 28001 or Name: Commander Keen s/n: 66305
Backer v4.10e : Name: BaRT s/n: 17249
BackGround Master v1.0 : s/n: MBAK-5698-RSTR-YAGRI-02H19
BackGround Screen v3.14 : Name: justarius of inside s/n: 3753-6570-7977
BackOffice Small Business Server : s/n: 040-2573155
Backup : s/n: 2045685
Backup Assistant v1.2 : Code: EUREKA s/n: 666C766D47 (or EUREKA)
Backup Assistant v1.3 : Code: EUREKA s/n: (Anything)
Backup Assistant v1.5 : Code: EUREKA s/n: DARKSTAR99
Backup Assistant v1.7 : Name: EUREKA Box1: EUREKA Box2: EUREKA
Backup Assistant v1.7.1 : Name: (Anything) Box1: EUREKA Box2: EUREKA
Backup Assistant v1.7.2 : Code: EUREKA
Backup Exec v7.0 : s/n: 0-2-376-2-000-2-018035
Backup Exec v7.0 : s/n: 04-4382-0006-031770
Backup Exec v8.0 : s/n: 06-5399-0004-013437 s/n: SBE-NW25-0004
Backup Exec Enterprise v6.1 : s/n: 0-5-425-5-000-0-010207
Backup Exec Enterprise v7.0 : SingleEdition: 0343841783012345 EnterpriseEditon: 0243941784012345 Quick start edit: 0143721780012345 Not for resale: 0344151785012345 Adsm module: 0244251786012345 Autoloader module: 0542711783012345 Exchange agent: 0070721788012345 Macintosh agent: 0370
Backup Exec Enterprise v7.01 : s/n: 0-1-362-9-000-9-010101
Backup Exec Enterprise : s/n: 0-5-343-0-000-6-031689
Backup Exec Enterprise : s/n: 0-3-371-8-000-8-014689
Backup Forever v1.5 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: A10935
Backup Forever v1.6 : Name: fallen s/n: B6898
Backup Forever v1.8 : Name: MrGrey [WkT!99] s/n: C15923
Backup Plus v4.0 : Name: SpriteX s/n: 1063401
Backup Plus v5.2 : s/n: DR-10074
BackupXpress v0.99.031 : Name: Black Thorne - PC'98 s/n: 7883-04-5265-BK
BackupXpress v1.00.006 : Name: ls - Warp s/n: 6674-55-0070-IE
BackupXpress v2.05.03 : Name: ind s/n: 4603-09-9485-QX
BackupXpress Pro v2.03.036 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 1494-41-5351-VI
BackupXpress Pro v2.05.006 : Name: _ERaD_ / Laxity s/n: 7497-26-6469-ML
BackupXpress Pro v2.05.009 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 0291-43-4266-CL
BackupXpress Pro v2.05.013 : Name: LiGHt DRUiD s/n: 2969-94-9098-PR
BackupXpress Pro v2.05.015 : Name: Predator/[FAITH2000] s/n: 7654-58-2809-HJ
BackupXpress Pro v2.05.025 : Name: viny [GWA] s/n: 3623-56-8424-ZL
Balance 95 v1.1 : Name: EzD s/n: CIMA-981829
BalanceIt! Mutual Funds v1.43 : Password: REGISTER Code1: DFSCTU6KKS26AGV7J7DB3A74RZ23T37C Code2: EHQRXJH4ZZZZZZ9ZZZZZZZZZZ2E6MPKT
Bali Tools v5.24 : s/n: LordFritz/315
Bali Tools v5.25 : s/n: Registered/9
Bali Tools v6.0 : s/n: PREMiERE/-1008
Bali Tools v6.22 : s/n: DESTINY Corp./2249
Ballade v1.0 : s/n: 2004100460
Balloon Telecom Manager v2.52 : s/n: 9800 2281 9804 5490
Bandwidth Buster : Name: Brian O`heiley s/n: 023BV3K3N5UPLHXQ28ME
Banner v3.0 : s/n: 507230300326
Banner*Show v1.02 : s/n: AA3852-AA912-45AAA-12345-789AAA5
Bar Tender v1.1 : Name: KAC s/n: 18575633
Barclock v4.1 : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: ZVDTH-00WEM
Bargello Designer v2.2 : s/n: rp-Pk9gVA
Baseball Kardz v2.01 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: R122633371
Basta Buzof v1.44 : s/n: 16162081-13030100
Basta Buzof v1.46 : s/n: 38285716-20231424
Basta Splitty v1.6 : s/n: 18725032-01230567
BatCat v3.0 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: BCT-67-28-5746
Batch Converter v2.2 : Password: croatia
Batch Converter : s/n: 130-0001302-265500
Batch File Creation Utility v1.0.6 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies of Warez\GLoW s/n: 9tHh-D10L-y54m-IEG8-v0Rv
Batch File Creation Utility v1.0.7 : Name: Spider] s/n: 9wXq-D10T-y71v-SQN7-x1Rg
Batch File Creation Utility v1.03 : Name: Raymond Roberts s/n: 7sRo-E17V-h71c-BEB1-r9St
Batch File Creation Utility v1.04 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 1pEa-R09Q-o67p-YLL1-p2Sp
Batch It v1.0 : s/n: 53060XXXXX (x=Any Char)
Batch It v1.2h : Name: CORE/DrRhui Email: s/n: 050880195941019557610249101948009802313827282540
BattleStar v2.6 : Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 2605443734
BattleStar v2.8 : Name: Jumanji/C4A Company: Jumanji/C4A s/n: 2953082091
BBFinder v3.01 : Name: The Exterminators s/n: fDSZnEybYszVLE00
BBPrint v1.0 : s/n: 12552631
BBPrint v1.1 : s/n: 12552631
BBS Bowl v1.5 : Name: Batman s/n: 15766 or Name: ??? s/n: 12363 or Name: *** s/n: 8142
BBS Bowl v1.7 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 18384 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 17684
BBS Bowl v1.7 : Name: You! s/n: 19689
BBS Drag Racing v2.39 : sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: GB2<8AN?15N
BCM Diagnostics v1.02 : Name: [Abaddon] s/n: 226-45-3456
Beach Box v2.14 : s/n: 14 87 32
BeachFront Quizzer v2.2 : Networking Essentials: 245729272024 Windows 95: 899434824108 687 Windows NT 4.0 Workstation: 256680827789 687 Windows NT 4.0 Server: 372972596463 689 Windows NT Enterprise Server: 292782708885 MS-TCP/IP 4.0: 814353441227 MS Exchange 5.0: 199326253313
Beam Splash! Web Author v1.0 : s/n: M6FCA01592
Beam Splash! Web Author v1.1 : s/n: NS-100-000-001 Key: CCC8-2B1A
Beam Splash! Web Author v1.2 : s/n: J8BIA19419
Beame and WhiteSide BW-connect NFS : s/n: 015-005345
Beanie Wizard v1.1 : s/n: 5931876
Bear Soft Alarm Clock v2.1 : Name: SpriteX s/n: 2635854
Beat Me v1.01 : Name: CHAFE Keyword: ABF s/n: 22445009710139
Beat the Market : Name: godenver s/n: 109722013434
BeatCounter v1.0.3 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 265499338
BeatMonitor v1.0.1 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 1528534274
Becky! Internet Mail v1.24.13 : s/n: 6608-3437-Z338
Becky! Internet Mail v1.24.16 : Name/Email: (Anything) s/n: 3705-3437-G295 or 3705-3437-G296
Becky! Internet Mail v1.25.04 : Name: dLLord Email: [tNC'99] s/n: 3306-3437-N744
Becky! Internet Mail v1.25.06 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 Email: s/n: 9201-3437-D411 or Name: Gordon Email: s/n: 8111-3437-E888
Becky! Internet Mail v1.25.07 : Name: Gordon Email: s/n: 8111-3437-E888
Been There, Done That v2.0 : s/n: unmuzzle
Been There, Done That v3.2 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: unmuzzle
Beer! v2.3e : Name: Riz la+ Code: 40843197
BeHierarchic v3.0.x : 2572311E 'Anonymous'
BeJeanie v2.02 : s/n: 002060072032
Bench v1.07b : s/n: CGP-152kGGx-PE002q-iUsB
Best Crypt NP Driver v4.11 : s/n: BC-3304-050-9FBF
Best Proto v2.09A : s/n: camelus bactrianus
BestWeb v1.0 : s/n: 01000100101
BetaDesigns Picture Explorer v1.2.1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: x5x6x7seXy
Better File Rename v1.0 : s/n: BFR-ASTH-1289-3939-4595
BetterWriter v1.0.1 : s/n: BW9112131832
Beyond Compare v1.5c : Name: :MARQUIS: Company: UCF s/n: 2BB27304
Beyond Compare v1.7a : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp s/n: AEB07A02
Beyond Compare v1.7c : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp98 s/n: C38C1E83
Beyond Compare v1.8a : Name: rubor Company: Syntax 2oo1 s/n: C084B89E
Beyond Compare v1.8b : Name: ultraschall Company: blizzard s/n: 232DAA98
Beyond Compare v1.8b4 : Name: justarius Company: inside s/n: 803A5619
Beyond Press v4.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: CCE-400-162-285-319898
Beyond Pyramid! v2.0 : Name: GZI s/n: P22082
BFM Casino v2.00 : FirstName: Phrozen LastName: Crew Password: 40
BFM Casino v2.0x : FirstName: fungus Initial: of LastName: blizzard Password: 1847
BGFax v1.30 : Name: Batman s/n: 123456 RegNum: C9659F6D
BGFax v1.55 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 921343110 RegNum: 4FAD154D
BGFax v1.55 : Name: You! s/n: 1234 RegNum: 9CF6FBA6
Bible Decoder v1.0 : Name: Larry Holder s/n: 0f7b-650f-1bac-2622
Bible Decoder v1.54 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: 36dd9815fb89115c
BiblioGraphica v7.0 : Name: CORE DrRhui s/n: 67149983
BiblioGraphica Light/Pro v5.7 Build 725 : Name: CORE DrRhui Light: 87536712 Pro: 78359921
BiblioGraphica Light/Pro v6.0 : Name: CORE DrRhui Light: 95246781 Pro: 59429918
BiblioGraphica Light/Pro v6.5 : Name: CORE DrRhui Light: 76416738 Pro: 67149983
BiblioGraphica v8.01 : Name: CORE DrRhui s/n: 67149983
Bibliography Pro 2000 : Password: inkhorn
Bicycle Bike'alog on Disk v1.3 : s/n: WWUXPQVYP
Bicycle Diary v1.10 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 077616784537
Big 8 Solitaire v3.0 : s/n: 5380582
Big Bucks Slots v1.1 : s/n: 760138
Big Jig v4.0 : Name: CHJXTM s/n: BJ4-713-380
Big Jig v5.01 : Name: UOLOUP s/n: BJ4-709-391
Big Thesaurus : s/n: AxxxxBC (x=any number)
Biggieboy DHTML Editor v2.01 : Enter any 7 characters.
Biker Diary v1.10 : Name: Team DEMiSE s/n: 447825250029
Bikers Log v2.01 : s/n: 732-389-9227
Bikers Log v2.02 : s/n: 977-1365-49702
Bill Power v5.1 : s/n: 32312487392525
Bill Power v6.0 : s/n: 43290272928553
Bill Power Plus! v4.6 : s/n: 105251070511971 Leave the Name field blank.
Bill Power Plus! v5.0 : s/n: 160226651900771
Bill Power Plus! v6.1.106 : Regular: 43290272928553 Plus: 159109809531263
Billionaire v2.6 : Name: escom/CORE s/n: rm-68719476736
Billionaire v2.7 : Name: escom/CORE s/n: rm-68719476736
BillQuick v2.03.048 : s/n: 49857372
BillQuick v2.04.068 : Go to the settings button and click on company info and enter: Name: davy - blizzard Key: 321027-93-909312258 Then go to the help button and click on register and enter: Code: 554-321027-93-909312258
BillQuick v2.05.081 : Go to Settings -> Company Info and enter: Name: Delusion Key: 68611-93-859315317 Then Go to Help -> Register and enter: Key: 554-68611-93-859315317
BillQuick v2.05.095 : Name: Paul Bar LicenseKey: 68611-93-859315317 RegKey: 554-68611-93-859315317
BillQuick v2.05.098 : Name: jman LicenseKey: 65294-93-789314313 RegKey: 554-65294-93-789314313
BillQuick v2.07.109 : Name: Arnow Inc. LicenseKey: 32687-93-879311955 RegKey: 554-32687-93-879311955
Bills Calendar v1.3 : s/n: 4532-1146-9461-4921
Binary Browser v1.0 : s/n: 105384D29900454E
Binary Browser v2.2 : s/n: 105384D29900454E
Binary Browser v2.4 : s/n: E04713D39B00454E
Binary Clock v1.3 : Name: RIK s/n: CS1177J
Binary Clock v2.3 : Name: fjalar s/n: WA6638Y
Binary Search and Replace v1.7 : s/n: 79878-335-0299143-40027
Binder v3.0.2 : Name: SavaGe s/n: 7710607
Bingo v2.0 : Name: Virus - ML s/n: 8610511411
BioDrummer v1.1.0 : s/n: BD110BAJ5446
BirdSpeech 101 v1.0.1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: bs1-0103802
Birmy PowerRIP v3.1 : s/n: 6307 PrinterCode: 2981212585-82 FulfillmentResponse: 318444283
BitCom v5.4C : s/n: A271113 or s/n: A329618
BitFax v3.09c : s/n: A248258
BitFax v3.09c : s/n: A248258
BitFax Pro v3.02 : s/n: 1 5104902939
BitFax/SR v4.06g and 5.6D : s/n: A006844633
BitFax/SR v4.06h and 5.6D : s/n: 1200420015594
Bitmap Catalog v2.5 : Name: KiLLa CoRE s/n: ELxlmBx3cg
Bitmap Catalog v2.62 : Name: davy - blizzard1999 s/n: SnQTrEWucV
BitmapShrinker v1.02 : Name: Smakkker [Laxity/GWA] s/n: 3986464
Bitware v3.30.08 : s/n: 1600100275137
Bitware v3.30U : s/n: 1600010823417
Bitware v4.0 : RegKey: 5104902939 PurchasedFrom: Drink or Die '97 s/n: 17000800004138
BitWare Fax/Data v3.24 : s/n: 0900020083526 or s/n: 0300060059669 or s/n: 0300040046953
BitWare Fax/Data v3.30 : s/n: 1600011096038
BizFax v1.0 : s/n: 53423423423 Key: 4678-5830-D9E0
B-Jigsaw v1.2 : Name: the beeman [ECG] s/n: 26449167
B-Jigsaw v2.0 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 85193217
B-Jigsaw v3.0 : Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: 36679822
Black Jack v2.02 : s/n: BJ-4279
Black List v1.8 : s/n: 15-BF-00-69-X-963
Black List v1.9 : s/n: 0A00XXFFFFAB0BFFFF
Black Night v1.0.3 : s/n: 0000000D1FF113F
Black Swan v3.2 : s/n: Leb-11513-523438
Black Widow v2.03 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 98667717
Black Widow v2.06 : Name: (any as long as it is space separated) Key: F
Black Widow v3.22 : Name: lxcore97 s/n: 829-4132/58-16713
Black Widow v3.5 : Name: John Smith s/n: 12345678901234567
Black Widow v3.5.3 : Name: Francisco Carpio s/n: 1W3-W2U0-F6-E1M8F
Black Widow v3.61 : Name: Ruben Jimenez s/n: 9U0-X0W0-T0-Q0S0Q
Black Widow v3.63 : Name: Versus! s/n: 2Q5-D6D3-F8-W1L0Q or Name: EmpressOfEternity s/n: 1U6-U1A1-T4-W6T7R or Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 7J5-E0W3-E7-W8S6U or Name: Registered User s/n: 1Q1-W6Q5-Q6-Q6T4Y or Name: Softforum s/n: 4R9-Y0Q4-R4-M2Y2W
Blackboard : Name: The Guardian Angel s/n: $?+1:?C=6A@8.D or Name: Tellerbop s/n: $=!=A6<C7:4.23
BlackBoard Backup v5.5 : Name: dsi team s/n: 180
BlackBoard Backup v5.5 : Name: the beeman // EcG s/n: 219
BlackBoard Backup v5.7 : Name: Versus s/n: 750
BlackBoard Backup v5.8 : Go to Help/Register and enter: Name: inside s/n: 240
BlackBoard Backup v5.9 : Name: inside s/n: 240
BlackBoard Directory Size v1.3 : Name: Mad Jester s/n: 179
BlackBoard En/Decoder v1.0 : Name: jake cwc s/n: 668
BlackBoard Encrypt Interface : Name: jake cwc s/n: 668
BlackBoard File Wipe v3.0 : UserName: escom/CORE-zx s/n: 0900
BlackBoard Internet Privacy Interface v2.1 : Name: Fully Licensed User s/n: 255
BlackBoard Internet Privacy Interface v2.2 : Name: jog from dng s/n: 498
BlackBoard Lock v2.2 : Name: Mad Jester s/n: 228
BlackBoard Mail Encrypt v1.2 : Name: inside s/n: 199
BlackBoard PicVu v2.0 : Name: jake cwc s/n: 668
BlackBoard ZipBack v3.0 : Name: RTA Team s/n: 159
BlackBoard ZipBack v4.1 : Name: Quantico s/n: 198
BlackDog Web Expander v2.25 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: mgcw5y
Blade Runner for Windows : s/n: KD921A10007637
BladePro v2.1.2 : s/n: 759823
BladePro v2.1.4 : s/n: 411044479
Blanch v1.4g : Name: ind s/n: 102EE7A
Blanch v1.8 : Name: R Zeluck s/n: 1000af7
Blanch v1.8b : Name: Warp98 s/n: 10464ed
Blanch v1.9 : Name: Mark Fletcher s/n: 10374ca or Name: n03l s/n: 1028cba
Blanch v1.9b : Name: R Zeluck s/n: 1000af7
Blanch v1.9d : Name: (Anything) s/n: Whatzabuzz
BlasterMaster v6.2 : (Put the next line in your autoexec.bat) SET SBMASTER=798-3240
BlasterMaster v6.x : (put the next line in a batchfile) SET SBMASTER=798-3240
BlastWords v1.00 : Name: Leo Jerabek Email: s/n: 7948B141 S-Key: (None) T-Key: TH753E39EC
Blobshop v1.20 : Name: Fluke s/n: f5e7c
Blobshop v1.21 : Name: coSmoS City: [True] s/n: 1509c9
Block and Attribute Tools v4.0 : s/n: THF14SPIN980501003 CertificateNumber: 543000000218131
Block Drop v2.1 : s/n: DROP2233
Block Shifter v1.1 : s/n: BSHF5498
Blocks Door v1.00 : bbs: G.!.$ bbsPhone: 031000000 Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 439920
BlubberPatrol v1.0.0 : Name: Ringer s/n: 35055
Bludder v1.1.3 : Name: Serials 2000/[CriTteR] s/n: 105393
Blue Marble Geographics FormatX Tab Reader library v1.0 : s/n: 98DTG2Q0ZM55
Blue Marble Geographics GeoObjects v2.0 : s/n: ZQ92BDMN6AAT
Blue Marble Geographics GeoView v5.6 : s/n: GC198CD691BA
Blue Marble GeoObjects v1.6 : s/n: 95R56Y34TT1B
BlueLine E-Z InVoice v1.2 : s/n: 00064923
BlueMarble GeoObjects v2.1 : s/n: TO29JJ4739SX
BluePrint v1.0.58 : Name: davy Password: 4x9x4x Company: blizzard
BluePrint v1.1.4 : Name: EzD Password: zCyoo9rozDbL Company: VERSUS
BluePrint v1.2 : Name: MoonCat [PCY] s/n: ALJZxTT8cxhVjLczQx8hLQDxca
BluePrint v1.2.2 : Name: Bisoux s/n: ALJZ97UTyB9TDxca
BluePrint v5.0.2 : s/n: 2500-00009062 or s/n: 2500-00019822 or s/n: 2500-00029682 or s/n: 2500-BKWM5642
BluePrint Personal Edition v1.2.6 : Name: James Bond Password: CoREqxI3UV9T84q394ERoC Company: (Anything)
BlueWave v2.12 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 11667543 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 44234186
BlueWave v2.12 : Name: Batman s/n: 43688093
BlueWave v2.31b : Name: TeLLeRBoP Dos-s/n: CGCMC68T 386-s/n: I94C4B8T OS/2 s/n: XCB7498T
BlueWave Mail Door v3.2 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL NameMailPacket: Bwave s/n: 16080490
BlueWave Mail Door v3.2x : Name: 2U! NameMailPacket: Bwave s/n: 13525402
BMP To GIF Pro v2.0 : Name: MisterE[iNSiDE] Pin: 1234567 s/n: 723B54
BMP to GIF Pro v2.01 : Name: (Anything) Pin: 6969696 s/n: CF0DEF
BMP To GIF Pro v2.1 : Name: (Anything) Pin: 0000000 s/n: 000097
BMP To Ico v3.0.3 : s/n: 666T3991
BMP To Ico v3.1.01 : s/n: 161X0961
BM-Win Plus v3.2.27 : s/n: 43547973-87971490
BNR Football Forecaster 98 : s/n: 23a793e27
BNR Football Forecaster 99 v1.0 : s/n: 5sa23m845
Bob Connect v1.0 : Name: thomas mcgrath s/n: BC1-NA5T89JDJ2K34QFH
BobCat 99 v1.2 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: B03994117
Body Works v3.0 : Q24474
Bogart v3.01 : s/n: 55-2368-1836
Bolo : s/n: 7000465510-LNK
Bologna Pony Express v2.55 : s/n: d2393l17
Bomb Golf v1.01 : Name: BombGolf s/n: 78045280
Bomb Golf v1.1 : Name: HarvestR s/n: 77803186
Bomby v7.3 : Code1: 12768 Code2: 4392
Bones Pro v2.00d : s/n: OXDI-GWPF-IAW
Bonus Wheel Slots v1.2 : Key: 252771
Book Catalog Pro v1.8 : Name: s/n: 357216
Book em v0.72 : Name: rk39f^n*; s/n: 890890890890890890890890890890
Book Organizer Deluxe v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 831195569-731
BookBin v3.03 : s/n: BI-300-BC65921-240136-03
Bookie Bookworm: All stories : s/n: 1-900-903-2665
BookLock v1.1 : s/n: Hex19571975
BookMaker IPF Authoring Tool : s/n: 549732655482
Bookmark v2.0 : Right-click on the background of the program and choose 'Upgrade' and enter: s/n: XAX-XRXTX-XHXUX-XRX (X can be any uppercase letter)
Bookmark Converter v2.7 : Name: X_Peter s/n: aiy1bdgfbs
Bookmark Converter v2.8 : Name: cg! [oDt] s/n: bzrmh0idww or Name: Gordon s/n: bqboe7pm9o
Bookmark Integrator v2.02 : Key: SpriteX Code: anrmqkfrxhg
Bookmark Magic v2.1 : Add the following to your WIN.INI Line1: [Bookmark Magic] Line2: RegTo=CORE/ITR Line3: RegNo=BMAG5F78H01234R67890123
Bookmark Manager v3.0 : s/n: NCC1701
Bookmark Tray v1.0 : s/n: bm724439bm
Bookmarks v1.04 : Name: jeagon s/n: BW-336338
Bookmarx v1.04 : Name: s/n: BW1925-153901
Bookmarx v1.xx : Name: DanThaMan/fACTOR '98 s/n: BW666-120165
Bookmarx Wolf v1.04 : Name: TIC s/n: BW-160772
BookTracker Collector's Edition v1.4 : s/n: BCE1L4024910Y004
Bookworm : Name: JuNiOr s/n: 0B9F9D6YRW8JA77FKBZH
Boot Administrator v2.21 : s/n: ID-Vx-Sx-HRomNRvU
Boot Commander v1.27 : s/n: R302582-TTHY
Boot Locker v3.01 : Name: MoWAX s/n: 2903552
Boot Locker v4.1 : Name: Team Nobliege s/n: 20320692
Boot Locker v4.6 : Name: in_sane/PGC s/n: 16538950
Boot Locker v5.01 : Name: Liithium2/PGC s/n: 17343681
Boot Protect 98 v3.0 : Name: jacky_x [TRPS] s/n: ACD0D2DFC9D1E794C0B7C692C2CCC
Boot Protect 98 v4.0 : Name: Jaydee 99 s/n: 8CD0E8D8B5D78FAD9E
Boot 'R v2.1? : Name: TwinHead s/n: EWG58RN5QH3DF or Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: FVG599M5TP11 NetworkUsers: 65535
Boot 'R v2.11 : Name: "Your own" s/n: RH-004001-000
Boot 'R v2.17 : s/n: BOOTR-14306-0004-000 s/n: RH-004001-000
Boot 'R v2.1x : s/n: FVG599M5TP11 Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] NetworkUsers: 65535
BootCon v2.00 : s/n: bcf4vxxn39fe
BootMagic v1.0 : s/n: PM400ENWDL-003380
BootManager BootMenu v4.22 : Name: Blacklist me s/n: BM1-E2A8M-ED78B-AC7F
BootManager BootMenu v4.28 : Name: Barry Day, Utopia s/n: BM1-FFBDD-EAAFB-AC72
BootManager BootMenu v4.32 : Name: Ringer DaMan s/n: BM1-E2BDD-ED7BR-BC7A
BootManager BootMenu v4.33 : Name: Registered User s/n: BM1-E1B6U-EA7ER-BC76
BootManager BootStar v5.13 : Name: Registered User s/n: BM1-E1B6U-EA7ER-BC76
BootManager BootStar v5.12 : s/n: BM1-E1B6U-EA7ER-BC76
BootManager BootStar v5.15 : Name: Registered User s/n: BM1-E1B6U-EA7ER-BC76
BootManager BootStar v5.16 : Name: Registered User s/n: BM1-E1B6U-EA7ER-BC76
Bootscroller v1.89 : s/n: 12986
Boris Filters v1.0 : s/n: 8F002G-03B8M09-123DL
Boris FX v3.02 : s/n: 111222-3334445-55621
Boris FX v4.0 : s/n: 199908-666166-00615
Borland C++ v3.1 : s/n: IA973a10267379 Key: 14LB-TCP02
Borland C++ Builder Enterprise v4.0 : s/n: 100-000-0427 Key: xcx8-19x0
Borland C++ Builder Pro v4.0 : s/n: 100-000-3448 Key: 86x8-19x0
Borland C++ for OS/2 v2.0 : s/n: BCP1420WW10180
Borland JBuilder Client/Server Suite v2.0 : s/n: 9263389126 Key: 1e-0-0-0
Borland JBuilder Pro v2.01 : s/n: 1000000171 Key: c3-7-0-0
Borland JBuilder Standard v2.0 : s/n: 1111111111 Key: 4d-0-0-0
Borland Office v2.0 : s/n: IA332A10046950
Boscado Khronos v1.0 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 23b5pcy
Boscado Quill v1.0 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 476apcy
Boscado Wrap v1.0 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 8ed4pcy
Boscado Xplore v1.0 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 6b1fpcy
BoundsChecker v5.0 : Name: Richardcrack s/n: 0kadr1rk
BoundsChecker v6.0 : Standard: 6000-00009D-9B VC++: 6100-00009B-9B Delphi: 6200-00009F-9B C++Builder: 6300-00009F-9B
BoundsChecker v6.0 : Name: $keve Company: file://CrAG s/n: 6710028294409375
BoundsChecker for C++ Builder v6.01 : s/n: 6309-00009F-9F
BoundsChecker for C++ Builder v6.03 : s/n: 6308-00009F-99
BoundsChecker for Delphi v6.03 : s/n: 6208-00009F-99
BoundsChecker for Visual C++ v5.03 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 1510-71315F-F7
BoundsChecker for Visual C++ v6.01 : s/n: 6109-00009B-9F
BoundsChecker for Visual C++ v6.03 : s/n: 6107-00009B-99
BoundsChecker Standard v5.03 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 1507-8422FD-FD
BoundsChecker Standard v6.01 : s/n: 6009-00009D-9F
BoundsChecker Standard v6.03 : s/n: 6001-00009D-9D
BOWatch v1.2 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 52161212819
BoyZone Screen Saver : Name: ZIUHU/TEX99 s/n: 0A694F00
B-Plan Business Planner v4.5 : s/n: 915413157
B-Puzzle v1.0 : Name: the beeman [ECG] s/n: 63376258
B-Puzzle v2.0 : Name: Fluke s/n: 22744654
B-Puzzle v2.0 : Name: Fluke s/n: 22744654
Brain Cell v1.01 : s/n: BC-000001-10
Brain Power v1.0 : Name: s/n: bpwr-1212124
Brain Washer v1.0 : Name: Killing Joke s/n: 36448
BrainHex v1.0.x : whole new world 'Anonymous'
Brainstrain v2.1 : Name: DSG TeAM s/n: QNLAECPT
Brainsystems Wordlearn v1.0 : Name: Dracs s/n: 871280
BrainWasher v1.0 : Name: Serials 2000/[CriTteR] s/n: 59168
BrainWave Generator v2.0.7 : Name: Kimberly Allen s/n: 25638-7A3n
BreakThrough : s/n: 1212106406042270
BreakThrough Game v1.0 : s/n: 5432790423443430
BreakThru for Windows : s/n: 017904
Breathe MP3 Player v1.0 : Name: TRPS s/n: 177822-SER-131364-17388
BreeseFTP v3.0 : Name: TEX99 Email: TEX99@GMX.NET Single: 5E92GT6211EJ9 Custom: 5E92GT6217CD9 Enterprise: 5E92GT62LKH9 Site: 5E92GT6217KG
Bridge Manager v0.33 : s/n: 373-0111-03
Briefcase Plus v1.1 : Name: Bisoux s/n: 2833152
Bright Work Lan Center Inventory : s/n: LAI-100-11522 Password: P18-QXAO
Broadcast v1.1.15 : Name: davy Password: Vf6mVm Company: blizzard
Broadcast v2.0.21 : Name: Joseph Acce Password: jzoqDesz4jLqDDzDzLDrEpg
Broadcast Pre-Release v2.09 : Name: Lynda Rhiel Password: ERWCBRQVfLTjQzDBVTz3KLN
BroadFax v6.3.25 : Company: NeXiuS-VERSUS s/n: A602113FDD08E8
Broadway v1.4 : Name: Douglas Hill s/n: 08FL3JKZAC1DLL3U3KM8
Broadway : Name: JuNiOr s/n: 08Z10Y43VPRAWN3Y74UN
Brother's Keeper v5.2f June Revision : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 12341234 Password: 5487433
Browse And Zip v1.5 : s/n: 9876543210123C
BrowseGate v2.01 : s/n: 20123299 Key: zqkFLhpdRwYVD
Browser Lock v1.0 : s/n: afx4000-e1e10
Browser Lock v3.25 : s/n: afx4000-e1e10
BrowserMaster v2.01 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] Email: s/n: BMSTR-0E9D2413E1734105
BrowserMaster v2.02 : Name: Jupiter99 Email: s/n: BMSTR-BC348FE0890D1DA6
BrowserMaster v2.0.2 : Name: CCCP TbC Email: s/n: BMSTR-0C07-CCA0D14CD111
Browserola v1.01 : Name: phenox [prophecy] s/n: CBW95-R10409-0000652
BrowserShield v1.2 : Name: Lyne M. Esler s/n: 2206147
Bryce3D v3.0 : s/n: 200500001507800
Bryce3D v4.0 : s/n: BF00WBB-0000000-CUY
Bryce3D Meta Creations : Name/Company: RiSE s/n: 200500001507800
B's Recorder Gold v1.06se : s/n: 11P6-ACZY-5119-1899
BS1 Pro v1.0b : Name: davy - blizzard Single: b935k524 Multi: c9kk43111
BS1 Pro v1.0c : Name: (Anything) Single: b935k5111 Multi: c9kk43111
BS1 Pro v1.5 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: b935k5111
BS1 Pro v1.5a : s/n: b935k5111
BS1 Pro v1.6c : Company: (Anything) s/n: b935k5111
BS1 Pro v1.6d : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: b935k5111
BS1 Pro v1.6h : Name: aerosmith s/n: c9kk43
BS1 Small Business v1.1h : Name: PRiMESTAR s/n: f25xfs96
BS1 Small Business v1.1i : Name: davy - blizzard Single: b935k4111 Multi: c9kk42111
BS1 Small Business v1.1k : Name: (Anything) Single: b935k4111 Multi: c9kk42111
BS1 Small Business v1.5 : Name: PRiMESTAR s/n: f25xfs96
BS1 Small Business v1.6 : Name: davy - blizzard Single: b935k424 Multi: c9kk42111
BS1 Small Business v1.6i : Single: b935k4111 Multi: c9kk42111
BSS Software Helium v1.3 : FirstName: MvD '99 LastName: TbC s/n: 3C9662FF-2B56C1259EC2
Btrieve v6.15 : s/n: 110464
BTS Click and Paste v3.0.2 : s/n: t03117g51-0301
BuddyPhone v1.55 : Name: Jamez CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: IKFK-LIUG-JHKG-HHOG
BuddyPhone v2.0 : FirstName: CoKeBoTtLe99! LastName: [Anthrax] s/n: 1781589856-1781644923 FirstName: Doctor LastName: Evil s/n: 9660506579-9660556015
BuddyPhone v2.01 : FirstName: CoKeBoTtLe99! LastName: [Anthrax] s/n: 1781589856-1781644923
BuddyPhone v2.02 : FirstName: CoKe LastName: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 8058217142-8058266065
BuddyPhone v2.03 : FirstName: EViL LastName: '99 s/n: 0386866711-386908468 or FirstName: CoKe LastName: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 8058217142-8058266065 or FirstName: Gordon LastName: Softforum s/n: 70699-123722
Budget for Success v2.17 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 980215
Budget for Success v2.20 : s/n: 980215
Budget for Success v2.30 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 980215
Budget for Success v2.40 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 980215
Bug Collector Pro v2.02 : Name: Larry Walker s/n: 5AE9B62B1891F52
Bug Collector Pro v2.02a : Name: SiraX DNG s/n: 6Z35Z9BZ983BF5E
Bugeteer v1.5a : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 249F0
BugLink Solo v1.12 : Name: R!SC iSD Company: (Anything) s/n: 2bad603e s/n: c0deb0d4
BuilderCalc v2.1 : s/n: 3832914598
Bulk AutoMailer 95 v2.0.11 : s/n: 3435995693-721301971
Bulletproof FTP v1.07 : Create a new registry entry and put this in it: Line1: REGEDIT4 Line2: (skip) Line3: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BPFTP] Line4: (skip) Line5: "Info1"="emhmpjqnpefpjinbnfdpbgpigochnmgmfidijjiklhngfchbenbbhjmlcpogjneoeihdol" Line6: "Info2"="hoqmegbjgibmbehl
Bulletproof FTP v1.09a : Put this info into a registry file and then run it: Line1: REGEDIT4 Line2: (skip) Line3: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BPFTP] Line4: (skip) Line5: "Info1"="meqijcidlefkppqmrngpmmffljlojegbqheghodhpfonoer" Line6: "Info2"="igmfepibiplfnleghjgigeiofgpeiforhcd
Bunker! v2.0.11 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: P38NTHK7A7A
Burn Baby Burn v1.4 : s/n: 69412172
Burning Monkey Solitaire : s/n: K5294186
BuroManager Pro v3.1 : s/n: 0E01188472020
BusBar Calculations v2.24 : s/n: X233NSLE2GHRXK0N30RLQ4RM
Busines Work for Win v7.2 : Reg: LE-154540 s/n: 70W23490
Business Analyst Pro v3.5 : s/n: BA350B-0556-4506901 Key: 5D7B-1B51
Business Card Designer Plus v5.5 : Name: IBH-RiP Company: TNO s/n: BCD5-IBH-RiP-CAM1
Business Card Designer Plus v5.50 : Name: Ringer Company: Ground Zero Inc. s/n: BCD5-D234567-CAM1
Business Cards v3.20 : Name: TwinHead compa: United Cracking Force s/n: 62404691
Business Cards v3.24 : Name: ED!SON '96 Company: [UCf/Xf] s/n: 02054536
Business Cards v3.x : Name: TwinHead com: United Cracking Force s/n: 62404691
Business Cards v4.18 : Name: MiRaMaX Company: TheForceTeam s/n: 07074D58
Business Cards v4.19 : s/n: 1613BC41
Business Contacts v1.2.1 : s/n: 2255-14554513
Business DataManager v3.5 : Password: SLSjx990101KSF8
Business Management 99 v3.07 : Name: EinZtein Company: FE s/n: 0033-0124793-1999-04207969-5544
Business Management 99 v3.08 : Name: Crystal s/n: 0124793-1999-04207969
Business Vision II Delta v2.13 : s/n: 7416-1775-1331
Business Works Accounting v8.0 : s/n: 80-32493
BusinessObjects v4.1 : Name: PREMiERE Company: (Anything) ProductKey: ER6L-A83QG-8JE5 RDBMS Key: 7E6B-26SI6-GPE9
BusinessObjects v4.1.3 : ProductKey: S3mr-b6i6e-cpkg DatabaseKey: Vn59-66un5-gfe5
Button FlatPak ActiveX v1.0.22 : s/n: AS-542-67913-P
Button FlatPak ActiveX v1.3.9 : s/n: as-542-67913-p
ButtonWiz v4.0 : s/n: 2KUL
ButtonWiz v6.3 : s/n: 5432
ButtonWiz Home Page Edition v5.1 : s/n: 4109
ButtonWiz Programmers Edition v5.2 : s/n: 3381
BuyPin Component Pack v1.00 : Name: tKC s/n: 151515-BUPACK1-1125-13440 or Name: tKC/CiA '99 s/n: 444000-BUPACK1-4125-1280
Buzof v1.42 : s/n: 00065536 - 00010133
Buzof v1.46 : s/n: 38285716-20231424
BVS Solitaire Collection v2.0 : s/n: BSG-006-B342-6832
BWS Data Workshop v4.3.28 : Name/Company: Gabrielle Borkan s/n: 3364176
BWT v3.6.2x : s/n: 76010FS-23-314770
By Design v2.0 : s/n: 637040360
By Design : s/n: W20FE06314
ByeLines v3.5.0 : Name: snowmannen s/n: 605741065110
ByeLines v4.1.1 : Name: CORE/JES s/n: 60A02E756EB9FB3F
ByeLines v4.2.1 : Name: CORE/JES s/n: 60a02e756eb9fb3f
Byron Mortgage Calculators v1.4 : First/Last Name: UNICITY s/n: Y-14283552236
ByteCatcher v1.04b : Name: The Master DaVinci Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 98437856278
ByteCatcher Pro v3.1a : s/n: 239856538576
ByteCatcher Pro v3.2 : Name: Ringer Company: Ground Zero Inc. s/n: 239856538576
BytesBak v1.15c : s/n Prefix: BB s/n: 8021972 Company: Kill3xx / AVaLoN #ofCodes: 9999 License Type: network License Key: US24VAV86WHFETCX
Book Organizer v3.5s : Name: TeamPGC s/n: 986166027-926



C.B.S.O v2.6 : Password: SYSTEM
C3 Systems RSVP v1.0 : s/n: 4959382452
CA Clipper v5.30 build 32x : Name: bit miXer Company: THHG s/n: 085511-732209
CA Project : s/n: 1071300-22830
CA Simply Accounting v3.0a : s/n: 1021602-52559
CA Simply Accounting v4.0b : s/n: 1020602-212703
CA Visual Object v1.0 : s/n: 1062301-96825
Cable Management Systems v2.01 : s/n: CMS94DA0066
CaBook v1.10 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 167X3L-A6CI1
Cache and Cookie Washer for Netscape 4.x v2.03 : s/n: NS-100-000-105 Key: B719-5E7C
Cache Bomber v1.0 : s/n: tj100753
Cache Compactor v4.16 : Name: Warp s/n: 789206-1921042
Cache Compactor v5.0b2 : Name: Blackstar Company: TRPS98 s/n: 78920S39351936
Cache Explorer Netscape v1.32 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: SFJHTKJO
CacheCompactor v4.0 : Name: TheForceTeam s/n: 78920--7467829
Cachet : s/n: CM0000045VPM or s/n: CM0000567VOM
CacheX Internet Explorer v2.00 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: RFJHTKJO
CacheX Internet Explorer v2.02 : Name: ind s/n: 5;N@Eubg or Name: Gordon s/n: G<BUFETH
CacheX Netscape v2.01 : Name: Gordon s/n: GHHCFDBB
CA-Clipper v2.0 : s/n: FCW201169
CA-Clipper v5.3 : s/n: 1055110-23047
CA-Clipper for DOS : s/n: FCD101080
CA-Clipper ToolKit for Windows : s/n: FTK201021
Cactus Library v1.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 14900397808
Cactus Workbench v3.72 : s/n: 003232323
Cactus Workbench v3.72c : s/n: 002222222
Cactus Workbench v3.82 : s/n: 003232323
CAD Easy Electrical SymBols for AutoCad LT : s/n: 11301-001403-0120
CAD Tools v2.0 : Name/Comany: (Anything) s/n: 6056-1-W-200-CTE-60028
Cad Viewer v2.1 : Name: LiQuiD Gravity s/n: 9-13-1999-38475
CAD/DRAW Level 1 v4.25 : Name: [] s/n: [04000-04.20-43010-527]
CAD/DRAW Level 2 v4.22 : Name: s/n: 04200-04.10-29235-525
CA-Dbfast v2.0 : s/n: 026220D30200
Cadet Pro v3.51 : s/n: FCN ROCKS Password: WE ROCK
CAD-KAS Brush 'n so v1.0 : Name: WeaxWeasel[4110] s/n: 16020
CAD-KAS Easy Award TuneUp 98 : Name: WeaxWeasel[4110] s/n: 16733
CAD-KAS Picture Control System 98 : Name: WeaxWeasel[4110] s/n: 16936
CAD-KAS PsBrowser 99 : Name: WeaxWeasel[4110] s/n: 24011
CAD-KAS Super Disk Reder 98 v1.0 : Name: WeaxWeasel[4110] s/n: 17753
CAD-KAS Super sensitive Disk Scanner 98 : Name: WeaxWeasel[4110] s/n: 10692
CAD-KAS Ueberweisungs-Drucker 99 : Name: WeaxWeasel[4110] s/n: 20311
CAD-KAS Visitenkarten-Designer 99 v1.0 : Name: WeaxWeasel[4110] s/n: 29752
CADKey v98 Release 1 : s/n: CK345678-12-90-40000 Code: XA7X-RK22-A166-MHKB
Cadnet Plot Manager v2.2.14 : PlotView: 773EBB00BE9228EDB6F606 PlotManager: 12308ABBEAF8C6E75C PrfGen: FEDCAD0B3100D321
Caere Image Assistant : s/n: 3304B-D00-999999
Caere Omnipage Pro v7.0 : s/n: 92807E-G00-11082
Caere PageKeeper v2.01 : s/n: 3254A-C00-019114 Code: 872-1052-011 Rev A
Caffeine : Password: say moof and enter
Cakewalk Audio FX1 : s/n: CWFX1.00-000000
Cakewalk Audio FX1 Pack v1.02 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: cwpa7.00-123456
Cakewalk Audio FX3 : s/n: CWFX2.00-000000
Cakewalk Audio FX3 : s/n: CWFX3.00-000000
Cakewalk Guitar Studio v1.0 : s/n: CWGS1.00-000000
Cakewalk Home Studio v8.0 : s/n: CWHS8.00-000000
Cakewalk In Concert v1.00 : s/n: CWIC1.00-001533
Cakewalk Overture v2.0 : CD-Key: 264-210552-8288 s/n: CNFR0.00-000000
Cakewalk Pro v2.01 : s/n: 209038-CPW-2.01
Cakewalk Pro v8.0 : s/n: CWPR8.00-000000
Cakewalk Pro Audio v5.0 : s/n: PCI12345666
Cakewalk Pro Audio v6.0 : CD-key: 111-111111-1111 s/n: RADM6.00-111111 Name: (Anything)
Cakewalk Pro audio v7.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: cwpa700000000
Cakewalk Pro Audio v8.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: cwpa800000000
Cakewalk Pro Audio Deluxe v8.0 : s/n: CWPD8.00-000000
Cakewalk Score Writer v1.0 : s/n: CWSW1.00-000000
CalcultatHours v2.0 : Name: Jupiter [DARKSTAR] s/n: DS--FSHCALC
CalcWorks v1.5.x : Hold down option key when clicking on Register s/n: 1526543729 1668272306 1593518657
CalcX Conversion Calculator : Name: team TNO s/n: 1981-3085
Calendar v0.95b4.2 : Name: Warp98 s/n: A16-35M-1615
Calendar 99 v2.6 rev 2 : Code: EPOCH s/n: (Anything)
Calendar 2000 v2.8.1 : Name: (Anything) Box1: EPOCH Box2: EPOCH
Calendar Builder v2.2e : Name: TiC s/n: RKS-447325
Calendar Builder v2.8 : Name: n03l s/n: RKS-505237
Calendar Builder v3.1b : Name: Blackstar/TRPS98 s/n: RKS-2300528
Calendar Builder v3.2e : Name: SGM98 s/n: RKS-686963
Calendar Builder v3.2h : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: RKS-1697439
Calendar Enterprises v3.0 : s/n: 61001234 Key: 191715
Calendar Maker v4.1 : s/n: 2000000
Calendar Widgets v1.07 : Key: 0610-1997123-1126283
CalendEzy v1.0.1 : s/n: kdnsy95735
CalendEzy v1.02 : s/n: shgdf84627
Calera WordScan v3.0 : s/n: BB3123456 or s/n: BB3450110 or s/n: BB3921343
Calera WordScan v3.1 : s/n: HP3102305
Caligari Truespace v1.1 : s/n: 3 10 001 026188
Caligari Truespace v4.0 : s/n: 6400051000000
Caligari Truespace Gold v3.1 : s/n: 5300211002075
Call Attendant v1.5.1.25 : s/n: 0410i0fvbs0020805un0
Call Attendant v1.5.2 : s/n: 0410i0fvoc0g20801fa0
Call Attendant v2.0 : s/n: 045h608603vgu080afn0
Call Trak v3.0.2g : FirstName: Delphic LastName:: n/a s/n: 2908-8681-0547-7376
Call Watch v1.1 : s/n: V1DEMBK
CallAttendant v1.5.0 : s/n: 0410i0fvvk0g2080u420
Callware for Novell Netware v5.3 : s/n: CW53
CallWhere v3.0 : s/n: 23420
CalMon v1.2 : Name: Berzerker From: yaya s/n: 11073829032
CalWin 2000 v2.4 : Name: HarvestR [CiA '99] s/n: 5456949841116019
Calypso E-Mail v2 : s/n: 3Z9FQBZ9SERUR6D4Z5LQ
Calypso E-Mail v2.20.16 : Name: MiRaMaX Company: TheForceTeam Activation s/n: 3M9B79VKVK5L7N6SYUB9
Calypso E-Mail v2.4 : s/n: 37RL-3H8D-ZDEJ-FX92-LJDZ
Calypso E-mail v2.40.41.08 : s/n: 3MBJ-8B4Y-GHFN-9X4G-89J7
CamCAD Professional v3.xx : Name: darKwING Company: GZI s/n: 0000:5490
Camera Capture v1.26 : Password: SIRAX/CORE Code1: MHKF 6M4L SDWR YNFB 85D6 GD4M PJ22 2222 Code2: AAAA AAAA AAAA AAAA AAAA AAAA AAE6 MPKT
CameraMan v2.0 : s/n: CMSV0336
Camo Commander v1.0 : FirstName: elmopio LastName:: iNSiDE Date: 1/1/2000 s/n: G3-F1G5J99
Campaign Cartographer 2 v5.14 : s/n: 4470372
CamShot WebCam HTTP Server v1.1 : Name: ABC s/n: 14058-17335
CamShot WebCam HTTP Server v2.3 : Name: Norway/Revolt97 s/n: 13676-14617
CamShot WebCam HTTP Server v2.4 : Name: the technic [pwa 1998] s/n: 10025-11397
Can Phone v3.0 : s/n: CP3X285714
Canasta v4.13 : Name: TNO s/n: 101724
Canasta v4.14.4.17 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 108550
CANDI v1.31 : Name: Floppy of RealLife s/n: 000000ff559f
CANDI : (CANDI 561E0800000 Candi.ini) s/n: 561E00800000
Canine Mail v0.80 : s/n: Ronald McDonald
Canine Mail v0.80b11 : Name: dsi s/n: 2762752732564541741192
Canine Mail v0.80b14 : Name: TRPS ROCKS s/n: 2122092121883772242874
Canine Mail v0.80b9 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: Ronald McDonald
Canine Mail v0.99 : Name: MFD Corp. s/n: NDI4MjU@
Canine Mail v0.99b1 : Name: Joseph Trombetta s/n: 1972012052011793592281845
CanIt Versioning Archiver v1.5.0.1 : Name: elmopio Company: iNSiDE s/n: 6EAF94C1
Canoma v1.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: CF10CCD-0005415-TNM
CanTax for 1995 v1.0 : s/n: 134-950128-0374079
Cantilever Sheet Piling v2.0 : Name: IBH-RiP Company: Blizzard s/n: cant753c50x
Canvas v3.52 : s/n: 485110842 or s/n: 469748712 or s/n: 5035430458 or s/n: 450059719
Canvas v5.0b2 : s/n: 1565464
Canvas : s/n: 5035430458
Canvas Pro v6.0 : s/n: X12Z-EXTOX908 or s/n: W121-SVWTX1033526
Canvas Updater v5.0 : s/n: W000-754710
Caos Graph v2.0 : Name: forcekill Company: dng s/n: 24846-33665
Capitel v2.28 : Press CTRL-ALT-F5 and enter: Name: Lauro S M de Andrade s/n: 2F037D2BE730BEBF02FF
CaPrint v1.1 : Name: KiLLa CoRE s/n: Q5Q63Z-EHEYK
CaPrint v1.1.01 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: WLL2T3-ZBN8N
CaPrint v1.15 : Name: Dazzler/CST '99 s/n: HAYDD2-G7X2P
CaPrint v1.2 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: Wll2T3-ZBN8N
Captain Kirk v2.00 : Name: MarQuiS De SoiR+e s/n: CK2-L7R:IYD:KM1:LLG
Capture v2.0 : s/n: WCW200R7100755-319
CapturePro ActiveX v2.0 : Name: fAT cAT Company: FCN Email: CAPTUREPRO@BY.FCN s/n: PCAP8203CV-000030000Z7 RegNum: 08SANBA
Capture Professional v1.0 : Name: MARK A LEBLANC Company: None Email: s/n: PCAPR103BB-PEG050005E6 Code: 24UFPHB
Capture Professional v1.1 : Name: BILL HATES Company: United Cracking Force s/n: Y6792ih6t##F
Capture Professional v3.00 : Name: lgb Company: REVOLT'97 s/n: C6-666-666-I67
Capture Professional v3.15 : Name: CORE/JES Company: CORE s/n: C6-C11-111-6UY
Capture Professional v3.21b : Name: VERSUS Company: VERSUS s/n: C6-C1E-000-GSK-GI
Capture Professional v3.21f : Name: M. RAMANO Company: STF ENT. s/n: C6-C01-6SZ-8G8-3S
Capture Professional v4.01B : Name/Company: TRPS98 s/n: D9MX-3AG3J-KG-57PSS
Capture Professional v4.06b : Name/Company: SWP '98 s/n: DQFA-Q2Q5Q-QX-YV4TL
Capture Professional v4.06e : Name: ANNE HOYT Company: PERSONAL COPY s/n: DCLT-Z8VWF-XH-B9SK6
Capture Professional v4.13 : Name: RITA CONNERS Company: PERSONAL COPY s/n: CJT-ZAY2W-VY-FMRUN
CaptureStudio v1.07 : Name: (Anything) s/n/Code: PCSA110311-12345678901
Carbon Copy v2.5 : s/n: 15003149
Carbon Copy v3.0 : s/n: W30104791
Carbon Copy v6.0 : s/n: 21566
Carbon Copy Guest and Utils v6.0 : s/n: 760835
Carbon Copy Host v6.0 : s/n: 805335
Carbon Copy Plus v6.0 : s/n: 10588
Card Base v2.8 : Name: Warp98 Company: Warp s/n: 3475282208 or Name: n03l Comapny: Faith98 s/n: 3476621585
Card Base v2.9 : Name: aip35[Tbc] Company: aip35-TBC s/n: 3496213307 or Name: Mr_GReeN [WKT!] Company: Whiskey kon Tekila s/n: 3672141827
Card Check v1.1 : Name: DEMiSE s/n: CCQ1003965585
Card Organizer v1.0.4 : Name: Norway/Revolt98 s/n: 5177-3345-31
CardCheck 1.0 v1.0 : s/n: CCQ100434954
CardGames I v2.7 : Name: DoH RuLeZ! s/n: RG42277
CardIRIS v3.9.5 : s/n: 4395351
Cards+More v2.8 : s/n: 115882633981226199734549868
Cards+More v4.3 : s/n: V10752880.35 Jessica Sexton
CardScan v4.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 00-0400-00345587
CardShop Plus : s/n: 0729
CA-Realizer v2.0 : s/n: 1064100-20010
CaRedirect v1.1 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 128U9R-MR9H7
Carello Web v1.0 : s/n: 01359DE00A4802AA094804600000006E
Carnet v1.4 : s/n: A6b45zxs
Carolina Poker v1.0 : s/n: SAIL412V1875
CartSoft v1.0 : Name: JudgeD s/n: 101105
CaSaveAtt v1.2 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: DUDJ7G-BRBHH
CaSaveMessage v1.1 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: MZCAJW-MRJ3K
Cascader v1.0 : Name: L!M!T / The Exterminators s/n: 1649014045
Case Linr v5.6 : Name: CiB s/n: r8aq6GcQLn
Case Linr v5.9.3 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: U9U0e25DDh
Case Linr v5.94 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: u2JiAjTkLn
CashBack ScreenSaver v1.x : Name: Aurora s/n: ee71ba4a2a6736d8
Casino Madness 98 v1.5.1 : Name: Author Grubbs Password: Giraffe s/n: 28219-101701276-CM10
Casino Madness 98 v1.5.4 : Name: Pamela Williamson Password: Apopka s/n: 29653-116447331-CM14
Casino Software Stationery Paper Maker v4.1 : Name: dustie of blizzard Company: blizzard s/n: 97LB304435N89B9779B3
Casual Writer v1.21 : s/n: 039847960003
Casual Writer v1.21b : s/n: 039826480015
Catalog Builder v1.0 : Name: Stuart Cave s/n: 2921013514440222
Catalyst v3.00.095.0 : Name: Diego Abramzon at Heritage s/n: 12031420030126
Catalyst v3.14 : Name: Orion YOung Company: Heroes In Darkness s/n: 120314-7890-9914
Catalyst v3.14.04 : Name: Diego Abramzon at Heritage Company: PGC PIMPS 1998 s/n: 12031420030126
Catalyst v3.14.06 : s/n: 12031420040102
Catalyst v3.14.07 : Name: Diego Abramzon at Heritage Company: PGC s/n: 120314-2003-0126
Catalyst v3.15.04 : Name: KAREN LUTZ s/n: 12031420050135
Catalyst SocketTools Standard Edition v2.12 : s/n: 47-0116282-489
Catch the Wave v3.00 : s/n: 7004459
Catdisk v9.00 : Name: Maroon s/n: G445000QIR
CatFinder v1.5.5 : Name: shadow fax s/n: 109176985 or s/n: 235642596 or s/n: 235983691 or s/n: 258605775 or s/n: 453029002 or s/n: 687233582
Cat-O-Phile v2.0 : s/n: CHAMCHELA
Catz v2.0 : s/n: 3115-6978-7745
Catz : s/n: 1287-6097-3288 or s/n: 5501-8984-3486
Caucus v4.0 : Name: PREMiERE Company: (Anything) s/n: 8sfj-s1f7-s32g-s2sd
CB Suite for Delphi3 v7.5 : Name: cbs s/n: c9734
CC Mail v1.11 : s/n: 19342 030390
CC Mail v4.0 : s/n: 19340 030380
CC Mail DOS v2.01 : s/n: 19344 030400
CC Rider Code Visualizer Deluxe v6.1g : s/n: CCR-68012 16-bit: 11274497 32-bit: 11272457 Deluxe: 590252
CCGREP v96.7.25 : FirstName: tHATDUDE LastName:: PC'96 Company: Cracker s/n: CYBERGREP
CCS Mini Phone Book v4.98.1230 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: 17440769
CCS Mini Phone Book v4.98.330 : Name: Sune / KAC 1998 s/n: 17440125
CCS Mini Phone Book v4.98.335 : Name: Dr Weird s/n: 17439782
CCS Mini Phone Book v4.98.337 : Name: LordFritz-MFD s/n: 17440304
CCS Mini Phone Book v4.99.0111 : Name: Registered s/n: 17440119
CCZip PRO v3.2 : s/n: 012-345-678-901-010-101-010-101
CD Alarm v2.2 : Name: Durk [pc97] s/n: 2WG18398D
CD Booklet v2.02 : FirstName: Ryder LastName:: H00k RegNum: MOPs9804021021212210 License: 12345678 Key: 10537
CD Box Labeler 98 v2.4.5 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 90246
CD Box Labeler 98 v3.1.2 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 54214
CD Box Labeler 98 v3.1.4 : Name: LOMAX s/n: 46105
CD Box Labeler Pro v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: GPS-335768-548584
CD Box Labeler Pro v1.1 : Name: Daniel Roth s/n: GPS-546516-892908
CD Box Labeler Pro v1.2.1.726 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: GPS-962654-1572802
CD Box Labeler Pro v1.2.1.731 : Name: EViL '99 s/n: GPS-135736-221768
CD Chicago v2.11.0 : Name: Nobody Company: [uCF] s/n: 2852116413-CDChicago-8312557330
CD Copy v1.0 : s/n: C.012169
CD Cover v2.02 : FirstName: Ryder LastName:: H00k RegNum: MOPs9801020210101100 License: 12345678 Key: 23725
CD Directory v1.0.x : 0400-4880-7344-0743 or 0400-5283-5483-8636 or 0400-5045-8441-9806
CD Everywhere v1.2.1 : Name: SKIMP ALLEN s/n: AgcEB88AHWnv60Z14R8AeZyWiYs/fII=
CD Label Printer Pro v1.1.1 : Name: SPICE-CRACKING-FORCE s/n: 498673851
CD Manager : s/n: 92083
CD Menu Generator v2.25 : Name: Dana Stone s/n: 954993300
CD Menu Generator v2.27 : Name: Garry Hatton s/n: 1891928390
CD Namer v2.0.x : 0027001335 'Anonymous'
CD Player v1.32 : s/n: VW926AR2
CD Player : s/n: VW926AR2
CD Right Plus v1.1.251 : s/n: ABCD1F-123456
CD Runner v7.01 : s/n: TRQ-4632-3JD
CD Spectrum Pro v3.3.331 : s/n: 11181 or s/n: 64222
CD Spectrum Pro v3.4.341 : s/n: 64222
CD Spectrum Pro v3.4.345 : s/n: 51095
CD Spectrum Pro v3.4.349 : s/n: 65222
CD Spectrum Pro v3.5.3500 : s/n: 16677
CD Spectrum Pro v3.5.3502 : s/n: 65222 or s/n: 66222 or s/n: 52095 or s/n: 53095 or s/n: 11181
CD Streamer v3.0.1d : s/n: S/SANELLI/FIST+MASTER.LUCIAN.NET/EED17E67
CD Throttle v0.991 : Name: GWA s/n: 1D10000EC2DF
CD Valet v3.01 : Name: CGTDRDQDLBB SCPDGL s/n: bfdde-fcfdf-fcccb-afddf
CD Wizard v3.10 : FirstName: MaC Initials: uCF LastName:: Thunderbyte Key: 20517 s/n: 12349
CD Wizard Pro v4.2 : Name: Jamiroquai Company: Council s/n: 23409-10457365-44754
CD Wizard Pro v4. : s/n: 37319-10442644-11066
CD Wizzard v2.0 : s/n: cw76548596D37111
CD Wizzard v4.35 : FirstName: Serial Initial: N LastName:: Heaven s/n: 538
CD Wizzard v4.60 : FirstName: pSi Initial: VRS LastName:: VERSUS s/n: 5113
CD Wizzard v4.61 : FirstName: BaMa Initial: 98 LastName:: WeaPoN s/n: 5490
CD-Automatic v1.0 : Name: CORE s/n: 864511129
CD-Booklet v2.01 : FirstName: Ryder LastName:: H00k RegNum: MOPs9804021021212210 License: 12345678 Key: 10537
CD-Box Labeler 98 v3.1.7 : Name: Envelope s/n: 73934
CD-Cover v2.01 : FirstName: Ryder LastName:: H00k RegNum: MOPs9801020210101100 License: 12345678 Key: 23725
CDDA v3.x : Name: THE WEB [eRR/Hi] s/n: EZCDDAX3-57FA074E-A715A659-423
CDDA : s/n: D16C37D17575F13737370012657
CDEdit v1.0 : Name: n03l s/n: 5333299986665333 or Name: Spider]PC98 s/n: 87675692495
CDF FIRE - The Program v1.0 : Name: Spider] PC n GLoW Company: Spider's Professional s/n: 71427668
CD-Gen v4.1 : s/n: GEN-W-9507-008
CDH Image Explorer Pro v2.0 : Name: SiraX Company: DNG s/n: 6A2EACCB6455F62
CDH Image Explorer Pro v2.1 : Name: David Northwood s/n: 5A6AAC4381D9351
CDH Image Explorer Pro v2.16 : Name: SiraX/CORE Company: CORE s/n: 6A2EACCB6455F67
CDH Image Explorer Pro v2.2 : Name: SiraX s/n: 6A2EACCB6455F62
CDH Image Explorer Pro v3.2 : s/n: 4AB6AC3G33GB711
CDH Image Man Pro v2.0 : Name: SiraX Company: DNG s/n: 6A4FACFDBAGDG62
CDH Image Man Pro v2.12 : Name: SiraX s/n: 6A4FACFDBAGDG62
CDH Image Man Pro v2.13 : Name: Jacinto Santos s/n: 5AB5AC5G6GE868G
CDH Image Man Pro v2.15 : Name: SiraX s/n: 6A4FACFDBAGDG62
CDH Image Man Pro v2.17 : Name: SiraX/CORE Company: CORE s/n: 6A4FACFDBAGDG1B
CDH Image Man Pro v2.2 : Name: Sirax s/n: 6A4FACFDBAGDG62
CDH Mail Bagger v1.1 : Name: Jacinto Santos s/n: 5ACEACD6C68D3G4
CDH Media Wizard v2.0 : Name: SiraX/[DNG] Company: DNG s/n: 6A3AACFC2GE9EG5
CDH Media Wizard v2.15 : Name: David Northwood s/n: 5A6AAC4381D9351
CDH Zip Control v1.06 : Name: SiraX/CORE Company: CORE s/n: 6A3CAC1B378G847
CDH Zip Control v1.1 : Name: Michel Roy s/n: 5ADBACB26917616
CD-List Maker 98 v1.0 : Name: SaSH0r s/n: 30742042980
CDMenu v1.07 : s/n: CD-10-347217-ENG-95863
CDOrc - MenuOrc v3.0 : Name: iNFERNo [TEX] s/n: 8496279
CDOrc - MenuOrc v4.0 : Name: German Warez Alliance s/n: 709-636-AEA-549
CDPlayer v3.xx : Name: THE RiDDLER [E0D/P0W] s/n: 79FB
CDProw v2.3 : s/n: 28372425
CD-Quick v3.00 : Name: CARLSBERG s/n: A6E2
CD-Quick Cache v1.10 : Name: Dir&Mir s/n: 96EE
CD-Quick Cache v1.11 : Name: Batman s/n: DDB4
CD-Quick Cache v1.20 : Name: DIR&MIR s/n: 96EE or Name: 2U s/n: D987
CD-Quick Cache v1.30 : Name: Me s/n: DF92
CD-Quick Cache v3.10 : Name: Warp s/n: A14E
CD-Quick Cache v3.21 : Name: PC99 s/n: D473
CD-Quick Share v1.0 : s/n: 1021-0656-3338-4191
CDR Box Labeler Pro v1.2 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: GPS-962654-1572802
CD-R Diagnostic v1.1.5 : Name: LOMAX s/n: 505005005
CD-R Diagnostic v1.1.6 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 1B147241
CD-R Diagnostic v1.16 : Name: PRD666 s/n: CTC05096
CD-R Diagnostic v1.2.0 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: ARA-7657 or Name: Registered s/n: BSB-13494 or Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: CTC-15275
CD-R Diagnostic v1.2.4 : Name: Warp s/n: ARAA05330
CD-R Diagnostic v1.2.5 : Name: LOMAX (c) DSi s/n: ARAA11505
Cdr Labels v3.0+ : Initials: snh Line1: 35786796 Line2: 354551340
CDRCue v1.0 : Name: djHD (c) UCF s/n: d8f84121-8089b23c-a298995c-2a094cf2
CDRCue v1.0b : Name: LOMAX [DSi] s/n: ade9af4e-7289e779-6745119a-83d44a5e or Name: Golem s/n: a4130f91-ba723731-d230af61-4494e6cb
CDRLabel v2.0 : Initials: mad Line1: 35786784 Line2: 186844707
CDRLabel v3.0 : s/n: 3896857095 or s/n: 852058377
CD-Rom Update v0.3 : bbs: G.!.$ Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 5348233 or bbs: G.!.$ Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 25544768
CD-ROM Watcher v1.0 : s/n: 22f551553550
CDRWIN v3.3B : Name: Robert Herrin Company/Email: UnlockKey: 30d86468-6834917d-d2cad3da-d74da4ac CheckKey: e795c0c4-58ecf515-bafe42a7-05877776
CDRWiN v3.3e : Name: THE BLACK STAR Company: THE BLACK STAR UnlockCode: D0986645-05053496-666F649A-600D0D60 CheckCode: B0956B25-D59D52D3-636A500C-066269FA
CDRWIN v3.5b : Name: wizdaz Company: [Warp] UnlockCode: 58135965-07DD0C65-1E38271E-23805A38 CheckCode: 7B93035D-5FCE5500-19E52B7B-3DB87D26 or Name: Serial Number Company: Heaven UnlockCode: 58286BA1-6FE321B6-9DE9C146-C5D8C612 CheckCode: 9DF0ADB3-37CB4A17-F20AE0F0-583107
CDRWIN v3.5c : Name: DjKinley Company: Welfare UnlockCode: 18e8ae35-512e3166-3c2a3edf-3a49624d CheckCode: 22a1cc78-49c69f53-6d040fb9-06635c92
CDRWIN v3.6b : Name: Finn Mac CooL Company: #CRACKS UnlockCode: FF103680-3CDC16AE-D8B9529C-563CAA5A CheckCode: A92C9CDA-C3CC202E-E4654432-8E85F8C6
CDRWIN v3.7c : Name: Regged Company: UnlockCode: 6DB8BC4D-73C06579-F742D32E-D789BD22 CheckCode: BA31016F-1E78D934-8482B657-20CB6E0C
CDRWIN v3.7d : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 Company/Email: Unlock Code: 60D015F4-600893EB-BEFF5755-53E4E943 Check Code: 3334FCB7-00D8861F-DEF7C4BE-ED1BBE16
CDRWIN v3.7e : Name: dj-StaT Company: GWC Unlock: 2038D59B-4E2CCC08-2BD73E10-3AB36E55 Check: 1A8BBBCE-6E141993-65FBF218-11645045
CDRWIN v3.7f : Name: Gordon Company: Softforum Unlock: FA2C39E9-2E4605F-F78E8397-873D3D40 Check: 7D1104A9-F8C859B6-F56AE3C8-70B3BED7
CDView Pro v1.32 : Name: dv blizzard s/n: 193EF047C048C672DE331C3
CD-Write v1.1 : s/n: 111010065995601
CE Tiles v1.0 : s/n: 100369
CEBware Aniform v2.1 : Name: 4 s/n: 1-2-3
Cell Spreadsheet v3.16 : Name: PAMELA_CASE(1) s/n: Gsi27303
Cellular Exchange v3.0 : s/n: 663026998363
Centrivex Bin Man v1.0 : Name: Spider]PC98 s/n: 5BB17791-76DAC791-74C6 or Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 5BB17791-40CAFCE1-A110
CeQuadrat WinOnCD v3.6 : s/n: 01510-30673562k
Cetus StormWindows v4.51 : Name: ^pain^ 98 s/n: 2320-1817-3534-1415
Cetus StormWindows v4.53 : Name: Kathleen Larkin s/n: 2977-2474-4191-3440
CFA Installer v2.62 : Name: TRPS 98 s/n: 9148926531
CFA Installer v2.76 : Name: Vision Quest s/n: 3783285581
CFA Installer v3.09 : Name: Craftyhac [ECL'99] s/n: 8752929986
CFA RipIt v3.13 : Name: TRPS 98 s/n: 2148929531
CFA RipIt v3.15 : Name: Vision Quest s/n: 3813285611
CFA ZipTest v2.11 : Name: TRPS 98 s/n: 5148882531
CFA ZipTest v3.20 : Name: Vision Quest s/n: 3343285141
CFA ZipTest v3.29 : s/n: 9181891179
CGI Expert Pro v4.0 : ZipPassword: brolin
CGI Mailer v1.31 : s/n: C3C3yCXC
CGI Mailer v2.1 : s/n: C3C3yCXC
CGI Star Duo 95 v1.03 : s/n: AA3852-AA912-45AAA-12345-7896385
CGI Star Pro v2.3 : s/n: CP1234-US173-JK1N1-12345-3207634
CGI Star Pro v3.1 : s/n: CPXXXX-US173-JK1N1-87437-3207634
CGI Star Pro v3.3 : s/n: CP1013-US173-JK1N1-31337-3207634
CGI Star Pro v3.5 : s/n: CP0000-US173-JK1N1-00000-3207634
CGI Star Pro v3.6 : s/n: CP13358-US173-JK1N1-J7688-3207634
CGIexecutor v1.02 : s/n: 11100000
CGIMailer v1.10 : s/n: X3C3yXXC
CGIMailer v2.00 : s/n: C3C3yCXC
Chacal Pager : First, Go to PCBSETUP /B/B , Edit CMD.LST (With F2) Insert a line for another command (With ALT-I). And put: COMMAND: O ; FILE SPECIFICATION: DRIVE:\PPEPATH\PVM-CHPA.PPE
Chain Link v1.2.2 : s/n: 817K4153
Chamaleon NFS v4.5 : s/n: 34768840199594I3 Key: 2FA2
Chameleon v4.5 : s/n: 34866345044981I3 Key: EAAB or s/n: 34866345051840I3 Key: A171
Chameleon v4.x : s/n: 34059131041712 S3 Key: A224
Chameleon Clock v1.1a : s/n: PW-LOCK-6YJA-YLFN-M7QJ
Chameleon Clock v1.22 : s/n: PW-LOCK-6YJA-YLFN-M7QJ
Chameleon NFS v3.14 : s/n: 3433223117197 P3 Key: C4ED NetworkAuth: 077633 AccessCode: 1-3-0-671515
Chameleon NFS v4.01 : s/n: 34649640121147S3 Key: D7D0
Chameleon NFS v4.5 : s/n: 34768840199594I3 2FA2
Chameleon NFS v5.0 : s/n: 34933445047297S3 Key: B72E
Championship Slots v1.1 : s/n: 289700
Championship Spades v5.1c : Name: IBH-RiP [tNO] s/n: 24138
Championship Spades v6.1 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: 51688
Championship Spades v6.2 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: 37789
Championship Spades v7.1 : Name: Orion s/n: 12850
Chance NBA v4.03 : s/n: 1043096320
Channel Maker v1.01 : Name: Robert Eskapa s/n: iGXKiWRav
Character Studio v0.2.27 : s/n: 80a4020f
Character Studio v1.15 : (ID: 629-00067174) s/n: e34e4a7d
Character Studio v1c1 : ID: 629-00000666 s/n: E34E4A7D
Character Studio v2.1 : s/n: 3d2525b7
Character Studio v2.33 Beta : s/n: 80a4020f
Character Time v1.02 : Name: ^pain^ '97 Company: Rebels s/n: 21375IL
Charly The Clown : Name: Manuel Reis Costa Address: Rua Andro de Castro,249 2 Dto City: Portugal, 4400 Vila Nova de Gaia
Charm v1.0 : Name: CORE/ITR s/n: 3754277
Charm v1.1 : Name: Warp s/n: 6536475
Charm Estimating Software v1.1 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 4736658
Charon Software SysTray Control v1.2 : 1) Put a SysTray control on a form. 2) Click on the SysTray control on your form. 3) Select "About..." from the Properties box. 4) Click on the "Enter Registration Code" button. Name: MANIFEST Inc. s/n: 4cvrq3
Chat with Lisa : bbs: Registered BBS FirstName: Registered LastName:: Sysop s/n: 456600268275
ChatSpace IRC Server v1.3 : s/n: AB3AA472BBEF453388966A0E4AC59C43
ChatSpace IRC Server v1.4 (Build 16) : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 6D4DC8CCE706D57DBEFB4189C66B2AF0
ChatWare v1.1c : s/n: kr8dhdl-49r8gtxcrkf2g7m7r-dzytu
Cheap Date v2.0 : s/n: CORE---DRW00298
Cheap Date v4.0 : s/n: CORE98-eww-0298
Cheap Date v4.0.7 : s/n: TRPS'98ewwZ0298
Cheat Master : Make a empty file "A FOREST.SIG" (Free space between A and F is very important)
Cheaters Lair v3.1 : s/n: 66931123AT
Cheaters Liar v3.0 : s/n: 66931123AT
Check Email Pro v1.0 : Name: Darkie s/n: 123456 890123 567890
Check Files v1.5a : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 3789260943
Check List : s/n: D2-002587
Check Mail v1.02 : Name: Gordon Liu s/n: 5582-9144-35
Check Up v1.5 : Name: Wayward Company: TEAM SiEGE s/n: 666 String: CVKNJJLAOIDDIJB
Check Wizard v1.22 : Name: Decline/Laxity s/n: 7011-10059-16788-0865-1000
CheckBook v2.0 : Name: The Exterminators s/n: 884-697442
CheckBook v2.5.5 : Name: PGC99-Team s/n: 641-697320
CheckIt v4.0 and 5.0 : s/n: 000-237032
Checkit 98 v6.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: DQ-405039
CheckIt Analyst v1.0 : s/n: A7-100163 or s/n: A4-137070
Checkit Diagnostic Kit v4.0 : s/n: D3-110036
CheckIt Network Optimizer v1.0 : s/n: MH-121630 Key: 9FC5-8E14
Checkit Network Optimizer v1.1 : s/n: MH-121630
Checkit Plus v1.1.9 : Name: zoin s/n: ##-0059-15862-100##
Checkit Pro v1.06 : s/n: A1-001725 or s/n: A2-003581 or s/n: A3-062402 or s/n: A4-115796
Checkit Pro v1.06 : 4.0+: A3-097582 or A3-098294 or A3-114035 or A5-171754
Checkit Pro v1.11 : s/n: AS-171677
Checkit Pro v4.0+ : s/n: A3-062402 or s/n: A3-097582 or s/n: A3-098294
Checkit Pro Deluxe v2.0 : s/n: A5-175324
Checkit Pro Edition v5.0 : Check-it: D7-254093 PC-Cillin: P1-773827
CheckMail v1.57 : Name: Registered s/n: 6197-9130-33
CheckMail v1.60 : Name: escom/CORE s/n: 842-7731366644
CheckMail v1.65 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 794-12345692
CheckMail v2.13 : Name: fallen s/n: 414233445036
CheckMail v2.20 : Name: SavaGe [PC] s/n: 674CHKM6257
CheckMail v2.x : Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 875JNS704
CheckPop v1.0 : 1. run regedit.exe 2. goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Nevis Systems/CheckPop/Version1.0/ 3. Create this string Value.. 'InstallSerial' in it, write the following serial: 0-1317-3817-1413-0-29
CheckPop v1.5 : s/n: 269624
CheckPop Standard v1.53 : Install: 0-2832-803-3577-1-116 s/n: 268184
ChemDraw Plus v3.0 : s/n: 40770 Code: CQXWPQ
ChemDraw Pro v5.0 : CD-Code: s/n: 99999 Code: XSXPNMZQA Pro-Plugin: s/n: 99999 Code: ZUDTZOBTO
ChemFolder v3.6 : Main: 9J74G0P0V9JF14LG Addon: 9J7440003V9JFWWQ
ChemOffice WebServer 98 : s/n: 99999 Code: NYXXUYJYA
ChemOffice 2000 Ultra : s/n: 199920000 Code: FRKNLGMPT
ChemWindows Suite v5.1 : Password: betterone
Cherry Picker Pro v1.0 : s/n: 197310 Code: 972401
Cherry Picker Standard v1.0 : s/n: 197310 Code: 972401
Cherry Picker Tools v1.0 : s/n: 197310 Code: 972401
Chess Ballet v1.5 : Right click on the .scr file and go to configure. Name: Archaic s/n: 15-69-2877
Chess Ballet v1.6 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 02-10-CORE
Chess Captor v2.10 : Name: Omega ^Weapon^ s/n: 189B3868
Chess Tree v1.2.1 : SingleUser: Name: CORE/DrRhui Code: 3177342-3521272 SiteLicense: Name: CORE/DrRhui Code: 2853887-4535554 WorldWideLicense: Name: CORE/DrRhui Code: 2972672-3640365
Chief's Installer Pro v4.25 : Name: Michael Shelby s/n: 12473927 Code: $USER=Michael Shelby;12473927
Child Proof v1.5 : s/n: 0000000G-0000000G
Chili!Reports v2.0 : s/n: CR20-7ONO-C4MG-J119
Chimer v1.0 : Name: Black Thorne - PC'98 s/n: 36A872
Chinese Adobe PageMaker v5.0c : s/n: 03-50C8-100094310
Chinese DBase v5 : s/n: TA921A10058791
Chinese ET v5.0 : s/n: 62256346
Chinese MS Plus for Chinese Windows 95 : s/n: 411-0252964
Chinese Office for Chinese Windows 95 v7.0 : s/n: 411-0252856
Chinese Solitaire v1.10 : Name: PEIDO98 s/n: 189321764
Chinese Star Plus for Windows 95 v2.0 : s/n: CSTAR20S00-5000165 or s/n: CSTAR20S00-6001432
Chips v4.4.63 : FirstBox: LOMAX [DSi] SecondBox: 16409 ThirdBox: 6666813
ChiWriter v4.1 : s/n: C42243-ENWNU9X
Chord Pro Manager v1.3 : Name: KEiOS+[FCN]+ s/n: 10518017
Chord Pro Manager v2.1 : Name: Versus s/n: 64564934
Chord Pro Manager v3.01 : Name: Black Thorne - PC'98 s/n: 60342826
Chord Pro Manager v3.12 : Name: SPRITEX s/n: 64746221
Chord Pro Manager v3.13 : Name: TEX98 s/n: 87564436
Chore Genie v2.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 44 894 458
Chore Genie v2.0.99 : Name: pSi Company: VERSUS s/n: 39-047-578 or Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 27-866-603
Chores & Rewards v3.04 : s/n: PROVERBS4
Christmas Music Player v4.0.0 : s/n: CMP843
ChristmasCounter v1.0 : Name: Karen Caughey s/n: 1235769681123
Chroma Graphics Edgewizard v2.0 : s/n: CWB-100-0001-001048938452
Chroma Graphics Magic Mask v2.0 : s/n: CSB-200-0001-000216491264
Chroma PiX v0.94.11 : Name: TRPS 1998 s/n: 19334515
Chroma PiX v0.96.15 : Name: TRPS 1998 s/n: 91334515
Chroma PiX v1.0fc1 Build 6 : Name: TRPS 1999 ShadE s/n: SPC023668-1212
Chromassage v2.0 : s/n: CH1-1500349
Chromatica v1.2 : Name: Gogolie Company: Pirates with Attitude s/n: CCB-100-0001-000301256458
Chute Designer v2.0 : Name: KAC s/n: 55311D44
CiAll Universal Message Decoder v1.0 : s/n: 123456789012d0
CICS v2.01 : SingleUser: UN74802 MultiUser: UN74786
CIDMan v1.28 : Name: PrOmetheus Phone: 555-000-9999 s/n: ?421253GK@
CIM 2000 v1.0.0 : s/n: F12F-FHGI-4752-DAFS
CimWorks VisualSPC v4.0 : s/n: 1476395009 (VSPC SF) s/n: 1476395228 (VSPC Admin)
Cinco NetXRay v3.0 beta (2.9.0) : s/n: Dt8q3n26h
Cinco NetXRay v3.0 RC1 (2.9.2) : Password: Dt8q3n26h s/n: 1D-00000011-PPAZBk
Cincom Acquire Bid Manager v2.71 : s/n: 1111111111
Cindi v2.0 : (CINDI 555000D20000 cindi.ini) s/n: 555000D20000
CineMac v1.1.1 : s/n: CFD101C3222
Cinepak Toolkit : s/n: 1\15:90.99014:2756968448A45421:N/0 or s/n: 1\15:90.99014:2558263296987C21:N/0
CiPA (Common ISDN PAcket driver) : (CIPA 562200000000 [0x??] CIPA.INI) s/n: 562200000000
Citadel C:\more! v1.2 : s/n: 4097-7fcccc-0005
CiteMap Builder v1.0a : Name: Michael Royal Company: (anything) s/n: en302441n
CiTrix Multi-User Link : s/n: 91126000197
Civil Design for Land Development Desktop v1.02 : s/n: 117-99703105 CDKey: W36H
Civil Design for Land Development Desktop : s/n: 117-99703105 CDKey: W36H
CivilDraft v5.6 : Name: Chumbawamba aka The Bottlerocket Company: X-Force World Domination s/n: 00000083000000 Reg: 1918086442 License: 1922715057
CK Clipboard v2.2 : Name: Grafix [GGC] s/n: 3769-3498-1500-00
CK Escape v1.2 : Name: DASavant [AnThraX] s/n: 3444-2485-DASavant
Claim DoX v2.5 : s/n: CD229192212
Clarion v1.002 : s/n: 407457
Clarion v1.5 : s/n: 40734X or s/n: 40735X
Clarion v2.0 : s/n: 721266-JBC
Clarion Pro v4 : s/n: 821686-FWF
Claris Easy Business Card Maker : s/n: 0005866781
Claris Emailer v1.0 : s/n: f804977886.3295
Claris File Maker Pro Deluxe v2.1 : s/n: 0006063450
Claris Home Page v3.0 : s/n: 312013008240
Claris Homepage v2.0 : s/n: 0005866781
Claris Impact v1.0.x : s/n: 0003116155 or s/n: 0003119496
Claris Impact v2.0 : s/n: 0006055899
Claris Organizer v1.0v2 : Enter any number with 6 or more digits
ClarisWorks v4.0 : s/n: 011-245578-112
Clasp 2000 v3.0.3 : Name: Chafe/TEX99 s/n: 418333-128331EX99-3623322
Clasp 97 v2.1.2 : Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 424675-172725CREW-3838950
Class Parser v1.1 : s/n: Bark!-0001-0001-0003
ClassExpert for Borland C++ Builder 3 v3.41 : Name: Judy Conley s/n: 66618
ClassExplorer Pro v2.01 : Name: Che Ming s/n: EDF6C633 Code: BA4B32-8C01DA-4B64C0-C5BB5A
ClassExplorer Pro v4.0 : Name: Desync Crackers s/n: 876-5309
ClassExplorer Pro v4.04 For C++ Builder 4 : Name: fAT cAT/FCN s/n: D804CA13 Code: D4426F-FD0CE5-91040A-5C104C
ClassExplorer Pro v4.04 For Delphi 4 : Name: fAT cAT/FCN s/n: B85E66B6 Code: C01ABD-C574FA-2C9D74-50987E
ClassiCat v1.13 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 031358
Classic Clipboard v1.0 : Name: ShadE Company: PGC s/n: 4278365
Classic Clipboard v1.02 : AllFields: fjalar and vots s/n: 4278864
Classic Music Collection v2.5 : Name: Carol Swafford s/n: 1876rVz52Q
Classic Mustang Analyzer v4.0 : Name: iNTENSiTY s/n: 19641993JCP
Classical Music Collection v3.0 : Name: Team DSi s/n: 1876rVz52Q
ClassiCat v1.12 : Name: Richard Zeluck s/n: 0009-689-1133-830
ClassiCat v1.13 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 031358
Classify Wolf v1.01 Build 003 : When you run the program you will see your first nag screen...go to About then Register and enter: Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: CW0-456372 When you click OK to reg it...another screen will pops up and ask you to download the script to "upgrade" No.
Classify Wolf v1.02.1 : Name: Warp s/n: CW-112784
Classify98 v1.02.004 : Name: Blackstar Company: TRPS98 s/n: CW0-456372
Classify98 v1.02.007 : Name: Blackstar Company: TRPS98 s/n: CW0-456372
Classify98 v1.3 : Name: ByteBurn s/n: CW10-102767
ClassWorks Development Infrastructure Core Edition for Delphi v1.02 : s/n: CWCD-B7FC35A3-8CE7
Clean Disk Security v4.1 : Password: deepgreen
Clean Disk Security v4.4 : Password: deepgreen
Clean Disk Security v4.5 : Password: deepgreen
Clean Star Space Saver System v1.32 : s/n: 113-45-23456
Clean Up v2.2 : Name: TRPS s/n: WERULE!
Clean Up v3.5 : Name: aip35[Tbc] Company: aip35-TBC s/n: 3745512384
Cleansweep v1.0 : s/n: 115-25C-22620
Cleansweep v1.0 : s/n: 000-15C-72794
Cleansweep v1.02 : s/n: 000-15C-72794 or s/n: 115-25C-22620 or s/n: 666-25C-23457
Cleansweep v2.0 : s/n: 001-16C-26703 or s/n: 001-16C-56728
Cleansweep v2.03 : s/n: 001-16C-26703 or s/n: 000-16C-76312
Cleansweep v3.0 : s/n: 022-18C-96622
Cleansweep : s/n: 000-16C-03475 or s/n: 026-16C-86098
Cleansweep Deluxe v4.1 : s/n: CSWU410R071961
Cleansweep Extra Strength v4.0 : s/n: CEWU400R071961
Clear Work Area v1.0 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 342838
ClearFax Universal v1.3 : s/n: TBHG-LBYT
ClearQuest vBeta 1 : Login: user Password: password
Cli-Mate v1.3 : Name: SGM98 s/n: S44788
Click & Paste v3.0.2 : s/n: t03117g51-0301
Click & Paste v3.50 : s/n: cpt2845681
Click & Paste v4.0 : s/n: cpt2845640
Click Connect v1.10b2 : Name: gcrack s/n: 3NINNTTXNI3INY
Click n' Go v1.0 : s/n: 18-EB-533-A
ClickerTX v1.01 : Name: Bisoux s/n: 0010288286 or Name: The Master DaVinci s/n: 0028874095 or Name: n03l Faith98 s/n: 0016604397
Clicknet Professional v5.0 : s/n: CNP50-000001110
Clicknet Veridate v5.1 : Name: 78575876 s/n: (Any 15 digit code)
ClickOff v1.1.10 : Name: Decline/Laxity s/n: w52656159-iceR-l1002732f
Client Biller v2.5 : s/n: 19735368
Cli-Mate v1.0 : Name: KAC s/n: K2697C
Cli-Mate v1.2 : Name: MANiFEST s/n: M7793t
Cli-Mate v1.4 : Name: Azrael [PC] Code: A12616]
Cli-Mate v1.5 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: T68839
Clinical Pharmacy v1.2 : s/n: 6015526
Clinical Pharmacy : s/n: 9412345
Clip & Keep v1.0 : Name: Arcane Company: [UCT] s/n: 0000-000000-9600D4
Clip Magic v2.0 : Name: Eugene R. Harden s/n: 94254526CC4ACBACF787222DG
Clip Magic : s/n: 56D299834C4A8FACB38B6ECBE
Clip Quik v1.0 : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: 978-310-211-070
Clip Quik v1.03 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WKT!] s/n: 104-831-101-097
Clip4Win Database Server v1.01 : s/n: DDS101065
ClipAid : Name: The Key s/n: yeK ehTjeT
ClipBoard Plus v1.2 : Name: iNT s/n: 540
ClipCache v2.19 : s/n: 30050a0f-04090e03
ClipCache v2.19a : s/n: FEFC5548-51316D56
Clipfolio v1.5.1 : s/n: 1502091113247000003
ClipHistory v1.1 : Name: lxcore97 s/n: 1997-55-23421
ClipHound v1.0a : Name: ypocwar-uct s/n: 14662
ClipMagic v1.041 : Name: JEWEL LASAN s/n: DCE1DC4C2B5A7EAC1F7B49E59
ClipMate v4.0 : Name: CLIPMATE s/n: FFF02011948
ClipMate v4.5.1 : Name: CORE/JES s/n: 00002049708
ClipMate v5.01.02 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: GFF6542252648
ClipMate v5.1 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: G995045600900 or Name: Skorpien s/n: G013586054140
ClipMate v5.1.03 Build 115 : Name: Jumanji [WkT!99] s/n: GFF4545208508
ClipMate v5.1.04 Build 119 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: G017907454988
ClipMate v5.1.05 : Name: JudgeD [PC'99/MFD] s/n: G014563600460
ClipMate : Name: PrOmetheus [Db0/BS96] s/n: F0113042612
ClipMate v5.1.06 Build 127 : Name: HTTP://CHZHY.126.COM s/n: GFA2424800624
ClipMate v5.1.07 Build 129 : Name: HTTP://CHZHY.126.COM s/n: GFA2424800624 or Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] s/n: 1237267890524
ClipMate v5.1.07 : Name: Kathras^DMR s/n: G015586858264
Clipper v5.01a : s/n: CDX 232393
Clipper v5.3 : Name: MarQuiS De SoiR‚e Company: UCF s/n: 085511-432164
Clipper v5.3+ : Name: MarQuiS De Soire Company: UCF s/n: 085511-432164
ClipQuick v1.02 : Name: Deborah Abbott s/n: 104-919-810-570 or Name: Spider]PC98 s/n: 101-859-711-176
ClipQuick v2.07 : Name: Deborah Abbott s/n: 212-218-884-678
Clock Talk v4.0 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 4710-4314-7636-8250
Clock-It v1.0 : Name: Niggah Company: Harlem s/n: Clock-It-0200-5223
ClockMan 95 v1.0.057 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 License: 597451
ClockTick v3.0.0 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 1070588310
ClockWatch v1.20 : ID: s/n: V12PRDEN
ClockWatch v1.21 : ID: s/n: V12PRDEN
ClockWatch Pro v1.3.0 : s/n: V12PRDEN
ClockWatch Pro v1.4.0 : s/n: W92MLGB or s/n: W37T3DE or s/n: WT2FH79 or s/n: W64N42S or s/n: V1DEMBK
ClockWise v1.02C : Name: knoweffex s/n: 1234321 Code: C5A995
ClockWise v2.01b : Name: SiraX s/n: DNG-1998-We-Rock Code: J105D0
ClockWise v2.02A : Name: knoweffex s/n: 1234321 Code: C5A995
ClockWise v2.20b : Name: REKiEM / PCY '99 s/n: 00000 Code: J41FD6
ClockWise v2.21a : Name: LiGHt DRUiD [iSS] s/n: (None) Code: J131BE
CloneMaster v2.18 : Name: snowmannen s/n: 77455546 or Name: Saltine [PC] s/n: 93830B48
CloneMaster v2.19 : Name: tKC/PC '98 s/n: 4FC59UEV93J4
Clonk v4.xx : ID: EVC s/n: 2549509547 or ID: Magic Mike [EVC] s/n: 1008784446
Closer v1.7 : Name: KiLLa s/n: 076919164162
CloseUp v5.0 : s/n: 1BB463-852875
CloseUp Host/Remote v6.0 : s/n: 31B57D-1121111
Clothreyes v3.0 : Name: Kashmir_B0ng s/n: 309376
CloudScape Developer : s/n: NS-100-000-001
CLOX v5.5d : s/n: 0124998FFR0858G3
CLOX v5.5e : s/n: 066698FFR0858G3
CLOX 2000 v6.0 : s/n: 123498FFR0858G3
CLOX 2000 v6.00.02 : s/n: *199898FFR0858G3
CLOX 2000 v6.00.3 : s/n: 0248898FFR0858G3
CLOX 2000 v6.00.4 : s/n: CX2K4976
CLOX 2000 v6.00.6 : s/n: 121298FFR0858G3
CLOX 2000 v6.1.0 : s/n: 199898FFR0858G3
CLOX Webmaster v1.0 : s/n: 666101GX4SQ287
CLR Script v1.24 : Name: Arcane [UCT] s/n: 1352-01253865-5480
CLR Script v1.30 : Name: Predator/[FAITH2000] s/n: 1352-55513373-6264
CLS-Task Icon v1.33 : Name: Warp98 s/n: 5039115
ClysBar v1.08b : Name: Crack da WareZ s/n: BMBKEJANEJ
CM Viewer v3.10 : s/n: 44718494P31
CMA v1.0 : s/n: 8310599484848
CMB Presentation Publisher v2.7 : s/n: PDKC78
CMB Quick Tray v2.0.0 : s/n: QKD478
CMed v1.08b : Name: Crack da WareZ s/n: BMBKEJANEJ
CMed v2.1b : Name: TheForceTeam s/n: HLIJFKHPCR
C-Mold 3D Quickfill v98.5 : Name: MiRaMaX Company: TheForceTeam s/n: 00000000000992
CMP Qwk v1.42 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 33333 Key: 77090 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 33333 Key: 71901
CMP Qwk v1.42 : Name: tHATDUDE! s/n: 66666666 Key: -27246
CM-TextFind v2.5 : Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] bbs: Blue Devils Courier s/n: 377462064
CM-TextFind v2.5 : (Cmtfind.exe /NRI) Name: -- + TwinHead [TWH/BDC] + -- bbs: Blue Devils Courier s/n: 377462064
CM-Viewer v3.10 : s/n: 44718494P31
CO/Session v6.1 : s/n: TT122337 or s/n: T500600845
CO/Session Host v5.0 : s/n: TT122335
CO/Session Remote v7.0 : s/n: 46290017865 or s/n: 86290020428
Coach & Coach Pro : s/n: 1552467
COBjects ActiveX Control v2.0.02 : s/n: R0703YAN
Code Database v2.2.3 : s/n: vb5-cdb-adin-20110
Code Digger v2.0+ : Name: Riz la+ s/n: X91R1E330A (for Use up to 2.0) s/n: 2CZCPQJ3B9 (for Use up to 3.0)
Code Digger v2.11 : Name: fungus / blizzard s/n: Y8206U3PQM
Code Keeper v1.0 : Name: TEX99 s/n: CKIN081547119
Code Keeper v1.10 : Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: CKIN123466689
Code Maker v3.03 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 1109-11092493
Code Maker v3.36 : Name: zoin s/n: 1078-21073188
Code Metric v1.02 : Name: zerohour s/n: 156367
Code Navigator for C++ v2.01 : s/n: AKAD-VINZ
Code Print Pro v3.2 : Name: PNC Company: PNC s/n: PNC
Code Red HTML Editor v1.3.4 : Name: phil s/n: CR10P-4410000C3302
Code Whiz Editor v1.2 : Name: TRPS s/n: 121169080371555666
Code Whiz Editor v1.3 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 1211690803711234
Code Whiz Editor v1.4 : Name: [PCY]MoonCat s/n: 1211690803711555
Code Wizard v3.0 : Date: 16777215 Password: f4c0708000000000-2d92
CodeBase ++ v5.1.1995 : s/n: PM1C5
CodeBase Components II v2.54 : s/n: 6263511299
Codepad v1.04 : s/n: 82363554
CodeRed HTML Editor v1.0.28 : Name: CORE/SiraX s/n: 987-12303DE89016
CodeReview v6.0 : s/n: 6502-080311-9D
CodeReview v6.1 : s/n: 6509-00009F-9F
CodeReview v6.12 : s/n: 6509-00009F-9F
CodeSmith v1.12 : s/n: 7BB73ff3wRRw
CodeSwitcher v1.0 : Name: Dolores Cansler s/n: 88DED8DEE4CAE64086C2DCE6D8CAE4
CodeSwitcher v2.1 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 9692B1B630443093A29EB7B792AB96
CodeSwitcher v2.5.13 : Name: davy - blizzard99 s/n: FAF212712E5070F510E106131131F211DFA8E8E
Coelli Stella 2000 v2.1 : s/n: 448125
Coelli Stella 2000 v3.6 : Name: Jerry Cooper s/n: 322784
Coffee Shop v1.11 : s/n: 913628003
Coffee Shop v2.0 : s/n: 562785004
CoffeeCup Applet Password Wizard v1.1 : Name: efg89w s/n: 312zxc
CoffeeCup Applet Password Wizard v3.0 : Name: efg89w s/n: 312zxc
Coin Organizer Deluxe v1.0 : Name: Funkyzero [CiA] s/n: 651300434-731
CoinManage v2.5 : s/n: KBDMWD
CoinWorks v1.4 : Name: VYLENT [iNSiDE] s/n: VID[JAGGEHEJIBA
CoinWorks v2.0 : Name: escom/CORE s/n: JE8OF54C9D2FE65
Cold Fusion Pro Application Server v3.11b2 : s/n: CF31PWE-2278461021
Cold Fusion Server Enteprise v4.01 : s/n: CF40ENT-9927986132
Cold Fusion Server Enterprise v4.0 : s/n: CF40ENT-5127989016
Cold Fusion Server Enterprise v4.01 Beta 3 : s/n: CF40ENT-5127989016
Cold Fusion Server Professional v4.0 : s/n: CF40PNT-5161343951
Cold Fusion Server Professional v4.0.1 Beta 3 : s/n: CF40PNT-5161343951
Cold Fusion Studio v4.0.1 Beta 2 : s/n: CF40STU-9958417193
ColdKey v2.2 : Name: Free Registered Version s/n: ygunyxnux8347263da2S
Collage : s/n: 06-1748-1438
Collection Access System v1.72 : Name: IND Company: OWNS s/n: 1164902
College Bar v1.8 : Name: ind s/n: 1444-JRHEBEEEB
Collegio Football '98 : Name: escom/CORE s/n: 489350
Color Calculator v1.0 : Name: uywjj s/n: LOMAX
Color Converter v1.0 : s/n: CORE---EWW00398
Color Converter v2.0a : s/n: CORE98-eww-0398
Color Converter v2.0b : s/n: KAC4250EWW10398
Color Fast v1.0 : s/n: CF0104614
Color Pilot v3.7 : s/n: 9998-303584441
Color Pilot Plugin v1.03 : s/n: 3035-001003303
Color Pilot Plugin v1.2 : s/n: 3035-001003303
Color View v3.20 : Name: -- + TwinHead [TWH/BDC] + -- s/n: 378839 or Name: MaRooN s/n: 147250
Color View v3.20 : Name: MaRooN s/n: 147250
Colorado TapeBackup v2.5 : s/n: 80-0151-250
ColorHunt v2.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 01553161
Colorize v2.0 : s/n: 721-802-296
ColorTune v3.0.1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 2730192000023060
ColorWiz v1.0 : s/n: 4FUN
Com v4.1 : Name: Cracked s/n: 376665-193920
COM v6.6.7 : Name: CORE/JES s/n: 359944-196096
COM v6.9.21 : Name: Drone [F4CG] s/n: 2531328525161
COM v6.9.35 : Name: CORE DrRhui s/n: 166148228110104
COM v6.9.8.18 : Name: CORE/escom s/n:1085324171176
COM v6.9.9.27 : Name: knoweffex s/n: 213204159100252
COM v6.9.9.30 : Name: thecheez s/n: 2725205242170
COM v6.9.9.50 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: 40142951425
COM v6.9.9.60 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: 2152341571270
COM v6.9.9.62 : s/n: 2152341571270
COM v7.0 : Name: Predator/[FAITH2000] s/n: 254241108934
Com Explorer v1.0 : Name: Black Thorne s/n: 6769-X8AQJY2 or Name: n03l Faith98 s/n: 6769-X8WVPT2
Comander v4.0.3c : s/n: comander-980-11193
ComboBox FlatPak ActiveX v1.1.6 : s/n: AS-397-41329-P
ComboBox FlatPak ActiveX v1.2.13 : s/n: AS-397-41324-P
Comet Courier System Professional v2.6 : InstallKey: 60BD15EF UnlockCode: jacobsladder ExtraValue: 999
Comic Book Utility v1.0 : s/n: 754856389
Comic-Soft v2.0 : Name: pc97 s/n: 042566726433
COM-IP v1.2.2 : Name: djHD Company: UCF s/n: 1294D648A1BB4DCF
Comma Net Mail v2.50 : s/n: 19211134581-6
Command Line 95 : Name: ED!SON '96 s/n: 901324
Command Line 96 : s/n: 753868
Command Link 95 : Name: Imperial Falcon s/n: 1316044
CommCenter v1.55 : s/n: P-E59D25AA836623F6
Comment : s/n: 1897867
Communicate Pro v2.0.882 : s/n: 900907089992
Communicate Pro v2.0.886 : Name: Leatherman/2000AD s/n: E9146DEE20F301307C783E6B
Communique v2.20 : FirstName: CePhYR LastName:: /|/|GE s/n: 0005604bc11111110
Compact Disc Master v3.4 : Name: The Hand Of FATE! [THOF!/UCF] s/n: D8F2 or Name: THE RiDDLER [E0D/P0W] s/n: 79FB
Compare 98 v1.0.1 : Name: [JaSuN] / CBE '98 s/n: 8369071-C58
Compare 98 v1.04 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: MC0A-42806-E10317G2
Compare 98 v2.0 : Name: TEAM UNC s/n: MC0A-28832-E10317G9 or Name: Mr_GReeN s/n: MC0A-37094-E10317G1
Compass v2.17 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 709812860
Compel PE : s/n: ASYM10288
Compilation Maker v1.0 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: CM-13212-sHEYG-nj11t
COMplete v2.7 : s/n: 86911260
COMplete v2.8 : s/n: 86911260
Complete Program Deleter v1.4 : s/n: 728679
Complete Writers Toolkit : s/n: WT51191850
Component Toolbox Suite v3.01 : s/n: CS3WEB090
Component Works v1.1 : s/n: 123456789
Compress It v1.0 : s/n: st0rmer123
Compression Assistant v1.60 : Name: nutela/DSi s/n: 1753
Compression Wiz v1.0 : Name: viny [GWA] s/n: G734414698390781845534704-36142656XM
Compressor v1.0 : Name: EzD - VERSUS s/n: 0774A74121C19637C6360656B744372
Comp-U-Lock Pro v3.33 : Name: (Anything) 1-5Users: 172839794613 6-15Users: 784916232619 16-25Users: 793148621793 Unlimited: 014789632500
Comp-U-Lock Pro v3.4 : 1-5Users: 172839794613 6-15Users: 784916232619 16-25Users: 793148621793 Unlimited: 014789632500
CompuPic v1.29b17 : Name: Me Phone: 999999 s/n: BBWKBBVEPC
CompuPic v1.32+ : Name: tHATDUDE Phone: 765-4321 s/n: HX6TCFZBBB
CompuPic v1.80 Build 268 : Name: ragger/core Phone: 000-0000 s/n: 725NMKSBBB
CompuPic v1.80 build 273 : Name: Registered Phone: 800-000-1234 s/n: 807CT5BBBB
CompuPic v4.00 build 950 : Name: Registered-Copy Phone: 0131-666542 s/n: EYDSUGZBBB or Name: Martin Phone: 01234-56789 s/n: 05MBBBWUXB
CompuPic v4.00 build 963 : Name: Earl Mosburg Phone: 4502230889 s/n: KR1-NHT-NRQZ
CompuPic v4.5 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN Phone: (696) 969-6969 s/n: 686986666582
CompuPic v4.6 build 1013 : Name: CHENZY Phone: 888888 s/n: CUP337660B or Name: Independent Phone: 123-456789 s/n: 8PXM63PCEZ
CompuPic v4.6 build 1015 : Name: CHENZY Phone: 888888 s/n: CUP337660B
CompuPic v4.6.1006 : Name: Independent Phone: 123-456789 s/n: 8PXM63PCEZ
Compute v1.0.1 : Name: Delphic s/n: SE-26#TNhG
Compute v2.4 : Name: TUC s/n: SCC-18c8+
Computer Admin v1.7 : s/n: karen1
Computer Sounder v2.4 : s/n: flucoteolislik67longerplznot
Computer Works : s/n: F16881
ComSocks v2.64 : s/n: dj-OEM-250-4983279
ComSocks v2.64.01 : s/n: CB342-OEM-4BC7-1AD8-36E7-E891 or s/n: G3733-OEM-70BB-25BC-CC17-F849 or s/n: JBA42-OEM-5B92-896D-5751-88B1
ConCat/Split v3.1 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: 705B415833450F3A1159050E
Concentration! v1.0 : s/n: 315211314
Concept Explorer Professional Edition v1.0.6 : s/n: 6
Condes v6.0.23 : Name: pwa 1998 s/n: a03368dfe6339bbc03e48d391ad4dc14
ConDiz v1.20b : Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 29944150
Conference Room v1.1 : s/n: 1154-1154-2154-1154
Conference Room v1.3 : s/n: F5EA-23E8-49D2-E689
Conference Room v1.6.1 : Name: aerosmith Company: Ecg s/n: 1A5F-356E-860F-08DB
Conference Room v1.6.5 : s/n: 047C-E581-BE99-C6D2
Conference Room v1.64 : s/n: F5EA-23E8-49D2-E689
Conference Room v1.7.6 : s/n: 3564-BE3A-594E-7F3C
Conference Room v1.x : s/n: 1A5F-356E-860F-08DB
Conference Room Pro v1.3 : s/n: 9663-01F0-FB7F-9644
Conference Room Pro v1.6 : Name: CDWarez Company: VQi s/n: F5EA-23E8-49D2-E689
Conference Room Pro v1.7.4 : s/n: 3564-BE3A-594E-7F3C
ConFig v8.?? : (write in CONFIG.REG) Line1: REGNAM=THE RiDDLER [E0D/P0W] Line2: REGKEY=2048149648 Line3: DEMOKE: 1358645280
Configuration LifeGuard v1.2 : Password: Braxazzori regretted his singing
Configuration LifeGuard v2.0 : s/n: bdvlxsNmqlnxUTvkTWspirmwEDDTzt or s/n: TwDqEuWxvofuaCVzfezvheaGkohduo or s/n: zpniskjvSTGpubrluWmSifvtQTJynJ or s/n: uMuslTljQpzbrUrWUqNWyIwoqzmfVc or s/n: zpkasaJhpZsSQJIpBrrzrxPOoxtwcy
Conjugue v3.0 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: ezZiTfejSB or Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: u3bMIg2ICC
Conjugue v3.1 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: ezZiTfejSB
Conjugue v3.1a : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: phbc38GJhj
Connect v2.1 : s/n: CNTC1949
Connect Control v2.3.1 : Name: EViL '99 s/n: M98612867688
Connect Easy v2.0.1 : Name: Terry Harrell s/n: elY1-22qc-YZEf-2OlI-Vy1B
Connect+SMTP Gateway for Novell : s/n: 00000744
ConnectGate v1.2a : s/n: c0000001 ActKey: phenox
Connection Logger v1.70 : Name: Jugulator/UCF s/n: 0182208061
Connection Logger v1.75 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 0458907097
Connection Meter v2.3 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] s/n: GPKOLPDOAPLIEEPFONAONHOX
ConnectPal Professional v3.1 : s/n: con123pal
ConnectPal Professional v5.10 : Name: panoramix s/n: 6327774MBNS-PLWA#-5937737 or Name: night_mastah s/n: 34877-893466ErS!DVWM (You may need to enter the code 2 times)
ConnectPal Professional v6.0 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 35776477-DHSJKE39876-3783998345678-4679467-LPDJEW-359
ConsulNet Support Log v4.1 : From the menu bar select UTILITIES and then UPGRADE and enter: s/n: BD20931FC4
Contact Browser v4.4 : FirstName: ivan [DSi] LastName:: (Blank) Company: (Blank) s/n: 17176026
Contact Browser v4.5 : FirstName: Roger LastName:: Hamelin Company: (blank) s/n: 12950096
Contact Browser v5.0 : FirstName: Mr_GReeN LastName:: [WkT!] Company: Whiskey kon Tekila s/n: FL36365375STF
Contact Browser v5.01 : FirstName: viper LastName:: evc Company: Home s/n: FL13314733STF
Contact Browser v5.0.8 : FirstName: Orion SecondName: Rules Company: s/n: FL27058837STF
Contact Coordinator v1.2 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 980490525610
Contact Manager v2.0.5 : UserKey: U8JMHTG RegKey: 9B98C2DE1F4B7E443E
Contact Plus Personal 97 v2.2c : Name: ACi s/n: 5138703
Contacts v1.2.2 : s/n: 719-602-415
Contacts v1.2.4 : s/n: 213-428-717
Contractor v2.0 : s/n: 1E4F1300840F9EA1
ConText v2.0 : s/n: 04.4101.20
Control 3 File Manager v2.1.0.0 : s/n1: greengrass s/n2: distantregions
Control Freak! v3.4 : s/n: SC-35-62548767
Conversion Plus v3.5 : s/n: 2004112-1209
Conversion Tables v4.2 : Name: KAREN LUTZ s/n: DGC154976
Conversions Plus v2.0 : s/n: 11111111
Conversions Plus v2.53 : s/n: 983798-0308
Conversions Plus v3.50a : s/n: xxxxxxx-xxxx or s/n: 1913279-1312 or s/n: 732991x-xxxx
Conversions Plus v4.5 : s/n: 2220007-6655 Key: E7DF-2M804235FKF4
Conversions Plus v4.6 : s/n: 4294151-8617 Key: 078Q-4M0044354E43
Converter Pro v3.02 : Name: djHD Company: DSi s/n: 5A1EAC664286268
Cood Clip v2.04 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 0191
Cood Clip v2.06 : Name: George s/n: 01735042803
Cood Clip v2.07 : Name: webmasta[orion] s/n: 01735042803
Cookie Crumbler 97 v3.0 : s/n: asd456
Cookie Crusher v1.6 Revision 8 : Name: Hackerjack! Key: 30892977 s/n: 14613
Cookie Crusher v2.0 : s/n: 14613
Cookie Cutter PC v2.46 : Name: SpriteX s/n: 155
Cookie Cutter PC v2.53 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 504
Cookie Pal v1.0.2 : Name: Hackerjack! s/n: 3388964
Cookie Pal v1.2a : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 2649362
Cookie Pal v1.2b : Name: Naglfar [DDT98] s/n: 1475683
Cookie Pal v1.2c : Name: mrF [DSi] s/n: 2654114
Cookie Pal v1.2d : Name: draXXter [Faith2000] s/n: 3944846
Cookie Pal v1.5a : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 1888621 or Name: PeeGee s/n: 2572976
Cookie Pal v1.5c : Name: Predator/[FAITH2000] s/n: 4129968
Cookie Pal : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 1682558
Cookie Terminator v1.1 : Name: TRPS 1998 s/n: 6784-ybaNy or Name: DutchesS s/n: 6784-mTcky
Cool Combobox ActiveX v1.2.11 : s/n: AS-499-95784-F
Cool Edit v1.50 : Name: You! s/n: BMJZCPUX
Cool Edit v1.51 : Name: COOL MAN s/n: XJMINCLE
Cool Edit v1.51 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: BZFLNMAR or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: GINSONXJ
Cool Edit : Name: Andre Lagua s/n: TNDTMEWV
Cool Edit 96 : Name: tHATDUDE PC96 s/n: HFCMGACK or Name: tHATDUDE PC97 s/n: GGRGEGSI or Name: PhRoZeN CReW 97 s/n: SIYVBHZE or Name: PhRoZeN CReW s/n: MPULQSZB
Cool Edit Full v1.51 : Name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: XDRFJLMI
Cool Edit Full v1.52 : Name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: CMFRQENH
Cool Edit Lite v1.51 : Name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: ZPXSEWLF
Cool Edit Lite v1.52 : Name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: NTCSJCLB
Cool Hand Yuke v2.0 : Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: KACK-2422
Cool Hour v1.45 : Name: Darkzz [Crystal] Surname/City: (N/A) s/n: 000005EE155600000614
Cool Info 99 v2.5 : Name: wfraci s/n: CSI11119920970826567733
Cool Info 99 v2.5a : Name: Eclipse s/n: CSI456799836776738083692
Cool Info 99 v2.7 : Name: super cool s/n: CSI4812991818580698232677979763
Cool Info 99 v2.7.2d : Name: super cool s/n: CSI4812991818580698232677979763
Cool Page v1.0 : s/n: 3480096980
Cool Page v1.3 : s/n: 3848316851
Cool Page v1.5a : s/n: 227471362
Cool Page v1.9b : s/n: 2839334163
Cool Wave Editor v1.52 : Name: tHATDUDE! s/n: VLLTICVT
Coolcat v4.01 : Name: William Noonan s/n: CAT4001485 Code: 1C7A-20F-AE2E3
Cool-CD-Studio v1.1 : At the mainscreen hit Strg-R and enter: Name: draXXter [Faith2000] s/n: 0001-BOVHCABOGN
CoolChecka v3.001 : Name: Rebels s/n: $18814AAB
CoolChecka v3.02 : Name: Visitor s/n: $29D15435
CoolChecka v3.05 : Name: FACTOR <1998> s/n: $7349BD91
CoolHunt v1.24 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 730119
Coolrun v2.0 : Name: Arcane - CiA '99 s/n: 10181
CoolTaskBar v2.0 : Name: stalker s/n: 5701385
Cooltimer v1.2a : s/n: BennyElias
CoolZip v1.0 : Name: Sune, KAC 1998 s/n: 58C851D05AFC76A49CBCB38BA89BB8
CoolZip v1.01 : Name: Delphic s/n: 58FF0A19E534F63F
Copernic v1.2A : s/n: 994-54066137
Copernic 98 Plus v1.2a : s/n: 999-900000000
Copernic 98 Plus v2.01 : s/n: 999-700000000
Copernic 98 Plus : s/n: 032-842118122
Copernic 99 v3.02 : s/n: 615-017646549
Copernic 99 Plus Retail v3.02 : s/n: 631-572774048
Copernic 99 Plus v3.0b : s/n: 631-550455849
COPSTalk v2.5 : s/n: OJVK21001817
CopyGenie v1.0.0.160 : s/n: BA00-44E6F533-EA27
CopyGenie v1.1.0.204 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 2A00-01C7BD92-4876
CopyGenie v1.1.0.225 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 6000-19600000-920
CopyPaste v2.2 : s/n: (If it's Sunday, then the code is SUNDAY, if it's Monday, then the code is MONDAY)
CopyRite v1.0 : s/n: 9160000009444
CopyRite v1.0.163 : Name: justarius Company: dark side inc s/n: 923456719552
CopyRite v1.0.168 : Name: DrRhui Company: CORE s/n: 923456789620
CopyShop 2000 v2.01 : Name: Yonker Melinda s/n: 32CD D4D6 10CC 8D9A
CopyShop xxl v2.02b : Name: Schuba Liane s/n: 4637 4468 C904 D676
CopyText v5.1 : Name: DeionXxX s/n: 11071127229118
CopyText v5.2 : Name: Bisoux s/n: 16352950774607
CopyText v5.2.2 : s/n: 31086273794128
CopyTo v1.38 : Name: ragger/core s/n: MT@Q#K$B00000000
CopyTo v2.13 : Name: MANiFEST DESTiNY s/n: MT@Q#K$B
Copyto v2.14 : Name: draXXter s/n: MT@Q#K$B
Corel Click and Create : s/n: CNC-095U365763
Corel Draw v4.0 : s/n: CD4-114-654454 or s/n: CD4-114-647459
Corel Draw v4.0 NL : s/n: CD4-114-654-454 or s/n: CD4-234-345-567
Corel Draw v5.0 : s/n: CD5-050-216533 or s/n: CD5-123-456789 or s/n: CD5-D50-819051
Corel Draw v5.0 : s/n: CD5-123-456789
Corel Draw v5.0 Rev. E2 : s/n: CD5-050-118034
Corel Draw v5.0 Rev.E2 : s/n: CD5-050-118034
Corel Draw v6.0 : s/n: CD6-2354-3963-4625
Corel Draw v6.0 : s/n: 1773 8307 4234 or s/n: 4480-1415-5172
Corel Draw v7.0 : s/n: DR7-683219552-7-8 or s/n: DR7-3104H87151 or s/n: DR7-J259438336 or s/n: DR7-863690-R359
Corel Draw v9.0 : s/n: 456-1134-1987 or s/n: DR9NR-5982R33759
Corel Draw German v8 Build 232 : s/n: DR8XR39518362
Corel Flow v2.0 : s/n: SW-Q023-CF-E or s/n: SAT-507-300794 or s/n: CF2-123-456789
Corel Flow v2.0 : s/n: CF2-123-456789
Corel Flow for Chinese Windows v2.0 : s/n: CF2-C20-577300
Corel Gallery v2.0 : s/n: CG2-020-123456
Corel PhotoPaint v5.0 : s/n: PP5-062483 or s/n: PP5-113889 or s/n: PP5-2522-97100
Corel PhotoPaint v5.0+ : s/n: PP5-062483
Corel PhotoPaint v8.0 : s/n: PP8XR-0390123A
Corel Print Office : s/n: 02342-3402340423
Corel Ventura v5.0 : s/n: CD5-050-118034 or s/n: CD5-123-456789
Corel Ventura v8.0 : s/n: CV8-12345678
Corel Web Master suite : s/n: WMSR-552740275
Corel WordPerfect Office v7.0 : s/n: WP7-8Q45777988
Corel WordPerfect Suite v8.0 : s/n: 7 35163 05396 8
Corel WordPerfect Suite v8.0.393 : s/n: WP8-12345678
CorkBoard v1.00.089 : Email: s/n: 3054083988880618
CornerStone v6.0 : s/n: CS-09-110001-AJ
Coronation Street Screen Saver : Name: ZIUHU/TEX99 s/n: 85684100
Correct Bearing Capacity v4.3.0 : Name: IBH-RiP s/n: cbc975a30z
CorStream Dedicated Server v1.0 : s/n: CBA 0009432
CoSession v8.1.358 : s/n: 09950006389 Key: 1ACF633D7D3E
Cosmo Code v2.5 : s/n: PFX0100B-ETC-1234-5678
Cosmo PageFX v1.0 : s/n: AZA0100C-DRA-8708-3284
Cosmo PageFX v1.0 Beta : s/n: PFX0100B-ETC-1234-5678
Cosmo Worlds v2.0 : s/n: PFX0100B-ETC-1234-5678
CountDown v4.0 : Name: UNICITY s/n: DGC247511
CountDown v4.1 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: DGC247511
Countdown Screensaver v1.2 : Name: LOMAX [DSI] s/n: 0616-836
Coupon Clipper's Accountant v1.0 : Password: celery
Cover Pro v7.0.91 : Name: S. BRIAN BACK s/n: EDHIGDCCAE
Cover Your Tracks v2.1 : Name: xOANON [UCF98] s/n: 1g9hg83t7bT
Cover Your Tracks v3.0 : Name: The Master DaVinci s/n: m6v9amyu9bwh3w
Cover Your Tracks v3.11 : Name: LordFritz s/n: kgsutswmz
cpic32 : Name: DragonLord_AD Phone: 555-1212 s/n: BPTBBBBWNB
CPText 2000 v1.0 : Name: NORWAY/INSIDE98 s/n: 231-108-003-212-052-117-209-253
CPU Indicator v1.1 : Name: EVC_VIPER s/n: B5800600
CPU Monitor Plus v2.30 : s/n: CPUP-V230-512073
CPUCool v2.1 : s/n: 16256
CPUKiller v1.2b : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: ZZERJOETETHT
CPUKiller v2.0 : Name: X_Peter s/n: ISASISUQSEUEAISE
CRA Alarm Calendar 2000 v6.0.248 : Name: DEZMIC[iNSiDE] s/n: CRA-21082
CRA Alarm Clock 2000 v6.0.80 : Name: DEZMIC s/n: CRA-13983
CRA Easy Lock v2.5.1 : Name: DEZMIC s/n: CRA-6645
CRA Music Director v5.5.6 : Name: DEZMIC[iNSiDE] s/n: CRA-14271
CRAKDoor Passwords recovery : s/n: 12377
Crate Man v1.1b : Name: DSI s/n: 7389$154
Crazy Atoms v3.1 : s/n: 22PK-MGN-MLHTHF
Crazy Bytes v3.0 : s/n: $@642 kalimero246@$
Crazy Grab v1.0 : s/n: 11SL-0MT-BQ4P82
Crazy Gyro v1.1 : s/n: 11NP-2DH-X07RTZ
Crazy Kamasutra Screen Saver v1.0.5.2455 : s/n: 2244186-9096576
Crazy Rotary v1.3 : s/n: 124F-MMC-1A4CZ3
Crazy Sets v1.2 : s/n: 11PU-NL8-YU3HLL
CRC Tool v1.2a : Name: FALLEN s/n: BB26BFD6
CRC Tool v1.2b : Name: Registered Uzer s/n: 7CB87C6F
Creata Screen Saver v3.0 : s/n: Ab912jppp1
Create-a-Theme 98 v3.0 : Password: 58A56V69 s/n: 8246-9729-22
CreateInstall v2.02 : Name: Warp s/n: 995915612
CreateInstall v3.13 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: F88D00F0
CreateInstall v3.31 : Name: KAREN LUTZ s/n: 9R8P3-CVV
CreateInstall v3.36 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 0EUR40SF
CreateInstall v3.38 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: f88d00f0-
CreateInstall v3.8 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 0EUR40SF
CreateInstall v3.3.9 : s/n: 0EUR40SF
CreateIt : s/n: IFSD-CI1.0-117
CreateNoid v1.1 : Name: JUANDA s/n: BFCDHBCA
CreateNoid v1.3 : Name: Versus s/n: CCCBGHAE
CreateNoid v1.4 : Name: DSi s/n: IFIFCBG
Creative Video Webphone Lite : s/n: 441K8284J7T339W4
Creative Web Phone v2.0 : s/n: 78761rnsbbx4v1cr
CreativePartner v2.4.1a : s/n: 3EC4C-562B-C0815
Creator Pro v2.1 : s/n: C2-10-NFR-000-001915447
Creature Creator v1.5 : ID: 67174 Code: 501353
Creatures Genetics Kit : Name: Dario Guevara s/n: 100-4924O-0376G-IA
Credit Card QIF 2 IFF Converter v1.02b : s/n: 2384-1111111-50273 or s/n: 2384-2222222-83602 or s/n: 2384-3333333-16931 or s/n: 2384-8921-64863
Crime Zone v2.0 : s/n: cz20616
CrNet QuickNic v1.0 : s/n: 44556655442
CrondSys v1.07 : s/n: CSYS4048S14B44F27Q4H44M65X
Cross Communications v2.1 : s/n: 01159
Cross Reader v1.09 : Password: DEMOSTOPNOW
Crosseye v1.0 : Name: Arnold Hansen s/n: 0H97DZBEYKHE3DYB0CET
CrossPoint v3.1 : (Registered networks includes RFC/UUCP) s/n: C0-1736661 or s/n: C101-300477
CrossTalk XVI v3.81 : s/n: 004133
CrossTies : s/n: USA-101-00779084 or s/n: USA-101-0368376
CrossTrainer II v4.1a : Name: Registered User s/n: OXXOY007
Crossword Companion v4.10 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 5022-5025
Crossword Construction Kit 98 v3.1 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 3334 F10F4 489B1
CrossWords U Create v2.0 : Passwords: two waffles
CRT v1.1.2 : Name: FuJY Company: axis s/n: 00-00-000000 Key: 135MJDRGQNMDMJPAGEK8SFJVNOIIBR35
CRT v2.0a : Name: ThndrKiss Company: Serial Heaven s/n: 01-13-579280 Exp: Never Key: UOI3 PK44 HCDJ PC9F 3PS5 99G3 FT4C NL7O
CRT v2.0c : Install with: Name: PEiDO Company: PEiDO s/n: 00-00-000000 Exp: 01-01-2000 Key: 5MEVFUR6U43CMTG2VN9HIPBJDNK0OQMJ If you want Never Expired: Name: low budget Company: low budget s/n: 01-11-002794 Exp: (never) Key: 9lb7 m1bn b5ge vpsu soif 8e7p fhf2 acqp
CRT v2.0d : Name: RTA97 Company: RTA97 s/n: 01-11-002794 Exp: Never Key: 7I28BSF483J18ESUTC93PFDP0H5TS1IP
CRT v2.0e : Name: Cracked By Company: TERMINATOR s/n: 01-20-403821 Key: FCNEB1J7FU6EG122F91O0OM3AC1NELE8 Exp: Never
CRT v2.2 Beta 2 : Name: ragger Company: core s/n: 01-11-002794 Expiratio: Never Key: 3431 5380 9513 2650 7463
CRT v2.2 Beta 6 : Name: Bill Gates Company: Microsoft s/n: 01-11-002794 Exp: Never Key: 2UE6HHJSDBDI7438D0PMSLFTLGF4UD1P
CRT v2.3 : Name: Arcane Company: CiA s/n: 01-30-111998 Exp: Never Key: 1944 6615 1647 9489 1703
CRT v2.4 : Name: Gordon Company: Softforum s/n: 03-23-240200 Exp: Never Key: 1935 6573 6764 7337 9753
CRT v3.0 Beta 5 : Name: CZY Company: s/n: 01-54-524831 Exp: Never Key: 6909 6157 3052 6497 8271
Cruiser Browser v1.41 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 3WNWEA6XQK
Crunchie v2.4.1 : s/n: UDFJ390X
Crunchie v2.4.1c : Name: Plushmm s/n: 93T4MA893TWCI
Crusader v1.0 : s/n: 7972 6521 5289 2665
Crypto v3.2 : Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 3357169941
Crypto v3.5 : Name: ByteBurn Company: Faith2000 s/n: 3367976367
Crypto++ SDK v1.0 : Password: 441hee
Crypt-O-Text : s/n: 00092*410177
CryptX File Destruction System v1.0 : Name: escom Company: CORE s/n: CFDS56293051956112
Crystal 3D Impact v1.25 : Email: VaNdAlS@ThEKiller.Com s/n: 5264
Crystal 3D Impact Pro v1.232 : s/n: 54358
Crystal 3D Impact Pro v1.241 : s/n: 54358 Email:
Crystal 3D Impact! v1.10 : Email: MiRaMaX@TheForceTeam.Rox s/n: 5264
Crystal 3D Sensations for Presentations v1.12 : s/n: NS-100-000-001 Key: 8B50-7D8A
Crystal Ball v4.0g : s/n: 17749-428-30278
Crystal Ball Pro v4.0 : s/n: 17749-428-30278
Crystal Calculator Pro v2.2 : s/n: ST-temp-30
Crystal Caliburn v1.02 : s/n: 6511ccw1o4413-u1 s/n: CPP-5655455
Crystal Caliburn Pinball : s/n: 9525CCW102365-U1
Crystal FTP v1.0 : Name: qua8SIXhqua8SIXh s/n: 000701233100000000000000000701233100000000000000000
Crystal FTP : Name: qua8SIXhqua8SIXh s/n: 000701233100000000000000000701233100000000000000000
Crystal Graphics Flying Fonts v2.0 : s/n: RB10-0140-1022 or s/n: RB10-0140-1023 or s/n: RB10-0140-1104
Crystal Lake Casino v1.0 : Name: ZiuHu/TEX99 s/n: 704011 or Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 768012
Crystal Reports v7.0 Pro : Key: 70001 1110661 s/n: 1231467890
CS Desktop Notes v1.0 : Name: The Keyboard Caper s/n: F3B6265F or Name: tKC/CiA '98 s/n: E6D5FF09
CS Scribbler 98 v1.0 : Name: IBH-RiP [tNO] s/n: B73080S994LoP203
CS Scribbler 98 v1.1.3 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 076259y295MRLa3E
CS Scribbler 98 v1.1.4 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: F5fd2c8FK29oM20C License: Single User License
CS Scribbler 98 v1.5 : License: Single Name: Hambo/CORE s/n: 02208E7804M38y4g or License: Site License Name: Hambo/CORE s/n: Uj5q7946jKc9N445 or License: World-Wide Licence Name: Hambo/CORE s/n: 33ne57FvAIs0qX4N
CS Scribbler 98 v1.6 : Name: pSi/[CORE] s/n: 02630B9L38nxn678 License: world-wide license Licenses: 1
CS1x Edit v1.23a : Name: MisterE[iNSiDE] s/n: $5D564B7B
CSE HTML Validator v2.01a : Company: TheForceTeam s/n: 5MlRd58l8CKT
CSE HTML Validator v2.52 : Name: CORE/ITR s/n: M8RbMgg7
CSE HTML Validator v2.54 : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: NK73RTqQb5A8
CSE HTML Validator v2.55 : Name: Black Thorne [PC 98] s/n: NCY8eT5WdMPb
CSE HTML Validator v3.0 : Name: fallen s/n: 10915996
CSE HTML Validator v3.04 : Name: eXzibiT GLoW s/n: 19928391
CSE HTML Validator v3.05 : Name: johnbar99 s/n: 93982778 or Name: Hawk2000 [4110] s/n: 10244716
CSE HTML Validator v4.0 : Name: CHZHY.126.COM Key: 702687845 Pin: 4066
CSGWorks The Company Phonelist v2.0 : s/n: 98052500110
CStar v2.0 : s/n: 4690289681360
CT HotSpot98 v1.0 : Name: MoWAX [Nobliege] s/n: 1722541(ccL)
CT Winsock Swapper v1.2 : Name: knoweffex bond s/n: 2843,PBS,7*
CTMailer v1.50 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: 11604-9926-1778 or Name: PhrozenCrew s/n: 8162-8146-116
CTMailer v1.52 : Name: Level4 s/n: 5949-5562-487
CTMailer v1.55 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: 10692-9324-1468
CTRIS 2000 v1.0 : Name: CoKe99 s/n: 21247034 or Name: The Exterminators s/n: 11383478
Cuballz v1.0 : Password: sawake
Cubase VST v3.553 : AudioXT: 110000000 Score: 070000000
Cube-IQ v1.6 : s/n: 5A9EACD6GD7BEFG
CuChat v1.3 : s/n: 4ca50b5cb5/2b8
CULT3D Exporter v1.02 : Name: ivan Company: PWA s/n: 6WJ2XTB4EGJDRUFPC81NRRB3T9
Cumberland Diary v1.60 : s/n: NOGCDW-11505769
Cumberland Family Tree v2.31x : s/n: BRCFTW-45879822
Cumberland Family Tree v2.32x : s/n: CFTWNF-19531636
CuneiForm 97 v3.1 : Name: Guess Who? Company: Cracks 'R' Us s/n: 130-8D73-0720-CE60-0F52-07AA Code: 0073884681
CuneiForm 97 v4.0 : s/n: 57057899
CuneiForm OCR v1.20 : s/n: 230494CLC31L
CuneiForm OCR v1.22 : s/n: CRE075122-NET
Cursor Maker v0.3 : s/n: 111062
CURT Target Practice Computer v2.0.0a7 : s/n: SFAB-1296
Curve Plots v2.11 : Name: iTR97 Company: CORE s/n: QJB2mhNdEJ
CU-SeeMe v2.0 : s/n: DCNE-0110-0ML4-KJCD
CU-SeeMe v2.02 : s/n: SCNE-O11B-OCSM-A3CL
CU-SeeMe v2.1.1 : s/n: SCBE-011Y-026T-6XCZ
CU-SeeMe v3.11.16 : Name: (Anything) Company: PREMiERE Email: (Anything) s/n: SCBPD-LGANG-ACDAC-TACHN-GKLEJ
CU-SeeMe : s/n: SCNE-011Y-04GN-20CL
Custom Form Border ActiveX : Name: Lucifuge Rofocale [Weapon] s/n: 666666666666666644F4D8CF
Custom Form Shape Control v1.05 : Name: Lucifuge Rofocale [Weapon] s/n: 666666666666666644F456CF
Custom Title Control v1.0 : Name: Lucifuge Rofocale [Weapon] s/n: 6666666666666666457A56CF
Customizer v1.1.30 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: 408F9D479C228FF6331451422A1D1495D014B
Customware Music Manager v3.0 : Name: Radium Company: Radium s/n: BEV92197IS
Cute DB Explorer v2.0 : s/n: 5E456F46 B690 11D0 A14E 446374000000
CuteFX v1.0 : Ctrl+R in the main screen and enter: Name: Versus 1998 s/n: 11307
CutePage CoolButton v1.0 : Name: Sickie [TbC] s/n: AED5D1359FBADF8D or Email: s/n: 93FF363230BB40FE
CutePage CoolButton v1.5 : Name: phase s/n: 3324C1C18BAF4EF3
CutePage CoolMenu v2.1 : Name: Sickie [TbC] s/n: B245464C72E5FBD8 or Email: s/n: 131C269688D144D1
CutePage CoolMenu v2.5 : Name: TORN@DO '99 [ECLiPSE] s/n: 6AD2C6353BD6C0E9
CutePage CoolText v1.1 : Name: Sickie [TbC] s/n: 0D3571899721F934 or Email: s/n: 5EAC43C50BDFD115
CutePage SlidingMenu v1.1 : Email: s/n: 618B021F6BC91CC3
CutePage SlideMenu v1.5 : Name: Orion s/n: 91FB4EB3B5BA7C79
Cutter-Joiner v2.1 : s/n: 709258910501375
Cyber Info Email Notify v3.75a : Name: Warp98 s/n: 3456265326
Cyber Info Email Notify v4.0d : Name: Sherman Code: Shermay Password: 2017216398869967
Cyber Lom CD Player Gold v1.8 : s/n: BEE-300-272302
Cyber Marketeer's Companion v1.1 : Name: (Anything) Email: s/n: 467783081113
Cyber Presence 2000 v1.01 : s/n: 2739688371846390349
Cyber Presence 2000 v2.10 : Enter the following code at the startup screen: Code: 105656321033090028 Then click on REGISTER menu and enter the following: Code: 1683-23234500-25
Cyber Snoop v3.0 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 20-1005-96
Cyber Snoop Pro v3.0 : s/n: 12116741 Key: 0261-4575
CyberCom v1.00 : (Cyber.exe /R) Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 170169191160190187183186
CyberCom v1.60 : (Cyber.exe /R) Name: THe aNGRy youTh s/n: 70715199475842386091505467317934
Cyber-Info Email Notify v3.63 : Name: scut / blz s/n: 22674
Cyber-Info Email Notify v3.70 : Name: jD [dSi] s/n: 4314584415
Cyber-Info Email Notify v3.78 : Name: TheDon s/n: 3573271136
Cyber-Info Email Notify v3.85 : Name: fallen s/n: 3613774769
Cyber-Info Email Notify v4.0 : Name: HaRlEM Key: 32806 Password: 2017265898870312
Cyber-Info Email Notify v4.51 : Name: CZY Key: 22444 Password: 2017242798869737
Cyber-Info Email Notify v4.52 : Name: mojado Key: 34162 Password: 2017222998869599 or Name: CZY Key: 22444 Password: 2017242798869737
Cyber Info Email Notify v4.56 : Name: CZY Key: 22444 s/n: 2017242798869737
Cyber-Info Email Notify v4.66a : Name: Gordon Key: 34303 s/n: 2017180098868886
Cyber-Info WebMail Notify v2.75b : Name: L!M!T s/n: 2234345856
Cyberlink Linktel v3.0b : s/n: MT2395E988975311
Cyberlink MediaShow v1.0 : Name: Donald Sample s/n: PM6849G191FG9423 Certificate: 1068000000339686
Cyberlink PowerDVD v1.2 : s/n: MV09868G44521430
CyberMotion XL v2.02 : Name: PRMPRM s/n: 267945
CyberOffice 98 : Name: (Anything) Company: (Anything) s/n: CYBOFF-12-8919982334-98
Cybersource Scryptable Telnet v0.9.5 Beta : s/n: 3528700000
CyberSpyder Link Test v2.1 : Name: Dolores Cansler s/n: 88DED8DEE4CAE64086C2DCE6D8CAE4
CyberSpyder Link Test v2.1.4 : Name: Terry Sutherland Key: 1200513 s/n: 121301
CyberSpyder Link Test v2.16 : Name: PEEAREHMM Key: 660999 s/n: 674933
CyberTime v4.1 : RegNum: 12345 Key: 12102
Cyclanoid v3.2 : s/n: QR53922921FV58978998
Cyclanoid v3.4 : s/n: QR99108898FV89594054
Cycode v4.0.23 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 7824DC
Cygnus Source Navigator v4.1 : s/n: NS-100-000-074 Key: F967-AEBD
Cypress LaunchPad v2.81 : Name: Linda Shepherd s/n: 6819-4318-2601
Cypress Warp v5.0 : s/n: 5740
Cypress Warp v5.1 : s/n: 1051
Car Organizer v3.5s : Name: BaMa/MANiFEST s/n: 372623444-471
Collectables Organizer v3.0s : Name: SiraX/[DNG98] s/n: 955417601-204
Collectables Organizer v3.5S : Name: TeamPGC s/n: 987090096-204

D.B. Express v1.50 : s/n: PE15003-1194
D`PEG Revision v3.03 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: DOB211817191816
Dabbler v1.0 : s/n: 5011380-8195
DacEasy v2 : s/n: 516296
DacEasy : s/n: WA1IB111835
DacEasy Accounting v4.1 : s/n: AC4IB226653
DacEasy Accounting with Payroll v4.1 : s/n: PR4IB246893
DacEasy Canadian v2.04 : Name: George Hiotis Company: HICAM s/n: 216721
DacEasy EIS v5.0 : s/n: EI50X101175
DaGesh v2.0c : s/n: 334 804 020 072 125
Daily PlanIT v1.0 : Key: 0901000901201482 s/n: 100A0090FX003020
Daisy Lite v4.11 : Name: SiraX, s/n: 12700381 (Note the comma at the end of the name!)
DameWare Active Component Pack 8 : s/n: 0399VJFRVR0ZqYXpoallXWT0
DameWare NTFS Security v1.4.0.6 : s/n: 0399OvSVR5eDhlNc3djVDU2Y2
DameWare Shares v1.4.1.2 : s/n: 0399dDSzcGZjdXc3NpC2hxNdm
Dana v1.02 : Name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: 0912-2349-A818
Dana v1.04 : Name: tHATDUDE! s/n: 0912-2349-A818
DancerDNA v1.1 : Lock: 91716 Code: nhp929216457ddna
Danere Style Maker v1.3 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: D4E39-DSM-4H1A9B71
Danere Style Maker v1.4 : Name: FALLEN s/n: -DSM-4H
Dan's Demo-It v1.0c : s/n: DIWO-50200977
DAO v3.3b : Name: Robert Herrin Company/Email: UnlockKey: e0ce4b5f-096070af-8d56ee9c-ea0b22e0 CheckKey: 0ac569bf-e9ae3bf0-84369e33-675dcc7c
DAO v3.4b : Name: blastsoft Company: blastsoft UnlockKey: cbba7d67-08ee8a7c-9dde9f2b-9bbdbd9b CheckKey: 5007c0fc-c354f71b-95301557-066322b0
DAO v3.5b : Name: wizdaz Company: [Warp] UnlockKey: 64D4FC9E-F1CAB7C7-C170B3A1-B73F2715 CheckKey: D3EBDB8B-951E4B59-30BA0466-764F94B4
DAO v3.5c : Name: Antichrist Svperstar Company: DK `98 UnlockKey: E938C257-0462C78D-1B3A1478-10E61C84 CheckKey: F9DEDED3-ED5A05DA-1F58D3F5-0BDC08FC
DAO v3.6b : Name: Regged Company/Email: UnlockKey: 1C68E62A-32E957E8-37D87862-7CC55C2C CheckKey: 60ADBA06-2E81B1C2-05312F8A-4B1D244E
DashO Obfuscation v1.2 : s/n: R1201-58042
DashO Pro Enterprise Edition v1.2 : s/n: R1201-47242
Data Access Tools v2.0a : s/n: 1F00028-01104360
Data Armour v1.1 : Fill in any personal info. Click on the option button and choose Pre/Manual Registration. Password: SIRAX/CORE Code1: Z4NT 39L9 TZ4K H84V FZW6 HST8 A222 2222 Code2: ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD AAE6 MPKT
Data Armour v1.2.1 : Name: Marian Lawless License: 1 Code: FA3A 336F 7179 79F3 320D 416A E540 4EE0
Data Armour v1.206 : Fill in any personal info. Click on the option button and choose Pre/Manual Registration. Password: SIRAX/CORE Code1: Z4NT 39L9 TZ4K H84V FZW6 HST8 A222 2222 Code2: ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD AAE6 MPKT
Data Detective PC Indexer v1.1 : Name: Pentium 1998 s/n: 425054001
Data Easy PC Business Suite v4.8 : s/n: 071120
Data Fit v6.1 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: FBPK-DVDH-MMCK-TSJD
Data Fortress v3.0 : Name: Kimberly Allen [] s/n: t0o8waMpjerUmMkRG1aoSpzJtMqQ0JHOn
Data Highway Light v1.81 : s/n: 6737169,142
Data Junction v4.1 : s/n: 12345678
Data Junction v5.0 : s/n: 93-1207-000398
Data Junction v6.5 : s/n: W406-999999 Key: gdgpde+dd8drdDdLJ
Data Loader v3.4 : Password: PAWN2Q4
Data Lock 98 : Name: draXXter Company: Faith2000 s/n: 1261-4114-2130-1271
Data Management System v1.0.0 : Name: KCDR0J580V8 s/n: 5672
Data Migrator v2.53 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 13459780831
Data Pick v2.05 : s/n: DATPK:INSIDE
Data Safe v1.29 : Name: p00p tERTz Company: SPYDER! s/n: 5905119
Data Widgets v3.01 : s/n: 01A0002-7142722
Data Widgets v3.10 : s/n: 01A0002-7142722
Data Widgets v3.11 : s/n: 0430-0200002-5607765
Database Browser Plus v2.1 : enter under [Compatibility] in win.ini "DBPLUS=0x1382"
Database Scanner v2.1 : Choose DEM during setup. In the Options dialog, enter the following serials at the appropriate tab with button "Add Licenses". Each adds 1,000 licenses. MicrosoftSQL: 000000qqqqqqAAAAAAqqpqqq Oracle: 000000qqqqqqAAAAAApqpqqq Sybase: 000000qqqqqqAAAAAAxqpq
DataBoss v1.01 : s/n: 94-0202-000361
DataCAD Estimator v4.2 : s/n: 5401-1092
DataCAD Professional v5.05 : s/n: DC50C-8298
DataCom 2000 : Name: VERSUS Company: VERSUS98 s/n: SDC710490.1 Key: 198336007 829125 7069614
DataDesk v5.0 : Tip: Accepts any hex number between 1 and FFFFFFFF (inclusive) as a SN.
DataDirect Connect OLE DB v2.1 : s/n: 110000154490 Key: 25120316
DataFit v4.1.19 : Name: lxpc97 2d: 2766988 3d: 7503066
DataFit v5.0 : Name: jog [DNG] 2d: OYGR-HOOG-OLGU-VDFL 3d: PXHD-VIJK-CMLZ-YESE
DataFit v6.0 : Name: Prophecy s/n: IMYH-QRQN-PHWN-CUPJ
DataGrip v2.0 : Password: redale
DataGrip : FirstName: Pamela LastName: Bert s/n: J6AEYJY
DataGrip Xtra v1.1 : Name: Anne Misiaszek s/n: GCFJ5MK
DataGrip Xtra : FirstName: Anne LastName: Misiaszek s/n: GCFJ5MK
DataLink v2.05 : s/n: 25-400874885
DataList v1.1k : s/n: 610446081362
DataLoader : Password: PAWN2Q4
Datalock 98 v1.07 : Name: Hamst [GGC] s/n: 9812-0125-9613-9102
DataMagiX Professional Data Class Builder v1.10 : s/n: 4243-5244-2135-4476
DataMaker v2.0 : s/n: 104010201F6
DataMask v1.00h : Name: (Anything) Company: (Anything) s/n: 110288833580
DataMask v1.1j : s/n: 910326106016
DataMiner 3D for Access v1.2 : s/n: 391e80yC4008
DataMiner 3D for Excel v1.2 : s/n: 64C0606NMUB0
DataSaver Personal BackUp v2.0.2 : Name: Brent Barrow s/n: EDSW10008 or s/n: EDSW10010
DataTree v1.1g : s/n: 910326106016
DataView v1.00f : Name/Company: (Anything) Key: 110288833580
Date v4.20 : s/n: 5884074
Date Mind v1.2 : Name: fallen s/n: 0011445
Datebook Pro and TouchBase Pro : s/n: xxR79J4Y6J257ZM5 or s/n: xxLA974R6J29IH0T or s/n: xx8S9Z4C6-2IO9O0 or s/n: xxKM9K4Y6V2P-LBM
Datei Splitter v1.06 : Name: pma[4110] s/n: 291172291172
Datman-95 Professional v9.14.5 : s/n: 37-7919-9052 Key: 36-0710-1480
David v5.11 : System: 7890001234560005069023 1User: 7001710000000006668541 or 7002610000000006868548 or 7003510000000006668541 5User: 7001020000000008568550 or 7002110000000005968558 or 7003000000000001068553 25User: 7001100000000007268560 or 7002400000000005668562
Davids BackGammon v2.6.5d : Name: dustie s/n: hmg
DaVinci E-mail v2.52 : s/n: 52XVD-GBEUP-6BP3A
Dawson's Creek Screen Saver : s/n: daw99
DayByDay v1.3 : hold (SHIFT-F10) note number hold (SHIFT -Fx) (x= current day: 1 Sunday, 2 Monday etc)
Daymaker v3.0.3 : s/n: 0148D-0F68F9-1F100 or s/n: 0349-13D8B8-F5000 or s/n: 03409-13D8B8-F5000
Day-Timer v2.0 : s/n: 720003976
Day-Timer Organizer v1.0 : s/n: 710000000 or s/n: 710000006
Day-Timer Organizer v2.0 : s/n: 720100000
DayToday v1.0 build 20 : s/n: 88-1412345
DAZzle Plus v2.1 : s/n: DP940235
DAZzle Plus v2.1b : s/n: 1234567 or s/n: 0503600
DBA Assist v5.0 : Password: blue10
DB SQL Assist v1.04 : s/n: 5259582470TPS-67-OE3
DB SQL Assist v2.00 : s/n: 525958247TPS-67-E3
DB2 Access Library for DBTools.h++ v3.1.1 : s/n: 34108-09-001009
DB2 Universal Database v5.2 : s/n: 1200-132132
dBase III Plus : s/n: 3745331-26
dBase IV v1.1 : s/n: TA711C10144812
dBase IV v1.5 : s/n: WA711C10152190
dBase IV v2.0 : s/n: WA712C50000000 or s/n: WA712C57115526 or s/n: WA712C52371842
dBase IV v2.0 NL : s/n: WA712C50000000
dBase IV v2.0+2 : s/n: KD712AA0000005 or s/n: KD712AA3592682 or s/n: KD712AA0326617
dBase IV v2.02 : s/n: IA712A10518133 or s/n: IA712A11127357 or s/n: IA712A10805255
dBase IV v5.0 : s/n: DA712A1047458
dBase V v1.0 : s/n: DA712A10474589 or s/n: DA712A10497458 or s/n: DA712A10307433
DbCAD dev v1.5 : DLL: Key: AKZX3VDXO8C83VG762RY-253 s/n: pd15991002 OCX/ActiveX: Key: AKOG3VDXO8C83VG7KG3M-272 s/n: po15991028
DBCompare v1.0.16 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 686667666582
DB-CONNECTOR : WinNT: *$nD#IUC2jT+4 Win95: *$nD#IUC2j*90 Code: C0000003
DBDiff v1.0 : s/n: 391-4582-6012-9851
DBDIff v3.2 : s/n: 673-1436-9412-5641
DBDiff v3.3 : s/n: 783-3894-2767-3026
DBDiff v3.4 : s/n: 730-6623-3594-3668
DBLock v1.3 : s/n: Jepulis
DBMail v1.32 : s/n: 1111889198
DBOrganizer v3.2.137 : Name: SiraX Company: DNG s/n: O332-6416-5602-3707
DBOrganizer Deluxe v1.1 : Name: paulux [LAXiTY] s/n: 292162500-731
DBSchemaExplorer v1.0 : s/n: 537-5124-1819-2793
DBScripter v3.1 : s/n: 609-9597-1976-6310
DBSearch v2.1 : s/n: 473-6968-1464-7407
DBSearch v2.3 : s/n: 677-4627-1133-6799
DBToVB Wizard v1.1.05 : s/n: Kekkonen
DBWeb v1.0 : s/n: 02-96-98
DCC Pro v3.02 : s/n: 267109015
DCC Pro v4.0 : (DC.exe /R) Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 0194750450 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 0253483663
DCD Net Submitter Pro v1.5.25 : s/n: AATKP63ADP59S8A
DCLW : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbsName: G!$ s/n: 329753 or Name: TeLLeRBoP bbsName: G!$ s/n: 112076 .
DDClip : Name: Iceman Address: United Cracking Force s/n: 719576921 or Name: iCEMAN SuCFC Address: s/n: 1581343968
DDF Editor for Btrieve v1.52 : Name/Company: EViL '99 s/n: 23126
Death Masters v1.02 : bbs: G.!.$ Code: 0082263134125411 s/n: 0408028183
DeBabelizer v1.6.x : s/n: -9980-700087-963639 or s/n: -4540-609699-575364 or s/n: -4010-503318-842332
DeBabelizer Pro v4.5.1 : s/n: nuqaj-2slkp2-r7wkd8 or s/n: 72854-532757-234223
DeBoard v1.6.1.981 : Name: BerSerkA s/n: 4CC3FD29
Debt Blaster v3.0 : Code: FMEZSBSFZR s/n: HZWUCJXYUC
Debt Freedom Calculator v3.5 : s/n: 314
Deck II v2.5 : s/n: 33025-0008-1201-46401
DecoTech Designer v5.62 : s/n: DD110003560 RegNum: 3936391496
Deep Attack v98.02.09 : Code: CG95072
Deep Paint v1.0b : Name: Deep Paint s/n: DP100-AD-0003758
Deepsky 97 v6.02.0.4 : s/n: 091265
Deepsky 98 v1.03 : s/n: 082870
Deepsky 98 v1.2 Beta : Deepsky97: 091265 Deepsky98: 082870
Deepsky 98 : s/n: 082870
Deepsky 99 v1.0.0 : s/n: 6087528366
Deepsky 99 v1.1.1 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: RWS-65728-PTVGU-Dl8AX
Deepsky 99 v1.3.1 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies of Warez\GLoW s/n: RWS-72738-ZSNQG-Ln8YV
Deepsky 99 v2.01 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: RWS-76648-VYSHJ-DD8ZP
Deepsky 99 v2.08 : Name: EzD s/n: RWS-79648-ATQQh-NG8WY
Deepsky 99 v2.1.26 : Name: ORION TEAM s/n: RWS-64798-ZQWYh-Dl9WT
Deepsky 99 v2.14 : s/n: 6087528366
Deepsky 99 v2.37 : Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: RWS-75758-USNQq-LD8AV
Deepsky Millenium v1.0.15 : Name: ORION TEAM s/n: RWS-64798-ZQWYh-Dl9WT
Defect Manager v4.0d : s/n: 4050603 Code: 1356-3940-2467-9828-4063
De-Jumble v1.2 : s/n: 454434343899
Deleter v2.2 : bbs: Me! s/n: 0082263134248005
Deletor v2.0 : s/n: 16193007-03010800
Deletor v2.2 : s/n: 00000000-00004655
Deletor v2.2a : s/n: 16193007-03010800
Deliverance v1.0 : s/n: 51244-442657-100016
Delora WebFiler v1.0 : s/n: 8856F961340A11D0 Code: EAB22AC330C11CFA
Delphi 3.0 Package Loader v1.00.04 : Name: Mad Jester s/n: S098D3PKG372M143
Delphi Standard v4.0 : s/n: 100-003-4481 Key: 75x2-5fx0
Delrina CommSuite 95 : s/n: 7000-7166-2080 or s/n: 7020-2175-6499
Delrina CyberJack v7.0 : s/n: 1321-2123-7176 or s/n: 7000-7166-2080
Delrina Preform v1.0 : s/n: 2201-8201-1029
Delrina Wincomm Pro v1.1 : s/n: 37Z59J
Delta Graph v4.04 : s/n: R000000000174014 Key: C0-E8-F2
Delta Graph Pro v3.5 : s/n: MUU35-0827-3837184026
Delta Graph Pro v4.0 : s/n: MUE40-0326-1631366984
Deluxe Property Manager : s/n: 52630
Dema Post It Professional v3.0.0 : Name: Vizion/CORE s/n: 032312796
Demented II v0.99 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 0c516363af391fac4bd5826941ed7de3
Demo Maker v2.0 : s/n: 32-1123 Key: 2412 or s/n: 32-3333 Key: 2622 or s/n: 32-8710 Key: 2999
Demo Maker vx.x : (edit DEMOMAKE.key) line1: 30-1123 line2: 182220 line3: (your Name)
Demo Workshop : Name: Okware s/n: 0AQ6M5RBRATPN8HN64K05I
DemoShield v5.4 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 93257-18952-45361-1
DemoShield v5.41 : s/n: DDFFF8-0540-A9885001703
DemoShield v6.0 : Password/s/n: Vulcan
DemoShield Enhancement Pack 1 v5.3 : Password: SiRaX;
Demoslide v1.0 : s/n: 683410
Demoslide v2.0 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: 206491
Deneba's Canvas : s/n: 450059719
Deneba's Canvas : s/n: 450059719
Depleter v2.2 : Name: TwinHead [uCF] !96 s/n: 46203
DepList v1.0 : s/n: 9956898
Desertware Mine Field v1.0 : s/n: 741-NVMLA-8394
Design Estimator : s/n: 5055-2897
Design Express v1.14 : Name: int69 s/n: RQMAY
Design Express Label v1.14 : Name: RRP-Fans s/n: ZQEXORC
Design Intelligence Ipublish v2.02 : s/n: 0123-456-789-0000id
Design View v3.01 : s/n: 73010358
Design Works v3.14 : s/n: CVFC X9AF VA1J X5KA 95TL
Design Works Lite v4.0 : s/n: PSP6564KS53DN5T
Designer CAD v5.0 : s/n: 1005-1684-7282
Designer CAD v7.0 : s/n: 3502-0557-8148
Designer CAD 3D v8.0 : s/n: 6504 0024 1945
Desk At Will v2.65 : s/n: 0000100123 Code: D69D-A2A2-AAA8-B384-A083-95EF-37C88
Desk At Will v2.68.539 : s/n: 0000100123 Code: D69D-A2A2-AAA8-B384-A083-95EF-37C88
Desk Drop v1.0b : Name: DSG TeAM s/n: 3578$21
Desk Lock 98 ActiveX v1.0 : s/n: 311051 To enter the registration info, load the activex component into an environment such as vb, then click on "ABOUT" property.
Desk Pad 98 v1.50 : Name: Team PGC s/n: 1452557 or Name: Black Thorne [PC 98] s/n: 1463634
Deskbar : Name: brainski Company: RaGe s/n: 12E1FE83-0123
DeskMan v1.1 : Name: Fluke s/n: 7BWW1
DeskMan v1.3 : s/n: CC0SU
Desks At Will v2.66.516 : Name: kaN[LSD] s/n: 38b66dcb66d54be845e83b43ub5f6
DeskShow v1.5 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 131987
DeskShow v2.01 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 244663 or Name: ZiuHu/TEX99 s/n: 122499
DeskTool v2.20 : s/n: KJBSC87293
DeskTool v2.25 : s/n: 83X24X8346
DeskTop v4.0 : s/n: 06412
Desktop Cardfile v3.26 : s/n: DCF-6010
Desktop Deluxe v1.0 : Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 7050
Desktop Detective v1.0 : s/n: 10969121722008
Desktop Forcast v1.2.2 : s/n: DF-3010
Desktop Forecast v1.23 : s/n: DF-3013
Desktop Frames v1.01 : s/n: j5H3pW3011
Desktop Genie v1.0 : s/n: SKE47323SJW3DWA
Desktop Goodies v4.1 : Name: (Anything) Company: (Anything) s/n: 127499
Desktop Goodies v5.0 : Name: DSi TeAM Company: DSi s/n: 127603
Desktop Maid v2.2a : Name: KiLLa [CoRE] s/n: 1E473C23
Desktop Notes II v2.0.6 : Password: FullColorAudio
Desktop Plus v1.01 : Name: ivan Company: Dark Side Inc s/n: 7D4F-7638-657C-7635 or Name: Neur0n Company: FALLEN98 s/n: 4D77-7907-7148-5643
Desktop Server 98 v1.0.0.13 : s/n: Vizion/CORE Key: $20B56A81
Desktop Server 98 v1.0.0.34 : s/n: mRFANATIc [DSi] Key: $1811190E or s/n: mRFANATIc [DSi] Key: $72382AC8
Desktop Super Server v1.3 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 018500570139015902390027011602100196005200580047
Desktop Surveillance v2.51b : Name: MANIFEST s/n: ODS00473564902907RPH
Desktop Surveillance v2.5c : Key: ODS120056009SCC1000EQS17000GX
Desktop Surveillance 97 v2.12 : Key: ODS28409168125613PR411
Desktop Surveillance 97 v2.4 : Key: ODS28409168125613PR411 s/n: ODSdjjdjdjd
Desktop Surveillance 97 v2.5 : Key: ODS28409168125613PR411
Desktop Surveillance 98 v2.51c : Name: MANIFEST Key: ODS00473564902907RPH
Desktop Surveillance 98 v2.5f : Key: ODS120056009SCC1000EQS17000GX
Desktop Surveillance 98 v2.5h : Name: Versus Key: ODS120056009SCC1000EQS17000GX
Desktop Tag v1.00 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: G2048512
Desktop Themes v1.74 : Name: mRFANATIc [VERSUS] s/n: 2107355967
Desktop Themes v1.85 : Name: draXXter s/n: 2107358982
Desktop To Go v2.502 : RegNum: 823064-8911 s/n: M88F-0C08KKQCF9F9-Q504 (If you change -Q504 to -Q578 you get 29700 days for the downloadable version)
Desktop Twister v1.50b : Name: pma[4110] s/n: SAZOPIXA
DeskTop WinNT Tips v1.0 : Name: The Exterminators s/n: 65D04302
DeskWatch v1.0 : Name: Bisoux s/n: DW98-96127-12512-011
DeskWatch v3.0 : Name: pHASE s/n: DW99-79879-26984-951
DesqView v2.34 : s/n: 047-A74473
DesqView v2.40 : s/n: 111-XQ-9999 or s/n: 300-XQ-3003 or s/n: 201-XQ-9999 or s/n: 000-XQ-0009
DesqView v2.61 : s/n: 000-19T-83189
DesqView v2.7 : s/n: 114-22H-28256
DesqView /X v2.0 : s/n: 000-15X-011980 or s/n: 048-X5X-40638 or s/n: 323-X5X-63318
DesqView /X v2.0 : s/n: 000-15X-011980
DesqView /X v2.1 : s/n: 100-16X-41940
DesqView /X NetWork Manager v1.1 : s/n: 003-V1-3616 or s/n: 111-V1-9007 or s/n: 201-V1-3102
DesqView /X Network Manager v1.1 : s/n: 003-V1-3616
DesqView /X OSF/Motif : s/n: 002-R1-1583 or s/n: 101-R1-6009 or s/n: 906-R1-0002
DesqView 386 v2.6 : s/n: 000-12H-83189 or s/n: 000-12H-01198 or s/n: 001-12H-72414 or s/n: 001-32H-72414
DesqView 386 v2.61 : s/n: 000-15X-011980
DesqView 386 v2.7 : s/n: 114-23H-28256 or s/n: 103-23H-90808 or s/n: 102-13H-08044
DesqView 386 v2.8 : s/n: 114-28W-28256 or s/n: 103-28W-90808 or s/n: 102-18W-08044
DesqView 386 : s/n: 001-32H-72414
Detailer v1.0 : s/n: VW100RAZ0001436-CVMT-001 (Case sensitive)
Detective v1.0.0 : Name: Chafe/TEX99 s/n: DBODOULI
Dev Partner Studio v6.0 : s/n: 4800-1234b3-73
Dev Partner for Visual Basic v5.01 : s/n: 4502-7326CE-EC
DevSoft Internet Commece Kit ActiveX Edition v1.0 : s/n: DBM2-UFVE-RL0S-HA Key: 1UKA-OD5A-DEK2-44HC
DGNLink v5.0.28 : s/n: DBD502004
DGPlayer 95 v2.86 : Name: UNICITY s/n: DGP95-43927
Diaggle v1.1b : Name: DSG TeAM s/n: 25$26$81
DiagnoSYS v1.0 : s/n: B102131444366
Dialer 2000 v1.2 : s/n: 07-11698-053
Dialer 2000 v1.31b : s/n: 07-121198-342
Dialog v5.0.7b : Name: William S. Farmer s/n: 14245-94161-41554-81825
Dialog v5.0.7c : Name: J.t. Cantley s/n: 08226-07072-71855-10414
Dialog v6.03 : Name: Eddie Hooper s/n: 08175-99191-92155-41408
Dialog Manager v2.03 : Name: Elizabeth Ohlig Code: 1984492445 s/n: 202001010101
DialUp Controller v1.5 : Name: Delphic Company: Delphic Inc s/n: DUC15-7540875-57585279
DialUp Controller v1.52 : Name: TheDon Company: [Fluke] s/n: DUC15-6624150-05070578
DialUp Controller v1.53 : Name: ind Company: ind s/n: DUC15-3742600-00300675
DialUp Controller v1.60 : Name: Black Thorne Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: DUC15-9390300-00050017
Dial-Up Magic v1.0 : s/n: 09390915437
Dial-Up Magic v1.3 : Name: Registered s/n: 1045930556
Dial-Up Magic v1.6.0 : Name: CORE/ITR s/n: 0580205984
Dial-Up Magic v1.7 : Name: Krogar [DSi] s/n: 1061522191
Dial-Up Magic v1.7.0 (Build 115) : Name: Nobody s/n: 1041621899
DiaShow FX v1.0 : Name: Zero [G C K] s/n: 1173-11040-1950
Dice! 10000 v1.04 : Name: DSG s/n: 82613
Dice! Meier v1.0 : Name: DSG s/n: 107700
DiceDeluxe v1.0 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: 457552
Dicom Eye v2.33b : Name: Rezel [iNSiDE] s/n: 15BAADB6BAB1
Dicom Access v1.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 2387734838-REG-12345-123456
Dictionary v3.2 : Name: dustie Company: blizzard 1998 s/n: WD3.2-19409-4048
Diffondi v3.0 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] Email: somewhere@orbit.orb Type: Ultrawide s/n: 0B9A73D64F69E8EB6EFD8825
Diffusion Fax Enterprise Edition v1.30.0102 : Name: (Anything) Company: PGC 1Line: 813827913 2Lines: 807345360 4Lines: 801396970 8Lines: 559407844
Digi Grabber : s/n: 6776-3647-1143-4455
Digiband Radio v3.30 : Name: akihiko yamaguchi s/n: 4876
Digiband Radio v4.0.3 : Name: Warp s/n: 920
DigiDay Clock v1.6 : s/n: 6792 *by romeo '97*
DigiGrabber : s/n: 6776-3647-1143-4455
DigiLock v1.2a : s/n: 1235
DigiPhone v1.01 : s/n: 1005902102952446 or s/n: 1006201153977119
Digital Array Visualizer v1.0 : s/n: 33206-000-0008565-00007
Digital Atmosphere v2.1 : s/n: 489-163-187 Key: 3-4231-59-56
Digital Input Noise Reduction DINR v1.0 : s/n: yj9660mkk236
Digital Loca Lite v1.0E : s/n: DLE-L9284755164DD
Digital Mail 98 v2.7 : s/n: 54158245261251
Digital Vision DSP-150 : Name: Jake UCF s/n: 64172107226611683717971167190
Digital Visual Fortran Professional v6.0 : s/n: 33206-000-0008565-00007
DigiTrax v1.2 : s/n: ALS4312536 ALS4312135
DIJI Album v1.02 : Name: freeware576 s/n: DJA133005725101F73E18BE7J
Dilbert Screen Saver : s/n: 5180-6344-1654
Dilbert ScreenSaver Collection : s/n: 4556-3654-5640
Diligence Encounter 2000 : Name: Rayden [C.i.A] s/n: qzxcd
Dillobits InSync v2.0 : Name: Tim Sellers s/n: LB6BKVACNLBFCUHE
Dimensions v2.0 : s/n: DAW100R3100720-191 or s/n: DAW200U3200000-109 or s/n: DAW200U3200001-742
Dimensions v3.0 : s/n: DJW300R7101786-723
Dinosaur v1.0 : s/n: A1-1758154924821-64
Dir Lister v2.1 : s/n: PoTXX:)-~
Direct Sound v3.0 : s/n: 50011-99801-18113-80175-4263
DirectFTP v1.0 : Name: Dynamite'98 [CRYSTAL] s/n: 821085468
DirectNet v1.2 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 19772-175382-2727-1324
Director v4.0 : s/n: DRW400-1895-9074-2077 or s/n: DRW400-9811-4074-3073
Director v4.0 : s/n: DRW400-1895-9074-2077
Director v5.0 : s/n: DRM500-53375-57072-29379 or s/n: DRM500-57179-17072-29377
Director v6.0 : s/n: DRW500-02276-27087-35455 or s/n: DRW600-09377-77068-20461
Director v6.5 : s/n: DRW600-09377-77068-20461
Director v8.0 : s/n: DRW600-09377-77068-20461
Director Academic v4.0 : s/n: DRW404-0429-1085-7007
Director Academic v4.0 : s/n: DRW404-0429-1085-7007
Director Shockwave Internet Studio v7.0 : Name: THE CORPORATiON s/n: DRW700-21771-30388-40404
Director Upgrade v7.0.2 : s/n: WDW700-04074-07099-20430
Directory v1.1 : Name: Delphic s/n: 634396917
Directory Catalog v2.0 : start REGEDIT.EXE Goto Hkey_CURRENT_USER\Software\BarnStormer Software\Directory Catalog make a new string value called 'InstallDate'. Modify to '11:22:1997' Make 'RegisteredTo' string. Modify to '^PAIN^ '98' Make 'RegistrationCode' string. Modify to '1D5
Directory Compare v1.4 : s/n: 8236415
Directory File Manager v1.7.1 : s/n: 656453321987126
Directory Monitor v4.02 : s/n: 7228D2392D00
Directory Monitor v4.03 : s/n: 21B9FA5CBE00
Directory Printer v2.4 : s/n: 2618572
Directory Printer v2.6 : s/n: 2618572
Directory Printer Pro v2.1b : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 536415266
Directory Replicator v1.1 : Name: KAC Email: s/n: 3750-6534
DirPrint v3.0.13 : s/n: ABC12D51
DirPrint v3.5.24 : s/n: EDB891E0
Disappear v2.0 : s/n: 110396
Disappear 98 v3.0 : s/n: 987465
Disaster Recovery v2.0 : s/n: MMWT4-X14CW-XW9WM-R7IWJ
Disaster Recovery v2.0 : s/n: 74035751
Disc Juggler v1.05.340 : s/n: CDJ-E7C8D0AC-FU
Disc Juggler v1.05.340 : s/n: CDJ-039934FD-FU
Disc Juggler v1.05.345 : s/n: CDJ-E7C8D0AC-FU
Disc Juggler v1.05.393 : s/n: CDJ-039934FD-FU or s/n: CDJ-CBE0FC84-FU or s/n: CDJ-761C4178-F4
Disc Juggler v1.05.395 : s/n: CDJ-039934FD-FU
Disc Scanner v2.0 : Name: Arcane - CiA '99 s/n: 7748
DisCat 98 v1.2 : Name: CORE CMT Company: CORE s/n: DCT-96078
Disc-At-Once v2.10 : Name: ED!SON Company: [UCf/Xf] s/n: 601071078
DISCo Commander v4.1 : s/n: 85-A44QZLA4D7E6
DISCo Commander v4.2 : s/n: 27-8B02D058258C
DISCo Internet Pumper v2.0 : s/n: 12-ZPQPPDR7C759
Discover v1.2 : s/n: 1920eness
Discover v1.4 : Name: independent s/n: E9ED7B6FB7843E24
DiscPlayer v2.00 : Password: V2.0REGEON s/n: DP2-U123
DiscPlayer v3.2 : Password: SPP-30-DP32A17 s/n: DP3-1303
Discreet Logic Effect v2.1.1 Option 2 : s/n: CFB90-2345
Discreet Logic Paint v2.1.1 Option 2 : s/n: CFB90-23
Disk Accord v1.11(0.2) : Name: Warp98 s/n: 58214949
Disk Accord v1.14 : Name: terry graff s/n: 33181427
Disk Arella v3.0.8 : Name: Jupiter Company: DARKSTAR s/n: 82496-AL
Disk Cafe : s/n: DC000444B52 or s/n: DC000796A32
Disk Cats v1.6 : License: 16-CU79VQJ s/n: AMAL7NDBXQER4Y
Disk Cats v1.7 : License: 17-JSKGYUM s/n: 81080850370032
Disk CleanUp v3.1 : Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 3725920662
Disk CleanUp v3.2 : Name/Company: DeMoN s/n: 3730336881
Disk CleanUp v3.5 : Name: FoXCoRe Company: Ultra_Tech s/n: 3750427033
Disk CleanUp v3.6 : Name: AzzYRiAN Company: ODDiTY s/n: 3733472441
Disk Cover v2.02 : FirstName: Ryder LastName: H00k RegNum: MOPs9702012012121120 License: 12345678 Key: 11170
Disk Express II : s/n: JV103761 or s/n: JE103744 or s/n: JI103774 or s/n: JV103735 or s/n: JX103737 or s/n: JX103763 or s/n: JY103738 or s/n: JZ103739
Disk Factory v2.10j : Name: MiRaMaX [RBS] s/n: 24197-1339252807
Disk Management System v6.10 : s/n: 64232312 or s/n: 64242412
Disk Manager v6.03.05 : s/n: 18002629867
Disk Optimizer v1.01 : s/n: 11111111
DiskAccess : Name: Intergraph Evaluation Software s/n: Egymaq43003051
DiskArella v3.0 : Name: zaarnik Company: BLiZZARD s/n: 33044-ZA
DiskArella v3.10 : Name: Bisoux Company: KAC s/n: 82495-AL
DiskCopy v4.1 : Name: CORE/JES s/n: cTpA,1174
DiskCopy v4.2 : Name: KiLLa CoRE s/n: cTpA,1174
DiskCopy Fast v5.1 : (Edit your config.dcf) line1: $REGISTER line2: THE GUARDIAN ANGEL UEH0D_NLJfx
DiskCopy Fast v5.1 : (Put these lines in your config.dcf) line1: $REGISTER line2: XXX! ZgvDE_WJRrn
DiskDupe v5.0 : s/n: 030-219-788
DiskDupe Pro v1.0.3 : s/n: 1641882382 or s/n: 1800012382 or s/n: 0537912382
DiskDupe Pro v7.1 : s/n: 200-550-831 or s/n: 200-468-710
DiskMapper v2 beta 2 : s/n: mapnt325243
DiskMapper v2.1.1 : s/n: coolstuff872339
DiskMaster v1.0 : s/n: DMR100AAA00000043
DiskSpace Explorer v1.2 : Name: SWP '98 s/n: X8-26BD21014F7F9330Z
DiskTools Collection v3.x.y : s/n: DTC-03xy-013515798 or s/n: DTC-03xy-078005618 or s/n: DTC-03xy-442515138
Disktop v4.0 : s/n: 06412
Disktop v4.5.2 : s/n: 0065449 or s/n: 0065279
DiskTracker v1.0.3 : s/n: UKUYUSYOKE 'Anonymous'
DiskView v1.5 : s/n: 9876543I-8NEPZ0H9
Disney Screen Saver : s/n: DSW-91929-1488
DisPatch v1.0 : s/n: 100 3520 10180 or s/n: 100 7610 30040
Display Destroyer : s/n: 279_WN8Y754508 (ReName scr file to "DISPDEST.EXE /c")
Display Doctor v5.2 : Name: SCITECH s/n: 96089-AB95C66399089
Distinct FTP Client v1.1 : s/n: A00CNET010014445 Key: B6-F9-00
Distinct FTP Client ActiveX Component v3.1.1 : s/n: F-SiraX-DNG-1998 Key: 58-8A-A2
Distinct IntelliTerm v6.0 : s/n: A00CNET010013782 Key: 73-FF-B8
Distinct Mail ActiveX Component v3.1.1 : s/n: F-SiraX-DNG-1998 Key: 58-8A-A2
Distinct News ActiveX Component v3.1.1 : s/n: F-SiraX-DNG-1998 Key: 58-8A-A2
Distinct ONC RPC/XDR ToolKit v3.0 : s/n: I-SIRAX/[REVOLT] Key: D1-65-CA
Distinct RCP ActiveX Component v3.1.1 : s/n: F-SiraX-DNG-1998 Key: 58-8A-A2
Distinct TCP/IP v3.21 : s/n: AD00081094 Key: 78-17-DF or s/n: R00WELLF00 Key: F6-72-F2
Distinct Visual Internet Toolkit v4.0 : s/n: D123-SiraX-FCN98 Key: A8-EB-1D
Distributed Observer v6.0 : Observer: Name: Chafe Company: The Exterminators ID: 25632698 License: 12345678-41712292999 AdvancedProbe: ID: 12345678 License: 4245365
Ditto v1.0 : s/n: XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX (any numbers in this format)
Divine Mail v1.0 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 447631
DizCat v1.00 : Name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: DC29039743938-709
DizIt v1.6 : Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 156024 or Name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: 159864
DizIt Pro v1.3 : Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 489984
DizIt Pro v1.6 : Name: -- + TwinHead [TWH/BDC] + -- s/n: 489984
DizMan v1.20 : Name: A SiN Supporter bbs: A SiN BBS s/n: FC97B1D63C2BC984
Diz-Nfo Viewer v1.31 : s/n: 0689659150
Dizzy Just Another Yamb v2.1 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 437444437-WjV2-483V-HKHK
Dizzy Web Styler v1.0 : Name: SiraX/[DNG] s/n: 632739988
Dj MP3 v3.4 : Name: Laxity s/n: 20580521984
Dj MP3 Platinum v1.02 : Name: Bisoux Company: KAC s/n: 2068rNXTZ]
Dj MP3 v3.5 : Name: Regged [LXT] s/n: 35436617728
DL OnTime v1.1 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 822514337255
DL PageASchedule v2.0 : Name: Harlem s/n: 540200 or Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 844531183084
DLL Aide v1.11 : Name: TUC Company: PC99 s/n: 111-001-3333333333-4444444-014548 or Name: dustie of blizzard Company: blizzard s/n: 124-001-1612196932-3231342-015947
DLL Demon v1.0 : Name: BuLLeT Single: DSU100-8302-276 Site: DS74-5200-130
DLL Explorer v2.0 : License: CORE CMT Company: CORE s/n: 277079977112
DLL Explorer v2.2.1 : Name: n03l Company: Faith2000 Code: 851635353947
DLL Show v3.5 : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp s/n: 3711746301 or Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 3709176214
DLL Show v3.9 : Name: BuLLeT Company: CiA s/n: 3702837715
DLL Show v4.2 : Name: master skeve Company: InDependent Code: 3796524645
DLL Show v4.4 : Name: webmasta[ORiON] Company: ORiON99 s/n: 3782095793 or Name: [eGIS! '98] Company: UCF/PCE '98 s/n: 3743079544 or Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] Company: Whiskey kon Tekila s/n: 3914661188
DLSupCX v1.2 : Name: PGC 1998 s/n: 18465489307-4383930
DLTypes v1.3.2 : Name: synical s/n: 45837897
DLTypes v1.5.0 : Name: Smart User s/n: 65482710
DLTypes Manage File Types v1.0.9 : Name: escom/CORE s/n: 65482710
DMail Email Server v2.4i : Go to DPOP label and click on it. Locate the "send cmd" button and click it. In the popup menu locate "key - Load registration key" menuitem and click it and enter: s/n: 0000-0000-0000-0000-0000
DMKClip v1.2 : Name: djHD (c) DSi s/n: 18875-23870
DNotes ActiveX v1.02 : s/n: DX10-0002-00153 Key: F10664A4E11058
DNotes VCL v1.03 : s/n: DN10-0002-00145 Key: F10664A4E0016396
DNotes VCL v1.19 : s/n: DN10-0002-00131 Key: F10664A4E70A6C9F
DNS Expert v1.2 : s/n: DXPW-fnhb-aw3q-2cgb-su83
DNS Expert v1.3 : s/n: DXPW-4559-jr86-h969-zwiy
Doc Em v1.14 : s/n: FICAOjfk33
DocFather Applet Edition v2.21 : s/n: 543273015
DocFather Pro v2.1 : Applet: 137621095 Standalone: XWXacceR
DocFather Pro Java v2.20 : Applet: 137621095
DocFather Pro Standalone v2.20 : Standalone: XWXacceR
DocFather Standalone Edition v1.16 : s/n: ZYebVWRb
DocInstall v1.4 : Name: n03l Company: Faith2000 s/n: 53
DocKit v1.0 : s/n: d3dz26
DocMan v1.6 : s/n: IFNRUX
DocMan v2.4 : s/n: KNJRUT
DocMan/Master v0.9.990 : s/n: ajv1428ni
DOCmaster EDMS v1.5.125 : Name: admin s/n: 1234
DocSweep v3.0 : Name: vots n fjalar s/n: DSR7604V
Doc-To-Help v4.00 : s/n: sd2h40e00000044444
Documagix, Papermaster deluxe : s/n: PMDH-901149-2046J
Document Management Extensions for Microsoft Exchange v5.5 : s/n: superchargeddme55
Document VB v1.10 : s/n: 240700477
DocuMentor v1.3 : s/n: 17911021
Docuthek Document Imaging v5.4 : s/n: J40104742.46 Matt Kerchenfaut
Doghouse v1.2 : Name: Me s/n: JDHUD
Dogs of War v2.0 : Name: SteveHsu L: DWSTEVEHSU P: EQNNHLCFBK
Dogs of War v2.2 : s/n: DWANARKOKO Password: HBPXZKHWZK
Dogz v1.2 : s/n: 5505-0034-0205
Dogz v2.0 : s/n: 2114-0298-9869
Dogz : s/n: 4916-0000
DoHide v2.2 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 1335699778
DoHide v2.3 : Name: Gordon s/n: 359773439
DoKo for Omnis 5 runtime : s/n: DOKO
Dolphin 1 Screensaver v1.0 : s/n: 1728998b
Dolphin Smalltalk 98 v2.1 : s/n: 1140858
DomainCheck v1.2 : Name: Lyne M. Esler Email: s/n: 1aPgFQkJftwWc8r9Rlh
DomGrid Domino Based Logic Puzzles v2.0 : Name: elmo [iNSiDE!] s/n: DHHE948Y
Dominoes v2.0 : s/n: SPLASH
Dominoes v3.2300 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: 18032
Don Nelson Fantasy League Basketball v4.0 : s/n: n3dal
Don't Forget v1.1 : s/n: 5$rtg9
Doorway v2.22 - 2.30 : (run DOORWAY REGISTER) Name: Me s/n: 57604
Doorway v2.30 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 53919 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 63420
Dos Command Centre v4.0 : Name: Me s/n: 41141613
Dos Modem Server : s/n: 1101-4806-8272
DosFax Lite : s/n: ZOO 1057109
DosMenu v7.5 : s/n: SKIPBREMER
DotHlp v1.3 : Name: SHamPster / UCF s/n: 7C155452
DotHlp Pro v1.5 : s/n: 88776655 Password: 5B4D2574
DotHlp Pro v1.5 : Setup: FOURSONS Name: Lynda Rhiel s/n: 117F777A or Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 666E350D
DotHlp Pro v2.0 Beta 3 : Name: Lynda Rhiel s/n: 18435F60
Double Dynamite v4.3 : s/n: 884916
Double Dynamite Video Slots v4.7 : s/n: 884916
Double Helix : s/n: DHMC180800011V30R1
Double Image v3.1.0 : Name: access Company: missing link s/n: 7745222291655948
Double Wild Slots v1.3 : s/n: 317541
DoubleColor v1.6a : s/n: 039482-XD
DoubleScroll v2.1 : s/n: 11000*FT33$2931
Down to Business : s/n: SSN719
Download Assistant v1.3b : s/n: 7504702 or s/n: 13178577 or s/n: 13178580 or s/n: 5343000 or s/n: 3775884 or s/n: 3384105 or s/n: 3104263 or s/n: 2894382 or s/n: 2731140 or s/n: 2600547 or s/n: 2493699 or s/n: 2404658 or s/n: 2329316 or s/n: 2264737 or s/n: 2208768 or s/n: 2159796
Download Assistant v1.3c : s/n: 7504702
Download Assistant v1.3d : s/n: 1737607
Download Assistant v1.5a : s/n: 8802956
Download Assistant v1.5d : s/n: 13938273
Download Butler v1.32 : Name: Warez s/n: 348ec002 Special: 328232
Download Butler v1.4b : Name: CORE/JES s/n: 3ed95671-111 Special: 1
Download Butler v2.0a : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: 356C6D2E Special: 1234,56
Download Butler v2.12 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 7B8B8A6D Special: 9999.99
Download Butler v2.17 : Name: DRCDIMRU s/n: ef7860a0 Special: 2.99
Download Butler v2.2 : Name: DeMoN Release Crew s/n: CDDBC399 Special: 9129.99
Download Center 99 v1.6 : s/n: 1852
Download Demon v1.0 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 1130700864
Download Mechanic v1.6.3 : s/n: BSPC555100
Download Wizard Plus v2.20 : Name: zippothebadass s/n: 2923-1249-8924-1460
Download Wizard Plus v2.30 : Name: Pirates Gone Crazy s/n: 2496-2880-1287-2716 or Name: n03l s/n: 3841-3766-3766-3766
Download Wizard Plus v2.50 : Name: Warp s/n: 2436-2707-2707-2707
Download Wonder v1.43.050 : Password: HELLO1 Code1: VMSX6XYKE7KMQEYDRSNPBNZ6H7UFZWF2 Code2: HQ5VR394ZZZZZZ9ZZZZZZZZZZ2E6MPKT
Dox v2.0 : s/n: mmmjjj or s/n: mmmccc
Dpc8DLux v1.0.5 : s/n: 8253x74
D'peg v2.3 : Name: xOANON [UCF97] s/n: X19161921
D'peg v3.01 : Name: knoweffex s/n: K191717
D'peg v4.1.5 : Name: davy of blizzard s/n: DOB1622191816
D'peg v4.10 : Name: John Doe s/n: JD191917
D'peg v4.12 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 403758617269723848456262375440
D'peg v4.19 : Name: CZY CZY s/n: CC2222
Dr. Cleaner 98 v2.2.30 : Name: WaRP98 s/n: 0805197011
Dr. Hardware v4.51e : s/n: F1.E7C4EEUCF2000
Dr. Jack's HTML Viewer v2.6 : Name: UNICITY s/n: 4CL9X-1302274000-3K4
Dr. Salman's Windows Security Toolkit v1.5 : s/n: cheebuch4980399
Dr. Salman's Windows Power Tools v1.30 : s/n: cheebuch0001346
Dr. Salomon's Antivirus Toolkit v6.65 : s/n: TK2285817
Dr. Salomon's Antivirus Toolkit v6.68 : s/n: TK2495340
Dr. Salomon's Antivirus Toolkit v6.71 : s/n: DTK3H-063095
Dr. Solomon's Antivirus Toolkit v7.59 : s/n: 1007226
Dr. Solomon's Antivirus Toolkit : s/n: 0024416
Draft Creator v4.32 : s/n: 25446871
Draft Creator v5.0 : s/n: 3A47074542 or s/n: 6844430
DraftChoice v2.15a : Name: SaLaMAnDeR s/n: 23-4234-9999
DraftChoice Plus v3.00e : Name: DOD s/n: 30-8003-3124
Drag and File v3.0 : s/n: 5235645734
Drag and File : s/n: 7000000000
Drag and File 95 v4.17o : Code: BAFABCABCACBAB Additional-30-days: BBBBAAAAAA
Drag and File Desktop : s/n: 5438574837
Drag and File Gold v4.0 : Drag-and-File: 898989898989ae Drag-and-Zip: 89898989a7
Drag and File Gold v4.17m : Drag-and-File: M84EAK6G2CM841 Drag-and-Zip: G6688KMMA7 Drag-and-View: 46K8AMACE24G64
Drag and File Gold v4.5b2 : s/n: CHEMINGCHEMINI
Drag and File Gold v4.5b9 : s/n: 12345678901240
Drag and File Gold 95 : s/n: DFG0101010
Drag and Scroll v2.0b : Name: stalker s/n: 5701385
Drag and View v1.24 : s/n: DV02020202
Drag and View v2.0 : s/n: AAAAAAAAAU
Drag and View DWG v4.0c : s/n: AAAAAAAAAAAAAB
Drag and View DWG v4.0d : s/n: A1234567891234
Drag and View DWG v4.50 : s/n: KiLLa-CORE-H23XC
Drag and Zip v2.22c : s/n: 1236543213
Drag and Zip v3.0 : s/n: 1234567830
Drag and Zip v3.0 Beta 4 : s/n: 3333333333
Drag and Zip : s/n: 3000000000
Drag and Zip Gold v4.17a : s/n: ABFABCABCABCAB
Dragnifier v2.0 : s/n: A-385E1DDF-E0F2-1682-58F2B633
Dragnifier v2.1 : s/n: A-1F4607E5-F8E8-603A-A17094A5
Dragon Dictate v3.0 : s/n: 0500-0520-5403-6662
Dragon Dictate Naturally Speaking For Teens : s/n: nftu300n003256
DragonScan v3.0 : Password: puff
Dragons's Castle : bbs: G.!.$ sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 30902 or bbs: G.!.$ sysop: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 15412
DragStrip v2.0.1 : s/n: 2RC-Z2D-AQA6
Dramatic Pro : s/n: 2344-2344-ABCD-2344-2344-3U35
Draw Your Own Screensaver v1.1 : s/n: 9459
DrawFix Quick CAD v3.01 : s/n: 302067-QC301 or s/n: 813371DP-301
Drawing Hand Screen Saver v2.0 : s/n: 101697
Drawing Hand Screen Saver v3.0a : s/n: 122161
DrawIt v2.0c : s/n: 081349
Dream Solver '95 Summer Edition : Name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: 42117200819784560
DreamROM v1.3 : Name: Batman bbs: Gotham s/n: 1502
DreamROM v1.3 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 2470
Dreamweaver v1.0 : s/n: DWW100-06086-07026-97518
Dreamweaver v1.2a : Run dreamwaver.exe. Choose Buy Now and enter: First Name: wONDER Last Name: SWP98 and enter anything else in the other boxes. Then enter: Credit Card: 432407876876876 Type: Visa Exp: 7/99 Name on Card: SWP98 Select Order by mail or fax and click done. Edi
Dreamweaver v2.0 : s/n: DWW200-09785-18274-81630
Dreamweaver v2.01 : s/n: DWW200-09785-18274-81630 or s/n: DWW200-03387-57074-79348
Drive Copy v2.0 Beta : s/n: DC201ENRCD- 193411
Drive Copy v2.02 : s/n: DC202ENDL-014759
Drive Explorer v6.1 : Name: knoweffex s/n: 2430-924993-24
Drive Image v2.0 : Name: Pentium Company: Gateway s/n: DM201ENRCD- 193411 (Then type YES to agree (space in s/n is important!!)
Drive Image Enterprise v1.0 : s/n: (Anything)
Drive Image Pro v2.0 : s/n: DM201ENRCD- 193411
Drive Image Pro v3.00 : s/n: DP300ENWSCD-101002
Drive Pro v1.15c : s/n: WBJK10
Drive Pro v1.5 : s/n: DEPW16
Drive Pro v1.7 : s/n: VSVP22
Drive Pro v2.0 or 2.0c : s/n: LAKS11
Drive Pro v2.30 : s/n: XEGQ07
Drive Pro v3.10 : s/n: AZMS-JJXS-RADR-RM
Drive Rocket Utility v1.15 : s/n: 00089549
Drive Up 98 v1.5 : Name: Kenneth Long s/n: CC223367698
Drive Update v1.1c : s/n: CSN11A-066600-02e6
Drive WatchDog v1.0 : s/n: RAB7999360
DriveAwake v1.2 : s/n: 4321
Driver Studio v4/2000 RC3 : s/n: 9505-5555BB-BB
Driving Under The Influence Pro : s/n: 9505SAO28
Drop2Mail v2.01 : Name/Company: Crystal s/n: 3368021
DropChute Plus v1.0 : s/n: DA253200 Key: 7EC1-6D76
DropFolder v1.01 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 569-775-6479
DropFolder Pro v2.01 : Name: evc_viper s/n: 273-579-4531
Dropit v2.0 : Name: M00nshadow Revolt 1997 s/n: 203622622
Dropit v2.0 : Name: Cyborg^SNT s/n: 506130747 or Name: Underworld^SNT s/n: 150113516
Dropit v4.1 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: 738480546
Dropit Pro v4.6 : Name: DeMoN Crew s/n: 538638546
DRS 2006 v1.3 : Name: Lucy Turner s/n: 202310-151560-411216-141648
DRS DeBoard v1.56 : Name: Envelope s/n: 0-D-6-B-0-B-5-B
DRS DeTitle Pro v1.33 : Name: SPRITEX s/n: 6-4-8-8-3-F-2-3
DRS TeleScreen Pro v1.55 : Name: SPRITEX s/n: 29E56FDB
Drug Calculations for Nurses v5.0 : Name: Chafe/TEX99 s/n: 136337588
Drug Calculations for Nurses v8 : Name: TheForceTeam s/n: 142885628
DS Standard for NDS v3.1 : s/n: KMKXL-X14EE-XK9CK-C7IZW
DSLogoCycler v3.4 : Code: 10000000-78-78 Key: 4646-00464600
DSpace v1.3 : s/n: A2-TWINHEAD [UCF]-D
DSZ Modem Protocol : s/n: N154048100
DTS Mail 32 v3.20 : Name: ODIN 97 s/n: 093818613013
DTS Phone Ticker v1.0 : Name: Ruben Jimenez s/n: 551799489850
DTS Phone Ticker v1.10 : Name: Robert Dyer s/n: 593272167425
DtSearch Web v5.1 : s/n: NS-100-000-005 Key: 2480-987D
DU Meter v2.1 Build 017b : s/n: D2-000-00000000-9E30F022
DU Meter v2.1 Build 019c : Name: MANiFEST s/n: D2-000-00000000-9E30F022
DU Meter v2.2 : Name: Predator/[FAITH2000] s/n: D2ABCDEFGHIJKLMNF7B48815
DU Meter v2.21.16B : Name: MANiFEST s/n: D2-000-00000000-9E30F022
DU Meter v2.21 : Name: CZY s/n: DABC56781234567817E91B1A
Duck Hunt v4.1 : Name: DSG TeAM s/n: D47334H
DUI Professional 98 v3.021 : s/n: 457283887941
Dummy : Name: JuNiOr s/n: 0NFJCRVZRXUUQHP2ZH77 or Name: Arnold Hansen s/n: 023X7CVL6H1C3NERMFH7
Dump2Exam v7.2.0 : Name: BSC s/n: 1711417663
Dutchs Cascading Style Sheets v1.0 : Name: Blok 70 - J.G. 53 s/n: 011-1767-047
Dutchs Client Side Image Maps v3.0 : Name: Visnjik 27/a s/n: 071-513-221
Dutchs HTML Editor v2.1 : Name: M.Golubica 10 s/n: 071-39-631
Dutchs HTML Editor v3.0 : Name: Tina Ujevica 10 s/n: 071-201-338
Dutchs HTML Frames v1.0 : Name: Divso - trgovacka firma s/n: 011-3248-191
DV Book Manager v1.51a : FirstName: MANiFEST LastName: BAMA License: 666 s/n: 30294129
DV Book Manager v1.5b : FirstName: fallen LastName: exit License: 1122334455 s/n: 33523748
DVMpeg v4.21 : Password: nightingale
DVMpeg v4.32 : FirstName: Like LastName: Weapon Company: Topiland Address: Somewhere City: Somewhere Email: s/n: C3-0140-3861-EW7T
DVMpeg v5.01 : s/n: 16-6266-T350-810M
DXF2CDF Transcription v4.3 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 10791-64875
DXF-IN OCX v3.0 : Password: TRIDENT
DXF-IN OCX Pro v3.1 : Password: TRIDENT
DynaCADD 98 : s/n: E-DYC3D01001
Dynamic Authentication Filter v3.5j : ID: KIng Owner: TK4 Type: CORP Key: mgHRk5sAHt7h8 Ext: TK4 Type: CORP Key: 6pSgE9pM6bm7H
Dynamic Mail Manager v1.0.1 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: DMM-2822018
Dynamic Mission Designer v1.01 : FirstName: elmopio LastName: iNSiDE Date: 1/1/2000 s/n: G0-D5C7J99
Dynamic Mission Designer v1.02 : FirstName: elmopio LastName: iNSiDE Date: 1/1/2000 s/n: H0-G5D5J99
Dynamic Stealth Mail v1.0.21 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: 6883021423
Dynamic Stealth Mail Pro v1.0.15 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: 6535578795
Dynamic Submission 2000 v2.08 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: DS2-3382719171
Dynamic Voice Mail v1.0.11 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: DVM-2592-1899351
Dynamic Web Ranking v2.0.18 : s/n: DWR-2957707626
Dynamic Web Wizard v2.0.3 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: DWW-4528279284
DynaMorph v1.52 : s/n: VAPBABC Key: AWT-NUU-QNY-TYQ-VSA-N
DynaMorph v1.8 : s/n: VAPBAAB Key: AWT-NUU-QMW-SYQ-VSA-N
Dynasight v1.03 : s/n: 1704
DynaWall v2.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 33285910
Dynazip AX v4.0 : s/n: 400300-6609
Dynazip AX v4.00.02 : s/n: 400300-6609
Dyno Designer v3.14 : s/n: 14 45070
Dialer v1.4 : Name: n03l s/n: 987654408-214


EZ-SCSI v3.03 : s/n: 492848-01
E! v2.03 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 123456789 Key: 208Y44 (for older versions use 228Y11)
e.Quote v1.0 : s/n: bh567,3
e.Quote v1.1 : s/n: bh567,3
E@Chess v0.23 : CCard: 4746 5814 7777 8005 Exp: 12/99 Name-on-CC: tHeRaiN/DEMON CC-Type: VISA
Eagle Research VB2D Pro v2.1 : s/n: 1-210-000415-yjqy
Eagle Track v2.1.7 : s/n: 696931337666435
Eagle Track v3.06 : s/n: 696931337666435
Ear Training v2.3 : Name: F U Z F U Z (keep a space) s/n: 40 40 (keep a space)
Earobics v1.0c : Name: RyDeR_H00k! [UCF] s/n: rsUhkyccfie
Earth Tuner v0.2+ : s/n: 513456718206720
Earth Tuner v0.4b : s/n: 691100448599040
Earth Tuner v1.09 : s/n: 593100045674496
Earth Tuner v1.096 : s/n: 691456718844672
Earth Tuner v1.1 : s/n: 513456718206720
Earth Tuner v1.11 : s/n: 513233410203648
EasiPOS98 v6.27 : s/n: ST939Z
Easter Slots v1.1 : s/n: 930468
East-Tec Format Secure v1.0.15 : Name: davy-blizzard99 s/n: ETFS-291034B53EBCA
Easy Case Pro v4.2 : s/n: 46552839
Easy CD Creator Deluxe v4.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 110010629931
Easy CDDA Extractor v2.03 : s/n: Edison
Easy CDDA Extractor v3.0 : Name: -=) tAh (=- / DEMiSE s/n: EZCDDAX3-92098F86-EFA4154F-231
Easy CDDA Extractor v3.0.0 : Name: [JaSuN] / CBE '98 s/n: EZCDDAX3-75A720CC-57BA8923-778
Easy CDDA Extractor v3.0.3 Final : Name: MANiFEST TEAM s/n: EZCDDAX3-B98E4790-478AB57F-341
Easy CDDA Extractor v3.0.4 : Name: davy-blizzard1999 s/n: EZCDDAX3-6B0E4500-D6C21E41-022
Easy CDDA Extractor v3. : Name: XSoft 99 s/n: EZCDDAX3-993AD396-BAC83501-953
Easy CDDA Extractor v3.0.5 : Name: Copyright Killer [UCT] s/n: EZCDDAX3-249AE78C-DC300793-967
Easy CDDA Extractor v3.0.6 build 1116 : Name: MaNetho/Faith2000 s/n: EZCDDAX3-EA41B431-562F4274-337
Easy CDDA Extractor v3.0.8.1333 : Name: -=) tAh (=- / DEMiSE s/n: EZCDDAX3-0F607565-0ED95314-811
Easy CDDA Extractor v3.00 Beta 415 : Name: BaMa/MANiFEST s/n: EZCDDAX3-D5CBBEA4-0D4C1ECD-327
Easy CDDA Extractor v3.04.925 : Name: Blackstar TRPS s/n: EZCDDAX3-7CDBFD90-D3D51F55-433
Easy CDDA Extractor v3.5.0 : Name: AzzYRiAN s/n: EZCDDAX3-4708FF61-7D11356C-618 or Name: CZY s/n: EZCDDAX3-E0F35BC1-C9EA2E08-261 or Name: MvD '99 s/n: EZCDDAX3-144CE0AB-5F6CFA34-447
Easy CDDA Extractor v3.5a : Name: DESYNC DOMiNATiON s/n: EZCDDAX3-BBF7546F-EBE33B1A-874 or Name: CZY s/n: EZCDDAX3-E0F35BC1-C9EA2E08-261 or Name: Jaydee 99 s/n: EZCDDAX3-7C4B648D-AEE9F0C6-923
Easy CDDA Extractor v3.5b : Name: viny [GWA] s/n: EZCDDAX3-7D0FC649-4751B15E-392 or Name: CZY s/n: EZCDDAX3-E0F35BC1-C9EA2E08-261
Easy CDDA Extractor SE v3.0.8.1333 : Name: -=) tAh (=- / DEMiSE s/n: EZCDDAX3-0F607565-0ED95314-811
Easy CDDA Extractor SE v3.0.8.1345 : Name: aerosmith s/n: EZCDDAX3-77339E6B-3B585E6C-116
Easy Checkbook v2.22 : Password: 123
Easy Clean v1.4 : Name: draXXter s/n: $964CB29D
Easy Clean v3.5.0.0 : Name: BerSerkA s/n: $FBFFC6D8S
Easy Customer Control v1.21 : s/n: 72409001 Code: 146561-11062 Name: HIGH VOLTAGE
Easy Disk Cataloguer v2.x : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 15419B08
Easy Edit v1.06 : s/n: west867
Easy Fonts v1.1 : Name: d4rk0n3[LAXiTY] s/n: AE60-543F
Easy Global Mailer v2.0.3.1 : Name: EinZtein [UCF] s/n: 14805
Easy Global Mailer v2.0.5.33 : Name: Ringer s/n: 39879
Easy Hyber Color v1.2 : s/n: EHC-0200-0001
Easy Lingo v1.4 : s/n: 539 432 302 228 004
Easy Mail v2.1 : Name: FALLEN s/n: 84839106
Easy Mail v2.1.2 : Name: Danny K Tai s/n: 86839172
Easy Mail v2.4.1b : Name: Kaparo s/n: 89836956
Easy Mail v2.4.2.2b : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: 85936370
Easy Mail v2.4.2.6 : Name: Kaparo s/n: 89836956
Easy Mail v3.0 : s/n: 87918185
Easy Mail v3.1 : Name: DeMoN s/n: 86879906
Easy Mail v3.1.4 : Name: Crystal s/n: 81647106
Easy Mail Objects v4.5 : s/n: MFD Corp./3193400714590503B230
Easy Mail Plus v1.5.7 : Name: grido s/n: 98119105
Easy Main SMTP Express v1.0 : s/n: MFD Corp./3193400714590503B230
Easy Mail WebAccess v3.0 : s/n: TomahawkBGM-109
Easy Money v2.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: PNISXFKY
Easy Money v2.0 : Name: Paranoid [Prophecy] s/n: htlvjlgc
Easy Money v2.0 R5 : Name: Intern Kicks Ass s/n: KQXJXUSR
Easy Money Calc v1.0 : s/n: DUV59BY16ARC12
Easy MP3 v2.3+ : Name: snh s/n: 296055004
Easy Organizer v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: GPS-135746-376366
Easy Organizer v1.1 : Name: Daniel Roth s/n: GPS-202124-560404 or Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: GPS-149500-414500
Easy Pass v2.01 : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: EP97-25102-B40231C2
Easy Personal Labels v2.3 rev 1 : s/n: ZENITH Num: (Anything)
Easy Pool v3.0 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 92663
Easy Recipe v0.7b : Name: elmopio [iNSiDE] s/n: 1437
Easy Talk v2.1 RC : Name: Warp-wizdaz s/n: ET281873#
Easy Text v1.2.4 : s/n: ET*543122
EasyCall v1.03 : Name: GR+VeDiGGeR s/n: 667
EasyCASE Professional WorkGroup Edition v4.2 : s/n: 62998034
EasyClean3 v3.0.0.3 : Name: draXXter s/n: $20AD61B9 or Name: draXXter [Serials '99] s/n: $3D56A478
EasyCrypto2000 v3.1.0.52 : License: 911911 s/n: 212-8979452
EasyER EasyObjects v1.51 : Name: PREMiERE Company: (anything) s/n: ER-1231200994
EasyER EasyObjects Pro v1.50 : Name: the technic Company: pwa 1997 s/n: ER-1231200994
EasyFast Viewer v1.36 : s/n: ilikeit
EasyHelp/Web v3.0e : Name: (Anything) Company: PREMiERE s/n: 2804560775
EasyHTML v2.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 100031-260430
EasyMail v1.3 : Name: Danny K Tai s/n: 86839172
EasyMail Objects v4.0 : s/n: 276038009510
EasyMailer 3000 v3.6.9 : Name: tKC - The Keyboard Caper Company: CiA - Crackers in Action s/n: GeRbwxghMnz+gAadaNG55xJsepe45WjeohcidVKxG\58C.F8 or Name: tKC Company: Jess s/n: GeR5j4V
EasyPass 97 v1.1.0 : Name: SiraX/DNG s/n: EP97-25036-B40231C1
EasyPrivacy Pro v2.1 : s/n: 14662772651
EasyRead v1.1 : Name: Optikal s/n: $DD982612
EasyRestore v1.0 : s/n: ER200ENSTAKCD-000702
EasySoft CD Menu-Generator v2.20 : Name: Dana Stone s/n: 954993300 or Name: William S. Farnum s/n: 1877668576
EasySoft CD-Menu Generator v2.16 : Name: xOANON [UCF98] s/n: 363713032
EasySoft CD-Menu Generator v2.27 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! [UCF] s/n: 1382052636
EasySweep v1.10 : Name: draXXter s/n: 800 or Name: draXXter [Serials '99] s/n: 2020
EasyText v1.2.1 : Name: (Anything) s/n: ET*543110
EasyText v2.0.0 : s/n: ET*543122
EasyText v3.0.2 : s/n: ET*543122
EasyTransfer v3.4.3 : s/n: BT-001-388T
eAuthor DB v1.0 : Name: Pete Aronson s/n: 1765D80
eAuthor Help v3.0 Preview 1 : Name: blizzard s/n: 1088350
eAuthor Help v3.0 Preview 2 : Name: Peter Hume s/n: 13BE9A2
eAuthor Help v3.05 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: 1EE49D0
eAuthor Help v3.1 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 1D531FC
eAuthor Site v2.0 : Name: Peter Hume s/n: 10D8580
eAuthor Site v3.1 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 1D531FC
EB-Card Maker v1.0 : s/n: 980601-100
Ebook Builder v3.0 : s/n: 1240am
E-book v1.2 : Name: Einhorn [Breakpoint] s/n: b9v8b915k71
E-Calc v1.1a : s/n: 32452
E-Calc v2.0 : s/n: 32452
E-Card v3.6 : Regular: 9521 Pro: ec9830
eCatch v3.0 : Name: WeaxWeasel[4110] s/n: 9D8BC9875ED3F083847FF98481844E3 or Name: The Exterminators s/n: 5EE91B49DB840BE8A85837DCA06ED24
EcBuilder v3.1 : s/n: 01950100001433
EcBuilder Pro v4.0 : s/n: 01951678901238
ECCO : s/n: 1101232620
ECCO Lite v2.0 : s/n: 3993769027
ECCO Professional v3.0 : s/n: 1104519126
Echo Lake Family StoryMaker : s/n: 5161-4098-9907
Eclipse Fax v6.0 : s/n: 105-94452
Ecomaster v1.0 : s/n: NS-100-000-003 Key: 5A26-A66D
EconoCAD v2.0 : s/n: 4008 0306 E454
EcoPad v3.31 : Name: tHE riDDLER 1996! Company: uNITED cRACKING fORCE s/n: 4-224-783-967
EcoPad : Name: ED!SON '96 [Xf/UCf] Company: (anything) s/n: 2302012561
ECTool v5.02 : Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: 116201491599
ECWare Pro v3.0 : s/n: N/A-8706E
Edge Launcher v1.0 : Name: escom/CORE s/n: OEL 347042262554
Edge Wizard v2.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: CWB-100-0001-001048938452
Edge WorX v2.0.1 : s/n: 00376846BFFFFUJIM5CABEBDGG
EDir v1.36 : Name: -- + TwinHead [TWH/BDC] + -- s/n: 298E7369BB5D
ediSys eFTP Explorer v1.10 : s/n: FT-2769-1114511-7841-8CEcFOTrWe
ediSys ePassword Keeper v1.0 : s/n: PK-6972-7916510-8033-3CNcZOMrCE
Edit One : s/n: 427-123-00040749
EdiTeur v2.3 : Name: THE RIDDLER [EOD] s/n: 4AA6C5DA2A2F0028
Editor Pro v1.0 RC 2 : s/n: EP-1285123456789
Editor+ v2.0 : Name: n03l s/n: 3072
Editor+ Lite v3.0 : Name: draXXter s/n: 2802
EditPlus v1.02.1 : Name: knoweffex s/n: DC8A0DF8-F31490B7
EditPlus v1.04.2 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: DC8A0DF8-F31490B7
EditPlus v1.04.3 : Name: mRFANATIc [DSi] s/n: AA28735C-5F29DA82
EditPlus v1.2 b2 build 233 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: 8482D2B6-1E9AFCFD
EditPlus v1.22 : Name: Ringer s/n: 54AP4D7C-BD417939
EditPlus v1.24 : Name: Registered User s/n: 54EF4D94-B9076966
EditPlus v1.25 : Name: CZY s/n: 83406047-DEFEFADD
EditPlus v1.2b build 376 : Name: Warp s/n: 18F03EA0-F3DD698F
EdTex v2.38 : s/n: 055022239
EeZe Backup v1.8 : s/n: J279Y56
Effects Processor Pro v1.0 : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: 6481
Effects Processor Pro v1.0+ : Name: Nop [Phrozen Crew] s/n: 13317 or Name: Nop [Pc98] s/n: 8315
Efilter Spamnet v3.1.0 : Name: s/n: nbtufs/mvdjbo/ofu@gjtu
EForm v3.4 : s/n: 9155-136572-500-2
eFTP Explorer v1.0 : s/n: FT-0901-0000192-9191-110
eFTP Explorer v1.10 : s/n: jake or s/n: boopie
EFTPS Enrollment Batch File Builder v2.2 : s/n: ceed-123456-53ba
EG Word : s/n: 51122000000000
Egor v3.0 : Name: Arnold Hansen s/n: 04HQZV73UL14W0F4X5PL
EightBall Deluxe II : s/n: EZ001114301
Einstein HTML Pro v6.6 : Name: Daniel Roth s/n: 10981463602638
Elastic Reality : s/n: 40-09831-11111-23361 or s/n: 40-04120-64089-26755
Elastic Reality 1994 : s/n: 40-38676-30801-39171
Elastic Reality 1995 : s/n: 40-33561-61457-22675
Elastic Reality Transjammer v1.0b7 : s/n: 82-34075-22609-02307 or s/n: 82-34075-22609-02307
Elastic Reality Update v3.1 : s/n: 20-15898-45649-61075
Elbow Grease v2.0 : s/n: LB098765AMF
Electronic Assistant Pro v2.01 : s/n: 1815855174608
Electronic Assistant Pro v2.1LC : s/n: 193595377466778
Electronic Assistant Pro v2.5 : FirstName/LastName: (Anything) s/n: 000703009
Electronic Business Cards v1.0 : s/n: 980601-100
Electronic Filing Cabinet 98 : s/n: EFC-7455-98RD-00116
Electronic Notes v2.0 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 0897120414356501
Electronic Notes v2.5 : Name/Company: VERSUS s/n: 1153752816521204
Electronic WorkBench v3.0e : s/n: W-00190-E99C
ELeet FTP v2.0 : s/n: PT34-8ESV-IOOW-NIMQ-3YTX
Elements of Style : s/n: ESM 113904 T
EliaShim Virusafe v2.4 : s/n: VS-1100733-23115329 Customer#: 8059 Invoice#: 18228 InvoiceDate: 9/16/97
Elite BBS : s/n: 713.992.3860
Elite FTP v2.1 : s/n: PT34-8ESV-IOOW-NIMQ-3YTX
Elite Typing 99 : Name: draXXter Phone: 666666666 Email: s/n: 584X10L018
Ellipse Bulk Emailer v1.0 : Name: InTegRity s/n: 132132134136137155192166183185164187198203
Ellipse Lotto Generator v1.0 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 132131136139138148179164166114165187159162165193160
ELT/2500 PC Version v3.3 : Name: Jestrz Company: pentium 98 s/n: 39992814876524453F
ElWin v2.0.7 : Name: WaiWanYee Lee s/n: 1467756086
EMac v2.0.5c : Name: dustie Company: blizzard s/n: emac-133-16195
Email Address Extract v2.4 : s/n: PCSPK-MRE-01
Email Address Pro v2.0.2 : Name: GZI s/n: PRMXT-INSIDE
Email Address Pro v2.01 : s/n: PRMXT-INSIDE
Email Assistant v1.01 : s/n: 713DA121 Name: Bruce Schroffel Email: Key: X9BAW39E
Email Digger Pro v1.1 : s/n: 9PC296V
Email Digger Pro : s/n: J4D4F54L36B5T
Email Enable Everything v1.01 : s/n: 5655
Email Ferret v1.1102 : s/n: NS-100-002-267 Key: B815-1D80
Email Magnet v3.5 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: S010101010159892 Code: 8638875114908239
Email Magnet v4.41 : Name: (Anything) s/n: PFF0709720021152 Code: 2794223552196823
Email Marketing 98 v1.0.0.6 : s/n: Vizion/CORE Key: $B05AFD17
Email Notify v3.62 : Name: scut / blz s/n: 22674
Email Notify v4.0 : Name: Predator/F2K Key: 121212 s/n: 2017232898869668
Email Postal Software v1.1.7 : Name: Ruben Jeminez s/n: RLusT7LzQL9zxQQz8Tz9Q8Q3Ij
Email Pro v1.47 : Name: Ringer s/n: MPC-42-QCQoKrTeP
Email Servant v2.02 : Name: ArseniK[DARKSTAR] s/n: 175i1u1q
Email Servant v2.03 : Name: Darkzz [Crystal] s/n: 7f5c7226 or Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 76444q21
Email Sniffer Pro v4.14 : Name: DeMoN Rls Crew s/n: 93222460602145
Email Tiger v2.1.5 : RegKey: ALKG(BYZP ^LHL)<A] RegCode: ACiD BuRN [ECL'99]
Email VoiceLink v2.52 : s/n: BBMTSUM383412
Email Wolf Pro v1.00 : Name: Ringer s/n: EP-105800
Email Zip Deluxe v2.0s : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: LGQCLNVMHHERBMK
Email Zip Deluxe v4.0 : Name: Ringer s/n: 9088FE78F6181C65A6E02751D4
Email Zip Deluxe SE v3.0t : Name: GCRCK s/n: THFQKBNQNTHVVDX
E-Mass v3.0d : s/n: 56943249
Emaze Forums Pro v1.2 : s/n: EFP8927826
Emaze Recruiter Pro v1.0 : s/n: ERP6036920
Emblaze Audio v1.01 : Name: Incredible Fighter Email: Visa: 4551974649361350 s/n: JDAMIAXWTL
EMD Encryptor v1.12 : s/n: 600005
EmEditor v2.00 : s/n: 1510 7432 1234 2348 or s/n: 1511-1111-1111-4065
EmEditor v2.30 : s/n: 1511-1111-1111-4065
EmEditor v2.37 : s/n: 1410-2222-3333-2316
Emergency Recovery System v6.47 : Name: Dana Stone s/n: 11464998 or Name: Dana Stone s/n: 11126175
Emergency Recovery System v8.54.2 : FirstRegistration: Name: Dana Stone s/n: 11464998 SecondRegistration: Name: Dana Stone s/n: 11126175
Emergency Recovery System v8.54.3 : FirstRegistration: Name: Marlene Della Penna s/n: 8827935 SecondRegistration: Name: Marlene Della Penna s/n: 15365823
Emergency Recovery System v8.62 : FirstRegistration: Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 141765003 SecondRegistration: Name: SiMPSoN, BaRT s/n: 92987367
Emi-Clock : Name: Motosoft s/n: DEB6I9ON6B
EMISyS : Password: creation Code: 5A2DAC5DA28EF2F
Emotion 3D Web Edition v1.0 : s/n: 196797883
E-motional Greeting Card Creator v1.0 : Name: WISE-ITR s/n: 58331 or Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: 115412
EmP3-N-Coder 99 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 491956
Employee Scheduling Assistant v3.0 : s/n: C7A01001101
Empower : Name: ADMINISTRATOR Password: ADMIN
Empower Pro v5.0.1 : s/n: 02065321
Emulator 8051 v1.00 : Name: Imperial Falcon s/n: 1911
Emulive Starter Kit v3.6 : Password: Funwithvideo
EmuLive Video Producer II v1.2 : s/n: 035366A3378A538E53
Encore v3.0 : s/n: EV30-0-02032-3720
Encore v4.0 : s/n: EV40-0-02034-0059
Encrypt Pic v1.3 : Name: AdEpt s/n: $B7EC9F80
Encrypt Plus v1.0 : s/n: PI1two3
Encryption Pic v1.2 : Name: Crystal s/n: $DBC0733B
Encrypt-It v4.00 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 428-116-9283
Encyclopedia Britannica 99 : Standard: 120100170867 Multimedia: 070100308958
EndNote v3.0 : s/n: A218104655
Eness Discover v1.2 : s/n: 1920eness
E-News v1.3.1 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: B398CleN49871T
Enfocus Checkup v1.5 : s/n: 51976 Code: WENQQLE-WWFBDDE
Enfocus PitStop v4.0 : s/n: PSDC000440939740
EnForcer v2.9 : s/n: 876855327801
Engenius v1.0 : s/n: 9800-07-999999950
Engenius v1.1.6 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: ENG-67688-QWWXo-IQ7QP
Engenius v2.0.7 : Pro: Name: davy - blizzard s/n: ENG-67688-QWWXo-IQ7QP Enterprise: Name: davy - blizzard s/n: ENG-91958-NVYSh-Cu9ZQ
Engenius Pro v2.06 : Name: EzD s/n: ENG-75679-URXTv-Hb7PS
Engineering Geometry Assistant : s/n: 4257502219676761
English College v1.00 : Name: FaLLeN s/n: 036989388140 or Name: EXiT s/n: 601705163252
Enhanced CUSeeMe v2.0.0 : s/n: ZCBE-0100-0S07-01C0
Enhanced CUSeeMe v4.1 : s/n: SCBE-001Y-0J8R-SWCT
Enhanced HTML v2.9 Revision 2 : Name: Joseph Segulin s/n: EH4WM2QQW83274434X
Enhanced Notepad v1.0 : Name: Warp98 s/n: DF935EF5 or Name: Spider]PC98 s/n: 591B5F7F
Enhanced Notepad v1.1 : Name: vots rules s/n: B699EE71
Enhanced Ping v4.2.3 : s/n: KEY-B03-30-230-209-164-3899
e-Notepad v2.1.3 : s/n: jake or s/n: boopie
Enriva Voyager 98 v1.02 : Name: PREDATOR666 s/n: 9C44DF0000000000000000
Enriva Voyager 98 v1.1 : Name: Dino-SGM s/n: 85C40B
Enterprise Monitor v5.2 : s/n: euzychby-di14dzck-d7bab0-z5
Enterprise Staff Indicator v2.0.12 : s/n: 4413-8293-003H
Entertainment Digest vVolume I : s/n: 2011-0021-3271
Entry Pro v2.06 : Name: Atsushi Taki Company: (Blank) s/n: R2PHU-EGVJ-MJSD-KJJY-PHRF
Envelope Manager v3.0 : s/n: WP343456
ENVI v3.0 : Install: PREMIERE SiteNotice: PREMIERE s/n: UGPJASNW
ENVI v3.1 : Install: zIP SiteNotice: CORP s/n: 66-3QLS7QJM
Environs v2.1 : s/n: 2003674712
Envision v4.3 : s/n: 8019
EP Cats ScreenSaver vBeta 1 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: HK4X8X1Q6S7
EP Dogs ScreenSaver vBeta 1 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: FG2U3W2I7X3
e-Password Keeper v1.00 : s/n: jake or s/n: boopie
EphyPad 98 v2.16 : s/n: OMPFHTRESZ
Equation Grapher v2.3 : s/n: GRAPH3C
Equilibrum DeBabelizer Pro v4.0 : s/n: 76746-017250-343343
E-Quip : s/n: RAL010103000258
Erazer 98 v3.0 build 123 : Name: DMN s/n: 74189
Erazer 99 v4.1.0.503 : RealName: LordFritz Company: Manifest Destiny UserName: Fritzy s/n: 8A953C953AF15F
Erazer 99 v4.11 : Name/Company: (Anything) UserName: REGGED s/n: 9EB5CE265DE718
ERDisk v2.61 : s/n: ID-Vx-Sx-DgErduWs
Eric Hris Enterprise Edition v6.4 : Name: Premiere s/n: 84NF-C7N7-LXGT-HKBW
Eric Hris Enterprise Edition v6.5 : Name: davy-blizzard1999 s/n: BP1L-R488-XNZZ-H4DD
Erics Telnet98 v3.0 : Name: SHADE s/n: tn900000000 Key: JWTEGCEAR
ERISALaw Total Resource : s/n: 31QVA11000212
Ernest and Young Prosper v1.0a : s/n: EY53VUHBYR
ERS 98 v8.5 : Name: Dylan Roy RegNum1: 9843379 RegNum2: 8205663
ERS 98 v8.52 : FirstRegistration: Name: Sharon Cole s/n: 8294655 SecondRegistration: Name: Sharon Cole s/n: 12066423
ERS 98 v8.53.02 : FirstRegistration: Name: Marlene Della Penna s/n: 8827935 SecondRegistration: Name: Marlene Della Penna s/n: 15365823
ERS Pro v6.0 : Name: Cheerokie s/n: 66107359
ERS Pro v6.43 : Name: DrRhui s/n: 168545931 or Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] s/n: 17431503
ERS Pro v6.47 : FirstRegistration: Name: Sharon Cole s/n: 8345607 SecondRegistration: Name: Sharon Cole s/n: 13092855
ERWin ERX v3.5.2 Build 416 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: mo000001
ESafe Protect v2.0 : s/n: EP-1231231-29196349
ESafe Protect v2.0.13 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: ep-1234567-06179308
ESafe Protect v2.1 : Name: Reanimator^LasH Company: LasH CrackinG s/n: ep-1234567-06179308
ESafe Protect Enterprise v1.2 : s/n: EP-0008858-90472808
ESafe ViruSafe v8.0 : s/n: VS-1231231-49396360
ESafe ViruSafe v8.0.13 : s/n: VS-2650060-798689942
ESB PDF Analysis v1.3.0.119 : Name: MisterE [iNSiDE] License: [iNSiDE] s/n: 21603611
Escape v2.0 : Name: Anonymous Copies: 50 s/n: 1550-450-969
Escape Video Studio v1.2 : Passwords: dodgems
Escape Video Studio For Quicktime v3.0 : Password: casino
e-Scout v1.02 : s/n: jake or s/n: boopie
eShare Expressions Chat and BBS Server Suite v2.0 : s/n: 3AA-B73232DTEA059
ESig97 v3.31 : Company: davy - blizzard s/n: 167633937553
ESL v4.0 : s/n: 3091300953
ESP Mail Check v2.0 Beta 3 : Name: Vizion/CORE Email: s/n: 15775480512
ESP Mail Check v2.01 : Name: Arin Streeter Email: s/n: 29647082375
ESP Mail Check v2.02 : Name: azrael Email: s/n: 24743927944
e-Space Analyst v1.10 : s/n: jake or s/n: boopie
Esprit Pro v1.52 : s/n: LK81B5IN-B8J0-P2NAKY17-RR81K
ESS-Code v7.x : Name: wUMPSCUT s/n: IQHRIP_W_
ESS-Code : s/n: IQHRIP
Essential Internet : s/n: 005-18M-70061
Essential NetTools v1.0 : Name: Geraldine Devino s/n: 2504738728
Essential NetTools v1.1 : Name: Jan Klaassen s/n: 2957888021
Essential Tools For Visual Basic v6.0.97 : s/n: SNRSXBObEJ2R
Essentials v1.1 : s/n: INTRODUCTION
EssoCode v7.8 : s/n: IQHRIP or s/n: ASZLOTPM
EstiMator Plus : s/n: 5500-9466
Et2000 v5.1 : s/n: 62256346
Eta v2.1 : s/n: WD52-EB21-0023
E-Target 98 v1.1 : Name: # Company: DSI s/n: 54321
ETeller v2.80a : Name: Whatever s/n: 25680000 Code: 2500
EtherBoy v1.4.2 : Name: jog Company: MFD s/n: EB13-01-14031998-hdtdgecdmp
EtherPeek v3.0 : s/n: G2Y00ZBZKRX13CB
EtherPeek v3.5.1 : Password: packet.palooza s/n: G2B0BZ41KHXCK1Z
E-ttachment Opener v1.0 : s/n: 4004191-6880 Key: 5FM9-3D00400944M2
Eucco Europeam Currency Converter v2.0 : Name: SlaSk/FALLEN s/n: RnbWn)AIEF
Eudora Pro v2.1.3 : s/n: 1020145 Code: IC233
Eudora Pro v3.0.1 : s/n: 2124239
Eudora Pro v4.0 : s/n: 4557201
Eudora Pro v4.0.1 Build 323 : s/n: 1020145 Eudora-Part-Number: IC2332
Eudora Pro v4.2 : Code: IC233 RegNum: 7612526
Eugenius v1.7.25 : Name: ArseniK[DARKSTAR] s/n: ENG-66769-RYPAs-Ge6YP
Euraconf v1.6 : Name: Zero [GCK] s/n: DfOCtRqBssqCIkCHKccfCWKZ
Euritel v1.5.10 : Name: (Anything) s/n: AB-12121-67021
Euritel v2.1.0 : Name: n03l Faith2000 s/n: 66821889
Euro Converter v1.0 : Name: Suby s/n: 825
Euro Converter v1.1 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 3674610
Euro Currency v2.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: @xqe`j'SYI or Name: Everybody s/n: Dtfv|dhlp*
Euro99 v2.5 : Name: COA s/n: e99-96950
Euroglot Compact v3.0 : s/n: 4L4V978KDVC2XMN
Euroglot Professional v3.0 : s/n: CE21DGMUGM3K
EuroPlusQuick v2.2.08en : s/n: M200154
EuroPrice v1.2 : s/n: S*6778-8232-1722-0408
EVE Text Editor v1.0 : Name: GRIML0CK [DEMON] s/n: 03384357196370642118
Even Shelves Calculator v2.2 : s/n: 455BE1E5DBA24B39
Event Manager v2.23 : Name: High Voltage s/n: 4332-1146-5465-3682
Event Organizer v2.1 : Name: COMA98 s/n: 98C-9A714198C369641
Event Organizer v2.3 : Name: SGM98 s/n: 98C-6A814198C369268
Event Organizer v2.4 : Name: SGM99 s/n: 98C-6AF14198C369273
EventAdmin v2.5 : s/n: IDCORE/Vizion-V-Klt4ZeHx
EventAdmin v3.01 : s/n: ID-Vx-Sx-f7Th40hC
EventAdmin v3.05 : s/n: IDCORE/Vizion-V-Klt4ZeHx
Every Occasion Bartender v1.01 : Name: VERSUS Company: VRSINC s/n: 214-4174-260
Every Occasion International Recipes v1.01 : Name: VERSUS Company: VRSINC s/n: 587-2836-508
e-View v1.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: jack
EvolVe v6.1 : s/n: EVC610401762
E-volve Messenger v1.0 : Accounts: 5000 s/n: 6067612
Evolver Industrial v4.0.2 : s/n: 1000650 Code: 1E8003D132
Evolver Standard v4.0 : s/n: 1000127 Code: 11857E001E
eWallet v1.2.1T : Name: d4rk0n3 [LAXiTY] s/n: 920637
eWallet v1.2t : Name: Warp98 s/n: 266913
eWords v1.0 : s/n: EW-1456-8901267-9786-1
eWords v1.00 : s/n: jake
Excalibur v1.0 : s/n: 100820022743301
Excalibur BBS Server v0.84 : s/n: 10021000002
Excalibur BBS Server v0.95 : s/n: 10021000002
Exceed v4.0 : s/n: W-035565 SuperTCP: 01A-040-DE Key: 40A-5BF-8F
Exceed v4.1 : s/n: W -059483
Exceed v4.1.1 : s/n: W -059483
Excel v5.0c : s/n: 01854-055-0504633 or s/n: 15922-020-0012191
Excel EIS Builder v1.1 : s/n: 065-501-580
Excel Recovery v1.0 : Password: FirstRelease
Excel TeleTools Express v3.04 : s/n: 1014-1306-0827-8C02
Excel TeleTools Standard v2.33 : s/n: 1017-0306-0996-8C02
Excel UK v7.0 : s/n: 33610-062-0103145
Excel Y2k Checker v2.1 : s/n: FINDER
Excellent Card Games v3.0 : Name: TonyTOP s/n: 255072-5
EXCELerator v2.0 : s/n: 46915150
ExcelWeb v1.5 : s/n: 42914220
Exchange Templates v1.1 : s/n: E1RF21-0000-0147 Code: W131-H631-678U-AS1M
ExCrack v2.00 : s/n: ED7ED!SON96X
ExCrack v2.0b : s/n: rosebud
Excuse Me v1.0 : s/n: 030627
EXE Protector v1.36a : Name: CoSH [PCY] s/n: 38105-nsa-11193
EXE Protector v1.37a : Name: Delphic s/n: 38105-nsa-11193
Executor v2.09 : s/n: 5958004 Key: 9mbszf42fhhth
Executor : s/n: 2392023 Key: zph42ruyvh9kp
ExecView : s/n: 04-4382-0006-031770
Exellent System AB : s/n: 2845973222
ExLife v1.4.01 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 789XCU-NAUN5
eXodus v5.60 : s/n: EEWS____PWA_1995
eXodus v6.0.0 : s/n: XEM0-0110-0L0Z-0A00
Expanse v1.1 : Name: Liquid8 s/n: 2D55jfe632A5
Expense Reports Pro v3.0f : Name: Azrael Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: X030A000000011
Expert Choice v4.948S60 : Pro: ECpro-1172-RCNE-AU00-STAH03386 Team: TeamEC-1172-RCNE-AU00-STAH02753
Expert ClipArt : s/n: 0503340720
Expertelligence WebberActive v4.0b162 : s/n: 667757-22525
eXpertise : s/n: 000-18F-70381
Exploit Submission Wizard v4.3 : s/n: KXDNEWPW
Explor2000 v1.10 : Name: tHE EGOiSTE s/n: 77FB639ACA65
Explor2000 v1.21 : Name: CZY s/n: F16248492F00
Explor2000 v1.32.2 : Name: Cary Grant s/n: 456478
Explor2000 v1.34.1 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: A5BD9C284900
Explor2000 v1.34.2 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: A5BD9C284900
Explor98 v1.10f : Company: REBELS s/n: 461623296
Explor98 v1.10H : Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] s/n: 1776076544
Explor98 v1.11d : Name: forcekill/dng s/n: 1135698944
Explore v2.0 : s/n: 4000-0136-9807
ExpPrint v1.1.0.1 : Name: LOMAX s/n: 704E42592341243D61453123
ExpPrint v1.2 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: 764C5F573D43451B31470514
Express Systems Express Meter v3.0 : s/n: ER-EM300-10ACHAK Password: N8LJGHLS
ExpressFX 1 : s/n: 220-0001026-268707
ExpressFX 2 : s/n: 221-0001021-154507
Expression v1.0 : s/n: EW-100-1-8226-32620
Expressmail v2.6 : s/n: EC200-203-98343328-2658
Expresso v1.0 : s/n: EXM-51679-5594
Expresso Calendar and Address Book v1.0 : s/n: EXW-65132-0445
Extended Cards Kit v1.0.Build 7 : Name: Roger[MiB] s/n: RN1976
Extended Cards Kit v1.0 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: RN
Extramailer Spanish v2.7.3 : Name: Phrozen Crew 99 s/n: 11111111000000702772000000
Extreme 3d v1.0 : s/n: 40110-0776-2307-16851 or s/n: 40110-0059-0019-44904
Extreme 3D v1.0 : s/n: 45110-0037-0012-60272
Extreme 3D v2.0 SE : s/n: ETW200.98044.67058.78484
Extreme 3D : s/n: 45110-0037-0012-60272
Extreme 3D : s/n: 45110-0855-0288-44562
Extreme Slots v1.2 : s/n: 196458
Extreme Slots v2.0 : s/n: 196458
Eye Browser v2.3 : Name: DnNuke'99 s/n: 12142681 ID: UB9493. (Note the .)
Eyecandy v3.0 : s/n: ACJBEFCDEHLC
Eyecandy v3.01 : s/n: IIIGEBFHMJNB
Eyecandy v3.03 : s/n: IIIGEBFHMJNB
EyeCU v1.2 : s/n: BLZCMM-C7-III44-4IM6
Eyes And Ears v1.50 : Press Control + L and enter: Name: (Anything) s/n: L30-314311361-350308385
Eyes And Ears v1.53 : Press Control + L and enter: Name: (Anything) s/n: L30-314311361-350308385
Eyescope v2.0 : Name: Anne Hoyt Company: (none) s/n: 441125
EZ Cat Disk Cataloger v2.3 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 0DBDBD7B
EZ Mail for Win3.1 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN PC97 s/n: 70908419
EZ Mail for Win9x/NT : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN PC s/n: 70908403
E-Z RAM v4.0 : s/n: 17166480890
EZ View 98 Pro v6.0.1 : s/n: 06291977-BNB-375581
Ez3D VRML Author v2.0 : s/n: DR401-RSI
EZAir v1.0 : Name: Registered User s/n: 5447-348-33-338
EZAir Properties v1.0 : Name: GLoW s/n: 1630-431-06-640 Is this registration for a multi-user license?: YES Multi-user quantity: 100
EZE Clock v1.0 : Email: RepublicRox s/n: 6396310679
eZip Wizard v2.10 : Name: Versus s/n: 63019506
eZip Wizard v2.20c : s/n: jake or s/n: boopie
EZ-Pix v1.0b : Name: REKiEM / PCY s/n: EZP10060175811
EZ-Pix v4.1 : Name: registere4d s/n: EZP4961010F1430C00D
EZ-Pix v4.2 : Name: ultrascha8ll s/n: ezp4961111f4dd9ad05k
EZ-Split v2.0 : s/n: ES200000001400030340159
EZSubmit v1.3 : s/n: JOJNKHD98X
EZ-Timer v2.10 : Name: + s/n: 123789456
EZ-Timer v3.0 : Name: DSI s/n: NSRXIS*
EZ-Unzipper v4.0 : s/n: UNZIP EZ 648539_
EZ-Web Page v1.0 : FirstName: davy LastName: blizzard s/n: 88 101 38 701 601 88 09 97
EzyZipa : s/n: msbbnc

F Search v1.4 : Name: VERSUS '98 s/n: FXS-276-62532-9077-FXS
F(g) Scholar : s/n: FG0021747120
Fablock OCX v1.0 : Name: THE WEB [eRR/Hi] s/n: THEWEB-000139E50221
FailSafe v5.2 : s/n: 2471-390311-55
FailSafe v5.22 : s/n: 4809-0000DB-9F
Falcon v3.0 : s/n: 033624
Falcon Web Server v1.0 : Name: HaCkEr Uk!! s/n: 9DA581E07EE6483BD9
Falcon's Eye v0.901 : Name: Me! s/n1: GISST1X6N6PJ s/n2: GISST6W3D5G4V7Z2G0I1A8E3WS
Falling Balls v2.1 : s/n: FBAL5511
Family Archive v1.1.3 : Name: TCHAN s/n: 15F72EBBAD9C
Family Archive v1.1.4 : Name: HtgRules s/n: A6BC6C7E4167
Family Archive v1.1s : Name: EXPLiCiT s/n: 15F72EBBAD9C
Family Base v1.2 : s/n: NS-100-000-003 Key: 945B-0595
Family Explorer v1.7 : s/n: FAMX1700499
Family Photo Album v1.5 : s/n: MSFPAW-27616827
Family Treemaker v1.01 : s/n: FTW11R64747
Fantasy Land v1.20 : bbs: G.!.$ sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: ABCD9235 or bbs: G.!.$ sysop: Xxx! s/n: ABCD8297
Fantasy Land v1.20 : (type FANTASY /REG) bbs: Gotham sysop: Batman s/n: ABCD8651
Fantasy Photo Collection : s/n: 37200
FAOSoil v2.0 : Type this in a DOS box: PKUNZIP -S18273645 PASSWORT.ZIP
Far v1.61 : Name: Zeloran s/n: 09FA
Farstone Cache Driver v2.xx : s/n: 1-10501131
Farstone Virtual Drive v2.0 : s/n: FNX65004617
FaSort v1.0 : Name: JUPITER [DARKSTAR] s/n: 546802989389
Fast Chat v1.01 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 27n394g49D28F4302639B2
Fast Checks v1.0 : s/n: 1000000226841
Fast Checks v1.1 : s/n: gcrack10000
Fast Exit Pro v1.06 : s/n: FXIT-659714-106
Fast Folders v2.3 : Name: Tom Nelson Jr s/n: 40663A9448E14292
Fast Folders v2.41 : Name: tHE EGOiSTE [TMG] s/n: 41993E685F9C0071
Fast Fonts v3.3 : s/n: 05-U08355
Fast Label v3.32 : Password: SIRAXCORE Code1: ERZ5 G55V 86RR WFXF NTX5 GYHK 6J22 2222 Code2: ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD AAE6 MPKT
Fast Movie Processor v1.2 : s/n: 1-450606
Fast Taskbar v1.01 : Name: Name: ZiuHu/TEX99 s/n: nxpwvy
Fast Text Clipboard v1.4 : Name: (Anything) s/n: FLicence
Fast Track Schedule v5.01 : s/n: 1034735013645 Key: 58946 (5 users on network)
Fast Track Schedule v5.02 : Name: (Anything) Company: PREMiERE s/n: 1034735013645 Code: 58946
Fast Track Schedule v6.01 : Name/Company: (Blank) s/n: Norman s/n: 100006789
Fast View v1.2 : s/n: 102CORE-9
Fast View Plus v1.1 : s/n: mWxMnmtE
FastCatz v1.5 : s/n: ACORFE4893
FastFileFinder v5.2 : s/n: CDCF1357111111 or s/n: CDCF1357323231 or s/n: CDCF1357212120
FastFilms v2.04 : s/n: FF353559SPMM
FastMail v1.20+a : s/n: 1502909616
FastMenu v1.0 : Name: Sune / KAC 1998 s/n: 9916716
FastMenu v1.1 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 14825749
FastMove v1.01 : s/n: A9-0000000
FastNote v1.0 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 82F8
FastStats v1.01 : s/n: 1234546454
FastStats v1.02 : s/n: 9999146608
FastStats v2.0 : s/n: 1234546454
FastStats v2.01 : s/n: 3002262420
FastStats v2.1 : s/n: 2508142204
FastTrack v6.03 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: Norman KeyCode: 327677972
FASTview v1.12 : s/n: 662108816711183
FatMon v1.2.06 : s/n: 349-08389
FatPipe Internet Home v2.0 : Email: dr9808-25-00-003 s/n: 54057647
FatPipe Internet Home v3.0 : Email: s/n: bh3-fp01210033 Enter "High Voltage" (without quotes) for everything else.
FatPipe Internet Office v2.0 : Email: dr9808-25-00-001 s/n: 76279868
FatPipe Internet Office v3.0 : s/n: bo3-tc01620001
Fauve Matisse v1.24 : s/n: 1733920
Fauve Matisse v1.27 : s/n: 1733920 or s/n: 1733767
Fax v3.0 : s/n: 100401007520
Fax 2000 v1.01 : Set your date to 01/01/98 and enter: s/n: 11011109118
Fax 2000 v2.02 : s/n: j2819862090
Fax Warehouse v5.00.129 : s/n: 999-8147-587-F75
Fax-A-Laugh v1.0 : s/n: GB001000
FaxMail Network v9.08.1 : Name: mw/df99 s/n: 30373835373C
FaxMail Network v9.08.20 : Name: GermanWarezAlliance s/n: 303A35363D37
FaxMail Network v9.09.01 : Name: WISE-ITR s/n: 30383336353E Users: 1000
FaxMaker v4.1 : s/n: regico
FaxMaker for Exchange v5.55 : s/n: DE2-88C6F-19CA4-51010
FaxMaker for Exchange v6.01 : s/n: DE2-88C6F-19CA4-51010
FaxMaker for MDaemon v5.0 : s/n: 123F96D7DCD99
FaxMaker for Networks v7.01 : s/n: DE2-88C6F-19CA4-51010
FaxMaker For SMTP v5.05 : s/n: DE2-88C6F-19CA4-51010
FaxMan v3.00 : s/n: FX-CS10097
FaxMaster v1.01 : s/n: 4304L-D00-999999L
FaxMaster OCR : s/n: 4304A-C00-002837
FaxNow! v3.1 : s/n: 100106685-2114-djhddkhohl (For 11 faxes and 50 users)
FaxPerfect v1.1 : s/n: 65137278
FaxRush v4.0 : Name: Daniel Floyd s/n: 2029-0010-FBE5-8052
FaxRush v4.1 : s/n: 2FAB-0010-FF83-8052
Faxserve v2.0 : s/n: 20FX 985466 or s/n: EV 1213767
FAXserve v5.0 : s/n: 75608312 Code: MLCXK-H14MI-XW9KK-J7XWX
Faxserve v5.0 : 2Users: CNCXK-C14MH-XW9KK-R7YJ1 5Users: CNCXK-C14MH-XW9KK-J7CIY 10Users: CNCXK-C14MH-XW9KK-17IIC 25Users: CNCXK-C14MH-XW9KK-Z7HKR 50Users: CNCXK-C14MH-XW9KK-47L1R 100Users: CNCXK-C14MH-XW9KK-G7M4M UnlimitedUsers: CNCXK-C14MH-XW9KK-I7WMI
FaxServer NLM v2.0 : s/n: 20FX 985466 or s/n: EV 1213767 or s/n: 1198898
FaxTalk Plus v2.1 : s/n: B116858EB20040
FaxWarehouse v5.0 : s/n: 999-9171-135-F75
Faxx v3.0 : s/n: 3561476512232342
FCCD v4.02 : s/n: FCCD402-980706S00026
Feaser FTP v1.0 : s/n: FV-6181-1411
FeatherGIF : s/n: F2165935
FeatherGIF v1.98 : s/n: 514593
Febbs v1.9x : Name: Gert Bohman s/n: A5599B75
FEBuilders ActiveX Control Pack 1 v3.0 : s/n: ASIRAX4568
FelixCad v3.1 : s/n: 32335F78F01
Femta v1.10 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 000000000000000000000000000360
Feurio v1.21 : Name: Registered LicenceNumber: 2990-2070 LicenceCode: 3684-1046-3413-2923-0332 Leave all other fields blank.
FFT Properties v2.0 : Name: Norway s/n: 9773160
FFT Properties v3.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 3819680
Fido QWK v1.25 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 4D9D34E9 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 85390970
Fido QWK v1.25 : Name: Batman s/n: D6ECCA66
Field v1.0 : Name: MisterE[iNSiDE] s/n: 1634975325
Field v1.15 : Name: (Any 6 character name) s/n: 1634975325
Field v1.20b : Name: manife s/n: 5440451412
Field Tester v1.1 : Name: KAC s/n: 1B22111D
Fighter Wing from Merrit Studios : s/n: 1PKY6T89X2A or s/n: YD2V47Z3J1F
File Attribute Manager v2.21 : UserKey: FKSJLCIF RegKey: 4B7CAC9D5F959907DD
File Card 98 v2.21 : Name: Edward Malkowski s/n: TKP10936YZ
File Chopper v1.7 : Name: xOANON s/n: 73-34-24-64-00
File Chopper v2.8 : Name: TEX s/n: 92-90-22-08-00
File Commander v1.40 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1312209132 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 1287165597
File Dog v1.4 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 11-12345-1 Key: f16b52b17f4
File Download Counter v4.60 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3831815372
File Editor v2.9 : Name: VYLENT Company: SWP s/n: 4292431135 or Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 5922200
File Ex v2.00h : Name: PC97 s/n: 655552
File Ferret v1.1102 : s/n: NS-100-002-267 Key: C4EF-8586
File Fissure v1.01 : Name: Carlos Antonio Biazoto Company: CRYSTAL Key1: BE60F6 Key2: 1903416180736 Key3: D35A2B-B4WX72
File Folder Description Center v3.3 : Name: FALLEN Key: 1234567890 RegNum: 312fd475e72025f64901
File Folder Description Center v3.5.6 : Name: MARY REHMER RegNum: HkqxTd13KOWnkFQJl-DR-P-9elyYJdQL-HhC1A8b5ynLgQQ2W2WDV4UOd-VfX1zIAa-uaUTQ0wYUFbr94Po06E Key: 6CE39B73B2498A7401286C08E9E4F6302ED4B6E8
File Force v1.0 : s/n: X-442540368699
File Investigator v1.40 : Password: star
File Investigator v1.41 : Password: star
File Jockey v2.0 : s/n: 012XC514X9Xb9dXX71XR
File Locker v1.1 : s/n: 3600728073806570537
File Locker v1.11 : Enter the following code at the startup screen: Code: 351056789078810045 Then click on REGISTER menu and enter the following: Code: 2475-67885040-44
File Locker v2.3 : s/n: 73002-50134
File Magic Professional v2.0 : s/n: 16-0012025
File Mag-Net v1.13 : Name: Bisoux s/n: 3371685553
File Mag-Net v1.30 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: 1759322142
File Mag-Net v1.31 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 4596764075
File Maker Pro v2.1 : s/n: 7000843902 or s/n: 0001930807
File Man v1.0 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 20288935673077AH
File Man v1.5 : Name: fallen/exit s/n: 9157694100509FE
File Man v2.0 : Name: JUPITER99 s/n: 96133992AD
File Man v2.01 : Name: ALx [PCY/99] s/n: 13344821AB
File Man v2.10 : Name: viny[TbC] s/n: 381849156346GE
File Man v2.30 : Name: pHASE Team s/n: 3357477979739JH
File Name Extractor v1.1 : s/n: bkd098123
File Name Extractor v2.0 : s/n: bkd098123
File Peek v1.2 : Name: DSI98 s/n: 700818615
File Peek v2.2 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 588425165
File Preview v1.3 : s/n: 506PIR1944ABRN
File Preview v1.3.1 : s/n: 506PIR1944ABRN
File Protector v1.53 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: FP10-67-901-0-D00009C000004D-23
File Protector v1.60 : Name: Gordon Company: Softforum s/n: FP10-67-ZLB-0-D5870D676880A5-27
File Shredder v1.5 : Name: Richard Canavan s/n: 7.60706606998076E+34
File Shredder v2.3 : Name: Warp98 Company: Warp s/n: 2533610912
File Shredder v2.4 : Name: Warp Company: (Blank) s/n: 2518602956
File Shredder v2.8 : Name: viny[TbC] Company: TbC s/n: 2534109095
File Shredder v3.02 : Name: TUC Company: PC99 s/n: 431812779
File Split v2.1 : Name: aLLergiC/CiA s/n: 666-666-4157
File Split v2.2 : Name: Jaydee 99 s/n: 6069-9211-25533 or Name: JD99 s/n: 8182-7895-22450
File Split v2.21 : Name: DESYNC DOMiNATiON s/n: 5993-6667-24435 or Name: CZY s/n: 313-37-1587
File Sync Force v1.12 : s/n: 7409G
File Sync Force v2.05 : Name: DeMoN Release Crew Code: 439847154
File Tools v1.01 : s/n: ft--104689405
File Usage Monitor v1.3 : Name: elmopio [iSD98] s/n: 867-863 or Name: Ringer s/n: 5BB-5CE
File Utilities Code : s/n: KWW300R7105734-545
File Wiz v1.0 : s/n: 4REAL
FileBar v2.05 : Name: D.T.K 1995 Location: Der TeufelsKreis 1995 s/n: 19429
FileCompress Pro v1.0 : s/n: 081494-007L-00P4093 or s/n: 081494-001L-00P4093
File-Ex v2.12a : Name: VERSUS s/n: 76022080
File-Ex v98 2.12b : Name: Warp98 s/n: 87163013
Filemaker Pro v4.0 : s/n: 1-1014-1978-7099-6945
Filemaker Pro NL v2.x : s/n: 7000843902
FileMark v2.00 : Name: Batman s/n: 1031781158727839287 or Name: XXX s/n: 10495120105839010251
FileName Juggler v1.10 : Name: TKC/PC '97 s/n: 12345 Password: 643C-256A-ADFA
FileNamer v1.1.22 : Name: Bisoux s/n: s[@^GK
FileSync v2.04 : Name: Nordic 1998 s/n: 51710010
FileVac v1.1 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 222CE339F4233723043910
FiLevel Security v1.0 : Name: REKiEM Company: PROPHECY '98 s/n: 9650497B90B2B471
FileWatch v3.22 : Click the blue Kg 98 under the Settings tab and enter: Name: Vilmar Onofrilo Bruno s/n: 1605-651B-3824-3
FileWatch v3.23 : Click the blue Kg 98 under the Settings tab and enter: Name: mRFANATIc [DSi] s/n: 645-S850-2288-3FAD
FileWeb v1.0 : Name: Chafe/TEX99 s/n: 1713495
Fill-It-In v1.0 : s/n: 102-3847 or s/n: 305419896
Film Tracker v1.1 : s/n: FT-PBLi1Z6zDAr7
Filo v1.7 : s/n: 98765000-00234500
Filterwiz Pro v3.0 : Start the program and go to "register". Then enter this data: panoramix (hit enter) 127441521 (press OK)
Final v3.0 : s/n: WFNA 106311
Final Approach v6.0 : Data1: Crotalus Horridus Data2: alt.binaries Key: 45091-nd-83400 or Data1: Cascabel Data2: Registered User Key: 10568-nu-55272
Finance Pro v2.0 : s/n: FP100198JJ
Financial Statement Analyser and Forecaster : Name: sandal s/n: 331508392769
Financial Statement Generator v4.01 : s/n: 297H32ozil
Find It Now! v1.25 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN Company: SimpsonINC s/n: f010e523 or Name: Azrael Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: b077a366
Find n Print v2.2 : FirstName: Flu[X] LastName: DNG s/n: FWP-6648513
Find n Print v3.0 : FirstName: dustie LastName: blizzard s/n: WLA-1570430
Find++ v2.3 : Personal Licence: FirstName: SiraX LastName: DNG s/n: fpp32-458518 SiteLicence or WorldWideLicence: Company: DNG City: Dongle City s/n: fpp32-553424
Fine Art America Screensaver v1.0.5.2553 : s/n: unlockme
Fine Print v1.1 : Name: BASSMATIC s/n: 5018-001234
Fine Print v1.30 : Name: Cyber Ghost s/n: 7040-032768
Fine Print v2.03 : Name: _RudeBoy_ [PC] s/n: 9477-624597
Fine Print v2.12 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 7009-989898
Fine Print v3.0 : Name: Attitude [Core 98] s/n: WWD7FRFJ7TYLT5
Fine Print v3.00 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 7009-989898
Fine Print v3.10e : Click on advanced properties of the FinePrint Driver in any Windows Program and enter: Name: Versus s/n: WWD7FRFJ7TYLT5
Fine Print v3.10f : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: 5757-5WU7-7G45
Fine Print v3.11 : Name: Hambo/CORE s/n: KHK7-5XPZ-732K
Fine Print v3.12 : Name: (Anything) s/n: KHK7-5XPZ-732K
Fine Print Enterprise v3.31 : Name: durruti s/n: FRB3-AVV7-LYDX
Fine Reader v2.0 : s/n: LSFR-003106-20010
Fine Reader v4.0 : s/n: FRP4-2100868-42258
Fine Reader Light v2.0 : s/n: LSFR-003669-20011
Fine Reader Standard v4.0 : s/n: FRB4-4402006-55699
FineTune v1.3 : Name: BaRT OwNz YeW Company: SeRiaLS 99 s/n: 12634865
Finger Client v1.0 : s/n: 298232A1019B4060
Firehand Blaze v2.0.2 : Name: ROBB JOHNSTON s/n: 017-054-93747
Firehand Blaze v2.7.1 : Name: MARK KAPPEN s/n: 006-823-86537
Firehand Ember v3.0.10 : Name: SerialNumberHeaven s/n: 011087123968
Firehand Ember v3.1.1 : Name: CLEMENCE CORRIVAU s/n: 004-541-64217
Firehand Ember v3.1.5 : Name: MOSES EZEKIEL s/n: 003-147-24807
Firehand Ember v3.5.10 : Name: ALAN JOSEPH s/n: 010-893-81537
Firehand Ember v3.5.16 : Name: CAROLYN FRAPPIER s/n: 014-764-92417
Firehand Ember v3.513 : Name: CHIP BINGHAM s/n: 020-555-03237
Firehand Ember Express v3.5.21 : Name: DSi s/n: 005-080-57165
Firehand Ember Lite v3.5.16 : Name: Dannie DaCarder s/n: 020-352-73037
Firehand Ember Media Xtension v2.0.10 : Name: Dannie DaCarder s/n: 018-150-53857
Firehand Ember Media Xtension v2.0.11 : Name: RAY HIPFNER s/n: 017-105-08847
Firehand Ember Media Xtension v2.2.2 : Name: ROBB JOHNSTON s/n: 013-869-42507
Firehand Ember Pro v3.5.18 : Name: DSi s/n: 005-837-27165
Firehand Ember Pro v3.5.21 : Name: RAY HIPFNER s/n: 018-888-30557
Firehand Ember Pro v3.7.1 : Name: DSi s/n: 005-837-27165
Firehand Ember Pro v3.7.2 : Name: Registered s/n: 018-056-11948
Firehand Ember Pro v3.72 : Name: Dannie DaCarder s/n: 018-150-53857
Firehand Ember Pro v3.8.4 : Name: ROBB JOHNSTON s/n: 012-044-94717
Firehand Lightning v1.5.1 : Name: RAY HIPFNER s/n: 016-534-95237
Firehand Lightning v1.5.2 : Name: IND s/n: 008-204-91948
Firehand Lightning v1.7.1 : Name: ROBB JOHNSTON s/n: 014-398-31017
Fireworks v1.0 : s/n: FWW100-07159-17078-05493
Fireworks v2.0 : s/n: FWW200-67553-98229-14626
Firm POS v1.0 : Name: Wallace Daniels s/n: 5546865
First Aid v1.0 : s/n: 1002-0E7B
First Aid v1.2a : s/n: 1002-4AB6 Code: AF10112C or s/n: 1002-0E7B Code: DF10112F
First Aid v1.2a Revision C : s/n: 1003-F12B Code: CF10112E or s/n: 1000-A1B1 Code: AF10112C
First Aid v1.2a Revision E : s/n: 1002-4AB6 Code: AF101120
First Aid v1.2c : s/n: 1000-A1B1 Code: AF10112C
First Aid v2.0 : s/n: 102B-9299 Code: AF10020A or s/n: 102c-fd2e Code: af11120c
First Aid : sn: 1000-A1B1 Code: AF10112C
First Aid 2000 : s/n: P-01000617
First Aid 95 : Product: af11120c s/n: 102c-fd2e
First Aid 95 Deluxe : s/n: 1332-CFDF
FirstSQL Desktop v2.3 : s/n: 66100012aa0b
Fish & Log! v2.0.1 : s/n: fda743
Fish Byte v3.6 : Name: PGC s/n: 2Q24
Fishing Diary + Database 95 v2.3 : s/n: F634KS596G
Fitness Log v1.01 : Name: cLUSTER Company: dARKSiDE Reg: cLUSTER/dSI! s/n: LG1012T2WNRC61GH6W
Five Clock v1.01 : Name: (None) s/n: 202-452-9405
Five Plus v2.12 : Name: John Covington s/n: 957754
Five Plus v2.51 : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: 997772
Five Plus v2.52 : Name: Warp s/n: 847717
Five Plus v2.6 : Name: BaMa/MANiFEST s/n: 037746
Five Plus v2.60 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 987754
Five Plus v2.62 : Name: BaMa/MANiFEST s/n: 037746
Five Plus v2.7 : Name: BaMa/MANiFEST s/n: 037746
Fix 2000 Pro v1.35 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: P3701-ZQJ-43810
Fixed Asset System v9.41 : s/n: 3060461
FKWare SysMon v1.22 : Name: MANIFEST DESTINY s/n: G37-8C605-F52E8-E0B-F605
Flag Find v2.0 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: F420207
Flag Find v2.5 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: F420207
Flagimation v1.03 : Name: NuTeLa [DSi] s/n: 33952018
Flagimation v1.04 : Name: Goodman s/n: 36959100
FlameMask v2.6 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 00000000
Flamenco Online Time v1.01 : s/n: 853851-518524-101010
Flamenco Online Time v1.02.0.09 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 853851-518524-894561
Flamengo Plus v1.2 : s/n: HF1-120-1985057-7609619
FlameThrower v1.0.3 : Name: Daniel Servrancilx s/n: FT-103-000978-NFHJ
FlameThrower v1.11 : Name: Ann Grevelius s/n: FT-103-000985-MMKU
Flaming Pear India Ink v1.5 : s/n: J1634667054
Flaming Pear Solar Cell v1.1c : s/n: 701975
Flare Effects v1.0 : Name: The Krazy Nomad [SiEGE] s/n: GLABQLEKRS
Flash v1.0 : Name: Compu Terror ComputerName: (Anything) Exp: (Blank) s/n: 03N49031K2U3W8THZA78
Flash v2.0 : Name: JuNiOr s/n: 09RMPJK14X0W95NZZT8A or Name: Arnold Hansen s/n: 00YH2YHY001W3NL161EQ
Flash v2.0 : 1. when you install in addition to the program setup, a keymaker will be started waiting for you to enter an unlock code, leave it for the time being. 2. if the program has been installed, run it, choose "Buy Now". 3. enter anything you want (and that is
Flash v2.01 : Name: Douglas Hill s/n: 08FL3JKZAC0JZMP44DN0
Flash v3.0 : s/n: FLW300-01567-53532-72983
Flash v4.0 : s/n: FLW400-16664-27865-12345 or s/n: FLW400-82262-47145-29336
Flash v4.0 beta 3 : s/n: FLW400-82262-47145-29336
Flash Generator vBeta 1 : s/n: FGW103-66068-41942-27877
Flash Knowledge v3.0 : FirstName: zoin LastName: versus s/n: 1A4A4A242400
FlashFXP v1.2 build 237 : Name: Registered s/n: CCF7C25935572037A8856A
FlashFXP v1.2 build 32 : Name: UGI99 s/n: 05B266DCE1E4
FlashFXP v1.2 Build 362 : Name: CZY s/n: 507B4AD0
FlashFXP v1.2 build 40 : Name: Leatherman/2000AD s/n: 11B58496FC9AEBEC5B37267DAC3472843F7C
FlashFXP v1.2 Build 370 : Name: CZY s/n: 507B4AD0
FlashJester Creator v1.0 : Name: Name: tHE EGOiSTE s/n: 848872425674963
Flat Form Border ActiveX v1.0.12 : s/n: AS-443-79865-P
Flat Form Border ActiveX v1.0.16 : s/n: AS-443-79865-P
Flexed v1.5 : Name: PrOmetheus s/n: 473512142656
Flexed v3.2 : Name: LiGHt DRUiD s/n: 871038632020
Flexed Pro v2.6 : Name: Chambers W Dodrill s/n: 827124148483
FlexRestart v1.02 : Name: L!M!T / The Exterminators s/n: 2BC9B2FC
FlexSite v2.8a : Name: ShadE - TRPS 98 Special: 131313 s/n: 1-5067F500
Flight Sim 95/98 : s/n: 450-6160744
Flight Sim Planner 98 : Name: Me s/n: 59343 or Name: F2K s/n: 92912
Flinstone Cuckoo Clock : s/n: 90500100-00123
Flip Over v2.2 : Name: HID s/n: GME4445
Flip Over v2.4 : Name: HAMBO/CORE s/n: AMC5673
FloatMenu v1.5 : Name: Dana Stone s/n: 11460543
Floppy Disk Catalogue Util v1.1 : s/n: DiskCatv1.0-45332194RCLAB
Flow Chart PDQ v1.1x : s/n: PKU3FE002DHN825
Flow Charting : s/n: DB5S07785
Flow Pro v2.0 : Name: ^pain^ '97 s/n: 381-72
Fluke Network Inspector v2.2 : s/n: twd-ivd05100t0
Fly Calculator v1.0 : s/n: 1100
Fly Fishing v1.2 : Name: DSG TeAM s/n: WF473343
FlyBum v2.2 : Name: webmastaDC s/n: flyxx035x
FlyCrypt v1.1 : Name: kaN-LSD s/n: 1982317192
FlyingColor v1.1 : Name: ED!SON '96 s/n: 2826646043
FlyWheel v1.02+ : Name: Freeware Version s/n: 14018600
FlyWheel v3.30 : Name: TRDonJuan [Odt] s/n: 13957411
FlyWheel v3.35 : Name:CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 13812800
FM BOX v1.2 RC 6 : Name: CaO s/n: 12121212
Fmail v0.92 or 0.98 or 1.x : Name: CEPHYR[MGE] Key1: 69886344 Key2: 1407278542
Fmail v1.02 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL Key1: 2103461921 Key2: 479359711
Fmail v1.02 for Dos and OS/2 : Name: You! Key1: 1909407035 Key2:740316073
Fmatch v1.0 : Name: Bisoux s/n: 322924
FMBox v1.2 Beta 5 : Name: CaO s/n: 12121212
FMBox v1.2 Beta 7 : Name: CaO Company: (Anything) s/n: 12121212
FocAudit Six v6.40C : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 135987120
Focus v1.5 : s/n: 001445914
Focus Six Report Server : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 14103397808
Folder Chart v2.01 : Name: mRFANATIc [DSi] s/n: MB10FC-I
Folder Guard v4.05 : Name: MiRaMaX [RBS] Users: 1997 s/n: 977788736
Folder Guard v4.06 : Name: Virus Users: 1 s/n: 1103718044
Folder Guard v4.08 : Name: Virus Users: 1 s/n: 1103718044 or Name: Black Thorne - Phrozen Crew Users: 1000 s/n: 3525557363
Folder Guard v4.08d : Name: Cobra 1998 Users: 1 s/n: 1426832412
Folder Guard v4.08f : Name: draXXter 1User: 3612577792 10Users: 2379332723 100Users: 0759508912 1,000Users: 4107289344 10,000Users: 0073707520
Folder Guard v4.10 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN Users: 1 s/n: F7190060WARP
Folder Guard v4.11 : Name: Gordon Users: 255 s/n: F3390095WARP
Folder Guard : Name: MegaDoc UCF Users: 255 s/n: 3939316592
Folder Match v2.10 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 13-omwgaml-3432
Folder Remarker v1.0 : Name: TEX98 s/n: 607155676
Folio Viewer v3.0 : s/n: 30WVU1234567
Folio Viewer v3.1a : s/n: 31NFA1052015
Folio Viewer v4.2 : s/n: 42PFT5445455
FoneSync v3.1.10 : s/n: FS2-13521-981064-01177
FoneSync (European) v3.0.29 : s/n: FS2-13434-981064-01090
Font Control v1.23 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 22440
Font Creator Program v1.1.1c : Name: Freak Company: Pyrodex s/n: LLLL-11
Font F/X v1.10 build 122 : s/n: 388-56-12246
Font F/X v1.10.24 : s/n: 388-56-19212
Font F/X DCSi v2.0 : s/n: 933-04-94601
Font FX Express v2.1 : s/n: 8113864906
Font FX Express v2.5 : s/n: 034-75-95023
Font Finder v3.0.2 : Name: DrRhui CORE s/n: 77-9717
Font Finder v3.4.1.7 : Name: team blizzard s/n: 598f-8800692
Font Finder v3.43 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 598f-4072828
Font Finder v3.5.2.3 : Name: Jagar s/n: 598f-3398333
Font Finder v4.0.0.1 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: 598f-10153438
Font Finder v4.1.2.4 : Name: EinZtein s/n: 598f-5424269
Font Finder v4.5 : Name: Delphic s/n: 598f-4746880
Font Folder Lite v2.0 : s/n: 1001586
Font Folio v8.0 : s/n: AWW400R7110870-808
Font Impressions v1.0 : s/n: 122545210621
Font Impressions v2.0 : Name: Reanimator^LasH s/n: 122545210621
Font Look v3.2 : s/n: 5447213
Font Look v3.5 : s/n: 5447213
Font Magik v1.1 : Name: SiraX s/n: 205192118
Font Man : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: FCD 51120
Font Monster v3.5 : Name: BETA TESTER s/n: 16983
Font Print Magic v1.51 : Name: BaMa Company: MANiFEST s/n: FPM15-4106150-05670828
Font Print Magic v1.7 : s/n: FPM17-5009275-57885909
Font Printer v1.0 : Name: GhostRiders s/n: 61830-92203-179
Font Viewer v1.0 : Name: STARDOGG [PC] s/n: PBG0213
Font Wrangler v1.0c : Name: CRYSTAL s/n: FNNwPb
FontEzy v1.01 : s/n: ksofd98764
FontLab v2.5 : s/n: FM07-V387432
FontLab v3.00F : s/n: FR02-Z32P952
FontLib 98 v2.5.75 : s/n: 27510612
FontLook v3.0 : s/n: 5447213
FontMagik v1.0 : s/n: J230373Ha
FontoGrapher v4.1 : s/n: 65241-0499-0166-21702
Fontographer v4.1 : s/n: 65241-0499-0166-21702
Fonts In Motion v1.0 : Name: n03l s/n: 08044466
Fonts In Motion v1.1 : Name: draXXter [Faith2000] s/n: 54328255
FontShow v2.8 : Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 4207916440
FontShow v2.9 : Name: boring Company: ESSENCE s/n: 4216184724
FontShow v3.0 : Name: fjalar Company: TEXTURE s/n: 4216602181
FontsList v1.0.0.2 : Name: draXXter[Faith2000] s/n: 15767393
FontsPlay v1.0 : Name: draXXter[Faith2000] s/n: 23736-01-99
Foobar v1.0 : s/n: 1714-6309-A5CF
Foobar v1.0.4 : Name: kaN-LSD s/n: 1714-5008-95A1
Food Watcher Plus v2.0 : s/n: 69374
Food Watcher Plus v3.0 : s/n: 82981
Foongrep II v2.5b : Type this in a DOS box: foongrep.exe -+ win:kmrhrgksjhlvhmhpihtnwpwnmkptrm "Krohne"
Football Companion 98 v1.00 : s/n: 2594426955896928
Football Pool Manager v3.0 : Name: Attiude [C.o.R.E] s/n: FPM-V3-719758
Football Pool Manager v3.5 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: FPM-CC-185736 or Name: Black Thorne - PC'98 s/n: FPM-CC-185736
ForeHelp v3.01b : s/n: FHE0300-100022
ForeHelp v3.2.2 : s/n: FHE0300-100036
ForeHTML Pro v2.0 : s/n: HTE0296-100030
Foreign Language Tutor v4.3 : s/n: 761933
ForeVB v2.0f : s/n: VBE0200-100054
FORGE Dark Room Pro v2.0 : s/n: spo256
ForKeeps v3.6 : Name: Denise S. Harvé s/n: 1589-114230 Type: D45-é795-M361308
ForKeeps v3.92 : Name: Brian Jones s/n: 1655-118916 Type: B33-S207-M363700 ProgramType: zi214-357142
Form Keeper v1.9.0 : s/n: 112471410721
Form Publisher v1.21 : s/n: FPW71211289
FormEd v1.0.0048 : s/n: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (16 z's)
FormEd v1.18 : Name: Daniel Desjardins s/n: 00011-mcab-01870
FormelBaska 98 Pro v2.21 : s/n: 349598
FormKeeper v1.8.0 : s/n: 112471410721
FormPAL v4.0 : Name/Company: High Voltage s/n: 6973c90f5105d792
FormPAL Standard v2.5 : s/n: cd9f7628921df006
FormPAL Standard v3.4 : Name: Joseph Sciandra Company: None s/n: 1825c91f5135d173
FormPrintery v2.0 : Name: Arcane - CiA '99 s/n: 13953
FormTools Gold v2.0 : s/n: 31291134
FormTools Gold v3.0 : s/n: FPF173263
FormTools Gold : s/n: 374C1
Formula One Professional ActiveX v6.0 : s/n: VCI.FBA5.05.00.0020861366
Formz Renderzone v2.91 : s/n: Z-0200-0019999
Forte Agent v0.99f : s/n: WHGW8335-GLVH8SBR-8E5XR2MD-WZ5BUJU5-7TBYFNSW
Forte Agent v1.5 : s/n: JYJ13VTV-6HXMBZFE-VFG2EKKW
Forte Agent v1.6 : Name: DESYNC DOMiNATiON s/n: HH2W7U73-3BXFPKKJ-TEK34USF-7VH8LEGC-L8N6PG4U-GA67M6RB
Forte Agent : s/n: WD6VZ3HP-WGS8Z494-DLKVF5AY-GN1RZ6T2-2LTWGRWS-ZMT92YH3 or s/n: HH2W7UP4-63W9NK4J-1ZR5831C-DVRCMYRG
Fortres 101 v4.0 : s/n: 18765-2310623-567
Fortress Central Control v4.0 : Start the setup program when told to enter the code, don't. This will install the program in demo mode. After installation start settings...Then chose register and enter: s/n: 42345-0904311-111
Fortune Teller v2.0 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: YZKZK72671174
FotoExplorer v1.0.1 : s/n: 219240251a68
FotoStation v3.5 Build 19 : Name: (Anything) Company: (Anything) s/n: 06FK-115A-14F8 ProductKey: QA6C9DC605DD (Leave the Quark XTension Key as it is)
FotoStation v3.5.1 Build 42 : s/n: 61AR A76F 9295 CDVersion: T55EB59D47D9 IMVersion: T7CEC19D47D4 EDVersion: T1BEDD9D47C7 ProVersion: T22EE99D47D8 DCS-ProVersion: TC44129D47F1
FotoStation v3.5.19d : s/n: 06FK-115A-14F8 Key: QA6C9DC605DD
FotoTouch v2.1 : s/n: SCAL028482-F210
Four Seasons v1.12 : Name: PEIDO98 s/n: 6865135
Four Solitaires from Russia v1.01 : s/n: SSG-103-5730-6831
Four Times v2.0 : Name: zIP/PGC s/n: QV200-21004
Four Times v3.0 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 43AB1DB0D25524892A81245E
Four Winds v1.02 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: 4W10-132538342
FourSuns WebWorks v1.2.18 : Name: SiraX Company: CORE s/n: 27n394g49D28F4302639B2
Fox v2.0+ : Name: iCEMAN [uCF] s/n: FX105038528
Fox Base v1.1 : s/n: FMD027877 Password: EMZXPYEI
Fox Fire 13 Solitaire v2.00 : Name: PEIDO98 s/n: 120690
Fox Pro v3.0b : s/n: 111-111111111
Fractal Dabbler v1.0 : s/n: 5014788-4960 or s/n: 5019229-6978 or s/n: 5011380-8195
Fractal Design Add Depth : s/n: AW-100-1-2716-52987
Fractal Design Dabbler v2.0 : s/n: DW200RAZ0005482-VDHD-001
Fractal Design Dabbler : s/n: 5011440-0287
Fractal Design Detailer v1.0 : s/n: VW100RAZ0001436-CVMT-001
Fractal Design Expression v1.0 : s/n: EW-100-1-8226-32620
Fractal Design Painter v2.0 : for the X2 s/n: 0700585AQK
Fractal Design Painter v3.0 : s/n: PW300RAZ0002607-EANY-001
Fractal Design Painter v4.03 : s/n: PW400EAZ0001921-BXYE-005
Fractal Design Painter v5.0 : s/n: PA500RAZ0015375-GGSM-001
Fractal Design Painter Pro v4.0 : s/n: PW310RAZ0010460-QHJJ-001
Fractal Design Poser v2.0 : s/n: FW100RAZ0002042-NTHV-001
Fractal Design Poser v3.0 : s/n: FA300RAU0015692-YDAQ-001
Fractal Design Ray Dream Studio v5.0 : RayDream-Main-Program: SW-500-1-4356-32162 3D Fun-Pack: FP-500-1-8734-39832 The-Four-Elements-Pack: 4E-500-1-3476-31659 SuperMesh: ZA-500-1-4129-29897
Fractal Design Sketcher : s/n: 0300023NFF
Fractal Designer v1.0 : s/n: 5012226-2312
Fractal Imager v1.1 : s/n: ffffff
Fractal Poser v2.0 : s/n: FW100RAZ0002042-NTHV-001
Fractal RayDream Studio v4.1 : s/n: SW-410-1-2847-62287
Frame v2.01 : bbs: G.!.$ Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: TA7O3O5WMUJTTKTEPQIS8LNGRVHKEQ
FrameBuilder : s/n: 04-0-01-01-4-0056A-916E2D
Frame-IT v1.15 : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: 12540
FrameMaker v2.1 : s/n: 2-01320-27 or s/n: 2-02071-17
FrameMaker v3.0 : s/n: 5-001000-68
FrameMaker v4.02 : s/n: 00-0-01-01-4-00C2F-3C9DB0 or s/n: 00-0-01-01-4-005CF-90DEDC
FrameMaker v5.00 : s/n: 00-0-01-01-4-00D4A-D62C70
Framemaker v5.1.2 : s/n: 01-0-01-01-5-37AA0-78BDD6
Framemaker v5.5 : s/n: 20-0-01-01-5-011C5-14B57E
Framemaker v5.5.6 : s/n: 20-0-01-01-5-0D2F9-36EC16
Framemaker+SGML v5.1.1 : s/n: 05-0-01-01-5-0C860-FC44ad
Framemaker+SGML v5.5.2 : s/n: 24-0-01-01-5-00000-666160
FrameTool WYSIWYG HTML Design Tool v2.0 : s/n: S10687781.36 Judy Miller
FrameWork v4.0 : s/n: 00-0-01-01-4-0059E-2E00D2
FrameWork IV v1.0 : s/n: 1121221-10 or s/n: 3333333-21 or s/n: 5031960-24
FrameWork Studio for Rational Rose v1.5 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: fws15-530500-98
Franklin Audio Rack v1.0.20 : s/n: AR-9020
Franklin Audio Rack v2.0.11 : s/n: Ar-9020
Franklin BlackJack v1.02 : s/n: BJ-2010
Free2Fax : s/n: 654123987
FreeCell Plus v1.1b : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 178488
FreeCell Wizard v1.0.0 : Name: PAMELA WILLIAMSON s/n: b8z3v37dr9
FreeCell Wizard v1.1 : Name: RUBY BARNETT s/n: magptchmxx
FreeDom of the Press v2.2 : s/n: 1019849
FreeFilter v1.0 : s/n: 29-26774
FreeFTP v2.0 : Name: SiR_Ta0 [KFK] s/n: freeftp4u2have
FreeHand v8.0 : s/n: FHW800-08616-67028-30467
Freehand v8.0 : s/n: FHW800-08616-67028-30467
Freehand v8.0.1 : s/n: FHW800-08616-67028-30467
Freehand Graphique v5.0 : s/n: 10350-0276-0089-83911
Freehand Graphique v7.0 : s/n: FHW700-70812-27097-26570
FreeMem Pro v3 : s/n: 880012345678
FreeMem Pro v4 : s/n: 296094047829
FreeMem Pro v4.1 : s/n: 392971868074
FreeMem Pro v4.2 : s/n: 392971868074
FreeTel : s/n: 1292-0039-0768-5802
Frequency Filer v4.1 rev 1 : Code: HERZ Number: (Anything)
Fresh Water Fishing Doorgame : Name: Wayne Moore s/n: 3906
Friends ScreenSaver : Name: ZIUHU/TEX99 s/n: F15F0C00
Frigate v1.06 : s/n: 5963685
Frigate v1.10 : s/n: 12342
Frog Hop v1.1b : Name: DSG TeAM s/n: 6536$81
Fromino Lute tab editor v2.0 : Name: JaZzMaStR s/n: rhd,npn
FrontDoor v1.11 : (edit FDRPR.CFG) line1: KeyName: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL line2: Keynumber: 123456C202D21B
FrontDoor v2.11 : s/n: FD001123456
FrontDoor v2.12 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: FDMMi1MwMz9MMiMMiMMi
FrontDoor v2.20a : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 12345 s/n: 0000:3039
FrontDoor v2.25 : Key: UCF-UCF-UCFUCF-UCF2G4 Code: ASFGFD-ASWDHH-EWFD80 Data: RyDeR_H00k! [UCF]
FrontLook v1.03 : s/n: DPA-1070-8099
FrontMan Designer v4.4.14 : Password: transfer
FrontMan Webpage Server v4.1 : Password: ocean
FrontMan Webpage Server v4.4 : Password: ocean
Frontpage 98 v3.02.1706 : s/n: 8123-0123512
Frontpage 98 : s/n: 0401-1527965
Frontpage 98 : s/n: 9978-3492547
Fruity Loops v1.2.10 : Name: fungus/factor s/n: 845166
Fruity Loops v1.76 : Press Ctrl+Alt+F3 then enter: Name: 3-ZenTaur Arts s/n: 1219400482
F-Secure Antivirus v4.05 : s/n: 7479-1388-2388
FTbar! v4.5 : Name: stalker s/n: 5701385
FTGate v2.1 : Name: Attitude [C.o.r.E] s/n: 05023-12051
FTGate v2.1.03 : Name: jog/DNG s/n: 13912-12051 or Name: Attitude [C.o.r.E] s/n: 05023-12051
FTGate v2.1.05 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 05023-12051
FTGate v2.2 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 18117-12051
FTP 2000 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: IKELSTC:EM
FTP Browser v1.25 : s/n: jaft1ca583sjm
FTP Control v2.0 : Name: forcekill s/n: FZojB Email: xxx@xxx.xx
FTP Control v2.9.4 : Name: EzD - VERSUS s/n: ZwrG
FTP Control v3.20 : KeyRoot: Registered RegKey: ZhEnTnTkWkGCLJM Email: (Anything)
FTP Control v3.60 : KeyRoot: Faceless RegKey: TeEnEnQkWkL&lh Email:
FTP Control Pro v3.07 : Name: Eugene R Harden s/n: TfEnEnTkWkDKLr$
FTP Explorer 2000 : Name: Trog@DCD s/n: 75AE806-2DE0C33B-9C49B161
FTP Express v1.00.009 : Name: G-RoM s/n: 11666
FTP Express v1.00.012 : Name: +JUANDA s/n: 500131
FTP Express v1.5.010 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 5535548
FTP Express v3.1.003 : Name: Poltergie/PGC s/n: 715822
FTP Express v3.2.002 : Name: CZY s/n: 19296
FTP NetDrive v2.01 : s/n: 03-001-095-00053
FTP NetDrive v2.10 : s/n: 03-001-095-00083
FTP OnNet : s/n: 1990-3007-1872 or s/n: 7704-8703-1522
FTP Serv-U Daemon v1.1i : s/n: .Va7/0nRUR./Kermu
FTP Serv-U Daemon v2.5a : Name: Arcane [UCT] s/n: 4756-7742-7338-496C-7749-452C-4172-6361-6E65-205B-5543-545D
FTP Serv-U Deamon v2.00 : s/n: r8fZajeU3JY,ED!SON '96
FTP Super TCP Professional v1.1 : s/n: D95-930-00
FTP Voyager v4.0.4.1 : Name: blastsoft Email: s/n: 00002e59
FTP Voyager v5.0.0.2 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Email: SDC@Cracker.Com s/n: 000012be
FTP Voyager v5.0.30 : Name: forcekill Email: xxx@xxx.xx s/n: 000070a6
FTP Voyager v6.0.0.1 : Name: Weapon 98 Email: s/n: 7e9fe5fec440ff8a424b30e1fe17
FTP Voyager v6.0.0.2 : Name: PREMiERE Email: s/n: 00006329
FTP Voyager v6.0.0.5 : Name: High Voltage Email: s/n: 823e29505540ffa4508fa8e1fe5c
FTP Voyager v6.1.0.1 : Name: hV Email: s/n: d174af5aa6c3c405fcf32c2bf6434f32771a8866999cc32778b639f9822bbca
FTP Wolf v1.03 : Name: CORE/JES s/n: FW1-186485
FTP Wolf v1.03.000 : Name: MCVD 1997 s/n: FW1-154645
FTP Wolf v1.3 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: FW-246832
FTP Wolf v2.00.002 : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: FW-168442
FTP Wolf v2.01 : Name: s/n: FW2267-892679
FTP Wolf v2.01 build 1.2.002 : Name: knoweffex s/n: FW2-252686
FTP Wolf v2.x : Name: SNH s/n: FWO-533704
FTP Wolf v2.xx : Name: DanThaMan/fACTOR '98 s/n: FW666-134744
FTP Wolf v3.00.002 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: FW1-114220
FTP Wolf v3.01 build 1.3.001 : Name: SiR_Ta0 [KFK] s/n: FW-116171
FTPEdit v2.01 build 24 : Name: Pjotr 97 Company: JaZZ s/n: 2027132230
FTPEdit v2.10 build 35 : Name: cheerokie - ml s/n: 1013627298
FTPEdit v2.10 build 49 : Name: cTT Company: TRPS '98 s/n: 1013524450
FTPEdit v2.20 : s/n: 959957441
FTPEdit v2.21 : Name: HarvestR Company: CiA s/n: 1013567177
FTPMax v1.1 : Name: BLiTZ / [PC97] s/n: NGVJGJ6XSAY4EJ
FTPMax v4.03 : Name: Name: Killa(core)TM s/n: 3HX16NP2VPCCBK
FTPorter Client v1.0 : Name: justarius Company: inside s/n: 5A9DAC54FBEEC33
FTPorter Server v1.0 : Name: justarius Company: inside s/n: 5A9FAC8C888EG31
FTPPro98 v6.20 : s/n: 162679232 Key: 44331
FTPPro98 v6.3 : s/n: 162970281 Key: 89092
FTPro v2.04 : Name: Azrael Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 193455
FTPro v2.05 : Name: N0-Body Company: dIGITAL fACTORY s/n: 189273 or Name: Azrael Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 193455
FTPSync v1.33 : Name: Slick-LSD s/n: 24872472
FTPSync v1.40 : Name: Skalagi [LAXiTY] s/n: 270718800
FTPSync v1.50 : Name: DESYNC DOMiNATiON s/n: 298540400
Fuel v1.01 : s/n: 9022
Fuel Consumption Calculator v1.01 : s/n: 9022
Fujitsu Cobol v3.0 L10 : s/n: 103-2001 16 [ 76-01429-20140 ]
Full Control v1.0 : s/n: R4123856689
Full Control v1.0 beta 5 : s/n: FullControl
Full Control v1.5b : s/n: R4123856689
Full Control v2.0 : s/n: M020300000200000
FullDisk v2.2 : Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 76951AC6
FullDisk v3.2 : Name: Warp s/n: 7B75F4EA or Name: Faith s/n: 8C1E4823
FullDisk v3.4 : Name: Warp s/n: 7B75F4EA
FullDisk v3.5 : Name: Azrael Ruless s/n: A9AAD32A
FullDisk v3.8 : Name: Orion s/n: 9BB116CD or Name: RayBieZ s/n: 72B32CE9
FullFind v1.22 : s/n: 9873J003r7
FullFind v3.0 : Name: MANiFEST s/n: 9873J003r7
FullShot 99 v5.04 : Standard: 66666666 Pro: 4568
FullShot 99 Pro v5.04 : License: 39571996194 PreviousLicense: FS100 Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] Company: Whiskey kon Tekila
Fund Manager v3.2 : Name: SiraX s/n: 987654321 Code: hRgmy4nr
Fund Manager v3.3.109 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 987654321 Code: hQgme4jr
Fund Manager v3.4 : Name: PROPHECY '98 s/n: 09876 Code: mKJnm3kr
Fund Manager v3.4.117 : Name: wizdaz[Warp] s/n: 03131999 Code: oThmm8vc
FundRaiser Basic v1.12 : Name: elmopio [iNSiDE] s/n: WHD-HRF-GBNW
FunE-Cards v4.1 : Name: Azrael [PC] Code: Jump0Start48
Funnel Web v1.51 : s/n: FWB-100A-484764-A211
Funnel Web v3.5 : Name: +YOSHi Company: PGC/HCU s/n: PGC-000Y-000084-P536
Funnel Web Pro v2.03 : Name: ShadE Company: TRPS s/n: DEM-957D-123455-Z953
Funnel Web Pro v3.1 : s/n: RAK-011M-111111-Z001
Funnel Web Standard v2.01 : Name: ShadE Company: TRPS s/n: RAK-774M-123455-Z681
Funnel Web Standard v3.1 : s/n: RAK-011M-111110-Z631
Fusion DBL CD : s/n: 557-0251-01
FusionMail v1.10a : s/n: FM0370037762100370
FusionPC v1.21 : s/n: C5C5-7106-E324-710
FWB HDToolkit v1.8 : s/n: JA130420B3I
FWS Easy File : Name: Demon s/n: 58849-393352
FX Edit v3.1 : Name: fjalar Company: TEXTURE s/n: 0014607941
FX2 v1.0.5 : s/n: 9126

Galleria v2.2 : Name: Cheng Li s/n: 3411-6987-8498-6256
Gallery Effects v1.5 : s/n: 36-1521-303602728
Gallery Effects v1.52 : s/n: 36-1524-303516493
Gallery Maker Pro v1.4 : Name: MANiFEST s/n: 17927 Code: GMP-b7751b3b
GalleyMaster MM for Adobe PageMaker : s/n: 50336-150-77196444
GalleyMaster XD for Adobe PageMaker : s/n: 70336-150-97196444
Gama v2.02 : s/n: GAMA985=A79864G65
Game Chest : s/n: 13705006
Game Executor v2.0.5 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies of Warez\GLoW s/n: M10m-5Y71-ep7Y-6ab5-1ROY
Game Executor v2.0.6 : Name: Brian Back s/n: C11g-9E37-op7U-0fs0-3KYY
Game Hack v1.0 : Hold control and click on gamehack logo and enter: Name: Fuji25 s/n: 73a3a438
Game of Stars v2.5 : s/n: WV9NBSGY
Game Runner v2.2a : s/n: 000-07A-00009 or s/n: 010-17F-95293 or s/n: 213-07H-70213
Game Runner v3.0 : s/n: 000-18G-79741 or s/n: 000-08G-00577 or s/n: 999-08G-00156
Game Wizard Pro v2.0b : s/n: ESD-GW-002001
GameLaunch 3D v1.00 : FirstName: FALLEN LastName: CRACKING Then go to Help/Register and enter: Email: s/n: dh2S-4ZF7-ArED-54C5
GameLaunch 3D v1.06.0112 : Email: s/n: 2B42-8esB-GDaD-fcf5
GameLaunch 3D v1.50.0666 : FirstName: MOJO LastName: REBELS Email: s/n: 9F43-a4X4-B2AH-qQC8
GameLaunch 3D vBeta 4 : FirstName: BYTEMAN LastName: [REBELS] Then go to Help/Register and enter: Email: s/n: 2B42-8esB-GDaD-fcf5
GameMenu v2.0 : Name: Byteman 98 [REBELS] s/n: A11f-7O06-wh7U-9le7-1OXU
GameSpy v2.12 : Name: Mojo - Rebels Email: s/n: E37b-gf49-s3e7-DA84
Gamini GIF Movie Gear v2.63 : Name: Mojo - Rebels s/n: mvg2456337
Gamma Universe v1.03 : s/n: UV0103-000-43LPBSW-6548
GANSoft Win007 v1.5 : s/n: 222-448591168
Gantt OCX v1.22 : s/n: SIRAX12142CORE34174
Gasman Midi Karaoki Editor v3.0 : s/n: 5721BDG569
Gateway Code for F/X : Lighting: 1614-4726-3242-5061 Plasma: 4813-7113-2715-4376 Blur: 4303-6813-6657-8168 Geom: 8002-6046-2672-5442 Pattern: 1385-7568-6450-6122 Filter: 8542-0003-0007-2153 Math: 3862-0650-3571-7804 Collage: 7734-6687-7151-8367 Standard: 2037-5234-0118-3682 Alp
Gateway Server v3.5 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 777555888812345675152
Gather Talk v1.56 : s/n: 0123Y7JU7HS7 or s/n: 98761GU7JVCL
Gather Talk v1.6 : s/n: JVDKT6IS3FR3
Gatling : User Name: Martin Karlsson s/n: 0407HMQ29Z1Q52NJZ4FU
Gator Edit v1.201 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 33333 Key: 86108 or Name: MOD Cracking Force s/n: 54919 Key: 129278
Gator Edit v1.201 : Name: MOD Cracking Force s/n: 54919 Key: 129278
Gator Edit : Name: tHATDUDE! Reg: 66666666 Key: 133343023
GDIdb v3.1.1 : Name: Dewayne Johnson s/n: 3001-0200001087
GDIdb v4.1.3 : Name: Radhey S. Misra s/n: 0007-0200001007
GDIdb Pro v5.0.1 : Name: High Voltage s/n: 8010-8000012135
Gear v3.2 : s/n: G12345U69
Gear v3.22 : s/n: G18520E99
Gear v3.23 : s/n: G02632U89 or s/n: G88608U89 or s/n: G79610E99
Gear v4.0 : s/n: G48666E09
Gear v4.5 : s/n: G10766E69
Gear : s/n: G00400E89
Gear Audio v1.1 : Name: BaRT_____SiMPSoN s/n: Cfa_\~]fjow5Oyrh
Gear CD Replicator v1.2 : Name: c0rleone HTG/\DVN Company: Heritage s/n: 2522246043242038
Gear MM Pro v4.4 : Name: BaRT_____SiMPSoN s/n: L^a]Tzfkjso1X~rf
Gear Multi Media v3.23 : s/n: G79610E99
Gear Replicator v2.0 : Name: BaRT_____SiMPSoN s/n: KfaZT{efj-o2Wyrc
GEcho v1.11 : (Gsetup Keys) Name: TeLLeRBoP gecho: 3821572508 mbutil: 1521357198
Gelit v2.00.028 : Name: escom/CORE s/n: 0234-B2-200670-BF02-69
Gelit v2.04.001 : Name: Registered s/n: 01F26004BEB401FENV
Generator v2.0 : s/n: XFW200-01353-37003-19376
Generator Developer's Studio Flash Edition : Name: Matt Mengel Flash3: FLW300-01161-33532-52901 Extension: FGW100-08468-47042-14531
Generator Dynamic Graphics Server : Name: Matt Mengel s/n: GSW100-01359-77092-15551
Genesis v2.2 : Password: TLIMSISNW
Genesis VFX v1.04 : s/n: 44444 Code: 2077229778
Genetic Programming Control v1.0 : Key: 127364823 s/n: 182057394
GenGuid v1.0 : s/n: 9956897
Genius Family Tree v1.51 : Name: DKA Inc. s/n: 1982 0319 2171
Genius X3 : s/n: 98-1402216990
GenObj v1.0 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: GENO52E0B6 Key: 898D8A81FD060C0102047FF66EEA6C85F4609386FD70E466E42063D6281B65DA58D25BB9DB484AC2C1B0ACA39BEB131072F71B0A1505729FD15DA0
Genuine Fractals v2.0 : s/n: DR1000200011
Genuine Fractals Print Pro v1.0 : s/n: DR2000200001
Geo Calc v4.88 : s/n: 6JLB563Y588D
Geo Mosaic v3.10 : s/n: JE3G7B61L82K
Geo Track DLL v3.01 : s/n: 6Y5P2T65N65M
Geo Track OCX v1.01 : s/n: 77H89T123W2R
GeoBoy v1.4.6 : Name: TRPS s/n: GB14-PC-00002956-xxfpklicod
GeoBoy v1.4.7 : Name: jog Company: MFD s/n: GB13-01-14031998-pdoxsiznta
GeoFinder v2.1a : s/n: 100992
GeoFinder Data : s/n: 3000442
GeoNav v1.9 : s/n: 557185431631
GeoPublish Graphic Windows Environment : s/n: 1000-0022-0278-1056
GeoView v5.2 : s/n: 9A9B2F3Y222Q
GeoView LT v5.2 : s/n: 66S2G3AA57JK
GeoWorks Ensemble v2.01 : s/n: 1000-0022-0278-1056
GeoWorks Pro : s/n: 2001-0082-0805-2181
Gerhart Tickle v1.6 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 5B1B5AA8
GerMan Translation Program : s/n: 45014774
GetAccess 98 v2.0 : Name: SiraX DNG s/n: AC98-26748-AB0431B9
GetAccess 98 v2.05 : Name: Horse s/n: AC98-18720-AB0431B1
GetAGrip Corp Contacts v1.21 : s/n: 719-602-415
GetM@ail v1.01b : Name: Quantico Company: uCF2000 s/n: 4340041
GetPass98 v1.05 : Name: Magenta s/n: GP98-56480-E4051AG1
GetRight v2.2 : s/n: 112005214146
GetRight v3.0 : s/n: 228191158000
GetRight v3.01 : s/n: 103642317145
GetRight v3.1 : s/n: 029285184279 or s/n: 205373396063 or s/n: 286829570082
GetRight v3.21 : s/n: 789466533529
GetRight v3.3.3 : s/n: 268554735020 or s/n: 665732757603
GetRight v3.3.4 : s/n: 941829970387
GetRight v4.00 Beta 1 : s/n: 282640549016
GetRight v4.00 Beta 2 : s/n: 811910289477
GetRight v4.00 Beta 3 : s/n: 811910289477
GetRight v4.0 RC1 : s/n: 082829590266
GFI Faxmaker for Networks/SMTP v7.0 : s/n: C32302F3C7B9E084-2119E004D0E74877-00000
GGFader v1.1.1998 : Name: MALKIT YADAM s/n: GGF-00005-002200-001961-107
Ghost v5.0c : (Type this at the command prompt: ghost.exe -E#=ghost.env) Key: 62647 License: UCF2000 MaxPC's: 30000 Name: LordByte in 1998 Address1: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE Address2: United Cracking Force
Ghost v5.0e : Type "Ghost.exe -#E=ucf2000.env" at the prompt to register
Ghost v5.0e beta 2 : Type "GR50EB2 -#E=GHOST.ENV" to register
Ghost Typer 98 v1.0e : Name: lgb [CORE-98] Licenses: 1 s/n: 195645159
Gibbon Talk : GCPLM.exe: Doh Enterprises s/n: 247-4555-177
Gibbon Talk : GCPTALK.exe: DoH Enterprises s/n: 139-7049-558
Gibbon Talk : GCPTALKD.exe: DoH Enterprises s/n: 139-7049-558
Gif Construction Set v1.0n : Name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: okevgbdtcfjl
Gif Construction Set v1.0p : Name: calwcalw s/n: ED!SON'96
Gif Construction Set v1.0q : Name: Mister Wil s/n: FQAA
Gif Construction Set v1.0q Patch 5 : Name: Antichrist Svperstar s/n: DWLP
Gif Construction Set v1.0q Patch 6 : Name: Unlimited Use s/n: YVLBB
Gif Construction Set v2.0a : Name: THE WEB [4110] s/n: 92430-84-74865-32
Gif Construction Set : Name: ED!SON '96 [Xf/UCf] s/n: calwcalw
Gif Converter v2.1.1 : s/n: 62-37-77-F4-DE-A8-8B-B2
Gif Converter v2.2 or 2.3.7 : s/n: 162-37-77-F4-DE-A8-8B-B3 or s/n: 862-37-77-F4-DE-A8-8B-B2
Gif Link v2.01 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: GK181042944
Gif Link v2.01 : Name: Batman s/n: GK123456449
Gif Link : Name: Betamax s/n: GK123456445
Gif Link : Name: Okware s/n: GK123456940
Gif List v2.8.40 : s/n: 1931475
Gif List v2.8.41 : s/n: 1931475
Gif Lite v2.0 : Name: Batman s/n: GL757568315
Gif Lite v2.00 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: GL936342256 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: GL166651699
Gif Lite v2.10 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: GL210000572 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: GL210000575
Gif Lite : Name: Betamax s/n: GL123456689
Gif Master v1.0 Beta : s/n: sghddsw34-jjAa-688&889hhgs or s/n: hjhjkkl320-3323jko32-89988
Gif Master v1.0 Beta : s/n: hjhjkkl320-3323jko32-89988 or s/n: KiiKKkkhhb7777-ss-22-33-22
Gif Master v1.2 : s/n: hjhjkkl320-3323jko32-89988 or or s/n: HHVBwhiikTY789-093j8-39299
Gif Master v1.3 : s/n: HHVBwhiikTY789-093j8-39299 or s/n: hjhjkkl320-3323jko32-89988
Gif Master v1.4 : s/n: HHVBwhiikTY789-093j8-39299 or s/n: hjhjkkl320-3323jko32-89988
Gif Movie Gear v2.04 : Name: John Hunt s/n: mvg2s-102592
Gif Movie Gear v2.61 : Name: Versus s/n: mvg2svrs0574
Gif Movie Gear v2.62 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: mvg2sccy1679
Gif See v1.8 : Name: Batman bbs: Gotham s/n: 4284343146413117217
Gif See v2.00 : (edit GifSee.cfg) bbs: G.!.$ Name: You! s/n: 1713157746458619598
Gif Wizard v2.00 : s/n: 110604
Gin Rummy v4.2 : Name: razzia [pc97] s/n: 527-633-627
Gin Rummy v7.5 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 419-515-632
GirlFriend Teri : s/n: 240-104343
Glenn Directory Compare v1.2 : s/n: 8236415
Glenn Directory Printer v2.3 : s/n: 2618572
Glenn Super Text Search v2.0 : s/n: AG3158NK
Global Dialing Assistant v2.8.32 : s/n: 489-4214-845
Global Diary v3.6 : Name: SpriteX s/n: 221
Global Diary v3.61 : Name: aerosmith s/n: 139
Global Mines v1.1 : Name: delphic s/n: 101204
Global PromoBot v1.71 : FirstName: MoWAX [Nobliege] MiddleName: Registered LastName: User Email: RegNum: 0000-00000 RegKey: 4FFF-FFFFF
Global TimeKeeper 1.6 v1.6 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: g(?1JrW%)M
Global War vx.xx : bbs: G.!.$ s/n: KD249BYCJKD or bbs: You! s/n: KB188JWPEUG
Glow & Sparkle : Name: DASavant [AnThraX] s/n: ADLFBSWUKK
GM Components v3.0 : s/n: b=d[_Pn9mcM~a4(_ntx8\vTA
GM Components v3.01 : s/n: b=d[_Pn9mcM~a4(_ntx8\vTA
GM Components v3.21 : s/n: mOy^d#}3cqr["@)mYaC(I>yg
Gms Arm 98 v1.0 : Name: Ringer Email: s/n: HJLN-PRTV702-XAC
Go Ahead Got It v3.01 : s/n: 9439 Key: 1635632
GodeZip v2.0 P1 : Name: G1234567 s/n: DKRHTIOE
GodeZip v2.01 : Name: G1223344 s/n: DIQFQIOD
GodeZip v3.0 P1 : Name: GEINZTEIN s/n: DZmgf`ck
GodeZip v4.0 : Name: G66521142287151 s/n: DFTDQMTCPQILGSO
GodeZip v6.0 : License: GZaYgecZZZZcbZa Code: Dxxxwxxxxvyxxuw
GodFather of Crime v1.21 : sysop: The Masterboy bbs: The Hackers Paradies s/n: M5282
GoldDigger v1.0 : s/n: JC76542
GoldDigger Web Image Harveste v1.1 : s/n: SJN3P4T
Golded v2.42 : (edit GOLD242.Key) line1: REGISTERName TeLLeRBoP line2: REGISTERKey 0AE465142D1628192D7F63496452
Golden Bow Text Editor : s/n: 925613
Golden ComPass : (Press and hold C+A+S then hit R) s/n: RFB6409
Golden Software Grapher v2.01 : s/n: $yardangs%
Golden Software Grapher v2.02 : s/n: takou126#s
Golden Software MapViewer v3.04 : s/n: entisol24!
Goldensoft Grapher v1.32 : s/n: ulmaceae!!
Goldensoft Mapviewer v2.0 : s/n: aceraceae!
GoldMine v2.5a : s/n: 10576345 or s/n: 10803999/5
GoldMine v3.0 : s/n: 11428171950
GoldMine : s/n: 13021271-4997
GoldMine Standard & Enterprise v4.00.822 : Standard: D-0001-10313543-7G0LEH Enterprise: E-0001-10313543-Q9V2ZP
GoldWave v3.03 : FirstName: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL LastName: G.!.$ s/n: WYNDKSC
GoldWave v4.00 : FirstName: SYNICAL LastName: FOREVER s/n: MJYDSQB
GoldWave v4.02 : FirstName: DRAXXTER LastName: SERIALS'99 s/n: BFAKXFC or FirstName: defiler LastName: THE EXTERMINATORS s/n: MZGQZUC
Golf v2.0 : s/n: 00-000-00186-052V100
Golf : s/n: 186-052-0020EM
Golf 98 : CDSet: X03-17306 ID: 52280-442-8850446-52065
Golf Handicap Calculator 98 : Password: petenme
Golf League Recorder v2.7 : s/n: 496567619
Golf League Recorder v2.8 : s/n: 496567619
Golf Moments v2.0 : s/n: M42G
GoLive v4.0 : s/n: GJW400R2100006-625 or s/n: GJW400R2100008-891 or s/n: gjw400r7103366-135
Gomer HTML Editor v2.5 : Name: forcekill s/n: G076236373345-10
Gomer HTML Editor v2.74 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: G058043576917519145-10
Go-Moku 95 v2.0 : Name: lgb [cORE'97] s/n: DEE54BCACEF1
GoodSol 99 v5.10 : Name: Manga Rosa [Crystal'99] s/n: 987685997
GoScreen v1.6 : s/n: 12301234-4176-9981446849007065
GoScreen v1.7 : Click the "?" and click the register button and enter: s/n: 12301234-4176-9981446849007065
GoScreen v2.0 : s/n: 12301234-4176-9981446849007065
Gotcha v3.0 : Name: Guat Mulhin s/n: PS30001054 RegKey: HPWT8MQWUT
GotMail? v1.2 : Name: RingerDaMan s/n: ZNHBAZCGHEF
GotoRun v1.1 : s/n: SIRAXDNG1998 Code: IPZASPDGSGMQ
GP ACSII-Help v1.04 : s/n: 31065001
GP Home Project v1.00 : s/n: 3108975
GP KarCheck v1.04 : s/n: 3104025
GP Version Server v5.0.8.8 : Name: fAT cAT/FCN s/n: GPS-945D76502D
GP Version v5.0.8.8 : Name: fAT cAT/FCN s/n: GPV-96437650EE
GPerf v1.1 : s/n: 9956800
GProxy v1.20 : Name: LOMAX s/n: 3627QSTWGCWVXBDWJ
GProxy v1.25 : Name: DaeMoN-AVALON s/n: 4672YAHSVPJASCQOM
GPS 98 v3.1 : Name: NOBODY[UCF] s/n: AYQWFADJ
GPSdb v1.6 : Name: Gayla Rayworth s/n: 489-71651218-DB
GPSMap v1.015 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: aa200500754998
Grab A Screen v2.0 : s/n: KG78
Grab A Screen : s/n: KG78
Grabber v1.2.30 : Name: vots n fjalar s/n: 143972713415
Grabber v2.0.12 : Name: rICHES s/n: 129224887110
Grabber v2.0.17 : Name: mrOSiS [VRS] s/n: 165895246250
Grabber v2.0.18 : Name: zaarnik - BLiZZARD s/n: 161903307296
GrabIt Pro v6.01 : Name: TRPS s/n: 88450
GrabIt Pro v6.02 B2 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 648394
Grade Star v2.02 : s/n: 1134109090153
Grafix NetCalendar 32 v1.5 : Name: Vizion/CORE Email: CORE@WE.ROX.DA.WORLD s/n: 2240555
Grant Manager v2.1.0.12 : Name: HTG Rules Company: HTG RegNum: 45B8 Code: 9033151
Grapher v2.00 : Password: *****foehn
Graphic Workshop v1.1y : Name: blastsoft s/n: 5322
Graphic Workshop Pro v2.0.6 : Name: TCHAN98 s/n: 19444-85-18712-25
Graphic Workshop Pro v2.0a : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 25643-53-23941-23
Graphic Workshop Pro v2.0a.P8 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 70972-90-27907-34
Graphics Equalizer Pro v1.5 : Name: Ringer s/n: 4605
Graphics Server v5.1 : s/n: 10107A-51-99999
Graphics WorkShop v1.1j : s/n: 65535
Graphics WorkShop v1.1p : Name: MarQuis De SoiR_e s/n: 26132
Graphics WorkShop v1.1r : Name: WareZoHolicS s/n: 29581
Graphics WorkShop v1.1u : Name: Me! s/n: 6149 or Name: You! s/n: 8153
Graphics WorkShop v1.1y Beta 2 : Name: Attitude C.o.R.E s/n: 24145
Graphics WorkShop v6.1 : Name: Okware s/n: 13845
Graphics WorkShop v6.x and 7.x : Name: All s/n: 4333
Graphics WorkShop v7.0e : Name: ??? s/n: 03983
Graphics WorkShop v7.0f : Name: TGA s/n: 07182
Graphics WorkShop : Name: Batman s/n: 14231 or Name: XXX s/n: 7812 or Name: You s/n: 7839
Graphics WorkShop : Name: WareZoHolicS s/n: 29581
Graphics WorkShop Pro v2.0a : Name: Versus s/n: 21093-08-20313-08
Graphix v4.54 : Name: manifest Email: s/n: 2440
GraphPad InStat v3.0 : s/n: GTA-50098-958
GrapIt Pro v5.0x : Name: /* tHE riDDLER 1996! [uCF] /* s/n: 46399
Gravity : Name: David Corio s/n: SJ77Y-VYGYY-5QXK6
Gravity Box Listbar v3.0 : s/n: 146D9
Gravity Verdict Law Office : s/n: GV-940606-6996-000111
Gravityball v1.42 : s/n: 1076-AZXV
GravityBox Active BarGraph ActiveX v2.1.122 : To enter the code, load the activex component into an environment such as vb, then click on "about" property. Code: 1E8F0D
GravityBox Active DoubleListBox ActiveX v2.1.18 : To enter the code, load the activex component into an environment such as vb, then click on "about" property. Code: 1FB483
GravityBox Active GanttGraph ActiveX v2.1.64 : To enter the code, load the activex component into an environment such as vb, then click on "about" property. Code: 1ECCD5
GravityBox Active Graphs ActiveX v3.0.15 : Code: 1EE61B
GravityBox Active LineGraph ActiveX v2.1.105 : To enter the code, load the activex component into an environment such as vb, then click on "about" property. Code: 1F1A0F
GravityBox Active ListBar ActiveX v2.1.58 : To enter the code, load the activex component into an environment such as vb, then click on "about" property. Code: 1F2981
GravityBox Active Lists ActiveX v2.1.52 : Code: 217607
GravityBox Active NoteBook ActiveX v2.1.53 : Code: 2001BD
GravityBox Active PieGraph ActiveX v2.1.48 : To enter the code, load the activex component into an environment such as vb, then click on "about" property. Code: 11F57D7
GravityBox Active Schedule ActiveX v1.0.44 : Code: 20E96B
GravityBox Active Toolbars ActiveX v3.01 : Code: 1F3431
GravityBox RegScrub v2.1.153 : To enter the code, load the activex component into an environment such as vb, then click on "about" property. Code: 1E7029
Great Greetings v1.0 : s/n: 32521-082-0109954
Great Plains Accounting : s/n: MANAGER Password: ACCESS
Greentree Active ToolBox v1.0a : Name: Ringer Company: GZI s/n: 524814039534
Greentree ActiveX Component Suite v1.0 : s/n: 110286075637
GridBagger v1.4 : s/n: 6749852g0002
GridWiz ActiveX OCX v3.55 : Code: Component Source Customer Company: (Anything) Password: to+ybus65lde&l
Grime v1.0 : s/n: C4H8-N0G60-1030 Code: 2L8-0A9-092
Grinning Shark Watch Your Back v1.50.17 : Name: s/n: WYB-4791-6740-3229
Grip-ipc v1.1.5 : Name: Arcane - CiA '99 s/n: 3018428
Grocer v1.0 : s/n: sdfe-3000-Grocer 1 or s/n: lise-02s0-Grocer 1 or s/n: zxpo-23x3-Grocer 1 or s/n: wedx-953s-Grocer 1 or s/n: sdfo-23x3-Grocer 1
Ground Control v1.01 : Name: Nop [Phrozen Crew] s/n: 8032-8626-694
Ground Control v2.0 : Name: Shmooze s/n: 2185-5552-3467
Ground Control v2.03 : Name: forcekill s/n: 3621-5454-1933
Group Mail v1.86 : Name: RTA Team s/n: 7020000
Grouper v2.0 : s/n: gr1dv
GS ShopBuilder v1.1.0 : s/n: 5111-6111-8001-C002
GS98 Access Control v2.4 : Name: Pamela Bert s/n: GS98-12601-dyVv-ygz
GS98 Access Control v4.0 : Name: Dino-SGM s/n: GS98-66847-18066-94126
GSI Max Idea : s/n: 622022
G-Tune v1.0 : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: 090-034-258-521
Guard v2.50 : Name: Saitan s/n: 7d6a6279545b783e665b
Guardian Angel v1.0 : s/n: GA100ENCD-104568
GUEmap v1.01 : Name: LOMAX [DSi] s/n: qkfMKvrplSLBsesW
Guest Master Advanced v3.1.32 : Click on the Performance Technologies Limited icon Company: DSI s/n: GM114000 (use GMxxxx00 format where xxxx is Check Number, then choose standard) Key: 1301490012
Guest Master Standard v3.1.32 : Click on the Performance Technologies Limited icon Company: DSI s/n: GM114000 (use GMxxxx00 format where xxxx is Check Number, then choose standard) Key: 1301490012
Guitar Chords v1.2 : Name: High Voltage Phone: 666-666-6666
Guitar Pro v1.0 : s/n: XTROLIFCAWTRML
Guitar Pro v2.15 : Name: LOMAX [DSI] s/n: CEGIILNPQTWWWBDDVV
Guitar Pro v2.16 : Name: romeo s/n: NANAOBOBOBOBOBPBND
Guitar Studio v3.12 : FirstName: BUL LastName: BULDOZER s/n: 2342430
Guitar Studio v3.14 : FirstName: IBH-RiP LastName: Blizzard s/n: 1941842
Guitar Tutor v1.2 : Name: High Voltage Phone: 666-666-6666
GWD Text Editor v2.1 : s/n: GTE98/654-321
GWS v1.1x : Name: MarQuiS De SoiR‚e s/n: 26132
GymBreak v1.0 : Name: cLUSTER/dSI! s/n: A612-8HA-732Q3


H-a-L v1.01 : Name: Spider]PC98 s/n: 2136C743C54ACE4DDF420923
Halcyon v6.05.01 : Name: DARKWING s/n: 555757424132
Half-Life : s/n: 2708-43011-3323 (Only to install. It doesn't work for internet play)
HaLWorks v2.0 : Name: GLoW s/n: H232811EC2D6 or Name: draXXter [Faith2000] s/n: H23C55DD242F40D13C782B19E6EB349F3431F2638F16
Hammond Rust Personal Assistant v3.5 : s/n: HRS-31-981045
Hanami v1.0.0.5 : Name: Azrael [PC] Key: Hamsters 4 Life s/n: 587573
HandStamp Pro : s/n: 0110-2117114-31168
Handy v1.17 : s/n: A5X2:S47T:5P2T:2CV7
Handy Print 98 v3.0 : Name: DeeLuXe / Eclipse s/n: 5331030
Handy Spell v1.1a : Name: Exeron s/n: HS151893888
Handy Spell v1.1c : Name: VERSUS 1998 s/n: HS179256440
HandyPrint98 v2.63 : Name: JoGy [LAXiTY] s/n: 193304
Hang 2000 v1.0 : Name: _iNSANE s/n: LJBEPC-13597 or Name: The Exterminators s/n: LJBEPC-14423 or Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: LJBEPC-14050
Hang 2000 v1.1 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: LJBEPC-14402
Hang Sim v3.0 : s/n: ID58022039
Hang Sim Pro v2.5 : s/n: NS-100-000-001
Hangar v1.2 : FirstName: davy LastName: blizzard s/n: GDA-7001345
HangMan v2.029 : s/n: 194-WKASR-0948
HangMan Deluxe v1.0 : Name: GLoW s/n: 142304666696696
Hangman's Challenge v1.0 : s/n: 9712597
Hanson Corporate Navigator v2.0 : Email: s/n: CN- 11673
Happy Calendar v1.4 build 87 : Name: n03l s/n: 64688111227412381425
Happy Calender v1.4 : Name: SiLicon Surfer s/n: 473365184073
Hard Copy v1.1 : Name: SiraX/[DNG98] s/n: JUUXee9SuM
Hard Copy v1.3 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: vugaYWAN1g
Hard Disk LED v1.11 : s/n: 11599278
Hard Disk Sleeper v1.42 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 00143184
Hard Disk Sleeper v1.55 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: PKIISJJO
Hard Drive Mechanic v3.0 : s/n: 65B10705
HardCopy v1.2 : Name: tKC/PC 98 s/n: 1tTwTh9USS or Name: The Keyboard Caper s/n: PQUVXXkFt3
HardCopy v1.31 : Name: Manga Rosa s/n: 3Gnff4Rtf5
HardCopy Pro v1.5 : Name: Bisoux s/n: StfsgiYKMT
HardInfo Pro v1.5 : s/n: 011500-200-000006768
Hardwood Solitaire II v1.2 : (Start the game then press CTRL K) Name: Giraffe s/n: 134606
Hardwood Solitaire II v1.63 : (Start the game then press CTRL K) Name: _RudeBoy_ [PC] s/n: 105638
Hardwood Solitaire II: The Enchanted Decks v1.63 : (Start the game then press CTRL K) Name: Full Version s/n: 134913
Hardwood Solitaire II: The Enchanted Decks v1.7 : (Start the game then press CTRL K) Name: CokeBottle98 s/n: 125756
Hardwood Solitaire II: The Enchanted Decks v1.70 : (Start the game then press CTRL K) Name: Homer Simpson s/n: 183905 or Name: xCrk'98 [Laxity] s/n: 151515
Harlequin MLWorks Pro v2.0 : Name: Drone [F4CG] s/n: A5D52F4729ABCDE
Harvard Graphics v3.0 : s/n: 16-0300-DSET
Harvard Montage v1.0 : s/n: 27101 0001211
Havard Graphics v4.0 : s/n: 024020004359 or s/n: 024010006592
Have You New Mail? v1.2 : Name: Quantico Company: United Cracking Force 2000 s/n: ea7fea58-d2dd4d-6b
HD Tach v2.52 : Name: LOMAX Hit Compute Challange button. The computed challenge code should be 2629610. Don't call TestaCD Labs. Enter: Code: 2813755
HDCopy v2.01.04 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: BSH-27996-AAAA-580976640
Head Hunter v3.11 : s/n: HH-6006
Header Translator v1.0 : Name: tKC/CiA '99 s/n: 532800-BUY-2200000-15820
Headway Accounting Package v1.1.0 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 22X621B8
Healt Minder v1.1 : s/n: hernia
Heart Smart v5.04 : Name: n03l s/n: 983
Heart Smart v5.05 : Name: BaRT OwNz HeaRT SMaRT s/n: 5214
Hedit v1.2 : Name: John Doe s/n: 22317
Hedit : Name: ED!SON '96 s/n: 22342
Helicon Translator v3.10 build 909 : s/n: 325555555555
Helix Design System v4R1M2 CPR1 : s/n: capzzak
Hell Bender : s/n: 415-0027516
Help Development ToolKit v2.5 : s/n: WQT7YZW6-HDK
Help Express v1.21 : Name: RED-93457 s/n: TFP-HE-29-04-83
Help File Helper v1.0 : At the initial screen enter: Code: 640426-22-4 At the second screen enter: Name: SiraX Company: CORE s/n: 123456-890
Help Magican Pro v3.0 : s/n: 97304.300.001
Help Scribble v2.10 : Name: Hank Wang s/n: HScr-987654EC7581E8FB
Help Scribble v3.3.1 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: HScr-1234561170C9E3AE
Help Scribble v3.5.6 : Goto Help/About and double click on the word Unregistered and enter: Name: DSi TeAM s/n: HScr-052667SLFFFD4123F0F2
Help Scribble v4.04 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: HScr-052667SLFFFD4123F0F2
Help Scribble : Name: SiEGE s/n: HScr-12816DA8B731C8F9
Help Star v4.2 : s/n: 971046
Help Writer's Assistant v1.10 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 16268 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 6159
Help Writers Assistant Standard : Name:CracK Da WareZ s/n:11886
Help Writer's Assistant Standard v2.1 : Name:You!!! s/n: 1561
Help! v2.0 : s/n: 6949477
Helpburger v1.52 : CopyrightMessage: [PhX]/ECU Key: 23731154
Helperware v4.2 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: 14126
HelpMatic v3.1a : Name: entered s/n: given out
HelpMatic Pro v1.2 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: HMP180645036
HelpMatic Pro v1.21 : Name: Warp s/n: HMP89126869
HelpScribble v3.5.1 : Name: HelpScribble s/n: HScr-052667SLFF1E978F434E
Hermansson Locker v1.0.2 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 6871000-L59
Hermansson Watchcap v1.11 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 13533751-W59
Hermes v1.0 beta : Name: ag[ao^ s/n: dsidsi
Hex Miner v2.0 : Name: Fluke s/n: 41547644
Hex Workshop v1.0 : Name: mARQUIS s/n: 839134729
Hex Workshop v2.0 : Name: com/ s/n: JN11mARQ
Hex Workshop v2.10 : Name:CracK Da WareZ s/n:JN11mARQ
Hex Workshop v2.20 b5 : Name: mARQUIS s/n: JN11mARQ org: dEUTSCHE bANK aG
Hex Workshop v2.54 : s/n: MK121212
HexDecCharEditor v1.02 : Name: Smakkker [Laxity/GWA] s/n: 6784890 or Name: WeaxWeasel[4110] s/n: 6806916
HexDecCharEditor v1.0b3 : Name: Riz la+ [Phrozen Crew 1997] s/n: 6309082
HexView v1.3 : s/n: 9072133084
HexWeb Typograph v2.0+ : Name: Nop [Phrozen Crew] s/n: BA3C6AF20E1F3A63
Hex-Workshop v1.0 : Name: mARQUIS s/n: 839134729
HGS-Sammeln v3.8 : s/n: 5099612008
HH Screen Saver v1.60 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: YCYFWNZIZNWPVPYEWJXLZOXOWF
Hi-Cross v2.6 : s/n: 67657 Code: 163240
Hide Drives v2.01 : Name: ViRuS Company: NaG3 TeaM s/n: 0098C730
HiDialer v1.2 : Name: LiGHt DRUiD Code1: D5A41D7A116AB8435B89 Code2: 0DD95AB3E1D0C9ED25EE
High Security v1.0 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 7545610lex75456106333711653
High Security v2.03 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies of Warez\GLoW s/n: 3246494351
HighGrow v1.1 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 385-9015453-728
HighLighter v1.03 : s/n: HT76-4321062
HighLighter v1.22 : s/n: HT10-0000928
HighLighter v1.24 : s/n: HT10-6789040
HiJaak v2.04 : s/n: RB2DZ9U5
HiJaak v3.0 : s/n: OBEPSF5B
HiJaak Graphics Suite v1.0 : s/n: RBEM5WIR or s/n: KB3M56KT or s/n: 17EPHF1C
HiJaak Graphics Suite v3.0 : s/n: 3B0P3WFA or s/n: 3YEM0WH1 or s/n: EB0GSWUT
HiJaak Graphics Suite : s/n: RBSMZN7X
HiJaak Import v1.0 : s/n: 1Y89UW5W
HiJaak Morph v1.0 : s/n: RYEGHW59
HiJaak Pro v2.0 and 3.0 : s/n: RYXJ595D
HiJaak Pro 95 v4.0 : s/n: 32750D73
HiJaak Pro 95 : s/n: KB0GUFFK or s/n: 0ts4zkhh
Hiled v2.1 : Name: Adi [HazarD] s/n: 11F5ABA11D325D18A21A14D0FFD4B6ECB6194B7A9679F390B7553CA1A414D135
Hippie 97 : Name: j0b [pC] s/n: 000000R3X4XAF08
Hippie 98 v3.0 : Name: PREMiERE Company: (Anything) ID: 12341234 s/n: 12312333A22F808
Hippie 98 v3.1 : Name: pCsK8R Company: German Warez Alliance ID: GWA s/n: GWA RULEZ
HiQ v4.1 : s/n: a12b34567
HiQ v4.4r1 : s/n: a12b34567
HistoryKill v1.0 : Name: Garnet Wright s/n: 111839209
HistoryKill v4.0 : Name: Unseen s/n: 741293018
HMView v2.0 : Name: SiraX Company: DNG s/n: FFDVHAGHVPEB
HMView v2.05 : Name: ALM DeTH Company: DSi s/n: IFBPIWBCUTNC
HMView v2.1 : Name: Tenten Company: Warp s/n: GHEOKBGLCVEB
HMView v2.3 : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp s/n: GEIUEWGHENEB
HMView v2.32 : Name: Tenten Company: Warp s/n: GGCUGDJJDNEB
HMView v2.34 : Name: Warp s/n: GGCUGDJJDNEB
HMView v3.01 : Name: Shaligar Company: Lash s/n: QYONJWQIXCFC or Name/Company: Jaydee 99 s/n: NFENBZEGQMXX
Hockey Pong v1.3 : Name: DSG TeAM s/n: 45178193
Hockey Statistics Manager v1.47 : LeagueLicense: 802-199-911 TeamLicense: 802-199-912
Holiday Card Organizer v97A : Name: TiC s/n: 413523530273
Holiday Lights v2.1 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: LIGHTHOUSE
Holiday Lights v4.01 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: 493419745163
Hollywood FX v3.0 : s/n: TKW-0000000
Hollywood FX Silver v3.1.1 : s/n: HFXWI-310-129344-55T
Hollywood FX Silver v3.13 : s/n: HFXWI-304-001479-65Q
Hollywood FX Take v3.1.1 : s/n: T32WI-310-000000-14Z
Home Accountant v3.50 : s/n: IPMMZBOOXJOTMPX
Home Budget v3.2 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 1471166
Home Buyer's Calculator Suite v1.0.02 : s/n: akf843hgf943jf7e5394kds638jdnai6g
Home Data Deluxe v4.0 : s/n: HOMEDATA1.5REG123
Home Design v1.1 : s/n: 0530140311
Home Stretch v3.5 : s/n: 417693
HomeSeer v1.1 : s/n: KT0100-3230C5000000 Code: Keware
HomeSite v2.0 : Name: me s/n: 236048161560
HomeSite v2.5a : Name: EMX97 s/n: 926395489000
HomeSite v3.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: HS30E-5027239867
HomeSite v4.0 Final : s/n: HS40E-727612
HomeSite v4.0.1 Beta 3 : s/n: HS40E-9976125623
HomeVault v2.00 : Name: Rex Ballinger s/n: 6053384367757010
HomeVault Document Management System v1.0 : Name: ratso s/n: 314159265453525150
HomeWatcher vBeta 2 : s/n: SAVAGEPHROZENCREW1999-08271725019
HoneyQ v1.0 : s/n: 7652136-1855231048
HoneyQ v1.12b : s/n: 100000-136500000
HoneyQ v1.2 : s/n: 23771-32447159
Horas v3.1 : s/n: 16193007-03040100
Hosts File Manager v1.0.5 : Name: 0 Company: (Anything) Code: 4A26AC268566365
Hot Banners v2.0 : Choose "Purchase Now" s/n: 24521
Hot Banners v2.0.0 Beta : s/n: 17455 23077 24521 25495 or s/n: 34453 42205 43927 46829
Hot Chili v2.0 : Name: pank s/n: 1765-7654-8765
Hot Chili v2.5 : Name: Crystal s/n: 1765-7654-8765
Hot Corner v1.2 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 3088-29926-1673-333
Hot Disk : s/n: 00545-HD-10
HotDog v2.07 : Name: R. David Stirling s/n: 0DY1AWRZZL9MZ93JQ8WV Company: (Anything) DATE:(NONE!)
HotDog v3.0.x : Name: PoD s/n: 04TCPYH8102VEMQQM5PF
HotDog Express v1.51 : ID: ID-3GZ6-X4JR-MSGD-9LBS Key: RK-RG87-GKZH-ZQU7
HotDog Express v1.52 : ID: ID-KAGF-F43G-2T66-UV78 Key: RK-7CC7-LH24-9E3W
HotDog Pro v2.51 : Name: Andre Lagua Exp: (Leave Blank) s/n: 03PU48N03A13VZJU5X0D
HotDog Pro v3.0.7 : Name: PoD Exp: (Leave Blank) s/n: 04TCPYH8102VEMQQM5PF
HotDog Pro v3.09 : Name: PoD s/n: 04TCPYH8102VEMQQM5PF
HotDog Pro v4.0 : Name: Breed s/n: 026E0RNHE1RY8PTLX7TM OrderNumber: 9708070130030000006 RegKey: 44916748291441434682444512985418
HotDog Pro v4.02 : Name: Shock s/n: 021HUJ772YA593E9KBJE
HotDog Pro v4.03 : s/n: e29c6af68ffd1674af797e0a11d983ff Offline: s/n: 84951648470431586188854382496904
HotDog Pro v4.54 : ID: da11851fa1b6b139e84e8102b5354501 OrderNumber: 9801312224000000002 RegKey: 65920378997438947793434483320166
HotDog Pro v4.56 : ID: 177ca3fdd0159cd12b55e5360dd54c3e RegKey: 74452848517935241686845567420916
HotDog Pro v5.0 : ID: ID-EFIX-A123-B789-C456 Key: RK-K86T-QC8C-5655
HotDog Pro v5.5 : ID: ID-SFYH-KVFV-UZEQ-KPYE Key: RK-77QA-T6L7-LGS8
HotDog Pro Webmaster Suite v5.5 : ID: ID-PREMIERE-IN-99` Key: RKB7L2UDKQ7972
HotFax MessageCenter v3.0 : s/n: 92378-HF-30 Key: FB32-DA5B
HotFax MessageCenter v4.0 : s/n: 85479-HF-40
Hotkey v1.0 : In System Tray, Right Click, and go to registration and enter: Name: Claire Sampson Password: DOHLUF)VFNYVHM
Hotkey v1.0.365 : Name: 12:125> s/n: 6134567
Hotkey v1.0.418 : Name: MARK HAUBER s/n: 00011-odaf-01900
Hotline Server vBeta 4 : Name: [k]rack Works s/n: FIWRMMKEDFHDOD
HotMetal Pro v5.0 : s/n: SQHC0 03A4C 877C5
HotSpot v2.0 : Name: jake s/n: s400,913,*113
Hour Glass 98 v3.5.5 : 100Users: 385647504353919679733622
HR Manager v3.1 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 970100007035
HR Suite v3.0 : Name: dba s/n: sql
HSG HelpMatic Pro v1.22 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: HMP390636840
HsLink v1.21 : (type HSLINK (brand) **** *******) 0001 1S2B58H
HsLink v1.21 beta 9 : s/n: 123 Code: 1E7H7P9
HsLink v1.21bC9 : Type this at your prompt: HsLink (brand) 0001 1S2B58H
HsLink DLP : s/n: 0001 Code: BSB258H
HsLink ExTerNal : s/n: 00654
HTM-Alien v1.0 : s/n: ENC5143003641458IMGR8UNO000-ALIEN-699-001
HTMASC v2.3 : Name: Warp98 s/n: 60467
HTML Color Blender v2.21 : Name: RayBieZ cRacKiNG s/n: B3ISP00O98
HTML Compressor v1.0 : s/n: 37846589
HTML Compressor v1.94 : s/n: 37846589
HTML Dir v2.0.1 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: 193CC544C514635E029E466E7233
HTML Dir v2.01 : Name: Ringer s/n: 193FC45CAD20A0
HTML Edit v1.1 : Name: (Anything) s/n: HTML-8976-REG-EDIT-180
HTML Executable Pro v2.5 : Name: Mario Riccio Company: TRPS s/n: HE3812777-MA27498-563486 Password: GO6PMQ98MCK12SGDG47
HTML Gate v5.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 1a2b3c
HTML Gate Pro v4.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 123pham321
HTML Genie v1.3c : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 266574174794
HTML Image v1.0 : s/n: Bark!-0001-0001-0006
HTML Media Page Writer v2.1 : FirstName: REKiEM LastName: PROPHECY '99 s/n: 125B95D1012F10
HTML Notepad v2.0 : Name: Saltine s/n: 1392946720113471
HTML Notepad v2.01 : Name: surva / pC96 s/n: 0914641308188280 or Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 4771850665513508
HTML Organizer v2.0 : Name: Rebels s/n: 1705174622
HTML Publisher Pro v2.0 : s/n: M 143900
HTML Publisher Pro v2.10 : Name: Delphic s/n: PUB 714430
HTML Publisher Pro v2.22 : s/n: PUB 714430
HTML Publisher Pro v2.25 : s/n: 98765
HTML Publisher Pro v2.26 : s/n: 255
HTML To Text v1.0 : s/n: 102059
HTML Transit v1.1.0 : s/n: HTW110-3H-00-310597
HTML Transit v4.0 : s/n: HTW400-1C-001-00001
HTML Uncompress v4.0 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: yvX04VEw
HTML Uncompress v4.1 : Name: vots[187] s/n: yidV0E1r
HTML Uncompress v4.2 : Name: Hambo/CORE s/n: sye05ZHw
HTML Uncompress v5.0 : Name: FALLEN s/n: yDBd4X0c
HTML Uncompress v5.01 : Name: rubor [Syntax 2oo1] s/n: yxLvW0jz
HTML Uncompress v5.10 : Name: tHE EGOiSTE s/n: yH0RDxHzy or Name: Predator/[FAITH2000] s/n: syrQKD0z
HTML Validator v2.01a : Name: Licensed User s/n: L88q484U8CUN
HTML Validator v3.05 : Name: draXXter[FAITH2000] s/n: 00078516
HTML View v1.53 : Name: KiLLa CoRE s/n: IA4CUSaNZP
HTML View v1.54 : Name: JUANDA s/n: qGA5CoHSfD
HTMLed Pro v2.5 : s/n: P-2330-8154-4067
HTMLed Pro v3.0.2 : Name/Company: Tchan s/n: P529000007777
HTMLed Pro v3.0.4 : Name: Bisoux Company: KAC s/n: P1062472631
HTMLed Pro v3.0b1 : Name: Rampage Company: Rampage98 s/n: P1111000000
HTMLed Pro v3.0b3 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: P929000006666
HTMLed v2.0d : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: CORE-5678-0001 or s/n: CORE-0334-0017 or s/n: CORE-0034-0167 or s/n: CORE-0002-2839 or s/n: CORE-2839-0002 or s/n: CORE-0167-0034 or s/n: CORE-0017-0334 or s/n: CORE-0001-5678
HTMLpad v2.3 : Name: jake cwc s/n: 196203
HTMLtool v2.01 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! Company: UCF s/n: 1246064115649709
Hugo Plus v8.0 : s/n: 096056 Code: WIFR80 1094
HumanSoftware Squizz v2.0 : s/n: 855022
Hummingbird Exceed v6.1 : s/n: EXMP IS-123456
Hummingbird GQL v4.11 : RegNum: QWP-00000000 ExtractNum: 09917-98057
Hurricane v1.0 : s/n: 07-A21292
Hurricane v1.01 : s/n: 07-A17280 or s/n: 07-A17222
Hurricane v2.01 : s/n: 07-E109951
Hurricane Watch 98 v1.12 : RegNum: PRESSURE Code: 6656A7154
Hurricane Watch 99 v1.2.3 : Name: (Anything) Box1: PRESSURE Box2: PRESSURE
Hurricane WebPromo v1.51 : Name: The Technic [PWA 1998] s/n: 123089986
Hurricane WebPromo v1.70 : Name: manifest s/n: 122208986
Hurricane WebPromo v2.11 : Name: Sung Song s/n: 122206986
Hurricane WebPromo v2.12 : Name: MFD Inc. s/n: 20798960
Hurricane WebPromo v2.14 : Name: ACiD BuRN [ECL'99] s/n: 34518274
HutMil 98 v1.0 : s/n: pj18698timjbdijpc98
HutMil 98 v2.3 : s/n: 2169998pjhut2xyz
HVAC Calc v3.0 : Name: Chafe/TEX99 s/n: 2297999996699999
HWINFO v3.04 : Name: kenny Shu s/n: 4020 EF32 06E9 F1CC 98D7
HWINFO v4.50 : Name: Super User Egis s/n: HW-3E3D2802B6F757505024F90000EEB5
HyCD Play and Record v1.3.0226 : s/n: QEQFYFCVAYQU
HyCD Play and Record v2.00.0426 : s/n: QEQFYFCVAYQU
HyCD Suite for Java v2.13 : s/n: YLWCYJIHIGYC
Hyena v1.43 : s/n: KWS1234567
Hyena v1.85 : s/n: KWS0802972
Hyena v2.0 : s/n: KWS8130194
Hynm v1.0 : Name: Bisoux Company: KAC s/n: 3adcf6fa-37e772-fc
Hyper Access v2.1 : s/n: WA1000018A or s/n: PWA66600D3
Hyper Access v3.1 : s/n: P91716F9
Hyper Access v8.2a : Name/Address: (Anything) s/n: NA21600576
Hyper Alarm Deluxe v3.00 : s/n: cd321-ki596
Hyper Maker HTML v2.64 : Name: n03l Faith98 SecretKey: 246802468024 RegKey: KOJZFWAMHPXP
Hyper Maker HTML v3.0 : Name: SpriteX SecretKey: 7564-0B29 RegKey: SEGDPFEUTKNO
Hyper Maker HTML v3.3 : Name: GSpriteX SecretKey: 7564-0B29 RegKey: SEGDPFEUTKNO
Hyper Pong v2.0 : s/n: 546-8923740
Hyper Reader v1.1 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 2128043080
Hyper Snap DX v3.13 : Name: ICBC Saving s/n: YLNG-AANW-MDSU-EXSS-MEHP-VDAX or Name: EDU Only s/n: YLNG-AANV-MHWZ-UQEI-NFQF-AKDW Type: Unlimited World-Wide
HyperCam v1.20.04 : Name: RAGGER s/n: JNAQ-MCOV-XTEF-DZEN-ULOV-XTEY
HyperCam v1.32.00 : Name: Versus s/n: GZVA-SZEE-FDXG-LPUW-CDXK-CUYT Type: World Wide Unlimited License
HyperCam v1.34.00 : Name: Naglfar [DDT98] s/n: MHBL-KYLL-WOER-GMJY-GUZV-PZEW Type: World Wide Unlimited License
HyperCam v1.50 : Name: Registered s/n: KLWO-XEBK-CFQF-LJHW-EXIC-NVCV or Name: Gordon s/n: KLWO-XEBS-PPKL-LGZA-TSVI-DZOA
HyperChat v3.0 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ nodes: 3 s/n: 1vwqkqsdsx2rk
HyperGen v1.1 : s/n: 1149077
Hyperion Wired for OLAP v4.0 : s/n: 1703199905187541
HyperSnap v2.60 : Name: providence! single: 2094551020 Site: 2094501868 World: 2094436322
HyperSnap v2.70 : License: Single user licence Name: xygorf [cb4] s/n: 633474307
HyperSnap DX v3.10 Beta 9 : Name: VERSUS 98 s/n: BRPQ-BDSD-IXRJ-FCHM-KKNP-TULI
HyperSnap DX v3.12.00 : Name: knoweffex s/n: YLNG-AANB-ONZA-SBSR-FQKH-JOTZ Type: Unlimited World Wide License
HyperSnap DX v3.30 Beta 2 : Name: Registered User s/n: RQGZAYCTBIGMSYRWXVDIXOQN Type: Single-User
HyperSnap DX v3.30.00 B1 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: RSZN-TUYV-LCEB-QSUD-ETJN-KXRY Type: Unlimited World-Wide License
HyperSnap DX Basic v3.21 : Name: VERSUS 98 s/n: BRPQ-BDSD-IXRJ-FCHM-KKNP-TULI Type: Unlimited World-Wide License
HyperSnap DX Pro v3.10 Beta 8 : Name: iND s/n: BRPQ-BDSC-RELM-RXUB-ZLOY-JLTP
HyperSnap DX Pro v3.20 : Name: VERSUS s/n: VZGZ-VYCB-SZVR-ZEPH-XVDM-GBTR Type: Unlimited World-Wide License
HyperSnap DX Pro v3.3 : Name: MrEhRz [SpeltraniX-99] WorldWide: QKFP-WLDR-PTCT-QPKO-XGBF-QMZN Site: UNHU-SVBD-EPYR-GMFZ-UDEK-BZYL
HyperSnap DX Pro v3.41 : Name: Cokebottle99 Site: UNHU-SVBA-OMGI-YVOX-FIYP-TEQX
HyperSnap DX Standard v3.10.02 : Name: VERSUS 98 Key: BRPQ-BDSD-IXRJ-FCHM-KKNP-TULI
HyperSnap-DX Pro v3.42 : Name: Cokebottle99 Site: UNHU-SVBA-OMGI-YVOX-FIYP-TEQX
HyperText Builder v5.5 : s/n: 149377
HyperText Builder v6.0 : s/n: 91625
Hypervideo Generator v1.0 : s/n: 1149077
HyperVoxel v2.0 Revision M : ID: 1638 s/n: Z124-P097-G586-A488
Hyperware Speedkit v4.75 : s/n: SNFBBSUPD
HyperWrite MailO v1.0.17 : Name: Encanto s/n: 123456RO
Hypnogenic ScreenSaver v1.0 : s/n: 47806

I Do Windows v3.0 : Name: FALLEN s/n: 11Q23F107G
I Live at Santa's House! 95 v1.5.0 : FirstName: Spider] LastName: PC\GLoW s/n: KQ973172
I Publish v2.0 : s/n: DPFE-20N-100-003J2T
I Share v3.0 : s/n: 09980006305 Key: 111120-4F8E-B7
i.Share v3.5 build 19 : s/n: 26600033333 Key: 777555D013F6
I/O ActiveX Communications Module v1.05b : s/n: JSPayne4U
IACS Feature Manager v6.00.02.00 : s/n: 12345678004220
IACS Report Manager v6.00.02.00 : s/n: 12345678004221
IACS Rules Manager v6.00.02.00 : s/n: 12345678004597
IACS Specification Manager v6.00.02.00 : s/n: 12345678004219
IACS Symbolization Manager v6.00.02.02 : s/n: 12345678004596
IAP Announcement Player : Name: Lukundoo Location: HuNGARiAN ID: 6874852 Key: iqah
iavaZIP v2.03 : s/n: 222246001
IBM BookManager Library Reader v2.0 : s/n: 5799-PXY
IBM Object REXX v1.0.2.3 : Developer: orxd1023 Interpreter: orxi1023
IBM PL/I Personal : s/n: 10H7819
IBM PL/I Pro : s/n: 10H7848
IBM VisualAge for SmallTalk : License: C999-022-2560 Key: 0502-9025-8039-2316-5011
IBM Visualization Data Explorer (DX) v3.1.4a : s/n: ddgqt 0016 2030 2496
IBM WebSphere Performance Pack v1.0 : ID: C000-019-0010 Key: 4571-2079-1644-5165-7306
IBPAT Membership Processing Financial System v1.0 : Login: super Password: ibpat
iBrowse v1.01 : s/n: DGLSIB1.01
iBrowse v1.02 : s/n: ADIPIB1.02
iBrowse v1.03 : s/n: EHMTBI1.03
iBrowse v1.04 : s/n: NPRTBI1.04
iBrowse v1.05 : s/n: FINUQZ1.05
iBrowse v1.06 : s/n: EHMTOM1.06
ICal v2.4 : Name: Warp98 s/n: C0002325
ICal v2.5 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: R0005897
ICal Pro v2.1 : Name: Warp98 s/n: C0002325
iCatalog v2.00 : Name: project s/n: 2ED2EF2F4-297B-70726F
iCatalog v2.40 : Go to Catalog/Utilities/Set Password and enter: Login: TRPS s/n: 817819-3E38-5452
iCatalog v2.62 : Name: zoin s/n: 830836-3E38-7A6F
ICCD v3.1a : s/n: ICCD30220572
ICCD v3.3 : Name: PHROZEN CREW s/n: ICCD3037537703233
ICCD v4.0.543 : Name: WIZDAZ s/n: ICCD3765073
ICCD v4.1.568 : Name: BLACKSTAR TRPS s/n: ICCD372865097358923 or Name: DRAXXTER s/n: ICCD307877243
Ice TCP Pro v5.0 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 8880000223221
Ice TCP Pro v5.0.53 : Name: TCHAN s/n: 8880000223221
Ice View v3.3 : Name: UNICITY s/n: 12341234123456504C474E5A60
IceWare Messenger v3.0 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: MS64617679202D20626C697A7A617264
IceWare Windows Access Menu v3.5 : Name: Terry Georgi s/n: WAM354657272792047656F726769
IceZModem v0.6 : Name: SLA s/n: 14928284275
IceZModem v1.02 : Name: Potman '95 s/n: 1306561065
IceZModem v1.21 : Name: TGA!!! s/n: IMAACBIKCGMDAMECK
ICK ActiveX Edition v1.0 : s/n: 1CQ4-YXNM-R4SH-A Key: KELC-P21A-AUN4-52PC
Ico Edit v1.5 : s/n: 487K1508
Icon Assistant v1.1 : Name: nutela/DSi s/n: 1453
Icon Clock v2.9 : Name: snh s/n: 810765604
Icon clock : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN s/n: 820126218
Icon Collector Graphics Editor v3.00.03 : Name: FALLEN s/n: ZESN
Icon Collector Graphics Editor v3.00.07 : Name: Delphic s/n: G5B5
Icon Customiser v2.02 : s/n: 283959
Icon Customizer v2.06 : Name: ArseniK s/n: 914726
Icon Drive II v1.1 : Name: OD0BRd8. s/n: 987654321
Icon Extractor v1.0 : Name: Designing !
Icon Extractor v1.1 : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: 0-REY864
Icon Extractor v3.1 : Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 4001972631
Icon Extractor v3.2 : Name: P0iS0N Company: [SCC] s/n: 4001842038
Icon Extractor v3.3 : Name: fjalar Company: TEXTURE s/n: 4010658372
Icon Extractor Tool v1.1 : Name: KAC s/n: 32704412
Icon Heaven v2.0 : Name: Cheng Li s/n: FIM49367
Icon Manager v2.0 : s/n: IG107519Ma
Icon Packager v0.95 : Name: TheBrabo s/n: IP-000000000010
Icon Packager v0.96.14 : Name: The_Libran [C4A] s/n: IP-22VJGNKDTCPEC22
Icon Suite v3.60 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 04666
Icon Toy v2.01 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 12959TAT
Icon Toy v2.1 : Name: Naglfar s/n: 12959TAT
Icon Toy v3.0 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 7878824
Icon Toy v3.1 : Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] s/n: 12232332 or s/n: 25891536 or s/n: 25266212
IconDrive II v1.3 : Name: N s/n: 11
IconEdit Pro v5.0 : Name: Mad Jester s/n: 1208790
IconEdit Pro v5.01 : Name: Vizion/CORE s/n: 840788
IconForge v4.0 : s/n: 4D3702626006480
ICONimation v1.0 : Name: Bisoux s/n: 593-365-223-188-159-217-22
ICONimation v1.2 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 213-652-401-318-416-317-595
IconPainter v1.2 : s/n: 8964675i8732
Icons Control Pro v7.06 : s/n: NS-100-000-001
IconToy v3.0 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 7878824
ICU v2.01 : s/n: BRAMBLE79
ICU v2.11 : s/n: 103478238
ICU v2.21 : s/n: 512455748
ICU v2.22 : 10Users: 103478238 50Users: 509128475 1000Users: 512455748
ID Publisher v1.03 : Name: warez crack s/n: 5f6u1626
Idate v4.20 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 5884074
Idea Fisher v1.0 : s/n: W12203-0512
Idea Fisher v5.0 : s/n: W04044-0080
IDEAcomm Client Midrange : s/n: B22243
IdentaFone v4.3 : Name: Daniel Desjardins s/n: 0JZ6VN2URMAUQ0HDUHNU
IdentaFone v4.40 : Name: Ashley Hall s/n: 0JZ6VN2URM9B0EMVV809
Identi-Filer v4.5 : Name: NOMADS ROOM CRACKING CREW s/n: 5581459
Identi-Filer v5.01 : Name: TWINHEAD s/n: ID0653102
IDentify! v1.0 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 2D7749540
IDEX v1.11 : s/n: 8001886-40507061-8082803
Idiot's Delight Solitaire v1.02 : Name: (Anything) s/n: lafayette
IDKSM Search Engine Indexer v1.3 : Name: iCECREAM/FLUKE s/n: $675307A3
IDKSM Search Engine Indexer v1.4 : Name: LOMAX [DSi] s/n: $625ED3E2
IDL v5.0.3 : s/n: 123456789 Notice: LOMAX [DSI] Key: UN4RR5A6
IDL v5.1.1 : s/n: 77777 Notice: SiEGE Key: 66-VRU3G68V
IDL v5.2 : InstallNum: 10101010 SiteNotice: 20202020 s/n: BGNJKS3W
IDL v5.2.1 : InstallNum: 77777 SiteNotice: LOMAX s/n: 22-HSK5L7AF
iDropper v0.91 : Name: MAS84 [ORiON] s/n: 044990-8-77215 or Name: Jaydee 99 s/n: 0431-6094-74211
IDT Net2Phone v8.61 : Account: 7638-5974-0201 ID: 99860
Idyle Agenda 98 v1.37 : s/n: 1d1132016c
Idyle Agenda 98 v1.37.0.371 : Name: LiGHt DRUiD [iSS] s/n: 0102012A360E5B959185BF75
Idyle GimmIP v2.11.0 : Name: CORE/JES s/n: 000C31E176B582ACB49F83BE
Idyle GimmIP v2.12.1 : Name: knoweffex bond s/n: 0024F80A0E2D3A74B948D15E
Idyle GimmIP v3.10.214 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: B88AA394A688B361CE60B3C700694
Idyle GimmIP v3.12 : Name: KAC TEAM s/n: 882C182B09240C07241D708704A30
Idyle Phonebook Pro 97 v2.90 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: 22C25BA87D91A7E90D4CF72E04
Idyle Phonebook Pro 97 v2.93.614 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 40CD50D36AA6BC130A3BE94BF2
Idyle Tasks Manager 98 v1.0 : Name: William S. Farnum s/n: 94A464B25AD66C829B6B879C
Idyle Tray Minimizer v3.91 build 297 : Name: LiGHt DRUiD [iSS] s/n: 0102012A2303529C69DD56DB
Idyle Tray Minimizer v3.91 : Name: LiGHt DRUiD [iSS] s/n: 0102012A2303529C69DD56DB
IFilm Edit v1.4.5 : s/n: 3M7-LVS-025120
IFilm MPEG Editor v1.3 : s/n: 41D-CNT-000112
IFilm MPEG Editor v1.4 : s/n: TC4-82C-000049
iFox98 v1.1 : s/n: 6D6B10B947726177 Email:
IFR Planner v2.0 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 1495 64645 Fill out the rest of the code box with blanks (spaces) until the register button gets activated.
IfToHtml v1.04.83 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: IF10-1XXX-5392-1150-6174
Ignition CD v1.2 : Name: LOMAX [DARK EMPIRE] s/n: FTDB91XE5K
iGO98 v4.0 : s/n: ASQ958H786L000M543
Ike M. Kimiko HTML Editor v3.1 : Name: Pamela J. Annonson s/n: KIMLJ18-76ENOXM-PRO45B
Illustrate! v3.0 : ID: 889 Code: 1C26
Illustrator v4.0 : s/n: ABW400R3101335-714 or s/n: ABW400R3106248-986 or s/n: ABW400R3101991-252
Illustrator v4.01 : s/n: ABE400R3001625-858
Illustrator v4.03 : s/n: ABW4003106248-986
Illustrator v4.1 : s/n: ABW4003109249-420
Illustrator v7.0 : s/n: ABW700R7106044-373
Illustrator v8.0 : s/n: EXX500R5900103198-517 or s/n: ABW800X7102095-685
ILock v2.3 : s/n: 2100998055
ILux Edge v4.2 : s/n: 1000006602-83L8KG
ILux Edge v5.01 : s/n: 1111111111-111111
ILux Edge v5.1 : s/n: 1000005803-83RgpY
Image Arithmetic v2.2b : Name: CoSH [PCY] s/n: 1234-33283c9
Image Blaster v2.2.1 : s/n: 2147483647-65535-2147483647-1-2-be9bd6c6
Image Commander v1.0 : s/n: 100SPW3H07A10380
Image Converter v1.3 : s/n: 1534464
Image Converter v2.700 : s/n: 21312321
Image Converter v2.9 : s/n: 123454
Image Cube v1.0 : s/n: nt392063v
Image Explorer v1.00 : s/n: BEJQIE1.00
Image Gallery v5.20 : s/n: akl-ig16f180369a
Image Gear 99 Pro Gold : ActiveX: r059gpr-65ef DLL: r096spr-856
Image Master for Authoware : s/n: im-cmh6qkb2q9
Image Optimizer v1.02 : Random: 216jebky Fixed: 976ciqui
Image Optimizer v1.11 : s/n: 378keoiu
Image Optimizer v1.12 : s/n: 718iarkk
Image Pals v1.3 : s/n: UNAE4-30371-01376
Image Pals v2.0 : s/n: RNAE9-40302-01417 or s/n: do_it-00025-00000
Image Pals Go! v2.0 : s/n: W905-823-28103
Image Q v2.2 : s/n: 901172
Image Ready v1.0 : s/n: DHM100XX675123099-999-435
Image Sieve v1.0.4.0 : s/n: (+-2(
Image Slider v2.5 : s/n: 16367616
Image Splitter v1.5 : s/n: Bark!-0001-0001-0005
Image Styler v1.0 : s/n: FJW100R7103736-382
ImageAxs Pro v3.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 321-485-856
ImageDock v3.0 : s/n: 1813919205
ImageFox v1.2 : Name: Bruce Z s/n: 383343947227641
ImageGear98 ActiveX Pro Gold : s/n: r114prn-646
ImageGear98 DLL Pro Gold : s/n: r305kwq-185
Image-IN v3.2 : s/n: 100-05DG-0ER4
Image-IN : s/n: 100-05DG-0ERG
Image-IN Scan and Paint ToolKit : s/n: 100-0FVV-1U20
ImageLib Corporate Suite v3.07 : Password: takethecake
ImageLib Corporate Suite v4.025 : Password: components
ImagePal : s/n: RNAE9-40302-01417
ImagePal : s/n: OXXC9-400993-30436
ImageReady Preview v1.0 : s/n: EXM100XX675071598-005-414
Images Incorporated : s/n: 15-1001-000000001
ImageSafe v1.4 : s/n: 8306832s11111
ImageView95 v1.0 : Name: mARQUIS [uCF] s/n: 3966793938072764416 19 digits
ImageWolf v1.04 : Name: s/n: IW2216-115374
ImageWolf v1.04.002 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: IW-286380
ImageWolf v1.2 : Name: CORE/JES s/n: IW1-126289
ImageWolf v1.xx : Name: DanThaMan/fACTOR '98 s/n: IW666-122106
Imagination v2.2.24 : s/n: 00765
Imagination Network v2.24 : s/n: 00765 or s/n: 00564 or s/n: 00810
Imagine IT CompleteDX3 Suite v2.0 : s/n: 832182318413
Imagine Viewer v1.5 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 204-97625
Imag'N Image File Viewer v1.01p : Name: SiraX Company: [GLoW] s/n: A8L-5431-012H-L RegNum: D8FSIL4MX
IMail Server v4.04 : s/n: IMN-133088
IMapR v1.2 : s/n: 142491064c
IMapR v2.0 : s/n: 1824k1724h
IMatch v1.1 : Name: FALLEN s/n: 3022311328
IMatch v1.2 : Name: VQi s/n: 4146558136
IMatch v1.2.1 : Name: Sune / KAC 1998 s/n: 1758739199
IMate v1.0a : Name: cLUSTER/dSI! s/n: KNCECKNM
imPRESSion Lite v1.01C : Name: TRPS s/n: cs7f
imPRESSion Lite v1.01d : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 12r34jk1ytt
ImpressionX v1.01a : Name: Mr-Happy / EViL s/n: 6274 0209 3548 7824
ImProces v4.5 : (Create IMREG.Key with 2 lines) line1: MarQuiS De SoiR‚e line2: 56560
Impulse v4.12 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 72557421
Impulse v4.13 : Company: PREMiERE RegKey: 72557421 ID: PREMiERE Password: (Anything)
Impulse Universal : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 5349147343 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 5349147343
IMS Web Engine v1.01 : Name: DEGEN s/n: uoftk
IMS Web Engine v1.63 : Name: exit Company: fallen s/n: IWS927202536 Code: nncwp4mogmvl
IMS Web Spinner v1.23 : Name: exit Company: fallen s/n: IWS927202536 Code: nncwp4mogmvl
InaCardCheck ATL DLL Control v1.1 : s/n: X54000-DjPaul-PWA99
InBless Desk Change v1.5.2 : s/n: 9234-1678Dark-J91N
InBless PandaShop v2.5 : s/n: 4059-ACCZ-DSi-C13L
InCharge : s/n: MFL456789BWL
Include v1.0.14C : Name: NITRO Company: FALLEN s/n: include-252-29520
Incredible Machine II : s/n: 002004110706154
InCube : s/n: 462-853-572-511-461 or s/n: 419-436-855-506-486
Ind Man 99 v1.02 : Name: jog/DSi s/n: IM99-59375-FB0431B1
In-Depth Guitar v2.012 : Name: NuZ s/n: 886-3096-0
Indesign v1.0 : s/n: IPE100R99999999-364
Index Wizard v1.2 : Name: Genesis X Private: F4CD-76E1 Business: B039-70F3 Publishing: 9DD4-D755
India Ink v1.5 : s/n: J1634667054
Individual Training for WinWord : s/n: PN0650011036
INET v1.5 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 8894747380 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 2036507653
Inet Conference v2.1 : s/n: V1Q4S/9FDF
InetSnoop v1.01 : Name:CracK Da WareZ s/n:ACO74F48
InetSnoop v1.01 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: FCD9AC58 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 486A6C17
iNetStore v4.1 : Run inetstore.exe and follow the instructions on screen. From the newly created iNETstore program group run the Dolphin Speedstar server. Dolphin will, by default, run on Port 80. If you are already running a server on this port you must change the port s
Infini-D v4.1 : s/n: 051-5101-0302-0350
Infini-D v4.5 : s/n: 001-0189-0409-0030
Infinite Disk Proffesional v3.0 : s/n: CP931BC12208
Infinity Textures v1.0 : Name: Infinity s/n: 77CYQEA3
Infinity Textures v1.1.0 : Name: Delphic s/n: W2AAY7C3
Infinity Textures v1.20 : Name: Grafix [GGC] s/n: R938TEW68 or Name: jak [1999] s/n: T25757572F
Infinity Textures v1.3 : Name: Prof.X s/n: EP1QM568VS
Infinity Textures v1.3.0 : Name: aCE\oF/tRACE //RDW s/n: MKEQBB8I50
Info Accelator v3.0a : s/n: 9-04950437-01-F7YYOK
Info Book Pro v1.0 : s/n: 90720-01-056
Info Book Pro v1.01 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 12345-01-177
Info Mailer Pro v1.0 : Name: pIst0lS [ORiON] s/n: 684582642536189
Info Messenger Professional v1.01b : Name: SiraX/[DNG98] s/n: 452828815227
Info Messenger Professional v2.2c : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 814805841834
Info PM v1.32 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 991506354528 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 991485210246
Info Tree XT v1.3 : Name: SGM98 s/n: 1209
InfoDex Pro v4.02 : Name: Susue Black s/n: 89AD0B850FFF71BD or Name: Care Bears s/n: FBDE7E0A13345836 Network: 100
Infofile v1.0 : Name: Virus - ML s/n: 607 - 2484 - 66
Infofile v1.0 : Name: cheerokie - ml Company: missing link s/n: 3726132999548733
InfoHandler v4.4 : Name: _Jungle_ Company: ACTiON s/n: 482496.32444
InfoHandler v4.5.3.3 : Name: Darkzz [Crystal] Company: [Crystal] s/n: 4-67784.91304
InfoKeep v1.10 Revision 7 : Name: DSI s/n: DSIISTHEGREATEST-1721167135A431DF
InfoMap Pro v6.0 : s/n: IM60-J0059-OTVSI
InfoModeler v1.5 : s/n: 1090-003800
InfoPower v4.02G : s/n: 1538C91CD4785DD1
InfoPower v4.03B : s/n: (Anything) Password: 1538C91CD4785DD1
InfoPower Professional v4.03f : s/n: 1538C91CD4785DD1
InfoPower Professional v4.04 : s/n: 1538C91CD4785DD1
InfoPower 2000 : s/n: ip8250248391
Inforad Wireless Pro v9.1.6 : s/n: 9431786
Inforian Quest 98 v2.0 : s/n: 7656500173
Inforian Quest 98 v2.03 : s/n: PP11335511
Information Explorer v2.0 : s/n: Exploded or s/n: Propose or s/n: Gain or s/n: Informed
Information Explorer v2.1 : s/n: Exploded
Information Manager v4.3 : s/n: WJIMV4097ZA85A219C73D4M6
Informatix Piranesi v1.0 : License: KRDX-0BS1-W55C-S Exp: NONE UserLimit: 666 Name: X-Force Validation: WX6H-67UT-MV0K-1
Informed Designer v2.6 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 0002-6914-9003-7214-0
Informed Designer v2.7 : s/n: 0002-6914-9003-7214-0
Informed Filler v2.6 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 0000-9681-1330-6046-1
Informed Filler v2.7 : s/n: 0000-9681-1330-6046-1
Informix Access Library for DBTools.h++ v3.1.1 : s/n: 34105-09-001032
Informix CLI TD2 v2.50 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG
Informix Client SDK v2.10 TC1-1 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG
Informix Data Director v3.60 TC1 : s/n: AAB#J660836 Key: RXNDKC
Informix Data Director for Java v1.1.TC1 : s/n: AAB#J660836 Key: RXNDKC
Informix Data Director for Visual Basic v3.0 TC1 : s/n: ACN#J264911 Key: NSZKLV
Informix Data Director for Visual Basic v3.0.TC1-1 : s/n: AAB#J660836 Key: RXNDKC
Informix Dynamic Server v7.31 TC2 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG
Informix Dynamic Server Developer v7.30 TC3 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG
Informix Dynamic Server Linux v7.30 UC5 : s/n: AAB#J660836 Key: RXNDKC
Informix Dynamic Server Standard v7.30 TC7 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG
Informix Dynamic Server Universal Data Option v9.14 TC1-1 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG
Informix Dynamic Server Workgroup v7.30 TC7 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG
Informix Dynamic Server Workgroup v7.30 TC9 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG
Informix ESQL/C v7.23 TC12 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG
Informix ESQL/C v7.23 TC9 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG
Informix SDK v2.20 TC1-1 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG
Informix Universal Data Option v9.14 TC1-1 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG
Informix WorkGroup Replication TD2 v7.22 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG
InfoTree v3.5.3 : Name: UNICITY s/n: 1447
InfoTree v3.5.4 : Name: Michael Paez s/n: 212
InfoTree XT v1.2 : Name: SGM98 s/n: 1209
INI Manager v2.70 : Name: heretic-x s/n: 17666
InJoy v2.2 : Name: Venus Code: dd0b8d52861b4120168e0000000000970000
Innovative Trek Tech Novastation : s/n: a2c4-0909-9999
InocuLan v2.5 : s/n: IL20 346002
InocuLan v4.0 : s/n: EYYXE-X14CC-XC9XC-R7YJ1
Inscriber/cg for Fast v1.1a : s/n: 456456564456456
InspiRation v4.0a : s/n: 1633D1233H4551
InstaCheck v2.4 : s/n: EF64123412341234
Install From The Internet : s/n: 90411-99811-06094-04119-2513
InStall It v2.0 : Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 729790609388
Installer v2.70 : Name: TRPS'98 s/n: 9148926531
Installer v3.19 : s/n: 9689549150
Installer VISE v2.4.4 : Name: iNNOVATE/Method Company: Puff s/n: IVR400W5307439
Installer VISE v2.8 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: IVR400W5307439
Installer VISE v3.0 : Name: Dino s/n: IVR400W4218511
Installer VISE v3.1 : Name: Kooky [HERiTAGE] s/n: IVR400W7921285
Installer VISE/Updater VISE v2.71 : Name: DEMiSE Installer: IVR400W4762013 Updater: UVR100W3801367
Installer/GD v2.10.005 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] s/n: 2419-645723822
InstallIt! v2.00 : Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 729790609388
InstallShield v5.1 build 145 : s/n: MiRaMaX-TFT-97" or Btftr0xyouB
InstallShield : s/n: 1633D1233H4
InstallShield : Password: Apollo32
InstallShield Application Repackager v2.03 : Password: Nicole11
InstallShield DemoShield v5.4 : Password: omicron
InstallShield DemoShield v5.4 to 5.43 Upgrade : Password: vinorojo
InstallShield Demoshield v5.44 : Password: schroedinger
InstallShield Detective vbuild 164 : Password: TFT-vvvvvvv
InstallShield Express v2.02 : Password: #SiraX/DNG?
InstallShield Express for Power++ v2.01 : Name: TheForceTeam s/n: (blank)
InstallShield PackagefortheWeb v2.04 : Password: Tumbleweed
InstallShield PackageForTheWeb v2.05 : s/n: tumbleweed
InstallShield PackageForTheWeb *installation* Passwords : pftw1.3: package297 pftw2.0: gt3
InstallShield Pro v5.0 : Password: rh&HS$wm% s/n: 1633D1233H4551
InstallShield Pro v5.10.147 : Password: kllllll
InstallShield Pro v5.51 : Password: xxxxmmmnnnnnn
InstallShield Pro v5.52 : Password: captaincaveman
InstallShield Pro International East Edition v5.0 build 224 : s/n: ACTIVE8----qwertyuiopasdfg1V
InstallShield RegisterOnTheWeb v1.0 : Password: **SiraX***
InstallShield Windows Installer v1.0 : Password: paris8081
InstallSield InstallFromTheWeb v2.2 : s/n: TFT-oooooooo
Install-Us v3.56 : Name: Name: ZiuHu/TEX99 s/n: 25116291p
Install-Us Pro v3.0 : Name: SiraX/[DNG] s/n: 23061951p
Install-Us Pro v3.2 : Name: VERSUS/JX s/n: 19330779p
Install-Us Pro v3.22 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 16631049p
Install-Us Pro v3.51 : Name: Registered s/n: 86152611p
Install-Us Pro v3.53e : Name: Crystal, USA s/n: 38436171p
InstallWatch Basic v1.1a : Name: The Exterminators Key: 238611891
InstallWiz Pro v1.08 : Name: Ian Flinders Email: Challenge: EGKOPSX Unlock: BHGEHLSUPV
InstallWiz Pro v1.1 : Name: Richard Buiwit Email: Challenge: 230487032743207 Unlock: @JKEKNOUSQW
InstallWiz Pro v1.13 : Name: Melisaa Alley Email: Challenge: EHKONRW Unlock: EIHKKNLUSU
Instant 3D : s/n: I3D1000057
Instant Accounting 98 : CDKey: 98455 s/n: 122053
Instant Basic for Java - Standart Edition v1.2.6 : Type: "set CLASSPATH=ib4jstd.jar" and then "java setup". s/n: 1100-6812-794768408794
Instant CAD for Engineer : s/n: 4504016558950
Instant Cashbook v3.0 : Name: Intensity Inc. s/n: SCB0005990 Key: 89241554
Instant.Cashbook v3.2.10 : Name: Intensity Inc. s/n: SCB0005990 Key: 89241554
Instant Drive Access Pro v1.13 : Name: CORE/CMT s/n: 21732046
Instant Drive Access Pro v1.15 : Name: Mad Jester s/n: 4178164029
Instant Drive Access Pro v1.5 : Name: PGC 99 s/n: 310408
Instant Favorites v3.0 : Name: CORE CMT Comment: CORE s/n: gI0NYvDowc1IKQCL8gmPKQ==
Instant File Access IV : Name: THE RIDDLER 1996! Address: uNITED cRACKING fORCE s/n: 2461157858
Instant ID v2.0 : s/n: I2011599900001
Instant ID v2.02 : s/n: I2011599900001
Instant Invoices v2.5 : TradingName: Intensity Inc. s/n: SM00011804 Key: 19699798
Instant Multimedia : s/n: 7500004703
Instyler ex-it v1.3 build 047 : Name: Dustie of Blizzard s/n: 1000-1701-68116
Instyler ex-It v1.4 Build 86 : Name: Warp98 s/n: 1000-554-87112
Instyler ex-it! v1.4 SP2 : Name: GWA98 s/n: 1000-351-7157
Instyler ex-it! v1.5 Service Pack 2 : Name: German Warez Alliance s/n: 1000-1950-71109
Instyler SmartSetup v2.0 Pre RC 2 : Name: Me s/n: %Og%.%kiiss
Instyler SmartSetup v2.0 RC 1 : Name: GWA98 s/n: %IYC;:%bh]tcprmv-eu_76%kiiss
Instyler SmartSetup v2.0 SP 1 : Name: German Warez Alliance s/n: %Igtocp"Yctg|"Cnnkcpeg%bh]tcprmv%ooiss
Instyler SmartSetup v2.1 : Name: GWA s/n: %IYC%EU?%ooiss
Insurance Quote Master v1.2 : s/n: 546683
InSync Kohesion v1.0 : s/n: 1866171329
InSync Server v1.0b : Name: Norway/Inside98 s/n: 7a3u35cc
InSync Server v1.10 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 3i222c2i
Intactix StorePlan Merchant v1.61 : Name: OrionYOun-SiEGE- s/n: 1041
Integra Management Systems STAR Pro VII : Demo: E7TH4 Monthly: XCIMDKUJT
InteGra Visual Database Builder v2.00 : s/n: 1205555057
Integratech SuperZip v2.0 : s/n: 703-1-DNG98
Intel C/C++ Compiler v4.0 B2 : s/n: VT4-B2!
Intel Fortran 77 Compiler v2.4 P98007 : s/n: 5JBLX*KS
Intel LANdesk Response : s/n: 400361.001
Intel V-Tune v2.12 : Name: The Daemon Company: Avalon s/n: 19970706
IntellePret v1.0 : Key: dustie-blz'99 Code: 160CB96B7730CD4B8F14D63897
IntelliCall v1.0 : s/n: a1s
Intellicom v2.01 beta 5 : s/n: 040994
Intelligent Room Booking v2.2 : Name: Roger[MiB] s/n: IRB-U-1737-758-880
Intelligolf Birdie Edition v2.0 : s/n: BDBV261008
Intellihance v2.0 : s/n: IWE-201-100-677-100003
Intellihance v3.02 : s/n: ICE-300-100-100-000571
Intellihance Pro v4.0 b1 : s/n: ICE-400-122-682-039859
Intellihance Pro v4.01 : Name: Gogolie Company: Pirates with Attitudes s/n: IDE-400-200-502-000004
IntelliPoint v1.10 : s/n: 37991-025-0514927
Intelliscribe v1.5 : s/n: 1050-7q8-1747
Intellisync for Notebooks v1.61 : s/n: PUMA98840
Intense Concentration v1.04 : s/n: ICE5N8FD7UH3VSZZ94
Intense Software Powertone : s/n: PWTN0896C3830G46-912
Intense Software Silvertone : s/n: SVTN0291Q1552C93-293
Inter Mute v1.2.11.1 : Name: Maureen Meikle s/n: 909309342.10366
Inter Stellar Annihilation : FirstName: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL LastName: G.!.$ bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 0711425
Interactive C Compiler v3.2 : Name: Botball 98 s/n: 2406-22775-23088-50354-22
InterActive InStall v1.0 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 20133899 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 20044369
InterAp InterNet Suite v1.0 : s/n: IA100P123-12345-QT78 or s/n: IA100P011-35312-US13
Interbase v5.11 : ID: 50-55-ISC-20089 Key: 17-b-12-0
InterDrive Client NFS v4.0 : s/n: 0 Key: 1011-7EP06-00DF
InterDrive Client NFS v5.0 : s/n: 12E0-E000A-8888
Interest Calculator v3.3 : s/n: 07101962
InterGo for Win95 : s/n: 01100-01010-01000-80582
Intergraph Coproration Modelview Pro v3.07 : s/n: 00042328004423
Intergraph Diskshare v4.01.00.08 : Name: shuttle Company: avalon s/n: 0000-023004664
Intergraph Geomedia v2.00.31.04 : s/n: 99998768004429
Intergraph Geomedia Pro v2.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10070234004624
Intergraph Geomedia Pro v2.00.17.07 : s/n: 10070234004624
Intergraph Geomedia WebMap v2.00.05.00 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10112552004636
Intergraph IACS Report Manager v6.00.02.02 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 11453920004221
Intergraph IACS Specification Manager v6.00.02.02 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10061393004219
Intergraph Image Scape Edit v2.00.00.00 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 16099579004681
Intergraph InRoads Survey v7.01.03.00 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 13515600004053
Intergraph InterPlot Client v9.00.01.07 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 12614536004308
Intergraph InterPlot Digital Print Room v9.00.01.07 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10088667004619
Intergraph InterPlot Server v9.00.01.07 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10064748004309
Intergraph MGE Analyst v7.00.02.02 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10081894004147
Intergraph MGE Base Mapper v7.00.02.00 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 20014600004145
Intergraph MGE Basic Administrator v7.00.02.00 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 21977354004144
Intergraph MGE Basic Nucleus v7.01.00.00 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10027233004643
Intergraph MGE Map Finisher v7.00.02.01 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10170636004146
Intergraph MGE Segment Manager v7.00.00.08 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10068168004593
Intergraph MGE Terrain Analyst v7.00.01.01 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 30544729004419
Intergraph Project Architect v5.3 : ProjectArchitect: 00008263004418 BatchServices: 01754168000783
Intergraph Project Architect v5.3.1 : s/n: 00008263004418
Intergraph RIS NT DB2 Data Server : s/n: 10026903003163
Intergraph RIS NT Informix Data Server : s/n: 10026810003159
Intergraph RIS NT Informix Net Server : s/n: 10026783003167
Intergraph RIS NT Microsoft Data Server : s/n: 10026806003171
Intergraph RIS NT Oracle Data Server : s/n: 10026847003161
Intergraph RIS NT Oracle Net Server : s/n: 10026603003165
Intergraph RIS NT Sybase Data Server : s/n: 10026765003172
Intergraph ViZfx for 3D Studio Max v1.03.00.08 : Name: SiEGE s/n: 11145669004353
Intergraph's Microstation : s/n: 00088193000085
Interix v2.2 : SDK: AAAAAS=/G74 UnlimitedServer: AAAAAGYo74o Server: EE=cMAAUs(E Workstation: 6z9AAAAABQ= WorkstationLite: tA8DAjAVAA(
InterLeave v1.2 : Name: bitfou98 s/n: 94322375
InterLeave v1.5 : Name: hotdog04 [Weapon] s/n: C44223A5
InterMail v2.29 : s/n: 6A-089-034560 or s/n: 6B-000-00???? or s/n: 6B-000-01????
InterMail Post Office Edition v3.53 : s/n: 0-198663195-12345L500S10000V35
InterNational OCR : s/n: A46IW331561710
Internet Angel v3.01 : Name: escom City: core s/n: 425F-538
Internet Angel v3.04 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 Email: s/n: 2578B-1185
Internet Anywhere Mail Server v2.2.2 : s/n: DRI-MSU-573000003422
Internet Anywhere Small Business Connect : s/n: 275SSBUN518C39B1144B
Internet Audio Mix v1.14 : s/n: 1979848
Internet Audio Mix v1.24 : s/n: 7614800
Internet Browser Cache Controller v4.01 : Name: SiraX Company: CORE s/n: 9903145
Internet Business Breakthrough v1.1 : s/n: D9KLF3AE1I6
Internet Call Manager v1.0 : s/n: 6271291099
Internet Commander v2.0a : s/n: 2567523420
Internet Commander v2.0b : s/n: 2567523420
Internet Connection Viewer v2.2.4 : Name: Raybiez s/n: 254497456 or Name: SANS [ORiON] s/n: 3225127364695
Internet Connection Viewer v2.31 : Name: Walhalla/oDT s/n: 7006539925504
Internet Connection Viewer v2.40 : Name: SANS [ORiON] s/n: 3225127364695
Internet Control Center v6.01 : Name: PEIDO98 s/n: 36351580210
Internet Control Center v6.4.1 : Name: davy - blizzard98 s/n: 12351754272910
Internet Control Center v6.4.2 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 11561642255510
Internet Controller v1.19 : Name: AVALON s/n: 2327009550001941
Internet Copilot v1.09.97 : Name: The Master DaVinci s/n: 238968052143
Internet Copilot97 v1.1 : Name: REKiEM / PCY '99 s/n: 692605405764
Internet Creator v3.0 : s/n: 6D17-304511 RegNum: 3958643
Internet Dial v1.7a : Name: MICHAEL Liu s/n: ID-H68M24208
Internet Document Publisher v1.05c : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 335c1628
Internet Document Publisher v1.05s : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 5a712c2f
Internet Document Publisher Client v1.0 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 7u1f245a
Internet Document Publisher Client v1.03 : Name: Bob s/n: 7523uu31
Internet Document Publisher Client v1.04 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 275c445i
Internet Document Publisher Server v1.0 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 7u1f245a
Internet Document Publisher Server v1.02 : Name: Bisoux s/n: 6376235k
Internet Document Publisher Server v1.05 : Name: Bob s/n: 16883232
Internet Email Forward v1.02.00 : s/n: M963TY-TFTROX
Internet Email Forward v1.03.00 : s/n: M963TY-SiraX-DNG-1998
Internet Email Forward v1.03.01 : s/n: M963TY-DNG-1998
Internet Email Forward v1.03.02 : s/n: M963TYxxxx
Internet Email Forward v1.04.02 : s/n: M963TY
Internet Eye Suite v2.1 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 923485705959-EYE
Internet Farmer v1.0 : s/n: 9876-43210125
Internet Gate v1.43 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 027D-31747-W188
Internet Gate v1.46 : Name: CZY s/n: 158D-27022-W110
Internet Graphics Finder v3.0 : Go to your Windows directory and edit your GRIF.INI. Put this line in the [Settings] section: serialnumber=987654321
Internet Job Hunter v1.01 : Name: cLUSTER/dSI! s/n: 86322681
Internet LanBridge Server v1.44 : s/n: 39309658105087
Internet Loafer v7.5 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! [UCF] s/n: 82117166661432523616422323422216545155244138142
Internet Loafer v7.7 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 8619414625219696
Internet Loafer v8.1 : Name: Warp s/n: 87248226214
Internet Mail v1.12 : s/n: 0012-3437-A102
Internet Mail Attendant v8.13 : s/n: 3141592654
Internet Mail Bridge v2.0 build 2044 : s/n: 68c-40m9-t1d5-280
Internet Maniac v1.1 : Name: LOMAX [DSI] s/n: 1184420864-308158
Internet Maniac v1.11 : Name: Magenta s/n: 4100558144-412194
Internet Maniac v1.2 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 0885432320-404208
Internet Maniac v1.2a : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 4100558144-300222
Internet Marauder v1.42 : Name: EXPLiCiT s/n: 2629420719 (Leave everything else how it is)
Internet Message Center v2.2 : s/n: 9956328482488294
Internet Mix v1.23 : s/n: 7614800
Internet Naming Utility v1.05 : Name: Andox Email: s/n: TZO-0257-2762-E5CC-7192
Internet Neighborhood v1.1 build 33 : s/n: 1234-1122223344555
Internet Neighborhood v1.1.33 : s/n: 0201-0119979900620
Internet Neighborhood v1.2 Beta 1 build 0.11 : s/n: 0234-1119973344555
Internet Neighborhood v1.6 Build 1 : s/n: 0234-1119973344555
Internet Neighborhood v2.0 : s/n: 0204-0419980000000
Internet Neighborhood v2.3 : s/n: 0201-0119979900620
Internet Neighborhood v2.4 : s/n: 0201-0119979500267
Internet Neighborhood v2.5 : s/n: 0223-6619990103038
Internet Neighborhood v2.52 : s/n: 0201-0119979500267 or s/n: 0204-0419980000000
Internet Neighborhood v2.53 : s/n: 0201-0119979500267 or s/n: 0204-0419980000000
Internet Office : s/n: OFCX400MOS-000000263
Internet Organizer v3.0s : Name: JUANDA s/n: 987723779-065 or Name: PC98 s/n: 987722793
Internet Organizer Deluxe v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 831195569-731
Internet Phone v5.0 : s/n: V1Q7-SC97-NNNN-LX-0000-3BFF/A2BE
Internet Phone v5.01 build 200 : s/n: V1Q7-SC97-NNNN-LX-0000-3BFF/A2BE
Internet Resourse Library v1.5 : s/n: 0000000K-0000000K
Internet Share v1.3 : s/n: 225-6655-63
Internet Suite v2.0 : s/n: 123-17J-11191 or s/n: 200-B7J-00205
Internet Suite v2.0 : s/n: 012-18P-00385
Internet Tacho 98 v1.11.1 : Name: defiler [TEX99] s/n: 22831853914723
Internet Tacho 98 : Name: Zero [GCK] s/n: 172155987165
Internet Tree v1.2 : s/n: 4696-3991
Internet Tree v1.3 : s/n: 4735-1940
Internet Turbo 99 v4.3 : Name: TEAM FFO s/n: 726a21g09 Phone: 0190222333 Email:
Internet Util 97 v2.0.24 : s/n: PFABLJXIVS
Internet Velocity v1.00.1 : s/n: IVS1501726631505
InterNetActive : s/n: 735EWC
InterNetView v2.0 : Name: The Exterminators s/n: yD5bzCHLT45DLPT1
InterNetView v2.0.1.8 : Name: Walhalla/oDT s/n: qD49D0DC0fG
InterPic v1.62 : ID: SIEGEROCKS Code: 1426
InterPlot Client v09.00.00.35 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 99910684004308
InterPlot Professional v09.00.01.07 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10142076004310
InterPlot Server for Windows NT v09.00.00.35 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 99998771004309
InterQuick v1.0.1.1 : Name: High Voltage Email: s/n: 04ff1651b15610c27240ff00dfacffffb1d3b2e100fe003fbd0000c4
InterQuick v1.0.2.2 : Name: High Voltage Tech Email: s/n: 43c96c3feab216c64ceb72ad1a4162f94f3cb17865ca3b1e95c7ec62b07a8b1
Interscan VirusWall v2.52c : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT
Interscan VirusWall v3.0 : s/n: STET-1231-3552-5554-5505
Interscan VirusWall v3.23 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT
Interscan WebProtect v2.05 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT
Interscope BlackBox v1.2 : Name: TERAPHY s/n: 69-759k-xwz-51r
Interscope BlackBox v1.3 : Name: Flu[X] s/n: FP-L250-61n-KO6
InterShop Mall v1.0 : s/n: 4fq8 vxzw vgwf w95y
InterShop Online Gold Addon v2.0 : s/n: 4fq8 vxzw vgwf w95y
InterSnoop v1.01 : in ISNOOP.INI add: Line1: [Registration] Line2: Name=tHATDUDE! Line3: Key=2FE2E658
InterSolv PVCS Tracker v3.0 : s/n: 75961 01 01148
InterSolv PVCS Tracker v5.0.1 : Name: MiRaMaX Company: TheForceTeam s/n: 1998 Key: 99800196
InterTime 98 v1.11 : Change the value of the C drive to 11111111. Then enter: Name: ShadE - TRPS 98 s/n: EC8454B30600
Intracept XRay Vision v1.0 : s/n: 2319219466
IntraDOS v1.1 : Select "File/Register IntraDOS" and enter anything
IntranetWare for Small Business : s/n: 9300000001111011
InTuit Quick-PayRoll : s/n: 556516
Inventory v2.0 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: 810184RInvI[Ni2dsnNi2NSD49705254000
Inventory Organizer v3.1 : Name: Michael Purt s/n: 908223024-554
Inventory Organizer v3.6 : Name: AzzYRiAN s/n: 983065540-554
Inversible AntiVirus : Code: 0123456789 s/n: 765432107 or Code: 930437233 s/n: 21623728
Investment Helper v1.2 : s/n: 931-521793
Investment Helper Lite v1.0 : s/n: 958-399738
Investors Toolbox 95 v2.17 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 051698
Investors Toolkit v2.19 : Name: Naglfar s/n: 051698
Invincible Internet Connection Keeper v2.0 : s/n: 2001 (You have to enter the code every time you run the program)
Invisible Pro v2.2 : s/n: FA00-BFB0
Invisible Pro 98 v1.4 : s/n: 0A-2500-OEM-2374
Invoice 98 v1.103 : s/n: 8012345
Invoice 98 v1.500 : s/n: 5012345
Invoice 98 v1.501 : s/n: 3252345
Invoice 98 v1.503 : s/n: 5012345
Invoice 98 v2.5 : s/n: 3010777
Invoice 98 v2.51 : s/n: 3000345
Invoice 98 v2.52 : s/n: 3000345 s/n: 3012345 or s/n: 4000345 s/n: 4012345
Invoice Tracker v1.11 : Name: ODIN 99 s/n: 1K6UVS11T8SGJBKQAQ3F1QAAVCI1GI5CL2
InWatch 95 v1.0 : Name: Crack Da WareZ s/n: 16182
InWatch 95 v1.0 : Name: ED!SON '96 s/n: 15764
InWatch 95 : Name: tHATDUDE! s/n: 15896
Inworld DeskChange v1.5 : s/n: 9234-1678CORE-J91N
Inworld PandaShop v2.0 : s/n: 1876-43410123-D14G
Inworld PandaShop v2.3 : s/n: 9234-1678CORE-I91M
I/O ActiveX Communications Module : s/n: JSPayne4U
Iolo Safety Scan v2.5f : s/n: 7856772
Iolo Safety Scan v2.5i : s/n: 14492976
ION v1.1 : InstallKey: X9SM9CCM SiteNotice: Croma [PREMiERE] InstallNum: CRO-07091972-MA
IP Tools v1.00 beta : Name: dLLord/AiR s/n: 7A82F001CDD2
IP*Works C++ Builder Edition v2.0 : s/n: DU5T-4PAD-QLKZ-A Key: KELC-P21A-AUN4-52PC
IP*Works C++ Edition v2.0 : s/n: 22M-PZLK-SEZM-1 Key: KELC-P21A-AUN4-52PC
IP*Works Delphi Edition v3.0 : s/n: FVMB-FQAK-URYR-G Key: KELC-P21A-AUN4-52PC
IP*Works Visual Basic Edition v3.0 : s/n: RBY2-A2KT-5IX4 Key: KELC-P21A-AUN4-52PC
IP*Works Visual Basic Edition : s/n: 1234512345 Key: LDGG44PDTMLU451F
IPCalc v2.0.7 : Name: tHE EGOiSTE bName: tE99 s/n: RIA-9CIV-W3L
IPnetWatcher v1.01 : s/n: 1-1-1
IPnetWatcher Java Edition v1.2.2 : s/n: AFxbUVdRMyM2HRscMWdqamZqAhg=
IProtect v1.4 : Name: exit Company: fallen ID: 11223344556634 s/n: ipra-d969-c9cd-9587-79b5 or Name: Ivanopulo Company: Starless Sky ID: 4444 s/n: ipra-984e-558f-da53-454c
IPSentry v3.1.13 : Name: lxcore98 s/n: CgKgfFKiFiOqKq or Name: PREMiERE s/n: CiKhnFKmFkKmLp
IPSentry v4.0 : Name: TCHAN s/n: CgKenDMgGiGiLo
IPSentry v4.0.212 : Name: Einride [PC] s/n: R &8AIV MEE39 EC428 4282A
IPSentry v4.0.215 : Name: insane [TRPS] s/n: R-IVIIN-753BD-E3BD1-073C4
IPSentry v4.0.216 : Name: IPSBx4212a s/n: r-gczix-a6753-e6a04-b37f3
IPSentry v4.0.217 : Name: Chafe/TEX99 s/n: Z-UCUSI-N824C-82024-F86E4
IPSentry v4.1.21 : Name: evil (site) s/n: r-icasf-x6f66-920a4-ffa80
IPSub v1.5 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 2735-0219-91D3
IQBox 98 v1.0 : Name: SiraX s/n: 5489905
IR Search Master v6.0 : s/n: 00000SU000000000000
IRC Ferret v1.1102 : s/n: NS-100-002-267 Key: 2CAE-ED9A
IRC Log Viewer v4.21 : Name: ZiuHu/TEX99 s/n: MjjjMMIjjq
Irfan View v2.50 : Name: xOANON ->UCF 1997<- s/n: 660754604
Irfan View v2.65 : Name: Versus s/n: 303928400
Irfan View v2.82 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 274226008 or Name: BuLLeT - [PC 98] s/n: 505878408
Irfan View v2.83 : Name: ALM DeTH s/n: 330523804 or Name: n03l s/n: 128366008
Irfan View v2.90 : Name: BaMa/MANiFEST s/n: 541300604
Irfan View v2.98 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] s/n: 633960808
Irfan View v3.0 : Name: Copyright Killer [UCT] s/n: 120006400
Irfan View v3.02 : Name: s/n: 624556906 or Name: Grafix [GGC] s/n: 532250302
Irfan View v3.05 : Name: nutela s/n: 384003102 or Name: CZY s/n: 146333102
Iris Antivirus v22.07 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 134934799
Iris Antivirus Plus v22.02 : s/n: 6604490965175428
Iris E-Mailer v1.101 : s/n: IE-00FA3900
Iris Phone v3.0 : s/n: #93763176421934759356482953
IrmaNet vx.x : s/n: AAT0863912 Code: EC-47-88
IronCad v1.4 : s/n: ICBNUS12-333311 Code: 5705 9067 5D20 1002
ISDI v3.xx : (ISDI 000056ED0000 ISDI.ini) s/n: 000056ED0000
ISDN HighWay Control Center + Teles CAPI v2.98 : s/n: 900N 7449 9052 8010
ISDN Snoop v3.7.2 : Name: PROPHECY '98 City: REKiEM Street: Not Availiable Key: 4635CE9F Clients: 00
ISDN Snoop v4.1.0 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! [UCF] Clients: 99 CallAns: Yes s/n: 6BB5951B
ISDN Snoop v4.2.1 : Name: Smakkker City: GWA s/n: 31232965 Clients: 99 CallAns: Enabled
ISDN Snoop v4.2.2 : Name: Smakkker City: GWA s/n: 31232965 Clients: 99 CallAns: Enabled
ISentry v2.0 : Name: jog/MANIFEST s/n: $9DA88044
ISentry v2.01 : Name: Sune / KAC 1998 s/n: $162CB711z
ISG Navigator v1.5 : Issuer: BASSMATIC Key: 5024 Product: ISG Company: DOD 98 Platform: NT/95 Users: 1000 Token: 328 Checksum: ANXG-7ZLL-5MKJ-8ZJ8
ISP Companion v5.5 : s/n: 219-3910-95712
ISP Companion v7.2.46 : Name: zaarnik Company: BLiZZARD s/n: 80440042400004084420
ISP Companion v7.4.63 : Name: rantnrave Company: PREMiERE 98 s/n: 60060446408220561840
ISP Companion v7.4.74 : Name: davy [blz] Company: blizzard 1998 s/n: 00660666802404066040
ISP Companion v7.7 : Name: pSi VERSUS Company: VERSUS s/n: 80020446004226544420
ISP Companion v7.8.146 : Name: [-mAAg-] Company: Massive s/n: 40800806800006584420
ISP Companion Service Pack v7.9.154 : Name: wizdaz[Wrp] Company: Warp s/n: 60400224602628084420
ISPA v3.xx : (ISPA 56ED00000000 ispa.ini) s/n: 56ED00000000
ISpy : Name: jake cwc s/n: 7ak6ff
ISS Base v2.0 : s/n: 165171izknuy1 Key: cogfrvnhmwobz
IT Desktop Manager v1.0 : s/n: 7221960199
Italian Assistant V : s/n: 35010523
iTrack Enterprise v1.3e : Go to the System Settings form and enter: PartA: dg PartB: khj3h7cs
iTrack Enterprise v1.3h : PartA: dg PartB: khj3h7cs
iTrack Workgroup v1.3c : CodeA: kw CodeB: dsnchv47
Its Personal v2.1f : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: RKS-3553077
Its Personal v2.1h : Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: RKS-3802174
Its Personal v2.8 : Name: Versus s/n: RKS-2170130 or Name: n03l s/n: RKS-1125087
Its Personal v2.8e : Name: Blackstar/TRPS98 s/n: RKS-5122928
Its Personal v2.9d : Name: draXXter[Faith2000] s/n: RKS-6199757
Its Time v2.1d : Name: TheForceTeam s/n: RKS-6378405
Its Time v2.5a : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: RKS-6165365
Its Time v2.8 : Name: Versus s/n: RKS-3509202 or Name: n03l s/n: RKS-1819319
ITServ RideWay v1.83b : Name: CORE CMT License: unlimited users with BreezeWay s/n: ITS21003-278560-1276008-ZFQSEdENTb
I-View v2.38 : Name: fungus Company: blizzard s/n: 9470425255555555
I-View Pro v2.32 : Name: lxcore97 Company: CORE s/n: 5768180722334455
IWare Connect : Key: GKY$YKYKYTSK s/n: 20696
IWare Internet Suite : Key: D38E92SE9R3E s/n: 25005
iWrite v1.0 : Name: Annette S. Alvis Company: (blank) s/n: grvj1980
Ixla Explorer v1.2 : s/n: TKL and click "Buy Now"
Internet Organizer v3.5S : Name: TRPS 1998 s/n: 367207505-065
Inventory Organizer v3.0a : Name: JUANDA s/n: 987761225-554 or Name: PC98 s/n: 987722809-554

J v4.0a : s/n: softwar (No "e")
Jaba Com Web Browser v1.9.98 : s/n: 0k7u0z6y1a981-3t6r3a5m7s24
Jaba Com Web Browser v1.9.99 : s/n: 999-9999999999999999
JackHammer v1.5 : Order: SAVAGE RegKey: 78224938464138085318640458370445
JackHammer v2.1 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! Email: ID: 1234-1234-1234-1234 s/n: BA91-7345-0000
Jackpot Slots v1.5 : s/n: 274955
Jackpot Slots v2.0 : s/n: 274955
Jackpot Super Slots v1.55 : Name: Warezpup [KAC 99] Password: 182E43481723 s/n: 5605F-05FB67910-169B3
Jackpot Super Slots v1.6.3 : Name: Harlem Password: Niggah s/n: 2182E-82E434B34-3F265
Jacobs Image Browser v2.0.0 : Name: accz of blizzard s/n: 4D2
James Gleick's Chaos v1.01 : s/n: 900000-01101-05-0107
Jammer v1.9 : s/n: 4w5tp96b
Jammer v1.95 : Name: NaG3_TeaM s/n: 1122334-EB1605E627 or Name: Licensed User s/n: 1111111-0C1F2C17F3 or Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: 1234567-2D503C3951
Jammer SongMaker : s/n: JWS11413
Janus GridEX v1.6b : s/n: CSGDX-31255-YUKKM-12103-56422
Janus GridEX Retail v1.6d : s/n: CSGDX-31255-YUKKM-12103-56422
JarHelper v3.5.1 : s/n: 60035GE-AJ-314314
JAS 95 v1.4 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: CNK-atEa
Java Browser v2.1 : Name: forcekill Company: infra s/n: 454353453
Java Draw : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: Rw|Äe_M}q
Java Embedded Server v1.0 : s/n: JS0876939287244113
Java Safe v1.0 : s/n: JS 0243 8494 8708 4565
Java Script it v1.5 : FirstName: LOMAX LastName: DSI s/n: 16@vh7ujs or FirstName: Skorpien LastName: TbC s/n: 1!z6;h?9@jjs
Java Web Server v1.1.3 : s/n: JS2671414474923375
Java WorkShop v1.0 : s/n: JWS100-AT4072-888641479 or s/n: JWS100-CO6222-048623471 or s/n: JWS100-DA2082-879883481 or s/n: JWS100-DAAES4-906052896 or s/n: JWS100-DAAESU-906052896 or s/n: JWS100-IF2902-901345480 or s/n: JWS100-JS1212-119673481 or s/n: JWS100-KN4162-088731469 or
Java WorkShop v2.0 : s/n: JSW100-RV9797-929569987 or s/n: JWS100-DAAESU-906052896
Java WorkShop v2.1 : s/n: JWS100-RV9797-929569987
Java WorkShop : s/n: JWS100-DAAESU-906052896
JavaPC v1.1 : s/n: JS8266699581686405
JavaScript Scrambler v1.11 : Name: LOMAX s/n: 4438-716-8
JayTrax v1.1b : s/n: BOB-28701-FCJ
JayTrax v2.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 13956064
Jbuilder Pro v3.0 : s/n: 300-000-0071 Key: 9bx6-x0x0
JCheck v1.0 RC1 : s/n: 2501-0000FF-9D
JCheck v1.2 RC1 : s/n: 2501-0000FF-9D
JCheck v1.20 : s/n: 4809-0000DB-9F
JCheck v1.21 Beta 1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 2501-0000FF-9D
JCheck v1.22 : s/n: 4809-0000DB-9F
JClass BWT v3.0 : s/n: 75010FS-GP-314394
JClass BWT v3.5 : s/n: 70035FS-QF-315151
JClass Chart v3.0 : s/n: 79010FS-WB-314356
JClass Chart v3.5 : s/n: 79035FS-JL-314748
JClass Chart Bytecode v3.6j : s/n: 79036FS-KG-315563
JClass DataSource v3.5 : s/n: 87035FS-LJ-314038
JClass DataSource v3.5.1 : s/n: 87035FS-VY-314208
JClass Enterprise Suite v3.6.1 : s/n: 62036GE-8V-314602
JClass Field v3.0 : s/n: 83010FS-EY-314381
JClass Field v3.5 : s/n: 83035FS-S7-314715
JClass Field Bytecode v3.6j : s/n: 83036FS-NS-315241
JClass HiGrid v3.5 : s/n: 85035FS-LS-314038
JClass HiGrid v3.5.1 : s/n: 85035FS-XV-314189
JClass JarHelper v3.5 : s/n: 79035FS-JL-314748
JClass LiveTable v3.0 : s/n: 70030FS-BY-314675
JClass LiveTable v3.5 : s/n: 70035FS-QF-315151
JClass LiveTable Bytecode v3.6j : s/n: 70036FS-VF-315802
JClass PageLayout v1.1.0 : s/n: 91011FS-PF-314084
JClass Standard Suite v3.5.1 : s/n: 60035GE-AJ-314314
JClass Swing Suite v1.1 : ByteCode: 89011FS-S9-314018 SourceCode: 90011FS-JD-314016
Jeek v1.1 : Name: s/n: O4ICWO3G0XX07XOR
JellyFish v3 : Name: Plushmm [PC97] s/n: 101313506404208
Jennifer vs Sarah v1.0 : s/n: 8JG-7NT-000521
Jeroboam v3.02 : Name: [ORiON] - sixb0nes ][ s/n: xIGNAnPgdj
Jeroboam v3.03 : Name: -=- ORiON -=- s/n: GIadvdhYFj
Jeta Reyes v2.x : Name: Kashmir s/n: 41025
JetColor v1.20 : Name: ZiuHu/TEX99 s/n: K6247982 or Name: Einhorn [Breakpoint] s/n: FB6257902
Jetforms Central v5.1 : s/n: 1100-10479-6
Jetforms Design v5.1 : s/n: 1100-10479-6
Jetforms Transformation Builder v5.1 : s/n: 1100-10479-6
JewlLinr v1.7 : Name: ZiLLY s/n: Pszz7wYPO6
JewlLinr v2.0 : Name: EzD s/n: 7Ywa1wYPO6
JewlLinr v2.3 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: NvEJvP7Cy5
JewlLinr v2.4 : Name: Matter of Darkness s/n: 7vGG3z7NsL
JForge v2.61 : Key: steven anger Code: 6yCBtY89ox
J. Graffman Calendar 2000 v2.9 : Name: (Anything) s/n: EPOCH
J. Graffman Calendar 2000 v2.9.1 : Name: (Anything) s/n: EPOCH
JigSaw-It v1.0 : s/n: 7104401272
JigSoft v1.2g : s/n: 503-331
JimsQuest Woofpool 1999 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 81378713
Job Track v5.4 : s/n: house
JobTrack v5.4e : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: house
JOC Email Checker v1.20 : Name: Dazzler s/n: 8501CR1737
JOC Web Promote v1.20 : Name: Ringer s/n: 9774004827PSCO6299
JOC Web Promote v1.21 : Name: MISTERE[INSIDE] s/n: 9798544499
Joggler v1.04 : Name: Audrey Jones Address: Brooklyn, NY 11234 Email: s/n: C1F 5451C145C1F492477
Joggler v1.06 : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: C1F 1A75145C1F378558
Joggler v1.06a : Name: Warp s/n: C1F-809145C1F376050
Joker Wild Video Poker v2.6 : Name: fungus / blizzard s/n: LLB6034
Joker Wild Video Poker v2.75 : Name: Warp s/n: DJM0416
Joker Wild Video Poker v3.0 : Name: AEROSMITH s/n: EH0411A
Jones in the fast lane : Name: Gummy s/n: (leave blank)
Jot+ Notes v2.0.1 build 59 : Name: Fully Licensed User s/n: 8937 Code: 19FH1GW0AQP
Jot+ Notes v2.1.1 : Name: Norway/Revolt98 s/n: 1129 Code: 152A1BFJ14YI
Jot+ Notes v2.1.1 build 134 : Name: BaMa/MANiFEST s/n: 6666 Code: G621E5JM2N
Jot+ Notes v2.2.0 build 156 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 1998 Code: N9Z7BN6V1
Joystick's Friend v1.0 : Name: L!M!T / The Exterminators s/n: 11114115763377
JPad v3.1.3 build 99a : Name: 10000000#400101 s/n: 808565617
JPad Pro v3.2 build 99a : Name: 20000139#400101 s/n: 420631652
JPad Pro v3.7.297 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 733253764
JPad Pro v3.7.305 : Name: ArseniK of CORE s/n: 882345602
JPEG File Explorer v1.5 : Name: CZY s/n: C-579-25362
JPEG Optimizer v1.32 : s/n: JO1638
JPEG Optimizer v2.00 : s/n: qo7012
JPEG Optimizer v2.02 : s/n: kj7246
JPEG Optimizer v3.03 : s/n: FY9281
JPEG Optimizer v3.06 : s/n: RW3418
JPEG Optimizer v3.07 : s/n: AY8124 or s/n: WP8442
JPEG Wizard v1.3 : Name: `maIs s/n: 100637159
J-Perk v4.2 : Hit Unlock/Register and enter: s/n: 1$2876558201
J-Perk v5.01 : s/n: 2$F48W6299T7 or s/n: 2$X48W6299T7
JPG Librarian and Veiwer v1.09 : Name: BSC s/n: 122288933996 or Name: Jaydee 99 s/n: 446264331297
JProbe Coverage Developer Edition v2.0 : s/n: 48020FS-WQ-314167
JProbe Coverage Professional Edition v2.0 : s/n: 49020FS-4N-314121
JProbe Profiler v1.1.1 : s/n: 40011FS-M9-314086
JProbe Profiler Developer Edition v2.0 : s/n: 40020FS-2V-315511
JProbe Profiler Professional Edition v2.0 : s/n: 41020FS-DB-314252
JProbe Threadalyzer Developer Edition v2.0 : s/n: 44020FS-CD-314174
JProbe Threadalyzer Professional Edition v2.0 : s/n: 45020FS-55-314120
JR Ware COMplete v2.0 : s/n: 86911260
JR Ware COMplete v2.9 : s/n: 86911260
JRS Multimedia Explorer v1.0 : s/n: IpX?MU23r!
JRun Pro v2.3 : s/n: _MuFFiN_[uCF]-99999999-99-JSM.UL-1-0-5f37-154d
JRun Pro v2.3.3 : s/n: JR23ULW-5104051005 or s/n: JR23PRW-5206251001
JS Office v1.2 : Name: FALLEN s/n: 666777666 Reg: 1BF5A492
JS Office v1.3 : Name: Versace Theking s/n: 11002855 Reg: 57A6B0D3
JS Office v1.4 : Name: EinZtein s/n: 9D3FE627 Reg: E0696352
JSB Surf Control Scout : s/n: 0w1g001751lalxsaikh
JSB Surf Control Scout Plus : s/n: 0w1g001751lalxsaikh
JSB Surf Control Scout Proxy : s/n: 0w1g001751lalxsaikh
JSB Surf Control Super Scout : s/n: 0w1g001751lalxsaikh
JSentry Proxy Server v2.3 : s/n: JALS08096651019
JSentry Proxy Server for Linux v2.3 : s/n: JALS080966U1024Z
JShop Pro v2.0 : s/n: 01184011631
JShop Pro v2.1a : Name: (Anything) s/n: 01184011631
JSMail v3.56.1556 : s/n: C07463U00T00F4DBB436001800009A0200000405
JSource v1.1 : s/n: Bark!-0001-0001-0002
jSQL v1.31 : Name: jman s/n: N1HM1S
Jumpers v1.1 : s/n: JUMP4986
Just Add OS/2 Warp : s/n: GDLIT224
Just between Friends v2.1 : s/n: epngdfho
Just Checking v1.8 : s/n: 15386217
Just The Fax v2.8 : Name: Versus s/n: RKS-3388178 or Name: n03l s/n: RKS-1756575
Just The Fax v2.8b : Name: Warp s/n: RKS-2180098
Just The Fax v2.8g : Name: REKiEM / PCY '99 s/n: RKS-6116770
Just The Fax v2.8i : Name: AzzYRiAN s/n: RKS-3858352
Just! Audio v1.0 : s/n: 01294-80802579s
Just! Audio v2.0 build 1.92 : s/n: 01246-99014884b
Juxto v1.1 : Name: DSI s/n: 459$9267
J-Write v2.4 : Name: Ringer s/n: 7-007192

KABcam v1.0 : s/n: KC-CORE6J7
KABcam v1.1 : s/n: KC-@J@JAJA
KABcam v2.0 : s/n: KC-UCF-3n4
KABcam v2.0 Beta 6 : s/n: KC-@Y@d@!B@
Kaboom Contact Magic v1.0 : Name: manifestpower s/n: 98-122-129 or Name: sidtpower s/n: 122-144-123 or Name: evelisfat s/n: 120-114-93
Kahn 97 v1.1 : Code: 0000000000000000 Name: Riz la+ RegNo: E8264ABF7BB0FD40
KaleidaGraph v3.09 : Name: PREMiERE Company: (Anything) s/n: 8000234
Kaleidoscope 95 : Name: tHATDUDE! s/n: HYSAK or Name: Dan Tauber s/n: TUTAJ or Name: Byte Ripper s/n: NEVAD
Kali 95 v1.68 : s/n: 2f9f18888899 SKey: F00FC7C8D0EE TKey: 634373673673
Kalkulator v2.22 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 License: 6669 s/n: 807461 693494
Kalua Cocktails v1.0 : Name: Jenny Moran s/n: nyy674lvbfgn
Kamorebie v2.25 : Name: aerosmith s/n: DFGdA8OiBEKn!VWtD9KqCpynBFmkAVahA8?ezoObyEC8xUq5LHSYK
KanjiWeb v1.0 : s/n: 5162345-34
Kansmen Little Brother v3.1 : s/n: 978334-5J2I6A
KarCheck v1.12 : Name: DONGLE s/n: GBMD1288200
Kat-Cede v3.0 : Name: cg! [fanatic] s/n: 4076457676
Katiesoft Scroll v3.11 : s/n: 5783-125-1931-9481
Kawa v2.0 : Name: BLiTZ / Phrozen Crew s/n: AADHA
Kawa v2.5 : Name: CORE/JES s/n: AGGB
Kawa v2.52.01 : Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: IGFF or Name: _RudeBoy_ s/n: EAHC
Kawa v3.1 : Name: Drone [F4CG] s/n: heif
Kawa v3.11 : Name: _RudeBoy_ s/n: EAHC
Kawa v3.13 : Name: LOMAX s/n: @@AA
Kawa v3.20 : Name: darkstar s/n: FF@C
KazStamp v7.5c : Name: EinZtein Company: USC s/n: 123456789012345 Code: 19191
K-Chess v3.0 : Name: accz of blizzard s/n: KF810010 Unlock: 39068
K-Chess Elite v2.5 : Name: (Anything) s/n: KE700000 Unlock: 7293
K-Chess Elite v2.5d : Name: (Anything) s/n: KE700000
KDrive v2.05 : (Type at command prompt) Brand Kdrivew.exe 4711 0815
KDrive for Dos v2.51 : (Type at command prompt) Brand Kdrive.exe 4711 0815
KDrive for OS/2 v2.51 : (Type at command prompt) Brand Kdriveos2.exe 4711
Kea Xserver v3.05 : s/n: access
Keep It Compact v1.10 : Name: Registered s/n: 1842152 or Name: tHATDUDE s/n: 1381784
Keep It Compact v2.1 : Name: zaarnik s/n: 751686471111036
Keep it Compact v2.2.02 : Name: LOMAX [JiOO] s/n: 2709184D
Keep it Compact v2.2.04 : Name: LOMAX [DSi] s/n: 034014B4
Keep it Compact v2.26 : Name: aip35[Tbc] s/n: 4FE5CEF6
Keep It Safe v2.1 : s/n: 45198933
Keep Track v2.0.1 : Name: madcease s/n: 682004
Keep Track v2.0.1T : Name: d4rk0n3 [LAXiTY] s/n: 509637
Keno Pro v1.1 : Name: BerSerkA s/n: CS57827KE
Kerropi Bigtop Organizer : s/n: TSO6-7775-P9DT
Key Click v1.1 : s/n: gmbrdybv
Key Information DBMS v2.01.01 : s/n: 11023021543210
Key It v1.0 : Email: s/n: CC6CC3EO
Key It v1.011 : Name: GZI s/n: QI7EA0E
KeyBoard Calculator v1.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: SUMMA Number: (Anything that starts with a #)
KeyBoard Layout Manager Pro Upgrade : Name: Lisa Prince Company: TRPS s/n: KLM32-48EB-3434
KeyBoard Navigator v2.0 : Name/Company: 1 s/n: 1
KeyChain v1.0 : Name: Sune s/n: 017-739
KeyKey v1.0 : Name: MisterE Company: [iNSiDE] s/n: K100-67-901-0-00000AC0003046-51
KeyKey v1.00c : Name: KeyKey s/n: K100-00-001-1-00000AA080004D-22
KeyKey v1.12 : Name: SiraX Company: CORE s/n: K100-43-100-0-0567882234D141-56
KeyKey v1.15 : s/n: K100-67-901-0-00000AC0003046-51
KeyLogic Team Leader v6.0a : s/n: 010199
KeyMouse v5 : s/n: GorgAMAIGHND
Key-Note v1.0 : Name: FALLEN s/n: ID-115115961-ZKRY
KeyNote Music Drills : s/n: 867578755
KeyText v1.02 : Name: Vizion/CORE s/n: 60630565I
KeyText v1.12 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 5053946J
KeyText v1.17 : Name: MANiFEST DESTiNY s/n: 4245-38YC-8EMU
KeyText v1.2 : Name: MANiFEST DESTiNY s/n: 4245-38YC-8EMU
KeyText v1.21 : Name: DEGEN[FCRP] s/n: 7496-79YM-8EMW
KeyText v1.22 : Name: MANiFEST DESTiNY s/n: 4245-38YC-8EMU
KeyView v6.5 : s/n: 4000-0144-5297
KeyView : s/n: TrcfLc03929
KGL Unlocker v1.11 : Name: William Anderson s/n: 391516876297
Kid Cad v1.1c : s/n: 51581-26830
Kimiko HTML Editor v3.2 : Name: Pamela J. Annonson s/n: KIMLJ18-76ENOXM-PRO45B
Kimiko HTML Editor v3.4 : Name: Shawn Robinson s/n: KIMLJ18-OF12FR2-PRO45B
Kinemorphic 3D ScreenSaver v3.0 : s/n: 13181
Kinemorphics v1.0.165 : s/n: 64222
KingCom ComPort Manager v2.0c : s/n: 654-16203
Kings Corners v3.0c : s/n: 9072163093
Kiplinger's Taming the Paper Tiger v1.0 : s/n: PTS-1023-1065-1141
Kismet v1.00 : Name: Delphic s/n: 705-412-304
Kitchen Assistant v1.2 : Name: EVIL UNCLE s/n: 0130200
KiWi Enveloppes v3.0 : s/n: KE301120RA or s/n: KE304244RC
Klik Play v1.0 : s/n: KPE10001143 or s/n: KPG10002097 or s/n: KPU10006512 or s/n: KPE10048950
KMMC : s/n: 79965827338
Kniffel 95 Pro v3.1 : Name: Funkyzero [CiA] s/n: K1847-1162-5640
Kniffel 98 v6.0 : s/n: 30051978
Know Your Bible Deluxe Edition v2.1 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: 6F6E694D-3C74614D-5C6E764D
Know-It Xpertrak Net v2.5 : s/n: 2670289503
Know-it Xpertrak Net v2.6 : Name: MAGNUM98 s/n: 2200958503
Koala Term v2.7g : s/n: 1111 Licenses: 1998 Code: 5151782424667866
Koala Term v3.1 : s/n: 666 Licenses: 100 Code: 48725101660A5F75
Koala Term v3.11 : s/n: 6969 Licenses: 999 Code: 72B05F660175516A
Koala Term v3.12 Build 2527 : s/n: 1234 Licenses: 9999 Code: EC5F0D0A58394801
Koala Term v3.13 : s/n: 6969 License: 999 Code: 72B05F660175516A
Koala Term International Edition v2.7f : s/n: 98765432 Licenses: 98765432101234567890 Code: B05F2001326A5F01
Kohesion v1.2 : s/n: 1865271321
Kokarev The MusicArt v1.00 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 2821641
Kommunicate RightFAX NT Enterprise Server v5.20 : s/n: SNR056549 BumpCode: 3G877++0+++++++8C++I++++ (the 2 characters in between the +'s are a zero and the letter "eye")
Komorebi v1.5 : Name: Concept s/n: L92hD9Gfy!!7NFWtD9KqCpynBFmkAVahA8?ezoObyEC8xUq5LHSYK
Komorebi v1.7 : Name: forcekill s/n: Cp2dD9GkBFej!VWtD9KqCpynBFmkAVahA8?ezoObyEC8xUq5LHSYK
Komorebi v1.9 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: H9qdDGvgLb2JKL?tD9KqCpynBFmkAVahA8?ezoObyEC8xUq5LHSYK
Komorebi v1.91 : Name: Versus s/n: GpGdz8Gc!Yz7NFWtD9KqCpynBFmkAVahA8?ezoObyEC8xUq5LHSYK
Komorebi v2.05 : Name: DSi s/n: KWOm!YLaOsz7NFWtD9KqCpynBFmkAVahA8?ezoObyEC8xUq5LHSYK
Komorebi v2.20 : Name: CokeBottle98 s/n: L92QCHSgGUKPCIr7!VKqCpynBFmkAVahA8?ezoObyEC8xUq5LHSYK
KonMei v2.07 : s/n: KXN@986
KostenTeller v6.0 : Code: 173596222933 s/n: 173596222933
KPT v5.0 : s/n: KPT-W500-DE-R-0478026350520 Update: KF50CRD-0005983-LDZ
KPT v5.01 : s/n: KF50CDR-0005724-LHN
KPT Gel v1.0 : s/n: KG50WCD-0000642-NAY
KPT-X Goo v1.0 : s/n: KU10WCD-0001056-TNW
Kremlin Domestic v2.21 : s/n: 9999632666
Kremlin Encryption and Security Suite v2.11 : s/n: 5173111659
Kremlin Encryption and Security Suite v2.21 : s/n: 9797708151
Kremlin International v2.21 : s/n: 9999632666
KS Calculator v1.02 : Name: dLLord/DNG s/n: 353851C4A5CC
KSP Software Solitaire II v2.1a : Name: (Anything) s/n: 2960K1S8
KSP Solitare For Windows v2.1a : Name: (Anything) s/n: 2Q6K2135
KS-Soft Calculator v1.02 : Name: s/n: DBC0277CE134
Kwik Grader v3.3 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] PrintoutName: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: KG-495840
Kwik Grader v4.4 : Name: (Anything) s/n: KG-1377036
Kwik Grader v4.8 : UserName: Spider] Name-as-you-want-it-to-appear: Spider's Professional s/n: KG-1681776
Kwik Pass 99 v1.03 build 33 : Name: (Anything) s/n: K294375
Kwik Pass 99 v1.04 : s/n: K294375
KWQ MailReader v1.2i : Name: Buxton Bailey s/n: 8163-05F3-313B or Name: Cheng Li s/n: 1504-034C-408C
Kyodai Mahjongg v4.28 : Name: knoweffex s/n: 771003431
Kyodai Mahjongg v5.0 : Name: 10851-Brooks s/n: 7ab55
Kyodai Mahjongg v5.28 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: 0941452212150570
Kyodai Mahjongg v5.36 : Name: Naglfar [DDT98] s/n: 150109163962139
Kyodai Mahjongg v6.0 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: 0941452212150570
Kyodai Mahjongg v6.42 : Name: AlpHaz - Fluke s/n: 63049947728548
Kyodai Mahjongg v7.0 : Name: Blackstar TRPS s/n: 94566213166623
Kyodai Mahjongg v7.21 : Name: TCPGC1999 s/n: 117186644
Kyodai Mahjongg v7.42 : Name: Blackstar TRPS s/n: 94566213166623
Kyodai Mahjongg v8.42 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 13812800
Kyodai Mahjongg v8.52 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] Code: 019633290384176
Kyodai Mahjongg v9.0 Beta 3 : Name: _ERaD_ [Laxity] s/n: 841953737375174
Kyodai Mahjongg v9.42 : Name: Pepsi C0KeB0TtLe99 s/n: 713707953674202784
Kyodai Mahjongg v9.99 : Name: Joep Meloen s/n: 45234989921 or Name: Mister Sandman s/n: 72017565070967

L3ENC v2.xx : s/n: 1234107D90ABCC
L3ENC : s/n: 909GCB0A091E-9
L3enCode e deCode DOS v1.7 : s/n: 1234DA75901230
Label Designer Plus v1.55c : s/n: FANTASTIC
Label 'Em v1.0 : Name: toshiba s/n: 496019750
LaBelGo v1.02 : Name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] Company: United Cracking Force 95 s/n: jdedqtkp
Labels Cards and More v2.5 : Name: IBH-RiP Company: TNO s/n: LCM2-IBH-RiP-CAM1
Labels, Cards & More v1.01 : Name: [tHE riDDLER 1996!] / uCF s/n: LCMNEW495
Labels, Cards & More v1.60a : Name: jake cwc s/n: LCMNEW495
LabTech Control Pro v10.1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 2346
LabTech Notebook v7.3.0 : s/n: 27539
LabTech Notebook Pro v10.1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 2346
LabTest v2.9 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 4069267267 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 2391836556
LabTest v3.?? : (Edit labtest.Key) Name: The SysOp s/n: 1871508496
LabView v5.1c5 : Install with: s/n: a12b34567 When you first run the program, enter the same Name/Company/Serial you did during setup.
LabWindows CVI v5.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: G10X22383
LabWindows CVI v5.0.1 : Name: jaydee Company: pft s/n: S00Z12345
LadyBird v1.2 : s/n: 1289Kermu!
Ladybug 2000 Player : Name: Donald Sample s/n: 10680000003396989
Lahey Fortran 77 v3.0b : s/n: B12858
Lahey Fortran 90 LF90 v4.00c : Name: (Anything) Company: (Anything) s/n: F9433259I
Lake Clear Animato v1.0a : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: ANM-16718296
Lake Clear Animato v1.0c : Name: splasher [BLiZZARD] s/n: ANM-28616824 or Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: ANM-17218168
Lan Analyser v2.0 : s/n: 21129039
Lan Auditor v3.03 : s/n: LA-0303-33128
Lan Designer : s/n: LDW31003566
Lan Fax Redirection : s/n: LFRS215GL-100
Land oF DevaStaTioN v4.1 : Name: PAT MCNEESE s/n: 223B54396303650732
Landesk Server Manager : s/n: 6035481-KJF7VTF
LandMark Datasafe Crashproof v2.0 : s/n: 00213057CU or s/n: 51818L1 or s/n: 0041639411
LandMark Datasafe Crashproof v2.1 : s/n: 00554760CL1
LandMark INI Expert : s/n: 00005536X1
LandMark MagnaRam v1.0 : s/n: 01118B99630
LandMark MagnaRam v1.0 : s/n: 00757620MR1
LandMark Services Diagnotics v2.13.88 : s/n: 158374A1
LandMark SpeedTest v3.0 : s/n: 017003286SFW
LandMark Wintest v1.0 : s/n: 01860489 TH9
LandMark WinTest v3.0 : s/n: 001860489TH9
LanExpert v1.2 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] s/n: 123-4567890
Language Trainer v95a : Name: William S. Farnum s/n: 22408
Language Trainer v98c : Name: VERSUS s/n: 20249
LANSurveyor v2.0 : s/n: Lu69996
LanTalk v0.71 : s/n: 01020304050607EPC6PEF3476505AE
LanTastic v7.0 : s/n: 57050014479 V#: 0ffc-011d-57da
LanTastic v8.0 : s/n: 09950006389 Key: 111163854489 (99 users) Key: 11112196EAE5 (33 users)
LAPACK.h++ v2.0.6 : Software-Parts-Manager: 00-00-0000-000000 LAPACK.h++: 14103-09-001026
LapLink v6.0 : s/n: lw6usrt-100475-600/24
LapLink v6.0 : s/n: LW6 USRT-100475-600
LapLink v6.0b : s/n: LW6 USRT-406812-60B lot: 90-5k13
LapLink v7.0 : s/n: LW7 USUN-119740-700 lot: 40-6A10UN s/n: 98730105
LapLink v7.5 : s/n: LLW ELSA-938800-750
LapLink v7.5b : s/n: LNT USRT-155146-75ap
LapLink Professional v2.0a : s/n: LPR-USED-158357-20a
LapLink Professional v8.0 : s/n: lprusun-139251-20a
LapLink Tech v2.0a : s/n: LTK USEC-128906-20A
Large Desktop v2.0 : Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: ac34720eb3b8
Large Desktop v2.1 : Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] s/n: 57ab2d92cfc8
Laser Fax : s/n: SE200013
Laser Launcher v1.7 : FirstName: SiraX LastName: CORE s/n: 073068-060964
LaserUp Simple Calendar v7.0 : s/n: 5103015872326
LaserUp Simple Calendar v7.04 : s/n: 5103015872326
LastByte Memory Manager v2.50 : Name: Me! s/n: 9F0BF89C
Lattice v1.00 : Name: zoltan Company: dng s/n: HGNR-TRM2
Lattice v1.6 : Name: [Xorolc] Company: The Nameless Ones s/n: 4DU6H-93HAD
Launch : s/n: 12301-50/MN
Launch Kaos v1.01 : s/n: COR-000-6087048113
Launch Pad v2.82 : Name: Black Thorne - Phrozen Crew s/n: 11791-9000-2891
Launch Pad v2.87 : Name: Linda Shepherd s/n: 6819-4318-2601
Lava Burn v1.01 : s/n: 236644863
Lavadraw v3.01 : Name: AdEpt / Fatigue s/n: 231548001
Lawson Desktop Client v7.0.6 : Company: 4306 s/n: D6-0ACtKWI
Lawson Enterprise Workflow v7.0.8 : Company: 4306 s/n: D6-0ANLZWy
Lawson Insight Desktop Suite v7.0.8 : Company: 4306 s/n: D6-0ANLZWy
Lawson Insight Process Agent v7.0.8 : Company: 4306 s/n: D6-0ANLZWy
Layer III : s/n: 1234DA75901230
LBE Helpdesk v3.0.26 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 3570
LBE Helpdesk v3.0.32 : Name: EzD s/n: 3060
LBE Helpdesk v3.0.36 : Name: Karen Caughey s/n: 11550
Leading Edge Robodialer v1.0 : Name: dustie of blizzard SubName: blizzard 1998 s/n: 124479080
LeadTools Imaging v10.1 : s/n: 001010-7870022-800
LeadTools Imaging Pro v10.0 : s/n: 011010-4120011-800
League Manager v2.02 : FirstName: escom LastName: CORE s/n: C2311PHE
Leap Frog v2.1 : s/n: LPFR9865
LeapFTP v2.02 : Name: ^pain^ '97 s/n: 214065-3181738090
LeapFTP v2.12 beta : Name: \\Storm\\ s/n: 214065-4699316565
LeapFTP v2.2 : Name: miSTER fRANTiC [dNG] s/n: 214065-62427735090
LeapFTP v2.3 : Name: Versus s/n: 214065-1266150465
LeapFTP v2.51 : Name: (Anything) s/n: FUX1-FU2X-F3UX-GHIV
LeapFTP v2.51a : Name: TRPS[98] s/n: 214065-1720389690
LeapFTP v2.51a : Name: Hacker Club s/n: 214065-8599066965
LeapFTP v2.60 : Name: The Krazy Nomad [ME/C4N'98] s/n: 214065-173964282165
LeapFTP v2.61 : Name: fallen s/n: 30211110 or Name: CZY s/n: MOD1-MO2D-M3OD-NOPQ
LeapFTP v2.61 b1 : Name: (Anything) s/n: MOD1-MO2D-M3OD-NOPQ
LeapFTP v2.61 Build 420 : Name: Kmos/CiA in 1999 s/n: MOD1-MO2D-M3OD-NOPQ
Learn To Type v1.5 : Name: A s/n: 0
Learnit v4.1 : s/n: 19811206
Lease Consultant 98 v3.0 : Name: lxcore98 s/n: 5B4E525F435C0E09
LeaseWizard v2.01 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: OABOAB
LED ActiveX v3.2 : s/n: latc7649t2p
Leet Speak v1.00 : Right click on the 'Leet Speak' Banner and choose 'Unlock' then enter: Name: BERSERKA s/n: WUGCI-PIL-CIRXJT
Legacy Family Tree v2.0 : Name: EViL s/n: 960-362-241-24
Legacy Family Tree v2.0 September 99 : Name: EViL s/n: 960-362-241-24 or s/n: 944-113-474-28
Legacy Personal Information Manager v1.0 : Name: |ZiP| / PREMiERE s/n: LOG-90LEI-5919B-51
Legal Crime v1.0 : s/n: 10007-120140-133885-40781-80398-70216-7273
Legal Crime v1.1.5 : s/n: 31697 63840 113921 131461 87275 53103 6371
Legal Crime : s/n: 8984-55778-91061-74317-52635-113237-9256
Legal Crime : CompleteChart: Number1: 2000 Number2: 0 Number3: 0 Number4: 0 Number5: 0 Number6: 0 Number7: 0
Legend Of the Red Dragon v3.55 : bbs: G.!.$ Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n nr.1: 6264
Lemmings : s/n: 168255
Lemmings (CD-RiP) : s/n: 374892
Lernout & Hauspie Voice Express Pro : s/n: 0003301
Lesson Planner v1.1 : s/n: AJWLP9432845
Lesson Planner v1.2.0.1 : Click on Options/Register and enter: s/n: AJWLPBRUCE
Let Me Type v1.5 : Name: Klefz s/n: 1072356152
Let Me Type v1.62 : Name: GZI s/n: 516082735
Letizia Casta Strip Poker v2.0 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WKT!] s/n: 257470973253
Letter Chase v3.5 : Name: (Anything) s/n1: 5500c33m s/n2: 57caee9m s/n3: hb456bnm s/n4: 1414ytym s/n5: 5599c33m
Letter Chase Typing Tutor v2.0 : Name: panoramix s/n: 1414yty1
Letter Writer v2.0 : s/n: 1622422
Letun Disassembler v1.0 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: G6Y2&678
Letun Disassembler v1.05 : Name: (Anything) s/n: G6Y2&678
Leveller v1.3.002 : s/n: LEV-01-03-002-UE-S-XX-078990738079-344265865342 or s/n: LEV-01-03-002-UE-S-XX-043220465371-319545355644
Lexicon v1.3 : s/n: TKKZFKH/Bob Marsh/702-926-3969/Carson City,NV
Liason v3.0 : s/n: 40026825185
Library Book Search v2.01 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: B160831
Light Chat v1.00 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1712260759 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 3129619046
Light Macro Assembler v2.09J : Name: X ID: 1 Password: 8494
LightLib 3D Business Graphics Server Standard & Pro v2.0 : Standard: 02-40-00-00-000000-00-2-D009 Pro: 02-80-00-00-000000-00-2-5EE9
LightLib Docs & Images Standard & Pro v2.0 : Standard: 01-40-00-00-000000-00-2-D16F Pro: 01-80-00-00-000000-00-2-5F8F
LightLib Layers & Vectors Standard & Pro v2.0 : Standard: 08-40-00-00-000000-00-2-5451 Pro: 08-80-00-00-000000-00-2-DAB1
Lightning v1.0 : s/n: 919-878-3717
Lightning CD : s/n: LC110014980
Lightning for Outlook v3.05 : s/n: 00000025
Lightning Graphics C-version v4.0a : s/n: 004-922-C9D00
Lightning Linker v1.09 : s/n: 785599
Lightning Power Controls 95 : s/n: LPC-1854-21RD-00141
Lightning Spider v1.05 : s/n: 78552000
Lights95 : Name: Barefoot s/n: Wingman
Lightscape v3.2 : s/n: 45155bc7
Line Explorer Lamps v1.2 : Name: Versus s/n: 2100510
Lines98 v2.0 : Name: Delphic Email: s/n: 2774577735
Lines98 v2.1 : Name: Thief Of Software Email: s/n: 5476268007
Lines98 v2.3 : Name: BerSerkA Email: Code: 10867202416
Lingo Mail v1.0.15 : Name/Company: CRYSTAL s/n: 5123-2000-3000-1746
Lingo Mail v1.0.16 : Name: kaN Company: LSD s/n: 5555-5555-5555-8192
Lingo Mail v1.0.18 : Name: TS99 s/n: 7366CD92
Lingo Mail v1.0.20 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 5895-4689-5546-2704
Lingo Mail v1.0.21 : Name: Azrael Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 5111-1111-1111-1236
Lingua v2.0 : Name: ACiD BuRN [ECL'99] s/n: 24785939-2180615
Lingua Word Translator v1.00 : s/n: 29813074-4320
Link Fox 99 v0.057 : Name: Ringer s/n: F1-D5L-056E2BA2-B779C912
Link Fox 99 v0.063 : Name: LawAbidingCriminalZ s/n: F17865606D5CCFA19ABECC9E
Link Sweeper v1.2 : Name: Viny - Syntax 2oo1 s/n: 1844359806
Link View Pro v5.03 : Name: Vizion Company: Revolt s/n: 123-508-A9C
Linkbot v3.0 build 122 : Name: Cosmo Cramer Company: Vandelay Industry s/n: 320793 PIN: 307737
Linkbot v3.5 build 155 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 131313 Pin: 340270 (Standard) 331721 (Pro)
Linkbot v3.5 build 162 : s/n: 007 Pin: 309768
Linkbot v3.5 build 171 : Name: PGC Company: PGC s/n: 1997 Pin: 302674
Linkbot v3.6 build 113 : Name: Black Thorne Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 4653752 Pin: 500241
Linkbot v4.0a : Name: Dongle Company: Dongle99 s/n: 453338 Pin: 324852
Linkbot Enterprise v1.0.35 : Name: SiR_Ta0 Company: Kung-Fu Klan s/n: 99009900 Pin: 325842
Linkbot Pro v2.0C : Name: rANDOM [UCF] Company: UCF s/n: 0190331 Pin: 315265
Linkbot Pro v4.0c : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 31337 Pin: 322049
Linkbot Pro v4.1 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 Company: AnThraX s/n: 2500 Pin: 500241
Linkbot Standard v2.0C : Name: rANDOM [UCF] Company: UCF s/n: 07211 Pin: 303994
Linkman Pro v5.01 : Name: SIRAX Email: s/n: 010600-7DE303-17913-3BB0-74D
LinkSaver Pro v1.1 : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: 879412007147
LinkSync v1.1 : s/n: LSNR-E42IB4-MJ2L3-3SE-R8FQR2
Linktolink v1.0.9 : Name: CyberHeg/SLT s/n: D956-11D1-9D9D-00A0
LinkView LAN Monitor v4.0.4 : s/n: gak-kdn-dbk-100567
LinkView LAN Monitor v4.04 : Name: (Anything) Company: PREMiERE s/n: AAE-DAL-GAJ
LinxCop v1.2 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: F4C2C2E4DCD2D65A8498D2B4B482A488
LinxCop v2.5 Build86 : Name: SDC PC99 25: 12BF5F173120F1CDCD 50: 16D12B1278D160127FBFB 100: 1D918417EB61C817E145145 Unlimited: F1C5C25DE8C2A5A5
Liquid FX v3.5 : Name: TheForceTeam s/n: IBJNONNNCH
Liquid FX Express v2.0 : Name: Ronald D. McDonald s/n: NAUAJYMDYLDHIZL
Liquid FX Pro v3.7 : Name: Rebecca A. Collins s/n: FKHLXZAHFHFLEJ
Liquid FX Pro v4.02 : Name: The Exterminators s/n: AKNRTNOCJIPVRR
Liquid Speed v1.0.2 : s/n: 12900388760114244102
ListBox FlatPak ActiveX v1.0.27 : s/n: AS-874-88643-P
ListBox FlatPak ActiveX v1.2.4 : s/n: as-874-88643-p
ListCaster v2.0 Beta : Go to the Start Menu and the ListCaster Item, select Register ListCaster. Click on the Register Button, then on the Purchase button and enter: Code: 2243124423276411 Name: The Krazy Nomad Company: GPF
Listen v2.0 : Code1: 502950295029 Code2: 290F590W
Listen v2.012 : s/n: 791F115W
ListMaker v3.0 : s/n: 3561476512232342
ListPro v1.1T : Name: FALLEN s/n: 8906201
ListPro v1.1T : Name: d4rk0n3 [LAXiTY] s/n: 691637
LitCab v1.12 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] s/n: 23211
LitePro v1.0 : s/n: CD9197Y3
Little Black Book : hold (SHIFT-F10) note number hold (SHIFT-Fx) (x= current dat: 1=Sunday ...) enter number
Little Brother v3.0 : s/n: 10000-ggnk7r
Little Brother Pro v1.22 : s/n: 130000-ggnk7r
Little Lists v1.6d : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: DR327661
Live Image v1.29a : Name: jog DNG s/n: 61110111-01249-8888
Live Image Wizard v1.26 : s/n: 9xxx2x-3xxx5-xx27xx
Live Picture v2.5.1 : s/n: L3FD8-C54A-C76E-58E5
Live Picture Image Server v3.0 : s/n: QEN5SHNER3BKGNN3A
Live Picture PhotoVista Studio Edition : s/n: 2002506 Key: drpr0x-&8$25a-71b139
Live Picture Reality Studio v1.01 : s/n: 15248 Key: CV1VF0-3E86FA-F1B1F7 Password: mcarec
Live Webs Markets v1.0 : s/n: 100050972
LiveImage v1.29d build 54 : Name: n03l Faith2000 s/n: 92556173-11605-1772
LiveImage v1.29h : Name: GLoW s/n: 11237456-87895-1231
LiveImage Pro v1.29d : Name: VYLENT [SWP] s/n: 12552073-81168-1862
LiveWire v3.2 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 2996380208 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 3554672640
Living Album 99 v2.04 : Name: TEX1999_ ID: 112233 Basic: 801603 Pro: 036611
Living Trust Maker v2.0.6E1 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 79542BGS295
LK Multimedia GrooveMaker v1.0 : s/n: 11111-26P77201-56967
LL6a : s/n: LW6USRT-100475-600/24
LMSOFT Album v1.0.0.3 : Name: Get Out Of Town Company: THE STARS s/n: 0011-7878-78 Code: 0855-6117-80
LMSOFT Presenter v3.0 : s/n: 0030-1234-56 Act: 0746-5851-78
LoadRunner v5.01 : s/n: 9876-5432102521 Key: 218-1-EA1-BB-AD
LoadRunner Addin for SAP v2.1 : s/n: 9876-5432102521
LoadRunner for DOS : s/n: 856464092302113
Loan and Mortgage v1.1a : RegNum: FL401081 Code: 13106555
Loan Calculator : Name: Ringer s/n: 000g0r00
Loan Master v1.0 : s/n: MACHiNE+384593848+6902843901
Loan Spread Calculator Pro v1.6.07 : s/n: 96nsrtqgznlu26n57sz98gb
Loan Spread Calculator Pro v1.6.08 : s/n: 96nsrtqgznlu26n57sz98gb
Loan Spread Calculator Pro v1.6.2 : s/n: 96nsrtqgznlu26n57sz98gb
LoanPlus v1.1 : Name: panoramix s/n: 004400334
LoanPlus v1.3 : Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: 1231567890
Lock n Safe v3.0 : Name: EinZtein s/n: lock1279
LockDown 2000 v2.5.4 : s/n: RL2-PRJBB-25
LockDown 2000 v3.0 : s/n: 6WD-FC47-6GRM-2
Locker v1.0.3 : Name: [JaSuN] / CBE '98 s/n: 6488724-L58
LockSmith v1.31 : s/n: LOCK-1000
LockTite v2.3 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 6047-34713 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 5990-28685
Lockwk 97 vBuild 15.2 : Name: Attitude s/n: 3553532856
Locus v1.01 : Name: pSi/[CORE] s/n: $3A9A1809 Users: 1998
Log-a-Jog v3.2 : Name: TheBrabo Code: V16182022 s/n: 7654321
LogBook Pro v1.3.4 : Name: Niggah Company: Harlem s/n: 287739-LogbookPro-AB-NC
LogFile Analyzer for Serv-U v1.1.2 : s/n: 55310469
Logic Works ERwin/ERX : s/n: ER963101
Logic Works Modelmart Manager v3.0 : Name: zen Company: zen s/n: zen Key: zen
Logic Works Web Publisher v3.5.1 : s/n: KKW300R7100052-100-468
Logitech Mouse v6.30 : s/n: MBAI 008965T630
Logitech Mouse v6.43b : s/n: MBAI 013904T643
Logo Changer 98 v5.0 : Name: fallen s/n: 1481489-LC5-1734
Logo Cycler v2.1 : Name: CyberMTIO s/n: 1234-2366356695-12345
Logo Master v3.0 : Type perl2exe -register s/n: ExEd! [Dsi],20527
Logo Motion : s/n: 004-5181-0485-0953
Logo Organizer v4.00b2 : s/n: Name: davy - blizzard s/n: BA030315111F45C6
Logo Organizer 98 v4.0 : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: D487F43114140308
Logo-Saver v2.0 : s/n: farwell
LogTick v4.5 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 3186706961
Loki Diary v1.16 : Name: Loki tastes like chicken s/n: 125322005481 or Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 5311766241
Lokon v2.36 : Name: Sune / KAC 1999 CodeL: 24816 CodeR: 29846
Look RS232 Pro v3.1 : s/n: 23456
LookOut v2.1 : s/n: 1996199619961996
Looney Ladyrinth Pinball : s/n: 1608LLW103892-U1
Looney Tunes Screen Saver : s/n: ZQA-35600-2587
Lord GamBling Casino : FirstName: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL LastName: G.!.$ bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 21GI82TK1QO24PR1QO24PRJDS584
Lorenz Graf's HTML Tool v2.1.1 : Name: The Grifter s/n: F609C70B144CE592
Lorenz Graf's HTML Tool v2.5 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez/GLoW s/n: 83EDE3CD822C8576
Lorenz Graf's HTML Tool v2.6 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] s/n: 773839B6EF224E2F
Lost and Found v1.00 : s/n: 0453-0000-0002-1462
Lottery Magic 2000 Gold v8.8 : Name: VYLENT [iNSiDE] s/n: 314697712893
Lottery Magic 2000 Gold v9.0 : Name: Harry s/n: 314697712893
Lottery Magic 98 v4.5d : Name: panoramix s/n: 314697712893
Lottery Magic Deluxe 98 Gold v7.0 : Name: VYLENT [iNSiDE] s/n: 314697712893
Lottery Number Picker v3.52 : Name: EzD s/n: OZZO-ZZOZ-ZOZZ-OZZO
Lotto 39 v3.1 : Name: zaarnik s/n: 12A131W9
Lotto 95 : Name: Jugulator s/n: VOCBBJYEYA
Lotto PC v2.3 : s/n: 32876
Lottog Evaluator v1.0b : Code: 123456 Key: $7A4B8DEC
Lottog Opt v1.0d : Code: 123456 Key: $D8E147C2
LottoWhiz99 v1.88 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 100-522-244
LottoWhiz99 v1.92 : Name: Team ORiON s/n: 100-331-300
LottoWhiz99 v1.93 : Name: Team ORiON s/n: 100-331-300
Lotus 123 v1.0 : s/n: 1H00034-4422543
Lotus 123 v1.0a : s/n: 2370000-3348547
Lotus 123 v5.0 : s/n: 1F00028-01104360 or s/n: 1R10004-22065750
Lotus 123 : s/n: 1O00003-35389080
Lotus AmiPro v1.2c : s/n: AMIPRO0901 or s/n: AMPH001393
Lotus Approach v3.0 : s/n: 1F00028-01104360 or s/n: 1A00035-76023070
Lotus Data Access Tools v2.0a : s/n: 1F00028-01104360
Lotus FreeHand v4.1 : s/n: 03-921-34311 or s/n: 03-003-00003
Lotus FreeHand Graphics : s/n: MQ0468-1091
Lotus Freelance Graphics 96 Edition : s/n: 1F00028-01104360
Lotus Freelance Plus v3.01 : s/n: 11120220033086297
Lotus Image Viewer v1.0 : s/n: 1I00009-02579880 or s/n: 1I10010-21465550
Lotus Improv v2.1 : s/n: XMS5001-10
Lotus Notes v4.0 : s/n: 1F00028-01104360
Lotus Notes : s/n: SGPN0335-01
Lotus Organizer v1.1 : s/n: 1Q00001-83927521 or s/n: 1Q00013-46194721
Lotus Organizer v2.0 : s/n: 1F00028-01104360
Lotus Screen Cam v1.1 : s/n: 2350016-0141988 or s/n: 2350016-5728199
Lotus SmartSuite v3.0 : s/n: 1S10015-08473222
Lotus SmartSuite v3.1 : s/n: 1S10015-08473222
Lotus SmartSuite vRelease 5 : s/n: 2370019-31038010
Lotus SmartSuite 96 : s/n: 1S00005-81230550
Lotus VIP : s/n: 1F00028-01104360
Lotus Word Pro 96 : s/n: 1F00028-01104360
Loupe v4.5 : Name: ArCaDi Company: [ThP] s/n: 2914003746
Lsic v2.6 : s/n: drawoh_rehsif
LSWave Generator v1.5 : s/n: LS075419
LSX-MPEG Encoder v2.5.1 : s/n: LSXM250-9S00448-8
LuckMan WebSweep v1.0 : Password: 542000000212415 It tells you that it s wrong password 3 times, but after that, it won't expire.
Lucky Stars Slots v4.7 : s/n: 612297
Lunabar v3.2 : Name: JUANDA s/n: 36135
LuraWave Studio v2.0 : s/n: WS1201-609894-654321
LuraWave Studio v2.0.11 : s/n: 000020-324012-335778
Lurker v1.2 : Name: gcrack s/n: 6E53136CE89C8683
Lurker v1.30 : s/n: 4345-5444-2368-3437
Luxent Webworks WebGrid Pro v1.0 : s/n: 0C-80-00-00-002710-02-1-4C65
LView Pro v1D : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1060-023-086002
LView Pro : Name: sinclair s/n:0980-000-019960
LW_Mgr : Name: Batman bbs: Gotham s/n: 95101425 or Name: XXX bbs: XXX s/n: 34011636
LWBull : Name: Batman bbs: Gotham s/n: 90814065 or Name: XXX bbs: XXX s/n: 32478324
LWMenu : Name: Batman bbs: Gotham s/n: 91983345 or Name: XXX bbs: XXX s/n: 32896500
LWUser : Name: Batman bbs: Gotham s/n: 93932145 or Name: XXX bbs: XXX s/n: 33593460
Lydia v3.0 : s/n: LY-0B5C8D0
Lydia v3.0 RC 5 : s/n: LY-3C3C3C4
Lydia v3.1 : s/n: LY-0B5C8D0
LynkStation v1.01 : s/n: 001044
Lynx Demon v1.1 : Name: VERSUS Company: (Anything) s/n: 6A6BAC9986BB8C3
Label Printer v1.1 : Name: n03l s/n: 987654994-65


M.Y.O.B. Plus v8.0 : s/n: AG02589
M2 Launchpad v1.34 : s/n: B1U-TI2-6014605778
Mac 2 PC Pro Plus : s/n: 123456-1234
Mac Address Tracker v1.3 : Name: KAC s/n: 08694A3D
Mac Executor : s/n: 2175023 Key: idw2hqyu3juvs
MacDrive 98 : s/n: MD80-001W0-0WL050
Mach5 Secure Office v1.5 : s/n: 9876468384
Mac-N-Dos v1.0 : s/n: 7000-0002-1199-0165
MacOpener v4.0 : Reg: 4201520-7457 Key: 30MC-4000Q3M733MQ
MacOpener v4.1 : Reg: 123456-2953 Key: 5K5E-24083F02A3A5-FFFF
MacPassword v3.8.0 : s/n: NOV30195MAY261951
Macro Magic v2.0 : s/n: 18330268
Macro Magic v3.4f : s/n: 27684813
Macro Magic v3.4h : s/n: 16831002 or s/n: 100715253 or s/n: 55943281 or s/n: 15649337 or s/n: 55943281 or s/n: 100715254
Macro Magic v3.4k : s/n: 16823017
Macro Magic v4.0a : s/n: 16930034
Macro Magic v4.0c : s/n: 17932724 (Personal Edition) s/n: 1234567890 (Multi edition, after regging personal)
Macro Magic v4.0f : s/n: 65727972
Macro Magic v4.1 : s/n: 22136525
Macro Magic v4.1a : PersonalEdition: 14355500 15555Users: 0000987654321
Macro Magic v4.1b : PersonalEdition: 14355500 15555Users: 000987654321
Macro Magic v4.1i : Corporate: 09871554321 Personal: 45565210
Macro Magic v4.1l : s/n: 2658234
Macro Magic v4.1m : Personal: 20984222
Macro Magic Corporate Edition v4.0 : PersonalEdition: 20527789 5Users: 075 55Users: 0075 555Users: 00075 (follow pattern for more users)
Macro Magic Corporate Edition v4.1d : s/n: 63689735
Macro Magic Personal Edition v4.0 : s/n: 32864789
Macro Magic Personal Edition v4.0e : s/n: 15944631
Macro Magic Personal Edition v4.1j : s/n: 31872217
Macro Magic Remote Installation Manager : s/n: 42207015
Macro Mania v6.1 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 3232
Macro Model v1.5 : s/n: 0428-4079-2071
Macro Scheduler v4.1.2 : Name: escom[CORE] s/n: 979581885283
Macrobot Pro v3.0 : s/n: 80-603231-38
MacroDirector v5.0 : s/n: 55777-37077-29378
MacroLib v1.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 000-0000-48956-000000
Macromedia xRes v2.x : s/n: 55020-0398-0128-22598
MacroZ v1.0 : s/n: melwilliam7412251408151518162MRZ417
MacSEE v4.6 : s/n: 950241
MaggieSoft 1997 Card Games v6.1 : Rummy: Name: Keios s/n: 386-178-125 GinRummy: Name: Delphic s/n: 360-046-548 Pinochle: Name: Elitefx s/n: 154-866-264
Magic v1.33 : s/n: 15002688
Magic Coder v2.0 : Name: RTA Team s/n: Magic-Coder-4529-2000-1998
Magic Mask v2.2 : s/n: CSB-200-0001-000134595892
Magic Mask : s/n: bb0e3d5a-462b-11d1-12b8-0800207e834e
Magic Notes v1.6 : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: 208641551
Magic Notes v1.85 : Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 98204850
Magic Notes v2.3b : Name: Versus s/n: 97491663
Magic Notes v2.4 : Name: dl is gEy s/n: 117768489
Magic Notes v2.5 : Name: MARK HAUBER s/n: 76607600
Magic Notes v2.5 beta : Name: dl is gEy s/n: 117768489
Magic Notes v2.6b : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 82846720
MagicBar v2.0 : Name: beeman s/n: EHQMRALAALAACBF
MagicMask v2.0 : s/n: CSB-200-0001-000216491264
MagicWin 98 v1.09 : Name: (Copy the default s/n here) s/n: MGMCCSWN
MagicWin 98 v1.10 : Name: (Anything) s/n: MGWCCSWN
MagicWin 98 v1.20 : Name: MGWCCSWN s/n: MGWCCSWN
MagicWin 98 v1.3 : Name: MGWCCSWN s/n: MGWCCSWN Code: MGWCCSWN
MagicWin 98 v1.3c : Name: MGWCCSWN s/n: MGWCCSWN Code: MGWCCSWN
MagicWin 98 v1.3e : Name: MGWCCSWN s/n: MGWCCSWN Code: MGWCCSWN
MagicWin 98 v1.3f : Name: MGWCCSWN s/n: MGWCCSWN Code: MGWCCSWN
MagicWin 98 : Name: MGWCCSWN s/n: MGWCCSWN
MagnaRam v2.0 : s/n: 122-28B-66138 or s/n: 009-17G-00000
MagnaRam : s/n: 006-18B-38309
MagnaRam : s/n: 00757620MR1
MagnaRam : s/n: 011-18B-99630
Mah Jongg Wall v2.1 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: TQPKZPMLHTJRWY
Mah Jongg Wall v2.26 : s/n: PMFE325-MisterE[iNSiDE]
Mail Alert v1.65 : Name: You s/n: 1762516091
Mail Alert v2.0 : Name: X s/n: 0120584147
Mail Alert v2.10 : Name: REKiEM / PCY '99 s/n: 1086754711
Mail Assistant v1.15 : Name: Solitude Company: SLT s/n: 118385feeff3c4b16b9f8d6be8c9f9a4
Mail Beamer v3.14 : s/n: 4933651
Mail Bomber v1.2 : s/n: 0250020500011234
Mail Cat v2.7 : Name: ^pain^ '98 s/n: 0926-7918-7942-6347
Mail Check Pro v2.12 : s/n: MPC-42-P
Mail Check Pro v2.21 : s/n: MPC-42-P
Mail Clipper v2.1 : FirstName: davy LastName: blizzard s/n: DAG-0347501
Mail Clipper Plus v2.1 : FirstName: davy LastName: blizzard s/n: DAG-0573104
Mail List Manager v1.0 : s/n: ML73234492132
Mail Monitor v1.0 : s/n: 3505N5-I2214O5Q-79Q18S
Mail Notificator 98 v1.0 : Name: [MegaBajt]/DSi s/n: WMG-10511610
MailBeamer v3.07 : s/n: 4933651
MailBeamer v3.15 : s/n: 4933651794 (register by typing "MBServer -r4933651794")
MailBell v1.0 : s/n: 520924
MailCall : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 12048100 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 6279742
MailCat v2.6.1.1 : Name: SiLiconSurfer s/n: 9500-0913-9156-7786
Mailcoach v2.x : Name: Mac Conectividad S.A. de C.V. Domain: s/n: AB6F467E58B7B0E1CD95320A76D25A6345
MailCrypt Wizard v0.92 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: MC-10-0-1421
MailExtr v3.08 : s/n: 4734958
MailEye v1.0 : Name: [Miscreant] DS s/n: VKUE1MG51
MailEye v1.1 : Name: cg! [ODT] s/n: 7TNBJQQDM
MailEye v1.13 : Name: Walhalla/oDT s/n: QSNG4UU9I
MailFilter v3.0 : Code: Crystal Key: 6717867
MailGate v2.5 : Name: MANIFEST DESTINY s/n: 187594625
MailGate v2.59 : Name: Decline/Laxity s/n: 219365970
MailGate v2.63 : Name: Dimedrol/uFo s/n: 185359455
MailGate v2.76 : Name: pgc s/n: 50131670
MailGate v3.2.110 : Key: DSi'99__KJPF00BR To: (Anything)
MailGuardian v1.0i : s/n: 650LE-001-CORE98-02963
Mail-It v1.6 : s/n: 373170076061
Mail-It ActiveX v1.5 : s/n: mayday
MailKing v2.0 : Code: 00432423 Key: 08016879409
MailKing v2.0.106 : Code: 10220312 Key: 64571674372
MailLoop v4.0 : s/n: 3295631047
MailMax v2.0.29.01 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: X6A1SYQCZJD411
MailMax v3.0 : Name: Demon s/n: MMMM5U4SM6M82PM6Q4SH
MailPost v5.02 : Code: echs5affhmttcb s/n: 57396-81176q User:
MailProbe v3.08 : s/n: 4345293
MailRed v3.28 : s/n: 4875144
MailRed v3.30 : s/n: 487514415647
MailSend v3.16 : s/n: 4429259
MailSite v2.17 : s/n: 1FFF-FFFF-F41C-6F37-0030-210A
MailTalkX v2.21 : Name: Francisco Carpio s/n: 1D3-W2A0-Q6-A1Z8E
Main Actor v2.02 : s/n: 3269312
Main Actor v2.05 : s/n: 3294855
Main Actor v2.06 : s/n: 3294855
Main Actor v3.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: s/n: 3269312
Main Actor v3.02 : Press ALT + SHIFT + F3 and enter: s/n: MAd9b-7e80825a-367
Main Actor v3.03 : Press ALT + SHIFT + F3 and enter: s/n: MAa4d-7ebce7d0-367
Main Actor v3.03a : s/n: MAa4d-7ebce7d0-367
Main Actor v3.04 : s/n: MAa4d-7ebce7d0-367
Major BBS v6.25 : s/n: NWGEEGD9J
Major Submit v1.0 : Name: Drone [F4CG] s/n: 76330944
Major Submit v2.01 : Name: SGM s/n: 57480192
Major Submit v2.03c : Name: Delphic s/n: 14452992
Makaha v1.5 : s/n: CORE-1998-prielp1718byffc011mk
Makaha v2.0 : Name: pSi/[CORE] s/n: jdowmvx37uf7cske4d5
Makaha v2.1.0 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: jdowmvx37uf7cske4d5
Makaha v3.0 : Name: phase s/n: jdowmvx37uf7cske4d5
Make Your Own Screen Saver v3.4d : RegString: 21920129-QW49M9-123012903 License: (Blank)
Make$ Cents v2.0 : Name: Karen Caughey s/n: 002092588443
MakeCD v2.0e : s/n: MCD-10501737
MakeCD v2.0f : s/n: MCD-10501737
MakeMS v1.1 : Name: Faith s/n: 564787CD
MakeMS v1.2 : Name: ByteBurn s/n: 396757D5
MakeMS v1.4 : Name: Orion s/n: 65E855B7
Mallsurfer Shop v1.02 : Name: DV (Choose multi-shop resale) s/n: 118462500
Mallsurfer Shop v1.05a : Name: CoSH [PCY] s/n: 121817250
Mallsurfer Shop v2.00a : Name: CoSH [PCY] s/n: 205879265
Mallsurfer Shop v2.04a : Name: metaray Resale: 99999 Reg: 340002907
Mamimizer v5.0 : s/n: 01415101010699
Manage Your Contacts v3.6 : Name: (Anything) s/n: BEAR
ManagePro v3.1 : s/n: T7R5D9102541
Manga Poker v1.0 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 12987-sam-8801c-pokermanga-126
Mango Medley 98 v1.3 : s/n: WG10223340
ManneQuin v1.1 : s/n: 10012345
Manual Submission Tool v1.1 : Individual: 8FNWWK Developer: NYFKK1
Map & Guide v5.0 : s/n: M64Z8U3200
Map & Guide German v3.0 : Program: M0V93ELBJS Cards: M2UoC2AGPC
Map Maker Pro v2.1 : Name: djHD Company: DSi s/n: 3654dzpayYc1
MapDraw v5.11 : s/n: 115885728049832487380598750
MapEdit v2.24 : s/n: BJJNBKBA
MapEdit v2.3 : s/n: NKJCFOBA
MapEdit v2.43 : s/n: BKMNBKBA or s/n: CLPNBKBA or s/n: EMCOBKBA or s/n: HNFOBKBA
MapEdit v2.44 : s/n: CLPNBKBA
MapEdit v2.52 : s/n: AAMOBKBA or s/n: LOIOBKBA
MapEdit v2.56 : s/n: BKMNBKBA
MapEdit v2.59 : s/n: CLPNBKBA
MapEdit v2.60 : s/n: HNFOBKBA
MapEdit v2.6 : s/n: MENNPKBA
Mapinfo Professional v4.5 : s/n: WU450002583
Mapinfo Professional v5 : s/n: W500856689
MapLinx v3.0 : s/n: 012995
Mapple V v3.0 : s/n: DOS-5203-676023-1
MarbleZone v1.11 : Name: d4rk0n3 d4rk0n3@LAXiTY.OWNZ s/n: 272614
Marcus Graphics Interface v2.0 : Name: Dr Weird Company: COMA License: 123456789012345 Key: 25652990
Marcus Graphics Interface Standard v1.06 : Within the graphic window press the right mouse button and choose About MGI Name: Al Lacy License: Standard Code: 14259685
MarketWatch v1.0.1 : Name: PGC99 s/n: ked-coxS-Akpm-Vd2
Markup Remover v1.1 : s/n: 102740429865485429943531
Marvel Screen Posters : s/n: MVW-92958-1201
Marvin the Martian Screen Saver : Password: earthling
Mash v3.5 : Name: C98 s/n: B89725B818
Mask Pro v1.0 : s/n: MCE-100-666-846-160198
Mask Pro v2.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: MCE-200-696-779-969696
Mask Pro v2.01 : s/n: MCE-200-001-697-084107
Mask Pro v2.03 : s/n: MCE-200-927-032-191438
Mask Pro : s/n: MCE-100-666-846-160198
Masquerate v1.0b : Name: CracK De WareZ s/n: Twiddle
Master Carpenter v1.1.3 : s/n: 050566 or s/n: 061163
Master Converter v2.02 : s/n: 321740*707773
Master Converter v2.5 : s/n: 666041*584920
Master Investor v3.1 : s/n: MI-RS3W-
Master Juggler : s/n: MVW-92958-1201
Master of Magic Sales Update v1.2 : s/n: 113871A dreg: 061095
Master Snoopy's Math v1.0 : s/n: BCJV95TJ01C
Master Snoopy's Spelling v1.0 : s/n: IZMJAK0059J
Mastering Motions v1.0 : s/n: 76tbltbp
Mastermind v1.0 : s/n: Snowball or s/n: Snoopy or s/n: 188366-453899 or s/n: Peron
MasterSafe Lan v3.2 : Name: goz s/n: 123456 Password: ftlrnhmc
Match Keeper Pro v1.0 : Name: encanto Company: gcrack s/n: 294474472-CAAMJ
Materialize 3D v1.2 : FirstName: goz LastName: f4cg Email: a@a.a s/n: 0987-41dd-baeb-533e
Math Type v3.5 : Name: Shock Company: Shock Inc. s/n: 53515931-876
Math Type v4.0 : s/n: 54012345-3913
Math Write v1.15 : Name: bigblue s/n: 848124625
Math.h++ v6.1.5 : TrackingNum: 00-00-0000-000000 s/n: 14101-09-001060
Math.h++ v6.1.6 : TrackingNum: 00-00-0000-000000 s/n: 14101-09-001064
MathBrain v1.51E : s/n: MP30MPFW3D3220150-GEN
MathCAD v5.0 : s/n: P501069D00368
MathCAD Plus Pro v6.0 : s/n: P6000795D04043
MathCAD Pro v8.0 : s/n: PN807777DN7777
MathCAD Standard v8.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: VN800809DH0697
MatheHP v1.51 : Name: TheDon Location: [Fluke] s/n: 2513-CF0A-CBDE-E52E
MatheMatica v2.0 : s/n: 4703-00611-95714-5316
MatheMatica v2.1 : s/n: 2549-51771-93417-6270
MatheMatica v2.21 : s/n: 5870-34471-82354-3005 or s/n: 5864-85363-82354-3843
MatheMatica v2.33 : s/n: 5863-84987-52354-3605
MatheMatica v3.0 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 3966910918-61019-254
Mathematics Worksheet Factory Deluxe v1.02 : Name: Decline/Laxity s/n: 990824
Mathematics Worksheet Factory Deluxe v1.11 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 667055
MatLab v4.0 : s/n: 335339
MatLab v5.2 : s/n: 11111-11111-11111-11111
MatLab v5.3 : s/n: 11-10224-43044-38818-03811-61063-11324
Mattise v1.5.2 : s/n: 1733767 or s/n: 1733920
Max Drop v4.2 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 836381354
MaxiJongg v1.0 : s/n: 715912
Maximized MaxCharge v2.0 : Name: ShadE s/n: 7442472386
Maximizer v3.0 : s/n: 515-133165
Maximizer : s/n: LWIN306061
Maxon Crazy Sounds Extra : s/n: 10204418-5249
MAXTitler v2.0.1 : Go to Create | Geometry | Text and Titling and then to the About Box and enter: Code: inakbkocdkoqoaoooaakakoeokuaaa Then open your plugin.ini and under the [Help} add this line: MAXTitler=x:3dsmax2.5helpTitler.hlp
May 8 Hi-Fi Standard v1.01 : s/n: P-1700-615415725
May 8 Print2DHTML v1.0.0 : s/n: P-5001-3392233177
Mayor BBS v6.25 : s/n: NWGEEGD9J
Maze Escape v2.2 : s/n: MMZZ4488
Mazefest v1.2 : Name: FALLEN s/n: 119042
M-Base v1.16 : s/n: 3207-HRRE-0550-OCEI
MBBS v6.2 : s/n: NWGEE6D9J or s/n: YNDHYJP4C
MBBS v6.25 : s/n: NWGEEGD9J
mBED Interactor Lite v1.0.3.1 : s/n: MIJW102084688586
mBED Interactor Pro v1.2.4.7 : Name: (Anything) Company: PREMiERE s/n: MIPW128191
mBED Interactor Standard v1.2.4.5 : s/n: MINT128191
Mbs Netsaver v1.3.2 : Name: Liquid8 s/n: 29kqSvJWZ0
McAfee Scan v1.00.306 : s/n: 001-2JBW-8YIA
MCAgent v1.0 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: abcde4gh2012781062
MCalc v1.0 : Name: MANiFEST DESTiNY s/n: 2016611555
MDaemon Server v2.5 : s/n: 4994-9999-LGB-9996-1997
MDaemon Server v2.75b : 5Clients: 100-01-06584-153-03609 25Clients: 100-02-00438-152-04982 50Clients: 100-03-03901-141-01100 5000Clients: 100-04-00996-155-02772
MDB Code Generator v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 46255820
Mdesk v1.2 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: MD04 4u1Tex29W
MDiff-MPatch v1.40 : Name: PREDATOR666/UCF s/n: SSGG@!VLS457-VBDA
Meal Master v8.01 : Name: Cracker s/n: C-397-1068
Means Cost Works 99 : s/n: 2111118 Code: JXMSNRWNK41
Measures v5.0.0 : Name: Registered User s/n: 6567-875-14-722
Measures Unit Conversion v5.0.2 : 1User: Name: ASL[KAC] s/n: 2864-926-15-127 100Users: Name: ASL[KAC] s/n: 4087-365-13-837 10000Users: Name: ASL[KAC] s/n: 2348-606-78-837
Measures Unit Conversion v5.0.3 : 1User: Name: ASL[KAC] s/n: 2864-926-15-127 100Users: Name: ASL[KAC] s/n: 4087-365-13-837 10000Users: Name: ASL[KAC] s/n: 2348-606-78-837
Mechanical Desktop v3.0 : Key: 263A s/n: 111-91236432
Mechanical Engineering v8.0 : s/n: (Anything 16 Chars)
MechSoft Profi v6.12 : s/n: 311011201210
MechSoft Profi For Actrix Technical v1.00 : s/n: 0000-c2c2
MechSoft Profi For Visio Technical v1.00 : s/n: 0000-c2c2
MechSoft Profi Mechanical Calculations Pack v1.00 : s/n: 0000-c2c2
MechWars v1.9g : sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: XA0NC0KFGYF3
Media Blaze 98 v1.0 Beta 2 : s/n: KxP1123
Media Blaze 98 v1.5 SP1 : Name: (Anything) s/n: KxP1123
Media Blaze 98 v1.5a : Name: Osamu Kobori s/n: KxP1123
Media Blaze 98 v1.5d : s/n: KxP1123
Media Changer Deluxe v3.37 : Name: almdeth s/n: 4410
Media Changer Deluxe v4.0 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 3498
Media Cleaner EZ v3.5 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: MN3ASFMMX300
Media Cleaner Pro v4.0 : Name: The Power of RA! Company: PFT s/n: WC4PFT01PF4S
Media Cleaner Pro v4.0b1 : Password: 4isit s/n: MC4-TER-QRW-Y2K
Media Forge v3.01 : s/n: C12343678000
Media Magnet v0.9 : s/n: 111111273
Media Master v3.2.1 : s/n: 1001512
Media Mirror v1.0 : Password: lookingglass s/n: 1108090913-1107566629
Media Player v1.0 : Name: uywjj Password: LOMAX
Media Studio v1.0 : s/n: NNAEA-40721-02586 or s/n: RINEA-40632-01934
Media Studio vBeta : s/n: ABETA-40490-29051
Media Studio Pro v2.5 : s/n: RIE22-964-05882
MediaBinder v2.0 : s/n: TIMOTH
MediaComm Multi-App v2.0 : s/n: MA1221
MediaComm Text Find v2.51 : s/n: TF2997
Mediahouse Enterprise Monitor v4.03 : s/n: zb1d0y-1vzzzz-zzzzdy-c9cxzz
Mediahouse Server Statistics v4.2 : s/n: eiz2de1o-fczhdxck-bL0d0pdt or s/n: eizLdgd0-fczi1bdb-d5co0ne0
Mediahouse Statistics Server v5.01 : ID: 130fzr-ei15et-bn0a1u-zfdvdn License: 0wcee10x-eddtc1e3-c2cx1lef
MediaImager v1.32 : AllFields: Rayden [C.i.A] UnlockCode: 1011304 (IDCode should be 1011115)
MediaMaker v1.5 : s/n: 1987-1065-3071
MediaMan v1.0.2 : Name: Goofer Company: DeMoN s/n: EM-1739216
MediaMan v1.0a : Name: Mark Hauber Company: (Blank) s/n: EM-1707590
MediaNet ThumbIt Gold : s/n: 101-405-601
MediaPacker v1.0 : s/n: J3SP7P620078
MediaPalette v1.0 : s/n: J3SP7P620078
MediaPalette v1.1 : s/n: CK7-T5R-000005
MediaPalette v1.2 : s/n: CK7-T5R-000008
MediaPallete Plus v1.5 : s/n: PZ1-3N7-000000
MediaSauce v2.1a : Name: Delphic s/n: 103115
MediaWare WebFlix Pro v1.5.0.615 : Name: Debbie Barchard s/n: 24ff-3cc7-2cbe-3d39
Medical Imaging SDK DLL32 ProGold : s/n: z284vlp-739
Medical Imaging SDK OCX32 ProGold : s/n: n401jet-349
Medley 98 v1.3 : s/n: WG10223340
MedPro v1.2d : Name: VantMaS s/n: -425266567
MedSong v3.41 : Name: AzzYRiAN Company: CRYSTAL s/n: 7369notestring
MedSong v3.53 : Name: IBH-RiP Company: Blizzard s/n: 7369notestring
MedSong v3.58 : Name: IBH-RiP Company: Blizzard s/n: 7369notestring
Medved QuoteTracker v1.1.0 : s/n: 1CHD70DB31DA
Meeting Room Manager 98 : Single: 3660197808 Site: 3660198976
Mega DataBase Pro v5.01 : LastName: DeTH FirstName: ALM Company: DSI s/n: 03400 0000 058711422
Mega Draw Pro v5.02 : LastName: DeTH FirstName: ALM Company: DSI s/n: 03800 0000 058804746
MegaMud v1.02d : Name: TRPS 1998 s/n: 3242-5116-9439-B164
MegaPanel v3.22 : Delphi: A9S3PE0QIL33W1JH SourceCode: SDH34KS75MSDFDV7
Melody v1.52 : Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] s/n: 165765
MemInfo Plus v4.0 : s/n: QVBI@J2D><
MemoPad Pro v1.02 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 98763791109
Memory Commander v4.0 : s/n: M209800
Memory Commander : s/n: M209037-KXYC
Memory Editor v1.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: ME-100-4A-000X77000770X100-03
Memory Jiggler v6.0 : s/n: 0415-9439-9881
Memory Sleuth for C++ Builder : s/n: 955E5AC3275B26CC
Memory4U : Name: draXXter [Faith2000] s/n: 372-604342
MemoryAnalyst v1.0 : Name: BLiTZ / Phrozen Crew s/n: MA5121
MemoWeb v2.03 : Email: s/n: py0qn6vk Key: ul6j9
MemTurbo v1.0a : s/n: AV-39601
MemWatcher v2.1 : s/n: 1900-0918-0C2A
Mentor Plus Flite Star 10/93 : s/n: 9243210
MenuMaster v1.0 : s/n: 262426165-4
Mercenary Administrator's Table of Organization v3.0.7 : Name: LiGHt DRUiD [iSS] s/n: 4071-2220-1367
Merchant Helper v3.01 : s/n: 17697972
Mercur v3.0 : s/n: LORI-0000001-0000002
Mercur SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 Server v3.01b : s/n: 1675-40000-50366 or s/n: 2040-48960-5 or s/n: 2040-48960-7
Mercur SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 Server v3.1 : s/n: 1675-40000-50366
Mercury Mobile v1.01 : Name: Donald Sample s/n: 1068000000339691
Merlin Invoicing v1.03 : Name: Pamela Williamson Company: Pamela Williamson s/n: 399-637-0482
Merlin Invoicing v2.1.3 : Name/Company: Pamela Williamson s/n: 399-637-0482
Mesa v2.1.1+200 : s/n: M000-6560-1251-8706
Meshpaint 3D v1.6.62 : KeyA: 53085176 KeyB: -948253733
Message Master v1.02.09 : Name: Mary Harry s/n: C4DE1FF68F3F238F
Message Parse v1.40 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 9391-7342-2149
Message Parse v1.50 Beta 1 : Name: UNICITY s/n: 4001-7314-3413
Message Parse v1.60 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZA s/n: 9815-8654-1261
Message Parse v1.82 : Name: Doc-man s/n: 3787-6758-3071
Meta Master 2000 v3.0 : Name: ChoJin Company: DarkStar s/n: 280105488
MetaCreations Headline Studio v1.0 : s/n: HF01CNC-6966669-EYK
MetaCreations KPT Equalizer v1.0 : s/n: KE10WCD-0058536-KNZ
MetaCreations Poser v4.0 : s/n: XF83WBD-8473803-USE
MetaFix v2.4 : Name: Faith s/n: 244E1799
MetaFix v2.6 : Name: VQi s/n: E34578AF
MetaFix v2.8 : Name: Registered s/n: 14636879
MetaFix v2.9 : Name: ByteBurn s/n: D574776D
MetaFormer 99 v1.1.0 : Email: s/n: c7nARCr
MetaInfo IP/DNS v2.1 : s/n: 7847-0C3E-0000-0001 or s/n: 784A-363A-0001-0001 or s/n: 784E-6037-0002-0001 or s/n: 7851-0A33-0003-0001 or s/n: 7854-342F-0004-0001 or s/n: 7857-5E2C-0005-0001 or s/n: 785B-0828-0006-0001 or s/n: 785E-3225-0007-0001 or s/n: 7861-5C21-0008-0001 or s/n
MetaInfo IP/DNS v3 : s/n: f123-05EF.0504.04BB
MetaInfo IP/DNS v4.1 : s/n: 99458.10.10.321-A06B8139.7423E6D9
MetaInfo Load Balancer v1.0 : s/n: f123-0b9d.0926
MetaInfo MetaIP v3.1 SR4 Build 3281 : s/n: 10.00842-033E.0995.0D28
MetaInfo SendMail v2.5 : s/n: 1234/0b22.0b4f
MetaInfo SendMail v2.5.2639 : s/n: 10.00858-0b1a.0da0.0a51
MetaProducts Offline Explorer v1.1 : Name: Hoodoo s/n: 465437-84377413-JX
MetaReyes for 3D Studio Max R2 v4.0 : Name: Kashmir s/n: 107612
MetaWare HI C/C++ v3.01 : s/n: 921343 or s/n: 050360 or s/n: 190761 or s/n: 241069 or s/n: 113431
Metrix v2.2 : s/n: 9072133097
Metz Lock v4.0 : s/n: LTN788
Metz Netriever : s/n: ED!693
Metz Phones Pro v7.01 : s/n: TKEY1090
Metz Phones Pro v8.03 : Business: SSBLZ04456 Enterprise: EMBLZ02742 Personal: PSBLZ01787
MFC ExpenseTrak v2.02 : Click on the 'smily face' option and enter: s/n: 092966
MGE Terrain Analyst v7.00.00.04 : s/n: 99998715004419
Micro Chart v7.04 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 2888711494
Micro House EZ-Copy : s/n: AVMS-SJYS-WAJR-RH or r/n: WB-1243-7320
Micro House Select Source Part A v298 : s/n: AXUJ-SCAS-UAXR-RL
Micro House Select Source Part B v298 : s/n: AXUJ-SCAS-UAXR-RL
Micro House Select Source Part D v298 : s/n: AXUJ-SCAS-UAXR-RL
Micro Planet Gravity v1.01.5 : Name: jake cwc Company: lc s/n: 212121bth811112
Micro Planet Gravity v2.10b4 : Name: louis r. roberti jr. s/n: GRV2010026 Key: EC25-154-069B1
Micro Planet Gravity v2.11b1016 : Name: SavaGe s/n: Phrozen 4 Life Key: 4E4C-091F-2918
MicroAngelo v2.0 : Name: Crack Da WareZ s/n: S970309
MicroAngelo v2.1 : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: S3111576
Microcal Origin v5.0.121 : Name: Niabi Company: Pentium s/n: G43S4-9478-7000000
Microcal Origin Pro v4.14 : s/n: 6013276
MicroFocus/370 Assembler v3.1.16 : s/n: URNB0UPP/000000000
Micrografx ABC Graphic Suite v6.0 : s/n: 102D-D3EF or s/n: AG9501XX05917
Micrografx Designer v4.1 : s/n: DRW400-9811-4074-3073
Micrografx Graphics Works v3.2 : s/n: GW1001CXX31525
Micrographic Picture Publisher v5.0 : s/n: NTA-NTA-01A
MicroImages X Server v2.0.2 : s/n: 98776332196332E5
Micromatt Football Fury v1.3 : s/n: 10209762
Micropath 2001 v2.09 : s/n: PFT-vvvv
Micropath 2001 v2.13.19 : s/n: UCF-nnnnnoo
Micropath 2001 Upgrade v2.16.1 : s/n: UCF-rrsssss
Microplanet Gravity v2.12 : Name: Leatherman-2000AD s/n: 73727289104D5C5F5D8DA8DE
Microplanet Registry Studio v1.01.110 : Name: The Exterminators s/n: RS12408533604954645480 or Name: Magic Mike [EVC] s/n: RS12-6572-8564-9013-2390-85
Microscope v5.04 : s/n: MS-5132690
Microscope v5.06 : s/n: MS-1231393
Microscope v5.06 : s/n: MS-1231393
Microscope v6.01 : s/n: MS-6000821
MicroSites v1.0 : s/n: 948B9E2E960644B7
Microstation 3D : s/n: 3808340313 License: 2046732303
Microstation 95 v5.05.01.65 : s/n: 00088193000085
Microstation CAD v5.08 : s/n: 6362-CURRY-FRIKA
Microstation CAD v5.08 : s/n: 6362-CURRY-FRIKA
Microstation Modeler PE v5.07.05.28 : Name: Chumbawamba aka Babycharm Company: X-Force World Domination s/n: 00000083000000 Reg: 1214204108 License: 1215271273
Microstation Modeler SE v5.07.01.14 : Name: Chumbawamba aka Babycharm Company: X-Force World Domination s/n: 00000083000000 Reg: 1214204108 License: 1215271273
Microstation Modeler SE v5.07.01.15 : Name: Chumbawamba aka Babycharm Company: X-Force World Domination s/n: 00000083000000 Reg: 1214204108 License: 1215271273 (If you enter the info in wrong delete /USTATION/LICENSE/MODELER.LIC and then reenter the info)
Microstation MoldDesign v1.00.00.08 : Name: Chumbawamba aka Conan the Barbarian Company: X-Force World Domination s/n: 00000083000000 Reg: 1735193846 License: 1732412133
Microstation PowerDraft Cad v5.5.0.5 : s/n: 00088193000085
Microstation Reprographics v6.01.00.03 : Name: Chumbawamba aka Bebe Company: X-Force World Domination s/n: 00000083000000 Reg: 1079455890 License: 1084965226
Microstation SE v5.07.01.14 : Name: Chumbawamba aka The Frosted Flake Company: X-Force World Domination s/n: 00000083000000 Reg: 273 937 6070 License: 2850419743
Mid Wavi Pro v2.55 : Name: Neur0n / FALLEN Key1: 1234567 Key2: 1285982578
MIDI Genie v1.85 beta : Name: GHOST RIDERS Company: (Anything) s/n: 345783132
MIDI Genie v1.90 : Name: Versus Company: Versus Code: 255204011
Midi Machine v3.0 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: RJ1
Midi Player Plus v1.0 : Name: Marc Potvin s/n: IOJBeNJOJBhJFNeyeOTeJTgJBeJBThJhTJ
Midiart The Player v2.05e : Name: DSI s/n: 1111-16161616-DSI
MidiBase 95 v2.11 : s/n: 0101-aNE-101
MidiSoft Music Studio : s/n: 1010422-2159
MidiSoft Sound Bar v1.0 TE : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: SNDBAR-
MidiStudio v4.1 : s/n: pmrFmh9q5f3v2k0zyaw
MidiSwitch v1.05 : Name: Azrael [PC] Code: 829-384-250-102
Midi-Switch v1.4.3 : Name: Harv Headley s/n: 611-684-810-410
MidMaze v2.2 : Name: Black Thorne / Phrozen Crew s/n: 1909495780
MidMaze v2.2.1 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 6308031680
MidMaze v2.2.3 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 6308031680
MidPoint Companion v2.02 : s/n: 0800001116-48051
MidPoint Companion v3.15 : s/n: 731205 Key: 0194
MidPoint Gateway v1.10 : s/n: 2147483647 Code: 3671 (50 users, 4 lines) Code: A900 (20 users, 4 lines) Code: A161 (20 users, 2 lines) Code: A142 (10 users, 2 lines) Code: A112 (5 users, 2 lines) Trumpet: s/n: 0223872644 Code: 0363
Mighty Fax v2.2 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: RKS-3852247
Mighty Fax v2.5b : Name: Int13 [RBS '97] s/n: RKS-6303383
Mighty Fax v2.7c : Name: All! s/n: RKS-1748996
Mighty Fax v2.8 : Name: Versus s/n: RKS-3414042 or Name: n03l s/n: RKS-11769984
Mighty Fax v2.9 : Name: Warp s/n: RKS-2196740
Mighty Fax v2.9 : Name: VQi s/n: RKS-1679037
Mighty Fax v2.9b : Name: Blackstar/TRPS98 s/n: RKS-8059376
Mighty Fax v2.9j : Name: s/n: RKS-5811947
Migliosoft Wall Paper v3.03 : Open Wallpaper.exe and hold on to ctrl and shift then use the mouse to click on the password icon on your lower right hand corner and enter: Name: (Anything) s/n: X4857.578X
Mihic Archiver Shell v5.0 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 108869705
Mikasoft Reminder v1 0 : s/n: 10013
Miklas EnviroPro v1.0.0 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: EP1-4628393998E
Mile Manager Deluxe v3.0 : FirstName: davy LastName: blizzard s/n: 73808728
Milestones Etc v5.01 : s/n: M500-688523017
Milestones Simplicity v2.0 : s/n: 001-000802-AK5101
MilkShape 3D v1.0 : Name: SavaGe [PC] s/n: PWW-2015-82717-60516-318
Mille v1.0 : s/n: 65760
Millenium v3.01 : Name: PGC 98 s/n: O3042200
Millenium v3.07 : Name: Delphic s/n: 2508816
Millenium v4.0 : Name: Skyfox/ECG s/n: X2080855
Millenium Developers Edition : s/n: RBDC9-VTRC8-D7972-J97JY-PRVMG
Million Dollar Bill Screen Saver : Name: s/n: E5B67400
Milori Training Tools v4.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 0235-0101-2321
MimarSinan The Q Utilites 99 v3.1 : Name: Predato NLS [KAC] s/n: 00000A20
MIMEsweeper v3.2.4 : s/n: 12345678 CheckSum: ABOZP-LEPWL-LAXKP-EEEBQ-DFPEL-LALMJ
Mind Manager v3.5 : s/n: 6111-1115-1C11
Mind Manager v3.5.2 : s/n: 2111-111C-1F01
Mind Manager v3.5.5 SP2 : s/n: DA92-1BA6-A7E7
Minder v1.05 : s/n: 88991900
Minder v1.10 : s/n: 84753756
MindMan v3.0-2e : Name: ARUN WILKINSON s/n: B22D-8797-AA25-F671
Mind Refresh v2.6 : s/n: xyz
Mind's Quicktray v2.0 : Name: FatMike[TbC] s/n: 10909384704
Mind's TaskTray v1.1 : s/n: MindsTaskTrayE2-E431398
MindScape inVision Golf Optimizer : s/n: NS-100-000-006
Mine Field v1.0.25 : s/n: 741-NVMLA-8394
Mini Clipboard v2.3 : s/n: MC15341
Mini Macro v2.2 : Name: Slick-LSD s/n: $7C3A007A
Mini Macro v2.8.3 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: $E5BF52AC
MiniBase v2.11 : s/n: gzi43sfw5xpb
MiniCom v3.2 : s/n: 2E7AB9AEG6WY or s/n: 3E8AB9AEG6WY
Minisoft 92 v5.2.10 : Password: panda
MiniTab v10.0 : s/n: WC1020775
MiniTab v9.2 : s/n: W92006400
Miniware BlackJack v1.0 : Name: tYruS s/n: -489206107
Miniware Theme Randomizer v2.2 : Name: tYruS s/n: 1780579071
Miniware Theme Randomizer v3.0 : Name: S s/n: 67 or Name: viny s/n: 6874285
MinuteMan v1.6 : Go to Help/Register and use: Name: William S. Farnum s/n: 14029215 Then wait for the box to pop up and enter this: Name: William S. Farnum s/n: 7987311
MinuteMan v4.9 : Password: house
MinuteMan Data Backup v1.66 : Go to Help/Register and use: Name: William S. Farnum s/n: 14029215 Then wait for the box to pop up and enter this: Name: William S. Farnum s/n: 7987311
MinuteMan Data Backup v1.68 : Go to Help/Register and use: Name: Ray Hipfner s/n: 21040518 Then wait for the box to pop up and enter this: Name: Ray Hipfner s/n: 87525855
MinuteMan Data Backup v1.69 : Go to Help/Register and use: Name: Eric Spurling s/n: 11801103 Then wait for the box to pop up and enter this: Name: Eric Spurling s/n: 10075839
MinuteMan Data Backup Suite v3.35 : First Registration: Name: Michael Tooman s/n: 10264623 Second Registration: Name: Michael Tooman s/n: 11857227
MinuteMan Project Management v5.4 : Password: house
MinuteMan Project Management v5.4e : Password: house
Mirage Ray Tracing Engine for 3D-Studio : s/n: 942559
mIRC v4.52 : Name: MIRC s/n: 5545-573826
mIRC v4.6 : Name: PARASITE '96 s/n: 11606-973008
mIRC v5.31 : Name: Zubair Sheikh s/n: 17403-1927519 or Name: Cracked s/n: 9696-1070977
mIRC v5.41 : Name: Cracked s/n: 9696-1070977
mIRC v5.51 : Name: The Krazy Nomad [DEViANT] s/n: 20413-1742173
mIRC v5.6 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 8959-759551 or Name: Gordon s/n: 3636-399570
mIRC vAny : Name: Cracked s/n: 9696-1070977 or Name: anym s/n: 7112-832248 or Name: mirc Key s/n: 10460-1227048
MircoAngelo v2.1 : Name: MicroAngelo s/n: S3272932
MiSounds v1.1 : Name: Prophecy [tNO '98] s/n: CBF35F8F6500
Mister Pix v1.11 : Name: Vision s/n: 39563
Mister Pix v1.14d : PublicKey: 61034 Name: pma[4110] PrivateKey: 50960
MIV Tracer v1.81 : Name: (Anything) s/n: (Anything) (Make sure both are the same)
MIV Tracer v1.82 : s/n: 5210063
MIV Tracer v1.95 : Name: LOMAX Cs/n: 81ABC2F
MIV Tracer v1.97 : Name: GhostRiders s/n: 5210063
MIV Tracer v1.98 : Name: warp s/n: 5210063
Miva Engine v1.12 : s/n: 893831330-2115
MixMan Studio : s/n: 2166360610
MixMan Studio Pro v1.6 : s/n: 2197871043
MK QueryBuilder v2.03 : s/n: MKO-MKQB-20311255
MKS Source Integrity v7.1c : s/n: 4040099599
MKS Toolkit v6.1 : s/n: 3014400063
MKS Track Integrity v2.1 : Name: mary Password: mary
MLM Pro v3.16 : Name: (Anything) s/n: Tigger
MNetMon v1.A00-00 : Name: _MuFFiN_ Company: [UCF] s/n: MR3L735LWLKR646R
MNetSvr32 v1.A05.00 : Name: _MuFFiN_ Company: [UCF] s/n: N55VYH7K2JL4X285
Mocha W32 Telnet v1.5.2 : Name: VERSUS s/n: B9216
Mocha W32 Telnet v1.5.5 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: B58084
Mocha W32 TN3270 v1.5 : Name: VERSUS s/n: B9216
Mocha W32 TN3270 v1.6.5 : Name: mrOSiS[98] s/n: B39952
Mocha W32 TN3270 v1.6.9 : Name: DSi TEAM CompanyLicense: B55268 SingleLicense: A45369
Mocha W32 TN3270 v1.63 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: B58084
Mocha W32 TN5250 v1.6.8 : Name: VERSUS s/n: B36864
Mocha W32 TN5250 v1.7.6 : Name: mrOSiS[98] s/n: B51472
Mocha W32 TN5250 v1.7.8 : Name: Explicit-durutti s/n: A20480
Mocha W32 TN5250 v1.7.9 : Name: EXPLiCiT s/n: A47876
Mod 4 Win v2.20 : Name: cracked s/n: 236273118978589
Mod 4 Win v2.30 : Name: Cracked s/n: 236273118978589877
Mod 4 Win v2.xx : Name: Registered Version s/n: 308435988047381282
ModEdit v3.02 : Name: Everybody s/n: FF4FAA6BEA48483E1FFC5D3E5E
Model Studio 3D : Name: DoH!RuLeZ! Company: HeLLAND iNC. s/n: 27 VeriNum: 863547
Modem Doctor v5.2 : s/n: M4B00635
Modem Doctor v6.0 : s/n: M6D00810
Modem Init Strings - Database v1.1 : (edit $BASE.Key) line1: (your Name) line2: 47110815
Modem Init Strings - Database v2.1 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL address: G.!.$ zip: country: s/n: 3F62644E3C474840
Modem Spy v3.06 : Name: knoweffex s/n: 18360
Modem STA v2.1 : Name: Team RTA s/n: 2234324
Modem Status : Name: aka Modemsta s/n: 1239123
Modem Wizard v4.0 : s/n: K11-0940-805782
Modem Wizard v4.0c : s/n: K11-0940-804291
ModemShare v7.0 : s/n: 36230005251
ModemShare : s/n: 79980004675 Verification: 1CB203A2CC8E
ModemSpy v3.1 SR-1 : Name: RTA Team s/n: 14824
ModemSta v1.7 : Name: Whatever s/n: 1239123
ModList v1.0 : s/n: 9956896
ModScan v2.A08.00 : Name: _MuFFiN_ Company: [UCF] s/n: 9SNN7PP5H47J6KQ5
ModSim v1.A02-00 : Name: _MuFFiN_ Company: [UCF] s/n: O32W6C4233MK5653
Mom w/ Screen Rewind v1.03b : Name: dv blizzard Phone: (123) 555-1212 Email: s/n: 661-77-5198 (When (if) it says it will post the info on the Internet, end the program (in Win95, CTRL+ALT+DEL then highlight MoM , End Task ). Re-run the program and it will be registe
MomSoft Early Reader v1.0 : Name: MARK HAUBER s/n: C102E079391602E5
Monarch : s/n: 1003818
Money v2.01+ : s/n: 00-105-0200-99999979
Money 97 : s/n: 01697-OEM-0018381-53761
Money 98 v6.0 : s/n: 68472-442-7761635-84807
Money 99 Financial Suite v7.0 : s/n: 87886-442-3113427-39340
Money German v3.5 : s/n: 20342-066-0023392
Money German v4.0 : s/n: 045-0112631
Money Key v0.3.0 : Password: help204list
Money.h++ v2.0 : SoftwarePartsManager: 00-00-0000-000000 Money.h++: 14104-09-001040
MoneyMap Personal Financial Director : Password: CASH
Monitor Your Webserver AVNetMonitor v1.4.0 : Name: Eric Blackford s/n: W1774
Monkey Shines v1.2 : Place your CAPS LOCK key in the ON position. It MUST be DOWN in order for the registration to take place. Using the SHIFT key WILL NOT WORK. Enter: Name: TIPPY BRIAN s/n: 159501453
Monster Truck Madness : s/n: 450-0535503
Monthly Bill Manager v1.02 : Name: access Company: missing link s/n: MBM98-8818-84232-32
Monthly Bill Manager v3.03 : Name: VERSUS Company: (Anything) s/n: MBM98-8818-84232-32
Monthly Bill Manager 98 v2.0.0.3 : Name: davy - blizzard Company: blizzard s/n: MBM98-8818-84232-32
Monthly Bill Manager 98 v2.00.02 : Name: PREMiERE Company: (Anything) s/n: MBM98-8818-84232-32
Monthly Bill Manager 98 v2.01.04 : Name/Company: MANiFEST s/n: MBM98-4979-28273-00873133236
Monthly Bill Manager 98 v3.00.02 : Name: MtD Company: GHOST RIDERS s/n: MBM98-8818-84232-32
Monthly Bill Manager 99 v1.01.02.99 : Name: davy-blizzard1999 Company: blizzard s/n: MBM98-8818-84232-32
Monty's Mazes v2.2 : s/n: MMAZ6532
MoonPhase v2.0 build 16 : s/n: 88-1414141
Moonrise v3.5 : s/n: Wolfman
Moraff MoreJongg v7.0 : s/n: 0415-7797-4351
Moray v3.01 b2483 : Name: goz s/n: 38E9B950
Moray v3.1 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 12B74949
Moray GUI Modeler v2.02 : Name: United Cracking Force s/n: 9F10B935
More Than Words v3.0 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: X37-222-733-37x
Morning Paper v1.31 : s/n: POPKDIFC
Morning Paper v1.8 : s/n: POPKDIFC
Morph Studio v1.0 : s/n: RINEB-40807-02342 or s/n: RINEB-50114-00001 or s/n: RINEB-50125-00006
Morph Studio SE v1.0 : s/n: RNAEB-50199-00845
Morpher v2.0 : Name: Magenta s/n: 121305
Morpher v2.1 : Name: (anything) s/n: 97044
Morpher v2.5 : s/n: 1306206233
Morpher v3.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 88957
Morphing Magic : s/n: 0-672-30320-5
Mortgage Calculator v1.1 : Name: KAC s/n: 32075C08
Mortgage Minder v1.7 : s/n: 12732-104194
Mortgage Solver v3.3.5 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: 1773-37601690
Mortice Kern Systems v3.1 : s/n: 3041129678
Motion Designer v1.0 : s/n: MDN566698
Motivator Pro v4.03 : s/n: 764764685-15081501507
Motivator Pro v4.03f : Goto Help/Register and enter: s/n: 564864796-11210111581
Motivator Pro v4.6b : s/n: 564864796-11210111581
Mount Sunflower Solitaire v1.10 : Name: DSG TeAM s/n: 5463728
Mountain 3D v1.1 : Name: Jupiter [DARKSTAR] s/n: M3D001271939E
Mouse and Key Recorder v2.5.1 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 445577760GJF
Mouse Odometer v1.10 : Name: _RudeBoy_ / Phrozen Crew s/n: 3088074086
Mouse Tool v2.04 : Name: fungus / blizzard s/n: 69539
Mouse Tracks v1.02 : 1User: MTSAH101 5Users: MTTEH501 10Users: MTDRH1001 20Users: MTRRB2001
Mouse Tracks v1.03 : 1User: MTSAH101 5Users: MTSAH501 10Users: MTDRH1001 20Users: MTRRB2001
Mouse Tracks v1.03.1 : s/n: MTRRB2001
MouseClock v2.0 : s/n: MCREG2
MouseTrap : Name: Martin Karlsson s/n: 0MFX8FNMY1932K9CFFH3
MouSing v2.3 : s/n: CBCDBBFA3
Mover98 v3.1 : Name: TriCordEr PgC s/n: 1738078282
Movie Credit v1.2 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: gTth7ZMTx1
Movie Credits v1.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: !j6=y33v8Z
Movie Lister v2.01 : s/n: 20ML1998VB
Movie Organizer v1.2 : Name: FALLEN s/n: klkki
MoviePlay v1.22 : Password: ThankYou4Registering
MovMach v2.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 9843
MP3 Archive v3.6.1 : Name: QWERTY s/n: 818769828489
MP3 Audio CD Track Grabber ActiveX Control v1.1 : Key: 1216812462 Password: ACD101P47100031DM
MP3 Audio Encoder ActiveX Control v1.1 : Key: ENC10147099331DM Password: 1722753518
MP3 Blaster v1.40 : Name: Zerohour s/n: 40311
MP3 CD Maker v1.0 : Name: wolf s/n: THGIL-2ED8
MP3 CD Maker v1.1x : Name: ReanimatoR^LasH s/n: THGIL-6ED9
MP3 CD Maker v1.16 : Name: ReanimatoR^LasH s/n: THGIL-6ED9 or Name: Gordon s/n: 1234566899
MP3 Enc v3.0 : Name: Paul Gossett s/n: ApFjn9CE8WVmYr/SzCBm/h/f3
MP3 Explorer v1.00 : Name: Jupiter [DARKSTAR] s/n: 038127087-49397
MP3 Explorer v1.11 : Name: Crystal s/n: 665255692-85115
MP3 Explorer v2.30 : Name: Copyright Killer [UCT] s/n: 118368
MP3 Explorer v2.4.0 : Name: draXXter[Faith2000] s/n: 118632
MP3 Explorer v3.3.0 : Email: s/n: 117751
MP3 List Maker v1.51.1013 : Name: LOMAX s/n: MLM6-5167-9051-1998
MP3 List Maker v3.2 : Name: ZiuHu/TEX99 s/n: 75320-79-457301
MP3 List Maker v3.2b : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 176736-185-1073044
MP3 List Maker & Server v1.50.1012 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: MLMS-1117-0101-1998
MP3 Play v1.5 : Name: PLAY3326782111 s/n: 4796646
MP3 Play ActiveX Control v1.2 : Name: PLAY3826451 s/n: 956515 (include mp3play1.Authorize "PLAY3836451", "956515")
MP3 Powertool v1.4 : Name: TORN@DO '99 [C.i.A] s/n: NPJTOPKZZZZZ
MP3 Producer v2.1 : Name: NATHON J. CARTER s/n: AWVtHVkdtaeVAoasv6GdxAIGB
MP3 Releaser v1.1 : s/n: ~~99]dj_vertox[66~~
MP3 Spy v0.91 : Email: s/n: 8S31-Zlvw-WppG-Nljl
MP3 Spy v1.0 : Name: nutcracker/CORE s/n: SpS4ScRBRr8BUzznez8 or Name: s/n: v4hT-2J5W-XNKW-Arz6
MP3 Spy : Email: s/n: 3zzr-UPP3-oSwv-zS2q
MP3 Strip It v4.0.0.104 : Name: TRPS s/n: 711746942
MP3 Strip It Digital v5.0.0.71 Beta : Name: TRPS s/n: -711746942
MP3 Strip It Suite v3.0.2.10 : Name: Tin/DNG s/n: -446034944
MP3 Strip It Suite v4.0.0.42 : Name: Mp3 Software s/n: 171624608
MP3 Tag Studio v1.1 : Name: zoin s/n: 8631kwkdvj
MP3 Tag Studio v1.2 : Name: LOMAX s/n: 8h7qcu5o86
MP3 Tag Studio v1.5 : Name: TEAM ORiON s/n: 815583fqiz
MP3 Tag Studio v1.51 : Name: Warrior 2000 s/n: k8659f4086
MP3 To EXE v1.01 : Name: Delphic s/n: myser Code: 291DADFF4583BA94
MP3 To EXE v1.5 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: MP3-CORECRACKERS1998 Code: 1BB87B4372E79568
MP3 To EXE v2.0 : Name: demon release s/n: MP3-B7239DC4-B9 Code: G1v_6-bP7)
MP3 To EXE v2.5 : Name: paulux [LAXiTY] s/n: MP3-833423CC-B9 Key: G1v_6-bP7)
MP3 To EXE v2.6 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: MP3-CORECRACKERS1998 Code: 1BB87B4372E79568
MP3 Wizard v1.1 : s/n: 97946234
MP3 Wolf v1.01 : Name: CORE/JES s/n: MW1-128878
MP3 Wolf v1.03 build 3 : Name: TheForceTeam s/n: MW1-154288
MP3 Wolf v1.04 : Name: s/n: MW2415-310045 or Name: DASavant [AnThraX] s/n: MW-814403
MP3 Wolf v1.04 Build 003 : Name: DanThaMan s/n: MW-220936
MP3 Wolf v1.xx : Name: DanThaMan/fACTOR '98 s/n: MW666-188540
MPEG Audio Layer 3 Encoder/Decoder : s/n: ED00A30FF000009
MPEG DJ Encoder v1.24a : Name: Zero [GCK] s/n: 71DB58BA2100
MPEG Layer-3 Encoder v3.00 : Name: B Walker s/n: A5hC7yTgmZIE9jgMFqerpw8z
MPEG Player v1.77 : Name: mRFANATIc [DNG] s/n: 077ae48e-bd8f4679 or Name: knoweffex [DNG] s/n: c93e8940-c560344e or Name: jog [DNG] s/n: 35a66efb-d9d351df
MPEG Player v1.79 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: d4f14307-67c29621
MPEG Player v3.3.1 : Name: evc_viper s/n: d7779bcc-fe771eb1
MPP to MP2 Converter v1.1 : Name: Nobody[uCF] s/n: C5ED14EC10268451
MPrint Designer v2.5 : s/n: mp-bs89efu5zr
mPrint Xtra for Director : s/n: mp-wev3pfe5s6
MR Tech Submit Spider v3.8.61 : s/n: ERL5062310284960 Pro: CT8504233012453930
Mr. A-Picmaster v1.0 : s/n: DAFJECEEDCIBEHJJICEDACFDE027547595995
Mr. Clown 2000 v2.0 : Name: phase s/n: 481381402
Mr. Internet v3.5 : Name: TEX98 s/n: 2941I:Myx
Mr. Matt v2.00 : License: 0000 Name: DjPaul [uCF] Key1: 0811006 Key2: 622614
MR/2 Ice v0.99c : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 82722969 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 82721592
MR/2 Ice v0.99v : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 3333 Key: 81337680
MrNFL 98 v1.0 : Name: Rogerio Santos de Lima Company: (Anything) s/n: 933580100457024069
MsgBox v1.0 : s/n: 9956895
MSIE Cache Explorer v1.30 : Name: Versus s/n: cjeefcig
MSS Client Find v1.0 : s/n: ZW161099Y4346 or s/n: HJ378640Y9820
MSS Quotes v1.0.5 : s/n: QP932139S7628 or s/n: KE584056J2748
msXfax Lite v1.0 : Password: kickbutt
MTA : Name: Batman s/n: 115335 or Name: XXX s/n: 21208 or Name: You s/n: 26997
MTI Address List Manager v1.0 : s/n: 1 Key: $33CD238F
Multi App v2.1 : Name: n03l s/n: MA1221 or s/n: $%(*&HB
Multi App v2.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: MA1221
Multi Clipboard v9.04.01 : s/n: MC71542
Multi Clipboard v9.05.18 : s/n: MC71542
Multi Clipboard v9.07.01 : Name: ZiuHu/TEX99 s/n: 303434343935
Multi Clipboard v9.09.01 : Name: Raybiez Cracking s/n: 30363A3A3A3B
MultiClip Pro v3.1 : s/n: ENV30307-002
MultiDesk v2.50 : Name: SWP '98 s/n: 50CF7D40
MultiEdit v7.00e : s/n: ME700E111111
MultiEdit v7.10a : s/n: MEW700P000000
MultiEdit v8.0b : s/n: MEW800e894152
MultiEdit v8.0d : s/n: MEW800e899283
MultiFile v1.0 : Name: %%## s/n: 12121212
MultiLine ToolTip ActiveX v1.0.15 : s/n: AS-607-97426-B
Multilizer Dictionary Editor for BDE v3.0 : Standard: MLDE124607-12345-12345-0090 Pro: MLDE401380-12345-12345-0090
Multilizer Dictionary Editor for ODBC v3.0 : Standard: MLDE124607-12345-12345-0090 Pro: MLDE401380-12345-12345-0090
Multilizer Dictionary Server for NT v1.0 : Standard: MLDS445312-12345-12345-0090 Pro: MLDS445349-12345-12345-0090
Multilizer Dictionary Server for NT v1.1 : s/n: MLDS445312-12345-12345-0090 or s/n: MLDS445349-12345-12345-0090
Multilizer for C++ Builder 1 v3.0 : Standard: MLCS637847-12345-12345-0090 Source: sauva87 Pro: MLCS105264-12345-12345-0090 Source: sukeltaja32
Multilizer for C++ Builder 1 v4.1 : s/n: MLVC378257-11112-5712345-57 Source: halti56
Multilizer for C++ Builder 3 v3.0 : Standard: MLCS637847-12345-12345-0090 Source: sauva87 Pro: MLCS105264-12345-12345-0090 Source: sukeltaja32
Multilizer for C++ Builder 3 v4.1 : s/n: MLVC378257-11112-5712345-57 Source: halti56
Multilizer for C++ Builder 4 v4.1 : Standard: MLVC378257-12345-12345-0090 Password: halti56 Pro: MLVC918565-12345-12345-0090 Password: suksi38
Multilizer for Delphi 1 v3.0 : Standard: MLDE124607-12345-12345-0090 Source: sauva87 Pro: MLDE401380-12345-12345-0090 Source: sukeltaja32
Multilizer for Delphi 1 v4.1 : s/n: MLVC378257-11112-5712345-57 Source: halti56
Multilizer for Delphi 2 v3.0 : Standard: MLDE124607-12345-12345-0090 Source: sauva87 Pro: MLDE401380-12345-12345-0090 Source: sukeltaja32
Multilizer for Delphi 2 v4.1 : s/n: MLVC378257-11112-5712345-57 Source: halti56
Multilizer for Delphi 3 v3.0 : Standard: MLDE124607-12345-12345-0090 Source: sauva87 Pro: MLDE401380-12345-12345-0090 Source: sukeltaja32
Multilizer for Delphi 4 v4.1 : s/n: MLVC378257-11112-5712345-57 Source: halti56
Multilizer for Java v1.01 : Standard: MLJA321951-12345-12345-0090 Source: lintu12 Pro: MLJA456422-12345-12345-0090 Source: puhelin93
Multilizer for Java Pro v1.12 : Pro: MLJA456422-12345-12345-0090 Source: puhelin93
Multilizer for Java Standard v1.12 : Standard: MLJA321951-12345-12345-0090 Source: lintu12
Multilizer for Visual Basic v1.0 : Standard: MLVB890639-12345-12345-0090 Pro: MLVB612119-12345-12345-0090
Multilizer Java Edition v2.0.1 : s/n: MLJA456422-00000-00000-0000 Password: puhelin93
Multilizer Java Edition v4.1 : s/n: MLJA456422-12345-1679012-57 Source: puhelin93
Multilizer Java Edition with Added Support For JDK 1.2 v2.0 : Standard: MLJA321951-12345-12345-0090 Password: lintu12 Pro: MLJA456422-12345-12345-0090 Password: puhelin93
Multilizer Langauge Manager Standard v3.05 : Standard: MLMF469753-12345-12345-0090 Pro: MLMF200728-12345-12345-0090
Multilizer Language Manager v4.0.4 : Standard: MLEP712094-12345-12345-0090 Pro: MLEP410708-12345-12345-0090
Multilizer Language Manager BDE Edition v4.0.12 : s/n: MLDS445349-91178-34987-0065
Multilizer Language Manager BDE Edition v4.0.4 : Standard: MLEP712094-12345-12345-0090 Pro: MLEP410708-12345-12345-0090
Multilizer Language Manager for BDE v3.05 : Standard: MLMF469753-12345-12345-0090 Pro: MLMF200728-12345-12345-0090
Multilizer Language Manager for ODBC v3.0 : Standard: MLMF469753-12345-12345-0090 Pro: MLMF200728-12345-12345-0090
Multilizer Language Manager ODBC Edition v4.0.12 : s/n: MLEP410708-91178-34987-0065
Multilizer Language Manager ODBC Edition v4.0.4 : Standard: MLEP712094-12345-12345-0090 Pro: MLEP410708-12345-12345-0090
Multilizer Suite v3.0 : Standard: MLSU230781-12345-12345-0090 Pro: MLSU451979-12345-12345-0090 Standard Source Code: VCL: sauva87 Java: lintu12 Pro Source Code: VCL: sukeltaja32 Java: puhelin93
Multilizer VCL Edition For C++ 1 v4.0 : s/n: MLDE401380-12345-12345-0090 Password: suksi38
Multilizer VCL Edition For C++ 1 v4.1.3 : Pro: MLVC918565-00000-00000-0000 Password: suksi38 Standard: MLVC378257-00000-00000-0000 Password: halti56
Multilizer VCL Edition For C++ 3 v4.0 : s/n: MLDE401380-12345-12345-0090 Password: suksi38
Multilizer VCL Edition For C++ 3 v4.1.3 : Pro: MLVC918565-00000-00000-0000 Password: suksi38 Standard: MLVC378257-00000-00000-0000 Password: halti56
Multilizer VCL Edition For C++ 4 v4.1.3 : Pro: MLVC918565-00000-00000-0000 Password: suksi38 Standard: MLVC378257-00000-00000-0000 Password: halti56
Multilizer VCL Edition For C++ Builder 1 Pro v4.1.21 : s/n: MLVC918565-414306-192961-67 Password: suksi38
Multilizer VCL Edition For C++ Builder 3 Pro v4.1.21 : s/n: MLVC918565-414306-192961-67 Password: suksi38
Multilizer VCL Edition For C++ Builder 4 Pro v4.1.21 : s/n: MLVC918565-414306-192961-67 Password: suksi38
Multilizer VCL Edition For Delphi 1 Pro v4.1.21 : s/n: MLVC918565-414306-192961-67 Password: suksi38
Multilizer VCL Edition For Delphi 2 v4.0 : s/n: MLDE401380-12345-12345-0090 Password: suksi38
Multilizer VCL Edition For Delphi 2 v4.1.3 : Pro: MLVC918565-00000-00000-0000 Password: suksi38 Standard: MLVC378257-00000-00000-0000 Password: halti56
Multilizer VCL Edition For Delphi 2 Pro : s/n: MLVC918565-414306-192961-67 Password: suksi38
Multilizer VCL Edition For Delphi 3 v4.0 : s/n: MLDE401380-12345-12345-0090 Password: suksi38
Multilizer VCL Edition For Delphi 3 v4.1.3 : Pro: MLVC918565-00000-00000-0000 Password: suksi38 Standard: MLVC378257-00000-00000-0000 Password: halti56
Multilizer VCL Edition For Delphi 3 Pro : s/n: MLVC918565-414306-192961-67 Password: suksi38
Multilizer VCL Edition For Delphi 4 v4.0 : s/n: MLDE401380-12345-12345-0090 Password: suksi38
Multilizer VCL Edition For Delphi 4 v4.1.3 : Pro: MLVC918565-00000-00000-0000 Password: suksi38 Standard: MLVC378257-00000-00000-0000 Password: halti56
Multilizer VCL Edition For Delphi 4 Pro : s/n: MLVC918565-414306-192961-67 Password: suksi38
Multilizer VCL Edition For Delphi 5 Pro : s/n: MLVC918565-414306-192961-67 Password: suksi38
Multilizer Visual Basic Edition v4.0 : s/n: MLDE401380-12345-12345-0090
Multilizer WFC Edition v1.0 : s/n: MLWF093492-12345-1679012-57 Source: ikkuna64
Multilizer WFC Edition v1.0.1 : s/n: MLWF513965-00000-00000-0000 Password: ikkuna64
Multimailer Spanish v3.0.0 : Name: Registro: Azrael [PC] License: 220867 s/n: BCK51
Multimedia Builder v1.2.240 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 94
Multimedia Builder v2.0 Build 300 : Name: MANiFEST DESTiNY s/n: 94
Multimedia Builder v3.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 94
Multimedia Builder v3.1 : Name: Arcane - CiA s/n: 1-275750-408
Multimedia Builder MP3 v2.0 : Name: TheBrabo s/n: 1-275907-412
Multimedia Builder MP3 v4.0 : Name: Shining s/n: 1-275962-413
Multimedia Builder MP3 v4.2 : Name: _ERaD_ [Laxity] s/n: 1-275325-406
Multimedia Designer : s/n: 0E278002658
Multimedia Factory v2.0 : s/n: e8gdy4
Multimedia Futura Spanish : s/n: 30-20-FU-00434
Multimedia Manager v1.4a : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: 84016820001450760
Multimedia Manager v2.0b : Name: CORE/ITR (Name same for all licenses) Single: 02573-123-916SL Site: 11987-123-213AF WorldWide: 02868-123-777WZ Educational: 00536-123-946ET
Multimedia Manager v2.2a : s/n: 48832342
Multimedia Solutions : s/n: 205521
Multimedia Xplorer v2.0.0 : Name: jog/DSi s/n: 60024804
Multimedia Xplorer v2.0.9 : Name: L!M!T / TEX99 s/n: 79295440
Multimedia Xplorer v2.01 : Name: jog/DSi s/n: 60024804
Multimedia Xplorer v2.05 : Name: Delphic s/n: 66847900
Multimedia Xplorer v2.06 : Name: jog/DSi s/n: 60024804
Multimedia Xplorer v2.07 : Name: C.i.a s/n: 34668704
Multi-Namer v2.0 : Name: jman s/n: 092683827quwk6
MultiNetwork Manager v4.0 : Name: iNFERNo [4110] s/n: 333966-3033
Multiple Document Editor v2.4 : s/n: 20529
MultiReg v1.01 : s/n: ID-Vx-wPoixBtg
Multi-Remote Registry Changer v2.5 : Name/Company: SpriteX s/n: BDAAA73988892-37839
Multi-Server Tool v1.0 : s/n: 66150 Licensee: TRPS Key: leqpjg-cqhjq
MultiSimplex v1.0 : Name: PREMiERE Company: (Anything) s/n: kMKmMMsmK
Multiview 2000 v4.0 : s/n: 0w1g001751lalxsaikh
MultiWin v1.0 : Name: VYLENT [iNSiDE] s/n: XwY2vru8c88Kr2OWWMs6O
MultiWin Full v1.0.2 : Name: JOSEPH GAN HOCK HAN s/n: xiuisSTyiwhSm4w1iATgi
MultiWin Mini v1.0 : Name: VYLENT [iNSiDE] s/n: XwY2vru8c88Kr2OWWMs6O
MuPad Pro v1.41 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 157255-14718-143238-248117
MuseArc v4.8.98.7 : Name: Nolan Albert s/n: e893-0e7f-d453-347c
Music Filer 98 Pro v1.0.0 : s/n: Ni05Ba04La4613666666
Music Genie v4.02 : s/n: 6316864387
Music Lynx v2.4 : The first time you run it will ask you for a registration code. It'll give you a serial number, take that serial # and divide by 2 then multiply it by 15, and add 7, if you get a decimal, just get rid of it.
Music Magic Songbook v1.0 : s/n: 932667-2198
Music Organizer v1.4 : Name: FALLEN s/n: fxtra
Music Organizer Deluxe v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 831195569-731
Music Producer v1.0 : s/n: 426-1234567
Music Time : s/n: MV20-0-02045-8738
Music Time DeLuxe v3.0 : s/n: MD10-0-12065-5121
Musical Arranger v1.0 : s/n: 11WA00939875E
Musician's CD Player v1.63 : s/n: ljo-65-gxf-52
Musician's CD Player v1.71 : s/n: zfx-79-poh-55
MusicMatch Jukebox v2.03 : Upgrade from demo on Internet with s/n: 755569732645810000
MusicMatch Jukebox v2.12 : Go to Upgrade--->Upgrade from Demo--->Via Air Mail. The dialog box holds a number at the bottom (18 characters long). Take the number and subtract 1492 from it and the result must be read backwards to register this product.
MusicMatch Jukebox v2.50 : Name: Shamanistic Enterprises by Shaman s/n: 110D1-BE108-D0E24-20FB0
MusicMatch Jukebox v4.0 : s/n: 807C7-2B222-90DDC-F0608 or s/n: 1245C-54601-54B48-EC510 or s/n: 807C7-2B222-90DDC-F0608
MusicMatch Jukebox v4.05.026 : s/n: 1245C-54601-54B48-EC510
MusicMatch Jukebox v4.10.0056 : s/n: 1245C-54601-54B48-EC510
MusicMatch Jukebox v4.20.0032 : s/n: 1245C-54601-54B48-EC510
MusicTime Deluxe : s/n: MV10-1-12065-2819
MusicWorks v2.0 : Name: ^heiko[BLZ] s/n: 168521750
Mutilate v2.33 : Name: [DARKSTAR] s/n: iSQTUPoGoV
M/Ware InterPlay Development Kit v2.0 : s/n: T7I4I9JIHHIH7IHN3Z5VBV
MX-Pert v4.5 : Password: house
MX-Pert v5.4b : Password: house
My Address Book v4.0 : Name: ^pain^ 98 s/n: 9412223179-756
My Advanced Brochure : s/n: 3228-001372
My Advanced Label Designer : s/n: 2223-87357
My Advanced Label Designer v4.01C : s/n: 2228l-1235
My Advanced Maillist & Address Book : s/n: 2123-42935 or s/n: 2122-32574
My Biorhythms v1.0 : Name: Bonzai[oDDiTy] s/n: XJmnzogQ-mPPgFwYk
My Brochures Mailers and more v1.0 : s/n: 3223-07984
My Card File : s/n: 21529
My Comic Collection v1.2 : s/n: 79725
My Eureka! Cube Explorer v4.5 : Company: REBELS s/n: IQVL.123456784fb102ff
My Function Keys v1.0 : Name: LOMAX s/n: 350-15787
My Function Keys v2.1.0 : Name: GLoW s/n: 152-15594
My Invoices : s/n: 2643-20966
My Mahj v3.0 : Name: Orion s/n: 4294900372
My Marketing Tools : s/n: 3373566991133523
My Mind v1.0 : s/n: a_344hl_f5Lat
My Personal Data Binder v2.2 : Name: V0ViK/HiD98 s/n: MB-84838-BPTET-Qu1St
My Personal Diary v5.01 : s/n: MPDIARYNEW495
My Personal Diary v5.5 : Name: tHATDUDE! s/n: MPDIARYNEW95
My Personal Diary v6.0 : Name: Free Registered Version s/n: MPD6-BDZGGKD-CAM1
My Personal Diary v6.10 : Name: NRP PRN Company: NRP NRP s/n: MPD6-X12345-CAM1
My Quick Picture Viewer v1.2 : s/n: MYQ1997
My Reality Bar v1.2 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 111612
My Saver 98 Pro v3.x : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 199464319
My Stars! v2.5 : s/n: 9919824
My Video Library v2.0 : s/n: 7799711
My Wedding Companion v3.02 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 29557
My World v1.0d : Name: elmopio [iNSiDE] s/n: $D908ADD3
MyABCD v2.0 : Password: HOXPOT
MyBook with CheckSpell v1.6 : FirstRegistration: Name: Joseph Gonzales s/n: 8035279 SecondRegistration: Name: Joseph Gonzales s/n: 8159631
MyCDPlayer v5.1.1f : Name: J.t. Cantley s/n: 02011-69161-90418-01814
MyCDPlayer v5.10 : Name: William S. Farmer s/n: 14241-24071-41519-10425
MyCrawler v2.0 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 6482345650
MyFlix v1.50 : Name: juan gomez s/n: 827a-c841-a462-d424
My Mahj v3.1 : Name: Orion s/n: 4294900372
MYOB Accounting v6.0 : Name: s/n: PT#MPCW3P2600-071795
MYOB First Accounts v2.0.4 : s/n: KF1708389
MyShutdown Folder v1.4 : Name: HalVar[DNG] s/n: 940100-1904742
Mystery at the Museums : s/n: 0340151
Mystery Slots v1.2 : s/n: 087943
Mystic Marbles v1.01e : s/n: 12345%%00929122 or s/n: tKC Loves Jess%%253ae4e2
My-T-mouse v1.30 : s/n: FT 1305766
Movie Organizer v3.0a : Name: David Borgman s/n: 594088697-171


Nag-Buster v1.?? : Name: THE RIDDLER [EOD/POW] s/n: DTBV4YN81325
Nag-Buster v1.2c : Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: B9U5KMA2LOC
NameCommand v1.0 : s/n: 152-1234567
Name-IT v1.0 : s/n: 30132918 or s/n: 30137060 or s/n: 30130149
NameWiz v2.3 : Name: snowmannen s/n: 98609546
NameWiz v2.31 : Name: (any as long as it is space separated) s/n: F
NameWiz v2.4 : Name: _RudeBoy_ / Phrozen Crew s/n: V2CUHJE2EGJQ
Namo v2.06 : Name: Ground Zero s/n: GZ22252529
Namo Batch v2.05 : Name: accz of blizzard s/n: AOB17242728 (That's an O not a zero)
Namo Web Editor v2.1 : Name: Robbie s/n: AD3CE47D847F4AADA7949ODD
Namo Web Editor v3.05 : Name: Pius Sodipe Sodipe Company: HERiTAGE s/n: 1365-000318 Key: 01LP75 PN834C 0BM6N5B DATKL91
Napoleon Solitaire v2.1 : Name: Registered Version s/n: 654120
Nascar Racing HeadQuarters v3.7.1.0 SE : Name: Registered User Company: (Blank) Email: s/n: 165378267
Nat v6.4.5 build 1042 : Win9x: K020KMI4KMK934HK5KHJ53I5I5IMJ645I556HJ59ILJKI5I93MJ8 WinNT: K020KMI4KMK934HK5KHJ53I5I5IMJ645I556HJ59ILJKJ6IL4KI6
Nat v6.4.5 build 1088 : Win98: L715ML91L7L41I9828KK58III3ILJ040I22JH52KJ1JKJ4IJ3JJI WinNT: L715ML91L7L41I9828KK58III3ILJ040I22JH52KJ1JKJ1II38J7
NAT1000 Proxy v2.0 : s/n: 1-900872550-889538355
NAT1000 Proxy for WinNT v2.0 : s/n: 1-939028574-2018199347
Natural v2.1.1 : s/n: NW12118855322257
Natural Engeneering WorkBench v1.1.1 : Name: ORS MEMBER Company: OSIRIS s/n: NEW1111234567890
Natural/ADABAS v2.1.3 PL7 : Name: ORS MEMBER Company: OSIRIS s/n: NAT2130fuck0you0
NaturBase Professional v1.5 : s/n: 1A11171
Navarasa Multimedia v2.4.0.166 : Name: Arfa [PCY] Company: #Prophecy s/n: NAV-071298-20
Navarasa Multimedia v2.41 : Name: AdEpt Company: CRYSTAL s/n: NAV-071298-20
Navarasa Multimedia v2.511 : Name: Dave Powell Company: CCS s/n: NAV-071298-20
NavCIS Professional v1.5 : s/n: MC-9267
Naviscope v7.0 : s/n: JES9AAX
Naviscope v8.02 : s/n: GQCDAAB
NavRules v2.2.4 : Name: Chafe/TEX99 s/n: 3263185961
Ncome and Xpense v1.0 : s/n: 10100000011
NCore v4.04 : s/n: EV40-1-02034-4933
nCrypt Xtra for Director : s/n: en-eg55m6ajkf
NCSS 2000 : s/n: 1947
Neatpad v1.07 : Name: PROPHECY '98 s/n: NP-115811738880101581R
Nendo v1.1.5 : Name: C. ABRO s/n: 940445794
Nendo v1.1.6 : Name: NICHOLAS D. MILLEN s/n: 234957386
Neo Phantom Screensaver v1.2b : s/n: 4711081WIRJUUN
NeoBook Professional v2.0b or 2.1f : s/n: 4711081MIQOEOB or s/n: 7753889AHULQWJ
NeoCrypt v1.10 : Name: dustie (c) blizzard s/n: 286917
NeoCrypt v1.11 : Name: zoin s/n: 646923
NeoCrypt v2.0 : Name: dustie (c) blizzard s/n: 286917
NeoPaint v1.1 : s/n: 1312649GQISPSV
NeoPaint v2.0 : s/n: 1376520GQOWOQM or s/n: 2014476HNIUNVS or s/n: 2282436HPPSNRS
NeoPaint v2.1 : s/n: 2039485HNKZNWR or s/n: 4391302JQQRMOO or s/n: 4811123JVIRKQP
NeoPaint v3.1f : s/n: 47110815LMPJVQ or s/n: 7753889AHULQWJ
NeoPaint v3.2 : Name: [TWH/UCF] s/n: 1996000AJLOHOT
NeoPhantom ScreenSaver v1.3a : s/n: 4711081WIRJUUN
NeoShow Pro v1.0 : s/n: 0123456THTJNQN
NeoShow Pro v2.0 : s/n: 2115868RUJISNV
NeoShow Pro v2.5 : s/n: 4711081WUIJTRC
NeoShow Pro v2.7 : s/n: 1943920BLRTQVS or s/n: 1957168KVMRXUJ or s/n: 2046454TNWSFML
NeoShow Pro v2.7 : s/n: 1943920BLRTQVS
NeoSoft phantom screensaver v1.2b : s/n: 4711081WIRJUUN
Neosoft Quikmenu III : s/n: 1158262HMJPKLS
NeoSoft Viewer v1.2a : Name: Mad Jester -=GRS=- s/n: 10342643147252
Nero Burning Rom v3.0.3.5 : Name: djHD Company: UCF s/n: 3304-9363-0000-6615-3295
Nero Burning Rom v3.0.3.6 : s/n: 1336046291230781
Nero Burning Rom v3.0.4.1 : s/n: 3755819022526511
Nero Burning Rom v3.0.4.2 : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp s/n: 3734819143820471
Nero Burning Rom v3.0.6.0 : s/n: 1303-1304-0000-5964-4169
Nero Burning Rom v3.0.7.1 : Name/Company: blastsoft s/n: 13009809000000008419
Nero Burning Rom v4.0.0.1 : s/n: 1441-0000-0020-2999-4055
Nero Burning Rom v4.0.0.2 : s/n: 1441-0000-0020-2999-4055
Nero Burning Rom v4.0.0.6 : s/n: 1460-0000-0011-6483-2767
Nero Burning Rom v4.0.0.7 : s/n: 1404-0000-0024-3401-1827
Nero Burning Rom v4.0.1.3 : s/n: 1401-1000-0404-0404-3174
Nero Burning Rom v4.0.3.0 : s/n: 1480-0128-5000-4070-2960
Nero Burning Rom v4.0.3.5 : s/n: 1464-0000-0034-5117-3393
Nero Burning Rom v4.0.5.0 : s/n: 1480-0128-5000-4070-2960
Net Boy Suite v1.2.3 : Name: jog Company: DNG s/n: NB12-TR-14031998-idstchamlz PacketBoy: PB13-01-14031998-adolfxcwzb WebBoy: WB13-01-14031998-hdgbaiormd EtherBoy: EB13-01-14031998-hdtdgecdmp GeoBoy: GB13-01-14031998-pdoxsiznta
Net Commander Internet Suite v2.0 : s/n: NS-100-000-001 Key: D118-4E15
Net-Commando v1.0b : Name: BSC - DDUK s/n: 756B72101C117572637C
Net Cribbage v4.01 : s/n: 1999523178
Net Durak v4.0 : s/n: 2990205641
Net Games v1.0 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: YJDXLNFJ
Net Gin Rummy v2.0 : Name: Christian Heeg s/n: 2283674433
Net Gin Rummy v4.0 : s/n: 2753361002
Net Launch v1.1 : Name: Zentaur Arts s/n: 209120745
Net Manager v4.6 : s/n: 34059131041712S3
Net Medic v1.2 : s/n: SPMC-00270890
Net Note v2.7 : Name: RAGGER s/n: SLicence
Net Partitioner v3.1.1a : s/n: kynswnp
Net Partitioner v3.2.1 : s/n: kynswnp
Net Poker v4.0 : s/n: 1010536647
Net Probe v1.0.1 : Name: Revolt 97 Email: s/n: 00013d26
Net Probe v1.0.2.1 : Name: zaarnik Email: cr@ck.blz s/n: 00015195
Net Probe v1.0.2.2 : Name: $keve file://CrAG Email: s/n: 00013dde
Net Profile v1.0 : s/n: 9501-00029976
Net Profile v1.1 : s/n: 9501-01113240
Net Proxy v3.01.129 : 666Users: The Exterminators Key: XSKQZZWCQS UnlimitedUsers: The Exterminators Key: XSKQZ1LQXS
Net Proxy v3.02.229 : Name: MoWAX [Nobliege] s/n: ZZQKTD4NPNF4
Net Proxy v3.03 : UnlimitedUsers: The Exterminators Key: XSKQZ1LQXS 666Users: The Exterminators Key: XSKQZZWCQS
Net Proxy Lite v2.0.7 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: LDPPJGGGLHD
Net Road HTML Browser : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 02641708-3709
Net Rocker v1.0 : s/n: A0011A03 - A316520C Reg: 5097ED3A
Net Scout Manager v5.0.0 : s/n: 3683029830 Code: 4522-2222-3333-5433 Exp: 12-24-99
Net Sea War v4.0 : s/n: 1329950003
Net See War v2.0 : Name: Christian Heeg s/n: 1997401639
Net Spades v4.0 : s/n: 1789084352
Net Stat 101 v1.1 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 1005jjns101
Net Submitter Pro v2.1.28 : s/n: AATKP63ADP59S8A
Net Submitter Pro v2.1.30 : s/n: AATKP63ADP59S8A
Net Submitter Pro v2.1.43 : s/n: AATKP63ADP59S8A
Net Submitter Pro v2.1.44 : s/n: AATKP63ADP59S8A
Net Timer Pro v3.0 : Name: KiLLa [c0re'97] s/n: 4E5E219EC966583A
Net Toob Stream v3.3 : s/n: YMR-BBM-AKR-A
Net Toolbox v1.0.71 : Name: Steven Anger s/n: 00899563725996184
Net Wizard Client and Server v4.1 : s/n: TRMLKGGB
Net2Phone v8.68 : ID: 99860 Account: 7638-5974-0201
Netattach : Name: MCA 96 s/n: DXR5MAVCUZAPVVY
NetBar : s/n: 176504404807540
NetBasic Compiler SDK v6.0 : s/n: 300-4038-40102614
NetBeans Developer v2.1 : s/n: 1228-8884
NetBid v1.0 : Name: James R Young s/n: 320254
NetBoy v1.3.1 : Installation: NB10-01-12345678-1234567890 EtherBoy: EB10-01-12345678-zbufsgqkwv GeoBoy: GB10-01-12345678-zbmlsnqawn PacketBoy: PB10-01-12345678-pbahwtwpwq WebBoy: WB10-01-12345678-nbfbqouagb
NetBuddy v1.51 : Name: Slick-LSD Company: LSD s/n: 001-1-0000106908
Netbus Pro v2.01 : Name: darKwING s/n: DD0AEC18 or Name: defiler Company: TEX '99 s/n: D8FB0421
Netbus Pro v2.0b : Name: jak Company: TbC s/n: 7E068173
Netbus Pro v2.10 : Name: ACiD BuRN s/n: C3ECB49C
NetCom NetCruiser v1.0 : s/n: 91629
NetCommander 95 : s/n: NCWN-7456-011722
NetContact v6.2 : Name: Gura Philip s/n: 3387
NetFolder v2.0a : Name: (Anything) s/n: LSR71-QZA29-MWK17-CHNS
NetFolder v2.1 : Name: fallen s/n: LSR71-QZA29-MWK17-CHNS
NetFormX v3.5.86 : s/n: 1581 201982015 1581
NetFormX v3.5.91 : s/n: 0 170328127 1581
NetGrabber v1.20 : Name: DeadEyE [ThP] s/n: 1335262A1229026E0C042F1E0A
Netgraphica FPX Format Client Developer Edition v1.0 : s/n: NGBAN-XGPM-LSXF-8TMPN
Netgraphica IIP Client Developer Edition C++ v1.0 : s/n: NGBDE-V9KM-RSXF-V6R6L
Netgraphica IIP Client Developer Edition Java v1.0 : s/n: NGCYK-X0JM-RSXF-M86XM
Netgraphica IIP Server v1.0 : s/n: NGJYW-ZHGM-LSXF-35AFL
NetGraphics Optimizer2 v1.0 : s/n: NZ2-53722-13981-52543
NetGuard Control Center v4.4041 : Name: Jerry s/n: 2673-23432
NetHound v1.0 : s/n: 10000000-19670127
NetInfo v2.01.520 : Name: TND Company: PGC s/n: 042-1144954
NetInfo v2.1.701 : s/n: 042-1144954
NetInfo v2.2 : s/n: 042-1144954
NetInfo v2.9 Special build 308 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: 042-1144954
NetInfo v3.1 : s/n: 042-1144954
NetInfo v3.4 Build 603 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: D9D0-71B5A538-93B5
NetInfo v3.5.802 : Name: Kathras^HLM s/n: CA8B-F205F62D-3934
NetIntellect v3.02 : s/n: D470-R417-D7191
NetIntellect Express v3.02 : s/n: S886-L214-E70
Net-It Central Pro Unlimited User v3.5.590 : s/n: 0784-8223-0690
Netiva v2.51 Build 557 : (Go to File, Settings, Liscense Key tab) s/n: UZ3GLADZAS541DCV
NetLinkIt v1.6.3 : s/n: 05033-10970-a-1697 Key: A3A5-878A
NetLookout v2.09 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: 4671188
NetLookout v2.09b : Name: Delphic s/n: 3959797
NetLookout v2.23 : Name: DeMoN s/n: 2130727
NetLookout Pro v2.10 : Name: Delphic s/n: 3959797
Netmanage Chameleon v7.0 : s/n: 34108131059088S3 Key: B71E
Netmanage Chameleon Connectivity Suite v8.0 : s/n: 0l7BFBVE3oJ0T0000MV0009t000CC Key: 7171
Netmanage Chameleon/NFS v4.1 : s/n: 3405913104171253 Key: a224
NetManage ECCO Pro v3.02 : s/n: 1101232620
NetManage ECCO Pro : s/n: 040-0666555
NetMapper v1.0 : s/n: 3365904
NetMaster 99 v1.01 : Name: Delphic s/n: 203011572 or Name: draXXter s/n: 206230647
NetMaster 99 v1.1 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 318887475 or Name: The Exterminators s/n: 381565158
NetMedic Pro v1.2 : s/n: 0000000300743
NetNote v2.0 : Name: Me s/n: Re
NetNote v2.6c : Name: JOHN s/n: WgQC
NetNote v3.0 Final Beta : Name: SIRAX s/n: SLicence
NetObjects Authoring Server Administrator v3.0 : s/n: V-00001-0020-S-9e97f290f104204b
NetObjects Authoring Server Suite v3.0 : s/n: V-00001-0020-S-9e97f290f104204b
NetObjects Fusion v3.0 : s/n: NFW-300-P-077-01851-47469
NetObjects Fusion v3.0 F.43a : s/n: NFW-300-Z-000-00000-36917
NetObjects Fusion v4.0 : s/n: NFW-400-R-349-03215-49557
NetObjects Fusion v4.01g : s/n: NFW-401-P-126-01133-35854
NetObjects Fusion : Code: 5029502950295029 Unlock: 8392970931304819
NetObjects ScriptBuilder v2.0 : s/n: NSBW-200-USA-076-102650
NetObserver v2.0.1 : Name: zoin s/n: 815791235652
NetOP School v1.10 : Name: (Anything) Teacher: UK00110-00T0-000000-CAE3-000000 Student: UK00110-00S0-000000-39D2-000000
NetPad v3.0 : s/n: LKUN7 GRYM5 2SM5W
NetPal v1.1b : Name: CDWarez s/n: 2349453
NetPal v1.2a : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 1788975
NetPopUp v2.15 : Name: Registered s/n: 83267147Registered
NetPopUp v2.2 : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: 83278332tHATDUDE
NetProbe v1.0.1.8 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Email: SDC@Cracker.Com s/n: 00015ab9
NetResults ProblemTracker v2.11 : Name/Email: (Anything) s/n: dist 7tj3 r223 4n89
Netris Kombat Full Arsenal v1.5 : s/n: 1013-1838-3216-8639
NetRoom v3.0 : s/n: 02-R809678 or s/n: 02-P01593
NetRoom v3.04 : s/n: 02-R809678 or s/n: 02-R843611
NetRoom : s/n: 02-R25593
NetRunner v1.02 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1 Key: 481366 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 1 Key: 262704
Netscape Application Builder v3.0 : s/n: 1082241828-1606719610
Netscape Cache Explorer v1.1 : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: bYUMVKTV
Netscape Cache Explorer v1.31 : Name: Versus s/n: eieefchh
Netscape Cache Explorer v1.32 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: ytqtsqrr
Netscape Cache Explorer : Name: Pr0metheus s/n: WggJfOBZ
Netscape Kiva Developer Studio v2.1 : s/n: 2488913585-1149908072
Netscape Kiva Enterprise Server v2.1 : s/n: 2488913585-1149908072
Netscape Provider Maintainance v1.22 : Name: Ringer s/n: wquspmpj
Netscape Provider Maintenance v1.20 : Name: TwinHead [uCF] !96 s/n: G3EA87A6
Netscape SmartMarks v1.0 : s/n: BAU40B906221984
NetSketch v2.11 : Name: snh s/n: 83039073
NetSketch v2.22 : Name: Warp s/n: 35208688
NetSketch v2.3 : Name: REKiEM / PCY '99 s/n: 52061614
NetSnap 4 Stream v1.1 : License: 7100-3004-0020 Key: 3040
NetSonic v2.0 : s/n: NS-100-008-125 Key: 27AF-C2E9
NetSwitcher v2.96 : Start program, while holding both the Shift and Control Keys, click "About" button in Netswitcher window, then enter: s/n: 0HLNGgHDtPHLNGWHHnNLLNUDO/@RTARV@UC
NetTerm v2.8 : Name: CowMoo The Great! s/n: 40032833
NetTerm v2.8.7 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: kfu991ff
NetTerm v3.2.2 : Name: NETTERM User s/n: f99k1k5q
NetTerm v3.21 : Name: Sodom s/n: 3i7q9ii7
NetTerm v3.23 : Name: Single User s/n: u918c9ci
NetTerm v4.2.6 : Name: RTA 98 s/n: 27554k67
NetTerm v4.2.8 : Name: rAggEr/CORE s/n: auf5q1ii
NetTerm v4.22 : Name: register s/n: 8192u923
NetTerm v4.x : Name: SavaGe [PC] s/n: i1c8q12i or Name: SavaGe s/n: 58c6c2qi
NetTerm v4.30 : Name: Gordon s/n: a2qac8i2
NetToob MultiMedia Viewer v2.03 : s/n: WWWNKVLKN
NetTools v2.0 : FirstName: elmopio LastName: iNSiDE Date: 1/1/2000 s/n: F0-I8B1J99
NetTracker Enterprise v4.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 000-0100010 Key: E8bbqU-aM8888b88-8b88888mD
NetTracker Proxy v3.5 : Name: (Anything) Company: (Anything) s/n: 000-0100010 Key: 9mb86R-8d88b888b-88888aD
NetWar : Name: dARkAGE s/n: TTA007
NetWare Asynch Communication Services : s/n: 11790421
NetWare Connect : s/n: 136-003794-001
NetWare OS/2 WorkStation Utilities : s/n: 136-001735-001
NetWare Video Service Install v1.0 : s/n: 22395822
Network 386 v3.11 : s/n: 03302499
Network Archivist BackUp v2.0d : s/n: TNAS4013799
Network Archivist Expansion v2.0d : s/n: EN1680004HD or s/n: EN1TD3004HC
Network Constant Companion : s/n: 314512090310004
Network File Monitor v1.0 : Name: TheLord Key: (Anything) s/n: d8b64dea71efbf828dc5
Network Plus : s/n: 02-AU1-0726C-0RNR-002-20052
Network Spy v0.9 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 0885432320-404208
Network Spy v1.1 : Name: Ringer s/n: 3517330688-440210
Network Unplugged v1.0a : s/n: ABF8DJ8PF
Network Unplugged v1.8 : s/n: ABF8DJ8PF
Networked Bookmarks v1.0 : Name: Team DEMiSE s/n: CRT3729121216
Networked Bookmarks v1.5 : Name: Team DEMiSE s/n: CTR3729121216
NetXRay Distributed Version v3.01 : s/n: 3A-30003043-NABLVC
NetZip v6.00.40 : s/n: CW000C9W
NetZip v6.30.45 : s/n: ww34566=
NetZip Classic v6.52 : s/n: 12w4567-
NetZip Classic v7.0.0.32 : s/n: --r----0
NetZip Deluxe v6.51 : s/n: 4iLeyECm ID: nz63
NetZip Deluxe v6.52.15 : s/n: 4iLeyECm ID: nz63
NetZip Deluxe v7.0.0.32 : s/n: 12r45670
NeuNet Pro v2.01 : s/n: 9992-9419-9122
Neural Lab v2.1 : s/n: NS-100-000-002 Key: A8EB-FDA7
NeverEnding Disk v2.1 : s/n: NDO101841
New Lines v1.0 : s/n: NL-123-758
New Vision C++ Developers Suite : s/n: 191NVC-107161529163817
News Bat v1.0 : Name: JudgeD [PC'99/MFD] s/n: 2D7EE2A881A48485
News Bin v2.14 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: EISATYYJEEQYBQ==
News Bin v2.25 : Name: death angel Email: s/n: 67608f55-5fc0217f-32fa251e
News Bin v3.01 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN Email: BaRT@SiMPSoN.CoM s/n: 41f94118-75127a02-6092fec1
News Ferret v1.1102 : s/n: NS-100-002-267 Key: F1B7-E584
News Grabber v2.1.06 : Name: Tin/DNG s/n: 131270637899 or Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: 161922691920
News Grabber v2.1.12 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 116130309322
News Grabber v2.1.15 : Name: BaMa/MANiFEST s/n: 105823049874
News Grabber v2.1.17 : Name: Delphic s/n: 11056011352 or Name: Walhalla/oDT s/n: 126299186206
News Grabber v2.1.18 : Name: FALLEN s/n: 077348943070
News Grabber v2.1.19 : Name: Blackstar TRPS s/n: 116130309322
News Grabber v2.1.20 : Name: kaN[LSD] s/n: 146550403964
News Grabber v2.1.23 : Name: DeMoN Release Crew s/n: 111925857654
News Grabber v2.1.25 : Name: RayBieZ s/n: 121190294127
News Grabber v2.1.27 : Name: Walhalla/oDT s/n: 126299186206
News Grabber v2.1.4 : Name: bl98 s/n: 148521916736
News Marauder v1.4 : Name: KiLLa CoRE s/n: NE709-1079091320-1WGS47
News Poster Pro v5.3.4 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! Company: UCF s/n: 69103 Key: PLESLM
News Pro v1.51b : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 4uv+S9eZSXk-9188
News Robot v3.3 : Name: s/n: grwaybpd
News Robot v5.0 : Name: PhrozenCrew@Efnet.#PC96 s/n: shvppkmt
News Rover v3.2 Rev 1 : Name: Larry D. Holder s/n: 0197-4385-05
News Rover v3.3 : Name: Vanhalen s/n: 2081-1448-74
News Rover v4.2 : Name: tchan s/n: 3531034668
News Rover v5.1 : Name: tchan s/n: 3531034668
News Scanner v1.1 : Name: sidt s/n: 00A1B2C1 or Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: 2BBE0779
News Tracker v1.0 : s/n: 08QVX2R7
NewsBin v2.21 : Name: core jes Email: s/n: f10adc99-70731fe5-29c2c39a
NewsBin v2.23 : Name: CORE DrRhui Email: s/n: 67608f81-30d04087-21a6bbf9
NewsBin v2.24 : Name: Prophecy [tNO '98] Email: Prophecy@tNO.KiCK.aSS.CoM s/n: 033c6500-e14d7f15-6dbec9e9
NewsBot : Name: ED!SON '96 s/n: OBLAEARD
Newsgroup AutoPoster 95 v2.0.14 : Name: LOMAX Address: DSI Other: (Anything) Quit program, then enter s/n: 207322479-190300929
Newsgroup AutoPoster 95 v2.0.22 : Click on purchase and only enter: Name: Bisoux Address: Dream City Then quit the program and enter: Key: 1367367664-488720284
NewsMail Collector v1.0 : Name: Jocelyne Lachance s/n: cmhs3bl8ftt75
NewsMail Collector v1.3 : Name: Ashley Hall s/n: sjr2opi3n38rr
NewsMonger v1.5.1 : Install, when prompted, register with Name: jog Company: DNG Leave everything else blank. Then register again with s/n: 82A0EF2590ABCDE
NewsRover v2.7 : Name: Mad Jester [GRS 97] s/n: 3211570215
NewView v1.1 : (In win.ini make [NEWVIEW]) ID: 1996 Name: TwinHead [uCF] !96 count: 2
NexNote Plus : s/n: VRU-6HE-APNCGMB
Next FTP v1.68 : ID: TX01224JMM Password: 7779
Next FTP v1.72 : ID: TX44444/ITR Password: 8446J56
Next FTP v1.73 : Name: TX44946-CORE s/n: 2291K56
Next Wave Software 1997 : Name: NiTR8^ Company: GCRACK s/n: AWR-2407779072-05
NextStart v2.0.85 : Name: TEX99 s/n: V8O-NRH-OL5-VYQ
NextStart v2.0.88 : Name: NaG3_TeaM s/n: F6T-MRI-WCP-M3N or Name: TEX2K s/n: M1B-OMT-LUF-3FN or Name: SavaGe [PC] s/n: W78-ULI-DIQ-1FW
NexusMedia 5 UtilPack v1.0 : TalkingClock: 84774663 WPExpress: 54545865
NFL Office Pool 98 v1.0 : s/n: DS1000NFLOP
NFL Office Pool 99 v2.2.3.3 : s/n: DSS99FP
NFL WoofPool v4.21 : Name: ACiD BuRN [ECL'99] s/n: 88342721
NFS v3.0 : s/n: 32612326-31893260-321a904e
NFS Maestro Client v5.0 : s/n: MI-000064
NFS Maestro Solo for Win95 v6.1 : s/n: MO95ES-100-026 Key: E381-238C
NFS Maestro TCP/IP : s/n: 21207859
NFTP v1.50 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 1617nft5ftfvlCGd5bb991rjx
NFTP v1.53 : Name: darKwING s/n: CR-0mtqafxt8uroidvr6spmgb
NHL Sim v3.1 : Name: AGC Team s/n: AGCTTKGS
NHL Simulator v3.1 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: KGTGJMTZ
NHL Simulator v3.1.2 : Name: -= ORiON =- s/n: WOGUHFUD
NiBaLa CD Auto Menu 98 v2.0.0 : s/n: Ni05Ba04La4675497366
Nic Express v1.1c : s/n: 381567
Nic O' Matic v1.71 : s/n: cn1-mfvfqb-3242y
NiceTracker v1.01b : Name: Rezel [iNSiDE] s/n: 275903239527590323952
Nico's Commander v2.02 : s/n: 31JAMC0153
Nico's Commander v3.03 : s/n: 31JAMC0153
Nico's Commander v4.01 : s/n: 36TZEX0000
Nico's Commander v4.03 : s/n: AACDLUYXG
Nico's Commander v4.10 : s/n: 36TEZX0000
NinjaSwitcher v2.53 : Name: PUTZI^ODT s/n: C990B9A3
NIPrint v3.2q : Name: Azrael Company: Rebels s/n: 717385479999
NJStar v1.20.15 : Name: Mad Pig Company: Hacker Studio s/n: 55172823
NJStar v3.0 : s/n: 3001042
NJStar Japanese Word Processor v4.2 : s/n: 401024215678
Njwin v1.60 : press ALT + $! Name: RaYf00[SKL98] Company: SKELETON s/n: 400133792812
No Frills Timer v1.4 : Name: Cosmo Cramer s/n: 01-0000-5618
NoCharge v1.3 : s/n: e1391632wWx392L3astJ
Noise Reduction : s/n: 110-0001376-365709
NoiseNak v1.1.2 : Name: Nop [Phrozen Crew] s/n: D840E6602FE0A90E
NoiseNak v1.1.4 : Name: Ringer s/n: C4A4704952145014
Noisy Poker and BlackJack Suite : s/n: 359367
Noisy Video Poker And BlackJack v5.0 : s/n: 359367
Nokia Smart Messaging Agent v0.99ß : Name: L!M!T [TEX] s/n: 1999 Key: 445111481726521C521A4509000000
Nokia Startup Logo Editor v1.0a : Name: viny [GWA] s/n: 12121212 Key: 114601135D201935211F0100000000
Nokia Startup Logo Editor v1.0rc15 : Name: The Exterminators s/n: TEX-666-TEX Key: 1D614C403058510D1F135D25490300
Nokia Startup Logo Editor v1.0rc7 : Name: The Exterminators s/n: TEX-666-TEX Key: 1D614C403058510D1F135D25490300
Nokia Wap Server v1.0 : Name: posey s/n: 0SK5J3-1GHM2A-GLKQM3
Nomad News v1.11 : s/n: 000000000-123456789
Nomad News v1.23 : s/n: 111111111-032547698
Nomad News v1.34 : s/n: JeffreyPGabel-713700477
Nonsense Madness : Name: (Anything) s/n: 3tx987840
NookNak v1.3.3 : Name: Ringer s/n: 26E36F09AB4F71A0
Norton Administrator for Networks : s/n: M5NA15XG10410213
Norton AntiVirus NL : s/n: 07-31-90068-NL
Norton Ghost for Netware v1.51 : s/n: Finally
Norton Navigator NL : s/n: 07-31-90067-NL
Norton TexTra Connect v1.1 : s/n: A7881492178
Norton Utilities : s/n: 07-31-90069-NL
Nostradamus v1.1 : Name: CORE/ITR s/n: 82339-PW-70456
Note Calendar v1.01 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 563N5602BG9FK8P29
Note Worthy Composer 1.51a : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: 111-969-933965
NoteBook v4.3 : Name: JUANDA s/n: 3215146950 or Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 3227150743
NoteBook v4.6 : Name: fjalar Company: TEXTURE s/n: 3235836484
NoteBook v5.2 : Name: iNTUTiLS s/n: zki,,2,*83742
Notepad Pro v1.0 : Name: MANiFEST DESTiNY s/n: 25412
Notepad+ v2.00.0.1 : Name: SpiNBalL s/n: 0D2D1BE1-605CCC4
NotePager v2.0.1 : Name: Matt Kerchenfaut Company: Matt Kerchenfaut Address1: 6024 Sherman Road City: Woodridge State: IL Zip: 60517 Country: US Key: 4160-1057-1663618-3146034
Notes v1.0.0002 : s/n: 274-3576-838-3989
Notes On Rocketfuel v2.1 : Name: Esquire s/n: NTW-1005-2053
NoteWork Electronic Mail for Novell Netware v4.0 : s/n: 010-DSK-0353
NoteWorthy Composer v1.55 : Name: ArseniK/DARKSTAR s/n: 000-602-868538
NoteWorthy Composer v1.55a : Name: Me! s/n: 345-014-101834
NoteWorthy Composer v1.55b : Name: Darkzz [Crystal] s/n: 000-680-123608
NotPad v2.5 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 2130586769
Notpad v2.61 : Name: -= CiA =- s/n: 605077612
NotPad v2.61 : Name: draXXter s/n: 2033925915
Nova v1.0z : Name: Khayman the Ancient Company: FRONTiER s/n: NLD-0000411
Nova v2.0a : s/n: NLD-0801426
Nova v2.0h : Name: The GodFader [pct] s/n: NLD0393444
NovaBackUp v4.04 : s/n: 401W52003
NovaBackup+ v6.0 : s/n: NovaStor6
NovaDisk+ v5.0 : CCard: 000000000000 AccessCode: 666668ZZZA
NovaDisk+ v6.0 : s/n: NovaStor6
Novagraph IncChartist v1.9 : s/n: 419430400 1484 51153 (good for 51153 users)
NovaNet v7.0 SP2D Build 168.10632 : s/n: 92B3BC55-AB0545E9-E9F8CE9B
Novell DOS 7.0 Personal NetWare v1.0 : s/n: S6-004001-001
Novell NetWare v4.10 : s/n: S18637297
Novell Perfect Office v3.0 : s/n: 1PO30XW0001011OZ
Novell Perfect Office Pro v3.0 : s/n: 1PP30XW0019293
Novell Perfect Works v2.0 : s/n: 1WW20XW0020634
Novell Personal NetWare : s/n: 23660970
Now Utilities : s/n: NUA-500-0001-005930092882
NoWhere Man's Virus Creator : ZIP: ARoseIsARoseIsARose EXE: ChibaCity
NPCOMM v1.50 : Name: LOMAX s/n: ZThr2QGbPX
NT PayMaster v2.05 build 1 : s/n: 6e74436f20b51f933c35d1092efe43d2
NT Status Manager v2.1.9 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: FAZ786547SQWAQ7
NTMail v4.01m : s/n: Aa[rPgEBM@QY
NTMail v4.20a : MiddleKey: Reference: AF6804.63 Key: CC*XWMD2NN@RK54YQC UnlimitedKey: Reference: AF6804.63 Key: CCSDE39TNN@XK54YQC
Nton Proxy v2.0 : Name: KAC s/n: 150367251163
N-Track v1.1 beta : Name: (Anything) ID: CCD696 Password: GVUVYVYL
N-Track v1.5.2 : Name: (Anything) ID: otomhctihw s/n: KLXTDRRC or Name: (anything) ID: lok_90964 s/n: juujk90898
N-Track v2.0 : Name: dEVIL/UCF ID: nurtuo s/n: 198698-NMS4N
N-Track v2.0.1 : Name: ODIN 98 ID: nurtuo s/n: 198698-NMS4N
N-Track v2.2.1 : Name: JaZzMaStR ID: blues s/n: yzarcma
N-Track v2.2.13 : Name: dustie of blizzard ID: blues s/n: yzarcma
N-Track v2.2.18 : Name: CORE/DrRhui ID: blues s/n: yzarcma
N-Track Studio v0.99 beta2 : Name: splasher [BLiZZARD] Code: wilkinson s/n: FGH76-KOKMP8
N-Track Studio v1.07 : Name: (Anything) Code: wilkinson s/n: FGH76-KOKMP8
N-Track Studio v1.08 : Name: CORE/DrRhui Code: wilkinson s/n: FGH76-KOKMP8
N-Track Studio v1.1.3 : Name: AzirAfAle^DARKSTAR99 Code: ghf77862 Password: QHHKK-THGMCM
N-Track Studio v1.10a : Name: CORE/DrRhui Code: ghf77862 Password: QHHKK-THGMCM
N-Track Studio v1.2.6 : Name: CORE/DrRhui Code: 318779461 Password: 118550432
N-Track Studio v1.3.1 : Name: Sickie [TbC] ID: 319097922 Password: 118668864
N-Track Studio v1.3.3 : Name: (Anything) Code1: 1304097795 Code2: 484979040
N-Track Studio v2.0 beta 2 build 572 : Name: (Anything) Code1: 319097922 Code2: 118668864
N-Track Studio v2.0 : Name: (Anything) Code1: 15803530 Code2: 12385845
N-Track Studio v2.0.1 : Name: Kathras^DMR Code1: 275278299 Code2: 215745133
NTService Master v1.0 : s/n: QN-20010-42
Nugraf 3D Rendering System v1.3f : Name/Company: (Anything) CDLabel: showregdlg s/n: 1234567890127677F243
Nugraf 3D Rendering System v2.1i : Name: SPRITE Company: PENTIUM CDLabel: SHOWREGDLG s/n: NTP-000055441605F06 SI&Openflight: SI-98D24426 SAT: SAT-672D2215 IGES: IGES-B396873E
Nugraf 3D Rendering System v2.2 : Password: nrs7kv6dza58c623 CD-Key: SHOWREGDLG s/n: NOT-x86345-81604F7F8E Name/Company: (Anything) SoftImage: si-bf9420ec ACIS/SAT: sat-4029a224 IGES: iges-9ff3e47b
Nugraf v2.2k : Code: SHOWREGDLG s/n: NOT-x86345-81604F7F8E Name/Company: (Anything) SoftImage: si-bf9420ec ACIS/SAT: sat-4029a224 Iges: iges-9ff3e47b
Numerology Star Reader v11.0 : s/n: VSAH-NSRCRS6-70812em-RR835-6245mn
Numerology Star Reader v12.6 : s/n: 2?F$s9D-GeQ-z28
Numerology Star Reader v14.0 : s/n: 2?F$s9D-GeQ-z28Fg3-9
Numerology Star Reader v15.0 : s/n: q4h0S Ey4%2 7G6zj 5U*1e69 or s/n: q4h0S-Ey4%2-7G6zj-5U*1e12
NuPaint : s/n: 10111220
Nuthin But Net v1.0 : s/n: 135797531
NutriTrak v1.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: N16595
Nuts & Bolts v1.03 : s/n: 09-A57347
Nuts & Bolts : s/n: 09-a22915


O&O Defrag v1.265 : Name: s/n: 0663-V86M-9614-06MM
Object Desktop v1.02 : s/n: TS18-0034-032344 or s/n: TS10-0001-000345
Object Master v6.0 : Name: DOD Chick Company: Aacorn Inc. s/n: 0054
Objective Diagram v1.1 Beta 1 : Password: RockAndRollCreation!!!
Objective Grid v6.01 : Password: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR
Objective Studio 99 : ObjectiveStudio99: A4S14-09-001047 Tools.VC++: 24114-09-001001
Objective Toolkit Pro v5.12 : Password: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABB
Objective Toolkit X DockingForms vBeta 3 : Password: CaseyJones!!!
ObjGen v1.1 : s/n: 455-747767-396
OBS Communucations Program v2.0 : s/n: 96002N18YLT
Observer v3.0 : Name: Kill3XX Company: AVaLoN Generated: 80660271 s/n: 98760094999
Observer v5.2a : Name: EinZtein Company: Blizzard98 s/n: 123-91394080
Octopus v1.5d : s/n: A1500848
Octopus v3 Build 215m : s/n: QOFAXTJV-4YLD3NF3CA9C94TB
Octopus Ha+ v3.1 : s/n: QOKILLXC-4YLD3NF3CA9CBMLT
Octus PTA Front End : s/n: OCT160009063
OD v1.5 : s/n: TS10-0001-092581
ODARS2web v3.00.23 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 1010101
ODB Talk v2.5 : s/n: 01158-9525
ODBC Access Library for DBTools.h++ v3.1.1 : s/n: 34107-09-001120
ODBC Explorer v1.04 : s/n: 394796
ODBC Interface v2.01 : s/n: 111332
Odyssey v1.0 : s/n: 987670
OEM Logo Master v1.2 : s/n: 0A-0F-123456
OEW for Java v2.0.3 : FirstName: the LastName: technic AddressLine1: pwa AddressLine2: pwa ZipCode: pwa City: pwa s/n: E177430442123C03
Office v7.0b : s/n: 415-0151383
Office 2000 Developer : s/n: 111-1111111
Office 2000 Full : s/n: GC6J3-GTQ62-FP876-94FBR-D3DX8 or s/n: DT3FT-BFH4M-GYYH8-PG9C3-8K2FJ or s/n: KY7XV-6PF6K-FQDGJ-4PYQY-QDFYM or s/n: Q3PX2-T7Y8Q-8X2VR-PQCTP-YQCYQ or s/n: H3X78-Q23HJ-TGT6Q-DK2H4-T2BQ8
Office 2000 Premium : s/n: DT3FT-BFH4M-GYYH8-PG9C3-8K2FJ or s/n: MP4F9 W6C8V HTCCT T7MR Y7K3Y or s/n: GC6J3-GTQ62-FP876-94FBR-D3DX8
Office 2000 Professional : s/n: XVG79-Q2WK3-JRPMD-9H26V-7TBYT or s/n: GC6J3-GTQ62-FP876-94FBR-D3DX8 or s/n: BY3TG-48BRP-VTT2Y-YH84X-TYJ97
Office 2000 Small Business Edition : s/n: TW2RX-PPYX4-MW4FQ-YVYDQ-7CCCQ
Office 2000 Upgrade : s/n: RMYXR-DJ6FK-M8WBR-FKMB4-JXCCC or s/n: HPQCX-HC48T-WXW9M-BFMVD-FDXDX or s/n: QDXQ8-W7MJC-VBPQG-TC39K-MW9MV
Office 97 : s/n: 1921701-05354
Office 97 Pro : s/n: 8089-3069692 or s/n: 9990-1456507 or s/n: 9978-1234567
Office 97 Russian : s/n: 0701-0743365
Office 97 Standard : s/n: 4657-1931151
Office Chat v1.0 : s/n: 95P1-288S-8L30-U857
Office Control-Easy : s/n: 33233359
Office Financials 97 : s/n: 167649998411
Office Pro v4.2 : s/n: 14080-000-4203561
Office Pro v4.3c : s/n: 28779-051-0101444 or s/n: 27716-102-0128344
Office Pro : s/n: 425-1921701 or s/n: 103-0145657 or s/n: 102-0128344
Office View Pro v1.08 : Go to Help/About and press "R" and enter: Name: Warp98 Code1: 4809 Code2: 2000000000-2337
OfficeBlox : s/n: 43ABDC534754 or s/n: 7543AB05E023
OffLine AutoPGP v2.2+2 : (edit autopgp.cfg) line1: myKeyid=TGA line2: myregno=185230-000
Offline Explorer v1.0 115 : Name: TEX98 s/n: 546837-645138298-XF
Offline Explorer v1.1 Beta 2 : Name: paulux [LAXiTY] s/n: 485358-241436343-FY
Offline Explorer v1.1.150 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 545528-581952224-DD
Offline Explorer v1.1.153 : Name: DASavant [AnThraX] s/n: 475634-242192585-PK
Offline Explorer v1.1.157 SR2 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 434233-615762236-CB
Offline Explorer v1.1.160 : Name: Azrael [PC] Type: Site License s/n: 365252-459229429-JA
Offline Explorer v1.2 Beta 2 : Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] Type: Site License s/n: 372256-423961768-BM
Offline Explorer v1.2.167 beta : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 536445-569517894-NR
Offline Explorer v1.2 Beta 3 : Name: CHENZY s/n: 375864-436593125-XP or Name: Gordon s/n: 384554-333952517-AY
Offline Explorer v1.2.178 : Name: KFK s/n: 67363-545263364-AB or Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] s/n: 372256-423961768-BM
Oh No! v3.0bv : s/n: 9072163077
Ok2000 v1.0 : s/n: 5HJ4 ON1P FS32
Olectra Chart v6.0 : s/n: 20060FS-6E-315125
Olectra Chart v6.0.1 : s/n: 20060FS-U8-316062
Olectra Resizer v2.0 : s/n: 21020FS-CG-314354
Olectra Resizer v2.0.1 : s/n: 21020FS-AH-314690
Olectra Resizer v2.0.2 : s/n: 21020FS-EN-315074
Olms v2.0 : bbs: G.!.$ sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: CTGI530 RegNum: K128431229217460IRQ
Olms Professional v2.50p (10 Nodes) : bbs: G.!.$ sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: QGTI530 RegNum: D150231620100460BQTD
Olms Professional v2.50p (250 Nodes) : bbs: ??? sysop: ??? s/n: E??3330 RegNum: V1679434516839TMND
Olms Professional v2.50p (3 Nodes) : bbs: G.!.$ sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: CGTI530 RegNum: K150231620100460IRQ
OLX Off-Line Xpress : s/n: 44-4444
Omiga v1.1 : s/n: 14951122 License: 0232 6982 1999 4495 0676 3285 2579 1476 9853 6211 1
Omnifile Home v1.05 : s/n: W100-001
OmniFleet Pro v6.01 : s/n: 1788671844
OmniForm v2.0 : s/n: 3504A-C00-015606 or s/n: 3504A-C00-003932
OmniForm v3.0 : s/n: 3509A-D00-9999
OmniForm Filler v3.0 : s/n: 3609G-G00-301438
OmniForm Filler v4.0 : s/n: 3609G-G00-301438
OmniForm German v3.0 : s/n: 3509G-G00-301438
Omnilook v1.1f : Name: Versus s/n: OMN697T7252KL728759
Omni-NFS/X Enterprise v3.1 : s/n: 300112103-001 Password: E7A46E
OmniPage v2.1 : s/n: 0102E-%001705 or s/n: 0132A-%002643
OmniPage v8.0 : s/n: 2889A-C00-000000 Key: 78877094
OmniPage : s/n: 2804b-d00-999999
OmniPage Pro v5.0 : s/n: 2804B-C00-003700 Key: 872-0734-020
OmniPage Pro v5.02 : s/n: 2804A-C00-073789
OmniPage Pro v6.0 : s/n: 2804A-C00-088606 or s/n: 2804A-C00-090357
OmniPage Pro v7.0 : s/n: 2807A-G00-002255 or s/n: 2887A-G00-011896
OmniPage Pro v7.01 : s/n: 2807A-C00-010536
OmniPage Pro v9.0 : s/n: 2889A-C00-300048 Reg: 86263725 Key: 34937818
Omniquad Active Interface v1.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: OAI00120300017
Omniquad Desktop Surveillance 98 v2.5b : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: ODS120056009SCC1000EQS17000GX (1000 licenses)
Omniquad Detective v1.0d : s/n: 41062464:175-173-239-2-252-158-8-195
Omniquad Detective v2.0 : s/n: XBPX
Omniquad MicroManager v1.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: LTZ
Omniquad MicroManager v1.2c : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: LTZ-PROPHECY
Omniquad Outlines 98 v1.0c : Name: ESQUiRE s/n: LTZ868H4347Q41664A2
Omniquad Outlines 98 v1.1c : Name: Vizion/CORE s/n: LTZ777A0529A37296
Omniquad Outlines 98 v1.1f : s/n: LTZ
Omnis 5 RunTime : s/n: 11087165180
Omnis 7 v3.0 : s/n: CWRS 270836 20251 or s/n: CWRS270836 20251
Omnis Studio v2.00 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: d2dyavyn 502498 15242
Omnis Studio v2.1 Beta : s/n: d2dyavyn 502498 15242
Omni-X v6.0 : Name: B51665 s/n: 12-1-[gf]-465
On Target v1.0.0.11 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! [UCF] Email: s/n: 1234567890 Key: $C9226E0D
On Target v3.0 : s/n: ONT100R00219
One Cat Viewer v2.0 : Name: (Anything) Plus: 8GPWKF7290123456 Web: 8MSYKF7370123456
One Click Unzip v2.2 : s/n: UX8KDB
One-Liner v1.0 : Name: jog of dsi s/n: 8+dO2WjOjNYw
OneLink : s/n: BX979797 Key: 32207
Online Cost Monitor v2.01 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 6185-2233-11
Online Counter v5.01.1311 : Name: Klaus Müller s/n: 751-601-1N
Online Dynamic Server v7.23 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG
Online Meter v3.1 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 9334822
Online Observer v1.2 : Name: juss Email: juss@TEX s/n: 1516ICv1
Online Shopper v1.45 : s/n: MJG812
OnNet Host Suite v5.0 : Name: Azulejo\Sunsoft Company: TRPS s/n: 1240-0000e-88c8 Code: 1240-0000e-88c8
OnStage Professional Tools v3.0 : Name: Junko Suzak s/n: 2665995301-4128431477
OnStage Professional Tools Complete Suite v3.1 : Name: Tilson Lacy s/n: 3345348608-647361045
OnStage Professional Tools Movie Machine v3.1 : Name: Junko Suzak s/n: 2665995301-4128431477
OnStage SE Xtra v3.1 : Name: Tilson Lacy s/n: 3345348608-647361045
OOGler v1.0 : s/n: 1YSPSVRO
OPal v1.95 : s/n: 19991110-11011512 or s/n: 11111101-10155111
OpCode Fusion Filter v1.0 : s/n: 703-000-00000000 Code: 467436
OpCode Fusion Vinyl v1.1 : s/n: 702-000-00000000 Code: 515188
OpCode Fusion VoCode v1.2 : s/n: 701-000-00000000 Code: 564445
Open Doors v4.x - 5.x : Name: Batman s/n: 0x0000AA08
Open Doors v5.xx : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 0x000098AF or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 0x0000AB0A
Open File Manager v3.10 Build 357 : s/n: 7D1E-1086-0100-DF5D
Open File Manager v5.1 : s/n: F4CG-1332-HANK-MAN
OpenNT v2.0 : DemoKey: WXFG+JjXhv8 DevelopKey: RoNqdMdPbdE
OpenNT v2.0 : s/n: NDm2KWEr5Eo
OpenNT Server & SDK v2.1 : Server: EE=cMAAUs(E SDK: AAAAAALzfVP WorkstationLite: tA8DAjAVAA( Workstation: 6z9AAAAABQ=
OpenNT Software Development Kit : s/n: 4cgU/K=eog(
Opera v3.0 : Name: LordByte in 1998 Company: United Cracking Force s/n: 00000NFCtFKE
Opera v3.2 : Name: Versus Company: Versus s/n: VersFusbHga7
Opera v3.21 : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: CORE0g4FsRin or Name: LordByte in 1998 Company: United Cracking Force s/n: H000FBrrLZUp
Opera v3.50 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: Rhsewj2qkJYaba5bb35a36 or Name: CKCC Company: CKCC s/n: CKcc1cPE0RWV342977292a
Opera v3.60 : s/n: Mpgag0yuXufF-235b745263
Operation OverKill II v.0998 : bbsName: G.!.$ s/n Game: 97774 s/n Editor: 76663
Ophelia's Bingo World v1.22 : Name: Delphic s/n: 10E1151560
Ophelia's Bingo World v1.25 : Name: Funkyzero [CiA] s/n: 11E7230037
Optical Library Option v3.0 : s/n: CNCTZ-C14XM-XK9WK-R7I4K
Opticom MP3 Producer Pro v2.1 : Name: NATHON J. CARTER s/n: AWVtHVkdtaeVAoasv6GdxAIGB
Oracle 8 Access Library for DBTools.h++ v3.1.1 : s/n: 34116-09-001006
Oracle Administration v98.1 : s/n: 334772
Oracle for Linux v8.0.5 : s/n: C13060-01
Oracle Monitor Suite v1.10 : Start setup, Enter any Name, Organization and Serial you want. When installation finish, run the program, Press "Register" button and enter: s/n: 07691-77-00000
Oracle Monitor Suite v2.02 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 23394-20-42746
Oracle Monitor Suite v2.05 : s/n: 07691-77-00000
Oracle of the Runes v4.0 : s/n: 3MQ481100204347
Orange CD v1.0 : Name: CORE/JES s/n: WS-0000C310-FD10
Orange CD v3.0 : Name: Yaan [LAXiTY] s/n: WS-CBBBC221-F606
OrbitIRC v2.0 Beta 4 : Name: RTA Team s/n: qwpx{usrzvq{MK7vP>;?
OrbitIRC v2.02 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: GA7xPK6F@G:Dy:>9IICA
OrbitIRC v2.10 Beta 3 : Name: zaarnik s/n: qwpx{rzvq{yQ79NGC=
OrCAD Capture v7.01 : s/n: 1
OrCAD Express v7.01.21 : s/n: 1111111111
Ordix Mpack v1.15 : Name: CZY s/n: 59435A33
Organized Task Manager v2.0 : Name: Carolyn Connrad s/n: 0000303B1B4109084956433B155D0816515C
Organizer v1.0 : s/n: 369852
OrgPanel v1.0 : s/n: OR14213210
Origami v4.1 : s/n: 13079696
OrMedia v2.0 : Name: SWAT Company: SWAT s/n: 1C199701
OrMedia v2.5 : Name: escom Company: CORE s/n: SN02372198
OrMedia v2.7 : Name: Dolores Cansler s/n: 88DED8DEE4CAE64086C2DCE6D8CAE4
OstroSoft Internet Tools v2.5 : Name: TRPS s/n: 00011-kfai-01885
OstroSoft Internet Tools v2.5.31 : Name: justarius of dsi s/n: 66677-zbbg-66677
OstroSoft Internet Tools v2.5.35 : Name: TRPS s/n: 00011-kfai-01885
OstroSoft Internet Tools v3.1 : Name: SPRITEX Email: s/n: 6235409
OstroSoft Internet Tools v3.4.5 : Name: John Bar Email: s/n: 815172
OttoPaths Human Software : s/n: 460001
Outatime v3.0 : s/n: 3111738
Outline! v1.0b : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 113163CC
Outline! v1.1d : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: Pj0jI0kk
Outlook Automator v2.05 : s/n: OLA-215-7079959A7
OutPro v1.3 : Press Control-F5 and enter: s/n: Z111GBD
Outside In v2.1g : s/n: OW218312364 or s/n: WINOI221700100369
Outside In Server v1.0 : s/n: 12345678-7326
Outside View v3.2 : s/n: AB9321-526 or s/n: 18VS48-391
OWL Simple Business Accounting v1.21 : s/n: SBA-DW95-0000
OziExplorer v3.70a : Name: Arcane UCT s/n: $B374A1CB
OziExplorer v3.73e : Name: The Exterminators s/n: $6D14A40D
Ozzino Texter v2.1 : ID: TE2245 Code: E3478T_3033 Name: Brent Barrow
Ozzino Texter v2.11 : ID: TE2245 Code: E3478T_3033
Ozzino Texter Deluxe v3.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: M2976C_uCF!


P2CW v1.1 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] s/n: 111P
P2C-Plus Pascal-Compiler v1.21e : Name: ZoBeL s/n: 121P24861
Pack It Up v4.02 : s/n: TY7E687W12R83 or s/n: 2ER456Y78L9
Packager MK1 v2.0.0.60 : FirstName: escom LastName: CORE s/n: 7975-4659-6837-47757
Packager MK1 v2.1a : FirstName: [WkT! '99] LastName: Mr_GReeN Company: Whiskey Kon Tekila s/n: 9431-3335-1977-50796
Packed Column Calculator v1.1 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: PTOZAEGTL
PacketBoy v1.4.4 : Name: jog Company: MFD s/n: PB13-01-14031998-adolfxcwzb
PackMan v2.3 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] s/n: Tgdpqnbd
PacMania v1.12 : Name: Rebecca Lipski s/n: 0914364483673817
PACT 12Ghosts v99.1c : Name: Delphic s/n: 1446221057
PACT 12Ghosts v99.1d : Name: MANiFEST s/n: 1387002619
PACT 12Ghosts v99.9 : s/n: D9XsEDgXCyrROH/6FpOZjQ0vSXdxPHbcG+NWuNoJrK5JqFh8cUIfZjNXZtxTmWdM
PACT 2nd Backup v98.10 : Name: Warp s/n: 1744964461
PACT 2nd Backup v98.6 Beta 1 : Name: Linda Georgie s/n: 3913581168
PACT Desktop v98.10 : Name: Warp s/n: 1085757386
PACT Desktop v98.3 : Name: SiraX/[DNG] s/n: 1619642603
PACT Desktop v98.8 : Name: Warp s/n: 1085757386
PACT Desktop v99.1a : Name: TC [PGC] s/n: 1007994312
PACT Desktop v99.2c : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 1159757642
PACT Ghosts v98.5b : Name: TRPS ROCKS s/n: 3028676363
PACT Ghosts v98.8 : Name: CORE/ITR s/n: 4278913163
PACT JumpToRegKey v98.8 : Name: Warp98 s/n: 2535454229
PACT JumpToRegKey v98.8 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 1775462075
PACT Note Pad : Name: draXXter[Faith2000] s/n: 2039042174
PACT ProfileCopy v98.10 : Name: Warp s/n: 2115542668
PACT Quick Menu v98.7 : Name: team blizzard s/n: 3968003232
PACT Quick Menu v98.8 : Name: Warp98 s/n: 2463194705
PACT Quicky v98.3 : Name: SiraX/[DNG] s/n: 2615428737
PACT Save Layout v3.02 : Name: Carol Swafford s/n: 2529383583
PACT Save Layout v98 : Name: Team PGC s/n: 2533327117
PACT Save Layout v98 : Name: JUANDA s/n: 3477842678
PACT Save Layout v98.10 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: 1302630708
PACT Save Layout v98.3 : Name: SiraX/[DNG] s/n: 1135468486
PACT Save Layout v98.8 : Name: Warp s/n: 2690581610
PACT Save Layout Classic v98.4b : Name: warp s/n: 2359909687
PACT Second Backup v98.8 : Name: Warp s/n: 1744964461
PACT Set Text Color v98.8 : Name: Warp s/n: 1651146928
PACT Set Window Position v98.4 : Name: SiraX/[DNG] s/n: 1110794969
PACT Set Window Position v98.7 : Name: Warp s/n: 2074547951
PACT SetTextColor v98 : Name: JUANDA s/n: 2277918256
PACT ShellX v98.10 : Name: Warp s/n: 4238961217
PACT ShellX v98.8 : Name: Warp98 s/n: 3559455215
PACT Showtime v98.10 : Name: Warp s/n: 3865730018
PACT Showtime v99.1a : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 3219736130
PACT Shutdown v98.3 : Name: SiraX/[DNG] s/n: 3993204605
PACT Shutdown v98.8 : Name: Warp s/n: 4118734155
PACT Shutdown v99.2b : Name: Itchy-IND s/n: 1463502484
PACT Timer v98.10 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: 3724616666
PACT Timer v98.3b : Name: SiraX/[DNG] s/n: 1761588547
PACT Timer v98.5b : Name: warp s/n: 2376871317
PACT Timer v98.8 : Name: Warp s/n: 1537705630
PACT Timer v99.1a : Name: VERA S GREENUP s/n: 1869138795
PACT WinBzzzz v98 : Name: Warp s/n: 2074547951
PACT WinBzzzz v98.8 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: 2094720313
Paddies v2.0.1 : s/n: 2147483643
Page 'O Labels v2.8 : Name: n03l s/n: RKS-584173
Page Peeker v1.0 : Name: TS99 s/n: 5458662387548454
PageCraft v1.0 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 381649231331377
PageKeeper Standard v3.0 : s/n: 3259A-L07-016031
Pagemaker v5.0 : s/n: 03-4005-200136599
PageMaker v5.0a : s/n: 03-5025-303224614
PageMaker v6.0 : s/n: 03-3002-000062275 or s/n: 03-5025-303224614 or s/n: 03-4004-100486078
Pagemaker v6.0 : s/n: 03-5025-303224614
PageMaker v6.5 : s/n: 03W650R7104326-845
Pagemaker NL v5.0 : s/n: 02-50C8-100094310
PageMaster v2.11 : Name: KAC s/n: 6944-1400-547
PageMaster : Name: John T. Reidy s/n: 3944-1536-509
Pagemill v2.0 : s/n: MLW200R7139069-780
Pagemill French v3.0 : s/n: MLF300R7206554-670
PageTools v2.01 : s/n: PWU-200-000-777-001245
Pagis Pro v2.0 : s/n: 9805CX52237
Pagis ScanWorks v2.0 : s/n: 9806DE02529
Pagoo v1.4 Build 1222 : Name: Active8 s/n: ACSJCM
Pagoo v2.41 : s/n: ANJCZW
Pagoo Deluxe v1.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: AAOPSA
Pagoo Pager v2.2c : s/n: AEPMXO
Paint Pal Paint : s/n: 9201-KA10455
Painter v3.0 : s/n: PW300RAZ0002435-KRNH-001
Painter 3D v1.0 : Company: Chumbawamba s/n: VA100RAZ0000498-CELW-001
Paladin v2.2 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 6361056 or Name: TeLLeRBoP bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 6829980
Paladin Email v3.16a : s/n: Y-00000001O
Paladin Email v3.23b : s/n: 8w7kAzzBp0p8hqHdcKIrIWelJ
Paladin Email Enterprise Edition v3.10 : s/n: Y-00000001O
Paladin Email Enterprise Edition v3.25.01 : s/n: rjODQT8GW8duEuztIEbFQDT4a
PalinDome Storage Netware Manager v4.0 : s/n: 011mx100000
Palladio X v2.2 : s/n: 463982 Key: 4d16kqcdog6a02zz
PalMerge v1.10 : Name: ODIN 98 s/n: 39CE7FF5
Pam v1.27 : Name: ArCaDi Email: s/n: 5Eo3891803507n303h320753827Agx
Pam v1.52 : Name: Einstein [uCF] Email: s/n: 6Id4493n64uB2M3c6f470753827Agx
Pam Multi Audio Player v1.1 : Name: dustie of blizzard Email: s/n: 5Eo38916l13q20138op5e753827Agx
Pam Multi Audio Player v1.3 : Name: dustie of blizzard Email: s/n: 5Eo38916l13q20138op5e753827Agx
Panda Antivirus Platinum v6.08.00 : Name: LaLa Password: LaLalz
Panda Antivirus Platinum v6.09 : Name: LaLa Password: LaLalz
Pandashop v1.5 : Name: ShadE Company: PGC s/n: 2219-73334446-T54W
PaneKiller v1.23 : Name: Antichrist Svperstar s/n: FC653970
PaneKiller v1.25 : Name: ALM DeTH Company: DSi s/n: 7AF4DD3C
PaneKiller v1.4 : Name: Jaydee 99 s/n: DC1A3C4F or s/n: 0177F29F
PanelBuilder v2.50 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: AB0AB0AB
Panopticum Alpha Strip v1.0 : Name/Company: KNO s/n: 306180 or Name: DASavant Company: [AnThraX] s/n: 267153
Panopticum Fire for Adobe After Effects v1.1 : FirstName: SiEGE LastName: 1999 s/n: 37991555
Panopticum Fire for Adobe Photoshop v1.0 : FirstName: SiEGE LastName: 1999 s/n: 68716
Panopticum Lens v1.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 6660999
Panopticum Lens Pro v1.0 : FirstName: CRAFTON LastName: XUNK s/n: 120833 or FirstName: Marat LastName: Mukhametov s/n: 161590 or Name: DASavant Company: [AnThraX] s/n: 163778
Panorama II : s/n: 1-27835-XQVGEBC
Panoramic Utils v1.1 : s/n: 111-976-0001513-01
PanTerra v1.2 : Name: (Anything) Email: s/n: PT114545454762
Pantone Colordrive v1.5 : s/n: PCDW-150-CORP
Paper Direct Templates for CorelDraw v5.0 : s/n: 606771
Paper Direct Templates for MS Word v5.0 : s/n: 608813
Paper Master v2.0 : s/n: PM27177-110459 or s/n: PM81179-201259
Paper Master Live v3.02 : s/n: NS-100-000-130
Paper PhotoCube v1.1 : Name: Frank Cadwell s/n: dd381840o
Paperless File Cabinet v1.0 : Name: GLoW s/n: 12348288
PaperMan : s/n: 9583
PaperPort v4.0 : s/n: vshgeagunj
PaperPort Deluxe v5.2 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 534A4T5N
Papyrus v2.11 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! Company: UCF s/n: 7012UCF2000
Papyrus Software Binary Browser v1.1 : s/n: 105384D29900454E
ParaDate v4.5 : s/n: 63069311
Paradise Slots v2.0 : s/n: 649513
Paradise Slots : s/n: 649513
Paradox v3.0 : s/n: TA234C10564110
Paradox v3.01 : s/n: DA233F10371285
Paradox v4.0 : s/n: IA931A10158034
Paradox v4.5 : s/n: IA931A10000162
Paradox DataBase : s/n: 9010866-501
Paradox Speller : s/n: CM55022999
Parametric Equalizer Pro v2.5 : Name: bob thornton s/n: 7917
Parametric Technology Pro/Desktop v4.0.417 : s/n: 4244594C414E
Parasoft Code Wizard for C++ v2.01 P1 : Exp: 9999999999999999999999999 (25 9's) Password: 1566555555000000
Parasoft Code Wizard for Java v1.1 P1 : Exp: 9999999999999999999999999 (25 9's) Password: 158855dd33
Parasoft Insure++ v4.1 P2 : Exp: 9999999999999999999999999 (25 9's) Password: 15400030C0
Parasoft Webking for HTML v1.0 build 30 : Exp: 9999999999999999999999999 (25 9's) Password: b4dd119900000000
Parse Rat v1.0c : Name: nuz[inside98] s/n: 33039504
Parse Rat v1.0d : Name: Warp s/n: 6086089
Parse Rat v1.0i : Name: nuz[inside98] s/n: 33039504
Parse-O-Matic v3.94a : Type this in a DOS box: POM UNLOCK DSILOMAX-999999-LCALPA
Particle Fire : s/n: 1000002675 or s/n: 1000018286
Particle Storm v2.0 : s/n: 24J8-L0060-1030 Code: 2L8-0A9-092
Partition Magic v2.02 : s/n: RPMW200-023106
Partition Magic v3.0 : s/n: PM300EMU-032011
Partition Magic v3.05 : s/n: PM305ENR-310105
Partition Magic v4.0 : s/n: PM400ENWDL-003380
Partition Magic v5.0 Beta 1 : s/n: pm50beta
Partition Magic German v4.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: PM400DECD-024414
Partition Magic Pro v4.01 : s/n: PM410ENPNFRCD-018362
Partition Magic Pro v5.0 Beta 2 : s/n: pm50beta-2
Parts and Vendors v3.1 : License: 123-444-789 EX: GnGGZFKRY ECO: hbGZ6iSZH
Parts and Vendors v3.1.41 : License: 1234567890 EX: dpcbLDfc SE: xcobaKCo ECO: qdcaEgZk
Pasofami NES v2.5a : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: UBONODNA
Passage v1.1 : Name: the beeman s/n: ajg852cpzvyn
Passage v1.51 : Name: Jenny Moran s/n: tnt372pvwrnq
PassGuard v1.03 : Name: CRYSTAL Email: _CST99@YAHOO.COM s/n: 7226285812345678
PassMan v6.2 : s/n: 23496
PassMan v7.4 : s/n: 0688GSN40670
PassMan v7.8 : s/n: 0688GSN40670
PassMan v7.9 : s/n: 0688GSN40670
Passport Rhapsody : s/n: RV10-0-02028-3398
Password Assistant v1.5 : Name: !User334 s/n: 1164398
Password Bank Pro 2000 v4.4 : Name: Mr_GReeN Company: [WkT! '99] s/n: 751-149-422-83011
Password Keeper v3.9 : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp s/n: 0216681034 or Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 205294993
Password Keeper v4.2 : Name: Warp98 Company: Warp s/n: 203955616
Password Keeper v4.3 : Name: boring Company: ESSENCE s/n: 213563277
Password Keeper v4.5 : Name: Mr-Happy Company: EViL s/n: 206376638
Password Keeper v4.6 : Name: fjalar Company: TEXTURE s/n: 0213980734
Password Keeper v5.2 : Name: aip35[Tbc] Company: aip35-TBC s/n: 224886715
Password Keeper v5.4 : Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 205294993 or Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] Company: Whiskey kon Tekila s/n: 410779967
Password Manager v2.5.8 : Name: Arnold Moore s/n: 307235
Password Manager v2.5.91 : Name: MANiFEST s/n: 265732
Password Power v1.0 : s/n: CORE98psk1
Password Power v1.1 : s/n: psk1
Password Pro v2.0 : s/n: PW3AXD
Password Pro v2.1 : s/n: pw3axd
Password Recovery Toolkit v1.8.0 : s/n: jazz64beat
Password Tracker Deluxe v3.02 : Name: CORE/JES s/n: PT-483-205842
Password Tracker Deluxe v3.22 : Name: panoramix^impact s/n: PT-575-368758
Password Tracker Deluxe v3.40 : Name: knoweffex s/n: PT-935-006045
Password Tracker Deluxe v3.50 : Name: MoonCat [PCY] s/n: PT-193-399425
Password Tracker Deluxe v3.52 : Name: AntKiller s/n: PT-416-366249
Password Tracker Deluxe v3.59 : Name: Blackstar TRPS s/n: PT-248-300495
Passwords Plus v2.3 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: 5Y9-ESMUHIU
Passwords Plus v2.7 : Name/Email: (Anything) s/n: 5Y9-ESMUHIU
Passwords Plus v2.8 : Name: Gordon Company: Softforum s/n: 5Y9-ESMUHIU
Passworx v3.0 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: T069a-K083`SD-jaY-010j
Past and Save v2.0 : s/n: 52zcb5kvz882s6b0 or s/n: 7p1jeskauy0b3muc
Paste & Save v3.0 : Name: Insane s/n: 01175156 or Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: 06015104743 or Name: JudgeD [PC'99/MFD] s/n: 07360646527
Paste Lister v1.0 : Name: REKiEM / PCY '98 s/n: PLS-2305-1000
Paste Lister v1.5 : Name: Warp s/n: PLS-472-402
Paste Pal Lite v2.0 : s/n: lvzg2pbc
Paste'm Notes v1.0 : s/n: A196-APX-R1JG-394
Patent It Yourself v1.2 E1 : s/n: DE5939Q223 or s/n: ET5682H347 or s/n: RT6765F569 or s/n: NE9697R346
PathMaker v1.07.40 : Name: BigMoM / ManiFest Destiny Company: (Anything) s/n: 53D7-54BB-97A8-A82F
PathWay Server NFS v1.0 : Name: L8Man Company: SiEGE s/n: 761-1184-419
Pattern Workshop v1.0 : s/n: PN18000W1005P Key: E20B-4A48
Patton & Patton Flow Chart PDQ v1.1x : s/n: PKU3FE002DHN825
PayCalc 1999 Edition : s/n: RtifP29Ber
PBX Publisher 98 v1.04 : Name: GASP s/n: 317-13A1-1591-5181
PC ActivityMonitor v2.5 : Name: CORE/ITR s/n: 1F72B277
PC Anywhere v4.5 : s/n: PCDH4543IN
PC Auto Strecken Berater Netz German : s/n: 0000108995
PC Baby 98 v5.0.5 : Name: TheForceTeam s/n: 6410
PC Baby 98 v5.1.1 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! [UCF] s/n: 24130
PC Blackboard : (make file BLACK.REG with 3 line) Line1: Name: TeLLeRBoP Line2: board: G.!.$ Line3: s/n: $=!=A6<C7:4.23
PC Blox v2.0 : s/n: 080594
PC Board Professional v15.21 : s/n: 029617 or s/n: 051532
PC BuchHalter German v1.01 : s/n: 8848v5060295
PC Census v3.10 : s/n: 006773
PC Cillin 95 : s/n: p5-001151 or s/n: p5-009851 or s/n: p5-005555 or s/n: p5-003259
PC Cillin 97 : s/n: P1-033436 or s/n: T9-0002170 or s/n: T2-0026008
PC Cillin 98 : s/n: PCEF-0015-4507-0807-5135
PC Deadbolt v1.0 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 136133134132134148179164166114165187159162165193160
PC Disc JocKey v1.3 : s/n: 100f106l
PC Doctor v1.0 : s/n: 1139610360
PC Doctor v1.5 : s/n: 1139610360 or s/n: 2104328220
PC Editor v2.11 : Name: TUC Company: PC99 s/n: 706492335
PC Everywhere v2.9 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 92348-23-B13-123A
PC Express v1.0 : bbs: G.!.$ Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1416632976
PC Express v1.18 : s/n: KTG05L?CRZJ13?015CUF?5K8FP5 BBSName: nOTRE dAME SYSOPName: Cosmic Harold
PC Focus v5.55 : s/n: 1234567
PC Focus NL v6.01 : s/n: 1732221
PC Gerber v5.12 : s/n: blastsoft
PC IMail v2.02 : Name: SiraX s/n: 337-1227
PC Install Pro v6.0 : s/n: 66631337
PC Life 2000 v3.00.2 : Name: yamman s/n: jtuejmdj
PC Lock 98 v1.20 : Name: zaarnik s/n: PCL98-VZOYU-SEUHT-EU127
PC Lock 98 v2.31 : Name: Gabriel Lima Nunes s/n: PCL98-OSWCX-UGWHY-VU691
PC Lock 98 v3.03 : Name: MFD Corp. s/n: PCL98-YYWYY-WGRXO-YW781
PC Lock 98 v3.10 : Name: Joao Mouzaco de Sousa s/n: PCL98-NFWZH-FHEZR-YL956
PC MacLan v4.0 : s/n: -584184f2
PC MacLan v6.01 : s/n: 351223-11a169be or s/n: 351225-19ac40b0 or s/n: 351210-6ef5a6d4
PC MacLan v6.2 : s/n: -284aeefc
PC MacLan v7.0 : s/n: 471065-5d607afd
PC Mailer v1.0 : s/n: W410626
PC Memo v2.0 : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: 1968
PC Miler v12 : s/n: C1211874
PC NFS v2.1 : s/n: 03413646000409
PC Opus v2.16e : s/n: 84x93t452870
PC PaintBrush v5+ : s/n: ZPV10-00-26355S
PC Protect v2.1b : s/n: DFAZG
PC Protect v3.0 : s/n: DFAZG
PC Protect v3.01 : s/n: KXA23T
PC Protect v4.01 : s/n: KXA23T
PC Recipe Box v3.56 : Name: 13 s/n: 1000000
PC Recipe Box v5.05 : Name: JudgeD s/n: dlmsppea1
PC Reseller System v1.0 : Name/Company: Premiere s/n: 32443182-49883
PC Reseller System v1.1 : Name/Company: Juan Gomez s/n: 38867040-59760
PC Reseller System v1.10 : Name/Company: Dewayne Johnson s/n: 59380200-91300
PC Reseller System v1.51 : Name: LINDA GEORGIE Company: DARKAGE s/n: 26721090-75198
PC Reseller System v1.55 : Name/Company: DOUG MCHUGH s/n: 42051978-64657
PC Reseller System v1.92 : Name: MANIFEST DESTINY Company: MFD CORP. s/n: 32443182-97525
PC Reseller System v1.93 : Name: IBH-RiP Company: Blizzard s/n: 32929020-40753
PC Reseller System v2.0 : Name: IBH-RiP Company: Blizzard s/n: 33431660-45172
PC Security System v3.5 : Name: DNG98 s/n: A6EAA25521 or Name: Flu[X]/DNG98 s/n: 7603506D77
PC Security System v3.6 : Name: CZY s/n: 9427635167 or Name: Gordon s/n: 72DB0D2D20
PC Stitch v5.0 : FirstName/LastName: (Anything) CCard: 4580458045804580 UnlockKey: R8JE2G8YBH
PC TCP v1.1 : s/n: 3917-3337-0007 Key: 3776-9499-4365
PC TCP Network v3.0 : s/n: 1990-1025-7300 Key: 3751-6732-9871
PC TCP/IP v3.0 : (edit PCTCP.INI under [pctcp kernel]) line1: serial-number = 1995-1995-0000 line2: authentication-Key = 3547-7666-3844
PC Tools v2.00 : s/n: 11-50-01415
PC Wallet v4.0 : s/n: 808086
PC Xware v5.02 : s/n: 177743 s/n: 999999 Code: F784EF10E9E0
PC Xware : s/n: 103076
PC Zoo ScreenSaver v1.0 : s/n: 3875430
PCB Navigator v1.3.5 : Name/Company: blastsoft s/n: 000000x000d0b0000g00w
PCBank v1.40 : s/n: michellepe7418142912251512211GSW227
PCBCheck v3.23 : sysop: Me bbs: MCC s/n: 119233
PCBFV v3.8 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 6412274 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 2618582
PCBFX v2.2 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 5204927 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 2250386
PCBFX v2.2 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 5204927
PC-Duo v3.72 : Transport: 0 s/n: 091238744 Clients: unlimited OS/2Client: enabled License: Free Use Auth: 7528469
PC-EncryptM v2.5 : Name: Warp98 s/n: 0818-482-566364
PC-EncryptS v2.5 : Name: Warp98 s/n: 0819-487-536602
PChat v1.21b : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: TRVAENVPCO16KUAOPMQV
PCHI-Note v0.40.3 : s/n: 12345678-0123-GAVM-EL37-KGAV
PC-Install with Internet Extensions v6.04 : s/n: PCIE-06-0012
PcKwik Power Pak v3.11 : s/n: 304877327A07
PcKwik Power Pak v4.0 : s/n: 5051835972R09
PcKwik PowerPak v6.1 and 3.1 : s/n: 5062180192V09 or s/n: 5062736300U10
PCMolecule v2.0.0 : Name: SHamPster Organization: UCF[98] s/n: E-99999-999-999-83432
PcRadio v1.0 : Name: FALLEN s/n: 5FCEFBCB-3FD3-F834 or Name: EXIT s/n: 7D29A0F7-AB8F-8D3F
PcRadio v1.01 : Name: EXIT s/n: 7D29A0F7-AB8F-8D3F
PcRadio v1.10-13.10.98 : Name: DEGEN s/n: 74948A60-4637-A5C3
PC-RecipeBox v3.53 : Name: Stuart Cave s/n: 515849608
PC-RecipeBox v4.0 : Name: budbundy s/n: 221445125
PCX-Dump v9.2 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: YTMARF03BD11B593D or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: YTMAR6231D25CA95A
PCX-Dump v9.30 : Name: mARQUIS 96 [uCF] s/n: MDS96A497DB981752
PC-Xware v5.02 : s/n: 090657 Code: 1-3-0-1FB6E6
PeachTree v7.0 : s/n: 7807139
PeachTree Accounting v10.0 : s/n: 1333282
PeachTree Accounting v2.0 : s/n: 8004514
PeachTree Accounting v3.0 : s/n: 9369058 Reg: 226746870
PeachTree Accounting : s/n: 9257595
PeachTree Bank Account Manager : s/n: 3110652
PeachTree Complete Accounting v6.0 : s/n: 9257835 Reg: 294796971
PeachTree Complete Accounting v7.0 : s/n: 17023756 Reg: 717553424
PeachTree Complete Accounting v8.0 : s/n: 9005635 or s/n: 9006193
PeachTree First Accounting v1.0 : s/n: 9601255 Reg: 543726170
PeachTree Office Accounting v1.0 : s/n: 3470231512032927
Peep! v1.0 : s/n: pP-261q-nLSk-96Vo-iBiY-036c
PeerLink v1.9e : Name: Vizion/CORE s/n: 22385814
PeerSync Pro II v4.1 : Name: LOMAX s/n: XZWJE (For PRO version type anything in the second box)
PeerSync Pro II v4.2.1 : Name: Kill3xx / AVaLoN 98 s/n: ipoqMik7E5Uis]k]AFD Pro: 1511518
Pegg'd v3.3 : s/n: 41493021
Pelican Messenger Beta : FirstName: ODIN 97 LastName: REBELS Email: s/n: 4300512345
Pennypincher v2.1 : Name: DiABLO [ORiON] s/n: 1048-24248
PenPad v2.0 : Name: SNap/CORE s/n: A275VCA
PenPad v4.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: A275VCA
PenPad v5.0 : s/n: A275VCA-2
Pense Betes v1.5 : Name: Jupiter [DARKSTAR] s/n: 0000FSPBETE
Pentano v1.0 : Name: Intern Company: TEX s/n: 4739529
PeopleSoft PeopleTools v7.02 : s/n: 000049120719 Choose File Server to install
Perceive Personal v2.0 : s/n: POAL009956-F200
Percussion ServerAdmin Plus v6.0 : s/n: F13-1234cc78901124672
Perfect Companion v2.0 : s/n: 516-29760
Perfect Companion v2.4.03 : s/n: 514-48959
Perfect Keyboard 98 Pro v2.0 Beta 1 : Name: ITR Company: CORE Street: (N/A) Town: (N/A) ZipCode: 00 Country: (N/A) Licenses: 10 s/n: 4750768351642406534139
Perfect Keyboard 98 Pro v2.25.815 : AllFields: MANiFEST Licenses: 1 s/n: 163540523361814490125
Perfect Keyboard 98 Pro : AllFields: Versus Licenses: 1 s/n: 524091884790361917125
Perfect Screens 98 v3.0 : Name: MARQUIS UCF Company: UCF Street: UCF Town: UCF ZipCode: UCF Country: UCF License: 1 RegNum: 751123792532133360036
Perfect Screens 98 v3.01 : Name: SiraX Company: DNG Licenses: 9999999999 s/n: 956304971447318160636 (Leave other boxes empty)
Perfect Screens 98 v3.25.3 : AllFields: MANiFEST Licenses: 1 s/n: 826182877368184421036
PerfectDisk NT v2.2 : s/n: CE21F35A-2P925B0V-EUA2FS3D
PerfectView NL v6.10 : s/n: PV-PAC61-NT260119
PerfectView NL v6.10 : s/n: PV-PAC61-26015
Periscope Image Browser v1.0 : s/n: 809AFDD3A0AE423F
PerpeTual Calendar v2.0 : s/n: CM-11193
Persistent Storage v1.0 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: PERSDE9380 Key: 8BEE77FB60DD54AFC3CE36392A0E017D84FF7681F761E047D856CC3758A4E970F073F868DE1B62ABDF40C056CF453953BFCBCE50C25AD84E3A48BD
Personal Album Organizer v1.2 : s/n: THANKYOU
Personal Archiver : s/n: ACD60807028
Personal Biorhythm : Name: Rebels s/n: 3274043209
Personal Budgeting 99 v6.0 : s/n: 11111-9389125-33333
Personal Ear Trainer v1.05 : Name: Decline Company: BREAKPOiNT s/n: SEAN180963
Personal FTP 2000 v1.0 : Name: justarius of harlem s/n: 453567848
Personal MacLan Connect v5.53 : s/n: BC2280003-77574 or s/n: 30275934
Personal Mailing List v1.2c : Name: independent s/n: RKS-5131445
Personal Medical Records v1.2 : s/n: 687344265
Personal PhoneBook Plus v1.1.0 : s/n: zxw37
Personal PhoneBook Plus v2.1.0 : s/n: zxw37
Personal PhoneBook Plus v2.1.1 : s/n: zxw37
Personal Power Organizer v3.0 : s/n: PPO-5002
Personal Quest v1.0 : Name: FALLEN Company: FALLEN 98 s/n: DP.Q1.00.6978056.650669
Personal Quest v1.50a : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: DP.Q1.00.9076048.650889
Personal Receptionist v1.0.3 : Name: SHINE COMPANY s/n: xvwI-po-Q7QKEo:-3186
Personal Receptionist v1.0.4 : Name/Company: (N/A) s/n: T6h86YS8TgUP7y420VjE3
Personal Record Keeper v4.0.2e1 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 8529UJR535
Personal Record Keeper v5.0e1 : Name: (Anything) s/n: GHYBCY4QND
Personal Reminder Plus v1.51 : Name: BaMa/Magnum s/n: 67762422
Personal Stock Monitor v2.5.2 : Name: lgb [cORE 97] s/n: 003995790751
Personal Stock Monitor v2.5.7 : Name: bigblue s/n: 230165670711
Personal Stock Monitor v2.6 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 124132960888
Personal Stock Monitor v2.61 : Name: Nobody UCF s/n: 775916225360 or Name: HarvestR s/n: 136145098354
Personal Stock Monitor v3.02 : Name: Koichi Sugimoto s/n: F06CDA-E2BF1112-F3284F
Personal Stock Monitor v3.05 : Name: Koichi Sugimoto s/n: F06CDA-E2BF1112-F3284
Personal Stock Monitor Gold v3.0.7 : Name: SWP99 s/n: 07967A-937A12A8-91D813
Personal Stock Monitor Gold v3.05 : Name: Daniel P Speer s/n: 10B943-6379CBAE-542095
Personal Stock Monitor Gold v3.08 : Name: Koichi Sugimoto s/n: F06CDA-E2BF1112-F3284F
Personal TimeSheet v1.1 : s/n: 1.0-10803209
Personal Translator v1.1 : s/n: A00195699
Personal Translator 2000 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: F55555595F
Personal TV Studio v3.5 : s/n: ZH620459SC
Personal VDS 97 v2.5 : Name: [Arcane] Company: Phrozen Crew / DSi s/n: 25295058
PersonalFAQ v1.00 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 838583826986Tvtsf
Personal-Pc v1.12 : s/n: 320delphi32jg
Persuasion v4.0 : s/n: 09W123X523456-521
PFiL v1.1 : Name: jman s/n: 265
PGP v2.6? : FirstName: Ohm LastName: MOD's Key Generator s/n: 380259212
PGP for Business Security v5.5.2 : s/n: 101-200-01000100055
PGP for Personal Privacy v5.0 : s/n: 401PWIN500AF0000016571960
Phantom Commander v1.0.0.7 : s/n: Phantom1007SE7
Phantom Direct v1.03.10 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 0330984214897
PharLap TNT v6.0 : s/n: 27146
PharLap TNT v7.0 : s/n: 30875
Pharm Assist : s/n: H11683
Phenomenal PhoneBook v2.3 : Install and RIGHT-click the ? button and enter: Name: zoin Company: versus s/n: 20252312
Philip Deem Software SMTP ActiveX Control v2.21 : Name: Marion Hatten Company: WeaponNew s/n: f26518584518951n
Philip Stone's Bibliography Pro 2000 : s/n: inkhorn
Phillips Freespeech v98.0 build 378 : s/n: 7NFHX1MCLDKZF
Phists v1.0.3 : s/n: TND1119
Phoenix Control : s/n: 102644
Phoenix Professional v5.5 : s/n: PHPRO5562492+9*
Phone Assistant v1.03 : s/n: 1234567890123456789012
Phone Book Pro 95 v1.20 : s/n: 196548606
Phone Book Pro 95 v2.11 : Set your clock to July 25, 1998 and then enter: Name: (Anything) s/n: 2090966446 And then change your clock back.
Phone Book Pro 95 : s/n: 18190238 or s/n: 15968016
Phone Book Pro 97 v2.70.1 build 915 : Name: Roberto S. Pareja s/n: 4AD329E912F74E808E60A265B7S
Phone Book Pro 97 v2.80 : Name: lxcore97 s/n: 558E6DB27F82D03FC155DD7FC7
Phone Book Standard 95 v2.60 : s/n: 398928036
Phone Book SuperHighway v3.0 : Name: Wizzkid s/n: 4735277AYS
Phone Ferret v1.1102 : s/n: NS-100-002-267 Key: 4991-3382
Phone Monitor v4.0 : s/n: 12B34UC7QVAeL
Phone Plus v2.0 : Name: NiTR8^ s/n: 1P1846152
Phone Plus v2.1 : Name: SiraX s/n: 1P5008320
Phone Plus v3.0.1 : Name: [JaSuN] / CBE '98 s/n: 1P8315010
Phone Plus v3.1 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 1P2545452
Phone Plus v3.2 : Name: mRFANATIc [DSi] s/n: 1P8005320
Phone Seeker v2.0 : Name: KAC s/n: 13241B09
Phone Watch 97 v4.3 : Name: Rayden [C.i.A] s/n: 42678
Phone Wolf v2.01 : Name: s/n: PH1879-462853
Phone Wolf v2.01 Build 005 : Name: Warp s/n: PH-102110
Phone Wolf v2.xx : Name: DanThaMan/fACTOR '98 s/n: PH666-107798
PhoneDeluxe v1.0 : s/n: HTW100R7106474-426 or s/n: HTW100R7108267-350
PhoneList v1.05 : s/n: 0026143214103600
Photo Album v2.3.0 : s/n: 7A-34-XQ-29
Photo Base Deluxe v1.42 : Name: Marc Potvin s/n: YFEBB5JG8FeKE437KUvJKWNKBJE2uzwcE
Photo Base Deluxe v1.61 : s/n: 9705-HPFA-3357-VVKF
Photo Base Deluxe v1.65 : Name: Leo Jerabek s/n: 3JEBB3JG8FJFE4372G8UpFNKwK82uErcE
Photo Base Extra v2.1 : Name: PRiME s/n: a6f4p4dibv
Photo Base Extra v2.62 : s/n: 1111-11-1111-1111-111-111-98
Photo Crunch v1.41 : Name: SPRITEX s/n: SPR5689
Photo Deluxe for Jwin v1.0J : s/n: HJJ100P7100004-892
Photo Finish v3.0 : s/n: 42971192
Photo Gallery Screen Saver Compiler v2.01 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 62571 or Name: n03l s/n: 62571
Photo Icons Pro v3.2 : s/n: NS-100-000-001 Key: 7C00-2664
Photo Impact v3.0 : s/n: RAE30-961-83537 or s/n: RAE30-961-82589 or s/n: RAE30-962-95212
Photo Impact Album v3 : s/n: F3082001A
Photo Impact Explorer v4.1 : s/n: U3403022P
Photo Line v4.03 : s/n: 511707 472385974
Photo Line v4.53 : s/n: 508120 472386090
Photo Line v5.08 : s/n: 515987 512000
PhotoAlb v2.7 : s/n: 7A-34-XQ-29
PhotoAnimator v1.0 : s/n: ACU-100-000-653-000000
PhotoAnimator v1.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: ACU-100-000-653-000000
PhotoBits v2.1 : Name: encanto/gcrack s/n: B1A10A71634
PhotoBits v2.2 : Name: Orion s/n: 424636848
PhotoDeluxe v1.0 : s/n: HTW100R7106474-426 or s/n: HTW100R7108267-350
PhotoDeluxe v2.0 : s/n: HTW200r7100048-493
PhotoDeluxe Business Edition v1.0 : s/n: CQW100R7113867-753
PhotoDeluxe Home Edition v3.0 : s/n: HTW100R7100000-363
PhotoFrame v1.0 : Name: TheBrabo Company: Brabo s/n: BCE-100-440-990-654321
PhotoFrame v1.0.1 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! Company: PARADOX s/n: BCE-100-000-653-000000
PhotoFrame v2.0 : s/n: BDE-200-150-456-000100 or s/n: BDI-200-150-237-000100 or s/n: BDE-200-000-653-000000
PhotoFrame v2.0 beta 1 : s/n: BCE-200-000-653-000000
PhotoGlow v2.0.2 : s/n: HGU-200-001-025-225145
PhotoGraphics v1.0 : s/n: GCG-064-567-490-345678
PhotoGraphics v1.01 : s/n: GCE-100-123-022-123456
PhotoImpact Chinese v3.0 : s/n: RIC30-963-51439
PhotoLine v2.22 : s/n: 499932 875163293
PhotoLine v4.08 : Goto Options/Register and use: s/n: 511707 472385974
PhotoLine v5.11 : s/n: 512000 2180373877
PhotoMagic : s/n: PH1001LXX04526
PhotoModeler Pro v3.0 : Run AUTHESD.EXE and install the authorization file and enter: s/n: 5003094 Digital Key: 1E2A-C7D9 The name, company and date should show automatically, they are: Name: Philip W. Zuckerman Company: (BLANK) Date: 07/21/98 Once the authorization file is inst
PhotoMorph v2.00 : s/n: 306410
PhotoMorph v2.01 : s/n: 412655
PhotoOp v1.80 : Name: Serial Number Heaven Personal: 785393 Professional: 330097 Enterprise: 801329
PhotoOp v1.85 : Name: NATOSOFT Personal: 00916913 Professional: 00154417 Enterprise: 00286449
PhotoOp v2.1 : Name: SavaGe [PC] Personal: 536372 Professional: 562036 Enterprise: 469748
PhotoOp Multimedia Screensaver v1.84 : Name: xOANON Personal: 316761 Professional: 982196 Enterprise: 240308
PhotoOptics : s/n: POW1000579484
PhotoPlus v1.0 : s/n: PPOHWAAPZG
PhotoPro Gold v2.0 : Name: SiraX Org: [Revolt] Email: SiraX@Revolt98.We.Rock!!! s/n: IPPGY2030H-SIRX9-RV915 Code: FAKMGHG
PhotoRecall Deluxe v2.0 : s/n: GA-PR-EX-N-05300-50076-14316-14604
PhotoScript Lite v1.62 : Name: Ernest Lohf Company: (blank) s/n: 005250 (005251)
Photoshop v2.5 : s/n: PWW250R3000000-880 or s/n: PWW250R3001422-135
Photoshop v2.5.1 : s/n: PWW250R3107069-312 or s/n: PWW250R3104501-684 or s/n: PWW250R3000406-282
Photoshop v3.x : s/n: PWW300U3100000-005-285
Photoshop v3.x : s/n: PWW300R3000011-926
Photoshop v4.0 : s/n: WW250R3107069-312 or s/n: pww250r3107069-312
Photoshop v5.0 : s/n: pww400r7106337-339 or s/n: pww400r106337-339 or s/n: EXX500XX120052898-308 or s/n: PWE500X7205050-732
Photoshop v5.0.2 : s/n: pww250r3107069-312
Photoshop v5.5 : s/n: pww400r7106337-339 or s/n: PWW550R2001191-482 or s/n: PWW550R0909444-247 or s/n: PWW550R2037105-580 or s/n: PWW550R7705501-405 or s/n: PWW550R5500900-549 or s/n: PWW550R1999777-419 or s/n: PWW550R0099288-998 or s/n: PWW550R4400210-129 or s/n: PWW550R
Photoshop : s/n: PCA 100000100-953 or s/n: PDA 100001185-501 or s/n: PDA 100001517-722
PhotoShop Pro v3.04 and 3.05 : s/n: PWW300R3000011-926 or s/n: SPW300R3160854-818
PhotoSpray v1.0 : s/n: SWP111150015
PhotoSpray v1.0 : Run Photoshop and open any RGB file. Apply the Photospray filter (filters/Humansft/Photospray) and enter: s/n: SWP111150015 You must put the sprays in the following directory from the root of any drive--/HumanSoftware/Sprays.
PhotoStory v1.40 : s/n: A620343
PhotoStyler v2.0 : s/n: 15-1001-000000001
PhotoStyler v2.0 : s/n: 15-1115-201108382
PhotoText v2.0.2 : s/n: HXU-200-001-028-225148
PhotoTools v1.1 : s/n: HWE-111-000-653-000000 or s/n: HWE-110-000-653-000000 or s/n: HWE-111-999-419-999999
PhotoTools v2.0 : s/n: HCE-200-666-885-900336 or s/n: HCE-200-123-996-456789
PhotoTools v2.02 : s/n: HCE-200-666-885-900336
PhotoTools v3.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: HCI-300-429-871-728372
PhotoTools v3.01 : s/n: HCE-300-001-318-084422
PhotoTools v3.02 : s/n: HCE-300-001-612-110647
PhotoTools v3.03 : s/n: HCE-300-666-156-421288
PhotoUp v3.0 : Name: Poison Versus2 s/n: 130004327
Photovista v1.0 : s/n: Registered Key: 9RPr9X-$e$7e$-41$1c8 or s/n: Riz la+ Key: 5RPr9X-$C$5B$-61$19B
PhotoXL : s/n: AS3992-X477895
Physik v2.0 : s/n: PHYSIK+V2.0WWW94
Pic C Compiler v7.82 : s/n: CPIC022099 Key: 0905ECAAB9DE2FE93D
Pic Show v1.01 : s/n: 225710468
Picard v1.11 : Name: paulux [LAXiTY] s/n: 10641
PicaView v1.21 : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: 300121810
Pick A Winner v1.2.1 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: BFP40R1026
Pick A Winner : Name: PGC 1998 s/n: BFP40R1026
PickPluck v1.3 : Email: juss@TMG s/n: 657014
PicMaster v1.1 : s/n: 159_MADE_BY_ECLiPSE_AZERTYUIOP_XZZZ
PicoBello v2.5 : Name: davy Company: blizzard Email: s/n: PCB25-91216-887869
PicoBello Publisher v2.5.06 : FirstName: dustie LastName: blizzard Email: s/n: PCB25-93041-080684
PicPress v3.6 : Name: Saltine [PC] s/n: 167449132
PicPress v3.81 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 158385767
PicSorter v2.0 : s/n: 15091992100419961234
Picture Administrator v2.0.21 : RegKey: 281-0000-777 SourceKey: 933-1234-177
Picture Agent v2.6h : Name: TRACY s/n: 1710039
Picture Agent v2.7 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 4055326
Picture Agent v2.7b : Name: escom/CORE s/n: 6067421
Picture Agent v2.7c beta3 : Name: Versus s/n: 2294074
Picture Agent v2.7c beta4 : Name: Free Field s/n: 5993983
Picture Agent v2.7c2 : Name: DeMoN Release Crew s/n: 17765002
Picture Agent : Name: VdR Team s/n: 3981373
Picture an Event v2.1 : Name: Laptonic s/n: 2193-2794247307
Picture Explorer v1.21b4 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 16A1133RTK
Picture Exterminator v3.0.50 : RegKey: 657-0000-617 SourceKey: 643-1234-683
Picture Eze v1.0 : s/n: PEZ1010012942
Picture In News v1.2 : Name: TheForceTeam s/n: ACUEQJGD
Picture Information Extractor v2.63.109 : Name: Bob Whitehead s/n: AhFee8Y-LSs
Picture Man v2.0 : s/n: 3597:51273
Picture Power Paint v1.0.9 : Name: dustie Company: blizzard s/n: TDuSetIei16r45oECd
Picture Pounder v1.1.91 : Name: (Anything) Email: (Anything) s/n: V115JQYV931AR95JFAGOW-ZJ3-1LSQTKR5
Picture Pounder v1.92 : s/n: V115JQYV931AR95JFAGOW-ZJ3-1LSQTKR5
Picture Pounder Deluxe v1.92 : s/n: V115JQYV931AR95JFAGOW-ZJ3-1LSQTKR5
Picture Power Paint v1.0.8 : Name: dustie Company: blizzard s/n: TDuSetIei16r45oECd
Picture Publisher v4.0 : s/n: 0301001006108501 or s/n: 0301-5220-0204-9002
Picture Publisher v5.0 : s/n: NTA-NTA-01A
Picture Show v2.0 : s/n: vivitron
Picture Taker Enterprise v1.52 : s/n: 7X98X1476XX (Replace X with any digit)
Picture This! : s/n: 100218
Picture Windows : s/n: C1001-34512-280
PictureMan Deformer v1.1 : Name: Gogolie Company: Pirates with Attitude s/n: 3010:842
PictureMan Painter v2.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 3004:25136
PicVideo Motion JPEG : Name: James Bond ViewReg: 157470863 CompReg: 145566670
PicXchange v1.0b : Name: Sickie [TbC] s/n: 69NGAYK0ZZFT
Pilot of Color v3.0 : Name: Azrael Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 9998-303584441
PIM Pro v4.1 : For network version click on 'Network' and enter 942973 in third box, and any number in fourth box. For single version enter 942973 in third box. After that do 'Unlock' and then enter anything you wish in identification form.
Ping Mail Professional Edition 98 : s/n: PMPROB-090798-20
Ping Master v0.9 : Name: Warp s/n: 3906148992-456194
Ping Plotter v2.02.2 : Name: MPURT s/n: 834-67490-8168
PinUp Player Pro v1.0 : Name: BigMoM - ManiFest Destiny s/n: 35312
Piranha Panic v1.03 : Name: TheBrabo s/n: 443340072
Piranha Panic v1.04 : Name: Warp s/n: 220707648
Piranha Panic v1.05 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: 623627424
Pit Stop v1.5.1 : Name: Wayward Company: TEAM SiEGE s/n: 666 String: WFNOPEGAWLQDUQK
Pix Folio v2.0.118 : Name: AZTECH NEW MEDIA CORP s/n: 2X09AA001302
Pix Machine 2 v1.0 : Name: Killing Joke s/n: 54672
Pix Machine 99 v1.0 : Name: Serials 2000/[CriTteR] s/n: 90601
Pix News v1.0.1 : Name: BaRT OwNz YeW s/n: 69420
Pix News v1.1.4 : Name: Killing Joke s/n: 72896
Pix News 99 v1.0 : Name: Serials 2000/[CriTteR] s/n: 120185
Pix Player v1.1.3 : Name: Killing Joke s/n: 18224

Pix Player 99 v1.0.1 : Name: Serials 2000/[CriTteR] s/n: 29584
Pix Show v4.2 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: 498p-4529893
Pix Show v4.2.1.6 : Name: zaarnik s/n: 498p-2444905
Pix Show v4.3 : Name: MOWAX s/n: 498p-1752405
Pix Show v5.0.0.8 : Name: GorgeousLadiesOfWarez s/n: 498p-7332053
Pix Show v6.2.0.3 : Name: DarkBug s/n: 499p-2445043
Pix Show v7.5 : Name: Bisoux s/n: 499p-3710
Pix Show v7.6 : Name: dRAGOn s/n: 499p-3259
Pix TV v1.0 : Name: Killing Joke s/n: 99093
Pix TV 99 v1.0 : Name: Serials 2000/[CriTteR] s/n: 160863
Pix Web v1.0 : Name: BaRT OwNz YeW s/n: 137772
Pix Web v1.0.2 : Name: Killing Joke s/n: 145792
Pix Web 99 v1.0 : Name: Serials 2000/[CriTteR] s/n: 238521
Pixel v0.98 : Name: SavaGe [PC] s/n: 275a56d690a55def9ab
Pixel 3D v1.10 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! Company: UCF s/n: 4437-0438-8006
PixelGraphicLibrary v1.0 beta 5 : Name: sickboy of blizzard s/n: 4785745
PJ's MP Player v1.3 : Name: fungus / blizzard s/n: $18157A67
PK Zip Power Menu v1.0 : s/n: PPM10000030005
PKKRatt : s/n: 12552
PKNLG v1.12+ : Name: TwinHead [uCF] !96 s/n: 29C9D41B
Planet Sentry v3.0.1 : Name/Company: Demon s/n: rqmqp#*CeR
Planet Split v3.04 : Name: jog/DSi Company: (Blank) s/n: 9X`<*(i
Planet X v1.2.2 : s/n: yteyWZIwB5NPHeGF
Planet Zip v5.0 : s/n: GMA 17195 3112 1234
Planet Zip v5.05 : s/n: GMA 17195 3112
Planets The Exploration of Space : s/n1: 5874 s/n2: 4256 s/n3: 7208 s/n4: 9665 s/n5: 10189
Planets3D v1.0 : s/n: 7419315
Planetshare v2.1 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! [PARADOX] s/n: 1234409241280164187A28841234
Plan-IQ v1.4 : s/n: 5A9EACD6GD7BEFG
PlanIt v1.00 : s/n: A9D1CFA25E2C048C
PlanIt v1.01 : 5Users: F4A669A2897629C5 10Users: AF62C9A0086C523E 25Users: A6550B445F53D30F 50Users: A8D97604B2212C6C 100Users: BD14F5E7DE0D6C26 250Users: 3DFDAE2773DD45E7 1000Users: A9D1CFA25E2C048C
PlanIt v1.02 : s/n: 3DFDAE2773DD45E7
PlanIt v1.03 : s/n: F4A669A2897629C5
PlanIt v1.10 : 5Users: 46692897
PlanIt v1.13 : s/n: 91252048
Planix Home Architect v2.0 : s/n: 90009-PH200
Planix Home Design 3D v3.1A : s/n: 15573172-110
Planix Home Design 3D Classic Edition Deluxe v3.1a : s/n: 15826144-110
Planner : s/n: 076-051-090
Planner : s/n: 076-051-090
Plant Studio v1.02 : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: 5641441541
Plant Studio v1.40 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 5687467450
Platinum Desktop DBA v3.4.1 : s/n: 123456789012345 Password: HBR0IJ2I5QJEI1ATQJJQWT
Platinum ModelMart Manager v3.02 : Name: TC Company: PFT s/n: mo007777 License: 8040-2629-2664-8406
Platypus Animator v2.4 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: CVILEH
Platypus Animator v3.0 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: C05FP
Platypus Animator v3.2 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: KHCB`M or Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: KEPF_Q
Platypus Animator v4.2 : Name: PuL^sAr /ORION s/n: IXLJaI or Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] s/n: :pDNY=
Playa MP3 v1.01 : Name: defiler [TEX99] s/n: 17209060
PlayMax for BaseBall v1.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 9808PB00017
PlayMax for BasketBall v1.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 9808PK00017
PlayMax for Hockey v1.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 9808PH00017
PlayMax for Soccer v1.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 9808PS00017
Plot 3D v1.2 : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: abc6d8efgh
Pluckit 3 v1.17 : s/n: 39824000A10000
PluckIt 3 v2.1 : s/n: 727M67300I80
PluckIt 3 v4.4 : s/n: 631S19600W70
PluckIt EZ v1.1 : s/n: 631S19600W70
Plug-In v2.0 : s/n: 136-92031109
Plug-In v2.60 : Name: NEUROTIC s/n: 28860296
Plug-in v2.x : Name: Richard Johnston s/n: 51673856
Plugin Manager v2.0 : Name: PREDATOR666 s/n: KGSI512812ICNE
Plugin Manager v2.0.0.0601 : Name: LOMAX s/n: KGSI00223ICNET
Plugin Manager v2.0.0.0717 : s/n: SI98511811CTNC or s/n: FV99505828ETCT
Plus! 95 : s/n: 411-2781863 or s/n: 411-0126066 or s/n: 411-7111936 or s/n: 114-0125497
Plus! 98 : Fill with 1's or s/n: 062-0805825003490 or s/n: 512-5469263 or s/n: 512-5469211 or s/n: 512-5469236 or s/n: 468-1119513 or s/n: 411-2781863 or s/n: 450-0535503 or s/n: 419-1890091 or s/n: 814-1805966
PM CD Register v1.2 : Name: Scar99 s/n: pcd-2832801432
PM Disk Copy v2.2c : s/n: 5326-5961-DoH Enterprises
PM Patrol v4.1 : Name: **** Free License Copy **** s/n: 05K4E9880A
PM Rubber v2.0 : Name/Company: 3001:52679 s/n: 3001:52679
pmCalc v3.1 : s/n: 33193SadMan/Fallen98
PMComm v2.33 : s/n: 4618110594
PMMail v1.1 : Name: Someones s/n: 2288740719
PMMail v1.5 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1098204025 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 641297470
PMMail Pro v2.01 Build 1600 : Name: Attitude [Core 98] Code: Line1: 1234567887654324AA535062919913E1D0932D856EF24B8 Line2: DEE90B79A3D08BA504E1543078876543211234567887654 Line3: 9F0C57D8F81E518FCBD70C994A2AD781B41255C8 Line4: 1 Line5: DB274E4ADB775A0646F1DF894676C74B8F7FB7DF
POC32 v2.05 : Name: LOMAX s/n: 1CTYNZU1C6SADS
Pocket Kaos Launchpad v1.67 : s/n: AAA-123-3340105790
Pocket Kaos Launchpad v1.76 : s/n: 17F-224-9846491859
Pocket Kaos Launchpad v1.79 : s/n: JES-007-6823527422
Poco v1.1 : s/n: 224622
POCSAG Protocol Monitor v2.05 : Name: Lover Boy s/n: 1CTYS8Z1C6S43P
Poetry Generator v1.0a : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: ST72776547417
Point v3.0f : s/n: 8043004SB
Pointix v2.02+ : Name: Steve Hsu ID: 0000000000000 s/n: 00000010
PointPlus v2.0 : s/n: zrs9s-0arwd
Poker Collection v1.2 : s/n: 603512
Poker Patience Pack v1.00 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: 9673704
Polar Network Clipboard v1.0 : Name: Warp s/n: 2975653817
PolarRAS Commercial v1.40.50 : s/n: NT4RRAS
Poly/PM v3.0 : s/n: 30A9ISCA00334299981TZF Teacher: ISCA003342 Pupil: JSCA003342
PolyCalc : Name: DoH Enterprises s/n: C039E5104C11888D
Polymorphic Database v7.2 : s/n: &&&V.7.2&W.J.&A.pdb//nutcraker//
Polypus v1.0 : Name: BILL RICHARDSON s/n: 413209166100
PolyTrans v2.0b : Run F1.exe and enter "pw362pt1924" Run Program/Start and enter "SHOWREGDLG" s/n: d00-x86-2334-c9062981 Name: Fibre Company: Pentium SOFTIMAGE s/n: si-e5c920e6 ACIS.SAT: sat-0a3406b4 IGES.5.3: iges-7d187b51
PolyTrans v2.1H : Unlock Code: 97253zz3924 (At CD Prompt type "SHOWREGDLG") s/n: DTP-00065434301C3DB Name: SPRITE Company: PENTIUM SI#: SI-7D162DDA SAT#: SAT-82A9C2B8 IGES#: IGES-C13499D2
PolyTrans v2.2 : InstallPassword: ab792mutr99xzb7 When asks for a code to enter the registration dialog write: SHOWREGDLG s/n: DAM-x86345-56B381B8EF Name/Company: (Anything) softimage: si-eeb167e6 acissat: sat-010c09b5 iges: iges-78648870
PolyView v2.2x : Name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: 2531786115
PolyView v2.30 : Name: Misha [UCF] s/n: 1919124148
PolyView v2.9 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 663008997
PolyView v2.90.3 : Name: Attitude s/n: 1202445366
PolyView v3.0 Beta 13 : Name: Versus s/n: 1407021936
PolyView v3.0 Beta 16 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 1440478284
PolyView v3.0 Beta 17 : Name: RTA 98 s/n: 3288625999
PolyView v3.0 Beta 18 : Name: Swat s/n: 1177674868
PolyView v3.0 Beta 7 : Name: Guess Who? s/n: 3912330379
PolyView v3.0 beta 9 : Name: Versus s/n: 1407021936
PolyView v3.01 : Name: ALM DeTH s/n: 3780861857
PolyView v3.03 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: 2332179742
PolyView v3.10 : Name: BaMa/MANiFEST s/n: 262188546
PolyView v3.20 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 2729662369
PolyView v3.20.1 : Name: kaN[LSD] s/n: 2585490489
PolyView v3.30 : Name: AzzYRiAN s/n: 2610767739
PolyView v3.30 b4 : Name: Predator/FAITH2000 s/n: 1009828548
PolyView v3.30 b6 : Name: Predator/FAITH2000 s/n: 1009828548
PolyView v3.30a : Name: Predator/[FAITH2000] s/n: 3724290237
Ponger v2.9 : s/n: 13001e1e171b67381b
Ponger Pro v3.0 : s/n: 13001E1E171B67381B
Pop Agent v1.0 : Name: Eugene R. Harden s/n: 36213495 10736464
Pop Fix v1.03a : FirstName: Plutonik LastName: DARKSTAR s/n: R2UUM7IASPXZA
Pop Fix v1.05 : FirstName: Jeffrey LastName: McCullum s/n: 4YHR6MP72C3I
POP It v1.89 : Name: TRPS IN. s/n: .VNIXV*L3K0C2V4G
Pop Quiz v1.01 : Name: pHASE s/n: 402-161604
POP! The Balloon Dog Game v1.3 : Name: Ray Hipfner s/n: P2-uu6cA-x
POP3D v1.30 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 21410634 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 26396774
PopAway v2.0 : Name: Nordic 1998 s/n: 42970S-1971112
PopFile v1.0 : s/n: 9956894
Popfix v1.0 : Name: Imh Company: Ecg s/n: IKUWQSKAL
Popfix v1.01 : FirstName: Lukundoo LastName: HPA s/n: 57JEIRIORJEYP
PopUp Ascii Artist v1.2 : s/n: pop528ascb
PopUp Calender : Name: NuZiN'Pc97'RiSE s/n: 124553
Popup Hunter v1.80 : Name: iNFERNo [TEX] s/n: O7A16251198
Popup Hunter v2.02 : Name: CZY s/n: 16240958 or Name: Kathras^DMR s/n: 56248862 or Name: Gordon s/n: 6242910
Popup Notes ActiveX v1.0.13 : s/n: AS-552-48261-A
Popup Xtra v3.2 : s/n: POPX320-26926-36524
Portfolio v3.0 : s/n: FCE-300-001-808-115117
Portfolio v4.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: FCE-400-162-440-319898
Portfolio v4.1.1 : s/n: FCE-400-001-804-224598
Portfolio Performance Calculator v1.0 : s/n: 3ert91
Portfolio Server v4.02 : s/n: FCE-400-001-718-084184
Portfolio Web Edition v4.0 : Name/Company: Versus s/n: FPI-400-123-531-123456
Ports of Call v2 : Name: CEPHYR Town: MGETOWN s/n: -761360050
Poser v3 : s/n: FW100NAZ0010091-FPPJ-001
Post Em Notes v1.0 : s/n: D156-APX-R1JG-395
Post Office v3.11 : s/n: 9-082473334-31337L (Unlimited Users)
Post Road Mailer v1.02 : s/n: 010480
Postage Saver v3.5.6 : Name: WARP Key: 44909429 Code: 3714G
PostAgent v2.0 : s/n: 760 552 001
PostAgent v3.65 : s/n: 102-938-475
Poster v5.0b : s/n: 012248
Poster v6.0b : s/n: 012248
Poster v6.0h : s/n: 041384
Poster v6.0m : s/n: 050582
Poster v6.1b : s/n: 081349
Poster v6.2d : s/n: 70476
Poster v6.2e : s/n: 70476
Poster v6.2f : s/n: 70476
Poster Printery v2.0 : Name: Arcane - CiA '99 s/n: 12642
Poster Printery : Name: Boedha s/n: 3695
Post-It PopUp Notepad v3.0 : Name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: 2729
PostMan v1.0 : Name: (leave blank) Email: (leave blank) s/n: 330519272
PostMan v1.1 : Name: CORE/JES Email: GUEST@NONET.NET Key: 980551287
PostMan Office v1.1 : Name: ArseniK Email: (Anything) s/n: 374995839
PostMan Personal v2.1 : Name: ArseniK Email: (Anything) s/n: 217733884
PostMan Personal Edition v1.2 Build 100 : Name: JOYCE REYNOLDS Email: s/n: 348612750
Power And Propulsion Systems Analysis B v1.1 : s/n: NS-100-000-001 Key: B2A2-D3E9
Power Browser v1.51 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 164670565
Power Center v1.12 : Name: Delphic s/n: Y4326410
Power Center v2.04 : Name: KIRCH0FF s/n: Z2073632
Power Clock v3.06 : Name: TOL s/n: PCN4323
Power Clock v3.08 : Network: PCN4323 NonNetwork: PCS9461
Power Clock Network v3.02 : Name: ALM DeTH [DSi] s/n: PCN4323
Power Clock Network v3.05 : Name: (Anything) s/n: PCN4323
Power Clock Single User v3.02 : Name: ALM DeTH [DSi] s/n: PCS9461
Power Clock Single User v3.05 : Name: (Anything) s/n: PCS9461
Power Control v1.0 : Name: GCRACK s/n: X1795650
Power Dun v1.0 build 107 : s/n: 000000000000000000000jpgI
Power Management v2.02 : s/n: KWW687480
Power Play Slots v1.4 : s/n: 091305
Power PPL v2.0 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL last: G.!.$ s/n: 1883:232:1235
Power Strip v2.41 : Name: ECLiPSE s/n: C4ECBCC8F5290CCA0E831D1605B7CA6131
Power Suite v4.0 International English : Phototools: HCE-300-011-236-326428 MaskPro: MCE-200-283-883-432762 Portfolio: FCE-400-232-691-767344 PortfolioServer: FSE-400-162-896-851922 Intellihance3.0: ICE-300-019-905-580138 Intellihance4.0: IDE-400-019-905-580138 PhotoFrame1.0: BCE-100-289-695-170
Power Suite : Intellihance: ICE-300-001-131-065607 PhotoTools: HCE-200-001-585-983681 Portfolio: FCE-300-001-155-100302
Power Sync WS Enterprise Edition v4.0.0.2 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: 3921254493874284
Power TCP for PowerBuilder v4.0 : Run setup and then run the license manager Put any company and use: s/n: 100-87459-36488 on Part PT-100
Power Translator v2.0 : s/n: PTSW013133
Power Translator v6.0 : s/n: PT6EU7-6.02-200-4969 UnlockKey(All files): *&$#@!%
Power Translator 97 : s/n: PT6EU7-6.02-200-4964
Power Translator Deluxe v1.0 : s/n: PTESWD 35312
Power Translator Pro v6.3 : (Hexedit BARCSRV.EXE Find: 81 7D F0 00 82 EE AC 75 28 C6) Change in: 81 7D F0 00
Power Translator Pro v6.41 : s/n: PT6EU7-6.41-111-1111
Power Translator Pro in Spanish : s/n: LSWA000881
Power Typing v4.2 : Name: Jose A. L. Filho s/n: kfwpt7486-wintypeib
Power Web 98 v1.2b : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: PWR-674272472-00
PowerBuilder Code Analyzer v2.1b : s/n: PBCA2-AL-000390
PowerBuilder Web Deployment Kit v7.0 : s/n: PBWDKDEV
PowerDesk : s/n: 017-2244456 or s/n: 1790-11ef-9f12
PowerDrive v6.0 : s/n: U60041006398
PowerDVD v1.22 : s/n: 74218954LVL432
PowerDVD v1.5 : s/n: EV02581462386864
PowerDVD v1.6 : s/n: V0258146238686 or s/n: EV02581462386864
PowerDVD v2.0 : s/n: EV02581462386864
PowerMarks v1.2 : Name: Registered s/n: VUKS5M
PowerPacker98 v1.1 : Name: dustie of blizzard 1998 s/n: 0531002F1D1D292D2B2A101
PowerPlot/Lite v4.0 : s/n: 98HJ-YY-U762
PowerPro v1.3.1 : Name: TS99 s/n: KAJ89Z
PowerQuest Boot Magic v1.0 : s/n: BM100ENWDL-101147
PowerQuest DataKeeper v3.0 : s/n: DK300ENDL-101004
PowerQuest DriveImage v2.0 : s/n: DM201ENRCD- 193411
PowerQuest Lost & Found v1.01 : s/n: 0453-0000-0002-8279
PowerQuest Search And Rescue v1.01 : s/n: 2153-0000-0000-0001
PowerQuest ServerMagic v2.0 : s/n: SG200ENWDL-000045
PowerQuest ServerMagic v3.0 : s/n: SG300ENCD-111127
PowerSearch v1.0 : s/n: PS-6449-TB3
PowerStrip v2.04a : Name: Licensed s/n: 7080E4C6A
PowerStrip v2.21 : Press Alt-P and enter: Name: Frederick H. Winston s/n: B6C96E6C7
PowerStrip v2.27 : Press ALT-R and enter: Name: Licensed s/n: 7080E4C6A
PowerStrip v2.29.4 : Press ALT-R and enter: Name: Frederick H. Winston s/n: B6C96E6C7
PowerStrip v2.41.04 : Name: MoWAX NOBLiEGE s/n: DBF0007BC02BBB5F4873690A7AB764D606
PowerStrip v2.51.07 : Name: Freeware User s/n: 4D5F1B85D4EF9FCD4C8040EE4EBDF9E5D059E734 or Name: Kung Fu Klan s/n: 0CE5FE7578ABADEFDF69AD71961D89197E3412A7
PowerStrip v2.51.08 : Name: Kung Fu Klan s/n: 0CE5FE7578ABADEFDF69AD71961D89197E3412A7 or Name: Freeware User s/n: 4D5F1B85D4EF9FCD4C8040EE4EBDF9E5D059E734
PowerTCP v4.1 : s/n: 107-00004-44556677-46457
PowerTCP ActiveX for VB4/5 : s/n: trymenow s/n: 100-1234-69640
PowerTCP Internet Toolkit Professional Edition v4.1 : s/n: 119-4-2-54322
PowerTerm v5.1.2b : s/n: STEPS
PowerTerm v5.1.3 : s/n: ring
PowerTone v1.5 : s/n: PWTN1278A0000A04-000
PowerTone Pro v1.1 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: pwtn1297a2280a61-543
PowerView : s/n: 1-38620-KVEASRD
PowerWeb 98 v1.1b : Name: gcrack Company: gcrack s/n: PWR-2467229882-00
PowerWeb 98 v1.2a : Name: PREMiERE s/n: PWR-791115828-00
PowerWeb 99 v1.3a : Name: VuuRBaL Company: MANiFEST s/n: PWR-144859168-00
PowerZip v2.00 : s/n: ERGH34057ELFTHRE0
PowerZip v4.5 : Name: fallen s/n: 48629322
PowerZip v4.51 : Name: ind1999 s/n: 175899213
PowerZip v5.0b : Name: Jaydee 99 s/n: 293693845
Practica Musica : s/n: 00215052
Pragme Systems TelnetDaemon : Name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: 120024946820
Prairie Dog Hunt Pro 97 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: F609
Prassi CD Right Plus v1.1.251 : s/n: 0000200000000
Prayer Journal 98 v1.1 : Name: HiD98 s/n: $F47A6C11
Prayer Journal 98 v1.4 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: $44B42F40
Predator v1.4 : s/n: 9397174694214146
Prefet Screen : Name: Super User s/n: 16889311967
PreForm v1.0ws : s/n: 2201-8201-1029
Premier Code Writer v2.0c : s/n: CW020003-02929
Premiere v1.0 : s/n: MBW100X3100970-389 or s/n: MBW101B3105866-803
Premiere v1.1 : s/n: MBW100D3100371-512 or s/n: MBW101X3100132-284
Premiere v4.0 : s/n: MBW400R11093940244
Premiere v4.2 : s/n: MBW400R1104198-375 or s/n: MBW400R3900106-762
Premiere v5.0 : s/n: MBF420U3000205-940
Premiere v5.1 : s/n: MXX500R145503-500-448
Premiere French v5.0 : s/n: MBF500B7205459-283 or s/n: MBF500B7205362-360 or s/n: MBF500B7205358-275 or s/n: MBF500B7205104-998
Premiere RT v5.1 : s/n: MBF06SGE990001-572
PrePrint : s/n: 11-1009-200021734 or s/n: 11-1000-200027072
Prescience 2000 Monitor v2.1 : s/n: 3803030200194561
Present! v3.0 : s/n: KED87C
Present! v3.0b : s/n: KED87C
Presentation Gallery SOHO Edition : s/n: 33173270
Presentation Publisher v2.7 : s/n: PDKC78
Presenter v3.0.0.71 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 0030-2763-57 Key: 1283-4158-40
Prestine Sounds 98 SR v3.01 : Name: Registred user Company: Registred organisation s/n: 192-98-9-1886581983-117-248-F-0-5474-9425
Presto! OCR Pro v3.0 : s/n: (Anything)
Prestwood Writing Suite v1.0 : s/n: PWS-0411234567890
Pretty Good Solitaire 98 v4.98.1 : Go to Help, About, hold the Control key down and hit register to open the registration screen and enter: Name: Gorgeous Ladies of Warez\GLoW s/n: 9813800333
Pretty Good Solitaire 98 v4.98.2 : Go to Help, About, hold the Control key down and hit register to open the registration screen and enter: Name: GLoW s/n: 98307113
Pretty Good Solitaire 99 v5.1.0 : Name: ASTAGA - C4A s/n: 981740676
Pretty HTML v1.01 : Name: Axana Willy - Darkstar s/n: 1034058545080
Pretty HTML v3.5 : Name: [SUB-G] s/n: xxxxx66798831-3
Primal Script v1.0.197 : s/n: 01-4256-0004-047186
Prime 97 for Word 97 v1.1 : Name: Ando Pilve s/n: 0880-36-1081
Prime 97 for Word 97 : s/n: 659300618
Prime Style v2.0 : Name: Black Thorne - Phrozen Crew s/n: 283033122367998
Prime Style v2.01 : Name: pSi/[CORE] s/n: 162248806595991
Primordial Life v3.16 : Name: Byteman 98 [REBELS] s/n: 30908
Print Artist 1500 : Name: John G Macdonald s/n: 2358595951873927
Print Envelopes v1.0 : s/n: 775828925
Print Que Lan v1.08 : s/n: D701772K
Print Screen 95 v7.0.15 : s/n: 216803453
Print Shop Deluxe II v3.03 : s/n: 22097
PrintCode v1.0 : Name: Mr_GReeN Email: Company: Whiskey kon Tekila s/n: 01DD03F12F736F03ABCD4A6C
PrintDirect v3.0 : UserKey: 4BEWRS7 RegKey: 9BE406D59F36E38762
Printer's Apprentice v5.7 : s/n: BTKA% Z
Printer's Apprentice v6.5a : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: BTKA% Z'
PrintMig v2.0 : s/n: 79878-335-0299143-60037
PrintPro v1.0 : Name: MARK A LEBLANC Company: none Email: s/n: PPRNL103B8-PEG030000VR Code: 25CST7K
PrintScreen 95 v2.7 : s/n: 775828925 or s/n: 0532445108
PrintScreen 95 v7.0 : s/n: 216803453
PrintScreen Works v5.5.0.1 : Name: Jaydee 99 s/n: C0-SYW-09P-XKY24C-K9
PrintScreen Works v5.5.0.5 : Name: DESYNC DOMiNATiON s/n: VE-Y33-TVH-9SYW07-P2
Pristine Sounds 98 vSR1 : Name: Registred user Company: Registred organisation s/n: 192-98-9-1886581983-117-248-F-0-5474-9425
Pristine Sounds 98 vSR2.1 : Name: djHD (c) UCF Company: UCF s/n: 181-99-9-8275-98-112-FS-11-7409-17933
Pristine Sounds 98 vSR2.2 : Name: Registred user Company: Registred organisation s/n: 192-98-9-1886581983-117-248-F-0-5474-9425
Private Desktop v1.0 : Name: REKiEM [PCY] s/n: 1438C7A291
Private Desktop v1.3 : Name: draXXter[Faith2000] s/n: DD99DC2131
Private Message Plus v2.02 : Name: Nop [Phrozen Crew] s/n: $E6EF1556
PrivateEXE v2.0a : s/n: 2261PE20
Pro Backgammon v3.0 : s/n: 10117120 or s/n: KWS8130194
Pro Pick v1.99 : s/n: 97454126
Pro Pick 99-2000 v2.00 : s/n: 97454126
Pro Recipes v2.00 : s/n: TEX-AM95
Pro Venture Billing Solution v2.01 : s/n: 3369P-24363
ProCAD PowerStation v4.5-50/4.6 : Name: blastsoft Company: blastsoft s/n: 12345-12345-29250
ProCAD PowerStation v5.0 : Name/Company: blastsoft s/n: 12345-12345-134296322-29305
Process Focus Tools Affinity Diagram v1.5 : s/n: 1661333233
Process Focus Tools Cause & Effect Diagram v1.5 : s/n: 3541333233
Process Focus Tools Gnatt Chart v1.5 : s/n: 714201333268
Process Focus Tools Relationship Diagram v1.5 : s/n: 185121333735
Process Focus Tools Tree Diagram v1.5 : s/n: 201841333873
Process ToolSet v1.0 : s/n: PTD-614-509 Key: FB09-5F96
ProComm Plus v1.1 : s/n: PW10467543 or s/n: PW10101913
ProComm Plus v2.10 : s/n: PPWE2100077294 or s/n: PPWE2100081467
ProComm Plus v2.11 : s/n: PPWE2100081467 or s/n: PPWU2100077294 or s/n: PPWU2109999999
ProComm Plus v2.11 : s/n: PPWU2110000617 or s/n: PPWU2110048518
ProComm Plus v3.0 : s/n: PPWU3000999999
ProComm Plus v3.0 : s/n: PPWU3000999999 or s/n: PPWU3000165321
ProComm Plus v3.0b : s/n: PPWU3000081467
ProComm Plus v4.0 : s/n: PPWU4000211994 or s/n: PPWU4000151111
ProComm Plus for Dos v2.0 : s/n: PP20116382 or s/n: PP20356565
ProComm Plus for Dos v2.01 : s/n: PP20909329
ProComm Plus For Win95 v4.52A : s/n: PPWU40000151112
ProComm Plus for Windows v2.0 : s/n: PPWU2000081467
Production Manager v3.0 : Company: (Anything) s/n: EPM3-0000-05000-G32 Logon: James Bond Password: 007
Professional Carrier v1.5 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 96D0-A84E-79B0-8213
Professional Draw : s/n: 3000045840 or s/n: 3000563445
Professional Minesweeper v1.1 : s/n: 0903000
Professional Minesweeper v1.2 : Name: Versus s/n: 0804000
Professional VideoPlayer : s/n: 2705684811
ProFiler 2000 v1.0.490 : Name: NADA [DcD] s/n: 75206483GUA or Name: Michelle s/n: 82059688GUA
ProFiler 2000 v1.0 : Name: Gordon s/n: 62780569RAM
Progenie for Korg Prophecy v1.53 : Name: drugstahman s/n: pHQpWWppsr
Progenie v1.75 : Name: -2EA3+ [TXOrg] s/n: eWBseNBpfWoZr
Prognos Compliance v2.0 : s/n: pro200p40000
Prognos Professional v2.0 : s/n: PRO200P40001
Program Starter v1.1 : s/n: 171269
Programmer's IDE v2.4 : Name: tHE EGOiSTE Company: eGOWAREZ['98] s/n: 3516117741
Programming Code Editor v1.7 : s/n: PCEDIT-06124
Progress v8.3B : s/n: 000015001 Control: X7VRS QHFFN 7CV7P
Progress Apptivity v3.0 : s/n: 002329142 Control: xmakt749ymw5chc
Progress Apptivity Server v3.0 : Name: Highlander Company: TRPS s/n: 002329144 Code: 56a947494qw5chc
Progress Enterprise v8.2a : s/n: 002226815 Control: YZER9 6QGAM 5MMYJ
Progress IPQOS v1.0 : s/n: TANCL-BJKFJ-IMLPT
Progress Provision v8.2a : s/n: 002215322 Control: X8ES9 6PE6M MMG?J
Project 95 : s/n: 040-0252649
Project 98 : s/n: 1634-1063641
Project Analyzer v4.1 : UpgradeCode1: Sibelius UpgradeCode2: Ryppyotsa
Project Analyzer v4.1.09 : s/n: Myrkkypullo
Project Analyzer v5.0 : s/n: olipakerran
Project KickStart v2.03 : s/n: 245345795
ProJect Manager Workbench v2.0 : s/n: 120344
Project Risk Analysis v1.0 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: RRUFFB4321
Project Scheduler v6.0 : s/n: 211103207
Project Tracker v1.10.58 : s/n: VPT-103-1968350
Prokon v8.4 : Name: davy - blizzard98 s/n: 185024896
Prokon v8.8b : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] s/n: 136253824
ProMemo v3.20 : Name: aerosmith s/n: LUTKQRSOPSJKIHJGJEEH
PromoSoft Spider Professional v3.8.68 : Standard: HTT576030405663 Pro: KF8513232011453131
Promotion Help System v2.06 : s/n: 110257
PromoWare99 German v1.0.0.6 : Name: RegMinisteR [iMPACT] s/n: DE184075 ! RegMinisteR
Pronto 96 : Name: cOPYCaT s/n: 4pf6mh8k
Protecter Plus v6.5a05 : Name: tchan s/n: 73SL6AQM
Protector Plus v6.5 : Name: C0R3 98 s/n: YDMJ8H8A or Name: BLASTSOFT s/n: NILZ1HT9
Protector Plus v6.5 C06 : Name: WARP s/n: HBZWCAQN
Protector Plus v6.5a06 : Name: MoonCat[PCY] s/n: ASLU2LYE
Protector Plus v6.5a07 : Name: tchan s/n: 73SL6AQM
Protector Plus v6.5a08 : Name: TRPS s/n: CYJNUGO6
Protector Plus v6.7a08 : Name: WARP s/n: HBZWCAQN
ProtectX v1.0 : Name: [Miscreant] s/n: 39-36-37-42-38-45-42-42-48-52-57
ProtectX v2.00.069 : Name: CYPHER X s/n: 31-40-39-38-39-45-30-50
ProtectX v3.00.0001 : Name: Gordon s/n: 33-37-40-37-42-43
Protect Z v1.21 : Name: Gordon s/n: A69B4A6D-94020000
ProTel PCB v1.5 : s/n: 1867757877 Code: B399-7B65
ProTel Schematic Designer v1.0 : s/n: 2001993
ProTel Schematic Designer v2.0 : s/n: 2002228 Code: B339-7B65
Protocol Monitor v2.05 : Name: vots[187] s/n: 1CTZ3XJ1C6SDW3
ProtoView ActiveX Component Suite v2.0 : s/n: ACS200X-9712-23773163-4450
ProtoView ActiveX Suite v3.2 : s/n: ACS300X-9809-42032007-8627
ProtoView DataTable Pro v4.0 : Setup1: DT400X-9712-18326927-3754 Setup2: DT400D-9712-26929785-3672
ProVision Network Monitor v5.0 : s/n: 1-NETWORK1-ZZZZ-000-JGJG-009KXL
Proxy Mail v4.3 : s/n: 99999999 Key: 0000000000000060720000000606000072720000000000000072720000000000000030
PS Download Monitor & Timer v5.41 : s/n: 19972863
PSearch v4.4a : Name: GaRY D. [UCF] s/n: 000000138
PSXCopy v5.0+ : s/n: 2514-VXDI-PPAA-3774B
PSXCopy v5.1 : s/n: 00385-40-863236
Psxvideo : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 1VMI5JBUKD
Psyral Phobia v2.1c : Name: encanto ID: Pphobiauser Password: 3299115^3210111511611841
Psyral Phobia v2.3.19 : Name: PREMiERE ID: Pphobiauser Password: 3299115^3210111511611841
Psyral Phobia v3.0.125 : s/n: yAFCpxvrtBA
Psyral Phobia v3.0.143 : s/n: YAF3Px6r8BA
Psyral Phobia v3.1.10 : s/n: yAFCpxvrtBA
Psyral Phobia v4.x : s/n: SSFCPVCRTBA
PTS AudioCD MP3-Studio v1.1b : s/n: CSN77A1bliz199903df
PTS AudioCD MP3-Studio v1.5 : s/n: CSN77A1bliz199903df
PTS AudioCD MP3-Studio v1.5d : s/n: CSN77A1bliz199903df
PTS GO Box v1.0.185 : Name: Lyne Esler s/n: 2Z1Y0X-101000045D09
Publicity v3.4 : Name: Harlem ID: 287007322 RegNum: 2166954277
Publicity v3.4 build 5 : Name: draXXter[Faith2000] s/n: 1180199242
Publisher v2.0 : s/n: 00-164-0200-80012578
Publisher 2000 : s/n: GC6J3 GTQ62 FP876 94FBR D3DX8
Publisher 95 : s/n: 757-2573155
Publisher 98 : s/n: 8090-3186514
Publisher 98 : s/n: 8112-3861226
Pufferfish AlarmClock v1.0 : Name: N0-Body [dF] s/n: 72109006177
Pufferfish Jukebox v1.0 : Name: JudgeD s/n: 37857108454
Pufferfish LineCalc v1.0 : Name: N0-Body [dF] s/n: 49435747659 or Name: JudgeD s/n: 10395753088
Pufferfish RadioJPro v1.1 : Name: N0-Body [dF] s/n: 56107295757
Punch Clock v2.1 : Name: Marc Potvin s/n: PCLK-J75I5QA3R5078714
Punch Clock v2.22 : Edit your WIN.INI file and make a section: [Punch Clock] With 2 line under it: Line1: RegTo=DSi Team Line2: RegNo=PCLK-J53D180238013248
Punch Clock v2.25 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: PCLK-J53D180238013248
Punch List v2.0.2 : s/n: JFZC-386220-31843059-64F
Punch! Home Design Complete v2.0 : s/n: com-126486-200
PVCS Tracker v4.01 : s/n: 140033
PVCS Tracker v6.0.10 Build 411 : s/n: 130000006220 Key: 18349197
PVCS Version Manager v5.3.10 : Name: Pentium Company: Pentium s/n: 12345 Key: CRACK123
Pyros Total Casino : BlackJack: 821128895 Roulette: 851078392 Poker: 96989081 Craps: 831098594

Q Folder 95 : Name: The Key s/n: 370A9B91
Q Recovery 98 v1.24 build 186 : Name: jog Company: DNG s/n: 8956-4168
QACP v1.0.8 : s/n: 254048027
QACP v1.5 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 254048027
QAPlus v7.0 : s/n: 24C1911
QAPlus/FE v5.30 : s/n: 12345-6789-0
QBIK Wingate Pro v2.1 : Name: iBC s/n: f0271b3de5a25f918bb17d2a
qClick v1.01 : s/n: EMBB8 G5ANW 71DPG TKCRN
Qdesign I-Media Audio Mpeg v2.0 : s/n: Radium1998
QEMM v7.00 : s/n: 103-27E-53601 or s/n: 202-67E-80502 or s/n: 201-17E-80331
QEMM v7.03/v7.04 : s/n: 001-32H-72414 or s/n: 111-62H-44044 or s/n: 300-22H-22444
QEMM v7.50 : s/n: 010-17F-95293 or s/n: 011-17F-00009 or s/n: 017-17F-08319
QEMM v7.52 : s/n: 000-000-00009 or s/n: 000-252-47729 or s/n: 001-17H-72414 or s/n: 101-02H-90990
QEMM v7.53 : s/n: 001-32H-72414 or s/n: 405-22H-00500 or s/n: 501-62H-72405
QEMM v8.00 : s/n: 000-18A-40708 or s/n: 444-999-23679 or s/n: 000-08A-04681
QEMM 97 v9.0 : s/n: QEDU9000108543
QFax 98 : s/n: 7002-0229-6330-3954
Qfront vx.xx : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 33-3333
QHost v5.0 Beta 1 : Name: SiraX Company: [Revolt] s/n: SiraXRV-MKVM74R
QHost v5.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: CRowmAN-WWJ1HMX
qHTML v1.0 : Go to Help, Register and enter: s/n: 414-985-7054
Qif 2 Iif Converter v2.01 : s/n: 8921-1234567-59924
QImage Pro v3.3.2 : Name: TEX99 s/n: 46400063
QImage Pro v5.5 : Name: Decline [BREAKPOiNT] s/n: 906E3D6A028C
QImage Pro v6.12 : Name: tHE aCTiON nEVER sTOPS s/n: 623FDE222BC5
Qmodem : Name: Batman s/n: 62758
Qmodem Pro v1.10 : s/n: 92-0069
Qmodem Pro v1.53 : s/n: 66-3454 or s/n: 86-0001 or s/n: 90-1444 or s/n: 90-0892 or s/n: 90-0859
Qmodem Pro v2.0 : s/n: 569065 or s/n: 569069 or s/n: 57-17240 or s/n: 55-8355 or s/n: 92-0069
QModems v4.6 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 51672 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 29323
Qoole v2.31 : Name: FreeWilly s/n: 8788HN17988YH11178NG16811WR1 or Name: CU Chephren s/n: 7586rp-6869dt-1688kr-8203gw
QPEG v1.4b : (make textfile QPEG.REG) line1: oere - okware line2: 2C-D05940F512345678804704956DF1A2C4
QPV/386 v1.6c : (edit QPEG.REG and put this file in your root/path but not in your Qpeg directory) line1: CERE- The GuaRDiaN aNGeL line2: 5F-717746491234567821690229DA8CD47B
QRDesign v1.05 : s/n: banta-7013-dowers
QREAD v2.1 : Name: Registered s/n: sWZNgrSmEbONAMYv
Q-Recovery v1.26 build 190 : Name: draXXter Company: [Faith2000] s/n: 29292929
Q-Recovery 98 Pro v1.26 : Name: Fully Licensed User Company: Fully Licensed Company Code: 66666651 Make sure to use the provided name and company during the installation.
QReport Artist v2.1a : Name: aerosmith s/n: AX-GG-HM-QR97
Qstres v5.0 : s/n: Q598051003
Qtalk v1.06a : UIN: 1111111111 Code: 9259187
Quack Sound Effect Studio v3.0.2 : FirstName: CORE/JES LastName: CORE s/n: 00000000 Password: 135097AA
Quad Blocks v1.1 : s/n: QUAB4468
Quake 2 server frontend v1.2 : Name: Norway/Revolt98 s/n: 90103035
Quake Name Editor v1.1 : Name: BuLLeT - [PC 98] s/n: 1A08FFF8
Quake Name Editor v1.1 Build 2 : Name: Goofer [DeMoN] s/n: 22702FEC
Quake Name Maker v1.2 : Name: BuLLeT s/n: 310589
Quake Spy v5.1 : Name: Lost Soul [uCF] Email: UNITED CRACKING FORCE s/n: cT2b-6qhs-3R57-5GXR
Quake Spy : Name: CDWarez Email: s/n: aafX-R49s-rH2d-3fc9
Qualitas DisPatch v1.0 : s/n: 100 3520 10180 or s/n: 100 7610 30040
Quant v3.0 Beta : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 7149-6953-75
Quantam Mechanics : s/n: mindseye
QuarkExpress v3.31 : s/n: WX-12572277 or s/n: WX12890208
Quarterdeck CleanSweep v1.0 : s/n: 000-05C-00009 or s/n: 111-15C-11112 or s/n: 222-25C-22225
Quarterdeck CleanSweep v2.0 : s/n: 000-06C-00009 or s/n: 111-16C-11112 or s/n: 222-26C-22225
Quarterdeck CleanSweep v3.0 : s/n: 000-19C-00009 or s/n: 111-19C-11112 or s/n: 222-19C-22225
Quarterdeck CleanSweep 95 : s/n: 004-16c-68867
Quarterdeck CleanSweep Deluxe v4.1 : s/n: CEWU410R071961
Quarterdeck DESQview/X v2.1 : s/n: 000-06X-00009 or s/n: 111-16X-11112 or s/n: 222-26X-22225
Quarterdeck DESQview/X Motif Toolkit Watcom v2.0 : s/n: 000-0BY-00009 or s/n: 111-1BY-11112
Quarterdeck DESQview/X Motif WM Metaware v2.0 : s/n: 000-0AY-00009 or s/n: 111-1AY-11112 or s/n: 222-2AY-22225
Quarterdeck Expertise : s/n: 000-08F-00009 or s/n: 050-18F-05009 or s/n: 203-28F-00004
Quarterdeck InternetSuite v1.0 : s/n: 000-07J-00009 or s/n: 050-17J-05009 or s/n: 203-27J-00004
Quarterdeck InternetSuite v2.0 : s/n: 000-08P-00009 or s/n: 050-18P-05009 or s/n: 203-28P-00004
Quarterdeck InternetSuite Majid : s/n: 000-08M-00009 or s/n: 050-18M-05009 or s/n: 203-28M-00004
Quarterdeck MagnaRAM v2.0 : s/n: 122-28B-66138 or s/n: 000-17G-00009 or s/n: 111-17G-11112
Quarterdeck MagnaRAM v3.0 : s/n: 122-29G-66138 or s/n: 000-19G-00009 or s/n: 111-19G-11112
Quarterdeck Manifest v2.0 : s/n: 000-08L-00009 or s/n: 111-18L-11112 or s/n: 222-28L-22225
Quarterdeck Mosaic v1.0 : s/n: 005-07H-97198 or s/n: 111-17H-00042 or s/n: 102-27H-11112
Quarterdeck Mosaic v2.0 : s/n: 005-08S-97198 or s/n: 111-18S-00042 or s/n: 102-28S-11112
Quarterdeck Quixote : s/n: 005-06K-97198 or s/n: 111-16K-00042 or s/n: 102-26K-11112
Quarterdeck Regenie v1.0 : s/n: 005-09E-97198 or s/n: 111-19E-00042 or s/n: 102-29E-11112
Quarterdeck SpeedyRom v1.0 : s/n: 002-18T-55764
Quarterdeck TopRoyal : s/n: 005-07K-97198 or s/n: 111-17K-00042 or s/n: 102-27K-11112
Quarterdeck TotalWeb v1.0 : s/n: 005-09B-97198 or s/n: 111-19B-00042 or s/n: 102-29B-11112
Quarterdeck Web Star v2.0 : s/n: 000-08K-00009 or s/n: 505-18K-50509 or s/n: 505-28K-50509
Quarterdeck Web Star v2.10 : s/n: 000-08Y-00009 or s/n: 505-18Y-50509 or s/n: 505-28Y-50509
Quarterdeck WebAuthor v1.0 : s/n: 000-17N-22546 or s/n: 010-17N-34354 or s/n: 141-17N-23459
Quarterdeck WebAuthor v2.0 : s/n: 000-18N-22546 or s/n: 010-18N-34354 or s/n: 141-18N-23459
Quarterdeck WebCompass Personal : s/n: 000-08R-00009 or s/n: 300-18R-21111 or s/n: 201-28R-20004
Quarterdeck WebCompass Pro : s/n: 000-08J-00009 or s/n: 300-18J-21111 or s/n: 201-28J-20004
Quarterdeck WebServer : s/n: 000-07C-00009 or s/n: 300-17C-21111 or s/n: 201-27C-20004
Quarterdeck WebTalk v1.0 : s/n: 000-08D-00009 or s/n: 505-18D-50509 or s/n: 505-28D-50509
Quarterdeck WebTalk 2nd Seat : s/n: 000-08H-00009 or s/n: 505-18H-50509 or s/n: 505-28H-50509
Quattro Pro v2.0 : s/n: DA245C10043771
Quattro Pro v3.1 : s/n: DA246D10323488
Quattro Pro v3.1 : s/n: DA246D10323488
Quattro Pro v4.0 : s/n: PA247B10254847
Quattro Pro v5.0 : s/n: 1F945C10098127 or s/n: IA935A10031893
Quattro Pro v5.0 : s/n: 1F945C10098127 or s/n: IA935A10031893
Quattro Pro NL v5.0 : s/n: IA945C10033381
Query : s/n: 5622-118
QUERYer v3.2.128 : Name: SiraX Company: DNG s/n: Q332-3408-0225-6960
QUERYer v4.0 : Name: Joseph Gonzales Company: Versus Inc. s/n: Q332-9764-2753-3503
QUERYer v4.00.0102 : Name: Monika Halkort Company: SHOCK s/n: QRY4-4299-7942-6447
QUERYer v4.00.0152 : Name: Monika Halkort Company: SHOCK s/n: QRY4-4299-7942-6447
QueryN MetaSearch v2.1 : Name: Dront s/n: 72NDA8K
Queue v4.01 : s/n: saladmin
Quick Access v4.50.0144 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 35BBHAFFFHEBG
Quick Books v1.0 : s/n: 382.71.904
Quick Books v2.0 : s/n: 296-00-111
Quick Books v3.0 : s/n: 1000164598 or s/n: 1002571428
Quick Books Pro : s/n: 0261556419 or s/n: 1234567879
Quick Boot v2.65 : s/n: 6343730
Quick Cab Professional v6.5 : Name: LOMAX [DSI] s/n: 540154816136
Quick Calculator v1.01 : Name: Darkzz [Crystal] s/n: 87536121
Quick Card v2.5 : s/n: 76263294
Quick Charts v3.2 : s/n: EASY2SEE
Quick Clean v3.21 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 83B2F28691219A1014
Quick Clean v3.94 : Name: Kathras^DMR s/n: 2283D213B283A17D41B
Quick Color v3.22 : Name: Steve Hsu 5029 s/n: 08093B34
Quick Color v3.28 : Name: miSTER fRANTiC [dNG] s/n: 33214F6B
Quick Crypt v2.0 : Name: Decline [BREAKPOiNT] s/n: E64A4FD69657B3856DF
Quick Delphi Project Compiler v1.0 : Name: DeionXxX s/n: 4G4U-VAFK-05RI-YZ1G or Name: The Exterminators s/n: AT7J-23FY-OYZB-C4JN
Quick Dial v1.1 : Name: SiraX s/n: 98779164 or Name: n03l s/n: 2460145
Quick Dialer v2.1 : Name: tHeRaiN/PGC Key: 3279651204
Quick Dialer v2.2c : Name: Ringer Key: 3274922470
Quick Folder Finder : s/n: 8738
Quick Fortunes v1.3 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: RW72996771472
Quick Install Maker v3.02 : s/n: QIM32-7713-48032-38
Quick Install Maker 16bit v4.04 : Name: GHOST RIDERS s/n: QIM16-5529-28632-414
Quick Install Maker 2000 v2.05 : s/n: QIM2000-5117-27473-0456228100
Quick Launch v1.6.0 : s/n: WVXOHGIEC
Quick Link Explorer Gold v3.0 PR1 build344 : Name: Arthur Fawcett Jr. s/n: w97B-QiLO-bph
Quick Link Explorer Gold v4.0 Beta1 : Name: Delphic s/n: 9146677763139349120000
Quick Link Explorer Gold v4.0.39 : Name: Gustavo Hideyuki Ono Garcia s/n: Eh@9-82ER-bld
Quick Link Explorer Gold v4.0.41 : Name: Pete Aronson s/n: 0xvt-MGGO-Yvd
Quick Link Explorer Gold v4.0.65 : Name: Gustavo Hideyuki Ono Garcia s/n: Eh@9-82ER-bld
Quick Link Explorer Gold Edition v3.0 Beta Build 338 : Name: Alan Goldman s/n: a@93-6AFS-Wqd
Quick Link Explorer Standard v3.0 Beta Build 325 : Name: Alan Goldman s/n: nWYi-zFIF-Zvd
Quick Link Explorer Standard v3.0 PR1 b334 : Name: Gustavo Hideyuki Ono Garcia s/n: BQKI-N7HT-bpf
Quick Link Explorer Standard v3.0 PR1 Build344 : Name: Arthur Fawcett Jr. s/n: BQKI-N7GN-Yod
Quick Link MessageCenter v3.2 : s/n: 980122053895
Quick Menu III v3.1b : PC: 1157821GNIPPGS Network: 1157821BNNUKJN
Quick News v0.4b : Name: Team DEMiSE'98 s/n: 137164725
Quick News v4.0 : Name: REKiEM / PCY '99 s/n: 132315061
Quick Notice v1.0 : Name: _paulux [LAXiTY] s/n: KcHBHyyyvoOawpp12
Quick Paint v1.39 : Name: knoweffex Key: 1234321 Code: -aw6-anGMU9v-aa
Quick Paint v1.39.9 : Name: JUANDAPC Key: 12121212 Code: -d8T-bt-dIr-aFg-dc
Quick Paint v1.50 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] Key: 3000104 Code: -b7-aY-dZr-bS9e-a4-bM-a8TQ-cO-bR
Quick Reinstaller v2.01 : Name: JudgeD [PC'99/MFD] s/n: 2102933
Quick Report Artist v3.0.4 : Name: TheBrabo s/n: AX-GG-LD-QR97
Quick Restart v1.5 : s/n: 00617051QR1
Quick Restart : s/n: 5747462262790A
Quick Settings v1.0 : Name: gcrack s/n: FYB!#*G
Quick Settings v1.0.1 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: frEW#&r
Quick Shopping List v6.0 : s/n: QSL-5
Quick Time v2.0 for Windows : s/n: 040904E4
Quick To-Do 98 v2.10 : Name: Versus s/n: 2000653
Quick To-Do 98 v2.22 : Name: Black Thorne / Phrozen Crew s/n: 2002424
Quick To-Do 98 v2.44 : Name: MANIFEST s/n: 2000604
Quick To-Do Pro v3.1 : Name: BiGMoM / MANiFEST Licenses: 10 s/n: 4227223A10287A
Quick To-Do Pro v3.21 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN Licenses: 978 s/n: 3C3E015DEE4357
Quick To-Do Pro v3.41 : Name: Neur0n/FALLEN Licenses: 1000 s/n: 3C3E015AEF4E5F
Quick Version Update v2.01 : Name: TUC Company: PC99 s/n: 8s059G9253N138
Quick View Plus v3.0 : s/n: QVP0036131007
Quick View Plus! v3.0 or 3.0.3 : s/n: QVP0036131002
Quick Web HTML v3.02 : Name: PGC s/n: r30v04b73
QuickBooks PRO v5.0 : s/n: 772-888-99957 or s/n: 107.000.27636
QuickBooks Pro v6.0D : CDKey: 7112-111-114-3476 Choose telephone registration and enter s/n: 1251-7311-1127
Quickbooks Pro 99 : s/n: 1030-066-593-8206 After you are done with the install, start the program and open the sample company. Drop down the file menu and click on REGISTER then select "register by phone" and enter: 0280-1895-6006
QuickCM v1.2 : s/n: JPK X99 PLJ
QuickColor v3.28D : Name: D-tRAdER (DSi) s/n: 190C7C5C
Quicken Home & Business 98 vBeta 3 : s/n: 1043886215
QuicKeys v1.01 : Install: KJAFJYBY2RY4R FirstRun: LFG24Z85TF6US5R
QuickMail Pro v1.53 : Name: PREMiERE Company: (Anything) s/n: GVZKG7FMV5N3J5
QuickMem v1.0.4 : Name: MisterE[iNSiDE] s/n: 36234291901144.4
QuickNic v1.01 : Name: Linda Yudka s/n: 1655-MOSIBOOILG
QuickObjects v1.1.21 : Name: TUC PC99 Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: `=xi|,5^db=~Ri+=c~d+do?%5Uc3UV
QuickRef Project Assistant v2.2 : Name: Versus s/n: BLZBEDSA
QuickRun v1.3 : s/n: 3B45FCB8010000007401 (Replace 74 to 75)
QuickRun v2.01 : Name: Sexyboy s/n: 3097-25-17503
QuickSite v2.5.3 : s/n: 11111-11/11-1111111111
QuickStart v99.1a : Name: MoWAX [Nobliege] s/n: 1806512746
QuickTest 1.5 & Astra Site Manager v1.08 : Name: Pirate Company: Pentium Inc. s/n: 999000023AS09128c354
QuickTime v3.0 : Name: Mad Hacker s/n: 085E-C714-0BC8-B2E1-1301 or Name: John A. Haverty s/n: 3FDF-F69E-5A79-9088-BD63
QuickTime Pro v3.0 : s/n: BBA5-2362-4363-99DE-2487 or s/n: 3231-0FD8-1D51-2E93-3432 or s/n: C3C8-8E43-94C6-6730-9549 or s/n: 1C61-1CD5-4EDD-3216-3243 or s/n: 675E-DF2B-8E31-126F-4233 or s/n: 1660-49F0-C751-5BB0-2343 or s/n: D362-7F9D-0C6D-0E71-7576 or s/n: 1B44-D393-EA30-C405
QuickTime Pro v3.0.2 : Go to control panel, double click on quick time icon and enter: Name: Mad Hacker Company: TRPS s/n: 085E-C714-0BC8-B2E1-1301
QuickTime Pro v4.0 : Name: Batman Company: Dark-Knight s/n: 72D5-4A42-9D31-E31A-5965
QuickView Plus v4.0 : s/n: GTBFEYVU
QuickView Plus v4.5 : s/n: PH-706532
QuickWeb HTML Editor v3.1 : s/n: r30v04b73
QuickZip v1.0 : Name: SiraX s/n: 17992810044265
QuikASP v1.0 : Name: Gayla Rayworth s/n: QSP-359311-28556 EXE Unlock: qasp0430
QuikEdit v1.0.37 : Name: Lee David Morrison s/n: rNUf-GMcK-SYri-
QuikEdit v1.0.38 : Name: Pete Aronson s/n: 2Chc-jrhF-QUrV-
QuikGrid v4.0 : Name: PhrozenCrew99 s/n: 313047
Quill v1.0 : Name: Ringer s/n: 34f0SRX
Quintessential CD v1.1 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 5edf088f
Quintessential CD v1.27 : Name: Ringer s/n: a22e02f9
QuipSig v1.2 : s/n: 103-167349
Quite Imposing Plus v1.0 : License: 0522-2701-4448-8182 Code: 6636
Quixote : s/n: 000-16K-00009
Quiz Create 98 v1.45 : Name: PRM s/n: 199099165
QuizPlease v97.1a : Name: REBELS s/n: D-445-489
Quizzer v1.3 : s/n: xsc0-3a42-Quizzer 1.0 or s/n: w3kr-9e89-Quizzer 1.0 or s/n: x6cv-0d39-Quizzer 1.0 or s/n: o1ie-45c4-Quizzer 1.0 or s/n: mnld-343s-Quizzer 1.0
Quota Manager v2.6.1 : s/n: RB1J52PC975O
Quotation Organizer v2.0 : Name: s/n: 1555554
Quote Grabber v2.0 Beta 10 F : Name: VERSUS Email: versus@versus s/n: -103731113
Quote Ticker Bar v5.0 : s/n: RnJpZGF5 RegNum: aVDdz3194p
QuoteJava v1.32 : Name: NiTR8^ s/n: NPLIRJGD
QuoteWatch - Catch the Wave v3.50 : s/n: 7004459
QuoVadis v1.5.2 : Name: Linda J. O´neil Address: 475 Water Street Ort: USA-23704 Portsmouth s/n: 0126-L-TE Code: 84649524225
QV : Name: Crack da WareZ s/n: 32000
Qv-Autocam v1.4 : Name: Black Thorne s/n: BEPGCKR
QVCS v3.1 : Date: 05/16/1998 ID: 191980516-DL1L
QVCS v3.3 : s/n: 191980516-DL1L
QWallet v1.1 : Name: blizzard s/n: O4Z5U8X1L9Z4
QWallet v1.1.1 : Name: accz of blizzard s/n: l8y7s8o6i6h8
QWallet v1.2 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: S8T4A7Q4G4P5
QWallet v1.3 : Name: kaN[LSD] s/n: DR-206-1234567
QWallet v1.3b : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: NS-106-DR-206-27
QwikSchedule v4.0.2 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: 5601946
QX-Tools v4.0 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! Company: UCF s/n: QCE-400-000-653-000000
QX-Tools v4.0.1 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! Company: UCF s/n: QCE-400-000-653-000000
QX-Tools v4.02 : Name/Company: Versus s/n: QCE-400-001-210-220485


Recipe Organizer v3.0s : Name: JUANDA s/n: 987712928-409 or Name: PC98 s/n: 987722314-409
Recipe Organizer v3.5S : Name: TeamPGC s/n: 986067764-409
R & R Report Writer v6.0 : s/n: 65793
R & R Report Writer v6.5 : s/n: RRW6-481169
R & R Report Writer v8.0a : s/n: 0056-7028-2469-8861
R.S.M. Remote Services Management v4.2a : s/n: p42a1kcampaign!99990ijj
RacerNet v1.01 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 16293863
Rack-It v1.0 : Name: TRPS s/n: 160187
Rad Kinetics v1.2.5 : Name: PRiME s/n: 7823458
Rad Van Fortuin : Name: Leontine Ruiters s/n: EADD-ADFD-BBA6-575512
RadaSoft Hex Color Pro v1.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 0075-9590-3519-5652-0583-4163
RadioJ Pro v1.1 : Name: JudgeD s/n: 76542976106
Radio Wave v1.0 : Name: pSi/[CORE] s/n: 495818180
RadTac Manager Server v4.21 : s/n: 446325675
Raduga v2.0 : Name: radium Company: radium s/n: uuh1egz2g1cg
Raduga v2.2.2 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! Company: UCF s/n: UCF23kn6n949
RagTime v3.0 : s/n: 6601120 ProductionNumber : 8739401
RagTime v5.01 : s/n: mqp7kputky54cvny66994rxf5gps
Raised Panel Door v4.1 : s/n: 455BE1E5DBA24B39
Ram Disk v1.2 : s/n: 2EY0190-71-31-22-07-12A
RAM Swap v1.0 : Name: elmopio [iSD98] s/n: 83B-856
RAMexam v7.01 : s/n: 90060814060
RAMexam : s/n: 5432189569
Rand McNally Route Planner : s/n: RP9810CRM901-06693
Random Event Sounds v3.0 : Name: fallen s/n: YBXFH-G8GLV-CI8G7
Random Event Sounds v3.1.1 : Name: Bisoux s/n: YVXHH-68TLW-CD8G5
Random Event Sounds v3.1.3 : Name: Vision s/n: YBXHH-68GLS-CI8G6
Random Midi Plus v1.02 : s/n: ranmidi-6hpo4-24-hop
Random Password Generator v6.0 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 5vEd9A3mxm
Random Password Generator Pro v8.0 : Name: Nolian[VRS] s/n: D6epaYuH9f or Name: TUC PC99 s/n: D6epaYuH9f
Random Test Generator v1.4 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 00007ttrSw
Random Test Generator v1.5 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 00001qpgWc
Random Test Generator Pro v2.0 : Name: ArseniK s/n: Ur2FynK4Cg
Random Test Generator Pro v3.0 : Name: BerSerkA s/n: k4Vwp82FsL or Name: TUC PC99 s/n: k4Vwp82FsL
RandomNoise Coda v1.0.0.1 : s/n: 206Y-9FC1K-H50EI-54MM
RaNews : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs : G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F865A9DB1 Phone : 031+00000000000
Rank Higher! v1.75 : Name: davy-blizzard1999 s/n: YbT1bRFAF212712E70F510E106131131F211DFA7A8E8E8Ewa
Rapport for Tape v3.0 : s/n: NS-100-000-004 Key : 509B-2591
Raptor NT v1.1 : s/n: 418
RAR Archiver v1.54+ : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: E478F2CB98B7521995 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 79D32A7FDEC3721995
RAR Archiver v2.04 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 0517ADD877B38D
RAS Professional v0.41 : Name: DjPaul uCF s/n: 194361
RAS Timer v1.09 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: H2G7 / B8PE
Rascal v2.1 : s/n: 16190025-19060300
Rascal v2.2 : s/n: 19991110-11081612 or s/n: 11111101-10136111
Rascal Pro v1.6 : s/n: 16190025-19050000
Rascal Pro v1.7 : s/n: 19991110-11111512 or s/n: 11111101-11165111 or s/n: 97755088-16654910
RAScounter v1.20 : Name: Shaligar Company: Lash s/n: 57465678495154576 or Name: evc_viper Company: home s/n: 74908024017185824
RasMon v1.23 : Name: TEX98 s/n: 516983895
RasMon v1.4 : Name: Ringer s/n: 336503882
Rasputin v1.4 : s/n: 19991110-11141412 or s/n: 11111101-11184111
RasTimer v1.11 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: H2G7 / B8PE
Rational PureCoverage v6.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) Key : 11005-071962 s/n: 154-1276001998
Rational Purify v6.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) Key : 11005-071962 s/n: 154-1276001998
Rational Visual Quantify v6.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) Key : 11005-071962 s/n: 154-1276001998
Rave v2.02 : s/n: 1234567890123456
RaveKaraoke v1.0 : s/n: XRKX666FYA773652
RavWare MUI Maker v1.0 : s/n: R100-91-86330724
Ray Dream Designer v3.1.3 : s/n: DW-313-1-9424-34021 or s/n: DW-313-1-8686-4776 or s/n: DW-313-1-1610-26598
Ray Dream Designer v3.x : s/n: DW-313-1-8686-4776
Ray Dream Designer v4.0 : s/n: DW-410-1-1270-31249
Ray Dream Studio v4.0 : s/n: SM-00000-0-1-54633
Ray Dream Studio v4.0 : s/n: SW-400-0-1026-46336 or s/n: SW-400-1-4268-6394
Ray Dream Studio v5.5 : s/n: SW-400-0-1026-46336
Ray Dream Studio : s/n: 410-2865-7667
RAYflect Four Seasons v1.0 : s/n: 4SP-W-01-*q12zb0-30pk41s-03ebybu
RAYflect PhotoTracer v1.0.1 : s/n: PTP-W-01-abt07wk-pg0q051-h3a0ajw
RAYflect PhotoTracer v1.05 : s/n: PTP-W-01-abt07wk-pg0q051-h3a0ajw
RBase v3.1b : s/n: 4650988
RBluePrint v1.0.62 : Name: Andox Company: massive s/n: ALJZx84TBxTDxca
RCAudio v1.1.9 : s/n: 93PD929199C6
RCCD v4.1.6 : s/n: 247012546
RDACD v99.7.29 : Name: Neur0n City: FALLEN State: SK ID : RDACDs/n: 1234567 Date: 1.1.2000 CheckSum : B8982FDF
RDACD v980412 : Name: djHD Company: UCF Country: UCF Product ID : 100106 s/n: 7268 Date: 07.08.98 CheckSum : 3E2E7FC0
ReachHire Applicant Tracking v1.5 : s/n: 999999999
ReachOut v2.5 : s/n: 2396-5764-2347
ReachOut v6.0 : s/n: 1031-0123-4567-8934
ReachOut Enterprise v8.4 : s/n: 1031 0355 4124 2762
ReachOut Fastest RA v6.7 : s/n: 1031-0123-4567-8934
ReachOut Passport v7.0 : s/n: 1040-0251-1000-8491
ReachOut Remote Control v5.0 : s/n: 1031-1100-0000-0000 or s/n: 1031-4010-0000-0000 or s/n: 1031-0130-0000-0000
ReachOut Remote Control Pro v4.04 : s/n: 000646264 or s/n: 000688192
Ready Code 98 v1.0 : Name: SiraX DNG s/n: RC2A-42332-CC0214E9
Ready Code 98 v1.06 : Name: SiraX DNG s/n: RC2A-42332-CC0214E9
Ready To Print Organizer v3.04 : Name: nziquF s/n: 3487102-ABCDE-
Ready To Print Organizer v3.05 : Name: KiLLa-CoRE s/n: 3487102-MTICF-TNYZ
Ready To Print Organizer v3.07 : Name: nziquF s/n: 3487102-ABCDE-
Ready To Print Organizer v3.09 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: 3487102-SSEFGTYU-F-UFZOJCGN-NYUY
Real Estate Software Analysis : Name: TANYA P. MOSES s/n: 96031701
Real Flight Upgrade to v1.10.154 : s/n: 19963951-RF-4712101404
Real Function Keys v1.4 : s/n: 56959346
Real JukeBox v1.0.386 : s/n: 352-74363-5286
Real Orchestra v1.42 : Name: John Hunt s/n: A2-3Z56-#9ABC-421
Real Player Plus v5.0b1 : s/n: 0058-23-7466
Real Player Plus G2 v6.0.3.128 : s/n: 0321-79-6462
Real Player Plus G2 v6.0.5.27 : s/n: 0376-47-6335
Real Player Plus G2 v6.0.6.33 : s/n: 0085-23-4766
Real Player Plus G2 v6.0.6.99 : s/n: 1106-11-0061 or s/n: 0610-06-0101 or s/n: 0100-11-6161 or s/n: 1010-11-6061
Real Player Plus G2 v6.1.0.153 : s/n: 212-08976-3639
Real Producer Plus G2 : s/n: 212-08806-1648
Real Producer Plus G2 : s/n: 212-08683-1568
Real Producer Pro G2 v6.0.0.4 : s/n: pro-btg-134417-05
Real Producer Plus v6.1.0.153 : s/n: 212-08976-3639
Real Publisher v5.1 : s/n: 212-35860-4576
Real Publisher G2 Beta 2 : s/n: 212-60876-9430
Real Server Basic Plus v5.01 : s/n: CustomerName 01-0104-1005-52547 Key : 1f600z9aa090000fd0c63bf50100d40400b00033f0000107504c73460376800003c06
Real Video BlackJack v5.0 : s/n: 179581
Real Video Poker v5.0 : s/n: 586491
RealClocks95 v1.0 : s/n: 8580163
RealFlow v1.11a : s/n: 1500-1101597f
Realitools vVolume 1 : s/n: 64H8-N0G60-1030 Code : 2L8-0A9-092
Realitools vVolume 2 : s/n: D4H8-R0060-1030 Code : 2L8-0A9-092
Reality Studio v1.3 : s/n: 7015037 Key : 0V1VA0-39841A-B1B1DE
Realize Voice v2.1 : s/n: DR-RV20-00001437
Realize Voice for ACT! v2.02 : s/n: DRACT20-00001405
Realize Voice for Windows v2.02 : s/n: DR-RV20-00001400
Realize Voice Lite v2.11 : s/n: DR-RV20-00001400
Really Good Timer v2.7.06 : Name: JudgeD s/n: FB8CEB4602DD85A4F782DB4C85A6D74C Key : MANIFEST/PC 99 or Name/Key : Jaydee 99 s/n: 65C428C39CBD518B5B6F8CFE6BD8AD34 or Name: WeaxWeasel[TbC] s/n: FD9BC968370B4856C51BF904774A8BB1
RealOrche v1.2 : Name: warez s/n: A2-3Z56-89012-840
Reanimator 98 v1.04 : s/n: 34-CFYMR7SK728F
Reanimator 98 v1.1 : s/n: RN-S79A6ES24F3A
Reanimator 98 : s/n: 34-CFYMR7SK728F
Rebate Tracker v1.0 : s/n: rky57
Rebecca : Name: (Anything) Email : (Anything) s/n: 0012-3437-A102
Recall v2.3 : Name: MoWAX [Nobliege] s/n: 9FF00F905
Recall Database v1.0 : s/n: 1001555243
Recette 99 v3.1.1 : Name: darKwING s/n: 49776
Recipe Calc 98 v1.4 : Name: MANIFEST s/n: 42144994
Recipe Calculator 98 v2.0 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 410-1190
Recipe Organizer Deluxe v1.0 : Name: draXXter [Faith2000] s/n: 514932196-731
Reclaim It v2.3 : s/n: RECLAIMIT!VERSION2-021375
Reclip 2000 v2.0 : s/n: 10100000011
Recognita v1.0 : s/n: A46AW422604388
Recognita GO-CR v2.1 : s/n: UI23C2029043
Recognita Plus v1.0 : s/n: A46AW422604388
Recognita Plus v1.25 : s/n: A46IW422685241
ReconMail 98 v1.3a : Name: CORE CMT! s/n: fmbq593vksv34
ReconMail 98 v2.0 : Name: LOIS DUHAMEL s/n: orshd8acnb1rt
ReconMail 98 v2.1 : Name: panoramix s/n: dh5hq99p2ad86
Record Catalog v1.20 : s/n: aax12axx21
Recorder Teacher 98 v1.17 : Name: GARY HATTON s/n: 1837
Recordian v1.0.2T : Name: d4rk0n3 [LAXiTY] s/n: 912447
Recordian v1.02 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n : 478665
Recover 4 All v0.3 : Name: p00p tERTz s/n : SHZLXXUUWS or Name: DeadEyE [ThP] s/n : CTFGURVM3XX
RecoverNT v3.0 : s/n : RV11402-4755667
RecoverNT Express v1.02 : s/n : RV00000-0200952
ReCrystallize Pro v2.0 : s/n : R1425750665E1Z3456505E181-3
ReCrystallize Pro v2.0.2 : s/n : R1425750665E1Z3456505E181-3
ReCrystallize Pro v2.2 : s/n : R1425750665E1Z3456505E181-3
Red Alchemist Pro : Name: Green Alert s/n : 507494469
Red Box Organizer v2.1 : s/n : 75-44-8456-38346-96-927
Red Box Organizer v2.2+ : s/n : 75-44-8456-38346-96-927
Red Box Organizer v2.2b : Name: Culo Sucio Company: SpriteX s/n : 75-44-8456-38346-96-927
Red Dragon Casino v1.1b : s/n : ZW0275
Redax v2.0 : s/n : RDX-200-000502
RedHand Security Monitor v4.20 : Name: UNREGISTERED s/n : 22253733353E2823
Redsoft Nitro v1.1.28 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 14254383-19583111-38711831
Redsoft Nitro v1.3.39 : Name/Company: UNICITY s/n: 19334690-22563619-41782129
Reflection 4 v5.0 : s/n: BBJR0500001481599
Reflection Sweet for X v5.0 : s/n: 001487272
Reflection X v4.0 : s/n: WXP400L005847
Reflexions v1.1 : s/n: 5G7H 5FKA 6MRL 1212 1212
RefMaker v1.3.1 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: Pw1114-72-1225
RefMaker v1.31 : Name: UNICITY s/n: Pw1114-72-1225
RegRun 2 v2.1 : FirstName: Kathras^DMR LastName: (None) Email : s/n: 118112
RegDesk 98 v1.0.1 : Code: CORE 1998 Key : RD98-18403-D48E64A1
RegDesk 98 v1.02 : Code: SiraX/DNG s/n: RD98-25102-D48E64A9
ReGet Pro v1.3.0 Build 111 : Name: ^pain^ '98 Email : s/n: A4DD29EA
ReGet Pro v1.4.0 : Name: SavaGe Email : s/n: 9J2GJ7BPSAVAGEPC
RegiSet v1.0 : Name: sickboy of blizzard Company: blizzard98 s/n: K6SN6Q67BL
Register Pro Promotion Spider v1.6.0 : s/n: 4924-460ST689 Key : 413644642P
Register Pro Promotion Spider v1.8 : Name/Email : (Anything) s/n: 4924-460ST689 Key : 413644642P
Registry Crawler v1.2 : Name: SWPRULEZ s/n: 8267-4KKD$
Registry Crawler v1.21 : Name: decoderz s/n: 8267-4TYa$ or Name: Predator/[FAITH2000] s/n: 8267-4JTYOFCBM
Registry Crawler v1.x : Name: ^^th!nk^^ s/n: 8267-$QVW$
Registry Crawler v2.0 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 8267-YCLVKZ
Registry Ikognito '98 : Name: Blue Night [GGC] s/n: 99-134-138-149-104-126
Registry Protector v1.0 : Name: Linda Jimenez s/n: RP10-82-008-1-D00008F010F0BD-54
Registry Run Guard v2.6 : Name: FoXCoRe s/n: 3561374E4E4B35663C6F
Registry Studio v1.0 : Name: CoSH [PCY] s/n: RS12-5617-6826-2610-1651-19
Registry Studio v1.01 build 110 : Name: The Exterminators s/n: RS12408533604954645480
Reglo v2.5 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 16181035-01070900
Reglo v2.7 : s/n: 12512702-50207251
RegMedic v2.3 : s/n: 154-331042
Regognita GO-CR v2.1 : s/n: UI23C2029043
RegRepair 2000 v3.5 : Name: darKwING s/n: 921-6330051
RegTune 98 v2.02 : Name: blizzard98 s/n: RT0A-39384-EE0218G1
RegTune 98 v2.03 : Name: SiraX/DNG s/n: RT0A-40896-EE0218G2
RegTune 98 v2.04 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: RT0A-30420-EE0218G9
RegTune 98 v2.05 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: RT0A-45216-EE0218G2
RegTune 98 v2.06 : Name: [EVC] s/n: RT0A-22266-EE0218G1
RegView v2.20 : s/n: 534152250307
RegView v2.21 : Name: eKH Agent s/n: 0CF0D208C0FD0C50AF0DD0C70F1
Release-It v1.0 : Name: cLUSTER/rOUGH! s/n: JF2g07KfB1r892119073
Remain Connected v3.0 : Name: Team Mission s/n: remain159357net
Remember Disk v1.1 : Name: davy - blizzard ID : 00000000 s/n: 160C
Reminders v3.3 : Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 3765276054
Reminders v3.5 : Name: fjalar Company: TEXTURE s/n: 3773961795
Reminders v4.0 : Name: Link s/n: DGR175246
Reminders v4.24 : In the About box, press "R" and enter: Name: Warp98 s/n: A16-35M-1615
Reminders v4.73 : Name: Nop [Phrozen Crew] s/n: A16-35M-5104
Reminders v5.15 : Company: BLiZZARD Name: splasher s/n: 29101235 Fill all other boxes with +++
Remind-Me v1.5 : Name: Billy Sanchas s/n: 20173 Password : kGhgphtt
Remind-Me v1.6 : Name: TRPS s/n: 123456 Password : rRyhy5pt
Remind-Me v1.7 : Name: WaxWeazle [LAXiTY] s/n: 12345 Password : kPHhq5pt
Remote Access Pro v2.02 : s/n: PFA3B7DE8FCDD90AAC0000 or s/n: PFB36AA3E5CDD90AAC0010 or s/n: PFE5DF01EBCDD90AAC0020
Remote Access Pro v2.02 (250 nodes) : s/n: PF026549CB0002319A0045
Remote Control v1.5 : Name: Bisoux s/n: 217152435F
Remote Control v1.6.1 : Name: [MegaBajt]/DSi s/n: 2ED86CF328
Remote Control v1.7.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: F5B3B215AD
Remote Control v2.0 : Name: DSI Rules s/n: 332-F26-FB4-E3E
Remote Control CD Player v4.0.13 : s/n: 247012546
Remote Control CD Player v4.4.2 : Name: CZY s/n: CZY439310179
Remote Office Gold v4.0 Beta : s/n: rogwinnt
Remote Services Management Advanced v4.1 rev.B : s/n: A41A1KMASQUE00099999TVJ
Remote Services Management Advanced v4.2 : PC1: A42A2IUSA00355899980CKD PC2: A42A2IUSA00355899980DYD Client: IUSA003558 Manager : JUSA003559
Remote Services Management Pro v4.1 rev.B : s/n: P41A1KMASQUEUDM99999QNU
Remotely Possible v4.0 : s/n: A0002B96C76AF76F
Remotely Possible v4.0a SP1 : s/n: MIMCM-L14CI-XM9KE-X7IYH (ServicePack 1 must be installed over the trial version to funtion properly)
RemoteNT v2.0.2151 : s/n: 992545 Code: K-HWYUG-HWX7D-W9060
Remove-IT v1.0 : s/n: 10022814
Remove-IT v2.0 : s/n: 20154774 or s/n: 20153530 or s/n: 20150941
Remove-IT v3.0 : s/n: 20331296 or s/n: 20353775 or s/n: 20331296
Rems Property Manager 500 v3.0 : s/n: 92336 1/2
Rename It v2.0 : Name: cg! [oDt] s/n: 1079-9571-0357
Renamer v1.0 : Name: Slick-LSD s/n: 25EC42
Renamer v1.1.1 : Name: SiRGiB-LSD s/n: 2669B0
Render It 3D v3.0 Beta : Name1/Name2: BaMa/MANiFEST Email : s/n: 5f37-4c5f-01f8-f1be
Render Studio 3D : Name: DoH!RuLeZ! Company : HeLLAND iNC. s/n: 17 Verification : 863528
RenderIt 3D Lite SDK v2.2 : FirstName: BaMa LastName: MANiFEST Email : s/n: 6239-8575-3da8-cfb0
RenderIt 3D Lite SDK : FirstName: BaMa LastName: Weapon Email : s/n: 4795-66fc-dcd1-a933
RenderMan : s/n: 1114897156
Rendersoft VRML edit v1.3 : s/n: PRS29721000Z000
RenderWorld & NatureFX v2.01 : Edit RsrcEdit, edit DatabaseSys.rsrc and make sure this is already either there, or add this in, making sure the paths to where you installed it are set. Line1: DATABASE NFX_Shaders Line2: PATH e:SIPLUGSaretesoftwareNatureFXNFX_Shaders Line3: TYPE SHADERL
Rent To Own Pro v2.3.34 : Name: Creative Innovations s/n: 1950842880
Replace It! : s/n: 1235
Replica Intranetwork v3.05 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 1052-0855-6333-6709
Replica Single Server v3.03 : s/n: 1049-0855-6333-3561
Replica Single Server v3.05 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 1049-0855-6333-3561
Replica Single Server v3.05 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 1050-0856-6333-4594
Report Builder v4.11 : s/n: brandichastaine
Report Builder Pro v3.52 : s/n: 36VZLK-
Report Builder Pro v4.04 : s/n: SPRINTMLS
Report Builder Pro v4.05 : SetupPassword: SPRINTMLS OleEndUserPassword : ONLYTHEBEST
Report Builder Standard v3.52 : s/n: RXZ12M!
Report Designer Pro v3.0 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 31060069
Report Printer Pro v3.0G : s/n: RP3D311M9 Code: A674201D467E
Report Runner v3.14 : s/n: GO4GOLD
Reptile v1.7 : Name: Capoeira/TS s/n: 10C3528E
RESCounter : Name: draXXter Company: FAITH2000 s/n: 64182838928527320
ResEdit : Name: Exeron s/n: E86167
Resize Image v3.2 : Name: bitfou98 s/n: 94221375
Resize Image v3.3 : Name: 84821315 s/n: 84821315 or Name: draXXter s/n: 94A213A5
Resize Image v3.4 : Name: hotdog04 [Weapon] s/n: C43213A5
ReSize OCX v3.0 : s/n: 170489016
Resource Meter v1.0 : Name: uywjj Password : LOMAX
Resource Scrutator v1.11 : Name: LOMAX [DSi] Email : s/n: 727720042802
Restrict IT v1.0 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 1655249500 or Name: draXXter s/n: 1655249500
Retriever v1.1 : Name: SiraX/[DNG] s/n: muciwiso
Retriever v1.103 : Name: team TNO s/n: igepasac
Retriever v2.0 : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: fogawuwo
Retriever v2.0 : Name: n03l s/n: unerazim
Retriever v2.1 : Name: mooncat/prophecy s/n: ciriyuvo
Retroware Movie Organiser v1.3 : Name: CoSH [PCY] s/n: iretv
Return to Arcade : s/n: 415-1712656
Retyper v1.0 : Name: Linda Georgie s/n: 42027946
Retyper v2.011 : FirstName: mr.FiX LastName: //ECG s/n: 42021799
Reunion Personal Chat Server v1.01 : s/n: 4BA-K92221HJUG065
Revival v3.1 : s/n: RV11402-4755667 or s/n: RV68868-5091768
Revival v3.4 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: RV20545-2290123
Revize v2.0 : s/n: 39526-23850-5008r-kfXX
Revize v2.1 : s/n: 39526-23850-5008r-kfXX
Revize v2.2 : s/n: 39526-23850-5008r-kfXX
RGB Editor v3.1 : Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 3260963223
RGB Editor v3.3 : Name: fjalar Company: TEXTURE s/n: 3269648964
RGB to HEX v2.0 : Name: TheForceTeam s/n: R-v2%406449
Rhino 3D Nurbs Modeler v1.0 : s/n: 1296-4271
Riada Attivo v1.00b2 Build 39 : Name: Killer+Bee s/n: 57R22QPC0
Riada Billboard v1.03 build 25 : Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] s/n: X720RVKB1
Riada Button v1.00.38 : Name: LOMAX Reg: IP7TK7000 ID: 123456789
Riada Cartel v1.1 : Name: eKH Agent Company: (Blank) s/n: 7H7XISXXX
Riada Cartel v1.1 build 120 : Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] s/n: H5J2A2KB0
Riada Cartel v1.1b4 : Name: Killer+Bee s/n: I4SQMGPC0
Riada Form v1.01 build 32 : Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] s/n: 6J0HVDKB0
Riada Headline v1.03 build 44 : Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] s/n: CPWZA7KB0
Riada Headline v1.10 : Name: Ringer s/n: I4UQBO945
Riada Linx v1.02 build 22 : Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] s/n: ZA20RWKB1
Riada Lock v1.02 build 29 : Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] s/n: 0FZ12CKB1
Riada Vivo v1.0 build 54 : Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] s/n: EXUAMQKB1
Riada Vivo v1.00 : Name: eKH Agent Company: (Blank) s/n: 86C6LQXXX
Riada Vivo v1.00b2 Build 32 : Name: Killer+Bee s/n: YTZ2IDPC0
Rich Win v4.3 : s/n: RWA0-579461-0194
Richedit.dll v1.4 : s/n: 478654322
RideWay v1.8 : Name: RTA Team Type : Unlimited Users s/n: ITS21003-472944-1470004-ZUVBaWgbmb
RideWay v1.83 : Name: CORE CMT Users : Unlimited s/n: ITS21003-278560-1276008-ZFQSEdENTb
RideWay v1.84 : Name: Fully Licensed User Type : Unlimited Users with BreezeWay s/n: ITS21003-966926-3959008-ZIwmlccMifgoshfbUvgsb
RideWay including Breezeaway Options v1.8 : Name: Joseph levy License Type: Single User with BreezeWay License ID : ITS21003-375747-2371005-ZMqtesjblhxzb
Right Fax v4.02 : Region: RFS1 s/n: SNR055369
Ring Zero 3D With Source Code v1.0 : s/n: NS-100-000-003
Rinkrat v2.5 : Name: Syndicate s/n: 6519R14283
Rio v6.21 : s/n: 205521
Rio Designer v1.6 : s/n: 0E456016626
RipIt v2.98 : Name: TRPS 98 s/n: 2148929531
RipIt v3.14 : Name: TRPS'98 s/n: 2148929531
RipIt v3.65 : s/n: 5689709150
RipIt 2000 v1.15 : Set your computer name to "GIZMO" and then enter: s/n: 5310177116
RipIt 2000 v1.18 : Set your computer name to "GIZMO" and then enter: s/n: 5310177116
Ripper v1.3 : s/n: 5$56?ppGGpp?65$5
RIPterm Pro v2.00.01 : Name: Jabberwocky s/n: TPD0-E9C8-DK31-A6A1
Ristra Mail Monitor v1.03 : Click on the right button on the ristra mail icon and enter: s/n: 3505N5-I2214O5Q-79Q18S
Ristra Mail Monitor v1.1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 1134567890123456[CORE]
Rix Date Calculator 2000 v1.0.1 : Name: PuL^sAr /ORION s/n: 300-155-35931
Rix Date Calculator 2000 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 529-147-31195
Rix2k Extreme Power Tools 2000 v5 : s/n: 2014-144626-34-00031443
RM Logo Changer v4.0 : Name: n03l Faith2000 s/n: S3NZPG2FDGSD1E2APE13S
RM Logo Changer Deluxe v2.7 : Name: Sune / KAC 1998 s/n: S3SZP42FDGS:1E2ZPD13S
RM Logo Changer Pro v3.20 : Name: Hambo/CORE s/n: S3HZPE2FvGSd1E2WPG13S
RM Logo Changer Pro v3.4 : s/n: S3DZPd2FuGSd1E2dPd13S
RM Logo Changer Pro v4.5 : Name: FALLEN CRACKiNG TEAM s/n: 808691722992100603259
RM Logo Changer Pro v4.5.1 : Name: Liquid8 s/n: 4211565
RoadTech v1.0 : s/n: A5-171754
Robbie Williams Screen Saver v1.0 : Name: ZIUHU/TEX99 s/n: 0C600E00
Robo HTTP v1.1 : Name: Milk Man -FCN 98 Code: RREQ6F3BCF Key : 210B1210157F878C8085FC120772E4231D62DB51C2A4B7AAB1C44EA2A6A8A8BCBDB5A7E15FA69C9DA4BAAD9A8182FD01047FF276E865CA393454C4
RoboCASE v1.0a.574 : s/n: 9418-DCAD-0000-7D1
RoboComm Vga BBS-Board : Name: Scott Parsell s/n: 91683846992076418530629133404918614429
RoboHELP Classic v6.0 : s/n: WH600-9O6B4NZ9
RoboHELP HTML Edition v6.00.010 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: HH600-SIEGNPNR
RoboHELP Office v7.00.139 : s/n: R0700-1N5CABZE
RoboHELP Office Edition v7.0 : s/n: RO700-00240786
Rob's Super Blackjack v2.3 : Name: David Barnes s/n: 22467204
Rob's Super Blackjack v3.03 : Name: Glenda Simonton s/n: 29486200
Rock Bach Studio v1.0 : s/n: 0247942
RocketReader Speed Reading v4.01 : s/n: 100076RRBJLX
Rockliffe MailSite v3.2.1 : s/n: 2368-FFFF-007A-6938-56C3
Roland MC-303 editor v2.10 : Name: J@KER s/n: 3289
Roll Call v1.80 : Name: CORE/ITR Users: 100 Exp : None s/n: B8978D
Roll Call v1.81 : Name: CORE/ITR Users: 100 Exp : None s/n: B8978D
Romanian AntiVirus v6.54 : DiskID : 5VTB4-WZ1
Ronnies Resort v2.1b : Name: DSG TeAM s/n: 8921$2934
RoPS Interpreter v5.0 Beta 2 : Name: Anonymous Users : 999 s/n: 25801706e641
RoPS Interpreter v5.0c : Name: elmopio [iNSiDE] Users : 1234 s/n: d9f1de78db77
Rosenthal Uninstall v4 : Name: MaRooN s/n: DE6D
Roto Card v3.2 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: 5663
Roto Card v3.20 : Name: n03l s/n: 1141
Round Ball Wrap-Up : Password : chunkie
Round Form ActiveX v1.0.5 : s/n: AS-986-55603-C
RoundClock v1.10 : Name: TheForceTeam s/n: 7843-4BF87-843-A5A1
RoundClock v2.10 : s/n: (anything with 3 minuses in it ex: ---1111)
RoundClock v2.12 : Name: Versus s/n: 87C7-2DB58-7C9-3C86
RoundClock v2.13 : Name: KiLLa CoRE s/n: 9628-96C99-628-D23C
RoundClock v2.22 : Name: Versus s/n: 87C7-2DB58-7C9-3C86
Route 66 v1.0 : Program: 28424XVMH0335 2316FSFE74626 : 21848QSK47810
Route 66 v1.5 : Program: 2CDDJ76930000 180SEPN656641 : 201857282SPQZ
Route 66 v1.9 : s/n: 265342LVPX820
Route 66 : s/n: 28424XVMH0333
RPK InvisiMail v3.1 : Name: TRPS s/n: 82E5-56E7-6FFD-F262
RPK InvisiMail Deluxe v4.0 : s/n: D23456-078CBA13A9
RPM Remote Print Manager v2.24 : s/n: 1205-3j7-7496
RSConvert v2.0 : s/n: 1965-0002973
RSVP v1.1 : s/n: 4959382452
Rsw Web Studio v2.3 : License : 0401-7C96-7366-06FF s/n: 06FF-736E-7C9E-F207
Rsw Web Studio Monitor Edition v2.1 : Name: (Anything) Company: (Anything) s/n: 0002-3A84-9B58-60D2
Rsw Web Studio Monitor Edition v2.2 : s/n: 3571-3479-2053-1687 Key : 000E-000E-000E-A0EE
RTV Reco v5.11 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 20344 or Name: Baloosh s/n: 5471
RTweak v3.0 : After filling in your info in the registration wizard, click on OPTION button, and choose PRE/MANUAL REGISTRATION and enter: Password: SIRAX-CORE Code1: 2SBS MYQ3 RAP2 3SE8 GEQD T8L4 2W22 2222 Code2 : CYRA KSCY RAKS CYRA KSCY RAKS CWE6 MPKT Then you'll be asked to connect to internet to upload the info to server. You can click on cancel if you wish. Then restart the program.
Rubberband Autoresponder v3.0 : Name: TheBrabo ProductID : 12345678 s/n: 369D1582
Rubicon v2.03 : s/n: TwXaaQUYhb
Rude Dog On-Line Adventure : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs : G.!.$ s/n: 351145 or Name: TeLLeRBoP bbs : G.!.$ s/n: 124540
Rumba APPC v2.1 : s/n: 00997290
Rumba APPC Client v5.1 U0A1 : s/n: SWN 00008332 Key : FQGGCEIQ 12
Rumba for the Internet v1.0 : s/n: 00955877
Rumba Mainframe Edition v4.0 : s/n: 00491097 (4 nodes)
Rumba Mainframe Edition v5.1 U0A1 : s/n: SWN 00008262 Key : BRCGVDAB 15
Rumba Mainframe Edition v5.2 : s/n: SWN-00009193 Key : SGCUASFT-90
Rumba Office for TCP/IP v5.1 U0A1 : s/n: SWN 00008380 Key : QIJACHUB 42
Rummy 500 v7.5 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 115-965-625
Rummy Drop v1.21 : Name: Delphic s/n: 01891b
Rummy Drop v2.0 : Name: AdEpt! s/n: 164bu
Run Manager v1.1 : Name: panoramix^core s/n: 420-3R1-2721
RuPuzz v1.0 : Name: elmopio [iNSiDE] s/n: 55172868
RuPuzz v1.1 : Name: the beeman [ECG] s/n: 83366358
RVS-COM Lite v1.52 : s/n: 1900-1-0003648-UHDDTSCLDD
RZSplit 97 v1.4 : s/n: 72266
RZSplit 97 v1.43 : s/n: 98351
RZSplit 97 v2.2a : s/n: 56990449
RZSplit 97 v2.5 : s/n: 56911482
RZUpload v1.01 : s/n: 1028671


Software Organizer v2.0 : Name: TheForceTeam s/n: 408406644-535
Sports Card Organizer v3.5s : Name: TeamPGC s/n: 981402208-929
Stamp Organizer v3.5S : Name: TeamPGC s/n: 987041544-478f4
SaaSoft PackIt v1.10 : Name: DSI RULES s/n: 2B8D-D00D
SaberMace Form ADV v1.7 : CDKey: 7001-01177 Code: 71SMADV-1293
SaberMace Form ADV Enterprise v2.1 : CDKey: 7000-01012 Code: 70SMADV-604
SaberMace Form ADV Pro v1.7 : Install and use: CDKey: 7000-02797 Then click the cancel button. Run the program and go to Help/About/Registration and enter: Code: 70SMADV-617
SaberMace Form ADV Pro v2.1 : CDKey: 7000-01012 Code: 70SMADV-604
SaberMace Form ADV U4/U5 v1.4 : CDKey: 7002-01177 Code: 72SMU45-1293
SaberMace Form ADV Y2K v1.4 : CDKey: 7004-01177 Code: 74SMY2K-1293
Safe Chem : Password: early bird
Safe Chem Home v2.67 : Password: early bird
Safe Chem Industrial v2.67 : Password: early bird
Safehouse Strong Encryption Retail v1.80.043 : Password:
Safelock v1.1 : Name: (Anything) Field2: (Anything) Field3: 786SLIS3X5N8
Safety Net Pro v5.2 : Name: jake cwc s/n: 2765,,pia,511
Safety Scan v2.5d : s/n: 42163455
Safety Scan v2.5g : Set your computer date to Sept. 30, 1998 and enter: s/n: 8644492 Change your date back.
Saftey Scan v2.5e : s/n: 10469333 or s/n: 77307203 or s/n: 8560870 or s/n: 8638117 or s/n: 9835451 or s/n: 8720692 or s/n: 8809165 or s/n: 8904192 or s/n: 10024504 or s/n: 9006528 or s/n: 10234562
Safty Net Pro v6.3 : Company: TheForceTeam s/n: 2765,,pia,511
Sage Sterling v3.11 : s/n: FH10000 or s/n: ECNCFRC
Sales Pro v2.0 : s/n: NS-100-000-005 Key: FBF6-8429
Saltmine Kiosk v2.0 : Intel: 17-10047-169-87382-73587 Alpha: 12-10046-442-67303-38352
Saltmine Kiosk v3.0 : s/n: 19-10048-226-81890-50860
Saltmine Speed Reader v1.5 : Intel: 10-10043-272-77135-50525 Alpha: 14-10042-046-57000-15819
Salvo Server v3.6 : (type "12345" til the box is full)
Sandra 99 v5.10 : s/n: 9285
SAPS Server v3.20i : RegNum: 000 - 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 Key: AAD3EBBA
Satori FilmFX v3.10 : s/n: TS002711076431
Satori PaintFX v1.0 : s/n: TS002711076431
Satori PhotoXL v3.02 : s/n: AS3992-X477895
Satori WebFX 2000 v3.2 : s/n: AS3992-X477895
SatServ v1.0 : s/n: C90OOOO*CORE98 (it's the letter O after C90)
SatServ v2.5 : s/n: 0LP9999300CORE
SatServ v2.8 : s/n: SL99990300CORE
SatServ v2.9 : DevelopersKey: LYNX
Save & IDX v1.0 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 2-976-1392-2256-2944-3688-4272
Save Game Manager v1.0a : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: EMl1-2T5i-nuRy-1153-nX6D
Save Minder v1.0 : Name: Warp s/n: 3234501
Save Our System v1.0.1 : s/n: 0011-001101-0103539-003
SaveCash v3.3 : Name: Delphic s/n: 90BAB8B1
Saveme 97 v2.01 : s/n: M4RL79228010263
Saw Plus v2.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 12345
Sax Basic Engine v5.2.8 : Pro: 2250-2389087-72 Enterprise: 2350-3170664-43
Sax Basic Engine Enterprise v5.0 : s/n: 2350-1405678-93
Sax Basic Engine Enterprise v5.01.05 : s/n: 2350-4177296-05
Sax Basic Engine Enterprise v5.1 : s/n: 2350-2351126-91
Sax Basic Engine Enterprise Beta v4.4.01 : s/n: 2340-SI54RAX-99
Sax Basic Engine v5.2.9 : Pro: 2250-3188659-22 Enterprise: 2350-3181659-14
Sax Basic Engine Pro v5.0 : s/n: 2250-1462678-97
Sax Basic Engine Pro v5.01.05 : s/n: 2250-2389087-72
Sax Basic Engine Pro v5.1 : s/n: 2250-2389087-72
Sax Basic Engine Pro & Enterprise v5.1.13 : Pro: 2250-2389087-72 Enterprise: 2350-2351126-91
Sax Basic Engine Pro & Enterprise v5.1.18 : Pro: 2250-3188659-22 Enterprise: 2350-3181659-14
Sax Basic Engine Pro & Enterprise v5.2.10 : Pro: 2250-3188659-22 Enterprise: 2350-3181659-14
Sax Code Complete v2.0.1686 : s/n: 7110-2308126-92
Sax Comm Objects v3.0 : s/n: 1130-1467678-91
Sax Comm Objects v6.0.1377 : s/n: 1260-2376126-97
Sax Comm Objects v6.0.1389 : s/n: 1260-3106662-30
Sax Comm Objects v6.0.1390 : s/n: 1260-2376126-97
Sax Comm Objects Pro v3.099 : s/n: 1230-8595630-41
Sax Comm Objects Pro v6.0 : s/n: 1260-2376126-97
Sax Commerce 98 : s/n: 6120-SI06RAX-96
Sax mPower 98 : s/n: 5120-1423678-91
Sax mPower 98 Enterprise v3.0.0.3 : s/n: 5220-2967074-85
Sax mPower 98 Pro v3.0.0.3 : s/n: 5120-2339087-62
Sax mPower 98 Pro v3.000.02 : s/n: 5120-2339087-62
Sax Setup v6.0.2440 : s/n: 3160-3121674-41
Sax Setup v6.0.2441 : s/n: 3160-3121674-41
Sax Setup v98.01234 : s/n: 3130-4125296-00
Sax Setup v98.1237 : s/n: 3130-2309126-96
Sax Setup v98.1238 : s/n: 3130-2309126-96
Sax Setup : s/n: 3130-3091185-96
Sax Setup v6.0.2442 : s/n: 3160-3194666-18
SB NewsBot v4.8 : Email: s/n: OZJEKVSD
SB NewsBot v4.9 : Email: s/n: YASVWVFL
SB NewsBot v5.3 : Email: Me! s/n: wnlawzvd
SB NewsBot v6.1 : Name: Beta Tester s/n: kvqwqxhe
SB NewsBot v6.3 : E-Mail : s/n: pvspnmqp
SB NewsBot v7.0 : Email: BaRT@SiMPSoN.CoM s/n: CWHHGZAP
SB NewsBot v7.1 : Email: Neur0n/FALLEN s/n: GLNWHVXK
SB Weather v2.1 : Email: BaRT@SiMPSoN.CoM s/n: CWHHGZAP
SB WebCamCorder v1.5 : Name: Beta Tester s/n: kvqwqxhe
SBJV Image Viewer v2.8 : Email: s/n: QKNSWUYA
SBJV Image Viewer v2.9 : Name: Free s/n: ykbavcba
SBPop Mail Notification v1.2 : Email: Free s/n: ykbavcba
ScalpelMax v0.99 : (Create any object, go to Modify | more... | Scalpel) s/n: BAE97EE9-b006690B
ScanFont v3.13 : Password: SIRAXCORE Code1: 6FKY 3CXJ SYB8 G9EY 77U3 CYSY GS22 2222 Code2: SRAX SRAX SRAX SRAX SRAX SRAX SSE6 MPKT
Scanline Swift Search v2.0 : Name: ThndrKiss s/n: 0000000922
ScanMail v1.00b : Name: ENCANTO Company: GCRACK s/n: SMET-0001-2555-5455-5555
ScanMail v1.12.14 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe98 s/n: .-M720^T;R
ScanMail v1.53 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT
ScanMail v2.11 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT
ScanMail Alien Seed v1.12 : Name: digital darkness s/n: 4DM=ozdh2~
ScanMail for Lotus cc:Mail v2.1 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT
ScanMail for Lotus cc:Mail Mobile v2.01 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT
ScanMail for Lotus Notes v1.7 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT
ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange v3.00 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT
ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange Server v2.51 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT
ScanMos Easy Sticker v2.0a+ : Code: 6862-7612231 Name: j0b [uCF] s/n: 3474-5150-1776
Schedule v3.3.18 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: schedule-518-67814
Schedule It v2.0.3c : Name: Jagar Company: KAC s/n: schedule-119-10701 or Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: schedule-994-10537
Schedule It v2.30 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 7587918 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 552015
Schedule It v3.0.7c : s/n: schedule-777-41000
Schedule It : s/n: DOD666-100000000
Schedule OCX v2.16 : s/n: FCN1103139455
Scheduler 98 v1.0.4 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: WMG-98116110
Schmitt Adreva 98 v4.35 : Name: BLiZZARD98 s/n: AD987151
Scholar's Aid 3s v1.1.1.7 : When you run the program for the first time enter: Name: HID Then go to Tools menu, select Register/Registration Number and enter: RegNum: 81697.6502812
Scholar's Aid 3s v1.1.2.5 : When you run the program for the first time enter: Name: KAC Then go to Tools menu, select Register/Registration Number and enter: RegNum: 94654.0502812
Scholar's Aid 3s v1.1.2.9 : Name: TIC98 RegNum: 13768.1250281
Scholar's Aid 98-L v1.0.1.0 : When you run the program for the first time enter: Name: HID Then go to Tools menu, select Register/Registration Number and enter: RegNum: 816963.0000000
Scholar's Aid 98-L v1.0.1.16 : When you run the program for the first time enter: Name: KAC Then go to Tools menu, select Register/Registration Number and enter: RegNum: 48307.3722231
Scholar's Aid 98-L v1.0.1.7 : When you run the program for the first time enter: Name: KAC Then go to Tools menu, select Register/Registration Number and enter: RegNum: 946527.0000000
Scholar's Aid 98-L v1.0.1.9 : When you run the program for the first time enter: Name: KAC Then go to Tools menu, select Register/Registration Number and enter: RegNum: 48303.5573443
Scholar's Aid 98-L v1.0.2.8 : Name: Vampire RegNum: 14601.1387532
Scholar's Aid-99 Library v2.0.2.1 : RegNum: 5023220
Scitech Display Doctor v5.2 : Name: Misha [UCF] s/n: 0123456CB3084CB56789
Scitech Display Doctor v5.3 : Name: John Scrivner s/n: 82091-5F4F35C4-33145
Scitech Display Doctor v6.0 : Password: ELEMENT User: Free Use s/n: 2FREE-5710A99C-GAMAL
Scitech Display Doctor v6.0a : FreeUse: 18374-EB35AA99-03737 TrialUse: 28643-BF72ED2C-92134 IslandROK: 38945-671218A0-10033
Scitech Display Doctor v6.0a : Name: warez prefix: 66666 suffix : 66666 s/n: 66666-180D1A6-66666
Scitech Display Doctor v6.5 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 12345-46E3E817-54321
Scitech Display Doctor v6.53 : Name: PREMiERE Prefix: 11998 Suffix: 21998 s/n: 11998-D5CDB5CB-21998 (If you want a multi-site license, use a 2 for the first digit of the prefix)
Scitech Gldirect v1.01 : Name: shuttle s/n: 01ec-0a45-0000-a9
SCO Open Server v4.21 : s/n: 2BF016051 Key: UQQFGHCD
SCO Open Systems Networks v3.0.0 : s/n: 2BB004565 Key: arbvbtda
SCO Unix NFS v1.1.0 : s/n: ING000045 Key: JQQBRMYC
Scorched Earth v1.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: .%.T.m~Gt
Scotland Yard v4.0 : Key: 3761111 Password: DEMO
Scotland Yard v5.0 : Key: 3761111
Scotland Yard v6.0 : Key: 3761111
Scotts Selectory Profiler v1.37 : s/n: 980210
Scrambled v1.3 : s/n: 7F4J9J6DEELNV8Y
Scrap Pad v3.6 : Name: Crystal s/n: 6839395888806
Screen It! v1.6 : Name: TeamPGC s/n: 2$gv4&eXc+
Screen Loupe v4.1 : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp s/n: 2912154744 or Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 2909584657
Screen Loupe v4.3 : Name: fjalar Company: TEXTURE s/n: 2918270398
Screen Loupe v4.6 : Name: CZY Company: s/n: 3057433801
Screen Pik v1.0 : Name: DARKSTAR99 Company: DARKSTAR s/n: 5A7DAC8FF278B51
Screen Power v1.2 : s/n: AF00B0FF01
Screen Saver Builder v1.20 : Name: CZY s/n: 010427FBC7123410F11C7D117C
Screensaver Composer v1.2 : Name: WISE-ITR s/n: 5643224752454739
Screen Saver Disabler v2.0.3 : Name: Roland Beier s/n: 655B5D515F55117254585543
Screen Scapes : s/n: 10SSW004238A
Screenario v1.1 : Name: (anything you like) s/n: CD328377
Screen-Blocker 95 : Name: tHATDUDE PC s/n: 227167107
ScreenIT v1.5.15 : Name: Marc Potvin s/n: 29%BgVe**bM
ScreenIT v2.0 : Name: Decline/Laxity s/n: 2$2XRqsWT+sBeY
ScreenPix v1.2 : rocko
ScreenSaver v2.4 : (SSAVER.EXE -R) s/n: 54163561 Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL
ScreenShot v99.0 : Name: Arfa [PCY] Street : 12 Prophecy Lane City/State: Prophecy, PCY Country: #Prophecy s/n: FH-5-155-51
ScreenSurfer v2.0 : s/n: **6546
ScreenSurfer v2.0b2 : s/n: **6546
Scribbler 98 v1.1 : (Choose WorldWide License) Name: nuz[Twilight] s/n: 6265u4G7UfI6B6c0
Scribbler 98 v1.1.2 : (Choose Single-User License) Name: The Master DaVinci s/n: 45p328M5GojkM678
Scribe 95 v1.5 : Name: pSi Branch: CORE s/n: 3141257
Scribe 95 v1.52 : Name: Papa Smurf Branch : DSi Team s/n: 8076294
Scribe 95 v2.62 : Name: madcease Branch : FALLEN s/n: 6282010
ScriptEase WebServer Edition v4.03 : s/n: UK08-D4CC-6001-B902-68E4-791F
ScrnSaveSwitch/Plus : s/n: 22766
Scrollable Container Control v1.01b : Name: 'Lucifuge Rofocale' s/n: '666666666666666644F456C3'
Scroll-It v2.0 : (Scrollit 200 /n= /k=) Name: MarQuiS_De_SoiRee s/n: 2A364A58
Scrollworks Cascader v1.0 : Name: Lucifuge s/n: 1186002976
SCSI Mechanic : s/n: sm2x03783
SculpturA v1.0 DX : s/n: E48F47AB-X004-58C1
SDD v6.0 : Name: Island ROK s/n: 38945-671218A0-10033
SDS Help Desk v4.52 : s/n: P98638664195793
SDS Help Desk v4.56 : s/n: P98638664195793
SDS Help Desk Solutions v3.2 : 100Users: P98638664195793
SDS Help Desk Solutions v4.0 : s/n: P02209621581948
See This v1.0 : s/n: LAPKLDFB
Seagate Ashwin v3.62 : s/n: ijsr-a96o-rp3b-ppnp-pn33-7z9f-evnw-a7s4
Seagate Backup v7.0 : SingleEdition: 0343841783012345 EnterpriseEditon: 0243941784012345 QuickStartEdition: 0143721780012345 NotForResale: 0344151785012345 AdsmModule: 0244251786012345 AutoloaderModule: 0542711783012345 ExchangeAgent: 0070721788012345
Seagate Backup Exec v7.0 : s/n: 04-4382-0006-031770
Seagate Backup Exec v7.2.1223.1 : MultiServer: 07-4516-2224-333444 SingleServer: 06-6624-2228-333444 AutoloaderModule: 07-4274-2229-333444 IntelligentDisasterRecoveryModule: 05-7232-2228-333444 ADSMModule: 07-4426-2224-333444 SQLAgent: 00-7218-2226-333444 NetWareAgent: 07-7064-2229-333444
Seagate Backup Exec vBuild 719 : SingleServer: 04-4386-0000-034360 SQLAddon: 08-7055-0008-503779
Seagate Backup Exec Enterprise v7.26 : s/n: 01-4256-0004-047186
Seagate Backup Exec Multi Server Edition v7.2 : s/n: 04-6578-0002-016163 Code: SBE-NTME-0033
Seagate Crystal Report Professional v7.0 : s/n: 70001 5367907
Seagate Info v7.0 : s/n: 37007 4475 0005
Seagate Software WinInstall v6.03 : s/n: 000968-65279-FA83-DAD0
Seagate Software WinInstall v6.04 : Company: PFT s/n: 000968-65279-FA83-DAD0
Seagate Storage Exec v5.11 : License: 025PRV00000 AutoLoader: 033AXP00000
Seagate WinSmart v3.01 : s/n: 181300 - 15284 - 402F - F7A6
SeaHaven Towers v2.20 : s/n: 155-23-81045
Search v3.11 : RegNum: 1212121212 Password: 1373299681
Search v3.12 : RegNum: 12345678 Password: 1067160753
Search + Extract : Name: TRPS s/n: 94-85-92-86-42-38-80-43
Search Wolf v2.02 build 002 : Name: Renegade Trading Alliance s/n: SE-946681
Search Wolf v2.03.1 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: SE123-726579
Search4 v2.03 : Name: nw - delphic - nw s/n: 1217120811
Searchable Knowledge Base v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] Code: 7111471982294570
SearchGen v1.0 : s/n: 7TsRtROHxJhJnDJ7qy_n
SearchLight BBS v5.0 : s/n: 3003-UHAPCAZ
SearchWolf v2.02 : Name: s/n: SE2052-112005
SeaScape v3.0 : Name: Registered Version s/n: DBHRRWTYZWSB7
Second Chance v2.0 : s/n: SC200ENCD-111113
Second Copy 2000 vBeta 2 : Name: TheBrabo s/n: 123456FDA-7170
Second Copy 2000 vBeta 2 Build 20 : Name: TheBrabo s/n: 123456FDA-7170
Second Copy 97 v5.12 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: HELPMEPLEASE
Second Copy 97 v5.21 build 69c : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 1234-2597-65F6
Second Copy 97 v5.30 build 85 : Name: ALM DeTH s/n: 0241-1D5A-DE1A
Second Copy 97 v5.31 build 93 : Name: draXXter s/n: 1234-B431-5852
Second-Friend v5.0 : s/n: TR5012853
Secret Agent v1.12 : Name: tHATDUDE Comp: PC'96 s/n: 2227252387
Secret Agent v2.05a : Name: Mr Demon Company: DeMoN Release Crew s/n: 500891885
SecurDesk LV v3.00 : s/n: 3837453942553
Secure Communicator v4.0 : s/n: 300B030040 or s/n: 312B436749 or s/n: 6EVBL41957 or s/n: 4LGC96RV59
Secure Desk v3.0 : s/n: 3837453942553
Secure Explore v2.0 : s/n: 0368710729
Secure Explore v2.01 : Name: iNFERNo [4110] s/n: 356231-3731
Secure Explore v3.01 : Name: Kathras^HLM s/n: 373334-3438
Secure Store Encrypter v2.3 : Name: Stephen Chan s/n: 91f1ik12nrcbbmpq
Secure4U v3.1 : s/n: T0067-1045254
Secure4U v4.0 : s/n: Q0153-4289918
Secure4U v4.0 : s/n: P0128-4259155
SecureCRT v2.2 Beta 6 : Name: DrRhui Company: CORE s/n: 03-22-123456 Exp: Never Key: 7446 5910 5091 6766 2130
SecureCRT v2.2 Beta 7 : Name: Sepp Forcher Company: (Blank) ID: (Blank) s/n: 03-22-123456 Exp: Never Key: 8932 6893 3914 4338 1456
SecureCRT v2.3.2 : Name/Company: ind s/n: 03-23-230300 Exp: Never Key: 0056 4139 9299 5490 715
SecureCRT v2.4 Beta 2 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN Company: SeRiaLS 99 s/n: 03-23-240200 Exp: Never Key: 3708 9271 2890 8202 4436
SecureDesk! v2.2a : s/n: 3837453942553
SecureIT v3.7 : s/n: CCJI-M380054
Security Administrator v1.3 : s/n: 8?319???05SE (? Can be any character)
Security Explorer v3.09 : s/n: 01-4256-0004-047186
Security Explorer v3.21 : Name: EViLONE Company: EViL '99 s/n: MJNR$PM&O8E5H320
SecurityPlus! v4.31 : Name: Daniel H Lin s/n: E7EH7975Z33F
Seer v1.1 : Name: davy-blizzard99 s/n: 160644
Seize The Day : s/n: 9312M00014 Key: Q1B9J
Select A Net v1.1.4 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 5643323132363B3A
Select Time v2.0 : s/n: W894S91K4
SelfWeb v1.0 : Name: Gustavo Hideyuki Ono Garcia Company: None s/n: 7106B800
Selling Tools v1.3 : s/n: NS-100-000-001 Digital: 7EE1-3DB6
Semware Editor Prerelease : s/n: 3001005027
SendMail v1.0.8 : Name: MiRaMaX Company: TheForceTeam s/n: 200272773
SendMail v1.02 : Name: Registered User s/n: 200347890
SendMail v1.04 : Name: romeo '97 s/n: 200418483
SendMail v1.08 : Name: Cosmo Cramer Company: Vandelay Industry s/n: 0200520512
SendMail : Name: fx22 '97 s/n: 200447604
Seneca Software Net Observer v2.0.1 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 878587627469
Sensible Grammar : s/n: 103855 119303
Sentry 2020 v2.04 : s/n: 3C82 DD00 418E 232A
Sentry 98 v2.4 : s/n: 1998231
Separate Agenda v1.3 : Go to File/Current Document/Settings/Enter Password and enter: Password: PINE
Seq-303 v2.0 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 25081
Seq-303 v2.0.1.8 : s/n: 4640
Seq-303 v2.01.9 : s/n: 7384
SequBeat Pro v5.0 : s/n: R64094800MJN
SER Green Screen/Power Saver : s/n: SKY797128
Serengeti 3770 Link v3.0 : s/n: 01-4256-0004-047186
Serif DrawPlus v3.0 : s/n: 2616639
Serif PagePlus Intro 95 : s/n: 784146
Sermon Library v2.4 : Name: goz s/n: $BB28ABE5
Sermon Library v3.0 : Name: FALLEN s/n: $E07F16E1
Serpik Graphs v1.1 : Name: Bubba Wallace Company: High Voltage s/n: H42DYWYKO3L7
Serpik Graphs v1.11 : Name: Gilles Duguay Company: MFD Inc. s/n: 4VXLD1AW4ERO
Server Btrieve OLE Automation v2.0 : Name/Company: EViL '99 s/n: 246382
Server Workbench v1.0 : s/n: 78517841
ServerAdmin Plus v5.0 : s/n: F13-1234cc78901124672
ServerDat v4.0 : s/n: 301062
ServerMagic v2.0 : s/n: SG200ENWDL-000045
ServerMagic v2.01 : s/n: SG201ENWDL-174002
ServerProtect v4.52 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT
ServerProtect v4.54 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT
ServerProtect v4.61 : s/n: STET-1231-3552-5554-5505
Servers Alive v1.0 Build 116 : Name: ITR Company: CORE s/n: 963861619234
Servers Alive v1.0 Build 367 : Name: zaarnik Company: BLiZZARD s/n: 992858808735
Servers Alive v1.0 Build 537 : Name: KKKKKKKK Company: CCCCCCCC s/n: 951098804522
Servers Unlimited Spider! v2.0 : FirstName: MoWAX [Nobliege] MiddleName: Registered LastName: User Email: RegNum: 0000-00000 Key: 4FFF-FFFFF
Server-U v2.3 : s/n: bwRU/Uls.bM,Abel
Service Level Manager v1.3 : s/n: 3A-30003043-NABLVC
Service Plus v1.4.024 : Name: Vizion/CORE s/n: SD8HND4 or Name: CORE/Vizion s/n: NM83BMB or Name: Lamerz United s/n: 7D2YJZE or Name: Real Cracking s/n: 5K39JDE
Serv-U v2.2 : (Add this line to INI file) RegistrationKey=oTRAZ264lOo,Rob Beckers,Cat Soft
Serv-U v2.4a : s/n: 4474-6136-742E-496D-3848-6F2C-4D41-4E69-4645-5354-2044-4553-5469-4E59-2C4D-414E-6946-4553-5420-4445 5354-694E-592C-31
Session Wall 3 v1.21b : s/n: 0000-0000-0000-0010-4953
Sessions v1.0 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: Z6P3_ruThere2
Set Me Up v2.2d : s/n: smu30835780782509
Set Me Up v3.38 : s/n: smu33835780781501 or s/n: smu33835780782505 or s/n: smu33835780783576 or s/n: smu33835780784592
Set Me Up v3.53 : Name: Dino Company: SGM s/n: SMU1087989206060
Set Me Up v3.5b : Name: (Anything) Company: PREMiERE s/n: smu33835780781501
Set Me Up v3.5d : Name: Dr Weird Company: COMA s/n: D67567337D320A444729891BC39B4A9D
Set Me Up v3.9c : Name: access Company: missing link s/n: SMU52805676729858
Seterra v2.6 : Name: TCHAN s/n: 113332
Setup Factory v4.06 : s/n: DRSF-1014
Setup Specialist 98 v1.4 : Name: ALM DeTH Company: DSi s/n: BA7967C7FE323444B9DFA80DC3CDCCDC
Setup Specialist 98 v2.0 : Name: TRPS ROCKS Company: TRPS'98 s/n: FDE167E194325244D52EFD6FC36E6F37
Setup Specialist 98 v2.1 SR1 : Name: JACKY_X Company: TRPS'98 s/n: DE3467C38F3236442B601640C3CB564D
SF v4.0 : s/n: 100-0002792-334101
SF CD-Cover v2.01 : Nr : 1000006 Key: 1438812 Code: Hagelkorn
SF Pressure Drop v4.0 : Name: CORE CMT Password: 61213570
SFonest v5.0 : Name: Decline [BREAKPOiNT] s/n: 011101012119111721 or Name: TEX99 s/n: 0182319
SFS DocFather Professional v2.0 : AppletEdition: 137621095 StandaloneEdition: XWXacceR
SFS SiteEater v1.2 : s/n: 26121973-1-2-sfsaa1
SGML Author v1.2 : s/n: 111-1111111
Shade 2000 v2.0 : Name: ASL s/n: 823456789
Shaderman v2.3 : s/n: 44J8-L0060-1030 Code: 2L8-0A9-092
Shadow Login v1.2b : Name: Batman s/n: 889529803 or Name: XXX s/n: 1035328419
ShareScan32 v1.1 : s/n: 858659953832
ShareTheNet v1.07 : s/n: jmddoleaIlJHjgHhBDQCdeKbNW
ShareTheNet v2.05 : s/n: ovcnhaBoblhEmfjFQiMRFUJLFW
Shareware and Graphics Records v2.0 : s/n: rfgt5k6
Shareware and Graphics Tracker v2.10 : s/n: rfgt5k6
Shareware Authors ToolKit v1.01 : s/n: 602-922-4883
Sharit v2.xx : Name: DanThaMan/fACTOR '98 s/n: SH666-522393
SharkWare PIM : s/n: SW1001072281
Shazam Report Wizard v3.5 Revision N : Standard: FQ79S2KF8XW4 Pro: XK4E93L3NZ3S1
Sheet Stylist v1.0 : Name: David Tominsek s/n: 753A312CR743A524E30303729V4461766964J546F6D696E73656BO28763A52696E636577696E642C
Sheet Stylist v1.5b1.1a : Name: CORE/ITR s/n: A205B0A0
Sheet Stylist v2.0 : Name: Delphic s/n: 95D8579D or Name: tHE EGOiSTE s/n: A09E70A9
Shell Control Pack ActiveX v1.0 : Password: 74accumulate3return8 s/n: 150714-385-925-90757-4
Shell Control Pack ActiveX v1.0a : Password: 9number744information3
Shell Picture German v1.14 : Name: paulux [LAXiTY] Lizenzart: Mehrplatzlizenz fuer Private-Nutzung [ 15 PCs ] s/n: FA0D9E45 - 7528FD4C - 26B4426E
ShellWizard 95 v1.7 : Name: SHELLWIZARD s/n: 58375
ShellWizard 95 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 53243 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 16423
ShellWizard Pro v2.0 : Name: SHELLWIZARD s/n: 90475
ShellWizard Pro v2.0 : Name: THE RIDDLER [UCF/XFORCE] s/n: 419783
Sheridan Active List Bar v1.00 : s/n: 1010-01A0000-7575760
Sheridan Active List Bar v1.01 : s/n: 01A0000-7575760
Sheridan Active3D v2.01 : s/n: 0120-01A0000-7575363
Sheridan ActiveToolBars v1.0 : Name: (Anything) Company: (Anything) s/n: 01A0002-7140552
Sheridan ActiveToolBars Plus v2.0 : Name: Registered s/n: 1220-01W0081-9165020
Sheridan ActiveTreeView v1.01 : s/n: XXXX-01A0000-7572623
Sheridan Calendar Widgets v1.0D : s/n: XXXX-01A0000-7573661
Sheridan DataWidgets v2.00 : s/n: XXXX-01A0000-7579012
Sheridan DataWidgets Upgrade v3.0 : s/n: 0430-0201000-3753189
Sheridan Designer Widgets v2.02 : s/n: 0520-01A0000-7576341
Sheridan VBAssist v5.0 : s/n: 0250-01A0000-7574621
Sheridan VBAssist v5.03 : s/n: 4803324-7511754
Sherlock v3.4 : s/n: NS-100-000-177
Shez v10.9 : s/n: CDCE1357017562 or s/n: CDCE1357123142 or s/n: CDCE1357143180
Shg2MAp v1.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 000666-271075
Shop `Til You Drop v1.11 : Name: Warp s/n: FMOXYFBSMW
Shop Manager 2000 v4.01 : Name: escom[CORE] Company: CORE s/n: 7F520F1B
Shop Manager 2000 v4.03 : When installing use this: Name: escom Company: CORE Then run the program and click register and enter: s/n: 37196C04
Shop Wizard 2D/3D Pro v3.3 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] Email: space@mirr.orb s/n: OWPAOHNWHIDGIWE
ShopMaster v1.31 : s/n: nsxfkndx
ShopMaster v1.40 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: nsxfkndx
ShopMaster v2.21.1 : Name: davy-blizzard1999 s/n: happyday
ShopMaster v2.23 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 145679bcfhoquy-
Shopping List! v1.1 R12 : Name: Intern / The Exterminators s/n: YELXLIOE
Shopping List! v1.2 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: EWLHXLCR
ShopZone! v2.0.1.0 : s/n: F97MQ46MK2D
ShortCuts v1.1.3f : s/n: K06-0547-N763785
ShortCuts v2.0 : s/n: K06-0547-700117
Show Magic v1.13 : FirstName: patrick LastName: nats s/n: CENRn3xBMHL
Show Magic v1.33 : FirstName: attacker LastName: uct s/n: DJJKn3xGLI
Show URL : Name: Hsu Wang s/n: 02608393-5628
Showbase Forms v2.0 : Name: Scottie Company: PNC s/n: 69696-75802-06027-99991-100114
Showcase v1.1.0 : s/n: 386-0394-356
ShowDLL v4.3 : Name: Saitan Company: Deadlock s/n: 3722685915
ShowMaker v2.2 : s/n: 77119
ShowMaker v2.2.1.0 : Code: 77119 Pro: 72719
ShowMaker v2.3.1.0 : Code: 77119 Pro: 72719
ShowMaker v2.4 : Code: 77119
ShowSize v2.6.5 : Code1: 111222333 Code2: D2283801 or Code1: tHE EGOiSTE['99] Code2: 5F61B6AE
ShowURL for MSIE v2.50 : Name: George New s/n: 3047618-2667
ShowURL for Netscape v2.50 : Name: George New s/n: 3047466-2515
Shredder v1.05 : Name: Angela Guinteri Email: s/n: 7646G011 SKey: N/A TKey: U009X73W07
Shredder v1.1 : Name: EinZtein - Blizzard s/n: 38105-nsa-11193
Shredder v1.12 : Name: Walter Vale Email: s/n: 7657M463 Key: 1WKJX33F21
Shredder v1.14 : Name: Atsushi Taki Email: s/n: 7658T043 SKey: (Not needed) TKey: W57Q1M3B07
Shredder v2.3 : Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 2534950289
Shuffle Play v2.50 RC1 : Name: Bisoux Company: KAC s/n: A60C3532547
Shut Down Windows Timer v1.2 : s/n: 181971-BBX-0093132-775ZSA-919
Shutdown Monitor v2.1 : SingleLicense : Name: Dazzler/CST '98 s/n: 6733860-5588824 SiteLicense : Name: Dazzler/CST '98 s/n: 6666795-5441086 WorldWideLicense : Name: Dazzler/CST '98 s/n: 6786817-5698936
Shutdown Monitor v2.2 : WorldWideLicense : Name: DARKSTAR99 s/n: 4665353-4941968
Shutdown Monitor v2.5 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 4041071-5122630 or Name: Insane [Eclipse] Single: 3173086-4435523 Site: 3594845-3895393 WorldWide : 2963468-4839236
Shutdown Timer v1.0.2 : Name: Dazzler/CST s/n: 268725890
Siarcg Switcher v1.0 : s/n: ABCDMX2B
Siarcg Switcher v2.0 : s/n: SS01MX2B
Side Show v1.0 : s/n: AJ500003
SideBar v1.01 : s/n: 000-19T-83189 or s/n: 010-19T-95293 or s/n: 102-19T-00006
SideKick v2.0 : s/n: ??-???? or s/n: 32-4644
SideShow v1.1 : s/n: AJ500003
Sidi v1.0a : s/n: 19993240-98169632
Siebel Sales v5.06 : s/n: 794092-8099-0586-476-99883
Sierra Chart v2.71 : Name: LOMAX [DSi] Email: s/n: A56634D755A3F68
Sierra Chart v3.2 : Name: Rayden [C.i.A] s/n: 99D44B6890FB16B2
Sierra Print Artist Platinum v4.5 : s/n: 4C5FEFEF001
Signal Analyze Toolkit v2.0c : Name: Delphic Email: Delphic@In.House.Com s/n: hlszzy
Signal Analyze Toolkit v2.20 : Name: Thief Of Software Email: s/n: 4340
SignPoster v1.24 : s/n: s83hdn365d
SigSwitch v1.0.7 : Name: Delphic s/n: 210112
SIHS Safelock v1.1 : Name: MvD '99 ID: 1111111111 s/n: 786SLIS3X5N8
Silicon Realms MultiDesk v2.75 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: FEC08A5D
Silver Wolf DeskTop v1.0 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 729539052 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 539962826
Silver Xpress Mail v5.03 : Name: The GuarDiaN aNGeL s/n: C97048B2 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: E8004CBB
SimBioSys ECG v2.30 : s/n: G230005866980
SimFero : Name: Alan E Peters s/n: 371-953
Simple Business Accounting v1.15 : Name: CORE/CMT s/n: SBA-DW95-1234
Simple Business Accounting : Name: cTT / TRPS s/n: SBA-DW95-
Simple Business Invoicing & Inventory v1.03 : s/n: SBI5-DW1- (After having entered this you are asked to enter a name, type anything you like and it's regged for that name)
Simple Business Invoicing & Inventory v1.21 : s/n: SBI5-DW1-0000
Simple Fuzzy Searcher v0.31a : s/n: 0w0m3E3I0d501g003s1c0G1I1k1g9o3I0p3O149Q3k1g0S1w1c3k123I001S1k9Q4O0G0v5e3gFo
Simple Loan Calculator v2.1 : s/n: fgh123
Simple Scheduler v1.00 B1 : s/n: skncv27436
Simple Zip v2.0 : Name: access - ml s/n: SIMZ2-32952-13182-R
Simply Accounting v6.0a : s/n: 1021602-48016 or s/n: 2021602-2GOGO or s/n: 3121601-4PWA- or s/n: 3121601-PWA98 or s/n: 2021602-WHAT?
Simply Accounting Update v5.0d : s/n: 0421602-420400
Simpsons Screen Saver : KAW-64331-1262 or ZQW-35600-2587 or ZQW-33671-7329
Simpsons Screen Saver : s/n: AD3-00670-6681
Simpsons Screen Saver : Name: s/n: 9E793700
SimStat v1.21b : s/n: S246585W11
SimStat v1.24e : s/n: S246585W11
Sim-Surf Expert v2.50 : s/n: 35124770
Sim-Surf Pro v2.40 : s/n: 35124770
SimSynth v2.2 : Name: Kaparo s/n: JAAYTW4894NX
SimSynth v2.4 : Name: DSI s/n: A611US1OYZGT
Simul8 v4.64 : Replace the given serial, 1111-1111-1111, with this one: s/n: 1947-5778-5225
Simul8 v7.0a : s/n: 1947-5778-5225
SimulBrowse v1.5 : Name: James Taylor s/n: 681047122801
SimulBrowse v1.5b3 : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: 610454114877
SimulBrowse v3.0 : Name: SPRITEX s/n: 212117329801
SimulBrowse v3.02 : Name: TCHAN s/n: 588044054052
Singularity v4.02 : Name: Celso Benito Pereira Users: 1 s/n: SL69-4250-8725-3864-7530
SinkSub Pro v2.02 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: 572490504
Sins for Sirds v1.1 : s/n: 1371078
SIO v1.45 : Name: JOSEPH URBAN s/n: 10010205
Site Search v2.0 : s/n: 698346015
SiteBuilder v1.0 : Name: IBH-RiP [tNO] s/n: 591568-570643-396452
SiteBuilder X v2.01 : Name: REVOLT 1997 s/n: 98-256542
Site-C v1.1 : s/n: lithium2270-0060090
SiteDesigner Pro v2.0.7 : s/n: L5JN9Y-PY8D3N-4EHJNL
SiteEater v2.3 : s/n: 26121973-1-2-sfsaa1
SiteForum Communications v2.0 : s/n: SFS-SFCOMM-1009
SiteForum Database Exchange v1.0a : s/n: sf_1999_sfs-905
SiteFTP v1.15 : Name: Registered s/n: SF577-1F6-593KN
SiteFTP v1.2 : Name: BerSerkA s/n: SF121-2D3-253HQ
SiteMapper v1.03 : Name: s/n: SM1199-191636
SiteMapper v1.04 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: SM1-301546
SiteMapper v1.04 build 001 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: SM-117388
SiteMapper v1.xx : Name: DanThaMan/fACTOR '98 s/n: SM666-134744
SitePad Pro v1.0.2 : Name: razzia [pc97] s/n: 0013774224
SitePad Pro v1.5 PR 119 : ID: 40000695#400101 s/n: 6636960
SitePad Pro v1.6 Build 164 : ID: 40000000#400101 s/n: 6542240 or ID: 40005699#400101 s/n: 6672288
SitePad Pro v1.6.272 : s/n: 40000000#400101 6542240
SiteScope v3.1 : s/n: FV20708-98
SiteScope v3.2 : s/n: FV2125800-504
SiteSearch v1.323 : s/n: 698346004
SiteSearch v1.4 : Key: 698346004 UserID: Clemence Corrivau
SiteSpy Website Monitor v1.0 : Name: LOMAX [DSi] Company: (Blank) s/n: PBD17174R123
SiteXpert v1.01 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 1352935148
SJR Signature Randomizer v3.10 : Name: Delphic Company: Me s/n: 2256-RBEWR-JCC-1
SJRsr v3.21 : Name: SiraX Company: CORE s/n: 2258-RGW-JIGGK-17
SkatteProgram 94/95 v9.11 : s/n: 62-046-123456
SkedEzy Pro v2.10 : s/n: kxnsu82645
SkelGen v1.0 : s/n: 9956899
SkyGate/2 : Name: Computer Solutions Department s/n: 3667
SkyLight v3.0 : s/n: XXX-201258-BMAX or s/n: RS7933010140
SkyMate Pro v1.02 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: SM1A33A332421B
Slg Graph v3.60 : s/n: 1342-CRHF-4681
Slice & Dice v1.1 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 495114 or Name: 69$BaRT-SiMPSoN$69 s/n: 545457
Slice & Dice v2.0 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 495114
Slick v5.2 : s/n: regged - blizzard Code: MLPOODCN
SlickPad v1.0 : Code: 78172243335159333346284269322165352263293223 s/n: 70664130238016836622196569175019486909908363
Slide Librarian Pro v2.2 : Name: Warp s/n: FZWZGFZXBK
Slide Show Magic v1.02 : Name: SiraX/CORE Email: s/n: 235278076778728235957676615423072537600622172276 or Name: EzD Email: s/n: 243563481139115037950953065045879611614829633728
Slide Show Ultra v5.2 : s/n: TKD74Z
Slider ActiveX v3.1 : s/n: sib8167re45
SlideShow v1.2.2a : s/n: V4ZGB7X
SlideShow Screen Saver v2.1 : Name: Azrael [PC] Code: mk37lhv00il5jnll7kjh1o9voo1si5llm0jnoi8v
SlideShow Ultra v5.6 : s/n: TKD74Z
Sling Ball v1.0 : Name: juss [TEX] Key: W3UZW34RUG
SLMail v2.0 : s/n: 2451390788 Key: 2FC9A1E6
SLMail v2.2 : s/n: 2451390788 Key: 8E20AA50
SLMail v2.5 : s/n: 974299 Key: V-FZ0VB-03X7U-NVRHZ
SLMail : Key: 1 s/n: FED532B6
SLMail NT Email Server v3.2 : s/n: 990558 Code: 3-316FG-K1NVV-N3TPF
SLNet v2.3 build 200/213 : s/n: 1234567 RegKey: 62B7F8FD Users: 31412
SLNet v2.5 : Name: s/n: 992260 Code: K-EKMDF-33X02-CRZPY
Slow Speed CD Transcriber v1.06 : s/n: lko-11-xza-26
Slow Speed CD Transcriber v1.07 : s/n: rko-99-xza-26
Slow Speed CD Transcriber v1.18b : s/n: puk-48-zqv-39
Slow Speed CD Transcriber v1.19 : s/n: puk-48-zqv-39
Slow Speed CD Transcriber v1.20 : s/n: kup-43-zwp-22
Slow Speed CD Transcriber v1.21 : s/n: kup-43-zwp-22
SlowGold II v5.1.2 : Name: Metalheadache / IND s/n: F0mqHq4r
SlowGold II : Name: MetalheaD / Avalon s/n: F0mqHq4r
SM Cupl v1.0 : Name: blastsoft s/n: 133775400
SM Programming OPC v3.0 : Name: MvD '99 s/n: 7378483220229
Small Business v1.6d : Name: AzirAfAle [DS99] s/n: c9kk42111
Small Business Inventory Control v3.5 : s/n: 350-980112
Small Business Inventory Control Plus v2.1 : s/n: 041997-201
Small Office Scan Tools v1.01 : Password: boxes
Smart Business Plan v5.2.4 : s/n: 234-4033-33410-003B0B
Smart Business Plan v5.2.7 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 907-4534-58442-000001
Smart Business Pro v6.0 : s/n: 096-9077-84358-002519
Smart CD Duplicator v1.0 : s/n: aac-7100-0f58-5
Smart Cleaner v2.1a : Name: Warp98 s/n: OIvx3Y
Smart Data Corporate v1.0 : s/n: 314014000307
Smart Desktop v1.01a : s/n: A941-10350257124-41 UninstallPassword: Uninstall
Smart Dial v2.1 : 8161
Smart Edit v1.02b : FirstName: ITR LastName: CORE UserNr: 99 Password: Tigger
Smart Family Law v6.0.1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 015-5944-45384-000000

Smart Forms v6.0.1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 873-4317-62538-001D4C
Smart Mart Copy Manager v4.2.125 : Password: smarter
Smart Pix v3.0 : Name: demise s/n: SPM3993967745E
Smart Pix Manager v1.0A : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: SPM100802129
Smart Pix Manager v2.2b : Name: Bisoux s/n: SPM200441048 or Name: Sune / KAC 1998 s/n: SPM200701249
Smart Pix Manager v4.1 : Name: william7988 s/n: SPM492316057106FC00E5BE7J
Smart Sketch 95 : s/n: 124254 or s/n: 124524
SmartCD Duplicator v3.0 : s/n: AAC-7100-0F58-5
SmartCD Duplicator Lite v1.0 : Install: CAFE34783478 s/n: AAC-7100-0F58-5
SmartCD Recording and Access v3 : s/n: AAC71000F585
SmartCheck v5.01 : Name/Company: (Anything) Code: 1535-6409FD-AA
SmartCheck v6.0 : s/n: 6405-091311-5B
SmartCheck v6.01 : s/n: 6401-67343B-77
SmartCheck v6.03 : s/n: 5102-3133F7-7D
SmartCross v4.0 : s/n: 31622481679001
SmartMart Copy Manager v3.3.123 : Password: triumph
SmartMart Copy Manager v3.3.124 : Password: ladder
SmartMaze v5.0 : s/n: 14348854002764
SmartOpen v2.0 : Name: jefferey Randle s/n: 1127336
SmartPage Direct v2.1 : s/n: GI2430240757
SmartScan v0.2b : Name: William S. Farnum s/n: 0100-99-9123
Smartscan Xpress ActiveX v2.0 : Name: fAT cAT Company: FCN Email: SMARTSCAN.XPRESS.BARCODE@BY.FCN s/n: PSBAL203CJ-0000A0000WE RegNum: 0S7YGT6
SmartScript v5.0 : Name: DarkBug[Weapon] s/n: 689711493110111
SmartServer v3.31 : s/n: 13005001 Key: yHExiBAiDFzUY
SmartServer v3.31.3 : s/n: 13005002 Key: kVJAgqbfKomZM
SmartSound For Multimedia v1.5 : Name: random Company: X-FORCE s/n: 000005000
SmartStart v1.1 : Name: CORE/ITR s/n: 235491334
SmartStart v1.1b : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 28901728
SmartStart v1.2 beta : Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] s/n: 50497212
SmartStart v1.26 : Name: TheDon s/n: 406915626
SmartStart v1.2a : Name: BaMa/MANiFEST s/n: 191854338
SmartStuff FoolProof Security v3.8 : Name/Company: The Corporation 1999 s/n: 03959F-FE05-2C0D2477-01
SmartWhois v2.0 : Name: free access [XG] s/n: 50761bb22411ed455609 or Name: n03l Faith2000 s/n: 709818d3da1089af4683
SMF Knife v2.53 : s/n: ENDJOEZBVZD
SmilerShell '95 v1.4 : s/n: C2940903999
SMoniter v2.1 : Name: NuTeLa[DSi] s/n: aEa3a Fa4aL aPaVa OaUa5
SMonitor v1.03 : Name: Warp s/n: CA0G9-JCCLO-OA8RP-Q2N4C
SMonitor v1.04 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 0S0F0-X0O0S-0I0F0-8070X
Smooth Editor v0.99 : Name: Me s/n:
Smooth Editor v1.02 : Name: Batman s/n:
Smooth Editor v2.1 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n:
Smorphi v3.0 : Name: vots n fjalar s/n: mrz-cno-bwu-fps-s
SMS v2.0 Beta 2 : s/n: 11111-11111-11111-11111-11111
SMU for Lightwave 3D v1.05 : Name/Company: Weapon98 s/n: UJ9Z-GT2T-H7KU
Snack v1.2 : First/LastName: UNION s/n: S68857873797-K865
Snack v1.33 : FirstName: davy LastName: blizzard s/n: S68981081051-K1383
Snack v1.34 : FirstName: Delphic LastName: Lord s/n: S68761111141-K1178
Snack v1.4 : s/n: S68575772658-K580
SNAP Help v1.0 : s/n: SNP-96578-65D52A
Snag-It v4.11 : Company: ESTEEM s/n: 27825F66FFFFFFFF
Snag-It v4.3 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe1998 Company: Anthrax s/n: ABD4A26BFFFFFFFF
Snag-It v4.3.1 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: DE43FA03FFFFFFFF
Snag-It v4.3.2 : Name: Copyright Killer Company: [UCT] Code: 27406203FFFFFFFF
Snag-It v4.3.3 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 6C6A4854FFFFFFFF
Snag-It v4.3.4 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 Company: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 6C6A4854FFFFFFFF
Snag-It v4.3.5 : Name: DNI s/n: A5246A0CFFFFFFFF
Snag-It v4.3.6 : Name: C0KeB0TtLe99 s/n: 56C36F60FFFFFFFF
Snag-It Twin Pack v4.23 : Name: (Anything) Company: Delphic s/n: 710E1348FFFFFFFF
Snakin v1.07 : s/n: 9AA7-FEABC91F9C8B%uFOOB oRXVMHVW fHVI%1810%1497%3307%KivDum
SnapGrafx v1.0 : s/n: 0901-0010-2844-6401
SnapShot v2.55 : Name: mARQUIS dE sOIR+E [mDS/uCF] s/n: 1677332196
Snapshot v2.60 Beta 2 : Name: _MuFFiN_ [UCF] s/n: 146948574
SnapShot v2.xx : Name: mARQUIS dE sOIR. E [mDS/uCF] s/n: 1677332196
Snatcher v1.0 : s/n: 104321
SniffMasterows v1.2 : s/n: 00000000000000
SNMP Collector v2.0 : Name: blastsoft Company: blastsoft s/n: 20532566
SNMP Manager v1.68 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: PCY-24389
SNMPc v4.09 : s/n: 89821-80154-E6C41-8185B
SNMPc v5.0 : s/n: 42A48-01103-0890D-06824
SNMPc v5.0.4 : s/n: 4B292-08950-AA003-19111
Snoop v1.0 : s/n: )001
Snooper v3.43 : s/n: S112-2311 or s/n: S112-0011 or s/n: S112-0021 or s/n: S112-0031
Snoopy's ScreenSaver v1.0 : s/n: 110-JSVS-132720
Snowman v2.40 : Name: Snowman Company: Winter s/n: 99D710
Snowman v3.21 : Name: Fluke s/n: 9CC25C
Snowman v2.42 : Name: Snowman Company: Winter s/n: 99D710
SNTP for Windows v1.0 : s/n: xyzzy
Socket To Me v1.0 : Name: DeionXxX Company: ECG'99 s/n: CCTXx7206xYVQRxAKCD
Socket Tools v2.15 : s/n: 47-0066795-340
Socket Tools Enterprise Edition v2.15 : s/n: 27-5871836-226
Socket Tools Enterprise Edition v3.10.3128 : s/n: 27-1751552-690
Socket Tools Library Edition v2.2 Beta : s/n: 37-5455595-238
Socket Tools Visual Edition v2.2 Beta : s/n: 47-0000717-581
Socket Tools Visual Edition v3.10.3128 : s/n: 47-1615345-477
SocketSpy Pro v7.A01 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! Company: UCF s/n: IHJGL35N5KJ3J352
SocketWatch v2.0 : s/n: 6492-0000165
SocketWatch v3.0 : s/n: JES-1234567
Socrat Internet v1.0.5 : s/n: SI-JEX75CZQ86A7
Socrat Personal Edition v3.03 : s/n: SX-X7LLO0OF644D
Socrate's Shop: Anachronism's-R-US : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1664783692 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 4006623371
Soda v2.52B : s/n: Rose98RP3.1
Soft Ram 95 : s/n: 888-19G-88883
Soft Winter Sentry 2020 v2.04 : Name: INF INC s/n: 0A2E A92F B553 6805
SoftCopier v3.4.2.2d : Start the program and g to Help | Upgrade and enter: CCard: 1234-1234-1234-1238 Exp: 1099 Tell it to calculate and enter this upgrade Key: 15750
SoftDesk v12.12 : s/n: 12 DS3B 30658
SoftDesk Architectural Special Edition v8.0 : s/n: 11111-11111
SoftDesk Core v7.02 : s/n: 07DCR3E 20337
SoftDesk Productivity Tools v7.02 : s/n: 07DPP3E 20333
SoftGen Analyzer v2.0 : Name: Warp98 s/n: 12-SAR02006605-0766
SoftGen Analyzer Special Edition v1.00 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 15-SAL01000422-0855
SoftIce v3.0 : Name: riddler s/n: 2110-00617F-77
SoftIce v3.01 : s/n: 2110-00617f-77 or s/n: 2210-004377-f3 or s/n: 3000-9147F5-77
SoftIce v3.24 : s/n: 1900-713155-77 or s/n: 1800-71315F-77
SoftIce v3.25 : s/n: 1900-713155-77
SoftIce v3.30 : s/n: 1800-0000DB-9B
SoftIce v4.0 : s/n: 2300-0000ff-9B
SoftIce Suite v3.24 : s/n: 1900-713155-77
SoftIce Suite v4.0 : s/n: 5419-00009D-DF 16-bit: 9110-0000DB-DB 32-bit: 9990-0000DD-BB
SoftIce Driver Studio v1.0 : s/n: 9503-123437-7B
SoftIce v4.01 : s/n: 5103-00009B-9B
SoftImage v3.7 : Company: X-Force s/n: D13-X86-2654-8314301D s/n: SI-FB2323EA
SoftImage : s/n: SI-E55D7918
SoftLine Pay CD : s/n: DFGD SCFE PQE EWX
SoftSentry Full v2.11 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: ssful-xx-xxxx (x can be anything)
SoftSol Locate STD v2.0 : s/n: 547851-719690-202020
Software Caroussel v6.03 : s/n: 30230940
Software Organizer Deluxe v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 831195569-731
Sol Suite 98 v3.3 : Name: DSGTEAM s/n: 22021003
Sol Suite 98 v3.4 : Name: justarius of dsi s/n: 22021003
SolarCell v1.1c : s/n: 701975
SolarCell v1.1d : s/n: 789653
Solaris v4.2 : s/n: DM0034621
SolarSys Disk Shadow v6.5 : Name: Crystal Cracking Crew s/n: 100758
SolarSys Notebook Shadow v6.2 : Name: LOMAX [DSi] s/n: 28009
Solid Edge v5.00.00.39 : s/n: 12345614004501
Solid Works 97 Plus Edition : SWorks: 0000 0000 0000 3486 Code: 9309 PWorks: 0000 1000 0000 9647
Solitaire Plus v1.0 : Name: TEX 98 s/n: UeUs T4Tc4
Solitaire Plus v1.02 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: 5LHPS6LFWX
Solone v2.00 : s/n: MFGHUNSDEA
Solstice Network Client v3.2 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: NP 4781 0932 2519 3316
SolSuite 2000 v3.6 : s/n: 22021003
SolSuite 2000 v4.0 : s/n: 2400342528
SolSuite 2000 v4.3 : s/n: 2400342528
SolSuite 98 v1.5 : Name: a dummy Name s/n: 302625
SolSuite 98 v2.0 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 22021003
SolSuite 98 v3.0 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: 22021003
SolSuite 98 v3.2 : Name: justarius of dsi s/n: 22021003
SolSuite 98 v3.5 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 22021003
SolSuite 98 : Name: JUANDA s/n: 302625
Solutions PIM Pro v1.01 : Password: spproweb001
Solutions Schedule v2.01 : Password: SOLSCHEDWEB007
Sonic Foundry Acid Style v1.0d : s/n: 212-0041208-075955
Sortit v1.2 : Name: mUUgh -ECG- s/n: 633-665
SOS KidProof v1.5 : s/n: NS-100-000-001 Key: 886D-C4FC
SOS Pro v1.5 : s/n: 0011-001101-0103539-003
Sound Catcher v3.1 : Name: EzD - DSI Email: s/n: PXGFKLGKHJFR
Sound Forge v3.0 : s/n: SFW309266944 Key: LPBPGX97
Sound Forge v4.0e 185 : s/n: 100 0000999 068550
Sound Forge v4.5 : s/n: 105-0000000-233806
Sound Forge XP v4.5.57 : s/n: 195-0030648-113512
Sound Shuffler v3.0 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: 1583
SoundForge Batch Converter vbuild 201 : s/n: 123-1234567-123456
SoundForge CD-Architect vbuild 201 : s/n: 123-1234567-123456
SoundPix v1.2 : s/n: julie
Source Code Plus v2.01 : s/n: 3692542
Source Guard Professional v2.0 : Password: Tr79*sG#10 RegNum: SG2-1033-21078
Source Safe v4.0 : s/n: 411-0173307
SourCer v5.10 : s/n: B309868-YTHT or s/n: B311312 or s/n: S321851-GPER
SourCer v6.05 : s/n: SR309388-JYAX
SourCer v6.06 : s/n: SB312295-HTER
SourCer v6.09 : s/n: SR309518-RMYR
SourCer v6.51 : s/n: SR322449-TAWE
SourceTec Applet SlidingMenu Wizard v1.0 : Name/Email: IllumiTIE@Rebels.Org s/n: 53B247B073E40B10
SourceTec SmartMails v1.0 : Email: s/n: FB88946297C5F03C
Southern Matrix iNETstore v4.2 : s/n: 886 VT6676 589 30630
Southway Software InTim v1.1 : s/n: 45>kl\dl342~@&bg^%
Space Ace v3.0 : Name: Decline [BREAKPOiNT] s/n: AE-117208-RML
Space Animals Screen Saver : Name: ZIUHU/TEX99 s/n: 6D621400
Space Blocks v1.04 : Name: ASL s/n: 54338B1E
Space Control v1.0.0.0 : Name: LOMAX [DSI] s/n: 012D3A2229072E2154433721
Space Empire III v1.15 : s/n: TonyTOP=98-02-27
Space Explorer v5.0 : Name: IBH-RiP [tNO] s/n: 956326902
Space Invader v2.0 : Name: JudgeD s/n: xdfjytdv
Space Maker v3.00.01 : s/n: SMDC300-1002
Space Man v1.1 : s/n: KPV411
Space Monitor v1.4 : s/n: 725012
Space Saver v1.5a : Name: SiraX/CORE Email: s/n: 197186658567501996678127866290394508534533296586
Spaghetti Proxy Server v2.1 : Name: VERSUS s/n: pnCKjW95HRg
Spaghetti Proxy Server v3.0 : Name: Norway/Revolt98 s/n: 101069080395112572788 MachineName: DEFAULT
Spam Attack Pro v2.52 : Name: escom/CORE Company: (Blank) s/n: EE0031FD19CB9BAEA9B997
Spam Eater Pro v2.20.5 : Name: FALLEN s/n: $D1A667B91
Spam Eater Pro v2.5 : Name: manifest s/n: $F0F14FCD
Spam Eater Pro v2.51 : Name: SpriteX s/n: $0E02D141
Spam Eater Pro v2.6.7.111 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: F894-D51B-AD11-5C0A
Spam Eater Pro v2.7.0 : Name: WaxWeazle [LAXiTY] s/n: ED94-FF18-E823-4F2B
Spam Eater Pro v2.7.5 : Name: WaxWeazle [LAXiTY] s/n: ED94-FF18-E823-4F2B
Spam Exterminator v3.01 : s/n: 22972400
Spam Exterminator v3.2e : s/n: 64254897 or s/n: 11013268 or s/n: 26018405 or s/n: 26123872 or s/n: 26236871 or s/n: 26358241 or s/n: 26488947 or s/n: 26630109
Spam Killer v1.61 : s/n: 003E-9124-7E2532
Spam Killer v2.01 : s/n: 003E-9124-7E3E39
Spam Killer v2.02 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 003E-9124-7E3E39
Spam Killer v2.4 : s/n: 003E-9124-7E3E39
Spam Killer v2.52 : Name/Company: High Voltage s/n: 003E-9124-7E3E39
Spam Killer v2.63 : Name: WaxWeazle Company: LAXiTY s/n: 003E-9124-7E2532
Spam Killer v2.70 : Name: WaxWeazle Company: LAXiTY s/n: 003E-9124-7E2532
SpartaCom Asynchronous Port Sharing Server v3.20n : s/n: 999 DRONEF4CG000DRONEF4CG Key: 0A7728FC
Speak v1.8.51 : Name: Orion s/n: 3975;427427:43336
Speak & Mail v1.8.20 : Name: crystal s/n: 12887;436309:80274
Speak & Mail v1.8.28 : Name: Dazzler/CST '99 s/n: 94725;518027:110063
Speak & Mail v1.8.5 : Name: Registered Version s/n: 217404;640661:169639
Speak & Mail v1.9.26 : Name: HaQue - KAC '99 s/n: 1663875;10897801:122598
Speak & Mail v1.9.30 : Name: aerosmith s/n: 260253;9494305:117879
Speak & Mail v1.9.5 : Name: Spider] n GLoW s/n: 1566824;10800771:148370
Speak & Mail v1.9.51 : Name: Orion s/n: 29500;9263636:57639
Speak Lite v1.0.15 : Name: _ERaD_ s/n: 10293;9844125:47656
Speak Lite v1.01 : Name: Registered Copy s/n: 1957004;11790719:162110
Speaking Clock Deluxe v1.0 : Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: SIGSCC18210
Spectre VR : s/n: 7WWD7JM3 Network: BWRK29R8
Spectrum Analysis : s/n: 120-0001250-261207
Specular Infini-D v4.5 : s/n: 051-5101-0302-0350
SpecX v1.00b : s/n: 00001653
Speed Connect v1.3.2 : Name: 0 Company: (Anything) s/n: 4A26AC268566365
Speed Farret for Access97 v3.1d : Password: +(SiraX/[GLoW](+
Speed Farret for Visual Basic 5 v3.1b : Password: (SiraX/[GLoW])
Speed Reading 2000 v1.6 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: u94r s/n: BARTCJYOJRWV
Speed Suffer v3.2 : Name: XXXX s/n: 11940
Speed Surfer v4.0 : s/n: K12-0778-80008S
SpeedCommander v5.1 : TERAPHY c: PC97 s: 31337 Key: 2103714773
SpeedMail Standard and Pro v2.0 : Password: DONGLE98 AuthCode1: 2222 2222 2222 2222 2222 2222 2222 2222 AuthCode2: ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD
Speedy Web Navigator v1.1 : Name: Carolyn Connrad Company: (Blank) s/n: 6148-2745
SpeedyNet v2.11 : AuthCode: 12345678 ActCode: 152857540 Name: RTA 97
SpeedyNet v4.22 : Name: Michelle L Serro s/n: 99EA7 Code: 294868
SpeedyROM v1.0 : s/n: 000-08T-00009 or s/n: 111-18T-11112 or s/n: 222-28T-22225 or s/n: 333-38T-33338 or s/n: 444-48T-44441
Spell Mell : FirstName: Mark LastName: Hauber s/n: JC564668
Speller for Microsoft Office v1.1 : s/n: A48XRW9R8W0RX01005000
SpellHelp v1.0 : Go to Help/Register and enter: Name: TRPS s/n: 422107
Spelling Buddy v2.0 : s/n: gingered
Spender Pro v2.0 : s/n: 15144DEE
SPG Web Tools for Photoshop : s/n: 373728611324221 (This Serial Number is *not* typed into the program's Registration dialog box to unlock the program. Your Serial Number is used to register your license on-line and to get a Registration Number. Directions are provided in program's op
Spider 2000 v1.73 : RegNum: 6225-748ST804 RegKey: 436387866P
Spider Edit Pro v1.00Q : Name: panoramix Company: (Leave blank) s/n: 6A24AC3C4EB18ED
Spider Edit Pro v1.00R : Name: aerosmith Company: FALLEN s/n: 5A15ACG5F3E46AC
Spider Writer v2.0 : ID: 816059 RegNum: SW20-271163624892480
Spider Writer v3.0 : ID: 110032 RegNum: SW30-25363624141473
Spider Writer v3.0.1 : ID: 114124 RegNum: SW30-24363624141475
SpiderPad v1.1.2 : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: 18873
SpiderPad v1.5.3 : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: 46827
Spin v6.0 : Password: GOPOP
Spinnerbaker Dom2000 v2.0 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 807644707
SpinRite v3.1 : s/n: E0225808 or s/n: E0215318
Splat Mail v1.01 : Email: s/n: 1F3A2EDA
Split v1.0 : Name: FALLEN s/n: 905508-S47
Split v1.1 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 905562-S47
Split v2.0 : Name: Nolian[DNG] s/n: 1659909-S52
Split v2.0.1 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: 3621196-S65 or Name: [JaSuN] / CBE '98 s/n: 2564652-S58
Splitty v1.7 : s/n: 1872503201230567
Spoon Proxy v2.1 : Name: Orion Company: Rules s/n: 8a660b8705cecaf0020aa50793207a9c
Sportsman's Calendar v1.0 : Name: lxcore98 s/n: 5115439
Spread v3.0 : Key: SPR.03.00.05-01-0701000915643799 s/n: 400A0730FU003050
Spread Pro v1.05rc3 : s/n: 95067-0001
Spread Pro Spreadsheet v1.5 : s/n: 95067-0001
Spry Internet Office Professional v4.1 : s/n: OFC410PRO-EV00000269
SPSS v6.0 : s/n: 710808
SPSS v6.1 : s/n: 945639 or s/n: 945872
SPSS v7.0 : s/n: 32154 45672 56425 52143 42835 9621
SPSS v9.0 : s/n: 123456789 License1: 305147890 License2: 309507540
SPSS Smart Viewer v8.0 : s/n: 2141521 Code: 30155 67498 40203 25852 70186 1228
SPSS/PC Statistics v6.1 : s/n: 945872
Spydir v1.5 : Name: john smith Password: OOSJQLRUMS
SQA Suite TeamTest Edition v6.0 : s/n: TX101501
SQA Suite TeamTest Edition v6.1.0.42 : s/n: tx-11590
SQL Beautifier v1.1 : s/n: 112898-63214
SQL Desktop & Server Editions v7.0 : s/n: 111-11111111
Sql Probe : Name: AVaLoN-Kill3XX Password: CZ68BP66 s/n: 299-65865978
SQL Server Access Library for DBTools.h++ v3.1.1 : s/n: 34112-09-001100
SQL Server Enterprise Edition v7.0 Build 611 : s/n: 111-1111111
Sql Station Suite v3.3.2 : Choose Custom/Network Setup. Choose: I have a new Password and enter: Password: U3Q7IV2H5RVBJ1BTQIPIPU
Squeez German v1.1 : Name: KiLLa Company: CoRE Info: 31337 s/n: 2540209122
Squizz v2.0 : s/n: 855022
Squizz v3.04 : s/n: ZQS202100207
SRM Interleave v1.7 : Name: hotdog04 [Weapon] s/n: C44223A5
SRM Resize Image v3.7 : Name: hotdog04 [Weapon] s/n: C43213A5
SRM Wallpaper v1.7 : Name: hotdog04 [Weapon] s/n: E43223B5
SS Disk Scanner 98 v2.00.3.98 : Name: tHE EGOiSTE s/n: 6403
SSSpider v1.03 : Name: Judith M. Folk s/n: MXZJ2KNLHB544H1THQQ2SVJGZ6ZBH
SSSpider v1.05 : Name: Pamela Bert s/n: Q6CFHXVATDBW6SYFZWU2ZQK1JJTJW
SSSWITCH v4.5 : s/n: 22766
SST Web Calendar v1.0.1 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 98260130246 or Name: Arcane [UCT] s/n: 98260130246
St. Bernard Open File Manager : s/n: OOBE-605A-0100-004A
St. Patrick Slots v1.1 : s/n: 013749
Stack'Em v3.1 : sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 203232
StacKer v1.1 : s/n: SI1FH361225
StacKer v4.0 : s/n: U40AA079658
Staffinder 2000 v0.01 : s/n: TK2C0699SF2K
StampPDF : s/n: STP-100-0000552
StanBrite ProCapper v2.17 : s/n: KTRB-OJOE-SHIS-V202
StanBrite ProCapper v3.0 : s/n: PROCAP3
StanBrite ProCapper v3.06 : s/n: PROCAP3
Standard C++ Library v1.2.4 : SoftwarePartsManager: 00-00-0000-000000 StandardC++Library: 24103-09-001223
Standard C++ Library v1.2.5 : SoftwarePartsManager: 00-00-0000-000000 StandardC++Library: 24103-09-001251
Standardizer v1.72 : Name: William Farnum s/n: 8191-0556-5810-0202
Standardizer Markbook v1.2.1 : Name: AAAA Key: 0000000000000
StanFord Graphics v3.0B : s/n: 3000394
Star Clock v2.1 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: DY438523
Star Trek for After Dark : s/n: KAW-64331-1262 or s/n: BSW-83011-2400
Star Trek Screen Posters : s/n: SPW-06753-8181
Star Trek: "The next generation" Screen Saver : s/n: BSW-35600-2587 or s/n: ZQW-33671-7329
StarCraft v1.0 : s/n: 2951-83214-3418
Stardate v1.0 : s/n: LSW-83838-9710
Stardate v1.0 : s/n: LSW-83838-9710
StarKiller : s/n: SK21013
Stars3D Vortex v2.2 : s/n: 2655812
Start Clean v1.2 : Name: CracK Da WareZ s/n: 2446-23506-1981-389
Start Menu Changer v2.00b4 : Name: -= +DataPimp =- Company: Orbital 13 s/n: 1eab9b84
Start Menu Changer v2.51 : Name: SiraX Company: DNG s/n: 5AEFDFC0
Start Menu Changer v2.53 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! [UCF] Company: (Anything) s/n: 4cf9c9d6
Start Menu Changer v2.60 : Name: NATOSOFT s/n: 3C89B9A6
Start Menu Manager v1.21 Beta : s/n: 3996001
StarTeam Professionel v3.02 SR1 : Name: miramax Company: pft s/n: P122334NLS
StarTeam Virtual Team Server v3.02 SR1 : s/n: 11223344551234 Key: TEA0 or s/n: !!PFT-ROX-YOU!!! Key: QIK8
Start-It v4.0.1.0 build : FirstName: THE LastName: DON Company: [FLUKE] s/n: 1026770511
StartPro v1.26a : Name: draXXter[Faith2000] s/n: 113025455
StartPro v2.0 Beta 1 : Name: Jumanji [WkT!99] s/n: 61909568
Startup & Shutdown Manager v3.03 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 4535219-5215397
Startup & Shutdown Launcher v3.0.2 : Name: unseen morsa s/n: 2318120-2395578
Startup & Shutdown Launcher v3.1 : Name: Dazzler/CST '99 s/n: 6430930-6319797
Startup & Shutdown Launcher v3.3.0 : Name: -= ORiON =- s/n: 7408989-7516911 Type: Wolrd Wide
Startup Magic v1.1 : Name: ,TaqRd1O s/n: 987654321
StatCode v1.4 : Name: (Anything) s/n: StatCLic
StatGraphics Plus v3.0 : s/n: 3872367
Statistics Server ISP v5.0 : Key: 0xdodk-zffc0n-cjzac1-0v1pcu s/n: eizgzsd4-fczLeqbe-cgbaeh0w
StatTrak for Baseball v3.2 : s/n: 1124017
StatTrak for Baseball v4.0a : s/n: 1214427
StatTrak for Baseball v4.1 : InstallNum: 5426425 RegNum: 1254357
StatTrak for Baseball v4.11 : InstallNum: 9204213 RegNum: 1274567
StatTrak for Baseball v4.12 : InstallNum: 9648647 RegNum: 1234137
StatTrak for Baseketball v2.1 : s/n: 1274567
StatTrak for Football v1.0 : s/n: 1264467
Stay Alive v1.2 : Name: Sonixx/CORE s/n: MMAAIIFF
Stay Alive v2.0b : Name: dv blizzard s/n: CCLLNNBB
Stay Alive v2.0d : Name: fallen s/n: KKKPEOIICKGHCMEB
Stay Connected v1.2 : Name: kOUGER! s/n: sc168v1ig
Stay Connected v1.3 : Name: (Anything) s/n: sc168v1ig
Stay Connected v2.0 : Name: lxcore98 Company: CORE s/n: 8387F2598-5X66-9X873
Stay Connected v2.2 : Name: Mr_GReeN Company: [WkT! '99] s/n: 28482D929-63373
Stay On Pro v2.9 : s/n: PRO-9805014455
Stay On Pro v2.92 : s/n: PRO-9805014455
Stay On The Net : s/n: STAYON6555780
STD Code DeCoder v3.0 : s/n: 4349336
Stealth File Encryptor v3.1 : Name: Taz14 s/n: BE5669C520
Stealth Keyboard Interceptor v2.01 : Name: Yell s/n: 09ac0000
Stealth Keyboard Interceptor Auto Sender v1.0 : Name: Warp s/n: 7CDA9B04
Stealth Keyboard Interceptor Pro v4.0 : Name: Phrozen Crew 98 s/n: D6E9CC1D
Stealth Keyboard Interceptor Pro 98 v3.0 : Name: fungus / blizzard s/n: 667536366235517A777A
StealthApp v1.0 : s/n: 1139-2463-0621
StealthPing v3.0 : s/n: NTPGUTNJ@14337418@QTC
Steelcase FSL Classic v148.d : Password: Explorer
Steelcase FSL for AutoCAD R13+ v148.d : Password: Explorer
Stella 2000 v3.0 : FirstName: David LastName: Abbott Location: London England Latitude: 51 30 0 N Longitude: 0 10 0 W TimeZone: 0 Daylight saving enabled Code: 294752
Stemmons Multi-Family v4.52 : s/n: 124-99-99999-0-000000-001-0000-136000719
StepUp 98 v4.04 : Name: blastsoft Users: 9999 s/n: 2747758336
StepUp 98 v4.06 : Name: Norway Users: 99 s/n: 601621692'
StepUp 98 v4.08a : Name: night_mastah [ Magnum ] Users: 32767 s/n: 2121580544
Sterling Workstation v5.1.1 : s/n: 78517861
Stick Up Notes v4.10 : Name: n03l s/n: 571
Stick-Its v96.6.22 : s/n: CYBERSTICKITS
Sticky Notes v1.5 : s/n: EZ-436785547
Stingray Objective Chart v1.1 : s/n: Runway28LakeCity!!!
StLib v1.50 : Name/s/n: stlibbypass
Stock Market v2.5 : NumerologyStarReader: LV-NSRAS-91076z-E835-6247bs StockMarketNumerology: CMN-WP-3427-FR27-3901mn HorseRacingNumerology: HRN-GPS-8738-RH3-6380rg
Stock Tracker v1.01 : s/n: 1180900
StockExchange v2.0 : s/n: user3w1356
StockTrack Plus Internet Portfolio v3.0j : ID: 1357877766 Password: Weapon98
Stomper v2.3? : s/n: 199820ea40b109 Name: MaRooN
Stomper v3.05 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 00FFD2E3B88E09
Stomper v3.05 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 00FFD2E3B88E09
Stomper v3.20 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 87009402FFFFC4
Stomper v3.30v : Name: Free Copy s/n: 83000C03001234
Stones v1.5 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 05-3492-8502-92
Stone's MovieManager v2.0 : Name: Rayden [C.i.A] s/n: A12118580181161
Stop'em v2.01 : Name: TEX98 s/n: dTUjj
StopLight 95 PC v3.20 : s/n: AF95-5AC4-9041 Code: NLLYTIIN
StopLight 95 PRO v3.20 : s/n: 671A-E744-AD57 Code: KTRXVMJJ
StoRage Executive v2.0 : s/n: 0241980001010487
StormWindows v4.5 : Name: TERAPHY SinglePC: 2065-1562-3279-3530 SingleBuildingLicense: 2065-1562-3279-5347 CorporateLicense: 2065-1562-3279-8757 DemoLicense: 2065-1562-3279-3153
StormWindows v4.52 : Name: Kathleen Larkin s/n: 2977-2474-4191-3440
StormWindows v5.02 : s/n: 3225-2722-4439-9756
Story Harp v1.2 : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: 3998552446
Story Harp v1.32 : Name: Taz15 s/n: 3278248436
Story Maker v1.2 : s/n: sm062693
StrateSave Backup v1.1g : s/n: Kill3XX+AVaLoN+Kill3XX+1000+95 NT 31+STS
Stratus Pad v2.0 : s/n: b625fr
Stream Weaver DVD Video Authoring Tool Pro v4.4 : s/n: SW-15456
StreamLine v3.0 : s/n: SBW3001110706-297
StreamLine v3.01 : s/n: SBW300S1100640-184 or s/n: SBW3011166040-761
StreamLine v4.0 : s/n: SBW400U7102000-766
StreamLine French v4.0 : s/n: SBF400R7100627-705
Streamline Single Well Solutions v2.1 : s/n: 8000000000
Streamliner v3.01 : s/n: SBW3001100640-184
StreamWeaver VOBSnoopy v1.0 : s/n: VOBS-12137
StreamWorks MP3 Server v3.10 : s/n: HE3A-7A1G-6A1A-1B5F
Street Hockey v1.5 : ID: 01389-D7B32294-07130713 RegNum: 01389-AF66733E
Street Wizard v5.0 : s/n: 24451FD
Street Wizard v5.0 : s/n: 24451FD
Streets on a Disk v6.0 : s/n: ST40088
StretchBreak Pro v3.4 : Name: EzD - VERSUS s/n: 88661056
String Shot v1.0 : Name: Darkmoor s/n: 6971
Strip Poker Pro : s/n: artworx
StS-Boerse v2.0 : s/n: 53966 Name: mARQUIS
StS-Böerse v3.23 : Name: Chafe/TEX99 s/n: 0201697567
STTNG: stardate : s/n: ESW-83838-9710
Student Diary v1.0 build 079 : s/n: 627E5D7C94209DBA
Student Diary v1.5 : s/n: 627E5D7C94209DBA
Student Diary v1.61 : s/n: 570CDF88320BEA1D
Studio v1.0 : s/n: 4682119240
StudioJ v1.1 : s/n: J5106-09-003772
Study Aid v1.0 : Name: IBH-RiP [tNO] s/n: 4942482D
Study Suite Platinum v1.0 : s/n: 648113425
StuffIt Deluxe v1.01 : s/n: A 09000
Style Enhancer v1.0 : s/n: SE10-1838537859
Style Enhancer Micro v1.28 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: S128-1234567890
StyleLine Designer for Microsoft Publisher : s/n: 28579-087-0113621
Stylus Lingvo Office : s/n: LSSL-000084-10034
Sub Sink Pro v2.01 : Name: Warp s/n: 202609808
Submission Wizard v4.3b : s/n: KXa8ndanieltbeaven12at
Submit It v2.5 : Name: viny[TbC] Company: TbC s/n: 2584222508
Submit Wolf v3.06 : Name: s/n: PW5436-532676
Submit Wolf Pro v4.00.018 : Name: Blackstar Company: TRPS98 s/n: PW0-126876
Submit Wolf Pro v4.00.025 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: P41-967951 Upgrade: acegjh or dfqbmX
Submit Wolf Pro v4.01.010 : Name: ZT s/n: PE88-168487
Summation Platinum Litigation Suite v5.0 : s/n: 91983N
SUN Java Workshop v1.0 : s/n: JWS100-IV7772-791091481
Sun MicroSystems HotJava HTML Component v1.1.2 : s/n: JS0280528752730318
Sun MicroSystems Java Shared Data Toolkit v1.4 : s/n: JS2649474391329392
Sunlight Screen Saver v3.0.4 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 140440000713458 Code: 31539
Sunlight Software Screen Saver Maker Distributors Edition v3.0.8 : Name: MANiFEST RegNum: 525426101065199 (Personal Edition) RegCode: 16525 (Distributers)
Super Blackjack v3.5.0 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 20443146
Super Blackjack v4.0 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 10589143
Super Cache NT v2.1.2 : s/n: 76Q78A3-29-69-76-93-1FC
Super Charge v4.5 : Key: LIZARD
Super Circuitry v1.0a : Name: CORE/ITR s/n: 5889737728
Super Dir : Name: Pr0metheus s/n: 31024-225113-003
Super Dir 95 v6.15 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 33876-224113-003
Super Disk NT v2.2.5 : s/n: 26N0190-107-51-58-43-122
Super Edit v3.3 : s/n: 14529
Super Enal895 : Name: Jugulator s/n: KFZQSGNVVI
Super Fruit Machine Casino Game v1.06 : s/n: bfhSLXNelgjgKgY
Super Grades v95a : s/n: 1-051-604
Super Guitar Chord Finder v1.0 : s/n: SGCF-0001-THGIRYPOC
Super Guitar Chord Finder v5.0 : Name: Neur0n/FALLEN s/n: 4BECD2ADFC00
Super Mojo v1.2r2 : s/n: 5140112064331
Super Numerical Airfoil Creation Kit v1.3 : FirstName/LastName: UNION s/n: S68857873797-K865
Super Office v4.5.10 : s/n: 1010022687
Super Pairs v1.0 : s/n: HHTV7CAG7 or s/n: PE9SAW3Z4
Super Pairs v1.3 : s/n: 729115
Super Pasofami SNES v1.2e : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: NOKAMIKO
Super Ping Machine v1.2 : s/n: TY987HYHYH
Super Poker 1999 : FirstName: eSCLETACLe LastName: SpeltraniX s/n: SP99-1560059012
Super Print v4.0 : s/n: 499-400-00463
Super Queue v3.1 : s/n: 798-310-00120
Super RAM Disk v1.1 : s/n: 6FX0190-4-92-85-68-16B or s/n: 2EY0190-71-31-22-7-12A
Super Sonic Audio Rack v4.11 : s/n: 615F229J3
Super Sonic Audio Rack v4.2 : s/n: 77R31442T
Super Submitter v1.5.43 : RegNum: 1000-00000 RegKey: 4FFF
Super Text Search v1.7 : s/n: AG3158NK
Super Text Search v2.2 : s/n: AG3158NK
Super Text Search v2.2 : s/n: AG3158NK
Super Tray Pro v2.0 : Name: justarius of inside s/n: YTJDKQ7JQSXQ
Super WinUUE v1.7 : s/n: 5302374
SuperBar v2.0 : s/n: 0082092220D9
SuperBase v2.0 : s/n: 152010055593
SuperBase v3.0 : s/n: 302010051293 or s/n: 353010020336
SuperBase v4.0 : s/n: 302010051293 or s/n: 152010015966
SuperCat v2.1 : Name: Keefe Brooks s/n: $069D6630
SuperCat v3.0 : Name: SavaGe [PC] s/n: $A9CE8065
SuperCharge v4.1 : Key: LIZARD
SuperCharts v2.1g : s/n: OPQH93AG1YL3U4L
SuperDIR98 v7.70 : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: D2CC Key: 18909953F3552E2C (use "sdir16 /r" to register)
SuperDIR98 v7.80 : Name: TRPS TEAM s/n: F1BD Key: 3CB3E801F10AD509
SuperDIR98 v7.90 : Name: Arcane - CiA '99 s/n: 16C9 Key: 70549C915A209DB9
SuperFax v5.0 : s/n: 110957 or s/n: 894139 or s/n: 904048
SuperFax v5.1 : s/n: 051212453
SuperFTP v2.05 : s/n: JENFLSOWQKL
SuperHTTP v1.0 : Name: laxity s/n: 123123-14976464
SuperJam v1.0 : s/n: 26310A-000267
SuperJPG v1.10 : s/n: 318794529
SuperJPG v2.0 : Name: CORE/DrRhui Password: CORE s/n: 15127744
SuperJPG v2.2 : Name: You! s/n: 267122-11651453
SuperJPG v3.0 : Name: Demon Release Crew 1998 s/n: 281088 16377911
SuperJPG v3.1 : Name: Nordic 1998 s/n: 825152-11670646
SuperJPG v3.2 : Name: Independent s/n: 123456-15786781
SuperMail v2.2m : Name: TRPS98 s/n: RKS-789046
SuperMail v2.8 : Name: Warp s/n: RKS-560800 or Name: n03l s/n: RKS-451854
SuperMail v2.8b : Name: EzD s/n: RKS-405419
SuperMail 16-bit v2.2k : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: RKS-1139141
SuperMail 32-bit v2.2k : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: RKS-1400213
SuperNews v5.0 : sysop: Nobody bbs: Nowhere BBS Code: 0000 s/n: 90A2132205
SuperNFS v5.3 : Name: PREMiERE Company: (anything) s/n: SN432432-432432
SuperOffice v3.03 : s/n: 1030009953
SuperPrint v3.10 : s/n: 300-300-1234 or s/n: 400-310-00793 or s/n: 686-310-11744
SuperPrint v3.10 : s/n: 300-300-12345 or s/n: 400-310-00793 or s/n: 686-310-11744
SuperPrint v4.0 : s/n: 400-400-xxxxx or s/n: 400-400-00642
SuperQuery Office Edition v1.5 : ID: RonaldMcDonald s/n: 2113563235
SuperSonic v1.61 : s/n: 100354012
SuperSonic Audio Rack v4.1 : s/n: 615F229J3
SuperTCP v3.03 : Name: PREMiERE 1998 s/n: ST89655432432-435432312
SuperVision v2.1 : s/n: 04323-34556-24560-83000
SuperVoice v2.0 : s/n: 000727837
SuperVoice v2.0a : s/n: 001504
SuperVoice v2.0b : s/n: 002846
SuperVoice v2.0d : s/n: 00430934
SuperVoice v2.2 : s/n: 220006165 or s/n: 226104062
SuperVoice Pro v1.0 : s/n: 96002429
SuperVoice Pro v4.0 : s/n: 498099302
SuperZip v2.80 : Name: registered s/n: SZ-B898294F
Support Magic : s/n: 0R10000867
Surecontact v1.02 : Name: mgI202 Company: MANiFEST s/n: 5ad8ac76d9b5eag
SureSync v1.0g : s/n: 898011-23524-604700-48459-3760
SureSync v2.0c : s/n: 797001 14540 508392 77280 02369
SureSync v2.1a : s/n: 999071-29848-63000-32258-91564
SureSync v3.0f : Server: 998051-4955-583500-2298-93063 Workstation: 292061-28758-500000-38228-90591
SureThing Labeler v2.01.01 : s/n: STCD-0515
SureTrack Project Manager : s/n: 73013286 or s/n: 73013287 or s/n: 73013289
Sureview v2.09 : (Run program 6 times) Name: MtD Company: GHOST RIDERS s/n: 5AGFACFC9626856
Sureview Extended v3.04 : (Run program 6 times) Name: mgI201 Company: MANiFEST s/n: 5adcacaga174fdf
Sureview Extended v3.05 : (Run program 6 times) Name: nnA301 Company: HiGH VOLTAGE s/n: 5agdac8a2ebe22g
Sureview Full v2.10 : (Run program 6 times) Name: mtd Company: MANiFEST s/n: 5agfacfc9626856
Surf Bot v2.0 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: hyueutgaxvcazhldim
Surf Bot v2.0 : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: nskerndn
Surf Bot v2.00 : Name: CracK Da WareZ s/n: qiqtymdpndckqa
Surf Control for Microsoft Proxy Server v1.2 : s/n: 0w1g001751lalxsaikh
Surf Control Scout v2.2.1 : s/n: 0w1g001751lalxsaikh
Surf Control Scout Plus v2.2.1 : s/n: 0w1g001751lalxsaikh
Surf Control Super Scout v2.2.1 : s/n: 0w1g001751lalxsaikh
Surf Control Super Scout v2.61 : s/n: 0w1g001751lalxsaikh
Surf Map v3.5 : Name: Rebecca Lipski Company: RLipski s/n: 74DC.476D.7F13.DD6D
SurfaceSuite MAX v1.1 : s/n: 6873047FUCK Code: NWGQEFLZ2
Surfer Central v2.0 B7 : s/n: BqNX-KkeaJ LockKey: OH-TTADXuI
Surfin Gate v2.0 : s/n: 54320#KFMZ
SurfinShield Xtra v3.01 : s/n: 8914-9598-7337-6061-6059
SurfReyes v1.0 : Name: Kashmir s/n: 57202
Survey for Land Development Desktop : s/n: 117-99703105 CD: W36H
Survive 2K Lawlink Server v1.30 : s/n: S3G304A9D
Suspender v1.09 : s/n: JFLCwiwfji
SUWin v1.11 : FirstName: tKC LastName: CiA '99 s/n: 098AB771417243FE or FirstName: tKC LastName: Jess s/n: 028758EA20BFDA37
Swagman v1.18 : Name: Registered s/n: 10380
Swami : Name: JuNiOr s/n: 0J1N1P28Z8DZXPP68XM or Name: Arnold Hansen s/n: 0JC1VKMFT1941ABAT6MV
Swap Monitor v1.40 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 397962472 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 4193159396
Swapper 98 v3.5 : s/n: 0492710223
Swat v1.0 : s/n: 602-922-4883
Sweet Little Piano v1.6 : s/n: pxr-123-xw987
Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator v1.9.6 : s/n: w-45rt-89
Sweet MIDI Harmonizer v1.15 : s/n: t-12r1-tp
Sweet MIDI Player v1.17 : s/n: ert-81-1wmo9
Sweet Sixteen MIDI Sequencer v3.10 : s/n: fgh-54-sd17
SweetMixx Pro v1.1 : s/n: 72lo83ng230no
Swiss Perfect 97 : Name: United Cracking Force 1997 s/n: G7UF97E0
Switch 98 : s/n: 0492710223
Sword Searcher v3.3 : Name: Versus s/n: 1750636
Sword Searcher v3.4 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 1867854
Sybase Application Integrator v3.0 : s/n: 1734003210
Sybase Appmodeler v6.1.2 : s/n: 1734003210
Sybase CT-Library Access Library for DBTools.h++ v3.1.1 : s/n: 34104-09-001039
Sybase DB-Library Access Library for DBTools.h++ v3.1.1 : s/n: 34103-09-001016
Sybase Power J v3.0 Final Beta : s/n: 1734003210
Sybil v2.0 : s/n: HPA206340690097
SyGate v2.0 : s/n: 20012F9E-583EDBE4 Code: 7C243D79
SyGate v2.0.320 : s/n: 40199709-565970 Code: 1EEAFC0D
SyGate v2.0.322 : s/n: 20012F9E-583EDBE4 Code: 7C243D79
SyGate v3.0.521 : s/n: 20012F9E-583EDBE4 Code: 7C243D79
Synapsa Visitrax v1.04 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 2006449051
SynaptiCAD Timing Diagrammer Pro v5.0F : s/n: PARMV5
SynaptiCAD Wave Former Pro v5.0H : s/n: TDMLV5
Sync-It v1.30.746 : Name: juss [TMG] s/n: 25A9F94E
Synchronizer v2.0 : Name: Registered s/n: a5b3acb0bf0a
Synchronizer v2.03 : Name: Registered s/n: 4633.9524.54
Synchronizer PRO v3.0 : Name: jake cwc s/n: 5193.4762.53
Synergy Hollywood FX v3.08 : s/n: hfxwwi-304-9-712
Synergy Take v3.08 : s/n: T32WI-304-000000-44Z
Synops'Tools v3.2 : Name: JUPITER Company: DARKSTAR Syn'fonts: UIUNUB-9775 Syn'icons: BIUTBB-6478 Syn'pictures: STBLNB-5585 Syn'text: LTEEBE-3123 Syn'Video: INBLBB-9242 Syn'Sounds: CTBNBB-9275 Syn'Craps: CNBTBB-9518
Syntex v1.0 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: CNSJDT3884720539
Syntex v1.1 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: CNSJDT3884720539
Synthetic Aperture Video Finesse v1.01 : s/n: VFP74-578AB-DEJGF-XP
SysAdmin v4.0 : s/n: SA-32-400-220271-11121998-SK-1
SysBack v1.1 : Name: mooncat/prophecy s/n: D4CCA447AC00
SysBack v1.10 : Name: Vizion/CORE s/n: E56F4074A000
System Backup v3.0 : Code: c-17.031 Name: lxsc97 Reg#: 19971234 NetworkReg#: 11112222
System Cleaner 98 v2.0 : Name: FCN98 [NighTHanG] s/n: 5A38AC9B4BG52CE
System Commander v1.28 : s/n: Y302121-GJRM
System Commander v2.01 : Name: Warp s/n: SC 2 100 1001
System Commander v2.11 : s/n: SC307548-PXJP
System Commander v2.14 : s/n: SC308867-EPEX
System Commander v2.24 : s/n: SC202472-GAYP
System Commander v2.26 : s/n: SC207744-HREC
System Commander v2.28 : s/n: SC220879-MPTP
System Commander v2.5 : Name: Warp s/n: SC 2 100 1001
System Commander v3.0 : s/n: SC247115-KHFR
System Commander v3.01 : s/n: SC247115-KHRF ID: Administrator p: Password
System Commander v3.09 : s/n: SC951368-TLTR
System Commander 98 Special Edition : s/n: WC140235-LYHP
System Commander Deluxe v4.0 : s/n: YC950084-ARAE
System Commander Deluxe v4.030 : s/n: YF108537-AYEC
System Information v1.8 : s/n: 2s4mp74hx
System Information Pro ActiveX v1.00 : Name: Roland Beier s/n: SIOCX-HHQMV-OVIAR-SQPUP
System Mechanic v3.0 : Standard: Name: juss [TEX] s/n: 56656-ST863-7545101453 Pro: Name: juss [TEX] s/n: 50595-PR457-1584701847 Industrial: Name: juss [TEX] s/n: 61706-ND368-2695699586
System Mechanic v3.0a : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 Industrial: 80645-ND659-2909001747
System Mechanic v3.0b : Name: davy-blizzard99 s/n: 81806-ND466-8969501748 or Name: ZhangFaN s/n: 77578-ND093-5626150939
System Safe II v2.0.2 : Name: SIR_TA0 [KFK] s/n: SS4562
System Tools Xtra for Director : s/n: st-ee37umg2yq
SysTran Pro v2.0 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: F493F952005E714CC86866D45A
SyTos Plus v1.10 : s/n: SPEW-110SYB-A14
SyTos Plus v1.42 : s/n: SPED-142SYD2-A14
SyTos Premium Backup and Disaster Recovery : s/n: HV7239 or s/n: PREO-210IMA4
Szipw v4.2a : Name: union s/n: SZ-6B471BFC
Szipw v4.3a : Name: David Barnes s/n: SZ-D4965E8C




The Psychedelic Screen Saver v2.5 : s/n: 7283

The Psychedelic Screen Saver v3.0 : s/n: 63827 (Registers only the SS) s/n: 64222 (Register Both the SS and the CD Spec Pro)

The Psychedelic Screen Saver v3.6 : CDSpectrumPro: 51095 ScreenSaver: 63827 11181 15677 ForBoth : s/n: 64222

The Psychedelic Screen Saver v3.9.971 : s/n: 64222 or s/n: 15677

The Psychedelic Screen Saver v4.0 : s/n: 64222

The Psychedelic Screen Saver v4.0.1320 : s/n: 64222 or s/n: 65222 or s/n: 66222

TabIt v1.xx : Name: (anything you like) s/n: EDEDEEDED9B3-18ABD0AB849

Table of Contents v2.1 : Name: DeadEyE [ThP] s/n: 846338154

TabStrip and Frame FlatPak ActiveX Control v1.2.4 : s/n: as-596-62332-p

Tacacs Manager Server v4.02 : s/n: 446325675

TagEm! v1.01 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: FQJ81YC290K2 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: FQJ85C98BLGA

TagGen v1.0.005 : Name: Slick-LSD Company: LSD s/n: 6A89AC3A67CADGG

TagGen v1.1e : Name: Larry Ostertag s/n: 4A11ACBD6662B4B

TagGen v1.1f : Name: SiraX Company: [Dongle Crew 98] s/n: 6A2BAC1B9583462

TagGen Pro v2.5 : s/n: tgsF202

TagMaster v1.1c : Name: Wayward s/n: PBD69989

Take v3.1 : s/n: T32WI-304-000000-44Z

Take Command : s/n: 3OO711 Code: 8C7XFRNQ

Talisman v1.1 : Name: Arcane - CiA '99 s/n: 867909

Talk 2 Desktop v1.0 : Name: Tuna Drain s/n: 8469-T7R#QR8#TR

Talk to Me v1.4.0 : s/n: CC121368

Talking Caller ID v4.21 : Email: s/n: 17343

Talking Email v1.2 : Name: DSi TEAM! s/n: 8469-RXTQT9MV7

Talking Email v1.22 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe98 s/n: 8469-P97GA9TQ#G+V

Talking Email v1.3 : Name: MoWAX [Nobliege] s/n: 8469-V9AMPQ&+9VATGZG8

TalkShow : s/n: A15092-220011-1301660

Tally Systems NetCensus v2.51 : s/n: NW-006393

TalonGen Generator v1.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 21924

Tangle-It v3.0.2 : s/n: 487G38480P76

Tango PCB : disk1: PP222X1 or disk2: PP222X2 or disk3: S140X1 or disk4: S140X2

TankMinder v2.0.2 : Name: MALLET FREDERIC s/n: 3245797572

Tape Calculator v1.09 : s/n: TC-7010

Tape Calculator v1.10 : s/n: TC-701

Tape Minder v1.0T : Name: d4rk0n3 [LAXiTY] s/n: 049275

TapeDisk v6.2.2 : s/n: 331972912963

TapeDisk v6.5.4 : s/n: 149799042597

TapeDisk Pro v6.5.9 : s/n: 149799042597

Tapeware v6.1 : s/n: B1B39DDA-E9014769-5E34CD4B

Tarantula v1.62 : Name: Nell Lang s/n: GXWRDB0C20C-68

Tarantula v1.99 : Name: Neur0n/FALLEN s/n: 777)--000034D9

Targeted Email Download v1.10 : Name: TRPS s/n: 2i64631u or Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 7i2a4954

Targets v1.00 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 39868576

Targets v1.1.0 : Name: n03l s/n: 21984864

Targets v1.1.2 : Name: Nordic 1998 s/n: 62122368

Task v3.52 : s/n: 50791076

Task Lite : s/n: 6543545735465657712 or s/n: 8765468413464354654

Task Locker v3.0 : Single system s/n: 6543545735465657712 Site: 8765468413464354654

Task Menu 98 v2.0 : Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 065071006

Task Menu 98 v2.03 : Name: walley s/n: 257434177

Task Menu 98 v3.5 : s/n: 426876450

TaskBar v2.62 : Name: The_GuaRDiaN_aNGeL s/n: 1198978212 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 1148274678

TaskBar Address v1.0 : s/n: TBA987654321

TaskBar Reminder v1.0d : s/n: A$Wer(]LK87hj

Task-Lock Lite v1.0 : s/n: 6543545735465657712

TaskMan Taskbar Manager v1.3 : s/n: 48727162

TaskMan Taskbar Manager v2.0 : s/n: 48727162

TaskMaster 98 Professional v1.3.26 : s/n: 80004000600010005000

TaskMaster 98 Professional v1.4.4 : s/n: 50060300119456000004

TaskMaster 98 Professional v1.5.11 : s/n: 50040200115451000034

TaskMinder v2.3 : Name: Naglfar [DDT98] s/n: 748-992-583-024

TaskTimer v4.01 : s/n: TTW-B999-410987862

Taskview v4.6 : s/n: b13ilmp7

TB2000 v2.3 : s/n: 68745932

TBBS v1.2 : s/n: 2310267

TBBS v2.2m : s/n: 2252589

TBTimer v1.0 : s/n: TWSY95-TBT1-DEC1998

TC Director : Name: Registered s/n: 172962085100

TclPro v1.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 10PB-B9W6-1H24-0V35-P9Y0

TCP Connect II v2.0 : s/n: DRJLT 8500

TCP/IP Swapper 98 v2.02 : s/n: 0492710223

TDS-2 v2.6.0 : Name: cLUSTER/dSI! s/n: TDS-83299-15879-103171-LRX1

TDS-2 v2.6.4 : Name: cLUSTER/dSI! s/n: TDS-83299-15879-103171-LRX1

Teacher Helper v3.0 : FirstName/SecondName: crystal s/n: TCH-htqkm^-Tmrgz-300

Teacher Helper v3.5 : FirstName: exit SecondName: fallen s/n: TCH-ksjxm^-VDwom-300

Team Leader v5.09d : s/n: 12206

TeamCenter v1.2.2a : 5Users: FCE-400-001-718-084184

TeamLeader v5.09b : s/n: 12206

TeamWARE Knowledge Browser v1.01 : s/n: 2121cf062238d8

TeamWave Workplace v3.01 Beta 1 : s/n: D000T1YO9F

TeamWave Workplace v3.2 : Company: PREMiERE s/n: D000T1YO9F

TeamWave Workplace v4.1 : s/n: D001N4YO7C

TeamWave Workplace v4.2 : s/n: D001N4YO7

TechFacts v1.40.4 : s/n: (Anything)

TechMedia MultiMedia Suite v3.18 : s/n: tricia

TechPromote v1.0 : s/n: JMUY4TK

TechPromote v1.0.12 : s/n: JMUY4TK

TechScheduler v2.31 : FirstName: Ghost LastName: Riders s/n: jjajdjrsq

TechScheduler v2.71 : FirstName: DESYNC LastName: DOMiNATiON s/n: 212161632140024002616140

TechSono BrainWasher v1.0 : Name: Terrible Lie s/n: 36448 or Name: [JaSuN] / CBE '98 s/n: 36160

TechSono PinUpPlayerPro v1.0.0 : Name: [JaSuN] / CBE '98 s/n: 18080

TechSono SexMachine v1.2.0 : Name: [JaSuN] / CBE '98 s/n: 72320

TeeChart Pro v4.0 : s/n: conillets

TeeChart VCL v4.01 : s/n: conillets

Tego Web Express v6.7.5 : s/n: 10021-99811-27103-31886-0913

TegoCGI ActiveX : s/n: 1001-8982-DELPH-FCN-99-387Y-1001

Tek Converter II v1.01 : Name: FALLEN s/n: 224-82386-8996

Tek Converter II v1.21.33 : Name: KAC s/n: 350-19371-3506

TelcoEx v3.0.429 : Name: Sonixx/CORE Business: 221021012221182 Standard: 211011133221182

TelEffect v1.0 : Name: SiEGE FAN Company: [SiEGE] s/n: 352J93-5K64K5-5593M3

TeleForm v3.0.14 : s/n: 90085

TeleMate v1.1 : Name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: TWH-561-UCF-294

TeleMate v4.12 : Name: Batman s/n: TM00F1C0335 or Name: --- s/n: TM00F1C0235

TeleMate v4.20 : (Type TM /R) s/n: TM220000192 Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL or s/n: TM220000195 Name: TeLLeRBoP

TeleMate v4.20 : Name: Batman s/n: TM220000791 or Name: --- s/n: TM220000975

TeleMate v4.20 : Type Type TM /R and enter: s/n: TM220000192 Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL

Telephone Dialer Money Saver v3.00 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 082-AcN-5219

Teleport Pro v1.04.5 : Name: Registered s/n: 1105259930

Teleport Pro v1.05 : Name: tHATDUDE s/n 1559952781

Teleport Pro v1.28 b254 : Name: Crack Company: Home s/n: 1050646247

Teleport Pro v1.29 Build 1107 : Name: Mr.WhiTe Company: [WkT!] s/n: 1602652130 or Name/Company: Gordon s/n: 1458108812

Teleport Pro v1.29 Build 672 : Name: SuNSoFT Company: TDNS aND Company s/n: 663522508

Teleport Pro v1.29 Build 772 : Name: MANiFEST Company: MANiFEST s/n: 1692058767

Teleport Pro v1.29 Build 856 : Name/Company: MANiFEST s/n: 1692058767

Teleport Pro v1.29 Build 979 : Name: Evel/MFD Company: MFD Corp. s/n: 362132638

Teleport Pro v1.29.1025 : Name: Evel/MFD Company: MFD Corp. s/n: 362132638

Teleport Pro v1.29.933 : Name/Company: CHENZY s/n: 1240852911

Teleport Pro v1.29.949 : Name: evel_phone_home Company: (Anything) s/n: 663523266

Telescreen Pro v2.0.0.408 : Name: BerSerkA s/n: 70BECD8A or Name: BerSerkA s/n: 18E88510

Teles Online : s/n: 900W657702504540

Teles.Com v2.72 : s/n: 9302 6618 2159 1171

Telix v1.01d : s/n: W1902608-63795 or s/n: W1902775-00945 or (German) s/n: W1251600-65005

Telix v1.15a : Install: W1902608-63794 Disk : W1909311-55066

Telix v3.22 : s/n: A1058771-37419 or s/n: A1043340-38984

Telix v3.50 : s/n: A1019106-29855 or s/n: A1043340-38984

Telix v3.51 : s/n: A1019106-29855 or s/n: A1058771-37419

Telli v1.02 : Name: (Anything) s/n: UC-F2000-14884

Telli v1.1.8 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 11-13018-07597

Telnet98 v2.0 : Name: NATOSOFT s/n: 666 Key: FAGIFVAVVI Users: 50 or Name: NATOSOFT s/n: 666 Key: BAAAWFSCCDBJ Users: 1000

Telscreen v1.22d : Name: Vizion/CORE Normal: F4CFD6A4 Pro: 6727FBBC

TelSrv v1.2 : s/n: WRXA-3IJ6-TR63-HJP7-5GFM

TelSrv v1.5 : s/n: WRXA-3IJ6-TR63-HJP7-5GFM

TelStar Telnet Client v1.4.3 : RegKey: AA00-000001-6357-832 ActKey: AAAAAABAZZ

TelStar Telnet Client v1.4.6 : RegKey: TS10-002429-0000-000 ActKey: AEECLYBBBB

TelStar Telnet Client v1.5.3.7a : RegKey: TS10-002429-0000-000 ActKey: AEECLYBBBB

TempClean v3.01 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: TC3123C352

TempClean v3.02 : Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: TC3156S544

Term Pro v3.3.7 : s/n: WPN708384EM Key: fmcbbeej

Terminal-Manager v2.05 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 470111046

Terminus v3.0 : IDCode: 159-55-537-753-53860 AlphaKey: 265-60-610-234-77812 BetaKey: 087-80-634-833-75199

Tero Tech v2.04 : Name: ZiP Company: PGC s/n: 124161953 or Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 124161953

Terrain Flight ScreenSaver v1.02a : s/n: 459-110-001 Name: TwinHead [TWH/uCF]

Terrapin FTP Browser v2.2.022 : s/n: 33445-KUFLJ-4EV59

Terrapin FTP Browser v2.2.1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 11223-3T4G9-X3C89

Test Pro Builder v2.0 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: 768122653

Test Stand v1.0 : Name: jaydee Company: pft s/n: S00Z12345

TestBencher Pro v4.5e : s/n: 45BENCHER

TestTrack v1.5.4 : s/n: GURIZP0905040806 (for expiring evaluation copy) s/n: EVRIZP8995245826 (for expiring evaluation copy) s/n: GNRIZP6955545836 (for unlimited copy)

TestTrack v1.6 : s/n: GU00900405030002

TestTrack v1.6.1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: GNRIZP6955545836

Tetris Again! v3.1 : s/n: 827

TetriSaver v2.0 : s/n: TD9K

TetriSaver v2.0.1 : s/n: TD9K

TexED v1.00 : s/n: JARJYS-090997-X12345 (replace "Australia = 12$" with "TARANTULA")

TexED v1.02 : s/n: JARJYS-090997-X*CORE (Replace the country in the drop down box with the word: TARANTULA)

TexED v1.03 : s/n: JARJYS-090997-X*DDT* (Replace the country in the drop down box with the word: TARANTULA)

TexED v1.10 : s/n: JARJYS 090997 ZRegCo In the drop down box labeled 'Here are some foreign conversions...' enter the word: JENNIE

TexED v1.20 : s/n: JARJYS-090997-Z12345 In the drop down box labeled 'Here are some foreign conversions...' enter the word: JENNIE

TexED v2.0 : s/n: JARJYS-090997-ZSIRAX

TexED v2.01 : s/n: JARJYS-090997-ZECORE Enter JENNIE in the drop down box.

TexED v2.1 : s/n: JARJYS-090997-ZEANGE Enter JENNIE in the drop down box.

Text 3D v1.0 : Name: EzD s/n: 403F

Text Art v1.6 : Name: forcekill Company: infra s/n: 16-0012-3460-4292 or Name: tHE EGOiSTE['99] Company: eGOWAREZ s/n: 16-0012-3460-4292

Text Finder v2.10 : s/n: PCSLTB001168

Text Finder v4.01 : s/n: PCSLT1111000

Text In A Zip v0.65 : Name: Q Password: 1999 Code: TEX

Text to GSM 98 : Name: The Force Team s/n: 779154001

Text to MS v1.05 : Name: Warp s/n: CF84D2EE

Text to MS v1.06 : Name: Faith s/n: EF1E5627

Text to MS v1.08 : Name: zoin s/n: E683FC81

Text to MS v1.4 : Name: webmasta DC s/n: 1E156B2F

Text Watchdog v1.1 : Name: High Voltage s/n: RWS-93745-AAPSb-Ke0US

Textblock Manager v8.2 : Name: PAULUX [LAXITY] s/n: 5299576723

TextBox Calculator ActiveX v1.1.22 : s/n: AS-449-77612-F

TextBox FlatPak ActiveX v1.0.17 : s/n: AS-496-68999-P

TextBox FlatPak ActiveX v1.2.5 : s/n: as-496-68999-p

TextBridge Plus v1.0 : s/n: 9712CM02074

TextFade 98 v1.0 : s/n: thetatau1904

TextHelp! ScreenReader v3.0 : s/n: 21007

Textissimo v2.0 : s/n: SED411300115

Texturizer v1.48 : Name: aerosmith s/n: 82B-9B14-C1E3-F637-66

TFS GATEWAY v3.1 : Code: xf666k&9 s/n: 264458388 or Code: xf666899 s/n: 214126740

TFTP Server 2000 : s/n: 561-00001-10000-00001

Tgrad v1.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: yhxtemsl

TGV MultiNet v1.1 : s/n: 0-UC10-V301-D806-HSRR-NR9S-WER0

Thaimaster v3.2.03 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 5021257082

The 1999 Fractal Calender v1.0 : s/n: 611119518000

The Address Wizard v1.0 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 39191517

The Assistant v1.04 : Name: elmopio [iNSiDE] s/n: $3C447450

The Auction Wizard v2.0 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 9011-10959-27927-1865-1050

The Audio Video Keeper v3.0 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: Avk54-54

The Audio Video Keeper v3.5 : Name: Black Thorne - PC'98 s/n: AVK52-102

The Audio Video Keeper v4.1 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: AVK65-115

The Audio Video Keeper v4.4 : Name: TEAM ORiON s/n: AVK70-64

The Audio Video Keeper v5.07 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: AVK65-115

The Audio Video Keeper v5.08 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: AVK65-115

The Automated Dispatch Log System v1.33 : s/n: T5d25XJ0BKiQ4M836yLB1

The Automated Photo Line Up System v1.22 : s/n: T4BY45g92940XjUt279K

The Automated Reporting System v1.73 : s/n: T4Sw45X94346RtUS279J

The Automated Shift Schdualer v1.6.2 : Single: T3h2W4B0QkPA9n679427 Network: T3Vl69A31752CnQD843Z

The Automated Shift Scheduler v1.6.0 : s/n: T3Vl69A31752CnQD843Z

The Automated Shift Scheduler v1.6.7 : Company: PGC s/n: 061041605147426D584A

The Automated Shift Scheduler v1.65 : s/n: T3Vl69A31752CnQD843Z



The Beer! War v2.32e : Name: Pamela Williamson s/n: 41689003

The Binary News Assistant v2.0 : s/n: rJcGYRsZIKPYvyoT

The Binary News Assistant v2.1 : s/n: xslmVPnqrGSOzggD

The Book v5.1f : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 2213852208

The Brain v1.5 : s/n: 1638450485824862

The Brain v1.7 beta 5 : s/n: 1608-2170-5000-6921 (Enter code 2 times)

The Brain v1.70 : s/n: 4421987341621475

The Brain v1.73 : s/n: 0705994060031990

The Broom! v1.1 : Name: Rayden [C.i.A] s/n: UM-140252

The Catcher v1.3.10 : Name: Harlem s/n: 3243052383 or Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: 1164636050

The Cleaner v2.0 : Name: TheBrabo s/n: 999222999-1994

The Cleaner v2.0.1 : Name: CaSPer s/n: 8771-1556-1661

The Cleaner v2.1.0.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 27244274321082

The Cleaner v2.1x : Name: (Anything) s/n: 999222999-1994

The Complete Guitar v1.01 : FirstName: IBH-RiP LastName: Blizzard s/n: 100500000

The Complete Guitar v1.30 : FirstName/LastName: (Anything) s/n: 1212

The Designer Plugins for PS & Photopaint : s/n: SED412300116

The Desktop Classic Edition In-and-Out Board v1.4.1 : s/n: 6108I+8R)$ (allows up to 20 users)

The Dive Log v1.51 : Name: blastsoft s/n: E78 2D2233E7876012

The Draw v4.62 : s/n: A460-004945

The Drawing Hand Screen Saver v2.0 : s/n: 101697

The Drums Pro v2.0 : Name: Misha adress: [UCF] s/n: 23912804

The Drumz Wizard v1.04 : Name: radium Address: element 88 s/n: 28853348

The Drumz Wizard v1.05 : Name: Arcane Address: -=[CiA]=- s/n: 26283292

The Electric Mind v1.1 : Name: (Anything) s/n: DR12442

The File Chopper v1.6 : Name: SiraX s/n: 14-97-06-82-88

The File Chopper v2.13 : Name: Warp s/n: 19-15-10-86-08

The File Chopper v2.2 : Name: Sune / KAC 1998 s/n: 91-53-21-90-72

The File Chopper v2.9 : Name: jak [TbC] s/n: 94-50-78-55-36

The File Viewer v3.1 SR1 : Name: C0KeB0TtLe99 s/n: C9E0D6B7E0C97A02AC

The Final Windows 95 Uninstaller v3.0 : s/n: 12038994

The Flintstone Cuckoo Clock : s/n: 90500100-00???

The Flintstone Screen Saver : s/n: 5101-0989-5756

The Font Creator Program v2.0 : Name: Prof.X Company: GWA s/n: K5P 005 503 274

The Home Page Upper v1.0c : Name: Warp98 s/n: 26360795

The Home Page Upper v2.1 Revision 1 : Name: Warp s/n: 29526505

The Home Page Upper v3.01 : Password: pcw81 Name: Jeffrey McCullum (1) s/n: dw8YwHLdewggsRsdfRs

The Home Page Upper v3.02 : Name: Jeffrey McCullum (1) s/n: dw8YwHLdewggsRsdfRs

The Hypnogenic Screen Saver v1.0.320 : s/n: 47806 or s/n: 48806 or s/n: 49806

The Image Tiler v1.0 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 616714755161

The Inserter v1.02 : Name: (Anything) s/n: x037186016zmar99

The International OCR : s/n: A46IW331561710

The Internet Neighborhood v1.2 build 8 : s/n: 0201-0119979900620

The Jammer SongMaker : s/n: JWS11413

The JPEG Wizard v1.3 : Name: BerSerkA s/n: 125545170 or Name: MvD '99 s/n: 110502919

The Kinemorphic 3D Screensaver v2.1.600 : s/n: 65222

The Kinemorphic 3D Screensaver v3.0 : s/n: 13181

The Kinemorphic 3D Screensaver v3.1.910 : s/n: 11181 or s/n: 12181 or s/n: 13181

The Last Resort : s/n: 0821-1996-Ag2C

The LastByte Memory Manager v2.50 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: CF5AD7D9 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 0CF2322A

The Lightning Linker v2.01 : Name: JudgeD s/n: 785599

The Lock 98 v4.98.0729 Beta : Name: REUNiTED s/n: 00000104081221101271

The Love Doctor v2.0 : Name: ZoBeL/PC99! s/n: 1234532280

The Mayor BBS v6.25 : s/n: NWGEEGD9J

The Memoirs 98 v1.1 : s/n: cdd9cd84

The Memoirs 98 v1.2 : Name: dLLord/AiR s/n: 84CF31DEB426B98E99455F7D6F4529BD

The Mission Builder v1.21 : Name: ED!SON '96 s/n: 52585843 Users: 1

The Multi Cell Goal Seeker v2.12 : Password: ANSWERS

The Multimedia Platypus v1.0 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 9_5RUB

The Multimedia Platypus v2.02 : Name: gcrack s/n: C75BGJ

The Offline Educator v3.2 : s/n: EDWR-G53PXS-8GSBJ-HUF-RIFW7G

The Oracle v2.00 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 14772-11004

The Oracle v2.35 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 5584-4144

The Palace v3.0 : s/n: LV3M-GRTN-XNG7E

The Pioneer v2.01 : Name: ^heiko Address: BLIZZARD s/n: PN25BLZCCACQ57

The Polymorphic Database v6.0 : s/n: #0o519&W.J.&A.pdbJM&md&&&V.6.0&#

The Polymorphic Database v7.0 : s/n: #0o519&W.J.&A.pdbJM&md&&&V.7.0&#

The Quote Grabber v2.0 : s/n: 9x7gwer243

The Reader v3.0 : Name: Mine s/n: AAAB

The Reader v4.01 : Name: Batman s/n: AAAAAJ

The Reader v4.05 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: AAA AUARDIAN ANGEL or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: AAAJERBOP

The Recipe Keeper v5.3 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: REG100-100

The Registry Run Guard v2.50 : Name: Warp s/n: 6A79667A6251546D536F

The Reminder v2.0 : Name: Vizion/CORE s/n: 743313870266

The Risk Analyzer v7.4.98 : s/n: GOOD2KNOW

The Security Man v1.39.240 : Name: TORN@DO '99 [ECLiPSE] s/n: 37723D2052223630375D5747A6620A06070A15081E or Name: Rayden [C.i.A] s/n: 37764019152D2E5502180A07E010

The SemWare Editor Prerelease : s/n: 3001005027

The Sensitivity Analyzer v2.2 : s/n: FUN2HAVE

The Spreadsheet Assistant v4.35E : s/n: EASY2USE

The Stitcher's Playground v2.0 : Name: fallen s/n: 190563813534

The Swimmers Diary v1.1 : Name: AlpHaz s/n: MxtVinPy-uGkzvHkR

The Tape Producer : Name: Licensed User s/n: 115262847

The Tape Producer v3.0 : Name: TUC Company: PC99 s/n: 1005229475 Code: 206319151

The Thumbnailer v4.1 : s/n: *+4*

The Time Organizer v2.0 : s/n: TMO-A011043-45

The TroubleShooter v3.51 : s/n: 570166

The Uncorked Cellar v98.03 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 7070

The Web Media Publisher Pro v2.06 : Name: 2000AD s/n: 11434594953

The Web Media Publisher Pro v2.4 : Name: aerosmith s/n: 892617590568

Theme Builder v1.02 : s/n: TBV10--82958--82958

Theme Builder v1.03 : s/n: TBV10--82958--82958

Theme Builder v2.0 : s/n: TBV10 82958 27100

Theme Builder v2.1 : s/n: TBV20 - 82958 - 75395

Theme Changer Plus v5.0e : s/n: reg-21697-twc-igameglc

Theme Create : Name: jake cwc s/n: 539-90546

Theme Freak v1.1 : s/n: TELEVISION

Theme Freak v1.3 : s/n: TELEVISION

Theme Generator v1.01.0001 : s/n: zyx1783

Theme Weaver v1.06 : Name: Ron Ostiguy Key: 726V26492t Password: 95 Dodge Ram

Thesaurus Magic v3.0 : s/n: TM-1261448545673

Thieves and Kings v1.4 : Name: Inside TKNum: 123456 Key: 4mLs5

Thing Maker v1.1 : s/n: 631E48-AF35F4-AC35C0-AF1285

Things To Do v2.4a : Name: Warp s/n: RKS-1030230

Things To Do v2.8 : Name: Versus s/n: RKS-1601122 or Name: n03l s/n: RKS-830089

Things To Do 16-bit v2.3a : Name: Versus s/n: RKS-1885138

Things To Do 32-bit v2.3a : Name: Versus s/n: RKS-1601122

This 2 That v2.1 : DateDownloaded: 08/28/98 Name: Debbie Barchard Company: (blank) s/n: NS-100-000-001 DigitalKey: 958C-1628

ThomWAV v1.02 : Name: CORE/ITR s/n: 12301581585830221

Thor v1.2 : s/n: 84H8-L0060-1030 Code: 2L8-0A9-092

Threads.h++ v1.2.2 : SoftwarePartsManager: 00-00-0000-000000 Threads.h++: 24108-09-001221

Three Shuffles v1.0.21 : s/n: 395-KEHFT-2947

Thumb Print 95 Regular and Pro v2.15 : Regular: Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 33147k7i Pro: Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 4q171f2q

Thumb Print Pro v3.00 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 4q171f2q

Thumb Print Pro v3.02 : Name: Registered s/n: qq1i5a2

Thumb Print Pro v3.04 : Name: cg! [fanatic] s/n: 4q1i7f15 or Name: NADA [ExoduS] s/n: 17172652

ThumbIt Gold v1.5 : s/n: 101-405-601

ThumbNailer v4.2 : s/n: *+4*

ThumbNailer v4.3.0.1 : s/n: (,3)

ThumbNailer v5.1 : 1) Start ThumbNailer 2) Press "Advanced" 3) Go to "Registration" and enter: Name: Rosemary Pye Email:

Thumbs Plus v2.0 : Name: Kermu! s/n: 7174F9D5 or Name: Micro Star s/n: E87524F5

Thumbs Plus v2.0e : Name: Kermu! s/n: 7141f9d5

Thumbs Plus v3.0e1-S : Name: MicroStar s/n: E87524F5

Thumbs Plus v3.0g : Name: Thumbplus s/n: 8E167F42

Thumbs Plus v3.10 : Name: Thumbplus s/n: 8E167F42

Thumbs Plus v3.20 : Name: Carole G. Parr s/n: 246a65d9

Thumbs Plus v4.0 : Name: Gerard J. Williams s/n: 47ce948a

Thumbs Plus v4.0.6 : Name: Paulo Osny May Junior s/n: a65de349

Thumbs Plus v4.01 : Name: Monika Halkort s/n: cee0065f

Thumbs Plus : Name: MicroStar user s/n: E87524F5

ThumbsUp v1.3 : Name: Warp s/n 66163CDA

ThumbsUp v1.4 : Name: Warp s/n: 66163CDA or Name: Faith s/n: 76BE9D13

ThumbsUp v1.5 : Name: Warp s/n: 66163CDA

ThumbsUp v1.8 : Name: Azrael Phrozen Crew s/n: 4ED1A8CE

ThumbWiz v2.0 : s/n: 32785

ThumbWiz Pro 2000 : s/n: 327-498591129

Thunder Tools v2.04 : s/n: CORE83

Thunder Tools : Name: Registered s/n: Registered30

Thunder Tools Twins : a001 : b004 : c009

ThunderByte v7.x : Name: Thunderbyte Type: Special registration s/n1: 5EED1AF6 s/n2-4: 99999999

ThunderByte Anti Virus v7.00 : Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n1: f584836d s/n2: df042565 s/n3: 6280cc80 s/n4: 8da3d596 s/n5: 09ffffae

Thursday Night Poker v1.2 build 2 : Name: DUSTIE OF BLIZZARD s/n: OVDET-AAEAI or Name: TEAM BLIZZARD s/n: EYAQW-AAOAA

Tickle v1.5 : Name: Warp s/n: 87E574CE or Name: Faith s/n: 987FC8C7

Tickle v1.6 : Name: Delphic s/n: 8FFE7B3A

Tickle Me v1.0 : Name: ASL s/n: JAO3QL

Tidy Add/Remove v1.0a : Name: JudgeD [PC'99/MFD] s/n: YW0-DE101EiTT

Tidy Startup v1.0 : Name: JudgeD [PC'99/MFD] s/n: ywA-AT0001iTT

Tie Mission Builder : Name: ED!SON '96 s/n: 52585843 Users: 1

Tifny v2.4 : s/n: 9SIRAX9-5229615

Tiler v1.4.0 : s/n: 0201/10020P8

Tim Wins Game Suite : s/n: 3060489

TimbreWolf v2.02 : s/n: 43985799

Timbuktu v1.01 : s/n: 3120741165 or s/n: 4140343176 or s/n: 8153781543 or s/n: 9102165376

Timbuktu v1.1 : s/n: 3130078-33EC

Timbuktu v3.1 : s/n: 067-591-117-475 or s/n: 067-358-023-312 or s/n: 067-174-563-045

Time & Chaos v5.3.3 : Name: lxcore97 s/n: 27321234

Time & Chaos v5.3.31 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: 35917

Time & Chaos v5.3.5 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: 35982 (try 35983, and so on also)

Time Admin v1.01 : s/n: ID-Vx-Sx-c2IIxgbi

Time and Date Setter v1.0 : Name: MisterE[iNSiDE] s/n: 999xxzxxcccchz

Time and Profit v2.28e : s/n: 1234-5628-9012-5100

Time Capture v5.0 : Name: Eclipse s/n: 1435204 or Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 2433600

Time Clock Lyte v1.27 : Company: ACTiON s/n: 36148 Key: 36164

Time Expense Automobile Keeper v1.08b : Password: YACHT AuthCode: FD4D-FF4E-4FAC-8098 s/n: TEAK193579

Time Keeper v5.08 : s/n: 001-81662-7416

Time On Line v2.0 : Name: Warp98 s/n: wwiI7B

Time On Line v2.0.0 : Name: Black Thorne s/n: 3EkgafSc52ex

Time On Line v3.3 : Name: Delphic s/n: 7a8Gc6V

Time On Line v3.4.0 : Name: Arfa PCY s/n: 9VHs73kX

Time On Line v3.6.2 : Name: Kathras^HLM s/n: nnRI2i1k2p

Time Organizer v2.0 : s/n: TMO-A011043-45

Time Slice v1.2.1 : Name: Licensed User s/n: 18762647

Time Slips v3.0 : s/n: 1230 or s/n: 702060 or s/n: 80718162

Time Slips v5.0 : s/n: 5.10190000638

Time Slips Deluxe v6.0 : s/n: 61000417 author s/n: RP019097

Time System v4.0 : Name: NiTR8^ - DOD98 s/n: TTW-B001-1861505794

Time Wizard 95 v1.0 : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: TIM3138

TimeCard Calculator v2.6 : s/n: 66564

TimeEzy v1.02 : s/n: vkdrb86214

TimerPlus v3.4.0 : Name: n03l Faith2000 s/n: TpGR-$F6E79227

Time's Up v1.02 : s/n: 1 02 -0003045

TimeSlice v1.10 : Name: GhostRiders s/n: 14354305

TimeSlice Lite v2.0.2 : Name: Myself s/n: 08726142

TimeTrak v1.0.0.6 : Name: trps s/n: VTRU+1

TimeWorks Delay 6022 v1.061 : In the first 3 boxes enter: s/n: 000 In the last box enter: s/n: 2195720737

TimeWorks Reverb 4080L v1.061 : In the first 3 boxes enter: s/n: 000 In the last box enter: s/n: 2195720738

Timezone Map v1.0.13 : Password: bombay

Timing Diagrammer v4.5i : Password: 45USER

Tiny Term Professional Suite : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: WPN107107EM Key: igglempk

Tiny Term Web Edition v4.01.0345 : s/n: WPN708384EM Key: fmcbbeej

Titan Access Developer v4.01p : Name/Company: (Anything) CDCode: TA-XY-FCN-ROCKS RunTime: 7HB24ME Source: ALL4S5325

Titan BTrieve Developer v4.01e : Name/Company: (Anything) CDCode: TB-XY-FCN-ROCKS RunTime: 0085887AS5 Source: 1I5S3EF900X

Titan SQLAnywhere Developer v4.01o : Name/Company: (Anything) CDCode: TS-XY-FCN-ROCKS RunTime: W6JX1IXPP Source: NZSX11WM4

Title Viewer v1.0 : Press ctrl-E, click on editor and click on writer and enter: s/n: c011346781

Title Wave Plus v1.1 : Name/Company: SWP 98 s/n: 4232-7316

TJ Ping Pro v1.1 : Name: fjalar-n-vots s/n: 31337

TJ Ping Pro v1.2.1 : Name: (Anything, but at least 1 character) s/n: (Anything between 10000 and 99999)

TkTerm v0.15 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 2QMU031 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: G4SO6U0

TLFRadio v1.30 : s/n: 320471849

TMS Unit Converter v4.2 : Go to MENU/REGISTER and enter: Name: PREMiERE s/n: 279333

Today 2000 : s/n: 1082884

Todo 95 : Name: djHD (c) UCF s/n: 1103808144

To-Do List Pro v1.43c : s/n: 4175674320600123

Toggle DiskSpace v2.02 : Name: SiraX [DNG98] Company: DNG CREW s/n: 745157622

Toggle DiskSpace v2.03 : Name: Black Thorne Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 766279

Toggle Mouse v4.1 : Name: SiraX [DNG98] Company: DNG CREW s/n: 745157622

Toggle Mouse v4.3.1 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 35491676

Toggle Mouse v4.3.2 : Press "r" in the About box and enter: Name: Warp98 s/n: 6823349

Toggle Mouse v4.3.5 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 Company: (Blank) s/n: 35491676

Toggle Mouse v4.3.6 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: 29583104

Toggle Mouse v4.3.7 : Name: Warp98 s/n: 6823349

Toggle Mouse v4.4.2 : Name/Company: Delphic s/n: 15377693

Toggle Mouse v4.4.7 : Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] Company: Whiskey kon Tekila s/n: 18999191

Toggle Ping Plus v1.1a : s/n: 567430728

Toggle Pop Desk v1.0.1 : Name: Warp98 s/n: 13568919

Toggle Quick Point v1.0.1 : Name: Warp98 s/n: 40545564

Toggle Quick Scroll v1.0 : Name: Warp98 s/n: 36845838

Toggle StartSweep v1.1 : Name: Steve Hsu Company: Dynasty s/n: 1923459772

Toggle TrayTools v2.1 : Name: SiraX [DNG98] Company: DNG CREW s/n: 745157622

Toggle TrayTools v2.1.1 : Name: CRowmAN s/n: 40149801

Toggle TrayTools v2.2.1 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: 34206627

Toggle TrayTools v2.2.3 : Name: Blackstar Company: TRPS98 s/n: 22772449

TogglesInTray v1.1 : Name: Darkie s/n: 3018986844

ToGo! v4.0 : s/n: 00646-80582605h

ToGo! v4.5.274 : Name: (Anything) Company: (Anything) s/n: 01423-94070446m

Tolken v3.2 : Name: 2000ad-Creep s/n: 329716

ToolBar v4.0 : Name: mRFANATIc Company: VERSUS s/n: 2190191569

ToolBar v4.3 : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp s/n: 2184145144

ToolBar v4.4 : Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 2181575057

ToolBar v4.5 : Name: Warp Company: own yer ass s/n: 2213022444

ToolBar v4.6 : Name: fjalar Company: TEXTURE s/n: 2190260798

ToolBar v5.3 : Name: HaCkEr Uk!! Company: The Phrozen Crew s/n: 2287412731

ToolBar v5.4 : Name: Kathras Company: Digital Mages Realm s/n: 2338621524 or Name: tHe PRoWLeR Company: SyntaX [2001] s/n: 2254697757

ToolBar Pro v4.12 : Name: Gabrielle Borkan s/n: 260213700882

ToolBar Pro v4.12c : Name: KAREN LUTZ s/n: 059819370842

Toolbook v3.0 : s/n: 0740-002321

ToolBook II Assistant v7.0 : s/n: 4060-003810

ToolBox v1999.0 : s/n: 142f431xTB

Toolbox Terminal API Kit v2.03 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 11115608

Toolbox/SE : s/n: SE04059810 Key: ENUQNARM

Tools for Teachers v1.02 : Unlimited: Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: 7OAfzAaY6jxyrQ3X8hOfrJad or Unlimited: Name: GLoW 98 s/n: 7i5GISS

Tools h++ v7.0.9 : SoftwarePartsManager: 00-00-0000-000000 ToolsH++: 24101-09-002144

Tools.h++ v7.0.A : SoftwarePartsManager: 00-00-0000-000000 ToolsH++: 24101-09-002258

Top 10 Bar : s/n: tkd8wa

Top Girl Strip Poker v2.01 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WKT!] s/n: 257470973253

Top Menu v2.5 : s/n: 154879835

Top Menu v3.1 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: 154879835

Top Menu v3.25 : Name: EDWARD LUKANEC s/n: 154879835

Top Producer System v6.0 : 1Computer: Name: Dimedrol/UFO s/n: 100000000008 License: 54483000 MultipleComputers: Name: Dimedrol/UFO s/n: 110000000007 License: 01128000

Top Ten v1.0.2 : Name: escom/CORE s/n: 20544351575B

TopDog v5.0 : s/n: VIDAL1561

TopDog v5.2.0.2865 : s/n: GRAY2321

TopDown Flowcharter v4.1 : s/n: TDWR59635

TopDown Flowcharter v5.5 : s/n: TDWD70114

TopProducer v5.0 : s/n: IS3H-081794-CAE0019264

TopWin v2.0 : Name: ODIN 97 s/n: E3CE214E58FAC5F2

Total Access Analyzer v2.02c : s/n: ST66162722

Total Access Developer Suite v8.0 : s/n: ST10086080

Total Access Speller : s/n: ST42204733

Total Access Statistics v1.0a : s/n: ST77008244

Total Timer v0.4 : Name: Decline [LAXiTY] s/n: hgsi8mtcnero4bdfg1

Total VB SourceBook v6.0 : s/n: ST1312166343

Totally Twisted Screensaver : s/n: BII-00670-6681

ToThem v1.0 : Name: MisterE[iNSiDE] s/n: 845691340

Touch Property Sheet Extension v3.0.1.0 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: 675B5A583A61520611501E0E

Touch Typing 98 v3.2 : Name/Company/Address: (Anything) s/n: TOUCH-TYPING_16299781 Password: TT123436627

Tourney Tracker v2.04 : s/n: 1070117067920

Tower Solitaire v2.0b : s/n: 9072163080

TowSoft v3.6.4 : s/n: 0004000300140011

Tracker v2.12 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: PT239133

Tracking The Eye v5.1 : Name: Wizzkid-DarkStar s/n: 924970506

Track-It v3.0 : s/n: EBILVZOTDKLVKMQ

Tradewars 2002 v2.0 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: FAFVE9M7NO or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: AK31HOGMI

Traffic Builder v1.5.50 : All Name Fields: Versus Email: RegNum: 123456-1789 Key: 65F1-78787P Browser: (Any)

Traffic Builder v1.8 : RegNum: 6897-395ST773 Key: 455508573P

Trains 99 v1.5.2 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN Street: 317 Evergreen Terrace City: SpRiNGFiELD s/n: 69272

TrakRecord v1.52e : s/n: 001-000-109-058

Trans Form v2.01 : s/n: ABCDEF368822

TranScan v5.09 : s/n: 7E-08A7-81

TranScan AntiVirus : s/n: 453943

Transcribe! v2.00 : Spectrum: Name: HaRdLoCk [BLiZZARD] s/n: 29655 NoSpectrum: Name: HaRdLoCk [BLiZZARD] s/n: 30002

Transfer 95 v2.10 : Name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: C34ABF51

Transfer 95 v3.30 : Name: ED!SON '96 s/n: 9D1182B2Q9E61C32F

Transfer Pro v3.40.00 : Name: Stephen Yankey s/n: PR3-8897BA05-A7D3012B

Transistor Substitution Database v2.0 : String: nTXlpMxlp Code: jplxcvk

TransMac v3.4 : Name: DeMoN Release Crew s/n: 0H6M2B9S5S1N

Transoft FTP Control v2.2 : Name: SiraX/[DNG] s/n: KscZM Email:

Transoft FTP Control v2.31 : Name: CORE/JES s/n: &gpX

Transoft FTP Control v2.5 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: LOCF Email:

Transoft FTP Control v2.61 : Name: HalVar[DNG] s/n: HlEM (second letter is L)

Transoft FTP Control v2.9.5 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: FRKZN

Transoft FTP Control v3.06 : Name: SGM-99 s/n: QCLvZ Email: (Anything)

Transoft Mail Control v3.5I : Name: MiRaMaX [RBS] s/n: CXXACi

Transoft Mail Control v4.0 RC5B : Double-click on the TS picture Name: Gilbert Tennant s/n: LXgeO

Transoft Mail Control v4.0 Release 8 : Name: Gilbert Tennant s/n: LXgeO

Transoft Mail Control v4.0 Release 9 : Name: Doug Mchugh s/n: ]2,:tT>9,:9

Transoft Mail Control Pro v4.0 : Name: Registered s/n: O<:8.-</<=<>

Transparency v1.0 : s/n: 3865-1-W-100-TLE-20150

TransWeb Lite v1.5.3 : Name: DiscKiller Company: PWA s/n: weblte18153

TransX 95 v3.48 : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: A8DF9D5EQ392547F1

TranxBDM v1.6 : Name: DSI s/n: SC2HSIXPZOUK3HWJ

Tranz Watermarking System v1.3 : s/n: 271268

Trap Shooting Pro v1.1 : Name: Free Registered Version s/n: 1AA6C

TraScan v5.x : s/n: 7E-08A7-81

TrashTool v2.0 : Name: tHE riDDLER 1996! [uCF] s/n: 13692648

TrashTool v2.0 : Name: tHE riDDLER 1996! [uCF] s/n: 13692648

Trax Time v3.1 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 28077

Trax Time v3.2 : Name: Versus s/n: 28038

Traxx v1.0 : Name: DJHD (c) UCF s/n: WJBVTTAR

Traxx v1.2 : Name: WARP s/n: WENWVLGV

Tray Calendar v2.1e : Name: Versus s/n: RKS-4387602

Tray Calendar v2.8 : Name: Versus s/n: RKS-4387602 or Name: n03l s/n: RKS-2274719

Tray Calender v2.1d : Name: mRFANATIc [VERSUS] s/n: RKS-11984986

Tray Clip v3.1 : Name: DSi TEAM Company: DSi s/n: 179273

Tray Clip v3.4 : Name: zaarnik Company: BLiZZARD s/n: 217090

Tray Commander 95 v1.0 : Name: TKC/PC '96 s/n: 195097926

Tray Day v4.3 : Name: Lost Soul s/n: 70346248

Tray Day v6.14 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 373-4108r

Tray Day v6.2 : Name: Warpi s/n: 492-2188

Tray Day v6.21 : Name: [SUB-G] s/n: 581-7148

Tray Explorer v1.0 : s/n: 1126285

Tray Favorites v1.0 : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: TF10-6288546-106-7050838

Tray Icon v3.1 : Name: Warp s/n: 20418

Tray Icon v3.1.152 : Name: mooncat/prophecy s/n: 44184

Tray Icon v3.1a : Name: Norway/Revolt98 s/n: 91521

Tray Icon v3.1.153 : Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] s/n: 92259

Tray Icon Explorer v1.0 : User: Name: Warp s/n: 564788-662739965-BS Site: Name: Warp s/n: 53642-662648931-KA

Tray Icon Explorer v1.0.105 : Site: User: TEX98 s/n: 536334-511156783-YK

Tray Icon Explorer v1.0.106 : Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] s/n: 322524-439429617-KQ Type: Site License

Tray Icon Standard v1.0.26 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 82767-658582964-GM or Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] s/n: 54382-281819798-LM

Tray Info v1.0 : Name: HarvestR s/n: TI32R7684H

Tray Info v1.02 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: TI32D7604Z

Tray Lambs v1.0 SFM : Name: zoin s/n: 2006338

Tray Minimizer v3.82 : Name: Versus s/n: 001914E464C291DF3DD120FB

Tray Note Plus v2.7 : s/n: AMFWQERaGfE146E

Tray Run v2.0 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 110646536

Tray Start v1.1e : s/n: 4574128

Tray Suite v2.3 : s/n: 739276551

Tray Temperature v2.0 : s/n: 00010-SHW-010-0000026

Tray Temperature v2.2a : s/n: 00010-SHW-010-0000248

Tray Temperature v3.0 : s/n: 00010-SHW-010-0000029 Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez Company: GLoW

Tray Temperature v3.01 : s/n: 00010-SHW-010-0000029

Tray Temperature v3.1 : Name/Company: TRPS s/n: 11122-SHW-445-5666777

Tray Text v6.0c : Name: Arcane - CiA '99 s/n: 391-8138

Tray Time v1.4 : Name: Registered User s/n: OG ylfeMOMEus0R

Tray Timer v1.0 : s/n: GEOFFREY THOMAS

Tray Tool v3.1a : s/n: 913

Tray Tool v4.0 : s/n: 913

Tray Widget 98 v2.5 : Name: SiraX/[DNG98] s/n: 987646379 RegNum: 235181226.258869

TreBoffer v1.0 : s/n: 622 p/w: Password

TreeDruid v1.2 : s/n: 94H8-N0G60-1030 Code: 2L8-0A9-092

TreeText v1.0 : Name: HarvestR Company: CiA 99 s/n: 9J08RHEJ9N0009KB or Name: Registered User Company: Registered Company s/n: F9N096LB8JPBX0N8 or Name: TUC Company: PC99 s/n: V6TBK6E2EX8BPL8N or Name: Suby Company: PhrozenCrew s/n: UF64A6LR9V5BU0KH

TreeText v1.10 : Name: Thesmurf Company: PGC99 Team s/n: V909P80L0NA6D032 or Name: Cracked Copy Company: PGC99 Team s/n: ERNTF0L9698TD00V

TreeViewX v3.0 : s/n: TV300X-9809-9124704-1857

Trellix v2.0 : s/n: 319808-IAN-90002-119803

Trend InterScan eManager v3.0 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT

Trend InterScan eManager v3.01 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT

Trend InterScan VirusWall v3.1 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT

Trend Micro PC-Cillin v6.0 : s/n: PCEF-0015-4507-0807-5135

Trend Micro PC-Cillin v6.03 : s/n: PCEF-0015-4507-0807-5135

Trend ServerProtect v4.6 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT

Trend Virus Control System v1.3 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT

Triad Strategy Game v1.1 : s/n: 1111550014111433

Triage v1.00.14 : s/n: 1070031

Triage v1.2.4 : Name: MANiFEST Company: MFD Corp. s/n: 1070031

Triage v2.0.14 : s/n: KWS8130194

Triathlog Multisport Training Log v2.1.6 : s/n: V78243

Triceris PopAway v1.00 : Name: SiraX s/n: 429701-1199389

TriD00D : s/n: 38G5791C

Trinitro v3.5 : Name: goz Company: f4cg s/n: rlcfnywt

Trinitro v3.6 : FirstName: Kaparo LastName: KAC s/n: AKSZLTWT

Trinitro v3.61 : FirstName: Kaparo LastName: TeX s/n: JONZLTWT

Trio Datafax Lite v1.50 : s/n: DC 0229049

Trio Datafax Lite v4.1c : s/n: CW 0192021

Trio Wireless Office v5.3 : s/n: TWO 200-000-005

Trip Maker Road Atlas : s/n: TMD 100 100 10782

Triple Blocks v2.0 : s/n: TRIB2967

Trivista Citemap Builder VRML v1.0 : Name: Michael Royal s/n: en302441n

Trivista Paper PhotoCube v1.0 : Name: Richard Gabriel s/n: fg352621l

Trojan Defence Suite v2.5.8 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: TDS-93127-17499-114619-LRX1

Trombone for Eudora v2.0a : Name: MANiFEST DESTiNY s/n: 0$3-Te!EXE-2r36

Tron v1.06 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: ST+44723 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: ST+44457

Tropical Paradise v2.0 : s/n: 649513

Troubleshooter v3.51 : s/n: 570166

True Effects : s/n: TTD10-0A9G-214CLQ

True Forms v2.0 : s/n: TDA2008000217

True Time for Java v1.1 RC1 : s/n: 0010-008234-01

True Time for Visual Basic v1.1 RC1 : s/n: 0010-008234-01

True Time for Visual C++ v1.1 RC1 : s/n: 0010-008234-01

True Type Effects : s/n: TEW31-13A2B-01F0KV

TrueCoverage v1.2 : s/n: 5116-3123F7-7D

TrueCoverage for Java v1.22 : s/n: 2924-0000FD-D9

TrueSpace v1.0a : s/n: 310015026604 or s/n: 310015028762 or s/n: 310015032904

TrueSpace v2.0 : s/n: 3 20 004 0030567 or s/n: 3 10 001 101852

TrueSpace v2.0 : s/n: 310015032904 or s/n: 320030032193 or s/n: 310015064128

TrueSpace v3.0 : s/n: 5300051000470

TrueSpace v4.2 : s/n: 6402565478102

TrueSpace : s/n: 310001025357

TrueSpace Animation v1.x : s/n: 310001026188 or s/n: 310001027601

TrueSpace SE v1.0 : s/n: 3 10 001 101852

TrueSpectra Imageserver v2.0 B1 : s/n: NGHUB-FNGM-LSXF-5PXNL-89U0

TrueTime v1.01 Beta 1 : s/n: 0010-008234-01

TrueTime for Visual Basic v1.11 : s/n: 2802-340311-9D

TrueTime for Visual Basic v1.20 : s/n: 2809-0000FB-9F

TrueTime for Visual Basic v1.22 : s/n: 2808-0000FB-99

TrueTime for Visual C++ v1.20 : s/n: 2819-0000FB-DF

TrueTime for Visual C++ v1.22 : s/n: 2817-0000FB-D9

TrueTime for Visual Java v1.20 : s/n: 2829-0000FB-DF

TrueTime for Visual Java v1.22 : s/n: 2826-0000FB-DD

TrueType Effects : s/n: TEW31-13A2B-01F0KV

Trumpet v2.1x : Name: **** s/n: 4A7C3285

Trumpet Winsock v2.0x : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n:280F7154

Trumpet Winsock v2.1f : Name: james bond s/n: 24551570

Trumpet Winsock v4.0 : Go to the Registration tab and enter: Name: VERSUS s/n: 50E6-4D18-C326-6095-87F3-61C6-7613-A8FF The select the Set Password button.

Trumpet Winsock v4.0c : Go to the Registration tab and enter: Name: VERSUS s/n: 0E6-4D18-C326-6095-87F3-61C6-7613-A8FF The select the Set Password button.

Trumpet Winsock v4.1 b2 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 50E6-4D18-C326-6095-87F3-61C6-7613-A8FF

Truster v2.11 : CDLabel: 591-811906870 s/n: 12345

TruView v1.8 : s/n: tv42zbeeblebrox

TruView v1.83 : s/n: tv42zbeeblebrox

TRX v4.0 : s/n: j290Z3905aglxe

TRX Portfolio Manager v3.5 : s/n: j290Z3905aglxe

TS-AudioCD MP3-Studio v1.1b : s/n: CSN11A-066600-02e6

TS-Imagemapper v1.0 : Name: TeamTBS s/n: OxMYQmp or IDCode: 1234567890 RegCode: olGE2Ss3ve

Tsizer v2.0 : s/n: PER4830-10007

Tun Plus : s/n: 180020350008663

Tune! It v2.10 : Name: Underworld^SNT s/n: 95536

TuneUp 97 v1.0 : Name: Riz la+ s/n: 7NNT-DNTO-OA87-777

TuneUp 97 v1.11a : Name: CORE DrRhui s/n: EBJN-4RU4-FLOK-LE6

TuneUp Master v1.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: carwash

TuneUpdate v3.0b3 : s/n: TUWU300B071961

Tunnel Out v1.1 : s/n: TOUT3627

Turbo Click v2.0 : 1User: 34[1J4Q3Y33[29ML\B4$S116 10Users: PP9J4Q3Y33Q\4H[5125SQ

Turbo Click v2.1 : 1User: 34[1J4Q3Y33[29ML\B4$S116 10Users: PP9J4Q3Y33Q\4H[5125SQ

Turbo Grapher v2.02 : s/n: 734L-343-T803

Turbo Tourney v3.0 : s/n: 61549-32198

Turbo Tourney v4.0 : Name: IllumiTIE s/n: 7456173745

Turbo Tourney v4.0C : Name: blastsoft s/n: 7456173745

TurboCAD v2.03 : s/n: MBW400R1109394-244

TurboCAD v6.2.43 : s/n: 62PT57

TurboCAD Designer v2.03 : s/n: 03-TC1175WD

TurboCAD Pro v6.2.38.1 : FirstName: Lomax LastName: Scum s/n: 62PT57

TurboClick v1.0 : Single: 34[1J4Q3Y33[29ML\B4$S116 10Users: PP9J4Q3Y33Q\4H[5125SQH

TurboCom v2.02 : s/n: 102454202


TurboFast Pro v4.2D : s/n: 23-HH845 or s/n: 23-HH971

TurboGo v4.01 : Name: James Taylor s/n: 160339558

TurboLaunch v4.00 R5 : s/n: UEWEC4-AFDSFA-Z7CGD1

TurboLaunch v4.01 : Name: Vizion/CORE s/n: AQQ97Z-XA9BMH-LAHKT7 or Name: n03l s/n: BMSNCD-J2CGEE-8DYFV6

TurboPower Suite v2.0 : Abbrevia: 4EA75252BD549385 AsyncProfessional: A0BAB80499831FE8 Essentials: DC1C224698966483 FlashFiler: 79E6EE7E7592035C LockBox: 3CAB388E2F36C46A MemorySleuth: 4283A1474CA71FBB OnGuard: 56485530F20216AD OrpheusC++BuilderEdition: C12D76FB01F846CD

TurboZIP Express v1.01.09 : s/n: NS-100-000-001 Key: BCDF-7E22

TV Scheduler v2.2 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: RMTV6298DC220

TV Scheduler v2.2.2 : Name: REKiEM / PCY '98 s/n: RMTV6298DC220

TVicHW32 v2.20 : s/n: 980822151331482

TvMenuBar v1.5.258 : Name: CYPHER X Email: s/n: bbc7ccbbdbbbcc9cbb-85745c5a33a5c54758

TVPaint v3.6 : s/n: RIJU-350F-3049

Tweak Jr v2.0 : Name: Explicit s/n: 57-124124120938793-128

Tweaki For Power Users v1.04 : Name: Norway s/n: 66359483

Tweaki For Power Users v1.1 : Name: SPRITEX s/n: 58938840

Tweaki For Power Users v1.2 : Name: DeMoN Release Crew s/n: 178400193

Tweaki For Power Users v1.3.514 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 110470522

Tweaki For Power Users v2.0 : Name: H2So3 [DNG] s/n: 100689426NUJ

Tweaki For Power Users v2.1.566 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 128373336LUJ

Tweaki For Power Users v2.3.0 : Name: NADA [DcD] s/n: 91298628GUA or Name: Michelle s/n: 99834093GUA or Name: CZY s/n: 30379320GUA

Tweaki For Power Users v2.4 : Name: CZY s/n: 30379320GUA

Tweaky v1.0 : s/n: ShitSmurf123

TWin Explorer v1.3 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] Code: DDBVPNJFYHFAKRU

TWin Explorer Plus Image v1.5 : Name: WeaxWeasel[4110] s/n: ULKMXRVMULZURHK

TWin Explorer Plus Image v2.1 : Name: CHENZY s/n: RQFCADCZXUUXCQB

TWin Explorer Plus Image v2.3 : Name: CHENZY s/n: VNJQKMGBVMWQXRD

TWin Explorer Pro v2.0 : Set the date to 07/29/99 and enter: Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: CBGXRRTAMMTDXLX

TwinBridge v3.3 : s/n: TBCWSYS9409U-109307

TwinBridge v4.0 : s/n: 872277995088-116829 or s/n: 872277995088-117801

TwinBridge Multilingual v4.98 : s/n: 779827898051-104081

Twinkle Bulbs v2.92 : Name: ANTHRAX COSMO CRAMER s/n: CRK0601

Twinkle Bulbs v3.0 : Name: LOMAX s/n: BJW0226

Twinkle Bulbs v3.2 : Name: DELPHIC s/n: WH4D-735-115-209D

TX Text Control Collection v6.0 : s/n: TX-3000178554

TxEdit v4.0 : Name: mRFANATIc Company: DEMiSE s/n: 4022972994

TxEdit v4.2 : Name: JUANDA s/n: 4001981381

TxEdit v4.3 : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp s/n: 4016555261 or Name: n03l Company: Faith98 s/n: 4013985174

TxEdit v4.4 : Name: Warp98 Company: Warp s/n: 4012645797

TxEdit v4.6 : Name: fjalar Company: TEXTURE s/n: 4022670915

Type Caster v1.0 : s/n: 100101363575

Type It In Pro v1.4 : Email: blizzard@space.orb s/n: WPWXQHXVMF

Type It In Pro v2.0 : Name: fUNmAN 4110 s/n: DAVTEVZDFBYVWKT

Type Manager v4.0 : s/n: AWW400P0101591-292

Type Manager v4.0 : s/n: XNW400R0000001-834

Type Manager Deluxe v4.0 : s/n: AWW400R7110870-808

Type Tool v1.22 : Name: durruti s/n: 7330031640

Typestry v1.1 : s/n: 0478821383 or s/n: 4144650235

Typestry v2.0 : s/n: 3832155486

Typestry v2.03 : s/n: 0821411441

Typing Master 98 v4.0 : Name: gcrack s/n: 00008-24749-83704

Typing Master 98 v4.2 : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: 00638-53221-45948 LicenseType: 100 licenses (network)

Typing Master 98 v4.3 : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: 00253-43318-86572 LicenseType: Single user license

Typing Master 98 v4.5 : Name: Cyber Crew s/n: 00064-02104-81729 LicenseType: Single user license

Typing Master 98 Light v4.0 : Click the Purchase tab Name: Marc Potvin s/n: 00112-57538-89124 Type: TypingMaster 98 - a single license

Typograf v4.04 : Name: Chen Borchang/DYSAN BBS s/n: KEY11633333389237388840

TypoGraph : Name: Robin Hood s/n: D582F5527B353400

TzipTv v2.00 : s/n: I255438566


UBack Pro v5.20 : Password: hotbot
UBack Pro v6.00 : Password: INTENSIVMEDIZIN
UBack Pro Delphi Edition v5.00 : Password: hotbot
Ubique TrueType FontCat v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 15510-19290
UC Setup v2.12 : Name: Versus s/n: 4H4M9WOUZX
Ucalc v4.0 : Go to Options/Miscellaneous Options/Registration and enter: s/n: 369,352,679,700,649,000,000,000,000,000,000
UFS Control Center v1.0.11.52 : s/n: 0000-12000000-01403
UHS Hint System v3.0 : Name: tHATDUDE! DOS: 241722 Win : 353411
UHS Hint System v4.10 : Name: Neur0n / FALLEN98 s/n: 817152
UHS Hint System v4.20 : Name: Neur0n/FALLEN s/n: 727672
UHS Reader v3.0 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 858562
UHS Reader v4.0 : s/n: 834781
UHS Reader v4.20 : Name: TRPS s/n: 341772
UHS Reader for DOS v3.0 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 858562
UHS Reader for Windows v3.0 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 361312
UHS TSR v1.0 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 213641341431
UK Speaking Clock v5.22 : Name: TUC PC99 Code: 28566 (Serial should be "522REL09/30/1999")
UItraEdit v6.0c : Name: Boedha s/n: TKSRSLIP50490511
Ulead Face Factory v1.0 : s/n: RAE90-905-93139
Ulead Photo Express v3.0 : s/n: 11103-53000-00053732
Ultimark v2.04 : Name: forcekill[DNG] s/n: 102UM93-4430580
Ultimark v2.3.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 65UM93-3172554
Ultimate Label Printer v5.1 : Name: MANiFEST DESTiNY s/n: 17821
Ultimate Label Printer v5.5.2 : Name: draXXter [Faith2000] s/n: 17821
Ultimate Label Printer Pro v5.5 : s/n: 17821
Ultimate Language Tutor v4.3 : s/n: 761933
Ultimate Online Photo Gallery v3.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 272820478 or Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 884933512
Ultimate Registry v1.22 : s/n: CDGHMYPM
Ultimate Scrapbook Creator Deluxe : s/n: PAL-CD-10136A
Ultimate Solitare v2.6 : s/n: 791582
Ultra Compressor II Archiver Pro vRevision 2 and 3 : s/n: 2650819804 Code: 2423
UltraEdit v6.20b : Name: CHENZY s/n: EEYNURAH30670313
Ultra Fractal v2.0 : Name: LOMAX [DSi] s/n: 1691626664
Ultra Fractal v2.02 : Name: darKwING s/n: 1193992056
Ultra Fractal v2.04 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 695779496 or Name: draXXter[FAITH2000] s/n: 405789640
Ultra Hal v6.0 : s/n: REM72083
Ultra Hal Assistant v1.0.91 : s/n: 72083REM
Ultra Hal Assistant v2.0.136 : s/n: 72083REM
Ultra Manager v1.23 : Name: HARLEM s/n: 3F7D1E9BEFDBDC22
Ultra Paint : s/n: 51736
Ultra PrintScreen v2.7 : s/n: 0532445108
Ultra Zip Password Cracker v1.10 : Name: LOMAX s/n: EE7C3F479E8DA57C0DB718BB29F4
UltraEdit v2.11 : Name: mARQUIS s/n: 2870457
UltraEdit v3.0 : s/n: 93238625
UltraEdit v4.00 : Name: Lost Soul [uCF] s/n: 15323873
UltraEdit v4.10 : Name: tHATDUDE PC'96 s/n: 8?YI(-(0Z?x3i>|S
UltraEdit v4.40 : Name: VdR Team s/n: ,b@t9Ta)L+5%CrX6
UltraEdit v5.00a : Name: EXPOSE s/n: H!@Xn[QF0{e3442E
UltraEdit v5.0x : Name: warez s/n: LCKPWEGT96234450
UltraEdit v5.10 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: ICLKATLB03902141
UltraEdit v5.10a : Name: mrOSiS VERSUS s/n: UCFKWNFS53632581
UltraEdit v5.20 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: WHCZHGOD12290074
UltraEdit v6.0 : Name: $RyDeR_H00k! [UCF] s/n: SJICNWBM9457890
UltraEdit v6.10 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: IHAKPSBQ34447824 or Name: tHE EGOiSTE s/n: EEUSESRQ19458937
UltraEdit v6.10a : Name: mvT99 [4110] s/n: IMZAEAGM68154591
UltraEdit v6.10b : Name: BaRT OwNz YeW s/n: VCODKMUF33304333
UltraEdit Pro v3.0 : Name: THE RIDDLER [EOD] s/n: 93238625
UltraEdit Pro v4.1 : Name: tHATDUDE PC'96 s/n: 8?YI(-(0Z?x3i>|S
UltraLott v3.0 : s/n: 232163KMT
UltraLott v4.0 : s/n: 232163KMT
Uncle Bill Accounting v1.5 : s/n: 541615616 RegNum: UB4119559355913
Under Construction 98 v2.50 : Password: JOGROX AuthCode1: X66G 5JZ5 8ZSN G6TF LHCU JBTH EJAA AAAA AuthCode2 : BBBB BBBB BBBB BBBB BBBB BBBB BAE6 MPKT
Under Construction 98 v2.60 : Password: SIRAX/[CORE] AuthCode1: JC94 DR7R KTA2 G7RF QRDB FZZ2 3J78 5678 AuthCode2 : ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD AAE6 MPKT
Under Construction 98 v2.601 : (Go to Options/Pre/Manual Registration) Password: CARL ESCHMANN AuthCode1: R9HRX6MLRJG3LEZK6BVHRN2DYE6APB9D AuthCode2: 7Y3CDK93ZZZZZZ9ZZZZZZZZZZ2E6MPKT
Undo and Recover Toolbox v2.0 : s/n: K07-0863-100764
UniConvert v1.01 : Name: Dynamite'99 Company: CRYSTAL s/n: 342111113549786
UniConvert v1.22 : Name: TUC PC99 Company: (Blank) s/n: 421619768775654
Uninstall Manager v2.0 : Name: Flu[X] s/n: 607
Uninstall Manager v2.6 : Name: PROPHECY '98 s/n: 0000001209
Uninstall Manager v2.70 : Name: Ringer s/n: 574
Uninstall Manager v3.0 : Name: paulux [LAXiTY] s/n: 1353 or Name: CCCP TbC s/n: 617
UnInstaller v2.0x : s/n: I2237533 or s/n: I20095616
UnInstaller v3.0 : s/n: VE18530027716
UnInstaller v3.0 : s/n: VE18530027716
UnInstaller v4.0 : Name: MaRooN s/n: DE6D
Uninstaller : s/n: I2031123
UnionWay AsianSuite : s/n: 60001-FTZNZV7DLF
UnionWay Double Byte Manager v4.0 : s/n: 1501-9895-6835-8002
UnionWay for Asian Pro Pak v4.0 : s/n: 10000AL47397YF1
Unios v1.85 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 16181035-01080000
Unios v1.9 : s/n: 16182088-09080700
Unisyn Spam Exterminator v2.5 : s/n: 14462835
Unity v1.1 : s/n: @AJGJRTNQS
Univbe v5.2 : Name: Authorized Customer s/n: SNXAD-A190A1C4-QQARD
Univbe v5.3 : Name: HETFIELD s/n: D795F-CE3F72DB-BACEC
Univbe Ultra v5.1 : s/n: 10000-BADE9C00-00003
Universal Approximator v2.03 : Name: manifest Email: s/n: 4315969
Universal Lottery v2.19 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: 170815
Universal Lottery v2.20 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: 170815
Universal Lottery System v2.17 : s/n: 170815
Universal Mortgage and Loans v2.20 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: 170908
Universal Translator 98 v4.0 : Russian: UTR7991283 French: UTF5448966 German: UTG0003886 Spanish: UTS0245341
Universal VESA VBE v5.1a : s/n: 10000-0991DA6B-00001 or s/n: 10000-133958B9-00001 or s/n: 10000-BADE9C00-00003
Universal VESA VBE v5.2 : Name: Misha [UCF] s/n: 0123456CB3084CB56789
Universal VESA VBE v5.3 : Name: BRiTiSH [BS] s/n: 231BAF2F650DF6EDE6
Universal VESA VBE v5.x : s/n: 10000-0991DA6B-00001
Universe v1.6 : Name: Cosmo Cramer s/n: 1337456056
Universe v1.61 : Name: draXXter s/n: 1050267360
Universe Creator v1.5 : Name: MARQUIS UCF s/n: 148999584
Univerter v1.0 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: knkspll
Unreal Player Max v1.25 : s/n: nMhugS3tGY
UnWrap v1.5.40 : s/n: 1931475
U-Page v4.0.1 : s/n: 0002-3373-0867-2034
U-Page Pro v4.0 : s/n: 4839-9169-2274-2144
Upcheck v6.0 : Name: Batman bbs : Gotham s/n: CBG6630 reg : L1733975511601739JGLB
Update Center Pro v1.0 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: A0B-63H-4341-5335
UpFront v2.0 : Password: house
Upgrade Aid 98 : s/n: LMWJ-ZMUV-IOAV-NARVP
Uptime Monitor v1.5 : s/n: 434E455400010100,00/00/0000,ED797D29
Uranus v4.01 : Name: fallen s/n: URN 2 100 1001
Uranus Encryption Suite v2.01 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: URN 2 100 1001
URL Address Book v3.22 : Name: Warp s/n: 57061440
URL Address Book v4.13 : Name: BarF [FALLEN] s/n: 12199680123456
URL for Everyone! v1.6.38 : Name: Orion s/n: URL-8411-n236Ee
URL Grabber : Name: Francisco Carpio s/n: BWGIKaYHC7MNBA9d
URL Grabber : Name: Francisco Carpio s/n: GPBJFOTKF4HMamFd
URL Live Development Suite With Source v1.0 : Code: DVST1-0332-1986 s/n: 000009A09012002378901234001C09A0
URL Master v3.0.1 : Name: PGC_Team s/n: 23169408 or Name: My Computer s/n: 37167592
URL Master v3.1 : Name: ZiuHu/TEX99 s/n: UR931-1W0-651QY
URL Spider v2.5.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: IS2513-
URL Spider v2.6.2 : Name: David Cowgill s/n: 115364992477135589938
URL Spider Pro v1.0 : Name: Hambo/CORE s/n: 144027231683138
URLegal v1.2 : Name: Registered s/n: FC382F31
URLegal v1.7 : Name: Warp s/n: 8DA8F6CE or Name: Faith s/n: 9E434947
URLegal v1.8 : Name: ByteBurn s/n: C95EDAC9
URLegal v1.9 : Name: Crystal s/n: BFCA6111
URLMenu 99 v2.50.0.861 : Name: Sickie [TbC] Company: Tuberculosis Email: s/n: 254c9ce5cec44b918hh4f9341g958fc5
Urthman's MDB Code Generator v1.0 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 79206756
Used Car Buyers Guide : s/n: 201936
Usenet Cancel Engine v1.0 : s/n: 111111111111111 (15x1)
UsenetGrab v2.0 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 2018-9078-8102
UserBank v1.0 : Name: William S. Farnum s/n: 817500
UTalk v1.03 : s/n: 23687


V File Viewer v2.5 : Name: Union Team s/n: 3d3dfe52c2271d1dc8
VAKCER Project Tracker v1.50.75 : Name: High Voltage 666 s/n: VPT-103-1181942
Valentine Slots v1.1 : s/n: 284643
Valkyrie v2.0 : s/n: 0000000028
Valuation Accountant v2.25 : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: 37045745
Valuation Accountant v2.26 : Name: fungus / blizzard s/n: 24699667
Valuation Accountant v2.30 : Name: Spider] GLoW n PC s/n: 24697880
Valuation Accountant v2.35 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 24695450
Value Trend Indicator v4.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 181605
Value Trend Indicator v4.30 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 181605
Value Vision Personal Inventory Manager v2.0 : s/n: VV-W20-2551554
VanBasco's MIDI Player v1.04 : Name: GRS s/n: 8522065776
VanBasco's MIDI Player v1.05 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 7829137620
Vanishing Squares v3.0a : s/n: 048329
VariCAD v7.0 : s/n: NS-100-000-006
VARoffice Standard Edition v2.0 : s/n: CD-0143-4232-0020 Key: 91F8-A7CA
VB Advantage v1.0.67 : s/n: OT8130-001-028
VB Assist v5.02 : s/n: 0100000 9353621
VB Assist v5.1 : s/n: 01A0000-7574621
VB Bridge v3.0 : Code: VBBR3-0100-0504 s/n: 000009A09012002378901234001C09A0
VB Commander : Name: MegaDoc and Nelapsi Company: XTR s/n: 04-153-0353
VB Debug Workshop v1.01 : s/n: 842576515
VB Guard v2.1 : Name: VBG12T4WZ12345671K914WX Company/s/n: (Anything)
VB Guard v2.2 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 524395936910
VB HelpWriter v2.5e : Name: ED!SON '96 [UCf/Xf] s/n: 900-306
VB Project Analyzer v4.1.18 : s/n: Myrkkypullo
VB RecMail v2.0 : Code: RCML2-0331-0512 s/n: 000009A09012002378901234001C09A0
VB Shaped Form Creator v3.1 : Name: TEX 98 s/n: 68230
VB Shaped Form Creator v5.9 : Name: juss [TMG] s/n: 209135
VB Speed Tools 98 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 3223562A50484564C3D1515D132
VB-Assist v5 : s/n: 4803324-7511754
VcdromX v3.2 : Name: Ringer s/n: XmRoSiLfH-
VCL (Virus Construction Lab) : Password: Chiba City
VCL Zip v2.17 : s/n: pLoP}//.zZHaIrY*Nooo58![|g
vDHCP v0.3 : Name: CindyG / PGC s/n: ApKmOlNnKjAlGmIlGmFGADAFLLLLLLLLmmLLLmmmLmLmLLLLmm
VDOPhone Internet v3.03 : s/n: 75131
VDraft Virtual Drafter v1.51 : s/n: 151530176 Key: 112-0040-256
Vectors and Layers PRO v3.0 : s/n: 08-80-C6-C8-A3FEF0-18-3-FF4F
Vehicle Maintenance 95 v6.0 : Name: Spider]PC98 (or any name) s/n: RBW*VEH*
Velocipede v3.3.1 : Name: DSi s/n: 666 Checksum : 727E-2861-44C7-9F47
Velocipede v3.4.4 : Name: DSi s/n: 666 s/n: 727E-2861-44C7-9F47
Velociraptor : s/n: 7P10210439-3367
Venhanced 97 For Delphi v3 Addon : Name: NightHang [fCN] s/n: AHM-178519-VEnhanced97
Ventura Color Pro : s/n: VCP-00000055555 or s/n: VCP-000000SSSSS
Ventura Publisher NL v3.0 : s/n: RWNL000029
Venus Pro v4.1a : s/n: 410986572725474D4 Source: 877888353147369D4
Veritas WinInstall v6.5.1 : s/n: 004522-91236-1221-58B1
Vern v2.0k : Name: Shawn Robinson s/n: 10084e2
Vern v2.0n : Name: n03l s/n: 62571
Vern v2.1 Beta : Name: R Zeluck s/n: 1000af7
Vern v2.1 Beta 3 : Name: Warp98 s/n: 1245256
Vern v2.1 Beta 5 : Name: delphic s/n: 102A7BD
Vern v2.1 Beta 9 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: ff539b
VersaCheck v2.0d upgrade : s/n: X3FQR9HG
Versions/VB v1.1 : s/n: 110020000897
Vertigo 3D Words v1.0 : s/n: YVR-5725-NJ087-ABN
Vertisoft Fix-It v1.0 : s/n: 50138340
VesaView v6.2 : (Create VESAVIEW.REG) Line1: MarQuiS De SoiR. e [UCF] Line2: An9dPgC3ZR
VesaView v6.6 : Name: MarQuiS De SoiR+e [UCF] s/n: An9dPgC3ZR
VFast v2.0 Beta : s/n: VFC0D6F2
VFast v2.0+ : s/n: VFC0D6F2
Vfoxpro v5.0 : s/n: 000-0000000
V-Go Universal Password v1.5 : s/n: 10k2W000000041000osz
ViaDraw v2.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: E20000500400
ViaVoice Gold v4.3 : s/n: VGA000040373
Video Capturix v2.1 : Name: MAGNUM s/n: PPF-AMD-NEU-EUJ-GAA-JDS
Video Capturix v2.1.1 : Name: MAGNUM s/n: PPF-AMD-NEU-EUJ-GAA-JDS
Video Capturix v2.2 : Name: MAGNUM s/n: PPF-AMD-NEU-EUJ-GAA-JDS
Video Capturix v2.3.99 : Name: kaN [LSD] s/n: COF-AKA-KAK-AKA-K]A-RES
Video Capturix v2. : Name: Registered s/n: COF-ARA-RAR-ARA-RDA-RES
Video Capturix v2.4.99 : Name: Ringer s/n: COF-ARA-RAR-ARA-RRA-RES
Video Capturix v2.6 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: ARF-ABA-BAB-ABA-BAA-SES
Video Capturix 99 v2.7 : Name: WALLACE DANIELS s/n: BKF-CLF-CBA-CLH-GKA-RTS
Video Capturix 2000 v3.01 : Name: webmasta[DC] MasterPassword: 110040090003 CheckPassword: 009140100030 Code1: 000008 Code2: 000126
Video Cover v2.02 : FirstName: Ryder LastName: H00k RegNum: MOPs9803022102020020 License : 12345678 Key: 13441
Video Finesse v1.0.3 : Name: sys2 Company: DWP s/n: VFP80200411280001660
Video Library 98 : s/n: BNYZQXOTEE
Video Live Mail Plus v3.0 : CDKey: VL9938444H689526 s/n: 10120576
Video Maker v2.0 : s/n: 57463967
Video Pack v4.0 : s/n: 00894-94556600i
Video Poker Plus v1.0 : Press: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F8 s/n for tech support: 12853
Video Snap v1.0 : Name: Arthur Fawcett s/n: 07873459
Video Snap v1.2 : s/n: VS-07873459
Video Store v2.01 : License: Omega [Weapon] LicNum: 9862-5119 ID: 1
VideoAction Pro v4.5a : s/n: VNA-1433246259-9045
Videobrush Panorama v2.0 : s/n: VBPR0000009B
VideoScope v1.0 : Name: [SUB-G] Company: SUBGROUND s/n: LU60715FO
Videosoft VSFlex v3.0.36 : s/n: 0206-73C88740
Videosoft VSOCX v5.0.550 : s/n: 0206-6E8B47E0
Videosoft VSView v3.0.15 : s/n: 0206-5BA22A80
VidFun v2.0 : Name: Me s/n: 419220758
VidFun v3.51 : Name: For Free Use s/n: 197~594-JOVJ-431121
VidVue v3.0 : Name: Lurker s/n: 571162217
View Companion 2000 v1.1 Build 69 : Name: SANSARiUM Company: [ORiON] s/n: 214076
Viewer v2.2.3 : Name: Walhalla/oDT s/n: 7006539925504
Viewer v2.2.5 : Name: Walhalla/oDT s/n: 7006539925504
Viewer 16-bit v1.0 : s/n: VWR311011807
Viewer 32-bit : s/n: VWR951019377 or s/n: VWR951010377
ViewImage v2.0.9 : s/n: F18-209-001
ViewPort Plus v7.0 : Name: Rebels 2000 s/n: 127-12-1121
ViewPro v4.0 : s/n: 13001-66
Viewsoft Internet v4.0.1642 : s/n: 803-134874305168
Vimas HTML Organizer v2.5 : Name: darKwING s/n: 4064283279
Vimas Image Master v1.0 : Name: DSI-xN-UU s/n: 33333333
Vimas JPEG v1.0 : Name: Fcn rocks s/n: Fcn Owns
Vimas JPEG Plugin v2.1 : Name: ivan [DSi] s/n: 7636514330
Vimas Singing Tutor : Name: RegisteR [tNO] s/n: 0247458001
Vimas Speech Master v3.0 : Name: ivan [DSi] s/n: 7636514330
Vimas Web Imaging v1.0 : Name: djHD (c) UCF s/n: 2614241188
Vimas Web Imaging v1.1 : Name: Ringer s/n: 268495465
Vinca Co-Standby Server v4.1 : License: 1440018720 Validation: 8ctnxekg
Vinny Graphics v1.91 : s/n: VSVRMKW3
Vinny Graphics v1.98 : s/n: JS240437
Vintra Systems Mail Server Pro v2.5.1 : s/n: RkE9vdj6yqw
Vinyl CAD v2.0 : s/n: 2514-3436-7092
Violet's Cottage v4.5 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 235764
Virtual Bench Suite v2.1.2 : s/n: a12b34567
Virtual Book v4.43 : Name: Jaydee 2000 s/n: 5592406
Virtual CD-ROM v1.0 : RegNum: 123456789012 Code: 13079267
Virtual CD-ROM v1.015 : Name: PhRoZeN CReW '96 s/n: 123456789012
Virtual DJ Mini v1.0 : FirstName: Carolyn LastName: Connrad s/n: 360-OUCRKZLDGHSHC
Virtual DJ Studio v1.21 : FirstName: BiGBLUE LastName: BLiZZARD s/n: T352L440G176I616G264X176
Virtual DJ Studio v1.40 : FirstName: George LastName: New s/n: J88D440K352H176S264J0
Virtual Drive v3.00 : s/n: F3X07010020
Virtual Intelligence Matrix v3.0 : s/n: 53664337
Virtual Intelligence Matrix 3D v3.0c : s/n: 53664337
Virtual Print Engine ActiveX Professional v3.0 : Code1: VPE-P23000-SIRAXCORE123 Code2: AXRHEF-DZKAKL
Virtual Print Engine Professional v3.0.0.5 : s/n: VPE-P2300-7295638090319-0YMR-5MHC
Virtual Print Engine Professional v3.1 : s/n: VPE-P2300-NO1FCN Code: 0E5M-MUBD
Virtual Reality Creator Personal Edition v2.03 : s/n: PVEPFPXMD9D-7R2 or s/n: PVEPFPXMD9D-7R6 or s/n: PVEPFPXMD9D-7RA or s/n: PVEPFPXMD9D-E36 or s/n: PVEPFPXMD9D-79L or s/n: PVEPFPXMD9D-7B2 or s/n: PVEPFPXMD9D-7BA or s/n: PVEPFPXMD9D-7BL or s/n: PVEPFPXMD9D-E3A
Virtual Sampler v1.5 : s/n: S20194112120817
Virtual StopWatch v2.03 : s/n: 196616
Virtual StopWatch v2.05b : Name: [SOS group] RegNum: 438044801 s/n: SW6660
Virtual Tools MFC v1.0 : s/n: 1695001B
Virtual Turntables v1.00.00 : Name: ·0ädG Code: 45912347634S0 Key: 31MARQUIS13496682UCF
Virtual Turntables v1.80.04 : Name: kqteDone Code: 5A!%dV?K\YHP0 Key: 89543756478934576510
VirtualClerk v2.00.00c : Name: FALLEN CRACKING TEAM s/n: VC2-8063945645E
VirtualMotion Remote Access Manager : s/n: 23306698405020
Virtuosity v2.01 : s/n: ID-Vx-Ux-unwxLf63
Virtuosity v2.05 : s/n: IDCORE/Vizion-V-62O9Wzjc
Virtus Virtual Walkthrough : s/n: AWCAA241-000-03F0
Virtus VR : s/n: I20095616
Virtus VR for Dos : s/n: I20095616
Virtus VR for Windows : s/n: GWCAA405-000-2AAC
Virtus WalkThough Pro v2.6 : s/n: DEBUG000-000-18D0
Virtus WalkThrough v1.4 : s/n: AWCAA241-000-03F0
ViruSafe v8.1 : Name/Company: bl98 s/n: VS-0008432-18042074
ViruSafe 95 v2.5 : s/n: VS-1100433-48306380
ViruSafe 95 : s/n: VS-0008432-18042074
ViruSafe Internet Ready v2.6 : s/n: V9-1900163-04179308
VirusSweep Extra Strength v1.0 : s/n: VEWU1000071962
Visi Font v1.0 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 43588791
VisiBroker C++ v3.2 : Name: (Anything) Company: illegal s/n: 650-312-1900
VisiBroker Java v3.2 : Name: (Anything) Company: illegal s/n: 650-312-1900
Visio v3.0 : s/n: 117-287-033446
Visio v4.0 : s/n: 04019600847
Visio Enterprise v5.0 : s/n: 111111111111
Visio Network Equipment v98.3 : s/n: 120-904-983-000666
Visio 2000 Technical v6.0 : s/n: 014558-000000
Visio Professional v5.0C : s/n: 50200-18592
Visio Technical v4.0 : s/n: 117-799-082087
Vision Builder v3.0 : Name: SPRITE Company: PENTIUM s/n: VB329BA13321
Vision Click v7.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: PDCANTON
Visioneer PaperPort v3.0 : s/n: F8JTCGBZ67
Visioneer PaperPort Deluxe v5.2.1 : s/n: VZQRE4HUS
VisionShape TiffSurfer Light v2.0 : Name: TK4 s/n: VS-6E5B-4953-570B-3E44
VisiTrax v1.04 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 2300306417
VisKit v1.2.7 : s/n: 9A7C6803801225A3
Visual Arranger : s/n: 11WA00939875E
Visual Basic v4.0 : CD-Key: 757-2573155 or CD-Key: 411-0173307
Visual Basic Enterprise v4.0 : s/n: 411-0250176
Visual Basic Enterprise v5.0 : s/n: 040-0150053
Visual Basic for C++ v4.0 : s/n: 666-6666666
Visual Basic Pro v5.0 : s/n: 5890-1530525
Visual Basic Standard v4.0 : s/n: 411-0356356 or s/n: 411-0085933 or s/n: 411-1454815
Visual Batch File v1.12 : s/n: 1234511005123451CAF
Visual Bookmark v1.11 : s/n: 3220424041
Visual Business Cards v2.1a : Name: CORE/JES s/n: RKS-3397762
Visual Business Cards v2.2a : Name: CORE/escom s/n: RKS-4285949
Visual Business Cards v2.8 : Name: n03l s/n: RKS-1508129
Visual Business Cards v3.1e : Name: DSi s/n: RKS-1335261
Visual Business Cards v3.2d : Name: Blackstar/TRPS98 s/n: RKS-6867056
Visual Business Cards v3.2f : Name: Raybiez s/n: RKS-3183167
Visual C++ v4.0 : s/n: 415-1712656
Visual C++ v4.2 : s/n: 040-0331304
Visual C++ Pro v5.0 : s/n: 040-0433567
Visual C++ Pro v6.0 : s/n: 812-2224558
Visual Calendar Planner v4.3 : Name: Versus Company: Versus s/n: VCP8168F28
Visual Calendar Planner v4.4 : Name: (Anything) s/n: VCP8168F28
Visual Calender Planner v4.2 : Name: KiLLa Company: CoRE s/n: vcp8168f28
Visual Coverage v1.01 : s/n: dab1-ee90-2e29
Visual CruXpert v1.0 : s/n: VC987-254-327 Key: 381D-AED5
Visual Cyberadio v2.01 : s/n: 1826531
Visual Day Planner v5.11 : Name: Steve Hsu Company: Dynasty s/n: 68vdp1928
Visual Day Planner v6.01 : Name: Wizdaz Company: Warp98 s/n: 3882d927-9u26-63373
Visual Day Planner v6.2 : Name: SlaSk Company: FALLEN s/n: 3882D927-9U26-63373
Visual Day Planner v6.30 : Name: TUC Company: PC99 s/n: 3882d927-5q3c-62996
Visual Dbase v5.5c : s/n: TA961A111114
Visual Developer's Suite Deal CD : s/n: VCI.SDO5.01.00.0081711.549
Visual DialogScrip v2.5 : Name: IBH-RiP Company: Blizzard s/n: 10894024
Visual DialogScript v2.2 : Name: KiLLa [c0re'97] s/n: 200-51329225
Visual Envelopes v2.1h : Name: Versus s/n: RKS-3963042
Visual Envelopes v2.8 : Name: Versus s/n: RKS-4060642 or Name: n03l s/n: RKS-2105209
Visual Envelopes v2.8b : Name: Ringer s/n: RKS-3786049
Visual Fox Pro : s/n: 070-3645746
Visual FoxPro v3.0b : s/n: 4119856437
Visual Interactive Sensitivity Analysis : s/n: 4214294 Code: (None)
Visual J++ Pro v6.0 : s/n: 112-1111111
Visual Java : s/n: 070-3746215
Visual KAP v3.0a : Normal: P4T MultiProcessor: Q4T
Visual Key v1.0 : Name: paulux [LAXiTY] s/n: rq33t6b86uv8
Visual Labels v2.1A : Name: KiLLa [CoRE] s/n: RKS-2363713
Visual Labels v2.1f : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: RKS-2190485
Visual Labels v2.1H : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: RKS-1930981
Visual Labels v2.8 : Name: Versus s/n: RKS-1363466 or Name: n03l s/n: RKS-706878
Visual Labels v3.1g : Name: Blackstar/TRPS98 s/n: RKS-3218672
Visual Labels v3.2d : Name: fallen s/n: RKS-1212590
Visual Mail Interface Client & Server Suite v1.0 : s/n: CS111OMOTNUQ-001
Visual Methodos v1.1 : s/n: 32.5069.3620.Nexus
Visual Model Builder v1.5 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 180998
Visual Month v2.8 : Name: Warp s/n: RKS-771180 or Name: n03l s/n: RKS-621364
Visual Multitool v1.1 : s/n: 60DE2FD29800454E
Visual Multitool v2.1 : s/n: F09784D2990045E
Visual Multitool v3.1 : s/n: 2046A5D29A00454E
Visual Multitool v3.3 : s/n: 2046A5D29A00454E
Visual Multitool v3.4 : s/n: 2046A5D29A00454E
Visual Pro C : s/n: VPP5015436
Visual Pro C/C++ : s/n: VPP5015436 or s/n: VPP6019281
Visual Pro C++ : s/n: VPP6019281
Visual Pro Rexx Gold : s/n: VPR1540827
Visual PureCoverage v5.0 Build 1296 : Name: X-FORCE Company: World Domination Key: 15007-020035 s/n: 143-1134123435
Visual Reality : s/n: VRW02449
Visual Route v4.0c : Name: 69BaRT SiMPSoN69 s/n: 0-55
Visual Slick Edit v3.0 : s/n: B59UF7M-03-WB0000
Visual Slick Edit v4.0c : s/n: BOWK6Y6-04-WB0000
Visual Sound Instrument v1.0 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] Email: s/n: 5121
Visual UML v1.12 : s/n: VUML-STD-1000822680
Visual UML v1.12a.106 : s/n: VUML-STD-1000822680
Visual UML Pro v1.1 : s/n: VUML-PRV-2000844881
Visual Zip Password Recovery Multi Processor v3.2 : Name: fAT cAT/FCN s/n: FCN000026
VisualAge Team v2.0 : s/n: 17H7503
VisualWriter ActiveX v3.02 : s/n: VCI.VWO5.03.00.0457676632
VitiGraphic's PhotoBuilder v1.4.01 : Name: t13-ACi s/n: 578321968
VitiGraphic's PhotoBuilder v1.5 Build72 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: 6042305533068602
VitiGraphic's PhotoViewer v1.4 : Name: t13-ACi s/n: 578321968
VivoActive VideoNow v3.0b : s/n: swbfd-203486-pkrs
Viz FX v1.0 : s/n: 10000090004025 or s/n: 11342032004025
Viz FX v1.01 : s/n: 11357440004025
VK StartUp Manager v0.9 : s/n: XSDA-72-12347CORE
VMix95 v1.12.5 : s/n: JONATHAN
VMT Visual Multitool v1.1 : s/n: F09784D29900454E
Vnet Monitor v2.11 : Name: Eric Blackford s/n: W1774
VOB CD Wizard Pro : s/n: 23288-20400876-47074
Vocab Flash v1.3 : s/n: 22261771
Voice Blaster v4.0 : s/n: VB0002022872
Voice Email v4.08 : s/n: 8482-549-211
Voice Power For Internet Browsing v1.0 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: 2169294340194693
Voice Type Control v2.0 : s/n: 16H9-740
VoiceMail v4.0 : s/n: 2862452
VoiceMemo v2.0 : s/n: 49857372
Volcano Chat Client/Server v1.2 : s/n: u2PACn8a
Voodoo Coder v2.1 : s/n: VC239-VOODOO-831974
Vosaic Radiostation v2 : s/n: 79WHYQ34:IK0S9SX0:FULI530R:QUV1TT4X:UUHCB90M:DPC9MMYS:6NN4RDJ3:64WQXWLL
VoteBox v2.00 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1056325567241247661
VoxPhone Pro v3.0 : CallerCode: 000-123-4567 UnlockCode: HXPFGNAJVQ
Voyetra Sound Suite : s/n: 101037
VPOP3 v1.3.0 : Name: LOMAX [DSI] Users : 100 Exp: 0 s/n: ciVhsbZtvcjFMTT
VPOP3 v1.3.0b : Name: BuLLeT Users: 9999 Exp: 111111111 s/n: UUJqFjeGuvCFMTK or Name: Azrael Number of Users: 99 Exp: 0 s/n: gbGRFDelovCFMTu
VPOP3 v1.3.1 : Name: fallen Users: 999 Exp: 29122003 s/n: AlipHWlqpvCFMTK
V-Scheduler v1.3.6 : s/n: AroundTheWorldIn2765days
VSI Fax : Server: Name: XCRYPT s/n: cdnqlrwxgjhv Client: Name: XCRYPT s/n: cdnqlhrzunmn
VST Compresor v2.0 : Name: Radium 1.998 Address: Deepz0ne City: Effnet Country: #AudioWarez s/n: 6915
VT Bootman v2.1 : s/n: 829AXVR
VT Locker v2.0 : s/n: 3GT691P
VT Magic v3.0 : s/n: SR6JB39
VT RegMan v3.0 : s/n: WG728MU
VT WizCrash v2.1 : Name: DrRhui Company: CORE s/n: 5DPA781
Vue D'Esprit v2.0 : s/n: VUE2-39911-S-24508
VuePrint v4.0 : s/n: 16731549 or s/n: 10596831
VuePrint v4.1 : s/n: 9202444
VuePrint v4.3 : s/n: 11210160
VuePrint v4.4 : s/n: 8744232 or s/n: 9202444 or s/n: 9202446 or s/n: 16731549 or s/n: 10596830
VuePrint v4.5 and 4.6 : s/n: 16076184
VuePrint v4.7 : s/n: 14675395 or s/n: 5173102
VuePrint v5.0 : s/n: 5574008 or s/n: 15814036
VuePrint v5.1 : s/n: 9373112
VuePrint v5.1c : s/n: 4649319
VuePrint Pro v4.1 : s/n: 8342813 or s/n: 11210161 or s/n: 10596830 or s/n: 10596831
VuePrint Pro v4.2 : s/n: 28067
VuePrint Pro v4.4 : s/n: 5041519
VuePrint Pro v4.7e : s/n: 8342812
VuePrint Pro v5.0d : s/n: 16731548
VuePrint Pro v5.1e : s/n: 12440031
VuePrint Pro v5.1f : s/n: 16141721
VuePrint Pro v6.0 : s/n: 1714209626
VuePrint Pro v6.0f : s/n: 15682967
VuePrint Pro v6.1 : s/n: 5985587
VuePrint Pro v7.1 : s/n: 16404382
VuePrint Pro v7.2 : s/n: 6052660
VuePrint Pro v7.3 : s/n: 65727949
VuePrint Pro v7.4 : s/n: 1117492
VuePrint Pro v7.5 : s/n: 3337064
VueSmart v7.2 : s/n: 8940843
Vulcan Notes 95 v2.30 : Name: NiTR8^ s/n: 75026333639700
VX Rexx for OS/2 v2.0 : s/n: VXR2025401
VX Rexx for Windows v2.0 : s/n: VXR2016080
VxDWriter v1.5 : Name: David_Abbott Password: gTex6Uj$ Key: aV!7uneGjCqp
Vypress Auvis v1.0 RC 1 : Name: Astrid Engelhart s/n: 02000200187936


Wine Organizer v2.0 : Name: TheForceTeam s/n: 809802760-411
Wine Organizer v3.5S : Name: TeamPGC s/n: 981974475-149
W3 Investigator v1.11 : Name: pSi/[CORE] s/n: 1272024-0405-12C
W95SSTV v1.10 : Name: TRPS 1998 s/n: 12334513
WAD Author v1.22 : Name: tHATDUDE Company: PC'96 Reg : 12345 Key: AC-6854E995 s/n: AC-5DCD1429
Wagez v1.02 : Goto Help/Register and enter: Name: DV Company: BLIZZARD s/n: GHH134K13H4L1K3H4KJ132H
Wagez v1.xx : Name: (Anything) s/n: GHH134K13H4L1K3H4KJ132H
Wahka Winamp HotKey Addon v1.0.5 : s/n: 309548317
Wall Street AnaLyst v1.0f : s/n: EMRQ5ARTK510VF4
Wall Street Guru : s/n: 2?F$s9D-GeQ-z28
Wallaby v5.05a : s/n: GMA 17195 3112 1234
WallChanger v2.2 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 0B697AC6
Walldata Rumba Office v5.2 : Upgrade : s/n: PAC00332760 Key: HTAEQCAE-75 Code: 902446-001 Regular : s/n: PAC00332760 Key: HBDBQVTQ-75 Code: 902063-002
WallMaster Pro v2.0a : Name: Versus Company: Versus s/n: 21184594
WallMaster Pro v2.5a : s/n: 24502979
Wallpaper v1.0 : Name: bitfou98 s/n: B4222385
Wallpaper Changer v1.4 : s/n: 4228-8753
Wallpaper Drag v3.0 : s/n: 1957740544
Wallpaper Magic v1.0a : Name: GHOST RIDERS s/n: 5A67ACGA2F17922
Wallpaper Manager 98 v1.0 : s/n: 787573-77137-025
Wallpaper Manager 98 v1.13 : s/n: 847977-27701-011
Wallpaper Manager 98 v3.30 : s/n: 13529
Walt Disney screensaver : s/n: DSW-30857-2768
War2Hacker v1.0 : Name: CRowmAN Address: PC98 City: EFNET State: IRC ZipCode: 6667 s/n: 1061975
Wars of Conquest : s/n: a3b14c1784ckm9q or s/n: f5b14c12844kr9q or s/n: aff1434784ckmuu or s/n: a3b1434784ckmuu or s/n: a3b14c1784ckm9q or s/n: i43435h435hl5hh or s/n: 67xhgf6gvvn67nb or s/n: sre63fdfd7g67gf or s/n: 67tfhg6fgh6f7gd or s/n: f6g4h6fgh6fgh4h or s/n: 6d4gf64sgf
Waste Whacker v2.12 : Company: davy - blizzard s/n: 630543703329
Waste Whacker v3.0 : Name: [JaSuN] / CBE '99 s/n: 137374624599
Waste Whacker v3.2 : Name: [Miscreant] s/n: 636299329279
Waste Whacker v3.20 : Name: Warp98 s/n: 489648749934 or Name: _ERaD_ s/n: 863323490971
Watchcap v1.2 : Name: [JaSuN] / CBE '98 s/n: 12781310-W58
WatchDog v0.99e : Name: TheForceTeam s/n: 201A31331C06171700101219
WatchDog v1.61 : Go to Help/Register and enter: Name: baboya s/n: 1613001A0A15
WatchDog v1.70 : Name: TCHAN98 s/n: 33844639669
WatchDog v1.91b : Name: Monika Halkort s/n: 391D231C1815543A2C19181B0606
WatchDog v1.92b : Name: REKiEM s/n: 2637191C3639
WatchDog v1.96b : Name: TCHAN98 s/n: 33844639669 or s/n: baboya s/n: 1613001A0A15 or Name: Free s/n: 32002310
WatchDog v1.97b : Name: DESYNC DOMiNATiON s/n: 3037172C3D3754360B381A3A35262D3A3D
WatchDog v1.9b : Name: baboya s/n: 1613001A0A15
WatchDog v1.97b : Name: DESYNC DOMiNATiON s/n: 3037172C3D3754360B381A3A35262D3A3D
WatchDog v7.02 : s/n: WD702251808
WatCom Single User SQL : s/n: SW03105280
WatCom SQL NetWare NLM for Windows : s/n: 31600455
WaterFall Pro v1.2A : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 97336562-9717-1429-8136
WaterFall Pro v2.01 : Name: tKC/CiA '98 s/n: 1790288878-6731-0066-1451
WaterFall Pro v2.99 : Name: The_Libran [C4A] Company: C4A s/n: 2iuKMWx4-aLPMIqh5-xkc7LvEe-txkEmiur
Waterloo Maple VR5 : SiteName: WMI CampusWideLicense: WIN-55NC-567980-7 Users: 0 SystemType : IBM INTEL NT HostID: (none) Key: C0658174E284561
Watermark Enterprise Fax Router v2.0 : s/n: 000-EFR-N-00002-00613
Watermark Enterprise Image Server v2.1 : s/n: 000-EPP-N-00010-00206
Watermark Enterprise Series Client v3.02b : s/n: 00001-11111
Watermark Enterprise Series Server v3.02b : s/n: 000-IMA-S-00001-00CEN
WaterWall v3.05 : Name: Adi [HazarD] s/n: 90164740
WaterWall v3.06 : Name: CZY s/n: 94320823
Wav Akai v98.02 : Name: TEX98 s/n: 21096348
Wave Audiotrack v2.35 : s/n: 1111AT-FA3149
Wave Convert Pro v2.0 build 2 : s/n: 001-WPA5445
Wave Convert Pro v3.0 : s/n: 111-WPA9944
Wave Convert Pro v3.1 Build 4 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10256 WP5020 A2670
Wave Events v2.0 : Name: Wyatt 98 [DSi] s/n: 1307631
Wave Flow v2.99 : Name: defiler [TEX99] s/n: 1695219
Wave Flow v3.0 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 994039
Wave Shell v4.0 : Name: goz s/n: C4D92FEE
Wave Surgeon Advanced v2.56 : Name: Teresa Christie Company: mfd s/n: D2444-N3244-12800
WaveCutter v1.01 : Name: MvD '99 s/n: ERC0-PQWS-8DFG
WaveFilter Tools v1.28 : Name: Wayward/Siege s/n: 4054139
WaverlyStreet ShareCon v3.0 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: TZPBPQAF
WaveFormer v4.5m : s/n: 45BLKCPY
Waves EzWaves v2.3 : AudioTrack: 1111AT-FA3149 Ezwaves: 1111EVPA3431
WavGet v1.8.0 : Email: s/n: CRRCKTWOTR
WB Clock v1.2 : Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 798253276
WB Clock v1.21 : Name: WaxWeazle [Laxity '99] s/n: 798422748
WBTrace v2.6 Revision 43 : Name: Azrael [PC] LicenceKey: PHRO-ZENR-ULES TemporaryKey: unchecked #ofViewLicenses: 9999 #ofWriteLicenses: 9999
WCal v1.x : Name: CLiNT [iMPACT] s/n: 3887035955
Wealth Builder v1.1 : Name: fjalar and vots s/n: 005D6C35
Wealth Builder v3.0 : s/n: WM416MT63EU
Wealth Keeper v1.5 : Name: DSI s/n: 5100110
Weather MAX v1.7.0 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez and The Phrozen Crew s/n: 00830078125-8449
Weather Node v4.0 : Name: HarvestR s/n: 64-4984
Weather Online v1.0 : s/n: WO1WN5515
Weather1 v1.16 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: 132167Z651144
Weather1 v1.18 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: 234150I721169
Weather1 v1.23 : Name: WiREFLOOD/blizzard98 s/n: 136164W821132
Weather1 v1.24 : Goto Options/Register and enter: Name: DV [BLZ] s/n: 224145D321169
Weather1 v1.25a : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: 132167Z651144
Weather1 v1.30.6.8 : Name: massive s/n: QEWWMZI or Name: aerosmith s/n: EIVSWQMXL
Weather1 v1.40.0.4 : Name: dsi s/n: HWM
Weather1 v1.40.0.5 : Name: atc - sting s/n: EXG+8+WXMRK
Weather1 v1.40.4.1 : Name: kan-lsd s/n: OER8PWH
Weather1 v1.40.4.8 : Name: d4rk0n3 - lsd s/n: H?VO;R>+8+PWH
Weather1 v1.40.9.3 : Name: mas orion s/n: QEW+SVMSR
WeatherXpress v1.81 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 0546875-4788
Web @ PC : Name: th!nk s/n: 40598279536284
Web Address Extractor v3.01 : Name: DeMoN Rls Crew s/n: 93223860602145
Web Buddy v2.0 : s/n: 2639863-5983 Code: F747-2800E4M80CMK
Web Builder Pro v3.01 : Key: 00000000000000000000 (20 zero's) Name: Shihan @ Blizzard Company: Blizzard98
Web Business Builder v1.1 : s/n: IMSI3RDGB6EO2S
Web Compass v2.0 : s/n: WCWU2000087301
Web Connection v4.0 : License: C999-022-2560 Key: 5862-1091-2606-4205-6789
Web Content Optimizer v1.1 : Name: viny [GWA] s/n: G734414698390781845534704-36142656XM or Name: Jaydee 99 s/n: AEE60561131315670768605704-1517603040XM
Web Eraser v1.02 : s/n: NS-1-011-109 Key: F038-F20A
Web Essentials Internet Message Center v1.1 : Name: AVaLoN-Kill3XX Company: AVaLoN s/n: 7050664314211091
Web Expander v2.22 : Name: Delphic s/n: rdwx3k
Web Expander v2.24 : Name: Delphic s/n: rdwx3k
Web Expander v2.26 : Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] s/n: o5jlpb
Web Extract ToolPak v1.0 : s/n: NS-100-000-015 Key: 0600-F275
Web Ferret Pro v2.5101 : s/n: NS-100-002-267 Key: 6304-1D8A
Web Fetch v1.0 : s/n: 421100
Web Gizmo Merchant Edition v3.0.4 : Company: TRPS Web Address: s/n: M0025-2Y49JM-000D
Web Hot Spots S Edition v4.0a : s/n: 4SP30x1199
Web Image Guru v1.1 : Name: ELOHIM s/n: 1213160531
Web Image Guru v2.0 : Name: Herskovitz s/n: 3706255801
Web Log Manager v1.00.42 : Name: davy Company: blizzard s/n: 145101B
Web Log Manager v1.0.45 : Name: CZY s/n: DC161D
Web Magelan v5.0 : s/n: L#X42k&Pa!
Web Magelan v7.0 : s/n: 73RP1-90i2w8777
Web Media Publisher Pro v2.36 : Name: Versus s/n: 176320153128
Web Media Publisher Pro v2.38 : Name: REGISTERED s/n: 316407033912
Web Media Publisher Pro v2.42 : Name: tchan s/n: 76550392888
Web Media Publisher Pro v3.0.6 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 935483743
Web Media Publisher Pro v3.1.1 : Name: blizzard s/n: 562434785848 or Name: CZY s/n: 14929327
Web Meta Power v1.0 : s/n: VFG-879-439
Web Page Construction Kit Deluxe v5.0 : s/n: 865-8867-070
Web Page Creater v5.15 : Name: jake cwc s/n: 7929516451645164516
Web Page Creator v7.1 : Name: CORE/ITR s/n: NA4K9-J972-53883A0270D10S
Web Page Creator v7.33 : Name: THE TOL TEAM Key: 47436 s/n: BDZ-DS6E5JUD20W-G23VY3S0FZJ
Web Page Creator v7.42 : Name: Smakkker GermanWarezAlliance Key: 18563 s/n: BA4-QMPSQZB66IL-NFDOIBCC2GY
Web Page Creator v7.5 : Name: Smakkker GermanWarezAlliance Key: 18205 s/n: BNZ-V6VKYGTVPXM-I2RZZW13RQQ
Web Passkey v2.0 : s/n: WP20-0008002-9999
Web Plus v4.0 : s/n: ??nnnnwwnc?nnn?bvn?+++?n++?cw?n?cjfnfnf0n}p91
Web Plus v4.1 : s/n: ??nnnnwwnc?nnn?bvn?+++?n++?cw?n?cjfnfnf0n}p91
Web Plus Client-Server Edition v3.02 : When asked, write: "go web+" (Without quotes) s/n: ??nnnnwwnc?nnn?bvn?+++?n++?cw?n?cjfnfnf0n}p91
Web Plus Desktop Edition v3.02 : When asked, write: "go web+" (Without quotes) s/n: ??nnnnwwnc?nnn?bvn?+++?n++?cw?n?cjfnfnf0n}p91
Web Plus Service Edition v3.02 : When asked, write: "go web+" (Without quotes) s/n: ??nnnnwwnc?nnn?bvn?+++?n++?cw?n?cjfnfnf0n}p91
Web Pricelist 2001 v1.0e : Name: TEAMPGCC s/n: JP2360242356913M
Web Pricelist 2001 v1.1e : Name: ESCOM s/n: RW3349218074957U Key: ABCDEF-
Web Pricelist 2001 Developer Edition v1.5e : Name: SCOTTCHE RegCode: UV4371361436868V DevCode: BT2223329209638I
Web Promation Spider Pro v3.9.12 : Standard: GBU507130405066 Pro: HO65730330175132029
Web Promotion Spider Pro v3.9.16 : s/n: ONE5145300174846
Web Prowler v5.10 : Name: Pola Shekhter s/n: 476337
Web Racer v1.5 : Name: David j Williams s/n: -017-124-09500660108-0740121-0490059009400350036-119-0480043-115
Web Registrant Pro v1.0 : s/n: webpass-A17BAAD8AE
Web Registrant Pro v2.0 : s/n: wEb-459123102779041275
Web Remote Control for Office v2.0 : s/n: 4269660087
Web Resume Writer v2.0 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 9612-6117-1212-4156
Web Resume Writer v2.0.15 : Name: Vizion/CORE s/n: 1061-2611-6153-4707
Web Resume Writer v2.0.7 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 1071-2412-3101-2215
Web Resume Writer v3.0 : Name: Some One s/n: 9611-3114-9506-0150
Web Scripter v1.5 : s/n: 0006-0027-0093
Web Scripter v2.0 : Name/Company: Delphic s/n: ALB051492
Web Scripter v2.01 : Name: Delphic Company: Delphic Inc s/n: ALB030961
Web Scripter Plus v2.0.2 : Name: Arfa [PCY] Company: #Prophecy s/n: STE122383
Web Scripter Plus v2.021 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: WEN032087
Web Scripting Editor v1.01 : Name: Omega Company: Weapon s/n: BRG00027BLUE
Web Scripting Editor v1.03 : Name: sadman Company: fallen s/n: BRG00027BLUE
Web Scripting Editor v2.4 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: BRG149BLUE
Web Search & Replace v2.10d : Name: Bisoux s/n: 2847082
Web Server 4D v2.0.2 : s/n: 88GE-VTSW-HFFF-GNGG
Web Site Creator v7.31 : Name: TRPS 1998 s/n: BG0-CQGN5UVDJPQ-CIWAK12L3V3 Key: 14758
Web Site Manager v4.0 : s/n: ILFSWB
Web Site Manager v5.2 : s/n: ILFSWB
Web Sleuth v2.06 : Name: blizzard Email : Company: [blz] s/n: 000-hahahaha
Web Snap v2.1 : s/n: WT-69446532
Web Snap v2.2 : s/n: 69446532
Web Submitter 2000 : s/n: IP4510283300945029027 Upgrade: GQE5055320194854
Web SurfACE v1.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 035000-012345680
Web Surveyor v1.0.74 : Name: fungus of blizzard s/n: WSB-R0DBDFB71FD159
Web Surveyor v1.0.77 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: WSB-R097319B3B
Web Surveyor v1.0.80 : Name: Warp98 s/n: WSB-R0F35131
Web Table v1.8.38 : s/n: 783453345
Web Table v1.8.40 : s/n: 783453345
Web Tabs v1.0 : Name: MiRaMaX Company: TheForceTeam s/n: 112233445566 RegKey: 3d88-a086-23fa-7e77-7c58-779e-9077-9d87
Web Tabs v1.0a : Name: NiTR8^ Affilation : GCRACK s/n: 991231a RegKey: 8137-99a5-dd66-159c-f1ef-d168-fb20-f001
Web Thumbnailer v1.2.3 : s/n: 787967-80027-012
Web Ticker v3.0 : Name: Black Thorne - Phrozen Crew s/n: WTW7604B
Web Tool Base Pro v1.0 : s/n: 811965
Web Traffic Builder Pro v4.03 : s/n: WTB-ZVVWDLFZ
Web Translator v1.21 : Name: Orion s/n: KPYBJZXUYYUW
Web Trimmer Lite v1.03 : s/n: 6093257
Web Update Pro v1.0 : Name: Warp s/n: A0B-63H-1010-1981
Web Valvet v1.1 : Name: CORE/JES CCard : 00000 s/n: RUM52QFQLFBL2VVEN
Web Wacker v3.2.01 : s/n: WW2R-QZ38CK-KA2KV-KI8-REG4J2
Web Weaver v6.1 : s/n: 0%8086139198
Web Weaver v97L : s/n: mc93071mm
Web Weaver 98 v98.01 : s/n: 1$944A1528T9
Web Weaver 98 Gold : s/n: 1$944A1528G9
Web Works v1.2.19 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 27n394g49D28F4302639B2
Web! Frames Edition v2.0 : s/n: 7018-W2FE-085652
Web-A-Matic v1.8 : Click the About-box, and click to Register the program. Chose option B in the Register-box and enter: Name: Versus Email: (Your address) s/n: kbd2845681 Transmit it, and wait for the confirmation email. Press option C, and follow the final steps to be reg
WebApp Pro v1.04 : Password: janvier
WebAurora98 v1.0 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] Company: Whiskey Kon Tekila ID: 1234567890 Code: 3QYj2f[@xS!ZRiN9rA4m1_xU
WebAuthor v1.0 : s/n: 000-17N-225469
WebAuthor v1.0 : s/n: 000-17N-22546
WebBase v4.0 : s/n: 548231-2496113
WebBasic Studio 98 v4.34.0058 : FirstName: Decline LastName: [Laxity] s/n: 1832251
WebCache v5.00 : Name: zoin s/n: 1409691084
WebCache Illuminator v2.0 : Code1: 2789 Code2: 3K2265T
WebCam Sam v1.43 : Name: ACi98 s/n: 34856891-SWPZ
WebCam Sam v2.31 : Name: Azrael [PC] Email: Product : 1001 s/n: V-42486-WC
WebConsole v2.0 : s/n: 300-0038-40102053
WebConsole Server v2.11 : Name: Kathlee Pisch s/n: 752-8038-10100830
WebConvert Pro v2.02.07 : Name: Walter Burrows Street: 11471 Terry City : Plymouth State: MI s/n: LSWCVP2085563553
WebCruizer v1.0 : s/n: -ES9QxiP+f
WebDefender v1.0 : s/n: WD543242-43232
WebDrive v1.3 : Login: Password: webdrive
WebEdge v2.1 : Signature: 10867C183A7370B01B2444F0C6EF7AA727 MailUsers: 1000 CalenderUsers: 100 ExpDays: 0 HostName: KOS001 IPAddress: 4598
WebEdit v1.4c : LastName: Last Soul s/n: 1KEO01E8KAP
WebEdit v2.03 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 747316EAG958
WebEdit Pro v2.0 Beta 3 : LastName: Crack da WareZ s/n: 845ge6eff279
WebEdit Pro v2.01 : LastName: PC'96 s/n: 71994348G162
WebEdit Pro v2.02 : LastName: DoMnAr [PROViDENCE 96] s/n: 85B5G561D3B8
WebEdit Pro v2.03 Beta 2 : LastName: Lost Soul Unlock s/n: 8D21777CB3D4
WebEdit Pro v3.0 : Name: UNICITY s/n: GEC1D97EB912
WebEdit Standard v2.0+ : LastName: DoMnAr [PROViDENCE 96] s/n: 1C6B9O9G8B9D
WebEtc Pro v2.0 : s/n: D1C1-89F0-196F-8098
WebExpert v1.41e : Name: BLiTZ / Phrozen Crew s/n: AF487F-6WNB61-QRKYPU-K1GUKW
WebExpert v2.50a+ : Name: N.. and O.. and P (blacklist suxx) s/n: X6XYKY-V63B3F-5CHYQ8-VJHB7U
WebExpress v2.02 : Name: TheDaemon s/n: JwNcRqK
WebExpress v3.01.03 : s/n: 865-8867-07
WebFlixPro v1.4.3 : Name: RAGGER/CORE Company: CORE s/n: 6E0E-8F73-C711-5B59
WebFormFill v2.0 R11 : Name: (Anything) s/n: WF20-1234567-6583
WebGED Progenitor v2.0 Release 5 : s/n: 78619040
WebGenie Guestbook Star v4.3 : s/n: GS7296-US173-S7GBS-05411-WW07634
WebGenie Shopping Cart v2.13 : s/n: SC1324-US173-57CN7-28415-WSC0597
WebGenie Shopping Cart Pro v2.03 : s/n: wp2345-us173-57cn7-12345-wsp0298
WebGenie Shopping Cart Pro v2.04 : s/n: WP0199-US173-57CN7-00117-WSP0298
WebGIZMO v3.05 : Company: PeeAreHmm Web Address: s/n: M002J-4Q9B2R-000B
WebGIZMO v3.1.4 : Company: PeeAreHmm URL: s/n: M002J-4Q9B2R-000B
WebGIZMO Merchant Edition v3.0.3 : Company: TRPS Web Address: s/n: M0025-2Y49JM-000D
WebGraphics Optimizer v3.02 : Name: zaarnik s/n: WP1-284-049-277-405-8765-8765-809
WebGraphics Optimizer v4.01 : Name: TRPS Company: TRPS99 Country: (Anything) s/n: WP1-861-302-420-343-4200-5257-767
WebGraphics Optimizer v4.01 : Name: defiler Company: The Exterminators City: BackFromHell 666 s/n: WP1-263-102-012-581-4413-6796-776
WebGraphics Optimizer Express v3.0 : Name: davy Company: blizzard location: blizzards world s/n: WX2-123-180-078-143-8855-8855-321
WebGraphics Optimizer Express v3.01 : Name: PhaNToM Company: AnThraX s/n: WX2-463-560-047-841-5043-0745-298
WebGraphics Optimizer Express v4.01 : Name: insane Company: TRPS Country: (Anything) s/n: WX2-325-952-505-701-4200-1713-284
WebGraphics Optimizer Standard v3.0 : Name: davy Company: blizzard location: blizzards world s/n: WP1-968-164-078-143-8855-8855-814
WebGrip Promotional Tool v1.5.41 : RegNum: 8602-482ST543 RegKey: 440131931P
WebHub Developer v1.64 : Name: Gerald Polk Capacity: 1 s/n:
WebHub Developer v1.662 : Install Password: work*the*web Name: Gerald Polk Capacity: 1 s/n:
WebHub Developer v1.670 : Password: work*the*web
WebHunter v1.3 : Name: Scottie [PNC] s/n: 1464815648
WebImage v1.72 : Name: ED!SON '96 s/n: wk37t5 or Name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: xkf975
WebImage v2.11 : Name: darlong s/n: akwx39
WebImage Guru v1.1 : Name: Intern s/n: 1702133409
Web-It! Pro v1.10 : Name: MCC s/n: $4BB36158
Web-It! Standard v1.10 : Name: MCC s/n: $3249157C
WebLater v1.1 : s/n: PEHGBNOA
Weblinky v1.12 : Name: CZY s/n: 1010107261
WebLog Manager Pro v1.0.40 : Name: Arfa [PCY] Company: #Prophecy s/n: 151A10136016F
WebLog Manager Pro v1.00.39 : Click on the radio button beside the name entry and enter: Name: TRPS99 Company: TRPS99 s/n: 101E1019B2B4
WebLog Manager Pro v1.1.39 : Name: Mojo s/n: F419121D
WebMan v2.0 : s/n: VMAAQS
WebMirror v1.30 : Name: ^pain^ '98 s/n: 054A-36884-W124
WebOverDrive v2.1 : s/n: $AE282254
WebPad Pro v2.0b4 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 49218-EM-63227
WebPainter SE : 1. Change date to 09-09-1997 2. Run program and select register 3. Name: (Anything) Company: (Anything) s/n: 31771308 4. Change date back to normal
WebPass v4.0 : Open and shut down program about 4 times to get dialogue box: s/n: 1492
WebPen Pro v3.2 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: A279675270123STEVE HSU
WebPhone v4.02 : s/n: H925T842989AJ12D
WebPhone : s/n: 4359NJ8PU124T852 or s/n: 747H86552V3453D0
WebPop v3.0 : s/n: 102-01-02928-155-43556
WebPosition Agent v1.10.3 : RegNum: lxcore97 UnlockCode: 9M5N2K0VBB0488
WebPosition Agent v1.10.8 : Name: lxcore97 s/n: 9M5N2K0VBB0488
WebPosition Analyser v1.20.8 : Name: LArseniKM s/n: 1234567890AB
WebPosition Analyzer v1.10.3 : Name: Carole Parr s/n: PZN2RI5JO98X04
WebPosition Analyzer Pro v1.20.4 : Name: Evgenios Antoniadis s/n: PY9JKDEB4AXXPG
WebPosition Analyzer Submitter v5.2 : s/n: DANIELS3581
WebPosition Gold v1.10.9 : Name: Thomas Stuart s/n: NWW7NQGH2EJ0QSR
WebPosition Gold v1.10.91 : Name: William M Herpich s/n: GP0AB45407BHD0
WebPosition Gold Pro v1.00.1 : Name: MrHappy - EViL '99 s/n: GNUXCD2IM65N2CP
WebPosition Gold Pro v1.00.3 : Name: William M Herpich s/n: GP0AB45407BHD0
WebPosition Gold v1.10.92 : Name: Thomas Stuart s/n: NWW7NQGH2EJ0QSR
WebPromoter v3.9.14 : s/n: FTW567330455671
WebQuiz Writer v2.2 : Name: 133269083051 s/n: 940-004-289-360-00
WebScope Spanish v3.1 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 1111111111119716448
WebScripter v1.0 : s/n: 0006-0027-0093
WebServer v1.0 : s/n: 000-17C-64027
WebShift v1.0 : Name: LOMAX Company: DSi s/n: PDF23HQ31BRSU
WebShop v3.41 : s/n: ILAB-472HPS3R
Webshots Screen Saver Maker Pro : Name: Sandra/J Polzin RegNum: TB1-AJWFCH s/n: 7220-8523-6941-9331-2796-7215
Webshots Screen Saver Toolbox v1.0.6.2621 : Name: wolf RegNum: TB1-YLDKTY s/n: 5522-7555-3581-6657-4596-2637
Website-3D v1.0 : s/n: 0D-80-00-00-002711-02-1-E9B6
WebSnake v1.23 : Name: lxpc97 s/n: 11223344 Code: B1764A5A31C600 or Name: Zero s/n: [GCK] Code: 0DE-AB37F2-FEE
Webspeak v1.04 : Name: aerosmith s/n: 695466990787100785
WebSpeed Optimizer v1.01 : s/n: 422oejku
WebSpeed Optimizer v1.5 : s/n: 170ytqkg
WebSphere App Server v1.1 : ID: C000-013-2909 Key: 3138-0325-4929-9333-9727
WebSpinner v3.8.76 : Standard: ERL5062310284960 Pro : CF55039330174536029
WebStar v2.0 : s/n: 000-18K-00333 or s/n: 000-18K-35191
Webster Pro v2.7 : s/n: 81-846997-66
WebSurveyor v1.0.72 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: WSB-R05335D37B5935
WebSurveyor v1.1.82 : Name: Warp98 s/n: WSB-R0F35131
WebSurveyor v1.1.83 : Name: Delphic s/n: WSB-R09B91137
WebTabs v1.0b : Name: Sn0wman affiliation : Revolt s/n: 0987654321 Key: a3eb-b0d2-d404-e8f3-68bb-4c1b-645d-1ac6
WebTabs v1.0f : Name: Klefz Affiliation : Versus s/n: 1122334455666 Key: 4109-e3bf-dd8c-fbd5-6363-0d4b-92b7-1ae7
WebTalk : s/n: 001-18d-71316 or s/n: 009-18D-53444 or s/n: 000-18D-96275
WebTerm Toolbox v1.1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: SWA-NECMFA-ABNJKI-GAAAMD-LBMMGN
WebTicker v3.01 : Name: Warren s/n: WTN7664W-98
WebTicker v3.02 : Name: Team NOBLiEGE s/n: WTE7604T
WebTicker v4.0 : Name: Team ORiON s/n: WTN7604T
WebTraxPC v2.05a : Name: zoin s/n: em9pbjo
WebTree v1.52 : s/n: 48Q32W9KX6rH
WebTrimmer Lite v1.10a : s/n: 6093257
WebTwin v1.1a : Name: FreeKey 123456 Email: s/n: EEGZ-11-47217100
WebVCR v2.02 build 2082 : Name: xOANON Email: xoanon@ucf.rulez.pc.sux s/n: d8v4-svek-49ym-rvpf
WebVCR v2.1 : Name: forcekill Email: xxx@xxx.xx s/n: dhkn 376d rtyh i7y3
WebVCR v2.13 : Name: Chacal Email: s/n: qzvr-ctej-jj5h-in69
WebVCR v2.16 : Email: BaRT!@BaRT!.CoM s/n: psea-cfgy-jpjh-7yx8
WebWasher v1.02 : s/n: 4D6-34E-757-400
WebWatch v2.0 : Name: mooncat/prophecy s/n: 7AAJq4mu5FA568q9
WebWeaver v97.82 : s/n: 4&187G229133
WebWhacker v3.2.0.4 : Name: (Anything) Email: (Anything) s/n: WW2R-H3D3MR-XP8GM-FDE-JQPNBG
WebWhacker 2000 : License: 21078905 Key: WW2R-IHGQ6H-KPJGX-BES-EKWDQ2
WebWolf v2.03 : Name: s/n: WW2478-169696
WebWolf v2.03 build 001 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: WW-444199
WebWolf v2.xx : Name: DanThaMan/fACTOR '98 s/n: WW666-134212
WebWorks v1.2.16 : Name: aerosmith s/n: AWR-2770385216-05
WebWorks v1.2.18 : Name: aerosmith s/n: AWR-2770385216-05
WebWorks v3.0.01 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 27n394g49D28F4302639B2
WebWorks Search v2.0 : s/n: 2-000-002-20-070898-PYQK-HHIHHMTE
WebZip v2.01 : Name: SiraX/[DNG] s/n: 6AACACA6G29CF71
WebZip v2.02 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 6AACACA6G29CF71
WebZip v2.31 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 6ABAACCG1ED4F7F
WebZip v2.32 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 5A9DACCA9722DE7
WebZip v2.42 : Name: toMcRafT[FFO] s/n: 6AF7AC3G25D5F83
WebZip v2.45 : Name: UNICITY s/n: 6AG5AC99F98FA8D
WebZip v2.46 : Name: SGM-98 s/n: 6AACAC82777DF94
WebZip v2.47 : Name: FALLEN s/n: 5adbacb852g8498
WebZip v2.5 : Name: Fighting Force 98 s/n: 5ADBAC348B6314D
WebZip v2.50.100 : Name: Fritzy-MFD s/n: 5ADCACAB765ABB6
WebZip v2.61 : Name: SGM-98 s/n: 6AACAC82777DF94
WebZip v3.0 Beta 2 : Name: Kmos/CiA in 1999 s/n: 44511FEE9D67
WebZip v3.0 Beta 3 : Name: newhua s/n: 5A57AC7C5F9412B
WebZip v6.1 : Name: eSCLETACLe s/n: 5AG3AC6G934EC4D
Wecker v4.01 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 489-695-342
Weenie - Bang : Name: Compu Terror Company: (Anything) Exp: (Leave Blank) s/n: 0NWA97HQVVTFU0RZEB1A
Weenie - Critters : Name: Compu Terror Company: (Anything) Exp: (Leave Blank) s/n: 0PU2985UT71UCQFT9W7J
Weenie - Spinners : Name: Compu Terror Company: (Anything) Exp: (Leave Blank) s/n: 0R2CQPZ16J2F1VMKCT8T
Weenie - Weird Faces : Name: Compu Terror Company: (Anything) Exp: (Leave Blank) s/n: 0NYB0Z6LDX1TW8MJE68J
Weenie Pack : Name: Compu Terror Company: (Anything) Exp: (Leave Blank) s/n: 0PEUDKRB4V21FMV1KXJU
Weight Commander v6.0 : s/n: 696969 RegNum: 626862
Weight Whiz v1.1 : Name: s/n: 141555414 or Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 92314222
Well Logger v2.7.2 : Name/Company: Kimp Poh s/n: BAWLG-10690159-106
Wemidoda v1.53 : Name: Attacker s/n: W1035-1029-6009
WetSock v3.6 : s/n: 8815-3255415 (click the cloud in the upper left corner)
WetSock v3.7 : s/n: 8812-1234567
WetSock v3.7 build 72 : s/n: 6492-0000165 (Click on Registration Tab, double click weather icon)
What is this v2.0 build 039 : Name: n03l s/n: 31682814435871681155
WhatsG v1.0 : s/n: 14832-DJG
Wheel Maker v98.11.020 : Name: EDWARD LUKANEC Company: (Blank) s/n: 1901029956
Wheel Volume v1.1 : Name: Warp s/n: 33930
Where Am I? v1.1 : s/n: 110391481A28
Where Is It? v1.26 : Name: Joe Company: Private s/n: 002546-238-03961 RegCode: L[3cnEquAhiSfFquA5dwl9NMep8wWyFcd0UE[a2c
Where Is It? v2.0 : Name: David J Tominsek Company: Private s/n: 012215-100-42887 RegCode: LAfDf3T6A7LZ6QSuyH0gnAyC0hFs7vOgsgIoB2r3
WHexEd95 v1.2 : Name: Azrael [PC] Code: canbklbvugdymutbtadn
WhippleWare's VB Compress Pro v6.01 : s/n: CP7-1201-6010035
WhippleWare's VB Language Manager Pro v4.02 : s/n: LP8-0430-4020047
WhoHasIt v1.5 : s/n: A1-UCF-1993
Widow Pitch v1.2 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 807655565
Wilbur v1.64 : Name: FUTUR2000 s/n: HXHU2X0E
Wilbur v2.00b7 : Name: Sonixx/CORE s/n: QSMV264Y
Wild Ball Keno v1.2 : s/n: 284913
Wild Seven Slots Suite v1.3 : s/n: 947631
Wild Type : s/n: FHW251R31003373
Wild Wizard Slots v1.4 : s/n: 753702
Wildcat v4.0 multiline 10 : s/n: 87-0406
WildCat v5.01 : Registration: 03-2084 LineCount: 16 Key: 3a58-2395-1ded-d0e1-c100
WildCat BBS v4.0x : s/n: 95-1144 or s/n: 90-0859 or s/n: 90-0892 or s/n: 90-1444 or s/n: 86-0001
WildCat BBS v4.12 : s/n: 98-2558
Will Build v1.0 : s/n: 906-4-11801
WillMaker v6.07 : Name: Terrible Lie s/n: 5952BGS255
WillMaker v7.0.5e2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: D8FZ2CVC98
Win 95 Advisor : s/n: W1-157248
Win Analyzer v2.01 : s/n: 0401-0012344
Win Analyzer v3.6 : Email: (Anything) s/n: 4f4e85ab
Win Batch v97d : Name: blastsoft s/n: 0T000000
Win Dates v3.05 : Name: escom[CORE] s/n: 17571153
Win Delete v2.0c : s/n: W139350
Win Dict v3.1 : Name: PRiMESTAR Company: PRiMESTAR s/n: WD3.1-40220-63930
Win Expose-I/O v1.x : Name: MarQuiS Company: CYC AddrLine1: 1 AddrLine2: 2 s/n: 3 Key: EXPLFA576734
Win Expose-I/O v2.00 : Name: TwinHead [uCF] !96 Company: United Cracking Force AddrLine1: (C)racking 1994-1996 AddrLine2: UCF s/n: 1996 Key: f41dd7e2
Win Image v4.0.4009 : Name: Capoeira/TS s/n: 10C3528E
Win Lotto Pro v4.04 : Name: Versus Cracker s/n: 6BAC295D9E391618
Win Lotto Pro v4.05 : Name: Registered User s/n: 6FEC7560003FC762
Win Manager v2.50 : s/n: 05529
Win Navigator v1.50b : Name: fallen s/n: 214567
Win On Cd OEM v3.5 : s/n: 01046-51744895d or s/n: 01094-59482439o
Win Pager v2.0 : Name: #8#122#9#39#18#26#8 s/n: TeamTBS or Name: #88#101#101#109 s/n: 301#
Win Patch v1.2 : Name: VERSUS '98 Pin: L&D-0611993618007 Company: REKiEM
Win Poly Grab : s/n: WPG-01-002336
Win Port v4.05 : s/n: B306430-HCMJ
Win Port v5.0 2 : s/n: AAC103427-eefseh
Win Protect v1.0 : Name: Explicit s/n: 7C4F415C5F525943
Win Proxy v2.1B2 : s/n: 1001-00000023-383
Win Rescue 95 v8.06 : s/n: msR318aUi9y2E84L
Win Rescue 95 v9.0 : s/n: msR3I8aUi9y2E84L
Win Rescue 95 v9.03 : s/n: msR3I8aUi9y2E84L
Win Rescue 95 v9.08 : s/n: msR3I8aUi9y2E84L
Win Rescue 95 v9.09 : s/n: msR3I8aUi9y2E84L
Win Rescue 98 v3.08 : s/n: SvetCHRISTA
Win Rescue 98 v4.01 : s/n: SvetCHRISTA
Win Rescue 98 v4.03 : s/n: SvetCHRISTA
Win Rescue 98 v4.08 : s/n: SvetCHRISTA
Win Rescue 98 v4.09 : s/n: SvetCHRISTA
Win Tools v1.0.1 : s/n: 7164102068
WinXFiles v3.8 : Name: ls-Warp s/n: AHRNFXRUUYUELRM
WinXFiles v3.9 : Name: CHENZY s/n: GRJQBKEURTFGEER
Win Zipit : s/n: 22529
Win32 Font Lister v2.7 : s/n: G0XS6Q.G6S1gBn
Win95 Logo Organizer98 v4.0 : Name: Spider]PC98 s/n: 73E1728B8F96DB6E
Win95 VxV Library and VxDWriter v1.0 : Name: Hackerjack! s/n: 575e-97e8c2cd-b8a6
Win9x TCPIP Swapper v3.0 : s/n: 0492710223
WinAce : Name: LoungeAct AV-String: LASH Key: ACE-Q4AA-QKQK-RM37-SXF3
WinAce-Archiver v1.0 beta : Name: Alexander Bremer s/n: ACE-RP9T-M7CW-RRNW-AD343422878
Winamp v1.82 : Name: Team PGC s/n: 18815112
Winamp v2.0 : Name: WinAMP s/n: 88721934 or Name: TeamPGC s/n: 18815112
Winamp v2.05 : Name: Kenny s/n: 80389862
Winamp v2.09 : Name: tHE EGOiSTE['99] s/n: 44735831
Winamp v2.20 : Name: FiReBiRd [4110] s/n: 53221466
Winamp v2.22 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 78749182
Winamp v2.23 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 78749182
Winamp v2.24 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 78749182
Winamp Database v1.11 : Name: Wrong registration code! s/n: B063BA4DDE3466E176E425F70B180B4D8FCF074CC057DE3665
Winamp Skin Maker v0.27 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] s/n: 5062047
Winamp Skin Maker v1.0 : Name: BerSerkA s/n: 3523443
Winamp Skin Maker v1.01 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 5391419
Winamp Skin Maker v1.05 : Name: _ERaD_ s/n: 2138793 or Name: registered s/n: 5454859 or Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] s/n: 5912159
WinAnalyzer v2.0 : s/n: 0401-0012344
WinAnalyzer v3.7 : Name: MvD '99 s/n: 3d1fa1a0
WinArj v2.95.0.80 : Name: scanner s/n: 307095
WinArj v3.0 : Name: DjPaul uCF s/n: 155808

WinArj 95 v2.95 : Name: dA s/n: 66240
WinArj 95 v4.10 : Name: Larry s/n: 250455
WinArj 95 : s/n: 3342D8DC4C4CF478
WinArj 98 : Name: KEIOS@LEAF s/n: 07756966746389737965
WinArj Archiver Shell : Name: DjPaul uCF s/n: 155808
WinASecend : s/n: 8016023 Key: EMGIVMH
WinBar v3.0 : Name: Premiere 1998 s/n: 11129805009507
WinBar v3.0.37 : Name: Team PGC s/n: 15999405270696
WinBar v3.1.106 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: 21959410059900
WinBar v3.1.109 : Name: MARK HAUBER s/n: 08951103279890
WinBar v3.1.12 : Name: FALLEN s/n: 019505049604
WinBar v3.1.99 : Name: Team PGC s/n: 15999405270696
WinBatch v4.1E : Name: 288635 s/n: sg01kg7r
WinBatch v5.0j : ID: 264747 s/n: LG01FNT9
WinBatch v98e : Name: Fritz Manifest ID: 696969 s/n: IG012BLC
WinBatch v99c : Name: PREMiERE ID: 696969 s/n: IG012BLC
WinBatch : ID: Pantera s/n: 1G344NN2
WinBatch Compiler v5.01j : ID: 263324 s/n: QG017Q3U
WinBatch Compiler v5.0j : ID: 263336 s/n: LG01JCCR
WinBatch Interpreter v5.01j : ID: 265082 s/n: QG018V2J
WinBatch PopMenu v96e : Name: jake cwc s/n: 9T63LRSF
WinBolsa Pro v1.0 : Install under the name of 'justarius of inside'. Then enter: Name: justarius of inside s/n: 99702153 RegNum: 13596944
WinBoost 2000 v1.00 : Name: CZY s/n: 183506092
WinBoost 2000 v1.01 : Name: CZY s/n: 183506092
WinBoost 2000 Gold : Name: FOSI s/n: 3P2C7-G283-TF36-1C6Y-3042 or Name: SavaGe s/n: 0Q0E8-B535-BT48-3Q1B-5991
WinBoost 98 v1.1 : Name: Delphic s/n: 409496927
WinBoost 98 v1.2 : Name: UNICITY s/n: 321318515
WinBoost 98 v1.21 : Name: Naglfar [DDT98] s/n: 633186092
WinBoost 98 v1.23 : Name: D-tRAdER (DSi) s/n: 563472518
WinBoost 98 v1.3 : Name: Free Trial s/n: 601271062 or Name: The Exterminators s/n: 894850103
WinBoot v2.02 : Name: Steve Hsu RegNum: 58319772 license: 12345
WinBowl v3.0 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 21464
WinBowl v3.1 : Name: Maria Rosende s/n: 9619
WinBowl Tenpin League Manager v1.8.3 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 5AFFC2A0
WinCalc 12_6 v2.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 23031203
WinCat PRO v4.1 : Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 93041-27113
WinChanger v2.1 : Name: jog [DNG] s/n: 472372
WinCharger v2.2 : Name: TRPS 98 s/n: 157444
WinCheckIt v2.0 : s/n: A6-021259
WinCheckIt v2.01 : s/n: A6-050152
WinCheckIt v2.03 : s/n: A6-050152 or s/n: A6-069617
WinCheckit v4.0 : s/n: W4-120020
WinCheckIt v4.0 : s/n: A3-098294
WinCheckIt : s/n: A6-174510 or s/n: A6-135783
WinCheckIt Retail v2.0 : s/n: B6-019820
WinClean v2.xx : Name: THE RIDDLER [EOD] s/n: L0UH9:0WL5
WinComm Pro v1.1 : s/n: 37Z59J
WinComm Pro v1.1 : s/n: 37Z59J
WinCommander v1.2 : Name: Skalagi Company: [LAXiTY] s/n: 00234-5678-547-155-3690
WinCorder v1.30 : Name: Zero [GCK] s/n: DGAMUDTKCUFWLX-DSRVINMWHM
WinCraps v4.1 : Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 1536098363
WinCron v1.0 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: 9D2BF13EF4553F3C
WinDac v1.48 : Name: SavaGe [PC] s/n: KMUCEHHEDOU4AGR1x
WinDac v1.49 : Name: BIGBLUE / BLIZZARD s/n: IAWE1LNFTX46QNL6 or Name: Patrick Mann s/n: G7WEKWPUDOSUQIVP or Name: Gordon s/n: EYW41LXLTK4PUPJH
WinDates v3.01 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 71859826
WinDates v3.05 : Name: 6U! s/n: 47984206
WinDates v3.61 : Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 71859826
WinDates v3.7 : Name: CoSH [PCY] s/n: 73984181
WinDesk Tools v2.0 : Name: Bisoux s/n: 19431943
WinDesk Tools v2.1 : Name: Sickie [TbC] s/n: 19431943
Window Blinds v0.80 : Name: PGC_TeaM s/n: WB-23b907b3 or Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: WB-2fefd1a9 or Name: aCid420 s/n: WB-25901a50 or Name: Aurora s/n: WB-146bd680b or Name: tEX 99 s/n: WB-63107215 or Name: CORE s/n: WB-b9ac4c7d
Window Blinds v0.90 : Name: fallen s/n: WB-9a51d92b or Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: WB-21e99757
Window Blinds v0.93 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: WB-21e99757
Window Blinds v0.95 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: WB-21e99757
Window Blinds v0.97 : Name: wtf99 dF s/n: WB-13db08c37 or Name: Faith2000 Will Go On! s/n: WB-58693fp
Window Blinds v0.99.1 : Name: CZY s/n: WB-c7372dd9 or Name: viny [GWA] s/n: WB-618206f1
Window Blinds v0.99.5 : Name: CZY s/n: WB-c7372dd9
Window Control95 v1.61.13 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: 54932623
Window On Wallstreet Internet Trader Pro v7.0 : s/n: ZRL0NXM4NLG75AN8H6SRP3
WinDownload v3.6 : s/n: 2728374127204619739160244060
Windows v3.11 : s/n: 00131-002-6600743
Windows 95 : s/n: 875-7215850 or s/n: 100-1208613 or s/n: 757-2573155
Windows 95 Advisor v1.0 : s/n: 002-473 or s/n: 002-794 or s/n: 030-734 or s/n: 086-215
Windows 95 Final NL : s/n: 12095-OEM-0004226-12233
Windows 95 Full : s/n: 15795-OEM-0001
Windows 95 OEM : s/n: 12095-OEM-0004226-12233 or s/n: 15795-OEM-0001355-07757 or s/n: 16595-OEM-0001695-96524
Windows 95 OSR 2.5 : s/n: 24796-OEM-0014736-66386
Windows 95 Plus : s/n: 040-0073635 or s/n: 040-0081471 or s/n: 040-0081586
Windows 95B : s/n: 27497-OEM-0025347-80387
Windows 98 Chinese : s/n: JV839-M2B2Y-DW6BJ-467TK-YPGGQ
Windows 98 Dutch : s/n: GB7WP-RRQCB-HVY29-2K2PX-VGCG8
Windows 98 Final Retail : s/n: K4HVD-Q9TJ9-6CRX9-C9G68-RQ2D3 or s/n: K8F92-DRTF8-D2T6X-R2QX6-2W46B or s/n: JHVBP-T6TMP-GX8XJ-CMGDP-K8CCX or s/n: FT9CH-XVXW7-7BFCM-RPR49-VDHYD or s/n: B4DWD-2B3KX-KT7MR-GQXVB-WFMFY or s/n: BBH2G-D2VK9-QD4M9-F63XB-43C33 or s/n: QCRFR-GG62T-V43B8-MFW8
Windows 98 French : s/n: GDXPD-T99JH-82TMX-BCY9M-4RKW7
Windows 98 German : s/n: FXMKC -FF2F7-86DJY-Y86FC-824MB
Windows 98 Greek : s/n: GQ4CR-T3DQG-H7VMB-D36QX-V8KFT
Windows 98 Hebrew : s/n: fjbmh-7h9b3-2rmw6-qcj4p-r3chb
Windows 98 OEM : s/n: KWQ2C-4GPMH-FTRMR-7JQGD-688TT or s/n: DMGW7-3XBTD-3VV7C-83RQD-KHX66 or s/n: M9W3X-RJD63-2WFRH-72X6G-HXD36 or s/n: XPH76-H46HM-QVF6F-H444T-QM7MW or s/n: B6G6Q-H29Y9-4KTV8-QBQG2-FMKFM or s/n: DCWVC-VFR84-TX9X4TDCWC-JWB96 or s/n: KCYY7-46C8D-2HQH7-QW92M
Windows 98 Second Edition : s/n: CMGRR-XCBMG-4P8TB-DR9FW-62PFB or s/n: HMTWJ-VPPWP-9BXP8-WD73Y-GGT6M
Windows 98 Second Edition Full Retail : s/n: F73WT-WHD3J-CD4VR-2GWKD-T38YD or s/n: K4HVD-Q9TJ9-6CRX9-C9G68-RQ2D3 or s/n: VD4WG-Y998T-3MGWX-GPW2Q-3QVC8 or s/n: PYDMY-DVJ9J-996VH-JX66P-9TWKW or s/n: T98GF-R6C7Y-3MCV2-7C9DK-VC2F8 or s/n: FQD88-4X7FK-9HV9K-Q28FF-T3JC3
Windows 98 Second Edition OEM : s/n: FT9CH-XVXW7-7BFCM-RPR49-VDHYD or s/n: PW3DW-PC9D8-Q7VMQ-8YTMY-RTR9G or s/n: M4G3G-77CGM-9FY8T-PMWBC-JJYDM or s/n: TBXVP-MB6YG-MH8W4-VXGW2-QYB9W or s/n: CMT3F-GYCQP-BP29T-TJQY6-WHBMW or s/n: F2WQC-WTPDW-TC9QC-RKPTB-PKHRT
Windows 98 Second Edition OEM Spanish : s/n: MP7TK-KPT9F-DJFH9-B3828-HFH9D
Windows 98 Upgrade : s/n: G2FGT-6HYRW-X2W2C-RT7HW-RF7WX or s/n: TFYX7-9GG6R-PHK2H-TBR44-T6Q79 or s/n: C3HJX-FPCVK-V7KKQ-3GCYQ-9Y6HP or s/n: CCW67-GWQY3-9TG6G-3P7YP-728JX or s/n: HCGYX-8Q23F-237WM-WJ6TV-9KK72 or s/n: CQKDD-TJC3J-3Y7YJ-8CG9M-22MFF
Windows 98 Upgrade Italian : s/n: RJMY9-VV4TY-48JCK-MRTJD-7TGJH
Windows Access Menu v3.5 : Name: Terry Georgi s/n: WAM354657272792047656F726769
Windows CE Toolkit for Visual Basic v5.0 : s/n: 111-111111
Windows CE Toolkit for Visual C++ v5.0 : s/n: 111-111111
Windows Draw : s/n: DV1001LXX10827
Windows Enforcer v3.0 : s/n: 5434343543435431354
Windows for WorkGroups v3.11 : s/n: 18016-010-0187302 or s/n: 19492-020-0028353 or s/n: 511807955
Windows for WorkGroups Spanish v3.11 : s/n: 872-0298-300C
Windows Help Maker II : Name: Dilburt^ LSD s/n: 2310027996
Windows Interactive Network Server PE v6.0 : Enter all 1's
Windows Lock v2.2 : s/n: 26384094848499
Windows Lotto Pro v4.01 : Name: GREENBACK s/n: F7F7556C86E762EB
Windows Lotto Pro v4.02 : Name: UNC Team s/n: F58B8FC5D18F3F90
Windows Lotto Pro v4.02 : Name: LOMAX [DSI] s/n: 49877C05F4611AC0
Windows Lotto Pro v4.03 : Name: UNC TEAM s/n: F58B8FC5D18F3F90
Windows Lotto Pro v4.04 : Name: United Cracking Force - QT s/n: 484D401F59643C08
Windows Millennium vBuild 2348 : s/n: RBDC9-VTRC8-D7972-J97JY-PRVMG
Windows Millennium vBuild 2363 : s/n: RBDC9-VTRC8-D7972-J97JY-PRVMG
Windows Multi-Lock v1.2 : s/n: 2643985749399
Windows NT Server v4.0 : s/n: 427-5632883
Windows NT Server : s/n: 419-0812021
Windows NT Tips, Tricks, and Registry Hacks : Name: SpiNBalL s/n: 4CA0A9AE
Windows NT Workstation v4.0 : s/n: 807-2414712 or OEMs/n: 28997-OEM-0025957-49297
Windows NT Workstation v4.0 : s/n: 425-1921701
Windows Picture v1.1 : s/n: 5173e7bd17
Windows Plus! : Fill with 1's or s/n: 062-0805825003490
Windows Scanner v1.0 : s/n: 257-1184-WSC-32
Windows Scientific Calculator v4.0 : Name: bLACK tHORNE / MCC s/n: 12210743399
Windows Security Officer 98 v3.6 : s/n: 9951262350
Windows Security Officer v3.8 : s/n: 12j956932643
Windows Task-Lock v4.0 : Single: 45687897134654084487080 Multi: 418117113408700703414174
Windows Time Lapse Video v1.3 : s/n: 04391962
WinDoze WakeUp v1.41 : Name: Delphic s/n: 33-35-39-42-41-43-43
WinDraft v2.05 : s/n: CHN-T20-NST-6T3-L06-NO
Windrop v3.3 : Name: el loco Company: Boedha s/n: CORE-199833000000-3051
WinDVD v1.2.84p : s/n: RZV9GVF4YJVDJMI
WinDVD v1.2.85 : s/n: RZV9GVF4YJVDJMI
WinEaze v1.4 : Name: The Olympus Gods s/n: OZ87C51555
WinEdit v1.414 : Name: Denis Grondin s/n: 38477750
WinEdit 98 v52298 : Name: WinEdit96 ID: 304407 s/n: DG01JJJ3
WinEdit Pro v3.10 : ID: 281317 s/n: AG01DQUX or ID: Pantera s/n: 1G34DJS9
WinEx 99 v3.0 : Name: 9207 s/n: 466513
WinExit 95 v3.1.27 : Name: SiraX s/n: 1507328
Win-eXpose-IO v2.0 : Name: LiGHt DRUiD Company: iSS'99 AddressLine1: AddressLine2: s/n: (None) Password: f41c3c94
Win-eXpose-IO v3.0 : Name: NuTeLa Company: DSi AddressLine1: adr1 AddressLine2: adr2 s/n: 123456 Password: f4171b6c
Win-eXpose-Registry v1.0 : Name: n03l Company: Faith2000 Address Line 1and 2: Faith2000 s/n: 2468024680 Password: f4004298
WinEye v3.0 : Name: FUTUR2000 s/n: 66282323430
WinEye v3.1 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: WE31-9DEDFB7A584CA85E
WinEye v3.1a : Name: N!P [GCK] Code: WE31-1B64E35DF70707CF
WinFax v9.0 : Name: SimpsonINC s/n: NJQAEYLKSX
WinFax Network Server v4.1 : ServerNo: 1161-3469-8496 UserCountNo: 1501-9895-6835-8003
WinFax Pro v3.0 : Server: 1100-0955-4806 or User: 1152-3481-1788
WinFax Pro v4.0 : Server: 1101-3405-1357 or User: 1154-2501-7095 or User: 1154-3403-4849
WinFax Pro v7.0 : s/n: 7410-2151-7186 or s/n: 7420-4071-4667
WinFax Pro v7.0 : s/n: 7410-2151-7186 or s/n: 7410-4085-4233 or s/n: 7420-4071-4667
WinFax Pro v8.0 : s/n: 12-31-90006-GE
WinFax Pro : s/n: 1321-2123-7176 or s/n: 1331-7470-0001
WinFish1 Lake Fishing v1.2 : Name: DSG TeAM s/n: WF473341LF
Winfit v2.5 : s/n: 1006775544
WinFlash v4.0 : Name: SRegistered User s/n: 196700625
WinFlash Administrator v5.1 : Name: Jerry Rogers s/n: 15B56C000676
Winfo v2.0 : Name: bUrnoUt s/n: 209349220464
WinFossil v1.04 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 36147306
WinGate v1.3 : Name: Misha [UCF] s/n: l11*p99,499`*66l
WinGate v1.310 : Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 78A98F5F512243C15667015A or Name: Phrozen Crew 96 s/n: 1937157FDFE06A1AECF56D0B or Name: tHATDUDE s/n: E3353EAEC806A6946A85FD46r or Name: TKC s/n: 4E993AA3869CF655C9C17D06
WinGate v1.311 : Name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: F504EAB1B0218261BE648134
WinGate v2.1 Beta 2 : Name: Leddy / 2000AD s/n: 729E0308620B2D1779234376
WinGate v2.1b : Name: mRFANATIc [DEMiSE] s/n: 8DB730C21F2E035C76F16712
WinGate v3.0 Beta 8 : Name: Leatherman/2000ad Lite: 2Users: 8332B9CE9FFA0BA30800E35C 5Users: 8332B9CE0DFB0BA3A407E55C 10users: 8332B9CE4EFC0BA33008B05C Unlimited: 8332B9CEEEFD0BA3D0FDAA5C Pro: 2users: 8332B9CEA4FE0BA3600080DC 5users: 8332B9CE09FE0BA30407C4DC 10users: 8332B9CEF
WinGate v3.0 RC1 : Name: WinGate 3 beta tester 255Users: F3A6C7BA709A7CB46C5F5E13
WinGate v3.0.2 : Name: James Bond s/n: 69D5EE2F11D34D809065CE4A
WinGate v3.04 : Name: Leatherman/2000AD s/n: E9146DEE20F301307C783E6B or Name: Jaydee 99 s/n: F8D5CB63248CAD7B532DEBB5 or Name: CZY s/n: 0158ADA134C9188BFAE858E3
WinGate v3.0.5 : Name: CZY s/n: 0158ADA134C9188BFAE858E3
WinGate v3.1a : Name: Leatherman-2000AD s/n: 73727289104D5C5F5D8DA8DE
WinGate vx.x : Name: United Cracking Force - QT s/n: 419764B050C2EF1DD21CAB12
WinGate Lite v2.0 : Name: warez s/n: 8E63FC122CB486AE534FF698 (5 users)
WinGate Pro v2.0 : s/n: 1bcc8d7f52067346317d05eb (unlimited users)
WinGate Pro v2.1 : Name: iBC s/n: F0271B3DE5A25F918BB17D2A
WinGate Pro v3.0 : Name: Boedha s/n: 683A1B8A57AFEB951529B6E8
WinGate Pro v3.0 : Unlimited: Name: Viowatch s/n: F6BD5EE01A6D6BF1C18AE58C
WingDate v4.2 : s/n: WDAT00100010007
WingDate-Date Reminder v4.1 : s/n: WDAT04105579859
WingDir v4.5a : s/n: WDIR04506029630
WingDir v4.6 : s/n: WDIR00100010007
WinGo v1.6.74 : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp s/n: 342353-332497481-DC or Name: Mr.Grey [WkT!99] Company: Whiskey kon Tekila s/n: 44288-232676788-HK
WinGo Folder Alias v1.6 : Name: Norway Company: Revolt98 s/n: 562526-97151458-BM
WingPager v1.0.120299 : Name: TL]KfNVR s/n: #27#30#25#45#25#40#24#31
WinGrep v2.00 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 656C7669732F
WinGrep v2.1 : Name: draXXter s/n: 656C7669732F
WinGrep v3.0 : Name: John Bar s/n: 656C7669732F
WinGroove v0.9 : Password: ZAAAAAAA UserID: BJG7010e or Password: ZAAAAAAA UserID: BJG70109
WinGroove v0.9E : Password: ZAAAAAAA UserID: BJG70109
WinHacker 95 v2.0 : Name: -= +ALI-BABA =- Company: D4C / 1997 s/n: 826d-7b7942
WinHacker 95 v2.01 : Name: Clark Kent Company: Daily Planet s/n: f023-1581c7
WinHacker 95 v2.0x : Name: MIRAMAX Company: The Force Team s/n: 7221-8ccbe1
WinHex v8.23 : Code1: 49725 Code2: 35780
WinHex v8.55 : Code1: 9235 Code2: 259828
WinHex v8.56 : Code1: 9235 Code2: 259828
WinHex v8.57 : Code1: 9235 Code2: 259828
WinImage v2.20-2.51b4 : Name: WINIMAGE s/n: CEE5D8
Winimage v2.25b3 : Name: Registered Version s/n: 8BDCDD26
WinImage v2.5 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 8CA2D0D9
WinImage v2.5 : Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 214326F
WinImage v2.x : Name: MarQuiS [UCF] s/n: 3B05ED64 4C0806AC
WinImage v3.0 : Name: WINIMAGE s/n: CEE5D8
WinImage v4.0 : Name: CRACKED s/n: 741DB3
Winimage v4.0.4008 : Name: GLoW eXzibiT s/n: 31AE869C
WinImage v5.00.5000 : Name: draXXter [Faith2000] s/n: D2CE2812 or Name: DeadEyE [ThP] s/n: 3CC345A7
WinImage Pro v4.0 : Name: John Hunt s/n: 122CA601
WinImages v4.0 : Lighting: 1614-4726-3242-5061 Plasma: 4813-7113-2715-4376 Blur: 4303-6813-6657-8168 Geom: 8002-6046-2672-5442 Pattern: 1385-7568-6450-6122 Filter: 8542-0003-0007-2153 Math: 3862-0650-3571-7804 Collage: 7734-6687-7151-8367 Standard: 2037-5234-0118-3682 Alp
WinImp v0.95 : Name: Kaparo Key1: 0 Key2: 6170D0DD
WinInBlack v2.0 : Name: Commander Keen Company: cracked 4 u s/n: 66O3L64
WinInBlack 99 v2.1sG : Name: defiler Company: The Exterminators s/n: 66R9H634
WinInBlack 99 v2.1sG Build 294 : Benutzer: Crackers in Action Firma/ID: Rayden [C.i.A] Schlüssel: PDS34UO8HOVDcom
Winlpd v1.0 Build 1004 : s/n: 1234-1234-1234-1234 Key: 59DC-B3B8-6770-CEE0
WinJammer v3.0 : Name: defiler Company: THE EXTERMINATORS s/n: Q34W4B2 or Name: Commander Keen Company: cracked -03-09-1999- s/n: WUUUQ55
WinLAND v4.5 : s/n: 004522-91236-1221-58B1
WinLPR v1.60 : Name: Decline/Laxity s/n: 689-881-390-494
WinMaster v1.5 : s/n: 4010625852V01
WinMOD v1.1 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 27?051
WinNavigator v1.35 : Name: fallen s/n: 214567
WinNC v1.5e : Name: escom/CORE s/n: uj996ZLYGB
WinNC Pro v1.5 : Name: Dannie DaCarder s/n: vERcPkLA2E
WinNFS v3.3a : Name: blastsoft Company: blastsoft s/n: 1133345699
WinOnCD v2.14 : s/n: SWFOWIN1-214-30608
WinOnCD v3.0 : s/n: 00946-80026090n
WinOnCD v3.5 : s/n: 01046-29312833k
WinOnCD v3.6 Build 399-2 : s/n: 01551-06845806o
WinOnCD v3.6.408-1 : s/n: 01510-30673562k
WinOnCD To Go! v1.3 : s/n: 00246-94392401i
WinOnCD To Go! v1.4 : s/n: 00246-46394903F
WinOnCD To Go! v4.0 : s/n: 00646-80582605h
WinOptimizer 99 Deluxe : s/n: WOD77AQQQQQQQQ03D0
WinPac 2 v1.00 : Name: Wayne Kerr s/n: 99198-28732-69791-65148
WinPac 2 v1.01 : Name: LOMAX s/n: 59808 82380 10022 15131
WinPatch v1.1.01 : Name: aKIRA sAKE s/n: L&D-0626-20493290 Company: japanese arts of fighting or Name: tKC/PC 98 s/n: L&D-0626-15281175 Company: Phrozen Crew
WinPatch v1.2.1 : Name: MANiFEST s/n: L&D-0611-14784821 Company: DESTINY
WinPatch v1.25 : Name: ERaD / WaxWeazle Company: LAXiTY s/n: L&D-0611-75034161 or Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 Company: Alpha-Omega s/n: L&D-0611-15800154 or Name: mISTER fANATIC Company: cRACKiNG 4 aLL s/n: L&D-0611-31540900
WinPGP v4.0 : FirstName: tHATDUDE! LastName: Cracker s/n: 273495638
WinPGP v4.1 and 5.0 : FirstName: Registered LastName: Copy s/n: 291191258
WinPlay3 v1.0 : s/n: 1234DA75901230
WinPlay3 v2.0 : s/n: 100011-301000-5000
WinPlay3 v2.0 : s/n: 100011-301000-5000
WinPlay3 : Name: (anything) s/n: 222221-025226-0222
WinPlay3 : Name:CracK Da WareZ s/n:222221-025226-0222
WinPlay3 : s/n: 100011-301000-5000
WinPlus v3.06.2 : Name: GLOU Company: GLOU (Launch WinPlus, In Welcome display box press the Purchase Button)
WinPoint 95 vFinal Beta : Name: RyDeR_H00k! [UCF] s/n: 7C3D5C1B
Winpop Plus v1.0 : Name: michael shelby s/n: 18027F74
Winpop Plus v1.0.100.156 : Name: CORE/ITR SmallOffice: 701A6679 Pro: 6D1D184B
Winpop Plus v1.0.100.161 : Name: michael shelby s/n: 18027F74
Winpop Plus v1.2.100 Build 101 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 13741C1A
Winpop Plus v1.2.107 : Name: Versus s/n: 3F0A121D
Winpop Plus v1.3.100 : Name: CORE/DrRhui SmallOffice: 11682279 Pro: 0C6F5C4B
Winpop Plus v1.3.103 : Name: Norman Vialpando s/n: 3F163E56
Winpop Plus v1.3.108 : Name: CORE/DrRhui SmallOffice: 11682279 Pro: 0C6F5C4B
Winpop Plus v1.3.115 : s/n: 30106F1E
Winpop Plus v1.3.120 : Name: LordFritz/MANiFEST s/n: 64057466
Winpop Plus v1.3.123 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 13741C1A
WinPowerDown v1.12 : Name: Wrong registration code! s/n: E34CD729E72037CC40C342C259BC77859E61B8BD53A664BEB1
WinProbe v3.0 : s/n: 00065088DH9 or s/n: 00087228DH9 or s/n: 37809H9
WinProbe v3.1 : s/n: 01497186EH9 or s/n: 01919565FH9 or s/n: 01826082FH9
WinProbe v4.0 : s/n: 006-18C-67974 or s/n: 111-18C-17800 or s/n: 333-18C-05672
WinProbe v5.0 : s/n: 006-18Z-67974 or s/n: 111-18Z-17800 or s/n: 333-18Z-05672
WinProbe : s/n: 022-18c-96622..
WinProxy v2.0c : s/n: 1255-C9YKLH4O-278
WinProxy v2.0R1c : s/n: 1001-00000023-383
WinProxy v2.1 : s/n: 1665-HKP7XQ1F-250
WinProxy v2.1R2G : Name: MoWAX Company: Nobliege Email: s/n: 1960-CCKQCP8Q-076
WinRAR v2.00b2 : Name: 01-registered s/n: C4BF18BBEB
WinRAR v2.02 : Name: Attitude s/n: 2AAB3CB9D3EEA1
WinRAR v2.06 : Name: The Krazy Nomad [DEViANT] s/n: 0A2A2B9DB2FC81
WinRAR v2.5 : Name: LawAbidngCriminalZ s/n: 8F2428F06BBA9
WinRAR v2.50 b3a : Name: NeXus76 [ReFLeX] s/n: AE30EFD6E0BE
WinRAR : Name: 01-registered s/n: c4bf18bbeb
WinRock Rock Classification Wizard v1.03 : s/n: 6245192
WinRoute v3.04 : s/n: 12345678942 Key: 6:83207;103:
WinRoute Pro v3.0 beta 6 : s/n: 12345678942 Key: 6:83207;103:
WinRoute Pro v4.0 : Key1: 62e56705 Key2: 53f0dc95
WinRoute Pro v4.0b : Unlimited: 62050000-c41a6562 EDU: a2050000-e7d505cf NFR: b2050000-b1ef5937
WinRunner v4.03 : s/n: 9607-3541738823
WinRunner 2000 v5.0 : s/n: 9607-3551733220
WinRunner Professional v5.01 : s/n: 9607-3551733220
WinSafe v2.7.01 : s/n: 101-85187
WinScript v1.1 : Name: TwinHead [uCF] !96 Company: uNITED cRACKING fORCE s/n: 100-29692373
WinScript v2.0 : Name: Riz la+ Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 200-87972300
WinSecure v1.8 : Name: Culosucio s/n: 3082538249
WinSecure v2.0 : Name: Spider] s/n: 489766086195WSNS
WinSecure v2.1 : Name: fallen s/n: 601857236372WSNS
WinSecure It v2.0 : s/n: DURK Password: dc6144b4
WinSecure It v2.10 : Name: HarvestR Company: CiA '98 s/n: 456456 Password: 30f4da3a
WinSell Express v3.01 : UserNum: 3 Password: super
WinSense Windows Optimizer : s/n: 720-17944
WinSettings 97 : s/n: NS-100-000-003 Key: 14AB-EE49
WinShield v1.0 : s/n: 550836
Winshred v1.0 : When you start the software, you will see a screen which reads WinShred is a trial application. Holding the shift key down on your keyboard, click on the Register button and enter: Name: Greg Peters Company: (blank) KeyA: 1048 KeyB: 0
WinShuffle v2.0 : Name: PHROZEN CREW s/n: W8F56RJ
WinSleuth Gold Plus v2.0 : s/n: 240-14256 or s/n: 201-1629
WinSMART v3.5 : s/n: 004522-91236-1221-58B1
WinSMTP : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL SharewareRegisterKey: RHyacrqa+UzxuDaTAgnIFevn CommercialRegisterKey: l6bkxEy++-mqyhacuV3h8efg (for all) Company: G.!.$ Node: 99:99:99
Winsock v2.1 : Name: Greythorne s/n: 7C8C7CA0
Winsock v3.10 : Key: 987645321 Code: cipqhpibsmri
Winsock : Name: Me s/n: 39323CC3
Winsock : Name: Batman s/n: 6E90014E
Winsock RCP RSH REXEC v2.03 : s/n: 879098RCPRSH1006CEDAXX
Winsome Screen Savers : Name: s/n: WTSS-2001
WinSpec v1.2 : s/n: WS - 28013012
WinSpec v1.3 : Name: Arthur Fawcett s/n: 14110640
WinSpec v1.4 : Name: Ruth Haagenson s/n: 14110640
WinSplit v3.03 : s/n: WIN-SPLIT-3002
WinSports v1.0.6 : s/n: 8f7j36f9wk
Win-stitch v6.4 : FirstName: dustie LastName: blizzard98 Email: s/n: WST64-91327-790392
WinStock v1.17.2 : Name: Vizion/CORE s/n: 3568-8034-6398-5007-1993-1983
WinStock Pro v2.1.4 : Name: rAggEr/CORE s/n: 3568-8034-6398-5007-1993-1912
WinStock Pro v2.2.1 : Name: rAggEr/CORE s/n: 3568-8034-6398-5007-1993-1912
WinStock Pro v2.3.1 : Name: UNICITY s/n: 115-97-88-50-99-100
WinStock Pro v2.4.1 : Name: Vizion/CORE s/n: 3568-8034-6398-5007-1993-1983
Winstructor v1.0 : Name: dRn-1@DarkAge s/n: 0001930EE4F97B45
WinStudy v5.0 : Name: Liquid8 s/n: 772921-ELIA-47147
WinStudy97 : s/n: esd796-36
WinTabs v1.0 : Name: Sn0wman s/n: 0987654321 Company: Revolt Key: a3eb-b0d2-d404-e8f3-68bb-4c1b-645d-1ac6
WinTaper v1.5 Beta 4a : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 1962412
WinTest v3.1 : s/n: 01863063TH9
WinTeX 2000 v1.0.0.22 : Name: EinZtein [UCF] s/n: 38741
WinTLV v1.2 : s/n: WT 04391962
WinTNT v1.0 : s/n: s3k12fma
WinTone v2.01 : Name: Bill Svenson s/n: SSS-39948837
WinTone v2.02 : Name: Byteman 98 [REBELS] s/n: SSS2-9151050
WinTweak v1.31 : Name: Dazzler Company: Crystal s/n: 2831158
WinU v2.02 : s/n: B3695949999
WinU v4.3 : s/n: N6232567890
WinVRS 2000 v4.00.1 : Name: Carol Wagner s/n: 21510115
WinVRS 2000 Lite : Name: -= ORiON =- s/n: 14B12T24
WinVRS 99 v1.01 : Name: Carol Wagner s/n: 21510115
WinVRS 99 v2.0 : Name: EzD s/n: 3411419
WinVRS 99 v2.0.13 : Name: William Frazier Code: 16353I15 s/n: 1631421-1C26425-9224113
WinVRS 99 v2.2.22 : Name: eCG s/n: B91E16
WinVRS 99 v3.0 : Name: SWX609 s/n: 1500VW59
WinVRS 99 : Name: raza s/n: 225a1a18
WinWhatWhere Investigator v1.2 : SingleComputerName: Famous Computer Journalist 10ComputerName: World Renowned Editor
WinX Component Library v2.0 : s/n: WINX200X-9712-46325607-5448
WinX Component Library v3.0 : s/n: WINX300X-9809-5686861-1906
WinXFiles v2.0 : s/n: 000000000000000
WinXFiles v3.5 : Change the date to 10/22/1998 and enter: Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD s/n: TDMZBKQAFFZDBJT
WinXFiles v3.9 : Name: WeaxWeasel[4110] s/n: FCYAKEPVUJWUYGW
WinXFiles v4.1 : Name: RayBieZ cRacKiNG s/n: XKLBMBRKGRLUCLR or Name: Gordon Date: 1999/08/19 s/n: MXQYTATLJNLGXXX
WinZip v5.6 : Name: Registered Version s/n: A04C3CCD
WinZip v5.6a : Name: Murad Meraly s/n: 34077594
WinZip v6.2 : Name: Cracked s/n: 09B9085A
WinZip v6.3 : Name: Free Use s/n: 57D50A09 or Name: Registered Version s/n: A04C3CCD or Name: WinZip 6.3 s/n: A3740B9C or Name: Anyone s/n: EC1D065E
WinZip v6.3 SR1 : Name: WinZip 6.3 SR1 s/n: 7BE916C2
WinZip v6.x : Name: You! s/n: F35C01BC
WinZip v7.0 SR-1 : Name: The Krazy Nomad [DEViANT] s/n: 0BB3629F
WinZip Self-Extractor v1.0 : Company: LOLO LA s/n: 222505
WinZip Self-Extractor v2.1 : Name: yuval s/n: 163486
WinZip Self-Extractor v2.2 Build 1110 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 114333
WIRED for OLAP v3.1 : s/n: WS638316-8888-10361F019050
WireWhiz v1.35 : Name: Chafe/TEX99 s/n: 10220403226
Wiscy99 v4.15 : Name: Harry s/n: 1310101134121212
WISDI v1.0.5 : (WISDI 563E00800000 WISDI.ini) s/n: 563E00800000
Wise for Windows Installer v1.0 : s/n: 110-407050
Wise for Windows Installer v1.0 Beta : Password: wfwitlp s/n: WFWI911089
Wise for Windows Installer v1.1 : s/n: 110-407050 or Name: talon Password: apollo27 s/n: 110407050
Wise Installation System v6.0 : s/n: 650-1010424
Wise Installation System Enterprise v6.01 : s/n: 650 1172308
Wise Installation System Standard v6.01 : Name: getwise6 Password: easyinstall s/n: 640081848
Wise Installer v7.03 Beta : InstallBuilder: 720-1745756 InstallMaster: 734-1000481 InstallMaker: 710-0207147
Wise InstallMaker v7.0 : s/n: 7100207147
Wise InstallMaker Update v7.0 to 7.03 : s/n: 719-9031764
Wise InstallManager v7.01 : s/n: 7000463776
Wise InstallManager v7.04 : s/n: 700-0463776
Wise InstallMaster v7.03 : s/n: 734-1000481
WiseBot v1.0b : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 314159 Pin: 303506
WiseBot v1.5a Build 36 : Name: zoin Company: versus s/n: 5046104 PIN: 314212
WiseBot Pro v1.5 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 1998 Pin: 505390
WiseBot Pro v1.5 b33 : Name: Black Thorne Company: PC'98 s/n: 3763 Pin: 328020
WiseCAD v1.64 : s/n: 111-1111111 Code: 0429296981
WIT Pro v5.2 : s/n: 14095000000000000000
WIT Professional SP2 v5.2 : s/n: 14095000000000000000
WizCat Pro v4.2 : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 18722-1723101
WizGuard Proxy Server v1.0 : Password: wizguard License: 6969-6969-6969-6969:g6eS
WizGuard Restrictor v1.25 : Password: wizguard License: 6969-6969-6969-6969:FhTe
WLC-08 v1.1 : s/n: 2724351-270-84298
WonDirPrint v1.2 : Name: Bob Whitehead Company: MANiFEST s/n: 2B5FFA68B828A23899CE0F4693C2
WonDirPrint v1.4 : Name: pgc crew Company: pgc s/n: 70D20E44548F30A12C
W-Online 99 v1.4.465 : Name: Attacker[UCT] s/n: 30360 or Name: [tarc] TbC s/n: 128718-CK-84929
W-Online Pro 98 v3.10.6 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: -14494
W-Online Pro 99 : Name: [tarc] TbC s/n: 128718-CK-84929
WoodWorkers Estimating Program v4.02 : Name: Paulo alberto richart s/n: 6A21ACA7CEEDC34
WoodWorkers Estimate Helper v5.03 : Name: registered s/n: 10299E Code: 4A45ACBECFFDA19
Word : s/n: 32857-113-0137987-64504
Word City Grand Prix Edition : s/n: SW1270 101 17752
Word Crazy : s/n: 942-010-397
Word Magic Tools Professional v1.15 : s/n: 449-845-681
Word Magic Tools Deluxe v2.5 : s/n: CMC-CC-B3-001-48031.003
Word NL v6.0a : s/n: 23227-020-0054534
Word Outline To Help v1.01 : s/n: 125856321
Word Pro 96 : s/n: S303431
Word Quiz v2.1 : Name: Nobody[UCF] s/n: 38723684
Word Report Builder v2.03 : FirstName: El LastName: Barto Company: VERSUS 1998 s/n: 57940
Word Sniffer v1.5 : On The "Search For" Line Paste This To Register: #V261C0-EU0B34#
Word Strike v1.1 : Click "change diffuculty" button and enter: s/n: 769098
Word UK v7.0 : s/n: 32857-113-0137987
WordExpress v2.02 : Name: blastsoft s/n: d6fj7;1b
Wordlearn v2.3 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] s/n: 687572
WordPerfect v5.2 : s/n: 1WP52XW0820311
WordPerfect v6.1 : s/n: 1WP61XW0166388
WordPerfect Suite v7.0.0.2327 : s/n: wp7-82190614r9
WordPlay v1.0 : s/n: 140469
WordPoint v1.1 : s/n: 539432300000178
WordQuiz v2.0 : Name: Neur0n // s/n: 38651596
Wordscan v3.0 : s/n: BB3921343
WordScan Plus v3.0 : s/n: BB3123456 or s/n: BB3450110 or s/n: BB3921343 or s/n: AA3001660
WordScan Plus v3.1 : s/n: HP3102305 or s/n: HP3333094 or s/n: HP3052171
WordScan Plus v4.0 : s/n: BB4007664
WordSearch v1.2 : s/n: WORDKUO
WordStar v1.5 : s/n: 32014268
WordStar v2.0 : s/n: AIBAO0307ZD Batch: 403294037
WordStar : s/n: 252326992
WordStar Pro v7.0 : s/n: 29015146
WordStar Pro v7.0 : s/n: 29015146 or s/n: 29101438 or s/n: 29510476
WordStat v1.2 : s/n: T4142B7
WordZap v4.14 : Name: SavaGe [PC] s/n: 745-4189-99
WordZap v4.20 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 453 6475 99
WordZap v4.25 : Name: warp s/n: 167-0132-16
WordZap v4.26 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 594-3735-67
Worgan 2nd Edition v2.3 : s/n: 1759403-0937463
WorkgroupMail v4.0 : s/n: dX>sa3A4Xx9 Workgroup: MFD Corp.
Works v4.0 : s/n: 33977053011175600000
Works v4.0+ : s/n: 33977-053-0111756
Works v4.5 : s/n: 111-1111111
Works : s/n: 425-0977766
Works Multimedia v3.0 : s/n: OEM-MMWRKS300
Works NL v3.0 or 3.0a : s/n: 16429-020-0000284
WorkStation Lock v2.4 : Single: 2465535864435543654 Site: 5735435434154321554
WorkStation Lock v2.5 : s/n: 2465535864435543654
WorkStation Lock v2.6 : Single: 2465535864435543654 Site: 5735435434154321554
World Flag Clock v1.2 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 1439gB58ej
World Flag Clock v2.2 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 7p4Oh35G1v
World Up v3.0 : Execute Setup and use this serial at the start: 234423-6666-091998 . Then, after installation, execute the License Manager and enter the following number as Code: 1e1545a7 2049700
World View for Developers v2.1 : Name: Black Thorne Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 1087998019
WorldClient v1.1f : Name: Leatherman-2000AD s/n: 73727289104D5C5F5D8DA8DE
Worldgroup BBS Server v3.20 : RegCode: 20384617 AuthCode: JP6D2-AYCZ8YE-Z4WZTP8H
Worldgroup Professional v2.0 : s/n: 97EPEWCYF
Worldgroup Server v3.12 : FirstPassword: WG31ASUP SecondPassword: 2000111192223333444480c8
WorldMaker Pro v1.3 : s/n: OVR45-12981-12
WorldMaker Venture Edition v1.01 : s/n: 149764
WorldStart Intellicall v1.1.0 : s/n: a1s
WorldTime Tray v6.3 : s/n: 306 84072816
WorldTime Tray v6.4 : s/n: 30684072816
WorldTimer v1.8 : Name: CORE CMT s/n: 69995034891810
Worship Assistant v2.03 : Name: OrionRules s/n: 654A 8A0F 7224 F793
WOW Astrology for Lovers v2.0 : Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 1715215513
WOW Horoscope Interpreter v2.21 : Name: Rebels s/n: 1721571421 or Name: Mr_GReeN [WkT!] s/n: 2018018116
WPC Sign-In / Sign-Out Deamon : Company: BLiZZARD Users: 999 s/n: 7e95
Wplay v1.60 : s/n: 01234563290127456303B9D4381906
WPlay v1.60.4 Final : s/n: KAGI-803292BA-17A7955560D069BB
WPlay v1.70 beta 2 : s/n: KAGI-AD32AE24-8879250A62084B8E
WPlay v1.70 Beta 4 : s/n: KAGI-3232A931-F3CAA6D42B4E9616
WPlay v1.70.5 : s/n: KAGI-32320123-5678E17D687CC0B0 or s/n: KAGI-32329987-5432869ED855E3F7
WPlay Pro v2.0 : s/n: KAGI-3232FA99-996E83998B773709
Wprinter v1.0a : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: HU105U
WPS Security v2.05 : s/n: A10C275536
Wright Design v2.1 : s/n: 3d607e18203ac8b8
Write It Once v1.0.152 : s/n: 855705032505
WRQ Express v4.5.0.133 : s/n: R72D-AZRF-NSS24
WS_FTP Pro v5.0 : s/n: WF-544921
WS_FTP Pro Development Kit v4.50 : s/n: WFD-100129
WSetPass v1.54 : Name: TwinHead 1996! Company: United Cracking Force s/n: 6DD4847-FBA8672
WSHA4 : s/n: 90700491
WSKA HTML WWWriter v1.0f : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: ]J60d9336
WSPE v2.1 : s/n: oliveoil
WstBar v2.61 : s/n: E1#Shdufh3
WstBar : s/n: (semicolon)E1#Shdufh3
Wusage v5.04 : s/n: LGBOGACA
WW1C30 : s/n: 111-0006209-INTRNT
WWW & FTP Observer v2.0.3.65 : Name: Travis Cooley Company: BSC 99 s/n: 14D14-75A14-61627-27963-F3406-66F6C-09751-4AB0E-4EG49-D246B
WxGrep v1.0 : Name: SiraX/[DNG98] s/n: Wih5K.qizwA4I


X Onnet v6.0 : s/n: 98665c3-a7-1294
Xairon v1.04 : Name: B0SS [GWA] s/n: XAKVWOMKO
Xairon v1.05 : Name: B0SS [GWA] s/n: XAKVWOMKO
XAN ISDN v2.5.2.21 : Name: Jack Kinch [UCF] s/n: 4737109023
XAN ISDN AB v3.01 : Name: Nobody[UCF] s/n: 9643C51A1E00
Xara 3D v1.5 : s/n: prsXXXX1XXXz (Change "X" to any charactor)
Xara 3D v3.02 : Name: WeaxWeasel[4110] s/n: FCYAKEPVUJWUYGW
Xara Webster v2.0 : s/n: PRWGGVA
Xara Webstyle v1.1 : s/n: VVRSUF
XarGon : s/n: E20-1-3H
Xarion v1.03 : Name: B0SS [GWA] s/n: XAKVWOMKO
Xavier Cirac Wave Flow v3.0 : Name: MvD '99 s/n: 128178
XBuilder v1.0 : s/n: JLHJJL19H474I2K7JMH3JM19H409I6K1I5KLJM1JH770I2HL
XBuilder v2.0 : s/n: 0003366191603689
X-Cast4 Network Broadcast System : s/n: 504136-001
XCavate v1.8a : Name: Dean Graven s/n: 62393251-1108-4489
Xceed Absolute Packager v1.1 : s/n: F796EFAA
XCell v1.00 : s/n: 95067-0001
XCell v1.02 : s/n: 95067-0001
XCition v1.x.xx : s/n: XFGHEACTTEH
XDiz v1.0e : Name: SoNiC (R) [UCF] s/n: 770
XDiz v1.5e : Name: Bonejacker #1 s/n: 429398424
Xedit Pro v2.1.1 : s/n: 582834
Xenofex v1.0 : s/n: JKGDDBEEKLCH
Xerox text bridge pro 98 : s/n: 9708cc01703
Xfer Pro v2.0 : Name: TRACY s/n: 720-1700-1551
X-FileGet v1.108 : Name: SpriteX Company: SpriteX98 s/n: 40071R1
X-Forum3 v1.28 : s/n: ESC-SS-000494
X-Forum4 v1.11 : s/n: ESC-SS-000493
Xgedit 95 v2.6 : Name: justarius of dsi s/n: 0E00000070008000000F
XG-Gold v1.3b : Name: x9Y6Z3y2ThomasFallon s/n: Y7z93779011766402
XingCD: MPEGcompression v2.0 : s/n: XCD 210526
XiT v2.2 : s/n: CUY111111 or s/n: CUY112665 or s/n: RUY111111 or s/n: RUY112665 or s/n: RUY218001 180266 Name: FireHawk / UCF
X-Mas Slots v1.1 : s/n: 392573
X-Men screensaver : s/n: AD3-00670-6681
XML Authority v1.0 : s/n: 1F12-B10C-6A84-C2B9
XML Pro v1.0 : Name: John G MacDonald s/n: 6287A979E326
X-NetStat v3.01 : Name: SavaGe [PC] s/n: JCVJS-DIS29-NKYY8-OC9Z9
X-NetStat Standard v3.01 : Name: HaRdLoCk [BLiZZARD] s/n: I2NXY-8FMPM-L1S1L-AROIX
XpertRule KBS v3.8 : Password: F26Anm5ZQthj s/n: C80EF3E4560789 Name: Wayward
Xpire Plus v3.00 : Name: Registered User s/n: 132414450
XPlotter v1.37 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 6245192
XPlotter v1.4 : Name: aerosmith s/n: 6245192
xReminder v2.3.4 : s/n: GAB-ero-WcI-Gnn-IIo
xReminder v2.3.6.2 : s/n: GAF-YXv-skO-rRD-JsK
xReminder v2.5 : s/n: WIN-ELQ-PSD-IRV-YBL
XTheme Manager v2.0 : s/n: accz Unlock : 142DC440DF or s/n: Accz Of BLiZZARD Unlock: 140D24EF0F42F47BD678AA75A866D5087E
XTheme Manager v2.2 : Name: pma[4110] s/n: 14DC1E17172632433EFA or Name: RayBieZ s/n: 143ECB2D0A1EE661
X-Tra Drive : s/n: AABDA-2283045
XTrack Professional v2.02 : s/n: 5040634311
XtraMail v1.2 : s/n: 99510006000 Unlock: 31B7-643A-34FD
Xtree v2.0 : s/n: X711080
Xtree Gold v1.0 : s/n: X467717
Xtree Net v2.56 : s/n: N518763227
Xtree Net v3.0 : s/n: N524420944
Xtree Pro v1.0 : s/n: 115611
Xtree Tools v1.5 : s/n: T113179987
Xtreeme SiteXpert v1.0 : Name: WISE-ITR s/n: 3254382191
XvT Game Builder v1.1.4 : Name: dv - blizzard s/n: 21192
XWare Xvision v5.6 : s/n: 040005100D21819 Key: 18748F03DA00
X-Wolf v3.03 : Name: (Anything) s/n: XW1-211593


Y2K Clock v1.01 : s/n: 2000K
Y2kSoftScan v1.1 : Name: Lyne M. Esler s/n: 413145
Yamaha Soft Synthesizer S-YG50 : s/n: G5AAS3NC4013
Yamaha Visual Arranger : s/n: 11wa00939875e
YanKees and RedNecks : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 32158
Yaps v1.1 : Name: Nobody[uCF] s/n: 1429-8238-9005-9778
YATL v3.10 : Name: aerosmith s/n: 11664
YATS v3.2 : Name: Saltine [PC] s/n: M8L6BPKK8BBUNNDD26NPDDJAN
YATS v3.4 : Name: Saltine [PC] s/n: NTBET7ZHC4Y2339ZH8QGX7A22 (set your system date to May 2, 1997)
YATS v3.6 : Name: TheForceTeam s/n: NKXJ35LC8NJSJA2A8C4VRD44Y
YATS v7.0.29 : Name: LordFritz s/n: NK7W596MXDNL8MFB
YATS v7.1.23 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: Y489LRTUDXZW9U9M
Yatzy v2.0.3 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: b090N-K071iGD-ka`-024l
YavCAT v1.2 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 6a538efad68153db
Yeah Write v1.1 : Name: Thomas Nowak s/n: 10-629.93.1231-NS
Yeah Write v1.2 : Name: Chris Gipson s/n: 10-047.42.2805-AM
Yeah Write v1.4 : Name: Esquire 98 s/n: 10-478.45.3796-QV
Yeah Write v1.5 : Name: Thomas Nowak s/n: 10-629.93.1231-NS
Year 2000 Now : s/n: UUBK 25164657
Year 2000 Risk manager system : Make sure your system date is 06/21/98 before install. Name: The Viper Rulez Company: DOD - PsT s/n: F3ED ODA2 5HT7 CVD3 35967 1614
Yellow Sticky v5.03 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 5183
Yellow Times v2.0 : s/n: Pascal Dusapin Name: (Anything)
Yonc v1.0 : s/n: D23456789
Your BasicTab ActiveX : Name: PNC Company: PNC s/n: PNC
Your Daily Horoscope v2.1 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: STD7244178787
YourTris v1.0 : Name: KAC s/n: 751312
Youseful v2.5 Beta : s/n: tameshiban
Youseful v3.51 : s/n: ohayoo
Yunasoft MP3-Encoder v0.7 : Email: s/n: EDs6@5E3ARhHfmwL6mzMG8JFIQKT1iMFh


Z Archive v1.5 : Name: iCEMAN [uCF] s/n: 1260-Z-9240
Z Button v0.1 : s/n: "more buttons"
ZanNet v1.0 : s/n: ZN10A-9079100100
Zap-It Workstation v1.1.4 : s/n: 512-464-8500
ZappyLock v4.0 : s/n: 741313667 Email : DEMiSE98@Hotmail.Com
Z-Desk v2.0 : Name: Registered/eKH s/n: Tb0T97RF
ZenList v2.01 : Name: tHATDUDE! s/n: DIVXWMSBOBTULQEZB
Zeno Graphics Superprint v3.10 : s/n: 400-310-00793
ZetaMail v2.11 : Name: PREMiERE 32433 s/n: 43254
Zi Mail v1.30 : Email: s/n: 450.851.43.239
Zilch v1.2d : Name: MisterE Znum: iNSiDE s/n: fRaQPupJ
Zins v2.0 : FirstName: draXXter LastName: Faith2000 s/n: 8770 5
ZinsMath v2.2b : Password: Elbflorenz
Zip 2000 v1.0.34 : s/n: Z-9020
Zip 95 v1.0 : s/n: Z4951
Zip 98 v2.1 : Name: blizzard 1998 Company: blizzard 1998 s/n: 36AG1483C3
Zip 98 v2.2 : Name: Team PGC s/n: 36AG1483C3
Zip 98 v2.3 : s/n: 36AG1483C3
Zip 98 Plus v2.0 : s/n: 44AG0836C3
Zip 98 Plus v3.0 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! s/n: 7346452F
Zip Advisor v1.2 : s/n: 98765-657517210
Zip Assistant v4.0 : Code: ORACLE32 s/n: 666C766D47
Zip Assistant v4.3 : Name: (Anything) Box1: ORACLE32 Box2: ORACLE32
Zip Automator v2.0d : s/n: 001-REG-000004
Zip Backup v1.9 : s/n: 9505480
Zip Bak v2.0 : Name: Lx SilentChaos s/n: 516
Zip Brand Fast! v1.22+2 : Name: TwinHead_[uCF]_!96 s/n: zb418ab81d1d0-db
Zip Clean v1.41 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 1489082313
Zip Code Book v4.0 : s/n: 086400
Zip Code Book v5.4 : s/n: 950592
Zip Code Pro 99 ActiveX v1.0 : Name: Ringer s/n: ZCP-29229-27095-10611
Zip Explorer Pro 98 v2.5 : Name: ODIN 97 s/n: 1-42-12345-789
Zip Explorer Pro 98 v2.54 : Name: juss s/n: 1-42-1111111111-083
Zip It v3.0 : s/n: 40144287
Zip It v4.0b3 : Extraction Password: Philea8 s/n: (Anything) Note: When prompted, choose to "Install without a serial number"
Zip Label Printer Pro v1.11 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 965482348
Zip Office v2.1 : s/n: NSL 456 V BIBFAG
Zip Office 98 v3.0 : Press Ctrl+Alt+R and enter: s/n: VPL-81531-H-CGCFIB
Zip Page : Name: Killing Joke s/n: 45560
Zip Pro v2.1 : Name: jake cwc s/n: 1-42-123456-ccd
Zip Search v5.0 : s/n: 520298420988
Zip Security Envelope Maker v1.02 : s/n: 189-745-12831
ZipAutomator v2.0 : s/n: CORE/JES
ZipCat Pro v2.0v11 : Name: Registered s/n: 024-118-133400
ZipCat Pro v3.007 : s/n: BZY-4ZT-8395045441 or s/n: FZ3-F6J-6314713599
ZipChunker Pro v3.01 : s/n: ZCP0000000079 Name: Steve Voss or s/n: ZCP0000000138 Name: GaRY D. [UCF]
ZipCOMM v3.16 : s/n: MPU5-02316-311120
ZipControl v2.45 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 1002001
ZipExplorer Pro 98 v2.54 : Name: SiraX/CORE s/n: 1-42-987654321-1d0
ZipMany v1.05 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 5141
ZipMany v5.01 : Name: BERSERKA s/n: WUGC-OHKX-CIRXJ
Zip-n-Go v2.5 : s/n: Z4951
Zip-n-Go v2.52 : Name: n03l s/n: 0
Zip-n-Go v2.53 : s/n: RS75IA
ZipStream v1.10 : s/n1: 13 s/n2: 995585820 or s/n1: 604358427 s/n2: 382936623 or s/n1: 666 s/n2 : 722771135
ZipTest v1.99 : Name: TRPS 98 s/n: 5148882531
ZipTest v3.10 : Name: TRPS'98 s/n: 5148882531
ZipTool v2.70 : Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 3246176350
ZipTV v1.64 : s/n: I279880118
ZipTV for C++ Builder v2.12 : Name: Desync Crackers s/n: 576432897
ZipWorks v2.4 : Name: jake cwc s/n: 721,*,P37122
ZipWorks v2.5 : Name: blastsoft s/n: 721,*,P37122
ZipZap v9.01 : s/n: 991
ZLock 97 : s/n: 099022256
Zlog v1.0 : Name: sickboy of blizzard User: xxxx s/n: 662779658
ZMail v5.0 : s/n: a0f08ee53cda4260
ZMail v5.0b2 : s/n: 1500be37faefaf1c
ZMover v3.1 : s/n: 71111110-98165132
ZMover v4.0 : s/n: 11341688-11345078
Zmud v4.62 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 846223067765
Zmud v5.44b : Name: ABC s/n: 071445366413
Zmud v5.53 : Name: ACRYSTAL s/n: 071445366413
ZOC v3.062 : Run Zoc and hold down shift-ctrl-alt-F9 and choose part a/b PartA: 16434/01165/20785 PartB: 25807
ZOC v3.11 : Press Ctrl-Shift-Alt and F9 at the same time and then enter: PartA: 16434/01165/20785 PartB: 25807
Zoom+ v1.4 : s/n: 9828001
Zoomlens v1.1 : Name: Ringer s/n: JAG5524
ZTreeWin v1.13 : s/n: 3858d4
ZTreeWin v1.46a : s/n: A8B51837E7D4
ZTreeWin v1.46s : s/n: A8B51837E7D4
ZVET v2.20 : Name: Mad Jester s/n: 77000-Z0008-54004
ZVET v3.0 : Name: HarvestR s/n: 72874-Z8158-55122
ZweckForm Winform Professional v1.0 : s/n: WF0440
ZyImage 98 : s/n: Y1OFKP-2OTFQV-0HMLON